MLMers say the DARND-EST things!

They say the darndest things…”oh I am helping people better their lives” they say.

And I ask, “How about yours? Are you having a good life?”

Because regardless of what the new disguise they’re wearing is, call them Attraction Marketers, call them Magnetic Marketers, call them Online Marketers, call them Info Marketers, call them whatever they are calling themselves today…

When I ask them,  “What are you selling?”

Their answer is always, “I just want to help people…(insert useless thing here)…”


How can somebody weak help anyone?

Fatso lard-asses claim they want to help people get healthy.

Traffic-starved online marketers claim they want to help people get traffic.

Money-grubbing, poverty stricken network marketers claim they want to help people make money.

Are they stupid? They are the ones in most desperate need of help.

So if I hear one more fool claim what they’re selling is “I just want to help people X” I’m going to run them over twice with a rental truck. Once in drive and again in reverse.

In fact, I once heard a famous dipshit Gooroo teach this illogical idea:

“Look at what YOU need most and then go create a free bribe teaching people like yourself to get what you want. Then you can get leads.”

I can’t believe people were going around spreading this dogshit around like he actually gave them a serious traffic revelation. LOL.

Look I’m no expert at being a Gooroo. I wouldn’t have a clue on how to begin.

Because I have this annoying thing called a BRAIN and it makes me critically analyze what I say so I don’t say anything stupid. Selling what you don’t have in the first place makes no sense.

So let me save you some embarrassment when you get on a consultation call with me.

If I ask you “What are you selling?” and you don’t have what you wanna sell, just say, “Could you help me find something to sell?”

And I promise I’ll have a lot of respect for you. Because you’re doing the right thing…talking to someone who has:

a) built a very successful business online…and

b) has helped many people like yourself sell to the masses. And you’re asking the right question instead of answering a very retarded answer.

Get the Option #2 consultation below and ask and you shall be helped…



What’s YOUR primary purpose?

Isn’t it frustrating how things get so complicated as we get older?

Sometimes it feels like you have to do so many things just to stay ahead of the game.

But it shouldn’t be that way…think about it.

As a pretty cute kid (despite what your older sibling will tell you), you only had one goal…if it wasn’t breaking things, it was probably candy.

Then school took over, and your goals changed to playing with friends…with the acquisition of candy being a sub-goal of course.

But as school got more serious, the pressure was on, and there were so many subjects to choose from!  Unless a teacher inspired you somehow, you were most likely pretty confused.

Most teenagers I ask say they have no idea what they’re going to do with their life.

And it doesn’t get easier for them…

I remember having NO idea what to get into when I finally reached college.  At one stage it felt like I changed majors as many times as I changed TV channels.

But successful people will tell you they eventually have a spiritual experience, that ‘aHA’ moment, where it ‘all becomes clear’ and they realise what they were put on earth for.

It’s like Rumi the poet said:

“Everyone has love for a particular job placed in his heart.”

At YaghiLabs, we see that as a nice way of saying “stick with what you’re good at mate!”

As the world gets busier people tend to become ‘multi-taskers’ and end up becoming a jack of all trades, master of none. ESPECIALLY business owners who are trying to keep up with everything.

Not convinced it’s a bad thing?

Look at every single tool ever made.  It always has a primary purpose.

Even though we may use it to open letters once in a while, a pen’s purpose will always be to write.

No matter how many megapixels a smartphone’s camera has, communication is its primary function.

In fact, you will learn in our Internet Business Academy course that even every single webpage has to direct your reader to one SINGLE call to action.  The more things you want to try and cram into a page, the less results you’ll get overall.

This concept of specialization is just ONE of the reasons YaghiLabs is ahead of the game.

Each of our staff members has IN-DEPTH expertise in the ONE area they’re passionate about and the results prove it…

but come time for a Done-For-You-Traffic campaign, everyone’s powers combine and we become super-charged to meet your goals.

Click here to see us in action!

So what’s YOUR area?

