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That's the LAST thing you'd believe when you see this nasty-looking web design. Hell--

...if you called it "a little plain" you'd be TOO KIND.

With its static header...

Loud colours...

And simple layout...For sure this design can't win any beauty-pageants. It's a monstrosity, a disgusting BEAST.

But somehow, and quite mysteriously, Google loves sending traffic into it. And you can download this website FREE--if you'll have it.

Hey, it's me Jim, your Traffic Mentor!

And YES, it's true, I'm the author of one butt ugly design, code-named the...

Google-Friendly Theme

But I'm not embarrassed to sit here and tell you all about it.

Look, i'm no designer--yeesh, i don't even know how to coordinate my wardrobe, let alone design an impressive looking site.

And to be honest, I never even planned to sell or distribute the thing. It was meant for internal use only.

...Because what i DO TRAFFIC!

And i wanted to solve a specific marketing challenge that i faced with my clients, time and time again.

If we didn't take care of this challenge first, my best efforts were useless.

This problem is common, but it's also hard to detect. Even experienced marketers don't know they have it. Some go years without noticing their best traffic is being STOLEN and LEAKED into a black hole.

Others, from Day One, fail to get any useful traffic and have no idea why.

To put it as simply as i can...the issue is this:

Most Websites in Our Industry Just Aren't Any Good!

They offer a poor user experience...

...Information is hard to find...

...Sales steps are almost invisible...

...And users can't tell what to do when they get there.

On top of that, their websites are slow, buggy, and poorly structured, which makes them REPEL traffic.

Ad networks, the programs that people use to search the web, Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Bing-- they can't understand what's inside.

Their job is to index information from the web -- and if they can't read your website, they'll ignore it and you won't get any traffic.

ASIDE: It's especially a problem if you want to advertise with Google Adwords, Bing Ads, or Facebook PPC; they measure the User Experience of your whole website.

To compound the problem more, half the industry is so technically challenged, they're trying to get traffic without a website to send it to!

All these problems needed a simple, single solution.

Which is the Google Friendly Theme.

Here's some of what it does:

  • Gets PLENTY of free traffic from search, without needing you to do painful Search Engine Optimisation tactics.
  • Installs in just a few simple steps (You can be up and running with a Google Friendly website in minutes without "finnicky" coding)
  • Keeps a steady stream of traffic flowing in, even if you don't keep updating your site with new content.
  • Forces visitors to Slow down for the important bits (Special Typography "tricks" are used to control the pace of their reading, especially in long copy).
  • Impresses Google's annoying human-reviewers (Handy if you've been banned, or dont want to be banned from Google's traffic).
  • Maximises sales response without "pissing off" your visitors (Just use the easy Control Panel, and you "unwittingly" benefit from the best marketing strategies i found over years of testing).
  • Engages visitors to spend money with you (Psychological triggers in your site's layout encourage users to DIG around for more of your products).
  • Catches "leaked" traffic into your mailing list (This lets you sell to visitors EVEN if they leave your landing page without responding).
  • Saves you money on advertising, (Under the hood, intelligent Semantic Markup shows Google the value & relevance of your material--so, more clicks for less $$).
  • Converts more visitors to leads (Although sometimes a little ugly, a Chromatography-based color scheme makes the user's eye focus wherever you need).
  • Protects your business from hacker & virus attacks (Its "bullet-proof" validation routines frustrate even the savviest hackers from trying to launch viruses to your users).
  • Keeps impatient visitors from leaving (bouncing) (Asynchronous loading makes for blazing fast load-time--When deciding a search position for your site, Google rewards fast sites).
  • And much more...

Unfortunately, you WON'T find a download link on this page.

And here's why...

Although i'd love to just give you the link right here, i don't think you'd be able to make head nor tail of it.

The features are undocumented, and there's a number of things i still have to SHOW you so you can put together your website correctly.

So, a while back, i held a webinar where i went through Step By Step and demonstrated how easy it is to setup your own Google Friendly, traffic-getting website, in under 90 minutes!

We recorded the live class and called it...

"90 Minute Website"

...and it is a complete "marketing website" training.

Everyone who attended, got a FREE copy of my Google Friendly Theme to download at the end of the class.

Now, originally, only live attendees got to have a free copy of the Google Friendly theme. But recently, i decided to extend this opportunity to everyone--whether or not they attended live.

Doesn't that sound good?

Ok, if you're interested, Read on...

What is 90 Minute Website?

It's a 90 Minute training on how to quickly build a Google-safe, traffic-efficient website that gets traffic, holds onto it, and turns it into profit.

