The Don’t Be Stupid SHOW – Episode 1 – Competence

A battle of the Competent against the Idiocracy – a fast de-evolving society of idiots. In our pilot episode we begin with the lifestyle, values, struggles, and makings of Entrepreneurship and set the stage for future episodes.

What the HECK Was you Thinking?

Funny story. this morning i woke up to an email from one of your fellow subscribers who asked:

“Jim, is the Internet Business Academy really $19.95? Are there any upsells, cross-sells, or anything else? If not, then i’m in!”

honestly, the email was kind of frustrating to answer.

first of all, the time it takes to write a careful response that both admonishes and sells is hardly worth it. seriously, i have better things to do first thing in the morning.

but that’s besides the point. Because i know that i’m probably losing about 100 more sales by NOT tackling it head-on.

after all, if one customer is asking, then there’s probably 100’s of others like him silently fearing to hit the buy button because of the same thing.

so it’s time i explained…

if you’re scared of buying a YaghiLabs product because you don’t want me to upsell you on something else during the order process, i’m worried about you.

just by being on this list, whether you’ve decided to buy the IBA or not, you’re being “upsold”.

the whole point of this email newsletter going out is to reach CUSTOMERS (not so much prospects!).

in fact, i COUNT on selling to past customers. and so should you.

if you’re just subscribed to get some “free” content and learning by watching what i’m up to, listen up and listen carefully…

here’s the only free content you’ll get:

the money is in selling to CUSTOMERS, not cold prospects.

acquiring a customer is ALL cost. But selling to a pre-acquired customer is all profit.

My customers are RARELY first-time buyers.

a case-in-point, you remember the 90 Minute HTML webinar i promoted a few weeks back?

well, i recognised half the names on the Paypal notifications! in fact, when creating the accounts in the members back-office, i accidentally gave them the wrong plan at first and they got the 90 Minute App webinar i sold the month before.

because of a limitation in the membership software, i got conflict issues with 90% of the customers. and quickly fixed things.

but what this told me was that more than 90% of my customers had bought a similar product before.


hellz no! thanks btw for your repeat business if you were one of those people. i’m grateful for the trust you put in me.

but my point is, just because i’m not selling you some “One Time Offer” (OTO) right after you buy, immediately on the thank you page for your order, doesn’t mean i’m not upselling.

and if you ever hope to make any serious dough online, quit worrying about traffic and go monetize your list. i bet my first-born (who i haven’t had the time to make yet), that you haven’t tapped into 0.001% of your list’s potential.

here’s the thing though…

i don’t think this guy was so concerned about an upsell.

i think he was more concerned that this was one of those useless sales pitch products.

you know the ones you buy because of all the marketing hype, and then when you dig into it, find it’s just some long-arse sales letter disguised as content to get you buying the REAL solution for a lot more dough?

yah…i hate those too.

not my style.

the IBA is all content. training. useful, usable advice. No sales pitch.

I don’t even make money by selling some affiliate deal or whatever inside.

in fact, i think i way under-play it in all the marketing. the sales presentation is ugly and barely touches on what’s really in there.

which brings up the point, why am i selling it so darn cheap?

because it is the ONLY product in the YaghiLabs inventory that was intended to be sold to cold, first-time buyers.

it’s the only way i get the customer prospects in the first place.

the price wasn’t intended to be this low.

but i found out that people who come through the Clickbank marketplace are total internet-buying newbies. and if you don’t sell over-the-top loud hypey crap, for super-cheap they don’t buy.

so i brought down the price, little by little, until i found the price they buy at. $19.95.

It’s peanuts. i don’t even care if you buy it or don’t.

i’ve even set it up so that Clickbank randomly give out 75% commission to any affiliate who has previously promoted it. don’t be surprised if you’ve promoted it once and got a commission.

don’t even pat yourself on the back, because i probably just gave it to you.

so i make about $4 per sale, after affiliates and clickbank have been paid.

why would i even bother?

because i’m too busy to do anything about getting more money from it.

and because our revenue comes almost entirely from past customers.

but hey, i’m writing this email for a “sinister” reason too haha.

people on my mailing list aren’t internet newbies. they’re used to paying good money for quality education. so when they see one of my products priced so LOW, they’re kinda shocked.

their immediate assumption is that it can’t be a good product. it probably sucks. it’s probably some thrown together piece of crap.

it’s not.

i spent 3 months writing it.

in fact, i’ve had emails from several well-paid copywriters who bought it saying, “DUDE WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING? $19.95? This product is worth at least a few hundred if not more.”

i agree.

but refer to what i said earlier. not enough time!

i’m working on so many projects, and i’m happy to leave the IBA on clickbank for anyone who has voodoo powers to see the value inside it.

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Tracking SALES Lost 50% of My Income


I’ve come up with a new method for doing PPC that systematically increases lead numbers DAILY without ANY guess-work…and lowers lead cost…without split-testing!

It’s a little heavy, so I’m saving that discussion for some other time.


Someone asked me recently about TRACKING technologies.

“Jim,” she said. “How can I track my leads ALL THE WAY to the sale?”

I said, “It’s impossible and you shouldn’t really bother with it.”


Don’t track sales?

Yes…look, a few years back, I was SO anal about tracking every single thing I could.

And I bugged the affiliate program owners for MONTHS to fix their sales tracking. It was so simple, I even sent them the code to do it.

But they just never got around to it. Even though I was the only affiliate bringing in over 1000 leads per day.

Anyway, so I made do with the tracking they did have.

And like the systematic tester I am, I began DELETING every keyword that did not show a tracked sale.

After two months, the result:

  • Leads were pretty much stable.
  • Overall ad spend remained relatively unchanged.
  • Sales were NORMAL. No more, no less.

So what DID change?

My commission was down…it dropped to less than HALF!

The REFUND rate was at an all time high–and I could not be paid on sales that were refunded.

And here’s why that happened:

The sales tracking I based deleting adgroups on was showing ONLY keywords that resulted in immediate sales.

The trouble with ALL multi-step sales tracking is that it is UNRELIABLE.

It can only be implemented with cookies or emails.

And yet, many people don’t buy with the same email they sign up as leads with.

If that’s not enough of a reason to ignore sales tracking, then how about the fact that COOKIES can only track a customer purchase on the SAME device and browser they used to sign up to the sales autoresponder!

