New Year


Just wanted to wish you a wonderful, happy, and prosperous 2016.

Did you do anything special to celebrate?

I actually fell asleep at 10pm from sheer exhaustion and missed all the action of welcoming in the new year (one of our hotels caught fire just before the fireworks show. Maybe you heard. What a way to kick off. Heh.

I know i haven’t been in touch for a while which was perfectly intentional. We’ve been working on a big project the past few months from which i’ve contracted a lot of cutting edge internet marketing technology knowledge. I’m excited to share it with you this year. More later though.

For now, may this year bring with it hope and happiness for you.

Love from jim and the rest of us at YaghiLabs.

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It’s not the size that matters, is it?

She must have thought i’d gone nuts.

I guess i don’t blame her, considering what she caught me doing at the kitchen sink at 6 in the morning.

Before i go on, let me apologise for the broken link i sent out in yesterday’s email. The topic was an important one for traffic generation, nonetheless.

If only you knew how important!

Today’s email is a bit of a continuation on the topic.

Anyway, so what crazy thing was i doing at the kitchen sink first thing in the morning?

I was washing, with detergent, a bunch of regular, every day, average coins. And my wife busted me in the act.

It’s kinda nuts, i guess.

But there’s a good reason, honestly.

I’m not generally disciplined and this is a problem i’m well aware of. But for years now i’ve recognised the importance of consistency in business. And i make deliberate efforts in my every day life to train against my chaotic nature.

For example, when i first started marketing online, one of the earliest things i did was write articles and actively participate in topical forums.

To you, this may not seem a really sexy way of generating traffic, And let met tell you, although both methods were free, it was a LOT of work for very little return….


You see, i made a goal of writing one article per day and made myself available to answer questions in an internet marketing forum whenever questions came in. I also sent out a daily email to my (then) tiny mailing list and gave out my phone number to subscribers to call me for help any time.

Later, i contributed articles to industry magazines and wrote guest posts.

Eventually it all paid off.

I still get some of my traffic from those articles, forum posts, products, guest blog posts, and magazine contributions i have done over the years. And I still take the occasional call or exchange emails with students, always listening to their problems and finding solutions for them.


Because my best and most loyal buyers have often come from those sources.

But i digress from the story…

The coins i was washing came from my car.

Most people HATE to receive coin change when buying things. I know some who throw away the coin parts of their change. I get it, coins take up a lot of space and jingle and jangle and they don’t fit well in a wallet.

But for years i’ve had what i like to think is a very good habit of dealing with my coin change.

Whatever coins are left over after buying something, i put in my pocket until i get to the car. Then i throw them into the coin compartment (i’ve always had a big one, always full).

Now, if ever i am stuck somewhere with paid street parking…i always have change.

But better yet…if ever i’m stuck in a “no cash on hand” situation and encounter a merchant who only takes cash, i’ve always got an emergency supply in the car.

That’s not all.

Every so often, when the coin compartment in the car is overloaded, i take all the coins and place them into a large coin jar i keep at home.

Again, this comes in REAL handy if, say, i order some groceries for delivery and the guy didn’t bring change or i forgot to grab some cash at the ATM beforehand.

Which is why, i celebrate coin change.

I make a point to break notes as often as i can…hey, in some situations NOT having change for a $100 is like not having money at all!

So the reason i was washing the coins?

My son spilled juice in the car a few days ago and they got sticky.

I took them inside to wash before placing in the jar.

I have not counted the coins in the jar, but i estimate there’s a few hundred dollars in coins because it’s a big jar–which is kinda cool and therein lies a great traffic lesson for you.

See, many internet marketers are disappointed with small trickles of traffic…to the point they collect leads to a list that they never monetize. Always, they are waiting for that special day to come when they have a giant list to make money from.

They collect leads…but they don’t email…they don’t sell. It’s just silence. And they cry about not having traffic.

You may not have thought about this before…

Every marketer who has a GIANT list of leads built it up one email at a time.

And if you consistently build your list, even at a rate of 2, 3, or a handful of new leads a day–and you consistently email them and show you value their trust in you…you’ll slowly but surely turn those leads into customers.

And those customers will turn into repeat buyers!

You’ll be amazed at how much money is hidden in tiny lists of email leads that you’ve invested time with… who you’ve made a genuine effort to help find solutions to their problems. People you’ve treated with respect and listened to and valued.

if you don’t value every single lead still subscribed to your list, then you’re leaving money on the table. Thousands of dollars you could have collected but didn’t because you didn’t think it was worth the effort.

It’s just like my little coin story…

Most people don’t care much about small change…it seems worthless.

But would you throw out a few hundred dollars of your hard earned money…just because you didn’t like how much room it took in your wallet?

Probably not.

Look…if you want to make a million bucks online (or otherwise), you have to start somewhere no matter how small…as long as you’re consistent…it adds up. Consistent action ALWAYS adds up.

Even a million leads are built one lead at a time.

So it’s not about the size of your list. It’s about the quality of the leads.

And what may come as a surprise is that the quality of the person on the other end of your list is really about YOUR quality. You make your leads qualified by learning about them, talking to them, and offering them great solutions to their problems.

That’s all from me today.

If you want to learn more about how to build a strong flow of qualified buyers, check out my DIY Super Traffic Machine training.

It’s the only one of my traffic products still available to the public. Because it covers every aspect of setting up your sales funnel.

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The smallest “eff u” action

Page May Have Missing Text

it hit me hard…

The little receipt-like thing the machine spat out…i don’t even know where it is.

my wife noticed my mood was glum.

“What’s eating you, Jim?” she asked.

“Ahh…it’s nothing i’m just a little worried about the machine,” i replied.

It’s been about 3 weeks since we used the machine…3 weeks since we both decided it was time to turn our lives around.

What had me so worried, you wonder.

She said, “Jim, it gives you a mini health report. You wanna try it?”

For about a year and a half, my health has been on a serious decline. I’m sure i’ve mentioned this to you–but it isn’t just me…my wife’s been complaining of various pains too.

I think the main issues was this…

We weren’t getting enough sleep. The strains of having a new baby (now 16 months old) who is far more energetic than both of us combined…

My productivity was down…

My energy levels were shot…

And every part of my body hurt!

It hit an all time “crazy” when we went to bed one day at 10am (after having spent the entire night awake)…and Adam, our little boy, once more, refused to sleep for a whole ‘nother hour.

This is a baby, you get me? And he’s staying up all night, not sleeping till 11 in the morning! It can’t be good for him and it definitely was no good for us.

The fated kiosk reflected this when we used it.

My blood pressure was reported a little over the “normal” range.

Not enough to be a problem…

But it was one area i didn’t expect to have problems.

Fat ratio was ridiculously high. and of course i’ve slowly but surely “put on a few” in sympathy weight during the wife’s pregnancy.

Anyway, so that day, we resolved to make some changes in our lifestyle.

Before i go further…i’ll explain why this is even relevant to you.

Often times, in this business, people are in a huge rush. I mean the message i sent out a couple days ago was certainly not a popular one and i knew that before i sent it.

But in my experience, the ONLY way to conquer any big challenge…no matter how huge, no matter how scary…

Is one piece at a time.

Say you want to own your own home…that 30k deposit seems absolutely impossible when your entire income is 2,000/mo.

For many people, owning a home is just a dream.

They’ll say “Hey i’ll wait till i get a better job” and they may wait for years and years.

Similarly, in business, your dreams for where you want it to go don’t come easy.

But if you want to reach your income goal you have to start somewhere. You’ve got to break it into small bite-sized, easily conquerable pieces, and then work toward it.

Buying a house?

Any way you look at it, on a 2k salary, it’s gonna seem pointless to try.

Say you set aside $200/month (10% of your earnings)…it’s still going to take 12 and a half years JUST to get the deposit together.

But guess what?

You may have spent the 12.5 years waiting for the perfect job or income opportunity to come around…and still be no further ahead.

More interestingly, however, is that when you are working toward a goal, you somehow start to automatically work more get more creative and your actions have better impact.

Before long, you probably WILL land that dream job or lucrative business that brings you toward your goal faster.

Let me tell you what happened over the past 3 weeks, so you see what i mean…

First, we agreed to start sleeping at 8.30pm. Put our little boy to bed at 6.30pm so we’d have 2 hours of peace and quiet…and wake up at sunrise.

This was an easy fix. For two days we stayed awake as long as we could (including Adam!), until we were dog tired by 5pm. We now sleep at 8.30 and wake up at 4.30. Fully rested after 8 hours sleep–something we never dreamed of having before.

The kid sleeps more soundly and his mood is generally better during the day, making it easier on us.

By 2pm, our new lunch time, i’ve had a 10 hour work day–often completing work on 3 different tasks instead of the one i used to be able to do.

We regulated our eating patterns too…

two real meals a day, breakfast and lunch. Focus on vegetables and fruit. Not a big deal, i enjoy veg more than meat anyway. But it was a matter of introducing variety more than anything and our food has been more interesting in general.

And i resolved to do just 10 push-ups, 5 times a day for a total of 50 per day.

No major muscle building intended there. I just wanted to strengthen my back for a better work posture.

Three weeks later, i’m about 5kg lighter (11 pounds).

I am more creative, more productive, more energetic…

I take my boy out to the park in the morning. I spend time with the family after lunch and we’re all generally in better moods.

Best part, my back barely hurts any more!

Now you may scoff at losing 200 grams of weight per day…or 50 push ups.

But you know what?

It FEELS easy and yet i get steadily lighter and healthier.

And it’s easier to stick to this routine for life than to do some crash diet and exercise that leaves you totally starving and unhappy for a week before you give up anyway.

My point?

In your business, you’ve probably been going about it all wrong.

You’re racing toward some imaginary deadline with the debt collectors right on your tail…

But for all your painful efforts, there’s little to show for it. And you quickly give up and regularly change direction, backtracking on any progress you do make.

I’ve had clients come to me prepared to spend 10,000 dollars on traffic…only to ask to pause the campaign within a couple of weeks because they couldn’t afford to keep it up.

All i ever ask my clients to do is commit whatever amount they think they can afford to commit for 6-12 months straight, rain or shine. It doesn’t matter to me, if it’s $5/day or $500. What matters is that it is consistent.

This is the secret to success…

Consistent, bite-sized forward progress.

Not giant “EFF YOU” bursts of motivation and drive, short-lived and impossible to keep up.

So i designed the DIY Super Traffic Machine on that same strategy for you.

There are 8 major parts to building up your business.

But each of those, i broke up into 10 or so bite-sized steps. Really easy that anyone can accomplish, with little effort and time.

I put those 8 major steps onto a poster for you that tracks your goal and your progress. Each module is accompanied by a checklist sticker of all the small steps in between.

When you get your first module, you post your poster on your wall and stick the first checklist on. Upon completing each mini step, you place a checkmark next to it.

At the end of the module, when all the steps are complete, you have yet another sticker that you use to block off the entire list.

Then the next module arrives on your doorstep. You repeat the process again.

By the end, you’ve built this giant purring Super Traffic Machine that pumps out sales and commissions…and you had a lot of fun building it…and it didn’t even feel hard.

But you’re light years further along than you would have ever dreamed to be without the Super Traffic Machine.

You look over your accomplishment and remember how you conquered this big animal called “traffic” and you win.

That’s the power of consistency.

That’s the power of small bite sized forward progress.

I take small consistent action over big “eff u” bursts any day.

How about you?

More info on the remarkable DIY Super Traffic Machine, Click below…

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8 months…for REAL?

A subscriber recently writes:


“Your [Super Traffic Machine] course sounds perfect. Price is great, I’m sure the training is complete and outstanding.

“The only caveat, and concern, for me is the timeline. The course is 8 months, which is fine. My question is :

“How far along in the training and business development process do you need to be before you start testing ad campaigns and actually have a chance to start turning a profit?

“Assuming I’m implementing the training fairly rapidly.

“…Just for planning purposes. I’m not asking for guarantees or anything stupid like that. I’d like to quit taking on bigger projects as soon as possible.”– Fred

Thanks to Fred for contributing this question. You may even have the same concern–i’ve certainly heard it voiced more than once.

8 months is a long time. You’re right.

But let’s consider the alternative, shall we?

To succeed in doing business online, becoming a super affiliate, and selling products like clockwork…i’ve found that you need a variety of non-common skills.

Often, as i do things for my own projects, i find myself wondering how someone without as many skills at their disposal would have faired in my place.

Many trainers in the affiliate space either hire teams to do those things or have those non-common skills.

But when they create their training products, they gloss over the need for those crucial skills in order to give people the fast fix they want–without actually giving them what they need.

The result, unfortunately, is that you only get a tiny piece of the bigger problem.

Kind of like a mechanic teaching you to replace the battery of a Honda Civic without showing you how to test if you actually need the battery replaced…or if the fundamental problem is actually your fuel pump…or where to find the battery if your car is not a Civic…

For example…

They teach you a traffic technique for getting cheap leads.

