How To Create Opt-In Lead Generator

I would be lying to you if I said there was only one way to create an Opt-In Lead Generator. Okay, technically speaking there is just one way, that is, by doing so with some type of web development code. Let’s break down the process a bit more and skip the technical speak…

Building an Opt-In Lead Generator Starting Point

Building a lead generator doesn’t start on a webpage, capture page, squeeze page, or any other page you find online. Putting together an effective lead generator starts with an effective marketing plan. This could be a plan in which your product or service is already getting results, well before you start advertising using the Internet.

I get it, you are just starting out and you want to sell to people only online. I am sure you have some kind of competition somewhere and they may have a method setup to generate leads with some form of Opt-In system. You are aware of your competition right….right?

You Must Already Know

Market research seems to be the last thing entrepreneurs add to their portfolio of business skills. When it comes time to sell, they can get frustrated as to why no one is purchasing what they have to offer. Let’s assume your product is something people want to buy. Now your job is to make sure they buy from you. Not only do you want them to buy from you, you want them to be ready to buy and open to buy even more by being an Opt-In customer. Tongue twister much?

Opt-In generators give your customers a way to say, “Yes…I want to stay connected with your business.”

Method of Opt-Ins

Your product is good and you have a website up and running. Now you’re targeting potential customers (and current ones) who would like to stay connected with you and are interested in your product or service. It’s time to pick a method to make this happen…

  • Email marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Social Media
  • Micro Blogs
  • Text messages

and more…

Tools of the Trade

Depending on the method or style you are going with for capturing or collecting your customers permission to send them stuff, there are many tools to assist you.

Email Marketing programs like Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact and iContact allow you to create forms for webpages so your visitors can give you their permission to be contacted directly. They also provide you with a method of storing and managing all related content.

Social Media sites use Apps or Plugins which interact with email marketing tools or have custom code to collect your customers permissions as well.

Being Realistic

Breaking down the specifics for your particular business would be impossible in one article. What I want you to take from this information is that developing a good Opt-in lead generation method for your business will take careful planning, setting specific goals based on your products and services, and testing.

As an entrepreneur you have to measure the value of learning the skills necessary to put such tools to use (and at a profit) versus having an experienced team of professionals leverage the time and effort for you.

Yes, we do this everyday at Yaghi Labs. Traffic, Conversions, Testing, Marketing, Generating Qualified Leads and so much more…

We can tell you if using the Internet to grow your business is worth your time and money. And if so, we will work with you directly and provide the expertise needed to succeed and thrive online.

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Best regards,

Yaghi Labs Team Member
Richard Kaulfers

How to Edit Downloaded Youtube Videos in Adobe Premiere Pro

Here you will learn the answer to this very common question about YouTube videos and Adobe Premiere Pro…

“Do I need to change settings for working with videos I downloaded from YouTube Adobe Premiere?”

Yes and No. When you download videos from YouTube, you might have to change the format of the video in some instances.

“Note: Premiere Pro CS5 can import FLV files with video encoded using the On2 VP6 video codec; Premiere Pro CS5 can’t import FLV files with video encoded with the Sorenson Spark video codec.  As with any unsupported format, transcode the file to a format that Premiere Pro can import.”  -From

I am writing this with the impression you already downloaded videos from YouTube.  You can leave a comment or use the Ask YaghiLabs if you’re unclear about downloading videos off of YouTube or other streaming formats.

How Can I Change the Format of a FLV Video or Any Other Format

I  understand there are different programs you can use to re-encode video files.  You are going to learn about a program I use all the time because it’s fast, free and easy.  “SUPER©” is the name of the program and the screencast below shows you how to get the program for your self.


SUPER© Home Page

How to Use SUPER© to Re-Encode  Flash FLV Youtube Videos

Now that you have SUPER© installed, and I assume you have videos downloaded already, the process is simple as drop in video file, select encoding format, and encode.

Depending on your final goal you can play with the settings to get the right output you wish to work with. Remember to read SUPER© websites information. They provide great detail about encoding with the program.

If you put a low quality video in, and try to boost it to “high quality” then all you will get is an “enhanced”(the flaws will stick out more) low quality video.  Keep the settings relative to the original video.

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How Do Videos Go Viral

The Psychology of: “How Videos Go Viral”

A viral video spreads like an infectious disease throughout  media, TV shows, the internet and directly into the hands of mobile phone users.  This happens for few a reasons which you’re about to discover.