As Jim will tell you in your first consultation with him:

“Stick with what you’re good at…developing YOUR product!”

Whatever your product or service, our done for you traffic service will allow you to ‘stick with it’ and let us deal with all the headaches that come with traffic management.

Specialization isn’t just the future, it’s already here!

So get with the times and grab an all-in-one package now…


fu*k you, i wont do what you tell me

It’s a pet peeve. You’ve noticed, haven’t you?

A sigma leader forcefully moves forward–Unwavering. Unapologetic. — whoever follows, follows.

Alphas NEED the masses to follow. Sigmas don’t care who follows.

So I find it a bit fu*ked up when writing client emails, that I have to maintain certain safeness for the sake of the client’s happiness. At the detriment of their sales. It’s a compromise I reluctantly make. Otherwise being a service-provider would be idiotic.

I’ve learned to strike a balance between “what the client wants” and “what the client needs”.

Because I’ve come to realise that most “marketers” are wannabe’s and they don’t feel comfortable being different.

Different is equated with being the “black sheep”.

Can’t have that can we. No, no…

But YaghiLabs are not wannabe’s. We ARE marketers, unique, and true. Marketing HAS to be innovative, fresh, new!

“Sales don’t come to those who are safe, same, and proper.”

Consistently doing everything opposite and counter-intuitive has been profitable for me. More important, however, I’ve been happy because I’m comfortable in my skin. I don’t need to sell out myself or my clients to earn a healthy living.

One classic novel, The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, has a theme of VICTORY for people who follow their heart. Here’s a quotable conversation between two journalists in the novel — I think it PERFECTLY underscores this idea for Marketers:

He said:

“Speaking of architecture, Dominique, why haven’t you ever written anything about the Cosmo-Slotnick Building?”

“Is it worth writing about?”

“Oh, decidedly. There are people whom it would annoy very much.”

“And are those people worth annoying?”

“So it seems.”

“What people?”

“Oh, I don’t know. How can we know who reads our stuff? That’s what makes it so interesting. All those strangers we’ve never seen before, have never spoken to, or can’t speak to–and here’s this paper where they can read our answer, if we want to give an answer.”

Award-winning Journalism and marketing are brother and sister. They’re both fresh, opposite, and give a different point of view.

Writers write for invisible audiences. They can’t see their reaction. To get a response, you HAVE to provoke, annoy them, rub them the wrong way, be politically Incorrect. That’s how you know you have readers, even without a single reply.

Sure you can write like everyone else, be a follower, a member of the masses, constantly please everyone. If that’s your purpose.

But if your purpose is to be READ — If your purpose is to evoke reaction – if your purpose is sales, you HAVE to ruffle feathers and be new.

Turn off MOST and turn on FEW…

That’s how ONLY we can do. We setup your traffic, landing pages, and sales emails in a way you have NEVER been trained. See how at the link below…

When you hire us, we’ll TRY to write safe sales emails for you so you don’t get to feel like the “black sheep”…but if you REALLY want us to help you SELL, you need to trust us and give us permission to write words that fu*k people up.



no, we CAN’T be friends

Being social.

The whole “political correctness”, the fake niceties, small talk, pretending to care when you don’t, the favours, the visits. UGHhhh CRINGE. It’s all so tedious.

Finding a career online has been great.

All the advantages of “being social” without any of the things I don’t love.

My wife thinks I’m weird. Constantly tries to get me to do stuff with this or that and scratches her head at my replies. eg,:

 “But if we visit so-and-so this ‘one time’, then so-and-so will ‘owe us’ a visit. And we start a cycle that doesn’t exist, and I don’t want to exist.”


“I don’t like hanging with X’s husband. His conversations are tedious. I’m an intellectual, and I can’t let my mind be exposed to the ‘DUMB’ he puts out.”


“Look, he’s just not on my level. I’m not trying to be mean, but pretending to like him makes me physically tired and ruins my whole day.”

Anyway, although online relationships can be filtered somewhat, they are just as tedious.