You try to apply it and spend the money on the traffic but find out you don’t know how to turn those leads to sales….

So you have spent a pile of money by this point buying the course and the traffic before you realise there’s a problem and the answer isn’t in the course you bought. You have nothing to show for your money spent and no way of knowing what went wrong.

Someone else releases a training on sales letter writing…you guess maybe your sales letter was the problem, so you get the new training.

After a bunch of attempts, you swipe and imitate your way into a weak sales letter.

By this point its months down the line, more money down the toilet and your sales letter doesn’t sell so well.

Pretty soon you’ve run out of money and you still don’t know whats wrong.

Then someone else comes out with a new affiliate system that supposedly converts like gangbusters. You rustle up the money to join and go back to the drawing board.

But now you have no advertising budget and no traffic.

So if you ever had a shot of combining the affiliate system and the skills you picked up in trial error…you don’t have the money to execute.

You flail and flop around for years before you throw in the towel…

Worse, you might keep investing into masterminds, books, courses, tools, seminars…upsell after upsell….use up your life savings and still get nowhere.

I know this story, because i’ve heard it enough times.

This may even hit uncomfortably close to home for you…

I remember one guy who spent over a few years 100,000 dollars without so much as a single sale.

When i designed and created the Super Traffic Machine i wanted to address this problem–because solving it for real would win the loyalty and trust of my customers for life.

We’ve had professors of education help design the material and i spent three years developing the training after two years of using and refining the system internally to service our clients.

It covers everything you need to know from start to finish in one place on the specific topic of affiliate marketing.

It teaches you all the skills in a crash course manner with enough detail that if you come back later to something you already learned, you can find more insight.

Our examples are diverse so there’s always one close enough to match you.

And in the appendix of each of the 8 manuals is a complete worked example of an entire super affiliate brand built from scratch following the exact instructions….

So you can see how the instructions are translated in a real world example.

The appendix is actually one of the areas we spend a great deal of time–and our students have told us how much they make use of the case study to help them check they are applying the principles they learn correctly.

Earlier, Fred said he was not looking for guarantees…and i wouldn’t want to mislead you into thinking this is one.

However, when i designed this system for my staff to use with our clients, i WAS looking for a guarantee.

I could not afford to sell a traffic service to clients and have their campaigns flop.

I designed our internal system such that you cant ever be completely wrong.

My team built upward of 100 campaigns for clients in a single year, following the raw unrefined version of the same system, templates, and instructions in the Super Traffic Machine.

Only one campaign ever failed!

My staff were interns who used to be like you, subscribers of my list. Meaning they were by no means special or more experienced than you. The system carried them in producing client campaigns as if it were me building them by hand myself.

If there is one thing you can be sure of, it’s this…

You will have a complete super affiliate commission-getting, scaling traffic machine by the end of the course, as long as you follow the steps detailed in all 8 manuals, to the letter.

My point is, this…

8 months may seem like a long time to spend preparing your business. But this is the shorter cheaper way.

You can expect to make money starting on the 8th month.

But before that, i’m saving you a lot of money, by ensuring all your ducks are in a row…so when the traffic rolls in, you start getting customers from day 1. Instead of spending money for years in trial and error and working backwards to find out what you missed.

I’m saving you from starting over and over every time you got a new training.

If there’s just one training you get this year, make the Super Traffic Machine it.

Join us now at the link below…

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The right traffic and niche to target

Affiliate marketers always feel like they don’t have much room in their advertising to be creative and reach new audiences.

I guess most don’t even want to anyway.

They’re married to the idea that you can take an existing success system, and ride it without building a dang thing.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Problem for most affiliates and network marketers is they are secretly dispassionate about their product. They aren’t really “into it”. But what if i could show you a way to really, genuinely feel good about what you’re selling?

A way that you wouldn’t feel like a fraud every time you try to write a follow-up email, post a blog entry, or push your products down someone’s throat on Facebook.

Would that help you earn more frequent commissions?

Let’s give it a whirl.

Here are two questions i’m always asked by my traffic students:

“Which niche is best to get into?”

“Which audience is best for my product?”

When someone asks these questions, i immediately know that they believe there is some predetermined “right answer” stereotype of the kind of person who is predisposed to buying their thing.

People are not predisposed to buying anything–you must “predispose” them.

McDonalds can’t guarantee that any low-waged, uneducated, single mother will be certain to buy a Big Mac–though they may target her.

Why wouldn’t she buy a salad, a steak, or a roast dinner instead?

She may well do that, and McDonalds would be foolish to assume that all low-waged, uneducated, single mothers would be the best audience for their Big Macs. Fact is, even wealthy, educated, married fathers enjoy a Big Mac.

Similarly, it would be silly for McDonalds to assume that the best traffic is all hungry people…since people choose to satisfy their hunger in different ways. And the same person may be in the mood for a Big Mac today and a salad tomorrow.

Your job as a marketer is NOT to seek out the best audience for a product.

Because there is no such thing.

Any single person on this earth could be a “best audience” member or a “worst audience” member on two different days.


A business’ job is to identify problems it cares about solving, target ANY crowd of their choosing, and then inspire them with this particular solution.

Meaning, the trick is not to find the right audience on Facebook, or the right keywords on Google to target…

It’s about understanding some arbitrary audience intimately, and then tailoring the right message that would excite them about your product…

…or the right message that would agitate the hole in their lives without your solution.

There is no brutal competition there. It’s an open playing field JUST for you.

My favourite example of this is the iPhone or the PC when they first arrived.

These products are some of the best selling products of all time. And yet, when they launched there was NO existing, “predisposed to buy” target audience for them.

They simply arrived on the scene, and told people, “I’m cool. Here’s some of what i can do for you”

People whose imaginations were inspired by the possibilities went ahead and got them…and now we can’t live without our iPhone or our PC.

Similarly, when you are an affiliate marketer, you don’t have to go after the same old tired old keywords and demographics with the same message as 1000’s of affiliates selling the same or similar products.

Instead, you want to focus on identifying the kind of people you understand best in the world. Better than most. (Details in Manual 1 of the Super Traffic Machine)

And once you know them, you tailor a message to their needs. (Details in Manual 3)

This is a cool story that makes the point…

Many years ago, a guy named David DeAngelo, a dating expert coached men and sold books online on topics of demystifying the woman.

Huge following of loyal fans.

One day, the real life guy behind the David DeAngelo character (Eben Pagan), decided he wanted to get into teaching internet marketing instead and launched a high end seminar on how to build a 100 million dollar empire.

The cost of admission was $10,000+…and he went with the impressive feat of pitching this seminar to his male dating prospects.

I remember he wrote a beautiful sales pitch to these guys, explaining how women want to date MEN, not boys. And being in business for yourself, being highly successful in business is a surefire way to grow up and become a man women want.

It was extremely inspiring and certainly highlighted the hole in these guys’ life.

(I used to be on his list because someone recommended i observe his marketing style)

There was no one in the world who would have been better at converting those dateless men than him. And his audience trusted him and looked up to him, so it was much easier for him than selling anything else to anyone else.

I probably do the story no justice in my summary…

it was a really long time ago so the details are sketchy in my mind. I just remember how much i admired the promotion.

Inspiring an audience to want what they don’t know they need is honestly way more fun and a lot easier than trying to find some magical niche that you will suddenly start selling out your affiliate products to. Against countless affiliates all doing the same thing.

I personally enjoy bringing products to you guys that i know you NEED but you don’t even know you want until i tell you about them.

There’s a method to doing all this effectively yourself.

You’ll find the details on pages 35-53 of the 4th User Manual of the DIY Super Traffic Machine.

In later sections of that manual, i even show you how to use a tool we developed for you that helps you mathematically calculate a PFI which tells you which is the IDEAL product to pitch your audience.

The product that if you would tell your people about, they’re going to buy effortlessly and you’ll make killer commissions.

Oh, what’s that?

You don’t have a list or don’t know who your audience is?

That’s covered in detail in the early part of User Manual 1.

For more details on everything in the amazing Super Traffic Machine, our proven step by step A to Z system to become a Super Affiliate by the end of the course…

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Nagging wife

Here’s a Landing Page idea i haven’t heard anyone talk about. But almost every internet marketer worth his salt uses religiously.

Before i get into that, let me set the stage briefly.

I can’t tell you how many unfinished product ideas i have lying around my computer…

…or entire notebooks full of what appears to be the ramblings of a mad man…

diagrams, formulas, calculations…

At last count, i have 12 amazing bits of software which i invested months of painstaking labour building…but never finished.

Nothing is as depressing as admiring the genius of work you once did, but never had the discipline to turn into a sellable thing.

So much wasted time. So much wasted potential.

I get it.

I get that in business, time is of the essence.

You want to keep a project’s scope just wide enough to be interesting to customers but small enough for you to finish while you still have momentum and interest in it.

Besides that, for most of you, your online marketing needs to make money like YESTERDAY.

The bill collectors are breathing down your neck, the boss is in your face and you wanna punch the ugly prick, and the wife’s miserable with your unfulfilled (expensive) dreams going nowhere.

Worse is you feel like everyone’s laughing at you behind your back (maybe you heard their snickering too)

…You just can’t wait to stick it to them!

But, bud, a landing page that’s going to work at getting leads and sales needs careful planning.

It’s the mouth of your whole sales funnel. And it sets the type of prospect you get–whether they’ll buy easily or not.

You’re going to need confidence to spend money advertising that thing…

,,,Confidence you won’t have in something you threw together in the time it takes to brush your teeth.

There are others among you who actually spend a fair amount of time building a landing page…but only because you don’t know how.

This ad-hoc, RUSH MARKETING is not a business strategy and is unlikely to ever turn into a regular, reliable source of income for you.

Surely not something you can “stick it” to anyone with.

I have watched many successful marketers work. So i’m not just relating my own experience here…

We spend entirely too much time planning, designing, editing, and tweaking our landing pages, product launches, and emails. OBSESSIVELY!

Why shouldn’t you?

I know you sit on the mailing lists of your heroes and role models…observing…

Exposed to their marketing day in and day out.

They sell you their stuff, they put you through their processes.

But you keep playing it small because while you imitate, swipe, and copy…thinking you’re taking a shortcut…

Truth is, you’re only doing what they TELL you instead of trying to understand why they do what they do. They want to sell to you, of course, what they tell you is only the “HOW”.

But every element you see in a marketing piece is placed for a good reason (sometimes the reason is as simple as they couldn’t get their software to do what they needed and had no choice but to make the best of a crappy situation).

The experience you have, the feelings you feel, that’s the result of a deliberate decision…

From text alignment, to font choice, to colours…

There is not one extra word or thing you see in any marketing content that isn’t serving a deliberate purpose known to the creator.

What successful marketers do is they seek patterns.

They make hypothesis and build philosophies and educated guesses. They test these ideas and modify and adapt them.

In every iteration, they learn something from the previous one and adapt.

And you should be doing that too. Not blindly copying and throwing things together and saying “hey this is good enough”.

Anyway, that’s my big idea for today.

I built the DIY Super Traffic Machine Kit to help you understand not just the HOW but also the WHY.

The first chapter of every module details the thought and philosophy behind what we’re about to do in the following chapters. (although i try to keep introductions brief, our record introduction length is 76 pages!)

There’s 8 big topics we cover:

1. Plan

2. Website

3. Offer

4. Product Selection

5. Leads

6. Customers

7. Follow-up

8. Traffic

Every month we set up one of these critical pieces of your super affiliate traffic funnel together, with step by step instructions and screenshots that you easily follow.

There’s even a foolproof method to get your spouse in your corner instead of being the buzz kill they may be today.

Execution time for each module is 3-7 days but you have a whole month in between to make it perfect (and i suggest you use it!)

In the last step you turn on your machine, fully confident your funnel will CRUSH IT!

Go ahead then and stick it to your boss and your neggy friends.

In the meantime, quit the pointless RUSH MARKETING and read more here…

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


Better Landing Pages

I once knew a BRILLIANT copywriter who spent days staring at his computer screen.

Working on a single headline…on a landing page.

This thing was a mammoth. It spanned over 4 lines. Every so often, he would read it to me, rather excited about a word he’d added, removed, or replaced with a more “powerful” one.

He switched a phrase to all caps…

…Made another bold…and then italicised…and then underlined.

He tweaked that headline till it bled.

When i recall this today, i must admit, i laugh a little.

I guess when it comes to landing pages, the headline is about the only place you want to have any copy. So you can’t fault the guy for working so hard on it.

But truth is, a lot of other things (far more powerful) affect how readily a visitor will fill out your contact form and become a lead.

For starters…

A four-line headline is not read.

According to a recent study, most web users consume only 20% of any webpage. That goes for your typical 15 minute landing page video too…

…it’s a waste of time..