I start from ZERO.

With the help of the Google Friendly Theme, you'll see me setup and install a marketing website for a client, complete with all its important pages...


  • Google Safe Landing Pages that convert leads,
  • Product Pages that get "unexpected" sales,
  • Optin Forms that convert organic traffic,
  • Legal Docs that neutralise sales objections,
  • and More!

An Unexpected Change of Plans

When we originally did this class, i intended to record it as is and post it to the members area for our students to review.

However, when i re-watched the presentation, i thought it wouldn't be easy for students to follow it independently without me there to answer their questions.

So i did something i'd NEVER done before...

I Re-Did The Whole Damn Thing

Yes. I went back and re-recorded the entire training professionally...with call-outs, zooms, and close-ups. Step by step crystal clear instructions coupled with a screencast that lets you see EVERY letter i type. Every single mouse-click i push..

Not only that...

I broke the training into two videos totalling 179 minutes in length and added a "Table of Contents" for the main instructional video with minute and second timestamps identifying every important step.

This way, you don't have to sit through anything you already know. Simply skip to the parts you need help with most.

Although this training focuses on being "Google Friendly", your website works...

Even If You Don't
Advertise on Google!

In fact, my theme and the training videos will help you with ALL kinds of traffic,

...Such as:

  • Organic Traffic (Free Search),
  • Social Traffic (Facebook, Twitter, etc),
  • Paid Traffic (PPC, Solo Ads, Banners)

Please be aware, however, that this class is MANDATORY training for everyone who advertises with, or wishes to advertise on, Google Adwords. Skip this training at your own peril!

You probably already know this...

Google Has the Best
Traffic Online

...Both in volume and quality.

But their Adwords program has VERY strict requirements for websites that want their traffic.

If you advertise a website that doesn't follow their guidelines to the letter, you WILL be banned forever.

Which is why we say, Google+Friendly; meaning, a website that's friendly, and safe to run on Google.

It doesn't matter if you want to advertise on Google today or in the future, by the end of this class, you will have a website that sells better than before, meets Adwords "Manual Review" requirements, and gets UNSTOPPABLE traffic.

Of course, you might be thinking, this sounds good and all, but...

Is 90 Minute Website For You?

No, it's not.

Chances are, if you're asking, then you don't really understand how important Google's traffic is to the success of your business.

So i'll tell you.

Almost everyone in the world with an internet connection uses Google to search, several times a day, every time they need any kind of answer.

If your website is there, that traffic and all those people are yours.

But if your website doesn't show up, someone else gets them.


You might already have a BEAUTIFUL website, and you're showing up in Google searches, so you're not convinced you need to change anything.

Why Should You Care?

Because, well, it's not good enough.

Most of the people i've worked with, their websites fall into one of these categories:

They're using...

  1. A professionally-built website
  2. A self-built website
  3. or, A "replicated" (affiliate/system) website

But hardly anyone has a Google Friendly Website.

These three kinds of websites usually have an ARRAY of problems that bounce, leak, and waste traffic.

But before i get into these issues, first, you have to understand this fact:

Online Traffic is TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN.

Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon--they're computer programs that act as gatekeepers and directors of traffic. They make choices about WHICH content to show, and to WHO.

In other words...

A Machine Reads Your Website Before Any Person Does

It's called a Crawler (Ro)BOT.

Even Google's intelligent "Bot" is not THAT smart.

When someone runs a search, the Bot looks through the gazillions of pages in its database, pulls information from them, and tries to understand it. Based on that understanding, the Bot calculates if YOUR website is going to be more, or less, useful than another website.

That's how it decides which sites to show in results and in what order.

All this, before the searcher sees a single result.

So the best website in the world, the nicest looking website, the most useful...

If it can't describe itself to the Bot in "1's and 0's", the Bot will never know how pretty or useful it is.

Since machines are by nature systematic...

They LOVE Structure

Structured, organised information is easy for computers to read and interpret.

A well-structured website communicates correctly with ALL search programs, and as a result it's always shown to the right people.

On the other hand, a BADLY structured website, even if it really IS relevant and useful, will either give no information - or - the wrong information...

...and It Will Never Be Seen

To win more traffic, you don't need to change your website's content so that it's more relevant to more people...

...You don't even need to make your website look "more pretty".

You just need better structure so the RIGHT information gets shown to the RIGHT people.

But the funny thing about structure is, the naked eye can't see it.

