It’s a Crime You’re Not Making Money Yet

Another exhausting weekend for me.

Yes, i’m aware it’s Wednesday and the weekend is 3 days ago. But that’s how long i take to recover from a mastermind. Gosh, those things take a lot out of me. I especially hate the 9 am starts–they’re the worst. I haven’t needed to wake up that early since i turned my back on academia.

ChrisGoodness knows, though, i do enjoy masterminds. Those live little interactions with humanity are a breath of fresh air from the whole marketing machine back here.

Couple of weeks ago, i got spooked while i wrote some copy for a client and experimented with a NLP / subliminal mind trick i came up with.

The copy was WICKED.

Seriously, you would be scared if you just realised you had that kind of power with your words. I was torn whether or not i should submit it.

I carried the thing around in my mind for a while. Just went about my daily business…but it was always back there nagging at me. I’d realised it wasn’t about this ONE bit of copywriting. It was about the whole business you and i are in.

Anyone who systematically makes an effort to perfect the art of influencing people to give up things dear to them in exchange for something else…

….well, it’s a powerful weapon, and YOU’re asking to hold it!

To what extent is it fair to “influence” someone to fill out an email contact form so you can try and sell them stuff?

I didn’t know what the limits were and wondered if…

the entire industry is evil

I ran to my mum online and IM’d her for a talk. God bless her, she gave it a bit of thought. Asked me questions to clarify if i was actually doing something horrible…or being paranoid. Then she assured me that i just have a wonderful gift.

The ability to communicate, in writing, the ideas i believe in.

Half-convinced, i went away. And two days later, i meet Chris.

Chris is this cool guy.

Came through a referral from another client of ours. Has the craziest survival story i ever heard. Get this…

ChrisA newly-married soldier, sent to Iraq, returned with holes down one side and paralysed from the waist down.

For two years he lay on the couch, trying to recover. Instead of just bum about, which is what i probably woulda done…no, he starts a laptop repair business from home and advertises it online.

What stuck with me days after he finished the story was how he had a rolling toolbox he’d roll from his position on the couch over to him. And he’d undo laptop screws while leaning on his elbow…still lying on the couch.

Dude. Dude!

You’re killin me. My jaw was on the ground. I was gobsmacked listening to this crazy story.

It turns out, Chris wants to hire us to do some sort of “business opportunity” selling funnel.

“Chris, What are you good at?” I ask.

“I dunno. Copywritin’ “, came back in his south carolina accent.

Not exactly what i was looking for. You see, when i start out with any client, i find the easiest ones to help are those who start a business based on a “good idea” and they really wanna sell it.

It’s so easy to just throw together an online campaign based on their story and voila. Leads, customers, sales, money. It’s easy.

But a lot of people looking for advertising and marketing advice online…they do affiliate marketing, network marketing, and there’s others who are actually employees looking for leads to meet minimum quotas for their bosses.

So for those people, the online thing is more like a job. It’s meant to make money and it doesn’t matter what you sell.

Which means, most of them are actually just plain simply BORED and unhappy with their business. And that’s not fun.

No wonder they never get good at it or stay around long enough to see a payoff for their brief stint “in business”.

I found out tho anyone who sells a product that isn’t interesting to them, should instead identify their own marketing personality. That personality would be based on what they like doing and what they’re good at. Now working on their business means creatively building their own image layer by layer in a way that helps them sell their primary product or service.

This way they have a reason to be passionate about their business. They have more fun running it, and they treat it like it’s “their baby”…the same way as people who do start a business on a good idea.

I Had a Clue…

Anyway, so as the conversation with Chris went on, I had a clue. I watched him over the weekend to see if i was onto something.

And about the second day in, it hit me… OMG.

This guy is an EXPERT blogger–his posts were re-tweeted and shared all over the internet by opportunity buyers. Every article he posted was riddled with loyal fans responding in comments.