Meaning, if someone sees your ad on their iPhone, clicks it, signs up to your autoresponder, then a few days later while reading one of your sales emails on their laptop decides to buy… you will not know which keyword got the sale for you.

So there will always be productive keywords in your traffic efforts that GET sales but fail to register in ANY tracking software.

And if you delete those keywords unknowingly you’ll also delete the sale.

Exactly that happened with me:

Before my delete-spree, most sales were coming from leads who bought 4 or more days into the email follow-up.

Their decision to buy was not on IMPULSE. It was a decision thought-through.

Amongst the keywords deleted, I had mistakenly got rid of keywords that gave those “after follow-up sales”.

Leaving behind and paying for JUST the keywords searched by people who historically bought on impulse.

This SOUNDS cool … as it meant I got a ROI on my traffic sooner.

But those were the same people whom later regretted their hasty decision to buy and requested a refund.

No–that’s just dumb.

So ever since, I ignore sales tracking, even if it’s available.

A better solution…

Instead, I focus on STUFFING my mailing list with LEADS…lots and lots and lots of leads.

Those are better tracked to keywords…very few people if any click an ad then use another computer to look at and sign up at the landing page.

Besides, you can guarantee if a keyword-ad combo produced a lead, sales would have come from one of those keyword-ad combos so you’d never delete them.

I assume that as long as those people are on my list, reading my emails, I will one day eventually convert leads to buyers.

A rule of thumb is that a good customer–one who doesn’t buy on impulse or refund–makes a buying decision within 90 days.

Our Done-For-You Traffic package helps you stuff your newsletter with LOTS of leads who want to read your emails whenever you send them.

And then the emails we write for you are designed to warm your readers up to you so they eventually buy and put commissions into your pocket…

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Coming Soon…


Our expert team of computer nerds, amazing writers, brilliant design artists, number crunchers, research sleuths and traffic gods are working hard “behind the scenes” to bring you the Internet’s BEST one-stop-shopping experience for all your online business needs.

Get ready to launch your new projects into the stratosphere or scale your existing business exponentially. Rest assured that you WILL receive the same exceptional customer support and quality products you have come to expect from Yaghi Labs.

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Hundreds of Clicks By LOWERING your CTR!

Dear Friend…haha,

Don’t ya love sales letters that start this way. Like I totally believe you buddy, we’re friends. Okiedokes.

Whatever. Anyway, I just stepped away from the hard-work of bossing the YaghiLabs team around as we build traffic campaigns for 8 different client-projects still in progress. And I wanted to share with you a little ad writing tip nobody ever taught me.

Why does no one else teach this?

Because the clueless Gooroos are too busy teaching how to write ads that get a HIGH click-thru-rate.

Which is stupid on Pay-Per-Click platforms.

An ad that gets a high click-thru-rate is an ad that COSTS a lot of money.

And hey any idiot can write an ad that gets clicked a lot. Here check this out, I’m an idiot

Gooroo look at the ads I wrote:

Free Sex For You
Get Free Sex Here. All positions For $0. Click to start sexing now!

Or how about,

Free Money
Just write your Paypal address, and we’ll send you  $1Mil of free money now.

Yeah, I bet the click-thru rate on those goes through the roof. But chances are the ads will just cost a fortune and make no money, especially if what I offer is free.

Ok so it’s not that straight-forward.

Because Mr. Gooroo tells you to super-target your audience by the keywords they search for. Then split-test one ad against another until you find the copy that gets the highest number of clicks per 100 views.

But the whole concept is backwards in their silly little minds!

The idea being you should LIMIT the pool of people who see your ads and then try to get as many of those people to click as possible. That’s a recipe for LITTLE traffic.

Especially that ad VIEWS (which you’re limiting by “targeting”)  cost nothing on PPC, whereas CLICKS COST! And you still gamble the clicker decides not to follow through.

Why not do this:

Show your ads to ALL the people in your target audience–after all, impressions are free on Pay-Per-Click.

And then write an ad that REPELS clicks from everyone but the people likely to BUY.

Something like:

Hard Work Here
We’ll show you how to work hard and make MILLIONS in the process. $20k to sign up!

I’m sure a bunch of curious people will click the ad. But most people who aren’t willing to work hard or spend 20k will be turned off by the ad.

But since the pool of people seeing your ad is in the range of 1.5Mil per day, you’ll get hundreds of genuine and responsive people to click.

That’s our formula for getting HUNDREDS of targeted clicks and much traffic every day for our clients. Makes way more sense.

The secret is to target 100’s of thousands of keywords…and to write ads that repel clicks.
You don’t even have to LEARN to do this part. We do it  FOR YOU much better than you can by following Mr. Clueless Gooroo.

Here’s the link to sign up for one of our custom ppc campaigns now!

Let us take care of your traffic today.



MLMers say the DARND-EST things!

They say the darndest things…”oh I am helping people better their lives” they say.

And I ask, “How about yours? Are you having a good life?”

Because regardless of what the new disguise they’re wearing is, call them Attraction Marketers, call them Magnetic Marketers, call them Online Marketers, call them Info Marketers, call them whatever they are calling themselves today…

When I ask them,  “What are you selling?”

Their answer is always, “I just want to help people…(insert useless thing here)…”


How can somebody weak help anyone?

Fatso lard-asses claim they want to help people get healthy.

Traffic-starved online marketers claim they want to help people get traffic.

Money-grubbing, poverty stricken network marketers claim they want to help people make money.

Are they stupid? They are the ones in most desperate need of help.

So if I hear one more fool claim what they’re selling is “I just want to help people X” I’m going to run them over twice with a rental truck. Once in drive and again in reverse.

In fact, I once heard a famous dipshit Gooroo teach this illogical idea:

“Look at what YOU need most and then go create a free bribe teaching people like yourself to get what you want. Then you can get leads.”

I can’t believe people were going around spreading this dogshit around like he actually gave them a serious traffic revelation. LOL.

Look I’m no expert at being a Gooroo. I wouldn’t have a clue on how to begin.

Because I have this annoying thing called a BRAIN and it makes me critically analyze what I say so I don’t say anything stupid. Selling what you don’t have in the first place makes no sense.