It's hidden in your site's programming--which means, even BEAUTIFUL websites can be very ugly, messy things underneath.

Which brings us to the first kind of website common in our market...

Professionally Designed Websites

Most Web Designers ONLY care about outer appearance.

See, i come from a programming background. And over my years of running businesses online, i have struggled to find a REAL programmer who cares about the bits and bytes and CPU cycles of their "pretty" creations.

I have seen designers do the most horrific, ugly things in their code--

Their website only work on some computers and not others...

...or their pages load very slow...

...or their websites are vulnerable to hacker attacks and meltdowns.

Look, don't get me wrong. I'm sure there are SOME great web developers out there. But they are hard to find.

And even then, you'd be hard-pressed to find one who knows anything about WEB TRAFFIC.

They don't know Google.

They haven't spent the past 7 years running Google Adwords campaigns.

And they haven't made millions of dollars in online sales.

I Have.

Frankly, that alone should be enough of a reason to NOT miss my "90 Minute Website" class. My theme may not look like it was drawn by an artist...but it gets traffic and sales with ease.

So unless you're getting plenty of that, you need to come see how to setup a REAL Google Friendly Website in under 90 minutes.

A second type of marketer, is the Do It Yourselfer, who has a...

Self-Built Website

He builds his own website using Wordpress.

Wordpress is great. It makes it easy to add pages to your site. And it solves many of the issues with information structure.

But the problem is, it's originally a blogging platform.

To make it work for business, these marketers will "skin" Wordpress with themes and plugins. It's the only way their "blog" can capture leads and make sales.

So the mayhem begins.

All structure is LOST.

Off-the-shelf "marketing" themes, although popular, are TERRIBLE. They try to be everything to everyone, which makes them complex and finnicky.

They modify the underlying structure of Wordpress and insert all kinds of ugly, slow, and invisible code that doesn't play well with traffic or other plugins.

Oh--and when you add 3rd party plugins to the mix, which are contributed by amateur programmers, you introduce more compatibility problems, slow code, and security holes.

Security is SUPER important for steady traffic.

Hackers are always on the lookout for high-traffic sites, because they make a great platform to launch viruses to lots of people.

Basically, your website will, without you knowing, start to infect all your visitors with spyware, malware, trojans, and spam.

And if your website is attacked, you might not know about it for a long time, but Google will exclude your site from search results (sometimes permenantly). Even if Google doesn't detect it, many popular browsers will issue site warnings to visitors, and discourge them from visiting.

When someone catches a virus by visiting your website, YOU will be blamed. Say goodbye to your traffic.

The Google Friendly Theme does not have any of these issues.

See, part of the reason for how "plain" the design is, is that my theme uses all the core functionality of Wordpress, WITHOUT modifying the underlying structure.

We modify just enough to give you all the marketing functionality you need, without introducing a myriad of plugins and security holes.

If you're a do-it-yourselfer, in my 90 Minute Website training you'll see how you can modify your existing setup in only a few steps. So you can keep all your hard work, secure your site, get more traffic, and keep the traffic coming.

The third type of marketer uses...

A Replicated Websites

This is a common website amongst Affiliate Marketer.

Affiliate Marketers often don't have the technical know-how to put together their own website. As a result they fall prey to what i call, "the traffic thieves" of the web.

The entire "Affiliate System" business model is designed to take your traffic.

The replicated website they give you may seem convenient for you--but the reason it exists is for that reason alone.

It's a shit site that would NEVER be allowed on Google.

And you're meant to stupidly invest your own time and money to get traffic...and send it WHERE?

Right into their system!

Look, just because the website they give you says your name in the address doesn't make it yours. They're in control and they get to decide how to use your traffic, and whether or not to pay you.

To make matters worse...

If you try to advertise a replicated website with Google Adwords, you WILL NOT get any traffic and there's a very high chance your account gets irrevokably banned.

Google excludes replicated content from organic search...AND explicitly prohibits it on their ad network.

The good news is that putting your own website together is actually VERY easy. And the 90 Minute Website class is a GREAT opportunity for you to learn how.

And hey, that doesn't mean you won't be able to make money with your affiliate program. The client i'll be demonstrating is JUST LIKE YOU. An affiliate marketer who sells other people's products.

I'll show you a way to turn the tables on them, keep your traffic, and still make money in their programs.

The Bottom Line Is...

Most people selling online services are clueless when it comes to BIG traffic and how to get it.

The 90 Minute Website training will put you lightyears ahead of even top designers and marketers.