And his marketing blog was full of these incredible stories about his army life creatively tied back to business lessons…which appeal to exactly the people he was selling to.

He even showed me some devlish little tricks…simple things but so smart…which he used to attract MORE readers to his blog using facebook and niche social sites.

I said to him, i said, Chris, there is no reason why you shouldn’t already be making a lot of money right now.

We looked over his business. And it was obvious that all he needed was a means to amp up the traffic.

So I whipped out a chair, sat him next to me, and i built out a giant keyword list and a few ad ideas and switched it on.

Now Chris flew back home to focus on his blogging. He’s not distracted by the boring bits of his business. And I partnered up with him on a new product idea he had.

In the end, i felt good.

Because I realised, i don’t influence people to give up things they value. I give back a thing equally dear to me…it’s my experience. My experience is MY story…i’ve paid for it with my own struggles and emotional ups and downs, my failures, mistakes and everything they cost, and my relationships that i strained with friends and family.

All I do is…initiate a fair exchange.

Hey, if you like to arrange a conversation about your online personality while I take care of your traffic, i’m doing this for a short test run.

Charcoal n’ Canvas: Pencil Sketches Of Your Future

this is the last place i'd have expected to be...

I never thought of myself as one of those old guys who’d talk about art like it’s the most interesting subject in the world. but, still, art intrigues me.

always has.

When i was a boy, i was under the misguided notion that i need to learn to draw very well to be happy in life.

i learned mostly from books. Public library had a great art section. I was there Thursday. And on saturday mornings, i was an artist. With charcoals and paint.

Regardless if i worked on paper, canvas, or clay…it seemed that there was always a pattern in how an artist creates.

And strangely enough, i recently found out that entrepreneurs who build a business from scratch use the same ‘artist’ pattern!

the first time i fell in love with charcoal, i had just learned about caricature. i would have been about 8 then. And none of it made sense to me.

But i found out i loved to draw faces.

a caricature like this one exaggerates the essence of a person or thing to create an easily identifiable visual likeness

i spent a lot of time creating life-like sketches of my family and friends. And if you search my house today, you’d find a few rare “light and shade” sketches of Michael Jackson, made by yours truly.

After years practicing the craft,

do you know what i found to be the hardest thing to draw in my portraits?

this thing would make or break a masterpiece. if i got it right, the rest of the portrait would look flawless. Life-like. Get it wrong and i may as well have drawn a caricature.

do you know what it is?

it’s the outline of the face. You gotta get the size and proportions just right. And it’s really the basis of the entire work.

but it wasn’t just creating the right shaped oval that’s hard…it’s drawing a clean curve…by hand.

Now if you’ve ever done any pencil or charcoal sketching before, you’ll know that nobody’s hand is steady enough to get the face shape perfect the first go.

so i learned this technique…

the pencil sketch is always full of "tries" that are later covered up

i’d start out by drawing anything resembling an oval with a light and brisk stroke of the charcoal. Then i’d go over it again.

This motion with each complete turn, became like a motor, just started.

as soon as i was rolling, i didn’t want to stop, for fear of disrupting the pattern.

So if i needed to idle, i’d just go around and around the old strokes.

Well if you look carefully, as i move my hand around that page, you’d see multiple tracks of charcoal on the canvas…side-by-side…so precisely spaced that they’re almost parallel to one another.

But each track, resembles one (failed) try from the artist’s hand.

And it appears with every stroke to somehow move the center of the oval. this way or that.

My hand would gain momentum and build speed as i… pushed, squashed, and contorted my trail of charcoal. i’d perfect and shape. Imitate the bulges created by the contours of the live face’s bones.

Eventually, when it was just right, and my hand was still in motion around the page…

i’d just subconsciously repeat the previous shape…the perfected contour i’d just drawn. And as its edges darken, little by little i’d pull from the canvas the portrait’s face.

As if it were always there, in the depths of the page.