So let me save you some embarrassment when you get on a consultation call with me.

If I ask you “What are you selling?” and you don’t have what you wanna sell, just say, “Could you help me find something to sell?”

And I promise I’ll have a lot of respect for you. Because you’re doing the right thing…talking to someone who has:

a) built a very successful business online…and

b) has helped many people like yourself sell to the masses. And you’re asking the right question instead of answering a very retarded answer.

Get the Option #2 consultation below and ask and you shall be helped…



The LOW COST, High Volume TRAFFIC Strategy

You know what’s become clear to me?

It’s that most marketers don’t know what “profitable” traffic means.

Their heads are plugged so far up their Gooroo’s rectum, all they know is they:


For the gayest offers on this planet that convert like poop.

I don’t care about CPA, CPC, and EFF-U-ME.

When I do PPC, I assume the offer MUST convert 100% of everyone who ever costs me ONE cent.

And I write ads and sales copy to get that.

Regardless of whether you’re selling a product for $20 or a product for $2,000, when you don’t know your numbers, the only thing you can assume is that your advertising cost has to end up BELOW your expected revenue.

And that’s all that counts.

Until you have a sale, ANY traffic cost optimization is ABSOLUTELY MEANINGLESS.

Problem for most of our Done-For-You Traffic clients is they want to sell a product that makes $20 a sale, they want to use a POOPY sales funnel made by self-proclaimed gooroos who can’t sell or get their own traffic so they get affiliates to take all the risk for them, and to top it off the client doesn’t have two cents left over to make a decent ad budget.

So with these REMARKABLY LOSING ODDS, I am given these stupid constraints and asked to help them get traffic anyway.

Finally I came up with my “lost cost high volume campaign” strategy. It works like a charm, even with these lame odds.

Here’s how…

I assume you want 500 clicks a day…for 10 cents each.

(Personally, with 500 clicks a day, I would make an average $500/day…but that’s because I know how to convert.)

What my team does that NOBODY in this industry can do is to find BUYER KEYWORDS that we can get for you for <10 cents a click.

The only way to pull this off is to come up with something between 50,000-100,000 keywords which are basically DERIVATIVES of high competition buyer keywords.

My traffic team does this in MERE HOURS.

And the only thing that’s left f0r you to do is let it run for a few days.

What happens is, the keywords that have HIGH COMPETITION, they get NO IMPRESSIONS. You kill them.

And the keywords that are LOW VOLUME, they get FEW IMPRESSIONS. You kill them.

What’s left is a handful of buyer keywords that get MILLIONS of hits, thousands of clicks, and hundreds of leads.

And the only way to get your own list of low-cost 100,000 keywords is by getting a Done-For-You Traffic Consultation by YaghiLabs…

Stop diddling around and get in line. We’re barely keeping up with the work.

We’ve built funnels for Numis, for Magnetic Sponsoring, for Visalus, for Elevation Group, for MLSP, for USANA, for Scentsy, for Empowernetwork, for GRN…and for more. Your competition is KILLING IT with our campaigns. And you’re swimming upstream without a life jacket.



Opinions Are Like A******s…everyone’s got one!

Hey big shot. 😉

Seems like yesterday’s email hit a sore button for many MLM defenders.

One funny guy said on Facebook, “I always like to give my opinion: All the alternatives for passive income you gave as examples require a large investment which few people can afford. MLM is the ONLY way to get passive income that ANYONE can afford.”


My response:

“Opinions are like assholes…everyone’s got one.”

Haha…difference is when you have traffic and a mailing list thousands will hear your opinion. His will go unheard.

So at the risk of sounding politically correct, allow me to share my view.

The point of yesterday’s email was not to rag on MLM…

Please make no mistake about it though, I THINK MLM IS NOT A BUSINESS IN THE FIRST PLACE. But hey I don’t mind getting traffic for clients who want to build a MLM. It’s their choice what to do with the traffic I send them.

But I digress…

The point that MLM is the ONLY passive income anyone can get is stupid.

Many of the examples I gave yesterday required NO sign-up fee and little investment. Whereas MLM DOES require a sign up fee.

Also, in my examples, any money you invest goes toward buying something useful that works. Whereas, the sign up fee you pay to join a MLM is just to get products that you’ll probably store in your garage or consume yourself without any business use.

Unless you join an ONLINE mlm, in which case you buy the right to market someone else’s system. Still, you don’t buy a passive income.

Furthermore, the point I made yesterday was that there are other passive income alternatives that have a HIGHER SUCCESS rate than MLM. Just because it’s something “anyone can afford”, doesn’t mean it’s a winning investment.

I’d BORROW the money to invest in a business I had a good chance of succeeding with ANY DAY over putting in $1 into something I’d most likely fail at.

But still, that’s not all I said.

I said that people who want MLM for its passive income have:

No money

No skills

And don’t want to do any work

No matter what the business model, passive income will require AT LEAST one of the above.

So even if you have no money and no skills and you believe MLM is the ONLY way to get a passive income, you better be prepared to make up for your lack of money and skills with 100 times as much work.

On the other hand, if you have a little money with no skills but you’re willing to do a little work, then you can put your money to work:

Pay for advertising (PPC)…and…outsource what you don’t have the skills to do!

When you get our Done-For-You Traffic Consultation, we build a traffic campaign for you AND give you the option to run it on your behalf for a TINY monthly fee (<$100).

Use the link above to sign up for a custom-built advertising campaign. And oh, next time you have an opinion, at least you’ll have a mailing list to share it with.


Why Landing Pages Will NEVER get Traffic!


Here’s a big one…even the gooroos don’t get.

They want traffic so desperately badly, but they’re living in 1996 when the web was SIMPLE.

Let’s throw together a landing page and dump some PPC traffic on it. YAY!

It actually bugs the shit out of me and I hate doing work for Gooroos because they can’t get this SIMPLE LITTLE FACT.

The web has EVOLVED. Today, search engines are BUSINESSES.

And they are in the business of sorting through the BILLIONS of useless websites on the Internet to give the best, most useful, most relevant results to their searchers.

And NO, they’re not going to send it to your PIECE OF SHIT squeeze page so you can just collect private contact information from their searchers with the rest of your business a big fat question mark.

We live in an age where information is ABUNDANT and readily available. And if one website won’t willingly disclose the top secret locked away information it has, then the user will go elsewhere.

