Did Google Adwords make
a new keyword Match Type that’s better !?

Could this be a way to get cheaper and better traffic from Google?

My friend Shelley Ellis told me about it. She’s my go-to-gal for all things to do with the Google “Display Network”. And she’s always on top of the coolest, latest, new things Google invent for advertisers! Like this one…

Anyway, here’s the full story, direct from the Google blog (if you rather i don’t spoil it for you):



Do we need a new match type?


People are thrilled with this addition. The original “broad match” type was intended to allow an advertiser to use a single keyword to show their ad on all variations of the search.

Unfortunately, due to what I believe is incorrect use, the broad match got a bad rap. Many marketing experts have gone on the record to say that one should avoid it (although it is the default matching behaviour for new target keywords).

This new match type addresses people’s concern by giving a new level of control. I am sure this will encourage many of the marketers who missed out on the ease of broad match, to venture into “broad match land”.

It works by exactly matching the parts of the query that you specify. And also it “fuzzy” matches the other parts of the same query that you specify.

I love the original broad match.

It has brought me amazing returns.

I’m also glad Google didn’t change how it works in any way. So, if you’ve grown fond of the original broad, like i have, then don’t worry. Nothing changes for us! 🙂

One day, I am sure, I will find a use for this new match type.

But hey, if you’ve started using it already…maybe in the comments section below, you could share with everyone some examples of how you’re using it! Only if you want to though. 😉

PPC Supremacy Coming Soon

NOTE: This product is no longer available.

This just in.

PPC Supremacy will be open for 24-hours ONLY. Expected release date is mid-August.

By now, if you’ve read The Google Switch, you know all about PPC Supremacy.

It’s been over a year in the making. And it’s almost complete and is scheduled for release in mid-August, 2010. We’ve choca-filled it with the LATEST information about every PPC environment there is. Including Google PPC, YouTube PPC, Facebook PPC, Twitter PPT (yep, we invented it!), Yahoo, Bing, and Google Display Network!

Lots of people have wrote in to tell me they’re frothing at the mouth for the soon-to-be-released PPC videos.

The good news is that we’ve decided to include SIX instead of four training videos leading up to the launch. So plenty of cool free learning you can apply right away. Subscribe to my free training newsletter to be notified of major updates.

No Excuses Summit: What Happened?

I’m sorry I can’t tell you.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. You know this already.

We had a total blast. No one got any sleep. Ran around with some of our friends and subscribers we met for the first time. As you can tell, many photos were taken.

David Schwind and I, being competitive as we are…pulled out some stage magic. Had to scramble quite a bit to get things done. Many of our close friends, partners, fans, and students really pulled through for us to get everything organised in time.

Got wind that some people were offended during our presentation. And they left in a huff out the back door. My guess is that those were the people who had the most traffic. Lots of traffic.

(Our presentation started with stats from the previous 3 days with 2000+ confirmed-opt-in leads two days in a row)

The video editors were given instructions to censor our speech. Needless to say, we were disappointed. And unless you were IN Vegas with us, you’re never going to really know what happened. And i wish i could tell you, i do. Hopefully the photos above will make you feel a bit better if you didn’t come hang out with us.


Website Update

Pretty pleased with the new look of the website, right?

I was sick and tired of how messy and unfunctional the old theme was. So being the nerd I am, I drew this up completely in Photoshop.

As you can see, i stuck with a lot of the old elements. That’s because certain things on the site WORK and i didn’t want to lose those. Also, I wanted to retain a core consistency and recognizability.

Photoshop has a great slicing feature. I used that and then loaded the Photoshop file in Adobe Image Ready which produced all the funky HTML codes for me. All that was left then was to translate it into a blog theme.

I’ve messed around with WordPress themes before. You know, hacked them up to do certain things I wanted. But this is the first time i built an entire theme from scratch. It took about 3 weeks between drawing, cutting, and programming it.

I also created several new widgets (for the first time):

1. The “Spotlight” (pretty cool how it scrolls, right? i did that! me!)
2. The most popular, most recent, and “relevant posts” widgets with the cool thumbnail icons.