An effective landing page gets to the point quickly, with few words. The visitor needs to know what’s on offer and what you want them to do in 6 seconds or less… otherwise they’re gone.

That’s not even the whole story.

Before the copy even has a shot, any images on the page take attention first and speak for you. So if you aren’t using graphics on your landing pages, you’ve missed out on a pretty sweet way to pack a lot of message into 13 milliseconds (the length of time it takes the human brain to process an image). And worse, if you’re using some dorky stock image it’s going to help the prospect decide to RUN AWAY before you can impress them with your slick copy.

Ahead of images and copy, however…

The prospect absorbs the structure of the page.

Many landing pages, in an effort to get everything above the fold (the part of a page seen by 100% of visitors), they would put all their content into multiple horizontal columns.

This has the fantastically undesired effect of confusing the heck out of a prospect about where to look first.

A confused prospect is a leaving prospect. Go ahead, tweet that.

In tests done by Google, they found that vertical layouts increase user satisfaction and completion rate of landing pages as opposed to horizontal layouts. Nice tip to take to the bank.

So it’s not about cramming everything above the fold…the headline, the bullets, the video, and the optin form…

Rather it’s about figuring out the minimum a user needs to see first, which makes them want to scroll for more.

More important than copy, images, and layout…

It’s the emotions you evoke in your visitor.

For this, the most powerful tool you have in your marketing toolbelt is a well chosen colour-scheme.

That’s just a few of the tough choices we help you make (and sometimes make FOR you) in Manuals 2 and 5 of the Super Traffic Machine.

Our instructions are “Sesame Street Simple”. When you launch your traffic campaigns, you’ll have complete confidence that you convert your traffic to fat commission checks.

Get your Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit here…

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Self endorsing humble braggarts

Page May Have Missing Text

Today, i figured i’d just go ahead and ask you.

What do you like to learn more about?

Do reply and let me know, because i’ve missed you.

I do have a hunch…

See, the other day i was chatting with a colleague and he observed that the industry has changed so much the last few years to the point that few of the big players are still playing.

In fact, we couldn’t even name one big player still producing products in the Affiliate Marketing space.

What could be the reason for that?

Surely there are not LESS people making the transition into working from home. Heck, even traditional jobs now allow some of their employees to telecommute.

The technology that made working from home an opportunity didn’t disappear. There’s more of it.

What has changed, however, is that the average customer has become more sophisticated.

They aren’t as easily hoodwinked by anyone who comes along claiming to be able to show them how to make millions in their underpants. Many people have tried at least one such deal and know better than to bite again.

Plus nowadays, there’s university degrees for Internet Marketing and digital marketing…

…certifications and qualifications in various advertising platforms

…published books in bookstores on all topics that relate to internet marketing.

These are high quality, professionally created online business EDUCATION alternatives–Available to a buyer who is more sophisticated.

Which is why i believe our DIY Super Traffic Machine course is more important and more relevant now than ever before.

As a traffic training course, it’s always going to be relevant to anyone trying to make a living from home, as an affiliate marketer selling other people’s stuff, or as a writer trying to sell books, or a contractor looking for more lucrative gigs.

Traffic is a very important topic and always will be.

But it’s not really about the topic–it’s about the education.

DIY Super Traffic Machine is a serious training product for the serious student.

It’s scientifically planned and strategically designed for independent understanding and “hard to fail” implementation.

One of the surprising things we’ve found is the number of students taking the class who have made HUGE progress completely on their own without having to write us at every turn for clarification. Even our student support options are rarely used by anyone.

I put this down to the sheer comprehensiveness of the material in every aspect of launching a successful of Super Affiliate brand.

We simply dissect the steps involved even in complex tasks down to simple, sequential, almost mechanical steps the reader can take without feeling frustration, without getting stuck.

At the heart of the course design, we aimed to make things “Sesame Street Simple” (do you remember the Sesame Street book series from when you were a kid? I LOVED IT and i want to be that book series when i grow up)

You won’t find anything like the Super Traffic Machine…

It’s a breath of fresh air from the self-endorsing, humble-braggy training the industry “has-beens” are notorious for.

If you haven’t explored the training, i highly recommend you take a look here:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


Curiosity: the affiliate’s bluntest instrument


You’ve probably used a bit of “curiosity magic” on your lead capture pages to better convert your traffic.

But I have to tell you, contrary to popular belief, curiosity is a weak marketing technique.

Sure you’ve seen (or even written) a headline that goes something like this:

“Mysterious NSA Trick Gets 241 New Downline in 7 days. Enter your email below to get my FREE 201 page PDF and see how it works”

It’s oozing with curiosity, isn’t it?

Yeah. No.

See the problem with this type of headline is that you’ve seen 100 more like it.

The numbers aren’t always the same.

The trick’s origin isn’t always the same.

But it’s familiar. You know that if you optin, this guy is going to drag out the curiosity provocation for another 55 minutes in his sales video and in 20 more follow-up emails—and at the end, you won’t know what the heck he’s selling until you buy it.

At which point you’ll find out it’s rehashed garbage anyway.

So that kind of headline isn’t as fascinating or as provoking as most marketers would imagine.

But do you know what I found works best in terms of copy for affiliate capture pages?

Headlines like these:


Traffic Kickstart

Traffic to you, in minutes

[Take a Tour]


Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit

Pumps Massive Traffic * Into Any Opportunity * Sells Products Regularly * Delivers Commissions Frequently

[Get First Dibs]


You’re probably not scrambling to stick your email into these pages either. But that’s understandable if you aren’t interested in buying these products—chances are, if you’re reading this message, you’ve already bought at least one of them.

That’s the point though, isn’t it?

A Lead Capture Page’s job is to capture the contact details of a person who is interested and has the potential to buy. Not short-term curious, but someone with an ongoing problem that needs solving.

Consider this…

Have you ever walked into a designer store you knew you’d NEVER be able to afford anything inside?

From the minute you walk in, you feel not welcome. Somehow, despite your best efforts to appear like a legitimate buyer, the sales attendant wastes as little time as possible with you.

How do they know you ain’t buying?


If you aren’t dressed in designer gear, it’s a good bet you won’t be buying anything designer today either. The sales attendant is here to serve buyers, which you clearly are not. So they can safely ignore you or give you cold glares until you leave.

This is why you’ll find in a mall, the high end shops are hidden in the top most, quietest floor. They don’t have SALE! SALE! SALE! written on the window in big yellow bubbles. And they don’t do any loud sales gimmicks to attract buyers.

But imagine if they did..

What quality of prospect would enter?

And would the real buyers still want to shop there?

That’s the trouble with curiosity.

It attracts low-quality window shoppers and few real buyers, who want what you sell, at the price you sell it.

Although curiosity in sales is great for short bursts of attention, it doesn’t last. Most people are quickly exasperated if you don’t quickly tell them what’s up.

But even if you manage to drag out the curiosity all the way to the point where you start selling, the minute the curious prospect has satisfied that itch, they’re outta there. They don’t read any more sales messages, and you don’t get their money.

There are better, more durable methods to engage prospects and keep them interested in consuming your sales and marketing messages.

Point is…

There’s only one reason you should ever ask your traffic to join your mailing list:

To consider buying something!

YOU should know this up front.

THEY should know this up front.

Of course, even being direct in your copy is a delicate art.

What exactly should you say to prompt the best of your prospects to optin? How do you get the interest of real buyers while avoiding the window shoppers?

I don’t have time to get into details now. But I’ve spent months writing Module 5 of the DIY Super Traffic Machine which has everything you need to know about building highly profitable Lead Capture Pages.

Not only that…

We actually use a variety of techniques to push the lead volume AND lead quality. Mostly the techniques are not copy or headline related. Things like the placement of content blocks, images, colours, size, and eye-movement guidance.

And most important, is the underlying offer design.

In fact, after hundreds of profitable traffic campaigns I’ve personally run, I can tell you quite safely, the WORDS you use on a Capture Page are the one area you should minimise the trickery on.

Oh and there’s no programming or design for you to do—My designer created sexy templates for everything. You just plugin your offer that you craft with the the 5th manual’s help. And voila!

But I’m all out of time.

You can find out more about the amazing DIY Super Traffic Machine and have your own traffic kit mailed to you at the following link…

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


Turning chaos to fabulously profitable traffic


I’ve always struggled with being organised. But what I’ve found is that it’s difficult to generate profitable traffic without being a LITTLE systematic.

If you are naturally disorganised, like me, here’s an easy key idea that helps…



Emphasis on WRITE.

As long as the ideas are only in your head, they’re moving around and you forget. When you write down your thoughts, it gives you a chance to revise them and identify things you missed or contradictions.

And I’m not talking about which is a profitable niche, or what should you sell to this or that…I’m talking about writing about yourself in the third person.

Because the traffic you get, it’s PEOPLE, not just a bunch of stats. People are multi-dimensional. You’re going to need to talk TO them about their interests—which is hard to do if you and they are interested in different things. By writing about yourself, you’re writing about them.

So write.

In Module 1 of the DIY Super Traffic Machine, I don’t just tell you to write about your audience. I give you my own brainstorming questionnaire so you can answer the right questions about your audience—

So you can tell who they are, what they need, and what to give them. So you can tell what sets you apart and why people should buy from you.



You can’t make profit from your traffic if you’re not communicating with your leads.

You want to get into a habit of writing to them and involving them in your business. I struggled with this one at first and I know you probably do too. But it’s not hard if you wrote about them first.

One of the best examples of how to do this is my boy Ben Settle, email marketing expert. This dude has a variety of interests, not just email marketing, and not just copywriting.

He’s into dating and sexism (lol)—he relates dating women to positioning in selling by email.

He’s into dogs—his best friend is one. A few times he did a charity offering with his mailing list for animal shelters.

He’s into comic book heroes—he relates many of his sales messages to comic story lines.

He kills it in sales and has some of the most responsive buyers in a JV offering—if ever you have the privilege of working with him.

Point is, if you want traffic, you want it for profit. And if your traffic doesn’t profit, you won’t be able to get more and more traffic.

So you need to make a habit of engaging your people. And nothing is easier if all you’re doing is talking about the things you’re interested in.

For example, In Module 5 of the Super Traffic Machine I show you how to “write to your audience” when constructing a simple lead capture page, so you would attract just the people who would be interested in all the gnarly weird things you’re into. Writing to your audience is a habit you have to get into in ALL of its forms—may as well be fun for you.



Again, with writing. What’s up with that?

Like I said, for a disorganised person like you and me, writing forces us to get organised. It also allows us a chance to organise the chaos in our heads.

You want to write EVERY plan down. Draw. Scribble. Type. Whatever tools you are comfortable using.

Throughout the Super Traffic Machine modules, there is strong emphasis on planning and we give you all the tools to do it like a pro. It’s SUPER refreshing when you complete each exercise.

Because everything becomes easier, faster, and best of all–it’s cheaper to make a mistake and fix it on paper than it is to realise a mistake after you’ve paid with your hard earned money.

For example, in Module 1 you build something called a Brand Plan—step by step with guidance. It gives you the birdseye view of your entire business before you start.

You get templates to do this. You also get a Budgeting & Projections calculator spreadsheet with formulas premade for you. You just plug in your numbers and play with them till your plan gets you wet. Again, we walk you through each step.

Once you’re done, you print the whole plan out, and you file into a folder we give you. (Oh, did I mention that we spared no effort in putting in your kit every single thing you need to stay organised and on track?)

But that’s not all. In Module 2, you whip out that same plan and use it to know exactly how you should build a killer website. From colours, to logo, to domain name, to copy.

I also send you a pre-programmed website template where you just plug everything in to get started.

In Module 3—you write a sales letter, step by step, again with the help of templates. You already know exactly what to say because you whip out the Brand Plan and reference it to grab every point you put in the pitch. It’s all mechanical at this point.

In Module 4—you pick an affiliate product, using a research process that we walk you through step by step—and there’s another excel calculator sheet that you use to scientifically judge products against one another and identify the PERFECT product the audience will WANT to buy. Without doubt.

In Module 5 you whip out that plan again and build a Lead Capture Page that says the perfect message to your audience to make them optin. Again, I send you a piece of software i wrote for you that handles the building of the page. You just fill a few form fields, with the help of your plan and our instructions.

In Module 8, you build a traffic campaign—with your plan. You already know EXACTLY how much to bid, how much to spend, and how much you need to make to stay on target toward your plan, because you already worked it all out in your Budget & Projections sheet.

The final outcome, even if you screwed up 90% of the process, but you just followed your plan, you STILL get traffic that turns into sales and profit that you can multiply into much more profit.

Because congruence from A to Z is all you needed all along. And planning gives you that.