Like forums, social networks, and communities where people willingly share and give up information without expecting a thing in return.

In fact, if you think you’re going to just throw up a landing page and suddenly have traffic, you’re asking to be batched together with all the scams out there.

A squeeze page is a WEB FRONT, not a WEB BUSINESS.

It’s a SHELL. You would NEVER do business with a company that has just an office shell, a virtual office they rent for $200/month…because for all you know, they’re here today, gone tomorrow.

Customers spend money with businesses that are here to stay.

Businesses that invest in their websites as assets that they could NEVER abandon just because Google decided to ban them or they got bored of maintaining their website.

It’s called CUSTOMER SUPPORT people.

You’re there BEFORE the sale and FOREVER after the sale.

Something your Gooroo “false gods” don’t know the first thing about.

At YaghiLabs we BELIEVE in customer support!

That’s why, when we found that customers of our Done-For-You Traffic Consultations needed MORE help after the sale, we went and actually put together an entire support staff JUST to ensure they can make full use of the campaigns we build them.

And one more thing, my young padawan…

When you get a Done-For-You Traffic Consultation, I’m going to FIGHT YOU on this point…

You’re going to resist maintaining a website that is a RESOURCE. That people will keep coming back to over and over again, regardless of whether or not they optin to your mailing list…

Not only that, we’ll give you a strategy to KEEP building your website’s content so it grows and grows and keeps getting free SEO traffic from TENS OF THOUSANDS of keywords.

And there’s ONLY one way to get that kind of help:

Get the DFYT Consultation. Option #1 we’ll give you the advice AND do it for you.

Get the DFYT Consultation Option #2 we’ll show you how to do it yourself and offer you more help later.



The Holy Grail of Passive Income

Page May Have Missing Text

Here’s a funny line I am so tired of hearing…

“I am doing MLM because I want leverage and passive income”.

This statement is stupid. Realise this.

Passive income means an income received on a regular basis, with LITTLE effort required to MAINTAIN it.

There are better (more proven) ways than MLM which get a higher success rate for passive income…e.g.,

Rental income.

Being financier / venture capitalist for a business someone else is building.

Becoming the founder and mastermind of a self-sustaining business which has employees doing all the work.

Selling a membership area.

Having an army of affiliates to sell your digital products.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

Notice the definition says “LITTLE effort required to MAINTAIN it.”

Little is not the same as NO effort.

And MAINTENANCE of the income is not the same as SETTING UP the income source.

That’s where the trouble lies for people in the industry who think MLM is the answer. First off, they think Online MLM is the only way to get an income with NO effort…and they’re under the unrealistic impression that it needs little effort to setup.

They have no skills. No money. And don’t want to work. Losers!

Passive income is one of the HARDEST things to set up.

Every single business owner on this planet CRAVES it…and many spend millions of dollars and a LIFETIME in setup, only to find that their business will never give passive income.

But I’ve accomplished passive income several times…

Thousands of dollars would hit the bank every day and I only checked on my stats for 15-mins a day just to pat myself on the back. And the secret (at least online) was ALWAYS:

1. Some kind of paid advertising (e.g., PPC)

2. Outsourcing/delegating or automating delivery

So I know what it takes to get passive income. And MLM is the hardest way I’ve seen to attain it.

But when you get a Done-For-You Traffic Consultation, you will get BOTH:

1) A paid advertising campaign BUILT FOR YOU, and…

Click the link to read more about the offer. And all that’s left is for you to count your passive monies. 🙂



Blogging When You Hate Writing

Hey it’s jim.

Yes, it’s a fantabulous day. Did mucho work today, and I’m feeling farkin great.

You might have noticed these posts are reaching you a little later/earlier than you were used to. Why?

Because when I used to write them first thing in the morning, I’d sit on my lazy ass and call it a day.

Not ashamed to say this, writing is therapeutic for me and I enjoy the heck out of it.

But that’s not the case for most people. Like the other day, I was giving a consultation to a guy who wanted to become a blogger.

By definition, a blogger must BLOG!

Except, this nice chap, he tried every loophole he could to get out of writing.

“Can’t I just reblog?”

 “Can’t I just summarise someone else’s content?”

“Can’t I just buy articles?”

No. No. No. Was my predictable always response.

Blogging itself isn’t hard.

How hard is talking? We all do it.

When you have an interesting topic to begin with, you can talk for hours.

Here’s the secret to being able to write regularly (and sell)…

Start an idea bank. Simple.

I keep mine on the computer…but maybe your phone is a good place to store yours or on a notepad if you’re a little old fashioned.

There’s inspiration ALL AROUND YOU, you come across it every day. But since you never take a note of your good conversation ideas, when you sit at a blank New Post on WordPress, the ideas refuse to flow. It becomes a strain to write. And it takes forever.

Not with an idea bank!…the hard work of getting blogging ideas is taken care of ahead of time.

Just like telling jokes…you’ve probably heard TONS of funny jokes which had you in tears over the course of your life. But most people, when they come to tell jokes, they can only remember one or two.

The other day I was sitting with my mother’s brother. He told me about a doctor friend of his he meets with once a month.

He said this guy keeps a notepad in his pocket…and on it he has a list of one or two trigger-words per line that remind him of good jokes he heard throughout the month.

He keeps this updated so that when he meets with his surgeon friends, for TWO HOURS STRAIGHT, the guy rattles off one joke after the other. Everyone laughs. He’s a star.

Doesn’t take much to be entertaining…just keep an idea bank.

When you order a Done-For-You Traffic Consultation by YaghiLabs, we GIVE you an idea bank to get you started. We also write actual articles/emails that you’re free to use however you wish.

Here is Done-For-You Traffic…Read up on it…

I promise once you start reading, you won’t stop till there are no words left.



Super Secret SALES SPIES

Check it out. Getting money is simple.

I mean it only took me like 4 years to figure this out and I’m a genius.


You don’t sit around waiting to have lots of traffic at your site before you think about how to sell something.

Aside from the fact that I think you’re a blithering idiot if you’re wasting your time masturbating to marketing training when you don’t have a product to sell. But whatever…

Get off the internet for a minute.

Go out and meet a person or two. Try to sell your product face-to-face. What’s the first step you do?