Though i haven’t sketched in a very long time, my memories of it are vivid. And it ocurred to me that when i build a business online, i do it like i’m creating a piece of art…

most clients and students i’ve worked with, they don’t target their best prospect. in fact most of them don’t know who their target is at all. And they focus all their energy on perfecting a squiggly business.

The first stroke when starting a business is to identify whose needs you’re trying to solve.

In the spirit of broad strokes, i usually just take an educated guess at a very general audience who would most likely buy the product i’m advertising.

For example, i recently took on a project for a client who sells lead generation training to home business owners. When i noticed that much of the vocabulary used in their newsletters and products was geared toward network marketers…i didn’t want to have to rewrite everything, so i came up with a solution.

I knew the best prospects were network marketers, not home business owners. Sure the training could be used for anyone with a home business, but the vocabulary in both the existing marketing and products would potentially alienate the people who did not identify themselves as network marketers.

So to sell this product, i needed to advertise and attract people who:

  1. understand the network marketing vocabulary
  2. and want to solve a problem of getting leads.

I could have defined my prospect this way. But i didn’t. It’s far too specific and there is only a small pool of people who are searching specifically for my client’s solution.

Instead, i decided to split my criteria. My ideal prospect had to be searching for something that indicates a current interest in network marketing. So the tell-tale signs i’m looking for are words and phrases that may show they’ve:

  1. done network marketing in the past,
  2. been approached/educated about network marketing by a friend
  3. they’re doing network marketing right now
  4. or they’re seriously considering starting a network marketing business

i believed that as long as i was speaking with an audience represented by one of the above, they would at least be able to understand and identify with the network marketing jargon in the promotion material.

So in the worst case, i should still be able to make a few sales of my client’s lead generation solution as long as i’m talking to this broad group of people.

Another “broad” stroke.

Remember, we’re selling to people, not machines. And people search for their problem in different ways. Not all of them are saying “i need leads” and “i want money”. It’s not always that obvious.

I understand this because i’ve been doing it a long time. So i look for the HUMAN behind the search word. For example, here are a few keywords i decided to include in my client’s campaign…and more importantly, the reason why:

mlm ANYTHING => the use of abbreviation usually indicate this person has done mlm before

new mlm => the use of the word “new” shows they had done “old” mlm in the past

online network marketing => they’ve tried/know about regular network marketing, they want to know about the “online” one now…why?”

In the same way, i used this quick test to decide which keywords to EXCLUDE even tho they were seemingly “relevant”:

work from home => there’s no indication in this search that they want to find information about network marketing style work from home or something else like surveys and ebay.

best home business => they may be trying to get business ideas. home business doesn’t indicate knowledge of network marketing

home business opportunities => this isn’t necessarily a network marketer, they may be looking for other types of business opportunities

You see, each keyword is a clue. each keyword represents an individual’s voice asking for help. And my client’s solution may be what they need. In the next broad stroke, i want to know if this audience needs my client’s solution. Are they interested in generating leads?

This can only be really tested using an ad geared at the audience i chose earlier. You see, wanting leads isn’t necessarily a voiced problem, but almost everyone who does network marketing realises the value of a solution.

I usually run a single ad in response to all of those voices. Now this is NOT good practice in a refined account…because the right way to do it is to have custom ads to custom landing pages for each keyword. But that’s not something i could do this early on, until i’ve discovered the BASIC shape of the offer my target audience responds to.

This is still a work in progress. We just want to zero into the money. Broad strokes. Remember.

With the ad, i test the entire target audience as a whole. Do they SEEM to like my offer?

Do people click my ad?

mistakes are blurred back into the if the final image was carved out from the depths of the page...
are they opting into my squeeze page?

How long does it take to get a sale?

I continue in this fashion, chiseling away, refining the ad, the landing page, and the email funnel. All the while making money. Until a beautiful, flawless, machine of a business forms before my very eyes.

And the strangest thing happens when the work of art is unveiled.

