[revelatory] /rev-uh-luh-tohr-ee/. adj. Pointing out or revealing clearly.

Have you ever sent out an email promotion or a sales video, only to find it has generated ZERO sales?


Well don’t fret, because you are not alone. Even big online businesses struggle to get good response to their promotions. Mainly, that’s because the internet is a passive selling medium, where target prospects are free to lose interest and abandon a sales message at any time.

The easiest way to keep a prospect’s attention the whole way is with a Revelatory Narrative.

Online sales messages usually fail when they follow a sequence that is predictable to the target customer. Predictable has the nasty effect of being boring since it leaves little reward for the viewer to stay and receive the entire pitch.

That’s why online sales experts use narratives or stories to dress up their sales message.  In fact, you may already be using narratives in your sales process today. But not all narratives are equal…

Where else have you seen Narratives used before?

We commonly experience narratives in entertainment; for example, in movies, television shows, plays, and so on. Although the Revelatory Narrative is a sales technique, it is used in all successful entertainment.

Merriam Webster defines the word Revelatory as, of or relating to revelation; serving to reveal something.

So think about some television shows or movies you may have seen in the past. Now if we were to toss the infamous term “cliff hanger” out there, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Right?

A cliff-hanger is usually a lie.

The writers determine that they will give viewers a false perception that something is true when it is not and cut off the story there. Usually the false perception is something dramatic, like an important character is about to be killed…or a trusted character performs a horrible action.

When the show returns after a commercial break or in the next episode or season, then the truth is told and the audience breathes a sigh of relief.

A revelation, on the other hand, is a truth.

Smart story-tellers, will uncover the truth after a lie. They start by giving limited information that skews the audience’s perception and causes them to make incorrect initial assumptions. Gradually, the story-teller gives to the audience more context which in turn causes them to update their assumptions and re-evaluate what they believe may happen next.

Predictability is DESTROYED!

This forces viewers/listeners/readers to interactively participate in “un-pealing” the truth. A combination of their curiosity and the mini-revelations along the way make them engage with the story on deep levels.

The result, for the audience, is a magical journey of discovery not unlike a hypnotic trance. Good luck trying to break them out of it!

So, why is Revelatory Narrative so cool for Online Selling?

Because it draws you into the message, deeper and deeper, and holds your interest the entire time, making you curious about what’s going to happen next. So you continue to watch, or listen, or read, constantly seeking the next tidbit of information and practically dying for your answers to be revealed to you.

And here’s the Cool part…

Revelatory Narrative in YOUR sales letters, emails and videos will keep your prospect’s eyeballs literally glued to the screen!

And the longer their eyes are fixated on your story, well, the more you can underhandedly sell them, and the more your audience becomes emotionally connected to whatever you’re selling.

Guess what happens next?

They just can’t wait to buy whatever you are selling, plain and simple.

Best part is, because they have such an emotional experience interacting with your promotion, they may be compelled to run out and tell all their friends about it as well.

Now, the next time you’re sending out a promotional email or drafting a sales letter, remember what you learned here today. Use a little Revelatory Narrative in your messages, and see how it boosts your responses, where before you might have had none.


[dissonance]  /ˈdis-É™-nÉ™n(t)s/. n. Inconsistency between the beliefs one holds or between one’s actions and one’s beliefs.

Have you ever noticed the crazed mindset of the iPhone faithful?

the first guy in line for the iPhone

Most of the super elite, die-hard fans of the iPhone completely refuse to listen to facts and logic when it comes to phone technology. They overlook that the EVO is actually a 4G device, while the iPhone 4 is still only a 3G device. They will not recognize that the EVO has superior tethering capabilities, that it is much easier to load media files to, that it uses a much more flexible operating system, and that the EVO also supports high quality video chat.

Sometimes people become so entranced by something that they will deny obvious facts on certain issues, and they will defend their own misguided decisions seemingly to their own death.

Cognitive dissonance is an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding conflicting ideas simultaneously.”

The theory of cognitive dissonance proposes that people have a motivational drive to reduce dissonance. They do this by changing their attitudes, beliefs, and actions. Dissonance is also reduced by justifying, blaming, and denying. It is one of the most influential and extensively studied theories in social psychology.


Now, we cannot be certain, but let’s just assume for a moment that those who remain loyal to the iPhone 4 ARE NOT incompetent. Which would lead us to assume that blatant facts and comparisons are simply ignored when they are presented with information comparing the iPhone to other similar devices.


Because they have two conflicting beliefs. One must be overpowered.