Ever notice that the “Done-For-You Traffic” service we offer at YL has a very generous “buddy discount” (50%! @

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind giving a discount to a buddy, buddy. But the definition stated at the link above was: “someone who has met me in person” AND “has had at least one PHONE conversation with me”.

A client-customer conversation doesn’t count as a “phone conversation”, btw. But whatever, I didn’t make a distinction one way or the other.

So then along comes numbnuts asking for the ‘buddy discount’ because we met at some event in vegas or whatever. Ermm…dude, the events I attend as a guest-speaker have over 1,000 people in attendance.

There is no way on this planet everyone I shook hands with is ‘buddy’. I’m not that popular.

Besides I like to be friends with people at the same intellectual level so there is an EQUAL exchange of ideas between us, even in idle “social time”. That’s what these emails you get from me are–“SOCIAL Intellecture” — conversations I’ve had with a ‘buddy’ before you got em.

Problem with buddy discounts isn’t the discount itself. It’s the ‘buddy’!

Apparently online, a buddy (and let’s go ahead and include some of your favorite Gooroos and their staff)…can expect to be a royal pain in the buttpipe. They assume they can request:

1. Exceptions on any conditions you have for products or services you sell

2. That you create a customised service, often asking for things not included in any of the packages you sell but also expecting EVERYTHING in ALL the packages you sell

3. Faster service than anyone else. they send an email every 15 minutes asking for an update

4. That you start the work before any payment is made, expecting free preparation, often without discussing payment until after they get the work.

5. And multiple contacts before, during, AND after the sale to answer their dipshit questions at every step where they get to challenge everything and anything you say.

And that’s just some of the annoying extra work that ‘social relations’ bring.

I stop replying to them. Don’t know if they get the hint, I fired them as friends and as clients.

Honestly, I rather PAY THEM to stop thinking of me as their buddy.

– They’re exhausting.

– Their mom is exhausting.

– Talking to them is a physical drain.

But there’s others who understand they’re not friends so they try to create a “buddy” relationship from thin air. Like I need MORE useless friends. I’d PAY TO LOSE MY CURRENT FRIENDS. If you want friends, adopt mine, I’ll pay you.

Makes me laugh.

Here’s how it works:

They send in an email inquiring as if they are a prospective customer and great fan. As soon as they get a reply, they show some serious interest in one of your products and expectantly ask to talk on Skype or phone to discuss their needs.

Here’s my advice if this ever happens to you in some distant future when you become a big-shot. 🙂


That’s all for today. Good advice, money in the bank.

If you are interested in our Done-For-You Traffic packages and consultations, then please understand my time is precious and little.

It’s so little, so valuable, that I actually try to save time on sleep (4 hours a day). Don’t have time for friends. Don’t have time for anything other than traffic raping and world domination.

If you need a phone call or email to “discuss your needs”, then you’re asking me to sell you on the phone.

I sell you enough here, in your email every day. Don’t I? Friends. 🙂

You need to talk about your needs, traffic, your business, your sales page, your website, your kids, my life, want sex advice, this is the ONLY and most cost-effective way to do it:



You Need Help


I don’t know about you, but I’ve kept a ToDo list for the past few years and it’s a really effective way to make sure I get work done every day.

But once in a while, even my todo list isn’t enough to motivate me to do stuff I don’t enjoy doing.

Like there’s one bit of client work that’s been on my todo list all week and it just refuses to get done.

And I’ve tried all sorts of strange ways like bribing myself with some fun activity while doing my work…

Sometimes it’s to have a movie playing on my cinema PC while working.

Other times it’s to have some fast-paced music going in the background.

Sometimes it’s to have a cup of something hot or even a snack to munch on while working.

But procrastination STILL gets the better of you, no matter what you do to motivate yourself to work on that one task, nothing works.

Before you know it, days have gone by, and the ugly task is STILL staring you in the face every day.

It’s enough to make you give up on the todo list all together!