When the artist finishes his charcoal sketch, it looks perfect. Where are all the mistakes and errors he’d made? They’re not here.

With his finger tips, he blurred them all away. They now form the shade around the cheek, the jaw, and the hair.

Every “mistake” you make while trying will blur away. And what should be left is a money-printing-machine. Mistakes absorbed. Now, a part of it.

Do you understand how to find your target audience? Want me to do your keyword research for you? Read more about it here…

Revenge Of The Nerds — (of PPC)

“How long have you been in business?”

Simple. Yet typical. We’ve all been asked.

But the difference between your answer and the guy next to you is what determines who’ll grow rich beyond imagination. And WHO will stay broke with only pangs of hunger in their stomach.

Andreas Pauli & (Hopefully) His Wife

I met this dude back in 2005. Or was it ’06? God remembers…


Kind of a strange name, but not so…uncommon that i’d just remember it.

Swear i can’t tell you where he came from, what he did or anything else about him. I just remember the guy. I “generated him”…as a lead back when I would give out personal contact info in autoresponders.

We had a few conversations.

He asked about PPC. I walk-thru with him his account. Suggested a keyword. Or offered some insight to ads.

That was then.

In time, i changed how i built my relationship with my list. And I became waaaaayy too famous to give everyone personal attention like that. Ha!

Anyway, one day, back when i was JUST starting to get known in the market…i wanted to update the address for where my adsense cheques went.

But there was a problem.

The AdSense interface was in another language. Google wouldn’t switch me back to English. And it wasn’t till many months later that mr. genius computer me figured it out.

Only to discover I was in someone else’s account.

Andreas Pauli. Daggers.

Some weird and total freak of nature GLITCH in Google had merged my account with his…somehow. And i didn’t have an adsense account any more. Never bothered with it again.

You can bet your mule i didn’t forget this Andreas guy.

Anyway, so i saw him on Facebook chat today and had a fun little talk with him. I answered more PPC questions, after all, by this point, he isn’t just a student he’s an old friend.

He tells me that for the past few years he’s been using PPC, with many of the techniques i showed him way back when. Still found them relevant and useful. And has now paid off all the debt he and his wife racked up in “business adventures”.

All with online profits.

Wow. Cool!

I’m happy, he’s happy.

We got to talking about old times. This. That. How far we’ve both come since. Why i’m still more awesome than him. Made fun of some other marketers….

And then i made a wisecrack about SEO. Otherwise known as search engine optimisation.

Thing is, i consider myself a PPC guy. And PPC guys have a friendly rivlary with SEO guys. Each thinks they have the better way to generate leads.

PPC-girls and -boys pay to advertise on search engines.

SEO people try to show their junk high up in the results of a user’s search. 😛 It’s free to be listed there. Yaay! And the clever and oh so CREATIVE people at Planet SEO are always selling the obvious…that SEO equals “free” traffic.

On the other hand, PPC means “PAYyyyyyyyyyyyy”-per-click. You see what i mean? How do you sell that? The name is enough to turn people off. And yet I’ve managed to sexy it up and sell lots of training on it.

Fact is, PPC is more suitable to entrepreneurs just starting out. They have very limited skills and nowhere near enough money to ACTUALLY do SEO.

Oh yes, SEO costs money too


Back to the story at hand…

Andreas didn’t seem to be clued in on the rivlary. He was a little taken aback–

“Dude,” I said. “Everyone knows that you do SEO if you got an actual BUSINESS business.. And most of the people i train don’t have a that yet.”

Why Jim, whatever do you mean by “a BUSINESS business”?

Well, ya know, like a company with employees and managers of employees. A business with its OWN product that’s not an affiliate one. A company which has already put in place a way to get buyers who create cashflow in the business.

Cashflow necessary to AFFORD to do SEO, for reaaaalziiiies.

Because a single business owner, on his or her own, cannot bring BIG traffic using SEO.