Point is…

Writing your ideas is your BEST FRIEND if you’re a disorganised frog like me. And it’s not hard to do, when I’m walking you through every step, and when I’ve done all the hard work of creating the templates and tools for you to plan a killer Super Affiliate business.

All these tools and training and much, much more, you get at the link below (which you should click and subscribe with urgent haste)…

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


You don’t need a Capture Page


Lead Capture Pages are paraded as a “must have” for internet marketers.

And I bet you got one. But I also bet you’re better off WITHOUT it.

Let me explain…

Today, thank God my back pain was not as much of a nuisance as usual. So I was trying to wrap up Module 5 of the DIY Super Traffic Machine. I’ve been struggling with one particularly troublesome section in which I was making the case for why most internet marketers are completely wasting their time having a Lead Capture Page.

Which seems ironic.

Because the title of this module is “Lead Capture”.

And—I spent a significant amount of money and time developing for students of this module a pretty sophisticated Landing Page building tool that makes Google Compliant capture pages that have historically converted extremely well for me.

Actually, some of my best, most profitable landing pages were built in these two styles (which i innovated).

They trump literally every other style anyone uses or teaches.

But the truth of the matter is, if you use a traditional Lead Capture Page—yours or your affiliate system’s or whatever…doesn’t matter…it is slowing you down.

Most marketers think if their landing page converts visitors to leads at a good rate, then nothing is wrong with it.

Actually, it is the reason you don’t make much money.

If you want to make money from your traffic, my advice to you is this…


The Lead Capture Pages built by internet marketers serve as an obstacle instead of a sales enhancement tool. Your sales page is most likely hidden behind it—and just think about it for a minute…

Do you measure the capture page’s conversion rate as a success metric?

Do you say, “Wow, this page got a 20% conversion rate! That’s killer!”

Then you’re a fool.

Don’t be mad. It’s just, there’s an easier, more popular way (used by copywriting experts) to get 100% “conversion rate”.

Send ALL traffic directly to the sales page.

Every single click you pay for will see your sales pitch. There’s your 100% conversion rate. Your chances of making a sale are PHENOMENALLY higher than with 20%.

There’s no skill in building a 20% or even a 90% capture page.

You feel me?

I mean, all it’s saying is that only 20% of your traffic is even seeing your sales pitch. You’re wasting the other 80% of the traffic you pay for because you’re not even selling to them. And chances are, if you’re not selling much, you’re also not doing any consistent follow-up with your leads.

Worst part is…

The HIGHER your capture rate is, the LOWER your sales rate will be with these kind of pages. I don’t have time to get into why. But i’ve tested this. So take my word will ya.

So if you can’t be arsed to follow-up, you’re even more of a fool for having a capture page at all.

Get rid of it. Don’t follow-up. Go right for the kill.

I mean it.

Of course I give YOU this advice, but I wouldn’t do it. And I’m not telling my Super Traffic Machine students to do that either. Why else would I have an entire module on building a Lead Capture Page?

I’m not fooling you. The reason is this…

The way I build lead capture pages and the way I instruct my students to build theirs is NOT with the goal of having a high conversion rate (although we don’t mind if it’s an unintended outcome).


It’s to make a crapload more money per lead from the landing page than with a sales letter…and more than anyone else in our industry does.

But if you’re not subscribed to the DIY Super Traffic Machine (and don’t intend to subscribe)…

The BEST advice I can give you is to get rid of your capture page and send traffic straight to sales letter. You’ll have a better shot of making money from more of your traffic.

Of course, if you LIKE capturing leads, but you want to learn to multiply your capture page’s profitability…

…and if you also want access to our Lead Capture Page building tool we shipped out to our students…

Then sign up to the DIY Super Traffic Machine below…

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

All this and more in Module 5 – Lead Capture.


Traffic prescriptions from Dr. Yaghi

hey, listen i’m sorry i’ve been really bad at keeping you updated lately.

It’s not that you’re not on my mind, but i’ve gotten seriously behind schedule on the DIY Super Traffic Machine production schedule. and i’m racing with the clock, fighting against what i’ve suspected for a while might be Fibromyalgia–though i can’t find a single dang doctor to diagnose it.

Anyway, onto the point of this message…

Being known as a “traffic guy” has its perks, obviously. But while i know a lot of great platform-specific “tricks”, those aren’t really what YOU need to learn from me.

A platform-specific trick is like…

…something you can do JUST with Google Adwords or Facebook that can increase clicks to your site or helps you uncover pockets of “cheap” traffic.

But that’s won’t do you much good to learn.

It’s kinda like how my doctors have been REALLY good at prescribing pain killers and physiotherapy and acupuncture to treat my muscle cramps and headaches…which are SYMPTOMS.

…Instead of freakin’ getting to the point of diagnosing the CAUSE of why every single muscle in my body aches, all the time.

You look at your website today, and you see “oh i’m not getting much traffic”, so you’re always looking for that traffic secret that’s going to give you more.

But what’s the underlying cause here?

Below is a list of the most common causes for “little traffic” and how you can very easily and quickly fix them:

* CAUSE #1: You aren’t advertising (duh)

TREATMENT: If you’re not advertising, then what you need to do is start advertising today. Most of the time, the reason for not advertising is that you LIKE the idea of having an online business, but you don’t have one. You don’t know what to sell and you’re still jumping from program to program.

In the Super Traffic Machine, i show you a better way to select a business and a product to sell. It’s a sort of reverse process than most…but you’ll get details on how to scientifically select the PERFECT product everyone will want to buy in Module 4 of the Super Traffic Machine. It’s killer.

* CAUSE #2: You don’t have enough money to start advertising

TREATMENT: Find someone with money to invest and ask them to partner with you 50/50. Goodness knows you’ve bought enough traffic training courses to know every trick in the book.

Most people think they’re going to build up a bigger budget. But that’s the REALLY slow and painful way. 100% of zero profit is zero, why not get 50% of something?

You’d be surprised how many friends you have who are interested in diversifying their income for a share in a small business you’ll run.

Show someone your plan and tell them how much you need. Spend your energy on making that deal. Trust me it will be quicker.

In Module 1 of the DIY Super Traffic Machine’s i show you how to get people you know to willingly invest into your business. And if you have a spouse who thinks you’re wasting your time, there’s a few neat tricks to get them to start supporting you.

* CAUSE #3: You’re advertising, but you’re not recovering what you’re spending on traffic

TREATMENT: Forget copywriting courses and split-testing…find a product with a high profit margin ($1,000 minimum) and start writing to your leads a daily broadcast email with a sales link in every message. Pitch NOTHING but that product.

Between 2011 and 2012 i sent 548 total live broadcast messages, all sales-driven. For two years, i sold NOTHING but one high-ticket product and made a killing…we even had to turn MANY customers away because we couldn’t keep up with demand.

This is the single MOST valuable “traffic” skill you’ll ever learn.

In Module 5 of the Super Traffic Machine you’ll see step by step how to make people want to hear a sales pitch from you every freaking day. And in Module 7 you’ll learn to actually come up with that many email ideas.

That’s all for today.

Hope you learned something fun and useful.

More info on the DIY Super Traffic Machine can be found at the link below. Sign up if you haven’t already…

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


The machine you start

For me, the choice was simple…

When you think about it, there are two types of people–the ones who work for someone and the ones who have people working for them.

But in the end, there’s only one way both types of people earn money:


We’re all trading something for money. Some people work in the machine while others own it. But employee or employer, the machine is what pays you.

Yet people say business is risky.

What about business is risky? Owning it or being a cog inside it?

As an employee of a business, you still endure the same risks of the business, without being in the driver’s seat. If the business you work for hits some unexpected turbulence or the the higher-ups make a bad judgement call, the employee will fall before the leadership.

Except one little thing…

When you own the business, the bad judgement call that brought it all crashing down is likely to be a decision made by YOU. And 500 employees are now out of a job but perhaps had you been in the driver’s seat, you may have made a smarter, more responsible choice. Who knows.

Business is actually more secure than employment.

When you’re in business, your security comes from two things that are REALLY hard to lose all at once:

1. Your customer-base.
2. Your employee-base.

First off, you rely on 30, 100, 1000, 1 million, 10 million customers for your livelihood. And guess what? If one of them decides to cut you off, the business isn’t out on its butt. New customers will come along.

Similarly, you rely on 5, 10, 100, 1000 employees to do the work. If one breaks his back and can’t work any more, no problem. You can replace him like a spare part.

Years ago, I did not know all these things.

But I did know the journey I was on would close the door on my employability for the rest of my life. That the expensive post-graduate degree I spent the past 20 years working to qualify for and acquire was going to rot in a drawer somewhere. Without adding work experience on my resume, there was no way I’d ever find anyone to hire me.

All the same, I asked myself:

“Are you ok to never work at a regular job, like regular people for the rest of your life?”

The question was heavy, but the answer was easy.

Something like 80% of the population of this planet work for 20% of the population of this planet. I mean, what is so special about that 20% that you should work for them? Are they smarter? Better equipped? Born with some physical advantage you do not have?

To borrow from Willy Shakespeare:

“When you stick your prick in them, do they not bleed?”

In fact, most successful business owners are quite ordinary by most measures. A very small handful are smarter than the average person, but most are not.

So what’s to prevent you or anyone willing to take decisions that affect others from being an employer instead of employee?

I chose to own a business, to be in charge of others. And I have never looked back.

Many employees eventually take the plunge to start their own business.

But they spend the entire 3 months of their “try” second-guessing their decisions. Looking for the perfect excuse to turn back and save themselves from failure.

Let me tell you something, my friend.

Security is merely a fiction created by the enlightened for people who prefer to remain blissfully ignorant.

Job security is fiction. The only reason anyone can retain a job for 20 years is they’re keeping the business they work for in business.

Try working for a company that’s routinely losing money–or try being the proud operator of a job that doesn’t make the company you work for any money. Tell me if you have job security then.

When employees decide to start their own business most stay in the employee way of thinking. The manual labour, the risk-aversion, the fear.

For instance, most first-time entrepreneurs end up creating a job for themselves instead of creating jobs (plural!) for others.

Like i said, business is a machine. A job-finding, job-fulfilling machine.

And it gets its unshakable security by employing a LOT of people to go find work and a LOT of others to do the work. People close deals. And people do the day-to-day fulfillment of a service or product. So if you’re the sole employee of your business, what exactly are you accomplishing?

When you own a business you don’t run it and you don’t build it. No. Instead, you benefit from smart, skilled, and experienced people doing the building work for you… people who aren’t doing the same work for themselves because they’re too smart for their own good and they’re scared shitless to work outside the confines of a machine someone else started.

By starting a business, you consciously or unconciously decided to be an employer. So employ!

People want to work for business machines–each in their own capacity, as employees, contractors, volunteers, or customers. But these people expect you to make choices for them–that’s why they will work for you.

Employees want you to tell them what to do, and they’ll pay you with their toil and labour.

And customers want you to tell them what to buy, and they’ll pay you the money they earned from their toil and labour.

So here’s me following my own advice…

My team and i have created a fantastic, comprehensive how-to-guide to setup and configure a Super Traffic Machine of your own. The machine is the foundation blocks of your online business. The basic working machine.

Before you go off and ask anyone to join your team, you need to lay this foundation down…with help, on your own, whatever. But get it done first.

Once all the pieces are in place, you turn it on, traffic flows, leads convert, and sales are made. You take the proceeds of your business, and start employing people to make it bigger and better.

I’ve made the decision for you that you need this training.

In the manuals, schematics, and design of your machine, I’ve gone to extremely detailed lengths to tell you exactly what you need to do–few choices, just directions. So go ahead and get the DIY Super Traffic Machine Kit here:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


What would I do different if I were to start over?

If i could go back…

I’d NEVER build my business in such a way that it relies on me for its day to day operation.

It’s easy to fall into this trap of making one person do everything. The problem with this approach is it creates in the foundations of your business a single point of failure–and it WILL ultimately break, no question about it. If that person (or you) gets sick or has a bad day, the whole business gets sick and has a bad day.

Recovering from those break downs is crippling and takes time at critical points when you can’t afford it.

Recently I was having dinner with a relative of my wife’s who is a multi-millionaire. He introduced me to a successful friend of his who runs an insanely profitable software company.

During the dinner conversation, the friend revealed one of his best secrets:

He keeps 10 programmers “in reserve” like in a baseball or football team.

Their job is simply to be “backup players”—they’re paid a minimal salary JUST to be there in case someone else leaves or is let go.

Why would he do that if it wasn’t important?

When you’re running a business, you really can’t afford to gamble on human error—human relationships and emotions are a fragile thing. People fail and break down and quit.

I know what you’re thinking.

In a startup business, when you have limited financial resources, it’s nearly impossible to hire anyone—let alone invest into redundancy.

But I’ve learned the hard way that it’s cheaper in the long run to hire, even if it means borrowing or finding rich investors to pay for it. It’s the number one best thing to invest into–creating a large work force of very talented people in your organisation.