The theme also has i dunno about 8 different sidebars. Yeah, this thing was intense.

Hope you enjoy the site and find things more easily than before. Forgive any bugs and holes meanwhile until I’ve ironed them all out!

Best Things In Life Are Free?

i laugh at the idea of “free” traffic. because there is no such thing.

See, i’ve done the “free” thing and i know. What do you think is free?

Article marketing.

I beg you go look at my Betternetworker profile and try to find a pattern between the articles that did well and the ones that didn’t. I’ve written over 1000 articles since i got into online marketing. And i found that when you want to make money, you’re going to have to spend a little too.

Don’t worry, i plan to explain this to you.

Have you noticed that some of my recent posts have included images at the very start of the post?

It would seem like just a way to make the post look pretty. But really, it’s a second chance to get someone to read the rest of the post.

When precisely placed, the image will catch the eye first. And the text before and after it will make them curious to read more.

Not only that. When you share your post, in Facebook, you can choose that image as a way to catch people’s eyes on your Facebook wall!

Perhaps those two things were obvious to you, now that i point them out.

But now you’re saying, so what, I can get free pictures to put on my posts. done. right?

Not really. You see, i have experimented with different pictures and photos on my articles. But there’s a certain type of image that can make or break the article.

Unless you are an artist or a photographer, you should use a service like istockphoto.com to get pictures to use in your posts. Do not copy other people’s stuff because it is illegal and will get you sent to jail. You can buy “royalties” to the pictures and photos others make at the iStockphoto website.

The price for a license can range from 1 credit (about $1.50 i believe) to as much as $45.

Usually photographs cost the least. Drawings tend to cost more because they are editable and very high resolution.

So guess which images people respond best to in an article post?

You guessed it. The high resolution drawings.

For the life of me, i don’t know why but this is how it is. And every time i have spent the $40 to have a high res drawing placed inside the body of my article…the article received a lot of views, comments, and interactions.

Free traffic makes a great marketing pitch. But the reality is, that’s all it is.

A Journey Above the Pit

Split testing is stupid.

if a thing can’t sell on its own merits, then short of telling an outright lie, “split testing” sure won’t sell it.

this is a parasite 😛

i’m sure i just pissed off a handful of split-testing advocates, but let ’em piss off because at this point, they’re beyond saving.

the state of the marketing industry is horrible. get up here, take a look at it with me.

It’s carnage. Look at them, at the outskirts…poor little guys don’t know what’s waiting for them on the inside.

Someone just a little inside the fence, on the “tempting” side does a little dance. He offers them a chance to get rich quick.

One takes a bite. Watch.

Inside, there are predators, scavengers, and parasites. Everyone here is prey to the other. Big guy, eats little guy, slightly bigger guy, eats slightly smaller guy.

Every man, woman, and child fends for themselves.

If you offer temptation, someone is bound to come sniffing.

When did “Get Rich Quick” stop being tempting?

I wonder then, when did “get rich quick” stop being desireable? Does it make any sense that more than 50% of the people with Home Businesses haven’t yet made their first sale?

It’s weird. Everyone wants to get rich quick. It has to be easier to sell this “biz op” and “info” products about money-makin’.

See that guy over there? And that one?

Yeah. Those really big ones.

Don’t be scared.

You’re safe here.

That, my friend, is a parasite.

He feeds off people, by telling them…

…The Sham of the Split-Test.

Now, split-testing is alright, and i do lots of it. But i’ve been fortunate to work only with people like Mike Dillard, Ben Settle, David Schwind, and “Doberman Dan”…all guys who know how to make things that people want to buy.

Regardless of the exact method of marketing. Regardless of how good or poor the traffic sent to them is.

But i’ve also sent traffic to affiliate products from Clickbank or Neverblue. And the first thing I tested for was if i could get a sale within a couple hundred bucks of spending. There’s no point split-testing to “improve” response to something that isn’t naturally interesting to anyone.