Look around. Who do you know who is a one-“man”-operation, whose only traffic strategy is SEO, and actually gets more than a handful of leads a day?

Few, if any. Because when trying to get this “FREE” traffic, you’re having to “PAY” employees: article writers, content creators, back-link creators.

Unless you wanna do that bullshit manual labour yourself. Good luck.

You’d have no leverage. You end up trading your time to save a few hundred bucks on employees, get few leads, then push them through an inefficient funnel that won’t sell a thaaang.

By the time you’ve made a sale,

you’re already up to your ass in debt.

by the time you've made a sale with SEO, you're up to your ass in debt

And whatever money you make goes right back out without even increasing your efficiency.

To me, it’s like some kid running around on his little legs trying to gather sticks from different places. And they pick up these prospects and bring them back to their site, one by one.

Look at what they have to do:

Write articles, make blog posts, and create videos. Do you know how much work goes into creating GOOD content? It takes me 1-3 full days to write one decent blog post. It takes all day for me to script a video, shoot it, and edit it.

Granted their content is usually the litter of the internet stuffed unrecognisable with keywords. But still, aaaaaall this work … For what? One or two more leads to their site?

Good effort kiddo. Now go play with the other little boys.

SEO is a GREAT way to amplify something that works. In THAT scenario, you have the money coming in from your business that you can pay for SEO to be done on a mass scale…The leads convert to customers, because you’ve already tested your sales process. And you have TONS more money to put back into your business.

What, then, is the better way to build your business from a one-man-operation to the “company” you need to be to receive the fruits of SEO?

Use PPC first.

Even the SEO experts, the HONEST ones at least, will tell you that PPC is how they test their funnel and traffic.

After all, managing a PPC campaign is a one-man job. One person can generate HUNDREDS of leads EVERY day very quickly with relative ease.

Nothing shits me more than that buuuuuuullshit social media training craze. That is so lame. What is this crap, adding friends? WHO THE FROG HAS TIME FOR THAT?

Just don’t get me started. Don’t get me started.

The bullshit people do for 5 or 10 leads a day…fuck. Give me ONE hour and i’ll have a campaign bringing 10 leads every day for $10. Forever.

Any intelligent BUSINESS person, who finds themselves in a tight cashflow spot, will value the immediacy of cashflow from PPC. They rather spend a few bucks up front than invest in a long-term investment that may or may not pay off SOME DAY. Meanwhile they’re twiddling their thumbs waiting for traffic to hit.

Besides that, PPC is easy.

No Employees, Little Time, and 6th Grade English

Never have I seen such a simple and cheap way to start a business. It requires NO employees, very little time, and not more than 6th grade English.

You don’t have to be creative or an amazing writer or entertainer, because you don’t need content. No videos. No articles. No blog posts.

An ad of 20 words. I can’t fucking fit copywriting in there if i wanted to.

It does NOT require web designers, programmers, or any technical skill beyond the PPC interface.

It needs just one person.


With your computer, and the ability to make someone want to click your ad using 6th grade English.

“Hold up. Hold up. Jim. Wtf dude, don’t you need a website to drive the clicks to?”

Yeah. Sure, a basic squeeze page. And if even that’s a technical challenge, just use Jim’s Landing Page Generator 😉 Instant squeeze pages in seconds.

Even a girl or guy with $5 to their name can start doing PPC right this second. Turn it on. And see traffic in 15 minutes.

You’ll know in 15 minutes if people give a boot about your product or not.

But $5 seriously? I should call my next course 15 Minutes to Traffic.

Look at me. I started doing PPC with a $50 monthly budget. It took 2 and a half months to make enough cashflow to start spending $2,000 on ads. And don’t you dare say that’s because it was 4 years ago.

I start a new profitable campaign for someone with a $5 daily budget, every day.

That’s $150 bucks a month. Ok.

so SUE ME dude.