And when I want to hire out a job to contractors, i now ALWAYS hire two people to do the same job and let them know they’re both doing the same job so they would compete with one another.

I’ve become very creative at hiring on a budget too.

If finances limit me from paying for the same job twice, then I break up the job into two, three, or ten pieces and hire each piece to a different contractor.


In addition to ensuring that if one contractor fails to deliver, the whole project can go on, another inherent advantage of splitting a job between multiple contractors is that no SINGLE contractor has all the pieces of your business.

Hey, business is cut-throat.

You can’t afford to put the destiny of your fragile and under-resourced STARTUP business in one vendor’s hands. They could go to your clients and undercut you—or they could sell your intellectual property to one of your competitors—or they could themselves become one of your fiercest competitors.

When you’re onto something good, EVERYONE wants to take it from you.

So even if you have limited financial resources, you need to learn to get the most human leverage you possibly can while simultaneously protecting your business from human failure and from human greed.

Your #1 enemy from day 1 is YOU.

Everyone starts their first business venture trying to do everything themselves. But it’s wrong. You cannot possibly be master of every skill needed to develop, market, and sell your business. Even if you were (like I am) master of every skill, you have no more than 24 hours in a day, and you’re human.

You get sick.

You get tired.

And you get bored.

How do you protect your business from you?

The DIY Super Traffic Machine, was constructed as a “Do It Yourself” step-by-step guide to build a high traffic affiliate business online—but unlike other training you’ve tried, we have a customers-only member area where you can find trusted contractors to do work for you.

Every task in the setup of your Super Traffic Machine has been broken into “micro jobs” (very small, very cheap, yet critical jobs) that correspond to specific tasks in the manuals. This way, if you don’t want to do something yourself, you can hire out whatever you want from the simplest job to the most complex.

Of course, you always have full detailed instructions and “done for you” templates to do the jobs on your own if that’s what you want–we would never force you to hire out. But if you want my best business advice—I’d tell you hire out everything you can afford. And get into the habit as early as you can.

More info on the DIY Super Traffic Machine Kit below. Sign up today!

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A few months ago, I told you I would be shifting focus to build a local “dot com” venture in the local customer satisfaction management space. And that the DIY Super Traffic Machine would be my parting gift to my subscribers.

Fortunately for you (not so fortunately for me), my journey in the new venture has come to an abrupt end this week in a most heart-breaking betrayal.

I’ve come to beg your forgiveness and wonder if you’ll have me back?

Here’s what happened…

Right after I delivered a 60,000 line code project and secured a very big deal for my investors, it became apparent to me that I was being squeezed out. My intellectual property which was used to get both the investor funding and the customers was being taken from me and I had no right to any share in the business I was building.

As you can imagine, business cannot thrive when it begins with betrayal, so I submitted my resignation and left everything behind.

You see, a true entrepreneur is not driven by money.

It’s the sheer thrill and honour of solving challenging problems with his creative mind that drives him. And when someone forcefully takes ownership of your creativity it’s like they raped your mind.

I am heartbroken, devastated, angry…

To build this new venture, over the past 6 months, I had to more or less walk away from YaghiLabs—a business that has been kind to me that I’d spent the past 8 years building with my own bare, bloody hands. Fortunately, I had left pieces of this business in the capable hands of some trusted colleagues who have done a fine job of keeping things purring along.

But in this brief interlude, this experiment of a local venture, I was reminded of three very important lessons I’d like to pass on to you…

#1. Entrepreneurs get very comfortable living on the losing side of risk.

You’re driven by the CHANCE of winning, but you know that it’s a 1 in a million shot. Entrepreneurs welcome failure because they know each failure is practice. (ie, you lose the battle to get practice winning the war)

It’s like the Olympic contestant who puts it all on the line for one shot at glory. Nobody qualifies for the Olympics without years of practice at failing mostly…only winning once in a while. And after it’s all said and done, only one winner will get an Olympic Gold Medal.

#2. Entrepreneurs challenge the unknown.

Your average successful employee, educated, experienced, has gotten used to advancing because he always has the right, safe answers that please his bosses. He’s not paid to take risks.

But an entrepreneur spends his time challenging the unknown—which often means he’s actually giving the “wrong” answer, against the status quo, and experimenting to find a new “right” answer.

This is a popular example…Thomas Edison, not educated nor an academic was the laughing stock of the science community. He would attend their conferences and they thought he just wanted to belong …reality is, he attended to probe the scientists for specific answers he needed. He ran 10,000 experiments, all “wrong”, before he arrived at the right one.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were the laughing stock of the computer industry. Because they had a vision of bringing computers to the household. “What would a regular person need a computer for?” said the big execs. Now we know who was wrong.

#3. Entrepreneurs are singularly focused and stubborn as a mule.

The typical employee celebrates his ability to multi-task, to create multiple back-up plans and ensure there is never a chance to fail. He won’t even attempt something if he thinks he has the smallest chance of failure. And he backs off from any plan that appears to be failing.

Entrepreneurs think a multiple focus is an idiotic waste of time. They give 200% to just ONE impossible thing and let the world around them crash down if it must. That’s commitment. That’s drive.

Can you run two races at once and win both? An employee runs one race at 80% so he can spare the remaining 20% for another race. But an entrepreneur races every race at 200% even if he snaps his muscle and breaks his bones and never races again.

These lessons, I pass onto you.

In the hopes of empowering you to know deep inside that even if the whole world is telling you that you’re wrong…they don’t know what the eff they’re talking about.

There is no right answer for what you’re doing—you are the one who dares to look for and define a new “right way”. Hang in there. Hang on tight. Stay in the race, stay unshakable, you’ll ultimately win.


P.S. The DIY Super Traffic Machine is not a guaranteed right answer “formula” for building a successful online business. It is a methodology that allows you to be wrong and still end up with a working whole. A traffic machine of your own. A platform from which you can springboard success.

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Embarassing way i tried to impress a sheila

We’ve all been there.

For me, it was at university. While at Massey.

And she was the gorgeous strawberry blonde anthropology major who sat next to me in a statistics class.

I could barely find anything to talk to her about–what IS anthropology, anyway?

But one day she mentions that her department’s club is having a fund raiser and needed volunteers.

I was in.

Two days later, I found out I’d offered to hawk lemon tarts, Anzac biscuits, lamingtons, and banana nut biscuits to the horde of undergrads that passed through the student centre.

That’s right… I, Jim Yaghi, was working a bake sale.

I spent the next five hours of my life listening to…


…rapidly fired, in one breath,

…to an unending stream of indifferent (apparently already satiated) people.

Our best customers were professors, staff, and administrators who bought enough to take to their students or back to the office, even home to their families.

Still, there were only 100 items on the table.

Meaning, the most the club could possibly make was…$200.

And I wasn’t too keen on yelling, much to the chagrin of the quickly-becoming-hoarse anthro-girl.

I couldn’t stop thinking…

There has to be a better way to make $200.

And, honestly, who likes banana nut biscuits anyway?

So at the end of the day, I suggested she try MY way next time.

I advised that instead of a bake sale, start a “bake by demand” service and target non-students.

For $25, customers can choose whatever kind of baked good they want,

…and solicit the orders in advance.

That way, you’d have far less unproductive time. WAY less yelling. And considerably more competitive pricing.

With just 8 orders, she’d make $200.

With 20 orders, $500.

Imagine how many kebabs and sausage rolls $500 could buy to enjoy around that campfire!

Now that’s how you mobilize a complimentary labour force of bakers to produce maximum ROI.

It’s the ethical thing to do.

If people are donating their time and goods you don’t pass that savings off to the customers, you create as much profit as is possible for the cause.

That IS the point, after all.

But it’s surprisingly difficult for most people to focus on their ultimate goal while handling all the logistics.

Baking 100 sweets and organizing a table isn’t easy, after all.

Neither is starting a business.

And often entrepreneurs will get lost in all of their potential product options, forgetting that you’ve got to invest your time selling products that will actually pay off.

Not all products are right for your business, and in most cases, the higher the sale price, the better your potential to create a profitable advertising campaign.

You’re not Amazon, Google, or Walmart.

You can’t make a profit on the low priced, commoditized items other affiliates have flooded the market with. ($7 eBooks are about as profitable as $2 sweets.)

To become a super affiliate, you’ve got to match your offer with a product that fits very strategic criteria.

Super affiliates are not mired by the sunk-cost fallacy of feigning enthusiasm for a product they haven’t gotten results from and don’t truly believe in (much like me selling banana nut biscuits).

That doesn’t convert.

Super affiliates rigorously select from multiple potential product candidates based on a quantified match with their identified audience and the projected long-term profitability.

This ensures your prospects get excited about buying your product (so you can get paid, ideally more than once).

In manual 4 of the DIY Super Traffic Machine series we introduce a YaghiLabs innovation that scientifically determines the easiest and “best converting” product for your business.

The setup process begins on page 39.

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Gladly Paid for, Bitterly Received

I used to give advice—for a fee, of course.

But then I realised no one really asks for advice…They ask you to confirm decisions they’ve already made.

And if you don’t agree with them, they’ll argue until they’re blue in the face trying to force you to give them the advice they want.

Like, a good friend of mine recently graduated, dove head-first into the job market, and asked me to look over his resume and cover letter for a genomics research position.

Following a bit of TMI about fleeing the maternal nest and moving halfway across the country, he had this…ahem…gem of a sentence:

“After four months of ‘finding myself,’ I feel confident that this experience has helped cultivate my maturity and focus.”

Way to draw attention to your shortcomings, buddy.

I tried to tell him that a cover letter is not the place to discuss your self-exploration (or point out gaps in your resume), but that’s not what he wanted to hear.

Despite me being on the hiring side of the table for quite some time now, my friend didn’t want my expert advice—all he wanted was empty compliments.

What a waste.

End of the day, people always prefer their own opinion, even if they know next to NOTHING about the subject.

Take traffic.

I get paid to give traffic consultations.

And my advice isn’t cheap. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. After all, I’m this industry’s AdWords expert with eight years of massively-funded field experience, hired by nearly all the affiliate system owners and ‘gooroos.’

It’s unfortunate, but rarely do the system owners actually take my advice—even when they’ve paid for it—because I don’t tell them what they want to hear.

EVERYONE (even those who should know better) wants a simple, 15-minute fix.

You’ve heard gooroos chastise their customers for “shiny object syndrome.”

Makes me laugh.

Not that it isn’t true. It absolutely is.

But guess what? System owners are the EXACT same way.

They believe there’s some magical traffic unicorn that will enable their shytty, hype-filled offers on a major traffic platform that will deliver infinitely-scalable clicks on-demand.

Ain’t happening.

No self-respecting traffic platform wants them. And the system owners are just as susceptible to ‘magical thinking’ as their customers.

They’re looking for instant riches as much as the next guy. And they don’t like to hear that their marketing must behave like an actual customer-interfacing business, with the appropriate legal behaviour of a company that plans to stick around.

Can you imagine a REAL business that doesn’t want their phone to ring?

Can you think of ANY affiliate system that provides REAL customer service that isn’t farmed out to an off-shore, low-cost call centre?

The reason they talk so much about the ‘entitlement’ mentality is because it’s like looking in the mirror. They think they’re entitled to traffic, that they deserve traffic, that they shouldn’t have to observe the rules.

Ha! Good luck.

But this is to YOUR advantage.

If you’re willing to take the time to do the work of building a legitimate online business that is intended to stay around past next month…you’ll be able to advertise where NO ONE else can.

But you have to actually DO the steps and in the right order too.

The Super Traffic Machine isn’t some ‘beach millions’ BS.

I always get a little sad at how affiliates usually approach their business. It typically takes months, if not years of frustration and spending 1,000s of dollars before they come around and trust that even though my process APPEARS to be slower, it’s actually the shortcut…because it gets you where you want to go.

The “quicker” stuff on the market isn’t quick at all, because it sends you in totally the wrong direction and you keep starting over. (Just think of how many domain names and websites you currently own, and how many “money” systems you’ve bought into and how many of those are producing a single red cent today.)

The DIY Super Traffic Machine is the most innovative product ever released in this industry for this reason alone:

it’s about building a low-budget, high-potential BUSINESS.

You can’t screw it up—I built the manuals as a sequential process of steps, decomplexifying the actual steps required into a serialised, linear process.

Translated, that means, “Simple.”

And it IS really a process, a step by step, screenshot by screenshot thing. It walks you through every detail and every decision. It’s a breath of fresh air if you’ve been at this affiliate marketing thing for a while now.

Best of all, the process works and we’re proving it inside every super traffic machine kit.

It’s not just the step-by-step methods—I’ve honed and trained my staff on over the course of years servicing tons of clients at my traffic agency. But we also created a real, live example throughout the course, that follows the steps, one at a time so you can follow along.