Why Videos Go Viral

Content of a Viral Video are usually…

strange,  shocking, wildly humorous, racy, sexy, a painful moment, or of death and destruction.

Those elements make the content easy to share with others because they have the, “YOU MUST SEE THIS!” factor.

Lets examine the following screen shot of a viral video  with almost two million views in the time frame of just three days.


This video has the following sharable factors.

It’s unusual – an underwater tornado – very cool and extremely rare to see.  Mix in a little death and destruction and you’ve just doubled the share factor. Add in some TV exposure (a.k.a a bit of marketing), and you have a recipe for a viral video. The title has the word death in it.  People love to see death and destruction.

Get  A Viral Video and You’ll Retire

From a business standpoint, companies may try to artificially add in some of the ingredients listed above to make a viral video.  Very few videos go viral, nor should they.  The kind of videos which do go viral are mostly entertaining for the viewer and have no intention to sell a product or service.

I know I know, you just want the video to create massive exposure for your brand/product and everything else will fall in place.

Sure, some people might learn about a product or service they didn’t know about before, but have no need or want to run out and buy after seeing the video.

Can Viral Videos Sell More Products?

Maybe, but in my opinion TV commercials and online videos which aim for the viral effect waste more money than they generate.  The Old Spice commercials may have an entertainment factor to them but how effective do they work?  I haven’t seen them use that approach for awhile.

Companies as big as Old Spice have the money to produce and promote such commercial to keep the “top of mind” effect for current Old Spice users. Same thing with many of the beer commercials. For businesses, it’s more expensive gaining customers than keeping them.

Should you aim to make a viral video?

I would suggest not to aim to make a viral video, but aim to make a video that sells the benefits of the product to the end user.  You can do so in a fun way that sticks with the message.  Ask your team and yourself, “Do the elements in the video distract from the overall message?” If so then it’s pretty much useless.  Who really cares how funny the video is if the end user doesn’t know about the product or service.

The Tag Line Effect

Successful videos promoting products and services from small business have a few viral elements which help  the share-ability factor.

I shared this guys videos with a friend yesterday because he just went bear hunting and there are a few bear videos this guy has.

People who you wouldn’t think would make such videos are doing it, and they’re getting results. They have a wow factor, and say usually something completely random as a catch phrase or tag line.  Example:


Chuck Testa

His videos are about cutting up all kinds of animals. He also has a tagline.  Does Chuck Testa care if you don’t like the fact he stuffs animals?


You may never need an animal stuffed, but his videos have a share factor because seeing a bear’s head cut out, or learning how to clean a bobcat isn’t an everyday thing.   It also pisses off a lot of people, which is another factor to which makes headlines.  People love to “hate” on stuff if they can.

Of course his videos didn’t go viral all on their own. They are backed by some commercial promotion.  A booster to get the ball rolling if you will.


Have something worth sharing?

You should promote the video to enough people to create a buzz then let the video run its course. Viral videos trend for awhile or fizzle out quickly.

Don’t put to much hope into getting rich off of a viral video.  Continue to highlight the benefits of your product and service in a fun unique way and you can’t go wrong.



Does Article Marketing Really Work?

The INTERNET  as we know it today serves countless activities; entertainment, connecting with family, shopping, business, data storage, computing the meaning of life, news, mapping stars, and many many other things.

Most off all…the INTERNET connects people to the largest collection of articles ever to exist. “YES, Article Marketing DOES REALLY WORK!”

Isn’t  Article Marketing Dead

Article Marketing for the sole purpose of promoting a product page or gaining rankings in search engines is a delicate process.  Forget everything you thought you knew about article marketing and if your new to the idea then great…you might still have a chance.

Start Content Marketing the Right Way

What you are about to learn is by far a very profitable way to promote your business through the INTERNET.  A plan of action is your ultimate tool and a time frame of 3 to 6 months to start seeing lasting results.

You will waste your time if you’re not fully committed to the process or at least hire someone who is.

Part One: What  you Write makes a difference

Develop a series of topic specific content directly related to the product or service you wish to promote.  Target that content to the customer.  Content written with the user in mind seldom goes unnoticed.  That is  true for how the search engine index pages.

With Millions of pages on-line the major search engines have more then enough data to know when someone is trying to scam the system or promote quality information.