Super-secret tip of the day:

So when all else fails, I discovered one technique that works every time.

Break the task up into smaller ones and replace one ugly task with lots of little ugly ones.

Well I did that today, and believe it or not, I actually finished all 8 sub-tasks of this client work this morning.

I’m feeling pretty good.

That’s just one of lots of tricks up my sleeve that I gained after lots of financial loss, business setbacks, experiments, and reading.

Better yet…I’ve been doing traffic, sales, and marketing for clients for more than 5 years. I’ve helped THOUSANDS of people get more profit from their business.

Imagine how much experience i can share with you. There’s no challenge you’re facing right now that I don’t have a quick and easy solution for.

And you can benefit from my online business experience for very little when you take advantage of the Done-For-You-Traffic service. I’ll paste the link below…

Consider getting this consultation with me. After two hours, you be the judge. If you don’t think our conversation worth the money, ask for a refund and I’ll give it to you. (Option #2 only!)



Why Does Google Dislike Affiliate Websites?

The Standards Required By Google Are Clear

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, because people are still asking, “Why does Google dislike affiliate websites?”

You must have unique and quality content.

You must create user-friendly material that enhances the overall experience for every “Googler.”

This is the most important determination of whether you have success as an affiliate marketer, article marketer, PPC marketer, network marketer – any kind of marketer.

Yet so many affiliate marketers have chosen short term “shady” marketing methods which end up outright failing the whole system.

Google Places A No Solicitation Sign On Their Doors

Any business owner would do the same, but let’s consider it from Google’s perspective.

Google doesn’t want affiliate websites which are not unique. Too many websites are using the same designs, tools and strategies in the exact same places.

Google doesn’t want to become overpopulated with the same duplicated affiliate websites, advertisements and affiliate offers containing the same link.

Therefore, Google has had to develop a way to not only recognize these duplicated affiliate items but also a way to block them from appearing in search results and their ads.

Google doesn’t necessarily dislike affiliate websites, however, people who use Google to search have a tendency to dislike affiliate websites.

What they dislike is how many of these affiliate websites encourage bad practices.

For this reason, Google has no problem with giving any advertiser the “Slap” when it seems they are practicing these tactics.

So it may be unfair to point the finger at Google. They want happy customers. If their customers have a tendency to dislike affiliate websites, then they’re not going to click on your ads, or worse, they’ll complain.

CTR (click through rate) could be considered a determination of whether Google “likes” you or not.

It’s the people who start to recognize the same tactics being used, and choose not to click your ad, who will not visit your affiliate website.

As your CTR and bounce rate starts to drop, Google realizes that your ad and website are not at all relevant to that group of searchers.

If You’re An Affiliate (Or Hope To Be), Here Is A Way For Google To Like You?

In order for a website to appear as a good quality site using good practices, Google is looking for a lot more pages than just an About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy page.

The pages to include are as follows:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • DMCA Policy
  • Anti-Spam Policy
  • Terms of Use
  • Affiliate Agreement

Most affiliate websites do not have these pages and are therefore looked upon as a website that could potentially cause a bad end-user experience.

Also consider the following “brand presence” elements:

  • Links to your Twitter and/or Facebook profile.
  • Your personal or professional mission statement.
  • Free training, or any focused content element.
  • Blog that has fresh, updated content.

The Key Is To Consistently Maintain A Reputable Website

Don’t neglect the fact that the product you choose to promote will have an impact and reflect upon your reputation.

If you associate yourself and your website with trash then Google doesn’t want to be associated with your website.

Also, make sure you know the product you’re promoting. Respect the customer by offering a webpage with valuable content and not a page full of keywords and affiliate links.

Your website must have more of a purpose than to redirect shoppers to another site to purchase. This is called a “thin” affiliate site.

Provide a service or offer informative content to help your visitors make an informed decision on the product they are considering purchasing.

Google doesn’t dislike affiliate marketing. What they dislike are obvious manipulations used to mimic popularity.