Don’t think about it. I’ll just tell you..


(Don’t peddle your crap in the street, i’ll kick your butt…was just being dramatic.)

So yeah, you start a dialogue.

Without questions and answers, selling is hopeless. You have to at least say, “Hey I got widgets, buy my widgets.”

The person in the street might wonder, wtf psych institution burned his tax dollars and let you out early. But unless you hear and then answer the question in his head, you can’t sell your widget.

Online, offline, it’s the same: Dialogue!

Don’t wait until you have 150 emails and support calls coming in daily before you start giving answering.

Start right away.

Because here’s the thing – to a sales amateur, a question asked by one prospect looks like just one person asking one dumb question.

Not true. A person asking a question represents a group of your potential customers wondering EXACTLY the same thing. Dumb or smart, regardless, their question is what’s stopping them ALL from buying. And without a response they’ll continue not buying.

Start the dialogue!

Even if no one EVER writes to you or asks you a single dang question. You should be answering questions ALL DAY LONG.

It’s what we’ve perfected at YaghiLabs. We have a knack for hunting down your leads in their homes, in their work, while they’re picking up their kids from school, in their bedrooms effing their spouses…

And quiet as a mouse, our Recon team sneak in, gather intelligence and report it back to our email writers who start answering questions your customers never verbalized to anyone — except in a whisper to their lover after a hot night of passion. 🙂

Click the link above to send us off on a secret sales recon mission for you. Or maybe we’ll be spying on you for someone else @ a mousehole near you.



Unlocking the Profit in Your Website

While overseas, I did a brainstorm with my uncle on a business project he has going. He’s founder of a very cool online community for experts and scientists where they can share their original expert content.

The website gets plenty of traffic and activity, people enjoy being members of the community, and the readers are many. But problem:

Contributors are few.

One of his ongoing concerns was that the interface was inconvenient to use.

When he spoke with his members in person, they showed great interest in contributing to the website. But despite that, they never got around to it.

What do YOU think should be his FIRST step to immediately get more contributions at his website?:

a) Should he advertise, get more traffic, and find contributors by signing up more members?

b) Should he hire a designer to make the website more intuitive and attractive?

c) Should he write emails asking his current members to add content?

d) Should he explain to his members the benefits of contributing content?

Which should he take care of first?

Give up. You’ll never get it haha.

(b) Hire a designer.

All the answers above are correct. And they are the very recommendations I gave.

But REDESIGN comes first.

Here’s why –

He already has traffic (a), so he’s not in desperate need of more. Game of numbers is a brute force sales technique and it’s for brutes.

Treating “contribution” as a product-to-sell and sending emails to convert more members into contributors (c) is a good idea…but if the interface for adding content is cumbersome he will lose the “sale” at the last minute.

And explaining the benefits of contributing (d) is a smart move, but see (c) above.

Which is why (b) should be his FIRST step.

I gave him a YaghiLabs interface design expert who will help him layout the contribution interface in a user-friendly manner.

Having an action plan of “next steps” and knowing the ORDER to implement your actions is CRITICAL. It could be the difference between success and failure. Profit and loss. Waste of time and use of time.

The Done-For-You Traffic Consultation is where you can have me tell you YOUR next “first” step:

Click and let’s unlock the profit in your website today.



1,800,000 impressions in 15 minutes

Hey there,

It’s been rough getting back into my routine since returning from travel. Lots to catch up on, including back-logged work, a LOT of missed sleep, and being under the weather.

In any case, I wanted to share with you a little traffic insight today. This came up while reviewing a campaign for a traffic client we manage…

I think one of the biggest hold ups entrepreneurs have when starting their business is that they try to do too much preparation before getting started.

The Gooroos who are interested in selling lots of information products over-complicate things to the point there’s too much to consume all at once. And it’s a total time-suck.

Starting your traffic is simple…

You have a product to sell, you bring people to your site, then you start selling it.

So everyone gets really caught up in the details of getting it perfect…like setting up their website, then writing a landing page with killer copy, a sales letter, an email sequence, and then super-dooper targeting of keywords and a gazillion ad split-tests. TOO COMPLICATED!

Bah!!! Makes my head spin.

Pro’s don’t do it like this. Here’s what we do:

We start out by getting a bunch of keywords that our audience is searching for. Lots of them. AND I MEAN LOTS!

We write 4 ads, each with a drastically different angle on the offer. Solutions for different problems.

Then we run the campaign with minimal tinkering. We are up and running in hours.

Where we see desirable results, we expand on them.

Let me give you a quick example we worked on today…

One lady we built a campaign for as part of a DFYT consultation had nearly 100,000 keywords and 4 ads.

After 9 days, we found she was receiving 1.5 million impressions on ONE keyword.

We could have wasted our time creating landing pages for each keyword and special ads to match each. But we didn’t.

The adgroup that was producing all these impressions was providing 1,800 clicks…more than enough traffic to refine.

Best part is, the keyword that was getting all the impressions was a variation on what would have been an EXTREMELY expensive keyword. We got TONS of visits from the SAME audience for a fraction of the cost!

Next, we identified the ad pulling best, killed the other ad angles for that ONE adgroup, and wrote a fresh ad based on the winning one–with one key difference:

The headline was directly correlated with the keyword that got the result…

The rest of the adgroups we left untouched until a later date if they showed promise.

Like this, we immediately amplified where we were already getting results. We increased the effectiveness of the impressions with the better-correlating ad, and as a result we hope for many more conversions. The entire thing took 15 minutes.

On the other hand, we might have wasted DAYS writing and split-testing ads for keywords that were never going to get many impressions unless we bid several dollars a click.

This is why you need us to build your traffic campaigns… 

The Done-For-You Traffic service is what we call it. It’s super-affordable and gives you IMMEDIATE traffic at the lowest possible cost to you.

Sign up for a DFYT with us today…

We’ll have you setup and eating more traffic than you know what to do with.



100’s of Sales WITHOUT Sales Letters

I know that you may think there’s no way to sell without a “sales letter”. I used to think the same thing until I discovered a way to make sales with JUST an order form.

See if you listen to the Gooroo’s, you probably have a snotty azz attitude toward “customer support”.

Gooroos are too uppity to talk to subscribers. It’s not even funny.