Part Two: Where are your Customers

Location specific content holds a lot of weight.  In your business you should have defined who your customers are and where they are from.  Developing local content helps search engines show more relevant results for people looking for products and services near them.  Remember, just because your business might be conducted On-line doesn’t mean it isn’t local.

Part Three: Expectations

Realistic Expectations about the people searching for the content your creating is a must. Are they really looking to BUY something?  If you want to rank number one for “African Fire Breathing Earthworm” how many people are looking to buy a product related to that search?

That is why part two works very well, because people tend to do more business with local retailers or services.

Part Four: Rankings and Promoting

All this content and no where to put it?  Traditionally people who wanted to promote their site with article marketing were encouraged to do submit their content to Article Directories.  Those are places where thousands of articles are hosted.  Many of these article directories are built for one reason “AD Farming”.  The business of placeing ads on sites based on your content in hopes to being in Ad revenue, and for a while that strategy worked well for the site owners.  Until a group or people confronted the big search engines about playing favorites.

There are places on-line where you can submit your content and not worry about building someone else an income off of ad revenue (you may have heard of the Panda Update).  You want secure, privet, ad free directories.


You can build your own privet network for article marketing and make it search engine friendly which builds links to your site.  Really Simple Syndication, or RSS, with some creativity isn’t a bad thing.  As far as duplication goes, forget about it, it won’t harm you unless the content is harmful in the first place.   It’s that simple.

That is only a tiny portion of how you can promote your content which in turn promotes the main site in which you want to rank.

Part Five: Summary

Have an original spot for your high-quality content-rich article.  You can select 2 to 3 key-phrases that you don’t care to rank for but are related to your ranking domain or page and develop the content around those terms.  Point One link back to the main content, this is the validation point for the robots.

Pull out the dictionary and get creative with your writing.  If your selling “Fire Breathing Earthworms from Africa” some key phrases to create promotional content might be “Easy Pets for Kids”, “Cool House Pet”, and “Awesome Anniversary Gift”. Those key-phrases would host content with all kinds of benefits relating to owning an awesome pet like the Fire Breathing Earthworm. With a link pointing back to your main site, and inter links pointing to the other articles you write about it.

Article Marketing isn’t about ranking articles, its about having quality content point to a quality sales page or domain.  The same reason you would want to point to a quality page on your site as well.  Your customer knows when they find junk so don’t let them.

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P.S If you’re worried about duplicate content. You can time stamp, attribute, your article like this.

[This Article Originally Posted on 7 November 2011]

Questions about article marketing? Leave them in the comments below.

How to Change the Project Settings to 640×360 in Adobe Premiere CS5

How to setup Adobe Premiere with custom settings for your project.


In order to correctly setup the sequence in Adobe Premiere CS5 Pro you must understand the source video settings that you will be working with in the sequence.  To do this simply import the video, select it and look at the top left side of the screen. You will see something like this showing you the information about the video.


What is really important to note here whether or not the PAR is 1:1 from the start.  If not you will have to change that setting and the video may become pulled or warped.

Depending on your video format, you may have to play around with the settings to get the right output.  If you need help leave a comment.

Simple Steps:

  1. Open a new or existing Adobe Premiere CS5 project.
  2. Do not select any preset sequence setting.
  3. Import your project files.
  4. Find out the important footage information.
  5. Click on File New Sequence then select the General Tab.
  6. Pull the dropdown box and select Desktop
  7. Manually put in the aspect ratio you want and Pixel Aspect Ratio of the source footage
  8. Make your video and Render it using the sequence settings.

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Inside The Mind of a Contractor

Which Came First The Contractor or Wrong Expectations

At the breakfast table this morning I started wondering about the people who post Jobs to hire contractors. The other day I started looking at a few popular outsourcing websites where you can bid on jobs, particularly jobs in the online marketing niche.

What stood out the most and  got me shaking my head is the blown out expectations and lack of detail in the job description. Have you heard the saying, “If you can dream it we can do it”? The part that is missing from there is “if your Pockets are DEEP enough”.

SEO Job Examples That Stood Out

Currently we are having one of our website on number 2 position on Google, we want my website to be number 1 for a certain keyword. Please, only apply if you have relative experience.We want to achieve number 1 position asap.Only serious bidders can apply!

Estimated Payment 150 bucks.

They want their website to move to first position for a keyword and their budget is 150 dollars.  That budget might cover the research, evaluation, and written plan of action. The execution could cost a lot more.