With the help of the Google Friendly Theme that i'm going to give you for free, anyone can be up and running with a complete traffic-friendly website in no more than 90 minutes.

So let's talk about everything included in the training.

What Will I Get When I Register?

I'm really excited to share this stuff, because it's been in the works for several months. And I've included everything you need to put together a great traffic-getting, sales-soaking website--PLUS a few extra surprises.

But first let's see what is included in the 90 Minute Website Workshop.

Like i said there are TWO main presentation videos.

The first is the "What" and "Why" which explains what needs to be done at a website for it to be "Google Friendly" and the reasoning behind it.

This section of the presentation is mainly theoretical, but is crucial background information. Without it you'd only have a bunch of steps to execute that appear to have no logic or meaning.

The second part of the training is the instructional part.

You'll see me execute the steps of putting together a great Google Friendly website, one step at a time. And i explain everything i'm doing. The instructions are super clear and easy to navigate.

Here's some of the cool stuff you'll learn...

  • The no-bullcrap truth about making your site Google-safe. (Including a "laundry list" of must-do's that BOOST sales while keeping Google happy)
  • Just one easy trick that pulls your site UP the search rankings (SEO tools will do you more harm than good--This is the only trick i use to get free search traffic.)
  • How to get contact information from your "Lost Leads" If anyone decides not to optin after clicking your Ad, this can get your money back.
  • The ugly little secret of Lead Sucking landing pages. (The science of "Usability" is all that separates a true high-traffic website from a clueless "pretty" one).
  • An "Insurance plan" against Adwords Bans. (Actually, these four insurance links protect you from getting booted off ALL the big Ad networks.)
  • A commonly used "bribe" that pisses Google off! Use this instead; it's the safest landing page offer ever. (And far more profitable)
  • A list of must-have "Undercover" Sales Pages (Although these don't look like real sales pages, here's how you can sweep up lost sales with them).
  • A magic bullet that sells products you're NOT promoting (This is cool, but be careful, because it's nearly impossible to turn off).
  • How to write a Google-Safe "Optin" form (And how to avoid a common traffic-killing mistake 90% of all affiliates make on their optin forms)
  • A cheeky way to push visitors into your Sales Funnel (With this linking-strategy, you control your visitors' movement around your site, like a puppeteer).
  • A "spying tool" that can tell you when visitors get BORED. (Don't worry it's ethical--this tool helps you tune landing pages, sales pages, and even follow-up content to sell better).
  • Everything you need to create a World-Class affiliate website (This is a dirt cheap, "low-tech", and safe way to get Google traffic to your affiliate offers).
  • And much more!

I've also included a Table of Contents to help you navigate the instructional part of the training.

Here's the actual Table of Contents from the second video:

  • 00:00 Website Hosting
  • 07:22 Email Account Setup
  • 09:16 Installing Wordpress
  • 14:36 Google Friendly Setup
  • 23:38 Creating Site Navigation
  • 26:44 Setting Your Front Page
  • 27:42 Displaying Your Nav bars
  • 28:14 Setting Fonts & Type
  • 34:03 Setting Up Your Post Signature
  • 34:36 Google Analytics Setup
  • 35:47 Spying on Visitors
  • 40:28 Choosing an Emotional Colour Scheme
  • 48:06 Designing a Killer Logo
  • Setting Up Your Site Header 52:08 Writing a Good Optin Widget 53:10 More Widgets 61:17 Recommended Plugins 62:27 Tracking Google Adwords Leads 65:12 Setting a "Thank You" Page 69:25 Checking Lead Tracking Works 69:57 Setting Your Squeeze Page & Prompt Icon 71:12 Adding/Editing Pages on Your Site 75:03 Templates 78:04 Product Listings 78:54 Inserting Images 81:15 Styling Your Pages Correctly 83:53 Pull Titles 86:31 Pull Quotes 86:50 Lists & List Titles 87:07 Getting & Setting Up Legal Pages 87:40 Blog Page 93:00 Sales Pages 93:09 Creating a Sales Page Title Block 94:25 Sales Page Inventory Blocks 96:05 Section Titles 97:13 Sales Page List Titles 98:03 Buy Buttons 99:05 How to Set a Feature Article 102:55 Setting Feature Images 103:35 The ONLY SEO Trick Worth a Damn 104:59

    What else?

    In case all this doesn't get you excited, there's plenty more surprises.

    Here's the full list of surprises:

    The Google Friendly Theme

    Of course, this is the most exciting surprise of all.