At first, much as I resisted the urge to become snotty, I used to get my time SUCKED with all the “help me” mail that came in. I mean, it came in all forms–people seemed to be stalking me on Facebook and Twitter and anywhere they could try and get my “free help”.

Eventually, I hired an assistant to filter emails for me.


But it was a good thing I did. It finally led me understand how useful it is to actually have a semblance of customer support.

Luckily my assistant was a REALLY smart girl…and she actually converted most of those people asking questions into customers. Then I took that idea and expanded it to convert HUNDREDS.

Here’s what she made me realise…

When you’re selling, you’re constantly trying to GUESS what your customer is thinking and trying to convince them of your point of view.

But there is no need to guess…

The answer is staring you in the face!

Whenever someone asks a question, it’s NOT just one person asking it.

There’s at least 100 people on your list asking THE SAME question…AND resisting buying because the question goes UNANSWERED.

Worst thing is they’re quietly not buying WITHOUT telling you.

So when someone writes a question, they’re doing you a BIG favour.

Don’t ignore them like the Gooroos tell you to do…

Turn the answer into a blog post, Facebook Note, or email…for EVERYONE.

And watch the sales flow…

I know what you’re thinking–you don’t get a whole lot of useful questions from your subscribers because you don’t have a big list.

Noooo problem-o…

My staff and I have a secret strategy to find your customers resisting buying from your competitors…

And in a Done-For-You Traffic Consultation, we actually not only find the questions…we answer them FOR YOU in 10 emails.

Well, we call them emails…but you can use them as blog posts, or Facebook notes, or even Ezine articles. Totally original, and you have every right to use them.

Here’s where to get us writing your sales sucking emails:

lots of love,


Keyword Research

Even though I got like 3 hours of sleep, I didn’t forget you beautiful fabulous Readers I love. (No homo).

Below is a Super Secret Traffic TRICK to reward your loyalty because…

Search marketing rocks my socks!

It gives me so many boners, trafficking people through client websites trapping them with the searches they run. Hell, my wife gets so jealous I started accessing Google only when she’s asleep and clearing my browser’s cache when done.

Never a dull moment at Yaghi Castle.

Trouble is for most people getting boners to the idea of marketing to Facebook Fiends and Twitter Twots is the one time they ever tried search marketing they did it all wrong.


In fact, I don’t care if you do SEO or PPC or whatever the hell keyword research nutbust method.

It’s wrong.

It’s backwards.

The people who taught you nonsense about “buyer intention” and “targeting keywords” are inbreds with the mental capacity of a circus MULE.

No match for my computering brilliance!

See, you can reach ANYONE on this planet with MY search marketing trick.

And you can sell ANYTHING from an ebook to a wire. From a toaster to a car. From a banana to a freakin house…if you advertise on SEARCH.

Yes, every example I mentioned I actually sold to SEARCHERS. Not to Facebook Fiends and Twitter Twats.

Here’s the difference between what I do and what most inbreds do. And if this doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry. Only geniuses will get the “Aha” feeling of realization coming up:

I target a TYPE OF PEOPLE…

Not the ambiguous searches they type.

If you target a search phrase and its variants, you might get a handful of people.

But to swallow a market whole, you target EVERY search ever possibly conducted by the TYPE OF PEOPLE you want to reach.


Stop trying to guess people’s “buyer intention”. Because that’s all it is–a guess.

We have perfected keyword research to the point that it’s disgusting. When you get Done-For-You Traffic, we HOARDE PEOPLE for you, not useless keywords.


We don’t “guess”. Search Engines TELL US buyer intention or whatever you call it.




about the <$100 expert staffer i let slip yesterday

Tip of the Carrot to you!

Hehe, one cheeky little sentence at the end of yesterday’s email got more attention than I expected.

Several of your fellow subscribers went looking for the “<$100 expert staffer, on-call around the clock” deal. You know, a YaghiLabs expert you can retain to do the parts of your business you can’t or don’t wanna do.

But WHY did the link go to the old YaghiLabs’ flagship consulting products–and not to that much more interesting deal!?

Let’s ease your curiosity:

Think of us as the NetFlix of Internet Business Staffing.

For a small monthly fee (<$100), you can have Traffic “Bob” available on-call to take care of ANY traffic needs you have. Traffic “Bob” IS your employee, certified, supervised, and trained by me @ YaghiLabs. And he’s your BIYAAATCH to make him do whatever you want–

except sexual favours, please don’t ask!

Plus I think Traffic “Bob” might be a tranny anyway — unless you’re into that.

If, instead, you need a hand with your day-to-day work, you can retain Virtual Assistant “Jane” as an on-call employee for as few (or as many) hours a month as you want. Packages available to suit your budget starting at < $100. She’ll take care of …hmm…just about anything:

Secretarial work, back-linking all day, repetitive jobs, appointment setting & keeping, phone-calling, customer support…even article writing, ordering your pizza, or whatever.

Even though the price seems low,

QUALITY is our only priority.

In fact, when you retain Traffic “Bob” or Assistant “Jane” or Copywriter “Joe” — What you’re getting is access to the ENTIRE diversely expert crew at YaghiLabs who are invisibly working for you on whichever part of the job requires their speciality.

Remember, EVERY business needs employees to do its work.

If you have NO employees, then you’re it. All the work rests on your back.

That is, until this email saved you. From being your own beeyatch. 🙂 You’re welcome!

So I guess you want us on your side now, huh?

Not so fast…

We’re only offering these services to clients of our flagship consulting products.

FIRST, you need to have at least a DFYT setup ($1,997 one-time) or a DFYT consultation ($497 one-time). Then you can use ours girls and guys the way I described above.

Here’s where you start…

Why? Because DFYT is where we assess what you MOST need help with to start making sales and $$, and where your focus needs to be. This way, we assign you the right expert staffer for you and you get to work on what you love.



Eureka! a FORMULA for Sales

Late. Bad day. Anyway, listen.

Was chatting with a client late last night when she said, *in my best Angelina Jolie voice*:

“…I have tried to improve the copywriting on my landing page…”


Copywriting? What is that?

Headline Techniques? Tricks? Marketing Cliché’s?

“Copywriting” is a label for someone’s best attempt to make an EXACT science out of an INEXACT art.