If I were to take on the Job I would have to pick apart their site, the content, and there current plan. Review their market research or even conduct a fresh report.

Find out how valuable that first position really is then dissect their competition to see what the fastest route would be for Search Engine Rankings. Of course  I would purpose a Pay Per Click campaign because that would be the fast way to get ranked number one in Goolge.

The expectations are set  high and what this attracts are people who will feed them Lies just to get the bare minimum and move on to the next victim.

How I View Job Contracts at First Glance

When I look for contracts to bid on I am looking at the expectations of the Employer and if my skills match what they want. I ask the following questions.

What is the final outcome of the contract?

What is the time frame for achieving this outcome?

What is their budget? Is the budget realistic for the work they want to get accomplished?

Do they have any understanding of what is involved in completing the project at hand or will I have to train them and explain the operation?

Are they setting them self up to be taken advantage of?

Does their plan reflect market reaction, response or proactive movement?

Here is Another SEO Post

Job Description

I am looking to have 100 off PR5(or above) links to my website with the specific anchor texts. The links must be on the actual page that has a PR5 and must be indexed by google.

I do NOT want a backlink on a low PR page of a website that has other pages of PR5. The backlinks must be on the actual page that has the PR5 (or above)and I must be able to confirm this via ALEXA Backlinks check. The links must be permanent and not paid-for links. The contract will be complete when I can check all 100 URLs and see my link on PR5 (or above) pages with the PR confirmed by me checking against Alexa.

Please apply stating:
1. Time scale to complete
2. Your best fixed price.
3. Your experience of building genuine high PR5+ backlinks
4.Approximately how many PR5 (or above) backlinks could you build if at a later date I was to expand the contract.

Only applicants that answer all 4 questions above will be considered – Thankyou Budget 20 Dollars!

My Thoughts About This

What is the site, why would anyone with a higher quality site want to link to the Employers site for FREE?  What is the reciprocating value?  Why did the Employer put 20 dollars as the starting budget?  Who put the idea in their head that someone can check ALL site backlinks on Alexa?  What date are you talking about expanding?

My Reply

1.  Time scale is in hours and the time frame would be between 0-17520 hours, two year. Now that isn’t how many hours working on the project but simply a good TWO years to complete. From the way the Employer wants this done in the job description.

Why Two Years? Research, Rapport, Pitch, Negotiation, Link, Report.

2. Fixed price 20 thousand dollars. Someone would be going on a lot of dates with some webmasters to get these links.

3.  I have never built a genuine High PR5 Backlink, I prefer mine to be sober at the time of construction. Are you asking  have I ever developed a site that hosts content worthy enough that some webmaster who has a site with PR5 would link too?

Have you seen

*I didn’t develop the site but I do a bit of content creation and under the hood marketing.

4. When a later date is arranged I would still say the same amount and then some, lets talk Money not time. In this game Cash is king, unless you have lots and lots of time and a huge army of crazy internet marketers who work night and day for nothing to get your site ranked.


Very high expectations with an unclear understanding of a process works can lead to disappointment, resent, hate, anger, and theft.

When you  put out a contract or want some work done please learn at least some of the lingo and jargon of the industry. Research what it is that you really want, the time you want it done in and how much you have to spend to get the job done right.

Avoid getting ripped off by getting the facts and taking the necessary time to develop the details. Talk to someone in the industry you are seeking to get work done from.

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Do Any Universities Teach Classes About Google?



I’m Richard Kaulfers from YaghiLabs.

Today, we’re gonna be answering the question:

“Do Universities Teach Google?”

The answer is “Yes!” Universities teach Google.

Which ones? Well there’s a lot of them. Specifically, ones that I know off the top of my head, that have at least University in the name and the one that I’ve attended personally.

List of University Training and Educational Resources for Google:

1. University of San Francisco

I got my start with Internet Marketing here, particularly at the corporate level. Includes Master Certification, Google PPC. They are partnered with Google.

2. Fullsail University

Private college gives Bachelor of Internet Marketing Degree

3. Google University

Coding, API, Search Engine Marketing, Adwords, Analytics, Conversion


4. YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy

Check Chapter 7 on Traffic generation. Describes various methods, including Google.

My Recommendations

Beginners should start with YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy followed by Google University. They are both low in price and will get you started with Internet Marketing.

Courses like the one at University of San Francisco or Fullsail are much higher priced and useful for people who want to become advertising professionals.