    The infamous, ugly Google Friendly Theme is a complete template for your website. Just use the simple Control Panel interface to set up your website, post your content, and your site will automatically have all the marketing features you need to get leads from Google.

    I'll give you the download link FREE along with instructions to install it during the 90 Minute Website live demonstration.

    Free Theme Updates

    The Google Friendly Theme won't stay ugly forever--and you're going to get updates FREE.

    I recently asked my designer to clean up the Google Friendly Theme and give it a little beauty (see preview screenshots below).

    Example with Orange-base colorscheme

    It will take some time before the new version is re-programmed...but as soon as it's done, you'll be able to automatically upgrade your website with a single click.

    And you'll keep getting any updates we make to incorporate new Ad Policies.


    90-Min Website "Cheat Sheet"

    You'll get a copy of my "lecture notes" in a neat PDF, which is a short, to-the-point, 2 page summary of all the critical steps in the demonstration.

    So if you need to review the steps several times, this will make for quick and easy reference.

    You'll find this in your Exclusive Members Area after the main presentation.

    There's still more...

    My Personal "Sales Page Copy" Template

    I'm also including a nice easy text-template for you to use when writing your own Sales Presentations.

    This is a simple structure i use to write almost every product pitch i do. It produces effective presentations QUICKLY (in under 60 minutes) and you have my permission to use it to sell your own products.

    It will be in a format compatible with the Google Friendly Theme so you can copy and paste it right into your website and modify it to suit you.

    You'll love this. It's "fill-in-the-blanks" simple, and it's super profitable.

    Webinar Transcript + Recording

    The 90 Minute Website webinar will be recorded for you to review as many times as you like.

    I will post it within 24-hours of the live class to your members area--but PLEASE make sure you attend the live training so you don't miss out on interacting with me and getting all your questions answered.

    To make things even easier for you, i'm also including a text transcript of the class.

    I know you'll want to review the training several times after class is done. The text transcript makes it easy to skim quickly to the sections of the presentation you need.

    Conversion Tracking Plugin

    I'm also including a FREE copy of my Google/Bing Conversion Tracking Plugin.

    This plugin was originally written JUST for YaghiLabs clients who paid upwards of $2,000 for my team to build traffic campaigns for them.

    ASIDE: It even still has the hilarious, "Don't share this with anyone or i'll fuck your mom" warning in the Readme file!

    My Conversion Tracking Plugin, which i'll show you how to install on the training will track the ads and keywords that bring you your best converting, most profitable traffic.

    It's an important tool that helps you drop your lead cost and grow your lead volume. I don't run traffic to ANY website without it.

    We're not done yet...

    Life-time Membership to the 90 Minute Website Community

    This your own Exclusive members community--

    Included inside is lifetime access to the 90 Minute Website recording, the transcript, the Google Friendly Theme, and the rest of the free surprises i've told you about.

    Plus, the community is a support area where you can continue to ask me your questions and interact with your fellow-classmates for years after the training is done.

    So if you get stuck with anything, make sure you use our private social network to get help!

    One last thing...

    30-50% Discounts

    You'll be instantly eligible to SAVE on a range of our best training products such as the amazing Traffic KickStart, the impressive "Traffic Accelerator", and even access the recordings of my "Done-With-You Traffic" Coaching program!

    Phew! That's a lot of goodies.

    Let's Summarise:

    The LIVE 90 Minute Website Training

    The MAIN interactive presentation in which i build a Google Friendly website from scratch, and you get to follow along.

    The Google Friendly Theme + Ongoing Updates

    My easy-to-install traffic-munching, sales-soaking, website template that you can use with Google advertising. You're also eligible for future updates, free of charge (including the "pretty" version coming soon).

    A Recording of the Training

    In case you want to review the training later in your own time, the presentation will be recorded and posted to your private members area. Review as many times as you want. And your access never expires.

    A Text Transcript

    A word-for-word transcript of everything said in the training. Use this to skim through to the parts you need to study most without having to go through the entire presentation every time.

    My Notes & Sources from the Demo

    A snappy, to the point summary of all the main points in the presentation, plus any sources, special codes, images, or resources used in the presentation.

    Kick-Ass Sales Page Writing Template

    A simple outline for writing your own high converting sales presentations. I use this exact template to sell my own products.

    Conversion Plugin

    A custom YaghiLabs plugin compatible with the Google Friendly Theme, which you can use to get more targeted buying traffic.

    Life-time Membership in the "90 Minute Website" Community

    Exclusive Members Area where you can access your training in one place, get ongoing support, and meet with fellow-students to get help, discuss, and share.