Yes boys and girls. Advertising, Marketing, Sales —

It’s all ART. NOT science.

If we wanted to, we could turn everything we’ve done to make MILLLIONS of dollars online into a “formula”. But for you, it would be a useless, pointless formula. It will not work for anyone but us.

To be called a FORMULA, a formula must give EXACTLY the expected result every time it is used.

Just like the area of a rectangle = width x height. Or Velocity = distance / time.

These formulae will ALWAYS give the exact area or velocity. But a marketing “formula” will not always give sales.

It leaves gaps only I, the creator of the “formula” can fill with my experience. Naming it, giving it a label doesn’t make it any more correct.

Which brings me to another pet-peeve:

Gooroo’s who LABEL stuff so it sounds “scientific”, like it’s a “thing”. Neat trick if you’re the author selling to customers.

Dumb of you to quote it like a parrot and not see right through it, if you call yourself entrepreneur.

e.g. Attraction Marketing, Magnetic Marketing, Gravitational Marketing or any kind of force of attraction. What is that?

Marketing that works!

I mean, who in dog is trying to sell a Revulsion Formula as a marketing technique? Of course Marketing is synonymous with ‘attraction’. The labels are Gooroo-Made, not God-sent.

NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotic Marketing? Not a thing either. It’s merely a DESIRE to convince others in a self-serving way. Not a thing. Just a fancy label to sell training in a sexy sounding way.

We @ YaghiLabs think it’s pretentious and unnecessary to give fake labels and formulas about standard shyt.

Entrepreneurs are our CLIENTS, not study-fans masturbating over someone else’s successful marketing stories.

Our experience in marketing that works is at YOUR disposal ONLY when you get a DFYT Consultation with us. Here’s how…

Marketing and selling is mastered by years of practice, experimentation, trial and error. MILLLLLIONS of dollars in sales are the only proof we need to know there is NO formula. Just what works and what doesn’t.



fu*k you, i wont do what you tell me

It’s a pet peeve. You’ve noticed, haven’t you?

A sigma leader forcefully moves forward–Unwavering. Unapologetic. — whoever follows, follows.

Alphas NEED the masses to follow. Sigmas don’t care who follows.

So I find it a bit fu*ked up when writing client emails, that I have to maintain certain safeness for the sake of the client’s happiness. At the detriment of their sales. It’s a compromise I reluctantly make. Otherwise being a service-provider would be idiotic.

I’ve learned to strike a balance between “what the client wants” and “what the client needs”.

Because I’ve come to realise that most “marketers” are wannabe’s and they don’t feel comfortable being different.

Different is equated with being the “black sheep”.

Can’t have that can we. No, no…

But YaghiLabs are not wannabe’s. We ARE marketers, unique, and true. Marketing HAS to be innovative, fresh, new!

“Sales don’t come to those who are safe, same, and proper.”

Consistently doing everything opposite and counter-intuitive has been profitable for me. More important, however, I’ve been happy because I’m comfortable in my skin. I don’t need to sell out myself or my clients to earn a healthy living.

One classic novel, The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, has a theme of VICTORY for people who follow their heart. Here’s a quotable conversation between two journalists in the novel — I think it PERFECTLY underscores this idea for Marketers:

He said:

“Speaking of architecture, Dominique, why haven’t you ever written anything about the Cosmo-Slotnick Building?”

“Is it worth writing about?”

“Oh, decidedly. There are people whom it would annoy very much.”

“And are those people worth annoying?”

“So it seems.”

“What people?”

“Oh, I don’t know. How can we know who reads our stuff? That’s what makes it so interesting. All those strangers we’ve never seen before, have never spoken to, or can’t speak to–and here’s this paper where they can read our answer, if we want to give an answer.”

Award-winning Journalism and marketing are brother and sister. They’re both fresh, opposite, and give a different point of view.

Writers write for invisible audiences. They can’t see their reaction. To get a response, you HAVE to provoke, annoy them, rub them the wrong way, be politically Incorrect. That’s how you know you have readers, even without a single reply.

Sure you can write like everyone else, be a follower, a member of the masses, constantly please everyone. If that’s your purpose.

But if your purpose is to be READ — If your purpose is to evoke reaction – if your purpose is sales, you HAVE to ruffle feathers and be new.

Turn off MOST and turn on FEW…

That’s how ONLY we can do. We setup your traffic, landing pages, and sales emails in a way you have NEVER been trained. See how at the link below…

When you hire us, we’ll TRY to write safe sales emails for you so you don’t get to feel like the “black sheep”…but if you REALLY want us to help you SELL, you need to trust us and give us permission to write words that fu*k people up.



no, we CAN’T be friends

Being social.

The whole “political correctness”, the fake niceties, small talk, pretending to care when you don’t, the favours, the visits. UGHhhh CRINGE. It’s all so tedious.

Finding a career online has been great.

All the advantages of “being social” without any of the things I don’t love.

My wife thinks I’m weird. Constantly tries to get me to do stuff with this or that and scratches her head at my replies. eg,:

 “But if we visit so-and-so this ‘one time’, then so-and-so will ‘owe us’ a visit. And we start a cycle that doesn’t exist, and I don’t want to exist.”


“I don’t like hanging with X’s husband. His conversations are tedious. I’m an intellectual, and I can’t let my mind be exposed to the ‘DUMB’ he puts out.”


“Look, he’s just not on my level. I’m not trying to be mean, but pretending to like him makes me physically tired and ruins my whole day.”

Anyway, although online relationships can be filtered somewhat, they are just as tedious.

Ever notice that the “Done-For-You Traffic” service we offer at YL has a very generous “buddy discount” (50%! @

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind giving a discount to a buddy, buddy. But the definition stated at the link above was: “someone who has met me in person” AND “has had at least one PHONE conversation with me”.

A client-customer conversation doesn’t count as a “phone conversation”, btw. But whatever, I didn’t make a distinction one way or the other.

So then along comes numbnuts asking for the ‘buddy discount’ because we met at some event in vegas or whatever. Ermm…dude, the events I attend as a guest-speaker have over 1,000 people in attendance.

There is no way on this planet everyone I shook hands with is ‘buddy’. I’m not that popular.