There is a common belief amongst us all that features such as connectivity, speed, resolution, and battery life have inherent value when it comes to mobile phones.

However, amongst Apple supporters, there is another belief which is manufactured by Apple’s marketing.

The belief that there is value in the chic look, presumed status, and the way Apple’s technology makes one “feel” when others see them swishing and swiping away at their iPhone.

In iPhone evangelists, the manufactured belief overpowers the value-for-money one and the latter is traded off, much to the dismay of others.

What Makes People Deny Obvious Facts?

Well, there are many answers to this, and the list could go on forever, but we will quickly touch on a couple of them here. Three of the most common reasons are Greed, Popularity, and Fear.

In the iPhone example, the primary reason is that the iPhone has become a status symbol amongst smart phones. It seems like the cool, hip thing to have. In fact, it’s kinda Yuppy-ish. And it does something pleasant for the soul of the iPhone Elite who insist on purchasing this phone, even if it’s not really the coolest technology in phones anymore.

All the same, Apple has done a wonderful job of making their technology exclusive by setting themselves apart with higher price-point and slightly inferior but more desirable products.

This creates a divide between people. Another group is formed who share the same dissonance but choose instead the better features, less restrictions, and better price.

This second group of people allow Apple lovers to feel good about their purchase. Because the second group continue to want the iPhone even though they may say, “Hey, I can get a better phone for less.”

Why Healthy Skepticism is Good

Healthy skepticism is good because it’s always smart to find out all of the facts and make FACT BASED decisions for yourself, rather than to make emotional decisions which you might regret later on.

You should also be careful not to fall into the Robot-Syndrome of following a product or another person simply because they said you should follow them.

There’s an old saying that the only person who can’t change his or her mind is the person who hasn’t got one.

So don’t beat yourself up if you’re thinking of a time or two when you’ve fallen victim to cognitive dissonance. Instead, use it as a learning experience to better prepare yourself for the future.

And if you’re in denial about something that’s simply not working out for you the way you had hoped it would…

Well, don’t be afraid to change your mind. It’s not too late.

Getting Rich Online, The Dark Side

You are gathered amongst evil minds, tyrannically plotting your destruction. Everywhere you turn, you must take care not set off a bomb, or to step into a trap, or to become ensnared into the temptations of fortune and fame disguising your demise.

This passageway seems safe. You take it.

Crime and chaos…

You’re new aren’t you?

You’re now in a world where Moral Values no longer exist.

Evil mutants spew their venomous toxin into the already brainwashed minds of their victims. They have taken over the minds of the innocent. Welded their mouths shut. Corrupted them with filth. Turned them into their own minions and agents of evil.

Mutant clones!

“Come,” they say, to more innocents. “Come, we will lead you to safety. Our path is the true one.”

You Fear them! Panicked, you look for shelter but only find places where scum and villainy unite.

You are terrified that they will inject you with their poison and hypnotize you with their words and steal your tongue.

Then you hear a beautiful melody play. Words so sweet.

Words so poisonous. Delicious. You eat, you hoard, you eat. A magnificent treat that delights your mind. Words as sweet as poetry. All it takes is one poisonous sugar-coated drop and you now fiend for their venom.

You become mutant.

They have overpowered you and you submit. You are a clone and it feels right!

There is no reason to be terrified. No need to fear these beautiful beings. They have given you a most precious gift.

You can do anything, you can be anything. You are POWERFUL and on top of the world!
You have grown strong. Your mind is more alert and you have enlightened senses…

You howl with delight.

You Lose Everything.

But the high only lasts a moment before its pain begins to caress your insides. This poison consumes you and you need another fix. It has left your body desecrated. A limp piece of decaying flesh no longer capable.

Your life has spun out of control and you have lost EVERYTHING.

When you have nothing and your soul is empty…the mutants are nowhere to be found.

Disappeared! Why won’t they feed you their delicious poison? Why won’t they help you–give you more of their beautiful poetic songs of empowerment?

Why won’t they grace you with their presence and glory?

And the pain is devastating.

Like sharp knives piercing your heart and hot lava scorching your bones, all you can do is pray for help.

While you lay defeated in complete darkness, in the distance…

You spot the mutants moved on to fresh victims. From the corner of your eye, you glimpse some movement. What’s this? A new face?

A small boy approaches timidly. You want to warn him…you want to say:

“Look out! There is no fame, no fortune, no glory. Just the hungry songs of greedy masters of deception.”

You push yourself up to call out to him.

Your mutated lips produce nothing, but a whisper…