Finally, I recommend you look into some Info-Marketing courses for specific, real-world-experience training. These programs are designed by people who are willing to share their knowledge and business experience.

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~Richard Kaulfers
YaghiLabs Writer

Do Legal Pages Even Matter

Many blogs and websites lack legal pages even though they sell goods and services. Who other then lawyers really read the legal page.

It seems as if the only companies we see in the news about this are very large companies where lawyers attack them for money.

Can you help? Go ahead and write your opinion below. Otherwise, share this post and see if a friend can shed some light on the topic OR… See answers.

Courtney Just Happened

Remember that first song you fell in love with?

Remember what you were doing when you heard it or how it made you feel?

Maybe it was the song you shared with your first love. Maybe you liked it because your parents did, and to this day you hear it and the song takes you on a magical journey through time and you smile…cry, or laugh out loud.

Does that song make you think, “What if…” or do you say, “Those were the days.”?

Weird Al Yankovic‘s music does that to me. Boy, does he ever take me back.

Every time I hear Weird Al, I become about 5 or 6 years old again. And suddenly, I am lying on the floor listening to the radio while I wait for the bus to roll up and take me to school in the morning.

There I’d lie, with my school bag on, hoping for a Weird Al song to play.

I must have drove the Radio Station crazy too. It seemed like every morning I had to call in to Lisa Legs or Gary in the Morning. When they heard my voice, they already knew what I was going to request from the moment I said, “Hello,” in my high pitched baby voice.

Persistence was not a word in my vocabulary; it was just something I did.

Then again, I’m sure not many young boys were calling in—especially that early. All I knew was that if I called and requested a song, they would play it. So of course I was going to request Eat It every chance I got!

It was my favourite song.

Times were changing…

MTV was also just starting off, they had MTV news with the big spinning globe and typewritten letter stamps on the intro jingle. I was crazy about music. I’m pretty certain that’s where I first got the idea to want a guitar.

Well, one Christmas, my mother got me the Fisher Price guitar complete with microphone and a tiny built-in amp. You cannot imagine my excitement as I went to work writing my very first love song.

Oh yes. I was in love. I dedicated the song to my secret crush.

Courtney was her name; she was the girl of my dreams.

All I wanted was to write a song and have Courtney hear it play on the Radio.

With nothing but that thought in my head, I plucked those guitar strings until I heard something that resembled music. To be honest, the tune was probably a lot prettier in my head than reality because if I remember correctly, it consisted of the top three stings played one at a time up and down.

Everything else was out of tune.

I didn’t care! I finally had myself a love song!


My dreams were shattered when I discovered that getting a song on Radio wasn’t simple.

And the girl of my dreams?

Well, she didn’t want anything to do with me. My older sister told me this because she often read to her while secretly gathering intel for me. Turns out, little Courtney was more into Elmer’s glue and macaroni pictures than boys and their love songs.


It wasn’t all a loss though. We did have a moment…once.

I remember it like it was yesterday. Mrs. Fox, our 1st Grade teacher was giving us a Science lesson about the eyes.

Remember those big bulky super-bright Overhead Projectors that shot words and pictures from a transparent sheet onto the wall?

Well, Mrs. Fox paired the children together and asked us to face one another with the overhead projector between us. She wanted us to watch each other’s pupils change size as the bright bulb was turned on and off.

I thought to myself, “This is it. This is my moment!”

Some how, even though I was only six years old, what happened next affirmed a belief I held for the rest of my life.

In the instants that followed, I truly believed that I was going to create the opportunity with my mind.

Eyes tight, I made a secret prayer with hands clenched, all sweaty. Heart racing, I imagined the girl of my dreams in front of me, already. Noises drowned, I heard the teacher call names with my knees wobbly, unsteady.

Then it happened. And we were paired.

Throughout the exercise, all I could think about was the three “musical” notes I wrote for her. No words were exchanged, but there we were…just looking at each other; eyes big, eyes small…

Then the moment passed.

And it was over.

I honestly cannot remember anything else about that year. Nor do I remember any more of the lessons we took in the first grade. In fact, the only thing I do remember is that a few months later, my family and I left and moved away.

I never saw Courtney again.

But that day, staring into Courtney’s eyes just silent…I learned something that even grown ups go through all of life and never realise.

When your gut tells you to want something, you obey. And everything just happens.