How Parasites Feed

See, the thing about the split-test, is that some people use it as a scapegoat. A way to put the ball in the victim’s court. An excuse for why their instructions aren’t working as quickly or easily as they promise.

Here’s how parasites execute this:

They tell their victims,

“look at me, i know how to get rich quick. i’ll show you exactly how”.

Victims approach promptly.

The parasite rattles off some basic and intuitive instruction.

But, quickly. Quickly, rapidly, and ever so quietly…he whispers a tiny disclaimer: “you need to split-test and optimise till it works”.

Oh? That’s interesting. Hm doesn’t sound very quick if there’s some guess work in it. But anyway, look into the pit.

Look how the parasites pick up little fat guys and show-case them to the audience who gather around them.

What’s this?

A testimonial. The crowd of unknowing victims cheer.

The parasite beats his chest and he claims all the credit. Others flock to him.

Half Eaten, Betrayed.

Meanwhile, he kicks aside a little guy whose half eaten head dangles from his lifeless corpse. That’s what happens. This poor eaten soul is the one who believed in the split-test.

It’s what kept him coming back for more.

Split-testing is stupid.

Not all of it, of course. Split-testing something that works is smart.

But what makes a thing sell is its sheer temptation. The very things forbidden in many religions and frowned upon in many cultures. Those are the things that have to do with a person’s desire:

Food, power, sex, and money.

They also happen to be the easiest things to tempt another human with.

“Get Rich Quick” appeals to human temptation & should sell easily.

It’s really easy to figure out where the break down, why so many people haven’t made any or many sales yet. By understanding this, i hope we can together help fix it.

Suppose someone tempts a little guy to buy a “bizop” which is basically a money-making-idea. Apparently, the offer was good enough for the little guy to buy it…surely it would tempt another person, and another, and another. Assuming all things equal, of course.

So let’s move on. The problem is not the idea…it has intrinsic appeal to a human desire.

Let’s turn then, to the systems they’re using to sell these ideas. Most people starting out online are using affiliate systems, bizop systems, etc. Are they, perhaps, making the idea of “getting rich quick” less tempting?

It would seem, no.

Systems are sold as a solution for people starting out. It gives them a simple starting point that apparently makes “getting rich” something they can start doing “quick”. Is that tempting?

Yes. All the proof we need is that the system has sold at least one account.

So let’s move on. If the problem is neither with the idea nor with the system. What’s left?

The marketer. The little guy. Right?

The “little guy’s” short-coming? NO!

Many will be quick to blame the little guy because he didn’t stick it out long enough. Because he didn’t work hard. Because he just hadn’t bought enough courses to learn to market properly.

My question, as we look into that desperate PIT…my question to you is, why do billion dollar companies not have these elaborately tested and split-tested ad campaigns? Why do we let the parasites laugh and mock their ads while they sell us their useless “info” products?

Think about McDonalds…do they have some elaborate direct response campaign with carefully split-tested and crafted ads?

No. They sell with brand awareness. “Hey, by the way, we sell food here,” they say.

Countless millions of people around the world visit mcdonalds and are upsold into drinks, sauces, and fries without any major effort. Their agents are not expert salesmen and women either.

How come then, when the product of one business is a desire. And the product of the other is a desire, why must anyone “optimise” to make their first sale?

Friendship in the Pit

Is it because, maybe, the little guy’s “friendship” is not tempting?

I don’t know…

If i was starting out today, the idea of a helping hand, a friend to guide me in that pit below…honestly, it might be a mistake, but I would take my chances with that guy….just so i’m not alone.

Most people starting out are SCARED.

I expect they too will take the first offer of help from an honest looking face.

People who haven’t made a single sale in this business. They’re imitating that parasite down there. You see him feeding? Or that one there. Only the parasites feed.

The rest want to be someone they’re not. And many of them are unwittingly modeling deception—but unfortunately, they don’t do a good job of that either.

In fact, they model others so long, and talk the big talk they can’t back up…that …

…Their face just doesn’t look honest any more.

All the split-testing in the world can’t sell that.


Walk back with me. Back to the pit. Friend.

