MarketingDogHouse .COM Radio Show

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What is it?…

Well, it’s a new Radio show debuting this Friday. And it includes crazy antics, profanity, and discussions about a variety of strange topics such as “webcam shows”, who’s doin who in the industry, why Mr. Big Time was arrested…and what goes on behind the scenes at these live “events” you keep hearing about.

I’ll be co-hosting the show with FOUR other celebrity marketers.

And you can call in and ask questions about anything…or even get a live-critique!

But that doesn’t mean we’ll be serious….OR nice about it. So if you’re the type of person who easily cries, i recommend you just listen haha.

The show airs TWO Fridays a month; to listen in, click the link in the box below and sign up. You will receive a reminder before every Episode airs.

Title: "Marketing Dog House .COM" Show - Episode 1 Time: Friday, October 22nd at 2:00pm EST Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast Visit: MarketingDogHouse.COM


For a few years years now, i’ve been been good friends with a guy by the name of Ben Settle and his band of merry men. Ben introduced me to a jumble of entrepreneurs with various (sometimes even mysterious) credentials but deep knowledge of all things MARKETING.

These are the guys with whom i’m hosting the MarketingDogHouse .COM Show.

And i intend to make them tell you all sorts of embarrassing stories about the GURU game and the secret lives and lies of the players!


No show is complete without a star-studded cast.

Ben’s band of merry men come with some impressive resumes.

Check it out below:


Name: Ben Settle Website: Date of Birth: Unknown, appears in mid-twenties, but acts in his 40's. More probably in early 30's.

BIOGRAPHY: Besides writing the copy for one of the BEST SELLING attraction marketing information products of all time, Ben also runs a very quiet membership business from his website.

He has a very tight and loyal following and he also has an interesting DAILY series of emails that i look forward to every day (how does he come
up with so many ideas!?).

In his spare time he reads comics and watches Dexter.

He also chills with 1 wife and 1 pet dog.



Name: Caleb Osborne Website: Date of Birth:  appears in mid-20's to late 30's


I am not sure the guy gets any sleep, but he’s definitely good at what he does.

He has his own eBook about staying fit and healthy which sells on Clickbank like gangbusters.

Caleb is often traveling somewhere obscure, tropical, and likes to parrrrrrrrtaaaaaaaaayy.

He will contribute lewd comments and various censorables.



Name: "Doberman" Dan Gallapoo Website: Date of Birth: sounds older (and wiser) than he looks

BIOGRAPHY: Doberman Dan has the most mysterious of all the credentials.

Apparently he used to have a career in Law Enforcement at one point. But he was also a “confidante” to the direct response
legend Gary Halbert!

Dan is badass at filling mailboxes with ads that bring big clients.

He’s a highly demanded copywriter whose rates are RIDICULOUSLY high.

But he teaches his direct response secrets on his blog in a really neat and believable way. Occasionally he holds a close-knit coaching program and i have personally hired copywriters who have graduated from his class.

He has two dogs, dobermans i presume.

and he always knows the inside scoop on some of the biggest names in the copywriting and direct response world!



Name: Mike Dolpies Website: Date of Birth: ageless

BIOGRAPHY: as far as running a brick and mortar business goes, this guy seems to know all about it.


And coaches other brick and mortar business owners how to market and expand their businesses. He has run his own martial arts training school and has taught others to do the same. As far as I am concerned, if you want to learn about running a physical business, this would be the guy to go to. And if ever i decide to write my memoirs, i’m getting his council on making it a best-seller.

Mike doesnt have any interests (that i know of).

Other than being organised and disciplined.

I am a little worried at times that we bore him but i’m pretty sure he’ll be coming back every week.

then of course there’s me


Name:  Jim Yaghi Website: Date of Birth: acts 12, looks about 16

BIOGRAPHY: well you know me already, so i’ll spare you the details.

My interests include: cartoons, taking over the world, and professional competition in the sport of “singing in the shower”. My heroes include: Shredder from the Ninja Turtles, Darth Vader, and Dr. Evil.


If you’d like to listen in, the show runs every second Friday of the month.

Details follow:

Title: "Marketing Dog House .COM" Show - Episode 1 Time: Friday, October 22nd at 2:00pm EST Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast Visit: MarketingDogHouse.COM

See you there!