In four years, it went from 50 to 150.

And if you ask me, i rather skip the morning starbucks fix and invest that money in something that brings an immediate response (such as PPC)…than waste time carrying prospects back to my site with articles and content and “social media” and videos. Yeah, i friggin LOVE PPC, for damn good reason.

Andreas, being a smart guy immediately saw the value of PPC, back when we met.

“It gives IMMEDIATE traffic,” he told me.

You write an ad, hit go, and in about 15 mins people start seeing you.

PPC makes BUSINESS sense.

I asked Andreas the question i asked you in the beginning…how long have you been in business?

He said,

“I’ve always been a businessman, just with a temporary job.”

And that’s what the people who successfully build business ALWAYS say.

I leave you with that thought.

If you’re a REAL business owner who’s sick of pretend, then I can help you with PPC on the following page.

“The Kiss Of DEATH for Your Business

Page May Have Missing Text


I was curious. Always wanted to know why this or that works. I had piles of opened toys, gutted of their insides, mechanical, electrical. Anything…and everything was open.

My absolute hungering NEED to “know why”…it was a programmed instinct…engraved on every chromosome of my being.

I just wanted to know why things worked

I remember the first time i discovered chat on the internet. I was happy. I bounced off walls with a stupid smile on my face.

One day, I could be speaking with a university student of medicine continents away. Another day, I could be asking questions of the Apple mac lover community…so scarce in those days.

Chat opened WORLDS to me.

From my father’s computer lab at his Malaysian office…all the way to people from Canada, Australia, the world. There was something so “Matrix-ly” adventurous about it all.

You’d have a hard time imagining that sort of excitement if you were of the younger generation. They take for granted this new way to communicate.

Of course, the technology in those days wasn’t as good as now. The most popular chat systems were basic…lines of text on a black screen like Instant Relay Chat (IRC). And what was really in those days was, “Web Chat”–

A basic webpage showing the last 10 lines of past conversation…It refreshed itself automatically every few seconds to show any new posts.

I remember looking at how my favourite webchat behaved, like Luke Skywalker might have looked at a robot and just knew instinctively how to re-engineer it… A bubble popped above my head, i snapped my fingers,

–“Why Golly, I bet i could build something JUST like that!”

IAnd so i did.

Ducked out in my little “Dexter’s Lab”, I programmed the shit out of it.

The end result was beautiful. I gave for free the features chatters were used to paying for. Such simple things as being able to chat in colour was usually something only an “operator” could do with a paid monthly membership.

I still had a paid membership program. But I made their features so cool. They weren’t available anywhere else. Like, for example, I integrated chat with mobile phones and instant messengers. Come to think of it,

I may have been the inventor of the world’s FIRST Instant-Messenger…

Even at 16 years old, I knew what a $37 a month fee from hundreds of members would add up to.

I programmed the “shopping cart” with my own bare hands. Merchant solutions were rugged and raw in those days…they didn’t do much. So I coded automatic billing, expiring unpaid accounts, and upgrading existing ones.

My upgrade packages were IRRESISTIBLE. I knew what to do to get more money from existing customers.

When it was all done, i unleashed it.

My old chat community were my website’s earliest guests. They arrived in flocks and told their friends. They had loads of fun.

So how did free leads KILL my business?

Well, my biggest challenge was getting traffic to my website. And I made a fundamental mistake that I see so many marketers make now. Perhaps you’ve been making the same one.

See, I noticed that when I advertised, I had no problem getting people to login to the chat. But they’d almost immediately leave.

I needed my chat to have chatters at all times if i hoped to keep new guests. So that when someone responded to an ad about the chat, they’d arrive and see that the site was busy and full of potential new friends.

So I cheated.

Don’t give me that look of disapproval. I was 16.

I programmed a set of random nicknames as fake users. So that if someone tried to see who was online, they’d see a hundred people or whatever. I even went so far as to create simple “bots” that would automatically respond to common phrases like “hello”, “how are you”, and

“What’s your bra size?”