Promise me, you stay true to you. As long as you do, you will always meet many good companions who could use your gentle guidance.

Creating an Army of Customers

you wanna see “armies of customers”?

look at this:

maybe this is the person to learn from?

those little dots going off into the horizon are PEOPLE, crammed together standing like sardines, watching Michael Jackson at his best in the Dangerous tour, 1992.

That’s power.

When i want to study marketing, i look at this guy. Dude. With all due respect to the internet sellers i’ve learned from, i think following only them gives one a very narrow outlook on business. actually, i’ve learned more from observing their mistakes than from listening to what they say.

in any case, i would say there are far richer, more successful, much better marketed businesses out there to learn from.

and Michael Jackson, “Inc” is such a business. I use the present tense, because the business lives on even with the man gone.

his business, sold “attention”

And, believe me, if the guy had one thing down to a science, it was his ability to get attention. His whole life was about it.

By serving up Entertainment, he had power. He got under the radar of people, messed with their emotions, and anchored himself to everything that’s going on in their lives. Love him or hate him, his news was always cause for attention. And it punctuates our memories.

Don’t you remember him in the Pepsi commercials, when he sang Bad? I do. It was in the early 90’s, i think. I was a kid and i went around singing “i’m bad, i’m bad” until my dad told me to stop, because i was “a good kid” and Michael was “a bad man”. You probably have your own memory of what was going on in your life at that time.

i also remember when the news came out that he’d died, i was at Radio Shak buying a HDMI cable in Austin, TX, shortly after having met with Perry Belcher and Ryan Deiss at their Austin headquarters with Mike Dillard.

I want that Super Power.

people paid big money for Michael to endorse their crap. he was better at getting attention than most of the businesses who used him.

So i thought i’m going to write and tell you what i’ve learned from watching Michael Jackson, the business.

I’ve linked to the specific video i took the snapshot from for your convenience: Michael Jackson Dangerous Tour 1992.

Watch as the fans scream before he makes an appearance. Some of them are already passing out and crying from the excitement, the anticipation. He builds it up, and still there is no sign of him.

When finally he appears, i don’t know what they call it…but it’s like a “hurraah”… you know? he jumps out of the ground. And the crowd goes absolutely BONKERS. He holds. and ever so precisely he times these jerking movements as he surveys his crowd. Then finally, he removes his shades and let’s them see his friendly eyes.

How could ANYONE believe this man was in the very process of selling to them?

If i could get people to watch and wait with anticipation for the first words to come out of my mouth….i would sell the bejezus of them. i mean, it is short-sighted, i agree. But WOW.

Don’t you want power like that?

I do!

That’s not all i learned though. As I watch successful businesses, one thing i have noticed is their focus on consistency. I think it’s because they get, like this, the recognition they need to keep growing without ever losing a person after they’ve reached them. Does that make sense?

Think of it like this…suppose you didn’t know me. And this was your first contact with me.

How can i make sure that you will always remember me?

Even if you unsubscribed from my blog and didn’t see me again for 4 years…what can i do to make sure that you will ALWAYS remember me?

Being consistent, yet unique, allows you to recognise me no matter when we reconnect. That’s what i strive to do. I think if i can make myself memorable to you, i will never have to pay for your audience again. I will never have to earn a “history” with you ever.

You’ll always be able to say, “hey i knew that guy back when he was doing this and that”.

or, “hey i got the first edition of that book, when it first came out!”

or, ” ohhhh! is that the guy with the xxxxx or the yyyy”


Michael Jackson was BIG on recognition. I know not everyone liked the man…but anyone who knew of him, can tell you at least these things:

– the guy was a bit of a freak
– his most famous move was the “moon walk”
– he grabbed at his crotch an awful lot
– he wore that odd single white glove
– heeeeeeeeee-heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hoooooo owwwwwwww! *crotch grab* lol


Tell me you don’t at least recognise these things. I bet if he came back from the dead, totally reincarnated as a budhist monk, he could still release a single tomorrow and get his peeps back.


That’s all folks.

(need a moral to the story?

moral: get some new mentors, be unique, stay recognisable )