Try to find that anywhere else.

(Hint: you can’t.)

The best time to get started with the DIY Super

Traffic Machine was last year.

The second-best time is today.

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it’s throbbing…

I’ve been staring at my monitor for hours upon hours.

My eyes are strained and my head is throbbing.

There’s good reason for my discomfort. A huge deliverable was just released and I’ve got an important meeting Saturday where I’ll be pitching this project to a major potential client.

You know what’s interesting about my preparation?

When meeting with top execs they’re looking for a few specific things to judge your competency. And not once has anyone asked me how big my “why” is. No one’s wanted to see my vision board or inquired about my limiting beliefs.

No, when meeting with C-level execs (ya know, like CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, CFOs, that kind of thing) they want to know: (a) does your solution innovate and add value to their business and (b) does it work as advertised?

There are some interesting negotiation tactics at play too. You’ve got to be confident, not cocky. Proud, not prideful. Interested, not interesting.

But at the end of the day, the C-suite wants to talk numbers. Planning and design. Timelines. Implementation. Monitoring and controlling. Milestones.

In short, they want to do business.

However, in the guru industry, all that’s talked about are hopes and dreams.

You’ve been told to dream bigger? That success is thinking the right thoughts? Or to find your REAL why?

I can’t think of a better way to keep you stuck, spinning your wheels, frustrated and broke.

Gurus will blame you and say it’s your lack of belief that’s holding you back. “You didn’t paint a picture of those six figures colourfully enough!”

But you know where REAL belief comes from?


And you know how you get results?

You implement a solid business plan.

That’s it.

I don’t care if you’ve got a positive attitude. In fact, if you’re too positive I’ll ask you to kindly fugk off. It’s annoying.

You know what, though?

If you simply DO what I tell you to do…you WILL get results.

It’s that simple.

That’s why creating a DIY Super Traffic Machine isn’t the result of some big idea that requires you to search deep within your soul.

It’s not something you can attract to yourself with universe vibrations, mindfulness, or contemplating the right combination of pictures or words.

Creating a Super Traffic Machine is a simple process.


That almost anyone can follow.

I say almost because this is a logical, methodical process you have to follow from start to finish–and some people won’t do that.

You’ve got to actually follow my instructions, which will require some good ol’ fashioned work.

Honestly, it can sometimes be boring. Dream boards are easy–you get to think about beaches and nice cars. Following my process involves thinking, writing, and creating something new.

Each manual of the Super Traffic Machine includes a specific method, which breaks the entire process into step-by-step actions using proven templates and exercises.

Look, I’m going to put this bluntly…

Even if you aren’t terribly smart, as long as you actually DO the exercises (even sorta wrong), you WILL ultimately end up with a fully-functioning Super Traffic Machine.

This is how it is designed, to work no matter what. (As long as the instructions are followed.)

And I don’t say this to flatter myself, or you, but the simple fact that you’re reading this tells me you’re smart enough, and ready to do the work.

You’re not here for a guided meditation or a ‘mind movie.’ You’re here because you’re ready to stop buying hopes and dreams and start building a real business.

You’re ready for the DIY Super Traffic Machine.

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How to Expose Their Self-Aggrandising Lies…

It makes me laugh.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard some “guru” claim to be a seven, multi-seven, eight, or even multi-eight figure earner.

Guess what.

They’re LYING.

Here’s what they’re not telling you …

There’s a BIG difference between gross profit and net profit.

And there’s an even BIGGER difference between annual profit and cumulative profit.

Gurus never use these words.

To do so would be to expose their fraudulent, self-aggrandising bullshyt.

Try asking a guru to clarify sometime if you don’t believe me, just be prepared to get ostracised (if that’s a concern).

Gurus don’t like being “outed,” haha.

With that said …

Want to learn from a REAL seven-figure annual earner?

Then let’s talk about a business built upon attraction marketing principles that you willingly flock to over and over again.

And even though I have a great deal of admiration for this business, there are still elements of trickery at play.

I’m talking about your local supermarket.

The average supermarket does over $USD 2MM in sales annually and keeps nearly 300k of it after taxes, which puts 99% of gurus to shame (despite what their sales videos says).

The amazing part?

They didn’t have to convince you to walk through the door.

You came of your own free will. And will do so week after week, without feeling like you’re being sold to.

But I told you already that supermarkets have a few dirty tricks up their sleeve.

They’re cleverly designed to extract as much money from your wallet as possible.

And while they might seem benign enough, there’s a surprising level of sophistication to their design.

They don’t actually make much money unless you impulsively shop, buy more than you need, and load up on non-essential items.

Here are a few of their tricks …

– Shopping carts are designed to be larger than needed to encourage you to spend more

– Essentials like milk are always the furthest from the entrance, forcing you to navigate the entire store to reach them

– The worst deals and most expensive items are always at eye-level (for adults and kids alike)

– Your “rewards card” is an ingenious mechanism to track your purchases and increase your brand loyalty

– And most obviously (almost too pedestrian to mention), the checkout aisles are filled with sugary temptations

Sneaky, aye?

Now without giving them too much credit, Affiliate Systems share a few similarities with your local supermarket.

(Big difference being that one business can feed your family and the other might impair your ability to do so, haha.)

Let me explain …

Affiliate Systems do everything possible to extract your every last dollar buying things you don’t need while keeping you in a cycle of dependence and confusion.

They’re designed to trick you into attending training after training, keep you paying your monthly dues, and encourage a tribal, subservient mindset.

It’s ugly.

I’ve lost more than a few friends for calling out these unethical tactics. C’est la vie.

Here’s how to beat the Affiliate Systems Owners at their own game …

When you control the traffic, you have all the leverage. They need you and you don’t need them.

They’ll make special concessions, hang a star on your door, and put your name in lights to keep you from straying to another system.

This is how Super Affiliates are treated. I know from first hand experience.

As a guy that spent seven years as the highest paid traffic consultant in this industry before deciding to pursue a startup in another niche, I want you to pay close attention to what I’m about to say.

As a parting gesture to this industry, I’m revealing my exact process.

Late last summer I decided to take my in-house training manuals, used by my staff here at YaghiLabs, and expand them into the 8-part DIY Super Traffic Machine.

These step-by-step manuals are how to join the ranks of the Super Affiliates instead of being treated like another commodity.

Already, you’re getting this email because you don’t want to get caught in the vicious guru cycle like everyone else.

You see the hype. You didn’t become a marketer for a chance to buy expensive coaching, aimless eBooks, or ignorant webinars.

You don’t want pretty packaging or vitamin-infused waters–you want the fugking milk!

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the worst advice you keep receiving…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard advice along the lines of…

“If you hate doing something, or you’re just not good at it, outsource it and save yourself the headache.”

You’ve not doubt heard this too.

Here’s the problem…

This is TERRIBLE advice.

You know what most people dread?


Web design and development.

Excel spreadsheets.

Most technical aspects of their business.

…all things that require a firm grasp of logic and analytical principles.

And you’re being told to pawn these tasks off…to an outsourcer?

To someone you don’t know, who is typically undervalued, and doesn’t care about your business–only your money?

What an awful idea!

It makes me want to smash my left testicle with a ball-peen hammer.

Yet it’s spouted as gospel by gurus (who couldn’t pass ANY entry-level university class in the business, finance, or computer science departments).

You know better than that.

This isn’t to say you should never outsource.

But there’s a smart way to do it.

And an idiotic way to do it.

I just spent over $USD 24,000 hiring a team to help with the programming of one of my projects.

And I spent that money with the knowledge that these outsourcers do not ultimately care about the success or failure of my business. My baby isn’t their baby; my “big fish” isn’t their “big fish.”

They’re not putting my business on the map. That’s my job.

So it would be unreasonable to expect my own personal level of care, detail, and thought to go into the project.

They’ve got other clients and other deadlines.

They’re only paid to do a job exactly as I describe it to them.

Nothing more, nothing less.

When you outsource, it’s your responsibility to ensure the job gets done to spec.

…I’ll tell you horror stories another day.

I’ve hired (and fired) dozens upon dozens of outsourcers over the years.

And in the process I’ve learned how to make “getting the job done” as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

This is why I made it a priority to share with you how to effectively outsource in each manual of the DIY Super Traffic Machine.

You’ll learn…

– Deep and detailed knowledge about every task that you can (optionally) outsource while building your Super Traffic Machine

– How much it should cost

– Exactly what skills are needed

– How to judge the work as good or bad

– How to ask for the job to be done (explicit instructions are critical)

If you can’t do all of these things you’re going to waste a TON of money on outsourcers trying to fool you.

They’ll make you think it’s going to take 6 weeks when it should only take 4 days.

They’ll use pre-made code from a gratis template and pass it off as custom.

And they’ll do a sloppy job while you end up paying for your ignorance.

It’s not surprising: outsourcers are used to selling to people who don’t know any better.

They’ll take an off-the-shelf plug-in you can download for free and make you think they spent weeks working on it. (I’ve had unethical outsourcers try this on me.)

You MUST know the difference.

Anyone and everyone is an expert when you don’t know the game you’re playing.

You don’t need to know exactly how it’s done. You don’t need to do it yourself. You just need to be able to take the 10,000′ view and make intelligent decisions about your outsourcers’ level of competence.

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn in pages 321-348 of the Website manual of the DIY Super Traffic Machine.

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..if you can’t teach, coach.


For the past few months I’ve been preoccupied with building a new local dot com venture in the customer service industry for some of the largest restaurant chains in the Middle East.

I’ve been presenting my solution to top executives in the region and supervising a development team to ship the latest version of my software that gathers customer feedback, solves customer service issues in real time, and offers a rewards program.

I’ve been busy DOING.

Meanwhile, most of the “gurus” out there have been busy TEACHING and encouraging their students to turn around and take what they’ve been taught to teach others as well.

The “learn-then-teach” model is encouraged and often repeated as an appropriate way to build a business.

This is idiotic.

Because most of these teachers are teaching how to do things they don’t even know how to do themselves.

Most system owners tell you, “all you need to do is get traffic.” Which is true, if you want to squander all your hard work and the valuable data you’ve paid to acquire.

But here’s the kicker: most of these system owners don’t know how to get traffic themselves. Otherwise they wouldn’t (a) need you to do it, and (b) pay me to get traffic for them.

But you know what they say…if you can’t do, teach.

And these days, if you can’t teach, be a coach.

The new trend in online opportunities is assigning you a coach who walks you through the process of purchasing increasingly bad financial decisions.

It’s not a new idea. After all, boiler rooms have been around for decades (online gurus aren’t known for being innovative).

Recently one company became the flavour of the month using this coaching model and no doubt other systems followed suit.

The coaches themselves aren’t actually there to help you build your business, nor would they even know how (there’s a reason these coaches don’t have businesses of their own). Their ONLY job is to sell you…to convince you that going straight into massive debt is the best way to start your business.

What no one tells you is that without an advertising budget, your business isn’t going to get off the ground.

You MUST designate a base amount and a growth percentage and commit to investing these funds each and every month for your business to grow. This is true for ALL businesses in every industry and there are proven models to follow.

These coaches would have you believe that buying their overpriced “products”–which range up into the tens-of-thousands for the privilege of hanging out with the system owners–is the surest path to success…when nothing could be further from the truth.

Want results?

Put your money into your advertising budget (not expenses).

And how to responsibly do so is what’s outlined on pages 129-147 of the Brand Plan manual, the first in the DIY Super Traffic Machine series.

We don’t “coach” you into more upsells. We’re not selling a mastermind in an exotic location. And you’re not investing in the opportunity to buy me a drink.

This is it.

Here at YaghiLabs, we don’t just teach.

These are the same internal traffic manuals that trained my own staff to generate hundreds of thousands of leads for these system owners.

These manuals don’t teach you how to teach or coach. These manuals teach you how to DO it yourself.

You learn step-by-step, field-tested strategies developed over YEARS in the trenches of running campaigns for the biggest systems in the industry. And watch us implement a real client campaign throughout.

Most marketers talk ideas. Second-hand-theory. BS.

DIY Super Traffic Machine is 100% based on case studies. Clients. Real stuff.

To learn all my hard-learned secrets before I leave this industry for good, get your copy of the DIY Super Traffic Machine today.

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How Super Affiliates sell 1000’s of products every day


I want to share with
you a profound insight I’ve had recently that I believe
will be extremely profitable for the average affiliate marketer.

Here’s some background…

It has been the most exhausting,
yet most fulfilling time of online marketing career. Printed proudly in front
of me are three of eight total planned manuals of the DIY Super Traffic
Machine series – an encyclopedic trophy containing over 7 years of my experience in traffic
generation for the super affiliate, distilled into explicit step by step, click
by click, screen by screen instruction.

What’s been a bit of a
running joke around the labs is how our “final revision” ends up significantly EXPANDING
the training material, instead of shortening it.