I didn't care what traffic i got, even if it was people looking for naughty things
When that didn’t work, I tried to get listed in some popular search engines–free traffic. I don’t even know if PPC existed back then…It was all about “search engine optimisation” or SEO.

I’d stuff keywords like “sex” and “nude” into the keyword tags and descriptive text. I figured those were the most popular searches people were doing on the internet lol. And they were!

Although you can’t do that so easily any more, I think most marketers these days are doing something similar. And i’m not talking about using the wrong keywords…it’s something far worse.

I eventually sold that community site to an investor for a lot of money. And aside from a few maintenance calls, I didn’t hear anything about it again.

Little did i know, that I was learning many lessons in business and that I’d eventually use every one of those lessons.

When I grew up, I came back to online marketing.

Once more, I was faced with the same problem. How do i attract people to my website?

I found myself doing SEO and banner advertising all over again. It brought back memories of my chat.

What’s changed since? I wondered

Aside from how much more difficult it is to get found today with so much brutal competition…not much changed.

People didn’t fall for my fake chatters nor for my sex keyword “optimisation” back in the days. And they weren’t going to buy because of my fake “positioning” strategies where I claim i don’t work with everyone because i’m so awesome and in such high demand. They certainly wouldn’t buy because I managed to get listed #1 in the search.

And forgive me for saying this, but so fucking what if google ranks my webpage as #1 for a search term?

Big whoop. Google thinks i’m relevant. But what does the person who clicked to my website think? What does my potential customer get from clicking my website?

I think when we do this traffic thing, we all get so caught up in making Google like us, or Facebook to put our ads near the top of everyone’s profile, or for youtube to give us a featured listing…that we forget what this business is all about.


Because ultimately, it’s people we market to.

They ask me all the time,

“Jim, why do you write these long posts, don’t you know the optimum article length is 400 words? Why aren’t you filling out the meta tags and description text? Why don’t you use this plugin or that…”

… and i don’t have a good answer.

I don’t write for the search engine. I write for YOU.

I know if you have a great time reading my posts, you’ll come back voluntarily. You’ll look for the RSS feed on my blog, god knows if it even works, and you’ll wait to be notified of my updates. You’ll always be excited to receive email from me. Even when I’m selling. Even when i’m being an idiotic wanker. Even when i’m fucking up and sending out broken links or misspelled words.

Even when i’m calling you out on your bull.

You know what?

A few people noticed that this blog doesn’t allow people to leave links in their comments. And they’re angry.

Is there some “traffic” reason behind it? Is it because “I don’t want to leak Page Rank”? Do I want to discourage people from leaving comments?

Not at all. I don’t want you to leave a comment to get something in return. And I don’t want to send you OFF my website.

I want you to leave comments because you receive so much value from me. I want you to have fun here and on your own go and tell everyone else what a great time you had.

I want you to devour my website, and read one post after another. I want you to have such an AMAZING educational, entertaining, experience that you’ll voluntarily share stories from me with your friends by email and twitter.

THAT is what motivates me!

And this has been my approach to traffic. Whether I’m doing PPC or blogging. Facebook or Video marketing.

I want my website’s visitors to feel they got value from me worth more than the time or money they gave me.

It’s from this place of servitude that I conduct all my business. It’s why I get traffic and money with ease.

People who haven’t had success advertising their business yet, they usually get buried in learning the mechanics of traffic and sales, that they neglect the very essence of what they’re doing:

And it’s not to create back-links or beat the quality score.

It’s simply to give something valuable, and exchange it for people’s time or money.

In practice, that’s probably harder than it sounds. But if you’re like me and you believe that it’s all about people, not traffic.

Relationships, not sales…

Then let me help you realise your vision for your business. Let me be the person who finally paves you a way to serve your customers so they love you. Let me be the guy in your story about how you made it…

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