    30-50% discounts on some of our best products including KickStart, Traffic Accelerator, and Done-With-You Traffic.

    I bet you think this is going to end up costing a FORTUNE...

    So, How Much Does All This Cost?

    This is shocking...

    You can attend the LIVE 90 Minute Website workshop, get the recording, my notes, the Google Friendly Theme, updates, support, and everything else i've told you about...

    ...All for JUST...

    $97 One Time!

    Told you, didn't i?

    The bonuses alone are easily worth at least 10 times this. If you were just to hire someone to build your website following my instructions, they're going to charge you between $800-$1,000 (i know because i've priced it out for my coaching class before).

    So why am i not trying to charge that much?

    #1 reason, to be completely honest... because the current version of the Google Friendly Theme is ugly...erm...i mean, plain-looking. It's functional. It does what it was made to do. But it's nothing exciting to look at.

    Hey, i'd rather you get Google traffic and KEEP getting it using an ugly website than to get kicked off with some fancy, traffic-wasting one!

    Also, the 90 Minute Webinar format has become somewhat of a tradition at YaghiLabs, and so has this low price.

    Of course, this nice tiny price will not last (see the counter up top?).

    I usually jack up the price

    ...immediately after the live demo!

    And i'm already planning to raise it to $200.

    So if you come back later and you want the recording, you'll be paying $100 more for it.

    Don't say i didn't warn you!

    Enough about that...let's talk about how to get on the training.

    How Can I Watch This Website Demo?


    Simply click the yellow “Buy Now!” button below to pay the fee securely using Paypal or credit card.

    Once you've completed payment, DONT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER...until you've reached the Registraton form screen and filled out your details.

    This action will secure your virtual seat in the 90 Minute Website class.

    Enroll in 90 Minute Website now...

    90-Min Website Webinar


    For Questions & Support Email:

    Mark the date in your calendar.

    Wednesday, 5th of February @ 10pm UTC/GMT
    (I think that's in your Local Time.)

    We use GotoWebinar, a web-based software for holding demonstrations and online classes. This is how you will access the live 2-hour Workshop component (90min tutorial + 30min Q&A).

    Shortly after completing registration, you should receive TWO emails:

    One confirms the time and gives you instructions for attending the class.

    The Second contains your User ID and Password for our Members Portal.

    Click the link in your email at least 30 minutes before the webinar begins and ensure you arrive early.

    GotoWebinar will automatically install on your computer before you arrive. Wait on the line until you hear the webinar begin at exactly 10pm UTC/GMT on the dot. Follow along and ask your questions.

    48 hours after the class, i will send you an email with the recording, templates, transcripts, and all your juicy surprises.

    Enroll in 90 Minute Website now...

    90-Min Website Webinar


    For Questions & Support Email:

    Can I Refund If I Change My Mind?

    No. Sorry, all sales are final.

    All the information you need to make a careful, well-informed decision is here. If you need to know something BEFORE you hit that "Buy Now" button, contact us at our support email.

    You can reach my secretary at this email:

    Penny will clear up any questions for you about the training that should put your mind at ease. She also has instructions to forward me any unusual requests.

    If that's not good enough for you, then forget it!

    Pass on this offer - And you're welcome to keep receiving my free newsletter as long as you wish. Just know that i save the REAL secrets for customers.

    And hey, I've seen entire industries go down with bans, suspensions, and "slaps". I've seen great Internet Businesses go bankrupt overnight.

    Heck, i've seen regular guys who were earning $100,000/month, with only a one-page site and Google traffic... while living on a beach in some foreign land where wearing shirts is against their religion... and i've seen those same guys get kicked off Google, lose their business, and become homeless.

    But me and my clients?

    Still standing!

    That's because i know what i'm doing.

    The Google Friendly Theme and the 90 Minute Website training...they're the REAL DEAL.

    But if you're online looking to get rich overnight while bumming around in your underwear and you want someone to guarantee that you'll be able to do that--SORRY. Can't do that. And this ain't one of those trainings.

    This is a training for entrepreneurs. People who want to learn web skills so they can DO serious business.

    So whenever you're ready to learn what i know about creating a website that gets traffic safely and converts traffic to sales easily...

    ...then join us on Wednesday @10pm.

    Yours, LOVINGLY :),


    Sign up NOW to secure your spot:

    90-Min Website Webinar


    For Questions & Support Email:

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    If you don't find your city here, you can use to do your own conversion.

    • YOUR TIME* (see note below):- *
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