Indeed, we start with
50 – 90 page manuals which rapidly turn into 200 or 300 pages!

And I’ve battled with this. For two reasons. Your attention spans aren’t exactly the best. And because I’m not such a young guy any more–sure I’m 30-something but I hurt in
more places than a 60 year old with a lifelong desk career behind him. And
in terms of financial reward, this isn’t exactly one of my most profitable programs.
But it’s been a labour of love.

Each time, we look
through the material, we ask ourselves, “Can this be shorter?”

The answer is a
resounding, “NO!”

What makes me ok with the
ridiculous hours and sleepless nights I have to put in while trying to meet our
monthly deadline AND still produce something as thorough as we do, is that I think what we’re working on will change your life.

For example, the last
manual we sent our students taught how to create a “presales page”–which is a
short page preparing your traffic to buy your affiliate product. Super
affiliates whip tens of these in no time flat to make 100’s sometimes 1000’s of sales each day.
Meaning, if you know what you’re doing, presales pages are REALLY SIMPLE to create
and very lucrative.

But most affiliate
marketers don’t know what they’re doing. And for all the copywriting courses
they buy, often from the top copywriters in the world…they just fail to learn to monetize their affiliate traffic.

In revising the last
manual, I had a revelation.

The copywriting masters
who charge a lot of money to learn from them–they don’t really teach.

In a paragraph or two,
they say, “Write a compelling pitch”…and then load up on examples of their own
best copy, along with “swipe headlines” and patterns you can “steal”, possibly
over pages and pages. They dissect their own example and explain the “psychology”
behind the words…which is often really more of an afterthought than their original plan.

What they want you to
do is look at their examples and just “get it”.

While I have great
respect for their skill…

Reality is, theirs is primarily instinctual and loaded with experience. THEY get it. People reading their material who have a copywriting background get it.

But most of their
students are beginners TRYING to learn to make money from their traffic. They just don’t have the necessary experience, instinct, or imagination to understand how the examples can be adapted to work for them.

I compared this, on
the other hand, to what our Super Traffic Machine series does in its third traffic-focused
“selling” manual…

Halfway through the text,
i realized that every instruction we’d given until that point was walking you through how to extract,
organize, and prioritize the IDEAS that end up in the short 500 odd page presales
page pitch.

Our instructions were
purely mechanical: Move this, group that, copy this, label that…

Meaning, what the
other guys would have simply instructed as, “Write a compelling pitch” WE broke down into exactly HOW this critical “compelling pitch” is written. No imagination on
your part required.

Is it any wonder then that
our instructions end up taking a lot of space?

How are you supposed
to know how to do these critical tasks if someone doesn’t walk you through the
process of doing them, at least once?

The “process based”
approach is a running theme in the entire Super Traffic Machine series.

As a guy who learned
programming very young, I have spent my entire life instructing dumb as heck
computers how to do the simplest tasks that humans have no trouble with. My best skill is turning complex ideas into simple, sequential steps.

This traffic
series is merely an expansion on what I’ve done all my life. The difference is,
I’m instructing human students who are infinitely more intelligent than the
smartest computer–but what I do better than anyone else is make sure you have
ALL the steps you need, in sequence, without assuming anything about how you interpret some
general instruction or pattern I might otherwise show you.

Meaning, if you’re a
subscriber of the Super Traffic Machine series, you are very lucky.

Because I’ve mechanized
my own “instinctual” process or “talent” into straightforward steps. So our
students can trot around inside my head–start learning and reproducing the
internal mental patterns of someone successful at this traffic thing. And in
the worst case, they can come close to reproducing the right patterns for their
own financial advancement.

With this Super Traffic
series, our subscribers finally have a shot of ACTUALLY creating a lucrative
affiliate marketing business for themselves.

Of course, if you’re
not subscribed to the DIY Super Traffic Machine, then you’re not this lucky.
But joining us is easy and very affordable.

Simply visit the link below and enter our loving fold:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


Your funnel don’t convert

Heya–arguing is futile when people say, “I already have a funnel that’s converting”.

Let me take a few minutes of your time to knock a giant hole in this statement.

Students say this to me, inevitably, to get me to say it’s ok to skip straight to traffic instead of doing the proper planning and preparation for it. Therein lies the biggest clue their statement is false. They do NOT have a funnel that’s converting.

Here’s what I mean…

Yesterday I received a commission notification for an affiliate product I have literally not promoted in over 6 years.

That business had gone through many iterations, changed their branding and their products many times over in the 6 years that passed. Yet, i still get commissions till today.

When I was actively promoting their products, I did absolutely NOTHING but send traffic. And I sent it raw, right to their optin page, no customization, preselling, or anything else. (This is not something I’d recommend for affiliates. In my case I was a hired traffic manager and the client was paying the advertising bill, not me. Any traffic i drove, they owned.).

My point is, their funnel was an actual “converting funnel”.

I still earn commissions from it, six years after I stopped promoting it.

Here’s even more proof this funnel was indeed a converting funnel.

Every time I spoke to my client, and no matter how much traffic I was already driving, they demanded more. All they wanted was scale. They didn’t care what it cost or how big their Adwords bill was at the end of the month. They knew that as long as traffic flowed to their page, their funnel would make money from it.

They did not hire me to use any of my special traffic cost-dropping tactics.

They did not hire me to use any voodoo ad targeting techniques.

All they wanted me to do was drive a buttload of CLICKS to their site.

Now compare this to the average guy or girl buying up traffic courses and tools, trying to learn voodoo traffic tricks.

Are they this confident in their funnel’s ability to convert?

Don’t answer that. Tell you what–

Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of affiliate system owners, and as much as they would like you to think their funnels convert like gangbusters, they don’t.

Inevitably, they don’t hire me to scale out their operation.

They hire me to minimize their traffic costs.

They hire me to get them cheap leads.

They hire me to get them profitable sales.

Keep in mind, these are probably guys who are richer than you, who make more money, and have a more complete funnel than you do. Yet they’re scared poopless to scale.

The reason?

No body desperately wants what they got!

If they had something so valuable to offer visitors, they not only would have no need for any voodoo traffic tricks to have lower costs–they wouldn’t even need any special sales skills either! Buyers don’t resist when you have something they want.

Plus, when you focus on cost-dropping, you’re also reducing traffic and scale.

And this is why, if you think you have a high converting funnel and you’re reading this message, I already know you do NOT have a high converting funnel.

You also don’t have an offer or product people desperately want.

If you did, you wouldn’t be trying to learn traffic. You’d be running some TERRIBLE ad campaign that’s converting like gangbusters anyway. You might even be hiring me to scale it out for you. And when I ask you what your budget is, you’d say, “Money is not an issue, get me as much traffic as you can.”

What you will not be doing is sitting around on my list waiting for me to sell yet another traffic product or share some golden traffic nugget.

Chances are you’re not in that position today.

But the good news is, you can be rather quickly with my help. The Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit is a step-by-step process you simply execute. Just do exactly what I say, in the order I lay out, and even if you only half-listen, you still end up with a converting funnel.

All you will want from your traffic is scale.

Get more info on the Super Traffic Machine here…

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


p.s. when I say, “you still end up with a converting funnel”, I’m not being hypothetical. The step-by-step processes we go through together is how I trained new staff members on my team to build out funnels for clients. Our instructions to our staff had to be fool-proof, so that even if our staff were really green and did a half-arsed job, our clients would still have a funnel that converts.

Subscribe here soon:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

The simple model of the $USD 10 million AFFILIATE marketer

If you’re an affiliate marketer, I have an eye-opening idea to share with you–

it makes earning affiliate commissions so easy that even with a “less than ideal” product and a poor sales pitch, people will desperately buy from you.

Look, affiliate marketers have a HUGE advantage over most other types of internet marketers.


I’m talking about their ability to very quickly switch out and test products as answers to market demand.

Not long ago, I was consulted by a guy who had the “ridiculous” target of taking his business to 100 million dollars over the next 3 months. I thought he was dreaming until I saw what he was up to.

His business model was very cool.

He sent a starving crowd to his site and tested products against the audience.

What’s interesting is that all the products he put in front of the traffic to buy were affiliate products. So he could test tens of products at a time.

And they bought like CRAZY!

What was even more brilliant is that only after he proved that a product was selling would he go ahead and actually create a similar product of his own–but even that he didn’t do himself. He outsourced it for a few hundred bucks to someone who researches and creates products for a living.

Once he knew the best product to offer, he knew exactly what needed to be in his product. He created it and sold his product to the same type of traffic that was buying in the first place.

Care to take a guess what this little business model was worth?

10 million dollars per month! And get this–the entire lifetime of that business model was THREE months at the time of our consultation.

Now this is a brilliant example of how the affiliate game is REALLY done when you know what you’re doing.

Unfortunately, this is NOT how the average affiliate thinks.

Most affiliates are busy testing AUDIENCES instead of products.

They choose a product FIRST–usually based on how big the percentage of compensation or earning is. They fixate on it, stubbornly, even if they have never sold one unit, and they start GUESSING at who to sell it to.

No matter how lucrative the comp plan, if you’re not making sales, it’s not lucrative for you.

The only way to test audiences quickly is by throwing a LOT of money on traffic until you find a group of people who prove they want the product by buying. This is dumb.

On the other hand, if you find an audience starving for a solution to some desperate pain…anything you put in front of them, no matter how bad you are at selling it, they’ll buy. You can test products to see if you can make more money, but even your absolute worst case scenario is not ZERO sales–it’s SOME sales.

Try offering a burned slice of toast to a starving person–you’re not going to hear any lip about their preference for meat.

That’s the power of choosing a starving audience, not changing it ever, and then testing products against them.

Be stubborn about the audience. Not the product.

Go on. Recognize your own flexibility as an affiliate marketer. It’s your biggest advantage over product creators. You can very quickly and without any sense of regret dump any dumb affiliate product your audience doesn’t want.

Finding a starving audience ready to buy anything you put in front of them is something you and i can explore together in the third user manual of the DIY Super Traffic Machine.

If you’re not subscribed yet, you should check it out. There’s plenty more really clever ways to put the odds in your favour without being great at anything, really.

More info here…

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


UPDATE: Jim & YaghiLabs dead?


Ok it feels like forever since i wrote any traffic emails, i’m sorry. I’m still here, but the same can’t be said for almost all of YaghiLabs traffic training products. Let me give you a quick update.

I’ve retired all our products and they are no longer available to buy. With the exception of ONE:

Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit

Will the other training products become available again?

Maybe, but i have no plans for the near future.

If you already have purchases with us, they will continue to be accessible the same way you’ve always accessed them. Don’t worry about that. We just aren’t allowing more customers into the same training.

You’re probably curious why i would turn willing buyers away from products that are still in demand. The reasons are many, but here are just a few.

REASON #1: Quality

I’m a disorganised person by nature, involved in multiple projects, trying to do so much, and i never have time for anything that’s not on my mind right now. This means, after a product is created and sold, i have little interest in revising it, improving it, and making it better all the time.

This isn’t good for customer loyalty–something i cherish deeply.

Right now, the only way to access my knowledge on generating web traffic is through the DIY Super Traffic Machine–our 8 manual series that have complete instructions for setting up a high traffic site from concept to profit.

You know what? I like it better this way.

This product is where i have been and will continue to invest all my effort going forward.

Now i can focus every OUNCE of my energy on the Super Traffic Machine product and delight our students. Give them the very, very best training i possibly can. And then be able to come back and make it better month after month after month.

Indeed, the Super Traffic Machine is proving to be the MOST comprehensive, detailed, step by step training this industry has ever witnessed.

The customer satisfaction with this product is very high. Our students are even noticing the TINIEST details we’ve worked hard to design for a beautiful customer experience.

REASON #2: Your Focus

I’ve noticed over the years that as more training products accumulate in our inventory, students start getting confused as to which one they need.

“Which is relevant?” “Which is obsolete?” “Which is right for me?”

The piecemeal approach is nice for me–allows me to create small easy-to-create, valuable products, frequently, and make a decent profit each time i release one.

But to be quite honest, i think this is the LAST thing the industry needs.

There’s plenty of partial solutions out there to buy.

You get one bit of the puzzle, you get another bit of the puzzle, but then there’s no cohesive connection between the pieces. So students have a lot of scattered knowledge on lots of different things without being able to apply that knowledge in an effective and profitable way in their business.

Every new product we create has to assume the student does not have any prerequisite knowledge, even though 80% of students actually know quite a bit already.

So i decided to put an end to that with the Super Traffic Machine. It’s EVERYTHING you need to know, about setting up your traffic from concept to profit. All in one resource.

Go through the process once, and you’ll never need another training program again.

REASON #3: Video is a crappy medium to
learn from

There’s no “video books” at university. There’s no “video instructions” for IKEA furniture. There’s no “video manuals” for computer software.