Besides I like to be friends with people at the same intellectual level so there is an EQUAL exchange of ideas between us, even in idle “social time”. That’s what these emails you get from me are–“SOCIAL Intellecture” — conversations I’ve had with a ‘buddy’ before you got em.

Problem with buddy discounts isn’t the discount itself. It’s the ‘buddy’!

Apparently online, a buddy (and let’s go ahead and include some of your favorite Gooroos and their staff)…can expect to be a royal pain in the buttpipe. They assume they can request:

1. Exceptions on any conditions you have for products or services you sell

2. That you create a customised service, often asking for things not included in any of the packages you sell but also expecting EVERYTHING in ALL the packages you sell

3. Faster service than anyone else. they send an email every 15 minutes asking for an update

4. That you start the work before any payment is made, expecting free preparation, often without discussing payment until after they get the work.

5. And multiple contacts before, during, AND after the sale to answer their dipshit questions at every step where they get to challenge everything and anything you say.

And that’s just some of the annoying extra work that ‘social relations’ bring.

I stop replying to them. Don’t know if they get the hint, I fired them as friends and as clients.

Honestly, I rather PAY THEM to stop thinking of me as their buddy.

– They’re exhausting.

– Their mom is exhausting.

– Talking to them is a physical drain.

But there’s others who understand they’re not friends so they try to create a “buddy” relationship from thin air. Like I need MORE useless friends. I’d PAY TO LOSE MY CURRENT FRIENDS. If you want friends, adopt mine, I’ll pay you.

Makes me laugh.

Here’s how it works:

They send in an email inquiring as if they are a prospective customer and great fan. As soon as they get a reply, they show some serious interest in one of your products and expectantly ask to talk on Skype or phone to discuss their needs.

Here’s my advice if this ever happens to you in some distant future when you become a big-shot. 🙂


That’s all for today. Good advice, money in the bank.

If you are interested in our Done-For-You Traffic packages and consultations, then please understand my time is precious and little.

It’s so little, so valuable, that I actually try to save time on sleep (4 hours a day). Don’t have time for friends. Don’t have time for anything other than traffic raping and world domination.

If you need a phone call or email to “discuss your needs”, then you’re asking me to sell you on the phone.

I sell you enough here, in your email every day. Don’t I? Friends. 🙂

You need to talk about your needs, traffic, your business, your sales page, your website, your kids, my life, want sex advice, this is the ONLY and most cost-effective way to do it:



unorthodox blog post

This is highly unorthodox of me.

To write a blog post that doesn’t end with a sales pitch for Done-For-You Traffic.

But something else has been on my mind. We just finished editing a 60+ minute “mini DFYT” consultation with one of our own teammates at YaghiLabs.

We don’t advertise this much. But discretely, we record a once-monthly (very underrated) audio periodical called “Continued Help”.

Here’s what kinda sucks about it though…

Although we have a large number of old subscribers who pay $15 every month, we see precious little activity in the members area. Meaning, MOST of the people paying to get the very current training don’t even listen to it. That’s the trouble with virtual products.

Not that we’re complaining.

Free money is cool.  😉

But more funny is this:

The knowledge that so few of our paying subscribers actually listen to the recording, has given us all kinds of BALLS. We have freedom to talk on these recordings in great depth about some seriously TOP SECRET shyt! And we laugh that few will ever hear.

I mean, last month, we did this amazing “birth of a high converting PPC landing page” with THREE of our experts. I critiqued the crap out of their original attempts, and then went over them one step at a time and made a new masterpiece of conversion.

That same recording was so valuable that Magnetic Sponsoring and BetterNetworker both asked to “borrow” it as part of the content for THEIR (more expensive) paid periodicals.

This month’s recording, which is today being uploaded, is even more powerful!

And I cackle, because you’ll probably never hear it. Whether or not you pay for it.

We’re so bold on these recordings, that we share trade secrets. We actually reveal techniques that some are paying us THOUSANDS to have us do for them!

Anyway, just wanted to tease you.

You can’t get access to Continued Help.

It’s only sold as a “One-Time-Offer” after buying another low-priced (very valuable) product of ours called the Internet Business Academy.

You’re probably not going to get that either. But here’s the link JUST IN CASE you like listening to good training you pay for:


Anyway, we’re thinking of turning Continued Help into a physical membership, for a lot more $$. But it’s just an idea right now.



Why Your Landing Page Bribe Gets Fake Leads and Destroys Sales Daily

Page May Have Missing Text

The dumb notion of a BRIBE on your landing page when building a mailing list.

A bribe is meant to be some “freebie” you offer a visitor to your site in exchange for their email address.

The idea being, if what you offer is valuable (yet free), the visitor will happily drop their email address for it.


Sorry I just flushed down the toilet your last few months spent authoring “Super Cool Traffic Nitwits 2.0 Money Control List Buggery Free eBook Bribe”.

Look, let’s admit this outright:

– You want someone’s email so you can sell to them.

– You could care less if they read your eBook.

– You only need their email address to follow-up and sell stuff. Because I know and you know, if you send peeps straight to the order page sales don’t happen.

But look at it from the prospect’s point of view…

If you’re such a kind Samaritan, why can’t you just give a direct download link to your fabulous book?

(and btw, if in fact your eBook IS your sales pitch, then please go ahead and make a landing page with nothing but a straight download link to your crappy ebook. Please. Many more people will download and read your sales pitch this way.)

Here’s what makes more sense. Pay close attention:

Your newsletter IS your bribe!

Call to action:

“Drop your email in the box below to receive weekly traffic tips by email…”


Bribe? waste of time. You don’t want that. It’s nothing more than an invitation for fake addresses entered by curious prospects just so they can advance to the next step of receiving the promised freebie.

Worse. Later, when they receive email from you, they’re irritated!!

Why are you emailing me asshole? they think…

The text I shared above, it places value on your EMAILS.

It’s where you want attention.

If they want free sh–I mean stuff, they MUST understand it’s gonna be dripped over time in a newsletter that sells shyt.

Now THAT’s the way to make sales!

Is there a place for a bribe then?

Yes. It can SIGNIFICANTLY improve your optin rate further…when used correctly. But the approach is delicate and only to be used by professionals.

Like us. We’ve mastered the art of creating landing pages that SUCK leads from ice cold search traffic.

Landing pages we build for you keep attention on the inbox. Your high converting landing page starts here