It’s always text or print.

Text is easy to reference, search, and scan. Video is NOT.

When you’re learning, you need the instructions you’re following to sit open on your desk in front of you. So you can read one instruction, execute it, read another, execute that.

With video, this is impossible if the instructions go over 3-5 minutes (the ideal length for a demo). Unless you want to keep hitting pause every half a second.

Also, when you’re home-learning, you need to be able to come back and reference the details you miss. With video, you need to seek through hours of instruction to find that ONE thing you kinda half remember–but can’t find.

Plus, video is used by marketing gooroos as a lazy way to fulfill product promises without effort. And i for one think there’s enough “off the cuff” goooroooo-training out there to pollute and destroy an entire jupiter-sized planet. There’s no thought put into that stuff, no planning, no strategy.

You’ll never learn anything if all the instructions you have to go on are over-simplified, garbage that glosses over key instructions or “forgets” to mention them entirely.

I’ve always strived to give all the details in my training products. I assume nothing. But the Super Traffic Machine takes detailed instructions to another level.

It’s completely printed, modularised instructions, very well organised and easy to reference and follow. No detail is left out. Several brains go into constructing every manual.

driven & traffic technology keeps changing!

I can’t tell you how many times a perfectly valid and still effective YaghiLabs training product has been considered by students as “dated” because it showed screenshots from a previous version of the Adwords interface, or GoDaddy or whatever tool we’re demonstrating.

For ME it’s easy to adapt any technique i have to whatever new interface these services come up with.

But for students who didn’t know the technique in the first place–you’re not just having to focus on learning a new technique–you have to also figure out how to do it in the new interface that looks nothing like the video demo.

Unfortunately most of my old products were video, because video is GREAT for step-by-step live demonstration.

But video demos are impossible to modify once recorded. You have to shoot again which is not fun. I can’t realistically do this every time Adwords improves their interface or Facebook or Godaddy or Aweber, etc.

Text, on the other hand, is easy to update.

The Super Traffic Machine is immune to becoming obsolete. New students will always see the exact same thing on their screen as in the manuals. No more confusion.

REASON #5: The One-Off product format
can’t stay current for long

Traffic is a constantly evolving science. There are tools and strategies i use to build landing pages and generate traffic that weren’t available just a few MONTHS ago.

The first traffic training i ever released in ~2006 became obsolete literally two weeks after its release.

It’s silly to sell you guys a new training product every time a new tool comes out. Or every time i experiment with a new method.

“Jim’s Traffic Diary” is the follow-on training beyond the Super Traffic Machine (only available to members who have completed the 8 core modules). It is a way for me to reward loyal customers of the Super Traffic Machine by keeping them updated with the cutting edge latest techniques and tools i use. While assuming they have all the prerequisite knowledge necessary to make use of those advanced techniques and tools.

For example, recently i told a client to STOP split-testing their landing page. Instead, i asked them to install a certain tool that allows me to study their traffic. I returned with just TWO suggestions for their landing page that took them from spending $20/lead to $5/lead. It saved their campaign and stopped them from bleeding money.

i asked myself, could i have released a product dedicated to explaining this “technique”?

No. It’s not a technique at all. It’s a result based on a useful tool which required a fair bit of prior knowledge to even be relevant.

With “Jim’s Traffic Diary” though, i CAN actually share details of this example and help my students fix their landing pages to get more profit from their traffic. Because i can assume they have the right landing page in the first place!


These are some of the most important reasons i have decided to retire all my traffic training products. And it’s why from this point forward, the only way to access what i know about traffic is through the Super Traffic Machine.

And if you noticed my absence from your inbox lately, it’s actually a GOOD pattern of mine. Every time i release a product, i disappear.

Most people who are selling traffic training to you right now spend all their energy and time creating the marketing for their “to be released” product. But when it comes time to deliver the product, they throw together anything, cram it full of filler, and give no importance to the deliverable they sold.

They email you only when they want your money.

This is CRAZY! I believe a business’ time is best spent developing and delivering quality products to solve their customers’ problems BETTER.

Marketing is secondary. Marketing can be (and often is) hired out!

So i take shortcuts and rush my marketing. It still works. Because i count on the quality of my PREVIOUS training to do the selling for me.

I disappear for long stretches because i’m working hard on solving the tough problems for you.

Perhaps i’m the one who’s got it backwards. But hey, at least i get to sleep with a clear conscience for all two hours of my night.

That’s the updates.

if you you’re not yet signed up and enjoying the Super Traffic Machine, you can get more details here:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


Where all the millions really go

We’ve finally ironed out the kinks in the DIY Super Traffic Machine’s delivery and our students have started sending in early feedback.

Before getting into the lesson of the day, I’d like to share with you an email we received from one of our students, which…well, I won’t deny it… pasted a big smile on my face:


“Jim,I can tell that you put your Heart into this training program…Just from reading the “Fast Start” I saw marketing and business with new eyes.

“Here’s what I mean…You mentioned that whenever we finish a task – to look and see how much it would have cost if we were bailed out…Then we will know how valuable our skills are…I have never heard anyone else mention that fact before.

“The way you have everything set up in a logical and methodical order proves that you want all of us to see the big picture (I do)…and connect the dots.

“Some people sell products but they could care less if the buyer “Fails” or “Succeed”…but that’s not how Mr. Jim operates…”Some Final Words” on page 9-10 spoke volumes about who is Jim Yaghi and what he believes.

“Thanks for sharing your vast knowledge and deep spirit with us.”–William, GA.


Thank you William, very kind of you!

William mentions something that has been on my mind more lately as I make the final edits in the 2nd module of the Super Traffic Machine.

See, at YaghiLabs, we believe in the self-reliance of the online entrepreneur.

No business is an island, of course, but to have complete control over the direction of your business, to be captain of the ship, steering the big decisions–it requires that you stand on your own two feet, make calculated decisions, and TRUST your decisions without letting anyone else captain your ship.

The way we help you gain self-reliance in your business, is first, of course, with empowerment. How else would you be able to make decisions you can trust if you don’t know right and wrong?

But more specifically, we show you how to launch your business and generate traffic into it…WITHOUT reliance on other business entities.

Plenty of marketing training claims to teach you how to build a list from scratch, but the most effective method they use (whether or not they tell you this in their product is a different story)…their best source of traffic is Joint Venture partnerships and affiliates. FACT!

Meaning, they are not truly self-reliant for their traffic. Their business does not generate its own sales and they cannot make enough money exclusively from their existing list, no matter the size.

When it comes to self-reliance, there are two kinds of people…

Those who are quick to ask for a favour…and those who will do anything to avoid it.

You’ve probably got friends who’ll ask for literally anything. A pick-up from the airport. A loan of a few bucks for lunch (they’ll never return) because they forgot their wallet at home, etc. Those people generally do not value self-reliance. They value quantity of relationships instead.

For that reason, such people maintain a high number of superficial relationships from which they can try as many people as they can until they get a “yes” for the range of favours they inevitably always need.

Self-reliant people, on the other hand, prefer not to ask for a favour if at all possible. Even if it means a great deal of inconvenience for them. Not because anyone actually enjoys hardship, but their thinking is that if they ask for a favour, they must also be equally prepared to return a favour at some later time. Goodness only knows what others will consider to be a fair exchange.

The two personalities are not compatible. And the world is made up more of the dependent type than the independent.

Which is why i realize many of my subscribers will gravitate to the first type of personality. I mean, why not ask for a favour if you have friends willing to give it and you’re prepared to give favours in return? That’s fine.

But I am generally not one of those people.

I am very independent and I enjoy the freedom that gives me to do things MY way. To be my own master and not have to answer to anyone.

As simple an example as an airport drop-off, I believe that if you take a cab you can ensure you are not sitting around waiting until 15 mins before the gate closes when your friend decides to show up to take you. You can’t really complain to a friend who’s doing you a favour, even if they do it poorly.

Similarly, many entrepreneurs, when they don’t know how to get traffic and sales themselves (or are not willing to do it in-house), are rather clever at convincing others to do the job for them.

But I don’t envy them.

For example, most Affiliate System Owners and product publishers, before they release a new product, will sit down and list the names and contact details of EVERYONE they can think of who might promote.

This is done BEFORE the product even exists.

Who can they call on to do them this favour? Who owes them?

The success of their launch depends on whether or not they can get the right backing. They will spend an infinite amount of time getting in touch with people and see who’ll help out.

Time they should be spending developing a valuable product that serves their key audience.

Now this model of traffic generation, while it could be efficient at times, it’s a real distraction from actually building your brand. You have to make compromises on your launch date so it suits high-value promoters, make special concessions in your launch strategy or promotional materials so it suits the promoter’s list, and be prepared to reciprocate the favour on any date they have to launch something–even if you’re in the middle of one of your own major promotions.

Worse yet, if you don’t know how to create those high value relationships (especially if you have little to offer today), you’re out of luck.

How do I know?

Because I’ve worked in partnership with these kinds of entrepreneurs in the past, and for a time I even built my business this way.

But I did NOT enjoy it.

And I can tell you what happens in these fabulous launches. For all the hype and exposure surrounding a well-promoted, multi-partner launch…very little money is made.

Promotion partners fall through.

And although they’ll advertise that they sold 2 million dollars of product. But come time to pay out the promotional partners, affiliates, and contest prizes, they’re lucky if they take home 500,000.

That’s a lot of sales and customers to have to support–while only benefiting from less than 25% of your customers.

Consider, on the other hand, what a typical product launch looks like at YaghiLabs.

We isolate a problem of our current audience that we know intimately. We decide a solution. We spend most of our time creating the solution. Then we launch on the exact date and in the exact fashion we want, without taking anyone else–or anyone else’s list–into consideration.

When the launch is over we keep most of the revenue as profit.

Fact is, promotional partners are FAR more expensive and higher to maintain than generating sales in-house.

This is the philosophy that drives the DIY Super Traffic Machine. We want to help our students become self-reliant affiliates. Not dependent on a system or a specific affiliate product or the marketing and sales material of some vendor they promote.

Frankly, if you’re not a self-reliant personality who values independence, you’re not going to love the Super Traffic Machine. You’ll think it’s a lot of unnecessary effort.

But if you enjoy your independence and want to be captain of your own ship…and you see the value in being able to sell what you want, when you want, on your own terms…

Then the Super Traffic Machine is a perfect, rare, one-of-a-kind product, designed for your personality.

Order your Super Traffic DIY Kit here:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

…and join the rest of our students who are at this very moment planning out a total internet domination with their affiliate brand.


9,000 leads w/ No Ad budget

I’ve met many marketers who think they’re gonna do a bit of “free traffic” until they make some money…

THEN they will start paid advertising.

Problem is they never make any money, and consequently, they also never start any kind of paid traffic. Which perpetuates the problem further, because without traffic to set the thing off, they make no money.

In this week’s episode of the Don’t Be Stupid show, we explore people’s stupid ideas about “being” and “doing”. And I tell the story of how I went from having no money, to generating 9,000 leads and a $2,000 ad budget just 2 months later…to becoming the industry’s top paid traffic expert.

You’ll learn how anyone can afford traffic, even if they’re totally broke.

Plenty more in the 9th episode of the Don’t Be Stupid Show. Listen to it free here…

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

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Because you’ll get to hear next week’s episode always a week in advance!


The UNBEATABLE Headline!

This week’s episode of the Don’t Be Stupid Show is a bit different.

We take our listeners “backstage”, behind the scenes of the show’s production as we develop a “Time Continuum” call to action for iTunes.

If you’ve been living under a rock (or you just haven’t had a chance to grab our Traffic Inventions PDF), Time Continuum is a very special, powerful strategy for creating headlines that convert cold traffic.

They’re great at continuing the conversation started by a PPC ad.

Using a linguistic tricks with tense we’re able to put the prospect in a place where they have no choice but to trust you. Even if they don’t know you.

These headlines have been put up against ALL kinds of tests and they keep outperforming pretty much everything.

You can listen to the entire process (and learn a cool iTunes podcast ranking trick from Jonathan) in the 8th episode of the Don’t Be Stupid Show.

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Does A HOOKER Have More Leverage Than a Consultant?

In this week’s episode of the Don’t Be Stupid Show…

We talk about computer manufacturer DELL who started with $1,000 capital in 1984. And by 1992 was one of the largest companies in the world.

Their secret?


I’ve seen a fair share of online businesses, and a really popular habit of the industry is to sell consultations. This is a TERRIBLE way to build a business.

There’s no leverage.

In fact, Jonathan argues that selling his time in consultations makes him feel like a hooker–no matter how much it earns. I argue that a hooker has more leverage (and scale) than a consultant.

On a more serious note…

We explore the advantages and methods of focusing on scale in a consultation business…and in a transcription service, as examples.

If you want to learn to build your business for scale…

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