Envision An Internet Business Where You Create Real And Useful Information For Your Ideal Customers

Envision what all that time and effort to build a real business would feel like if it were poured into something authentic.

Can you see what’s been lost by spending time trying to make trash not look like trash…in order to sell the trash?

The YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy shows you how to SIMPLIFY and AUTOMATE any business project on the web.

Sign up here if you want to overcome your obstacles quickly, and tune into the most direct and straight-forward path to online profit – things no one has told you.

Learn more about how to do this at:

Internet Business FAILURE Stories?


We always hear about the big success stories on Clickbank, and I figured it’s time we talk a little bit about the FAILURES which are far more common.

Take my hand, for a moment.

Step into my office.

Over here, is my desk, my extended desktop monitors…the work computer, and the cinema computer. they’re all networked together so that I can control all 4 screens plus the projector from any computer.

Behind you is my business bookshelf.

Read some titles…

– How to Win Friends and Influence People

– How to Talk to Anyone

– Networking for People Who Hate Networking

– How to be Funny

– Finding the Funny Fast: How to Create Quick Humor to Connect with Clients, Coworkers and crowds

– How to Instantly Connect with Anyone

– Laugh Her Into bed

– How to Click With Anyone Any Time

– The Psychology of Selling

Just a few of the titles you’ll find.

I’ve read each and every one. No body can take that knowledge back from me. I couldn’t forget it if I wanted to.

Now here’s something quite silly.

On a daily basis, I speak with clients, coach students, and respond to messages on Facebook from entrepreneurs. I receive emails frequently with all kinds of sad and whiney stories about people’s failure stories.

And it infuriates me, honestly.

I wonder, how the hell have these people survived their whole lives before they got online to start a business?

Look, if you don’t GET BETTER every single day, then you are not living at all.

After 30, 40-some years of being on this planet, you should have learned all sorts of skills. Top amongst them is a MONEY-EARNING skill.

How do you pay your bills?

Being funny, being smart, being knowledgeable, being likeable…people aren’t BORN with these attributes.

Average, regular people, they believe in that nonsense. But you’re an entrepreneur.

You want to have a successful business?

You want success stories to tell?

Then man the heck up and GET BETTER.

Stop whining and calling yourself “newbie”.

Stop labelling yourself “failure”.

You are just ONE skill-set away from being able to earn big bucks at will.

Others, less smart than you have done it. Why can’t you?

Skills are like super-powers. But, unlike super-powers anyone can have them…all you have to do is pick up a book by someone who has mastered the skill you want. They’ve taken the time to study, acquire, dissect, and analyse their superpower and it can be transferred to you for a few bucks.

You won’t have to read all the books they read, because they’ll give you the Cliff-Notes in a few magical words.

Buy the superpower, master it, and get it over with.

The Internet Business Academy is a transfer mechanism of our BUSINESS SKILLS for online entrepreneurs. Go through it one time, and that knowledge can never be erased from your mind.

You will use it, without thinking, every day forward.

All you have to do is enrol.

The YaghiLabs traffic and money-earning “superpower” can be yours for $19.95.

Join us here…

And please, never send me your failure stories. They’re depressing. If you’re failing, the solution is staring you right in the face.

The Internet Business Academy audio series is on this very shelf. Grab it.

Tour END. Dismissed!


Friggin’ Refunders!!…NOT

you know what’s a bit messed up in online marketing…

it’s how there’s a conspiracy to BRAIN-WASH customers into holding a very un-natural set of beliefs and values.

check it out…

so a lot of marketers spend a great deal of energy telling you how horrible customers are who ask for refunds of their products.

then they go ahead and offer life-time guarantees on their products, no questions asked refund policies that don’t expire for 12 months or more.

if refunds and refunders are so awful, why in god’s name would you offer such a reckless policy for refunds?

i really want to know.

look, i hate getting refund requests as much as the next guy. it’s a rude awakening to be told by a customer that your product didn’t live up to expectations, wasn’t as good as you thought, or that it wasn’t worth the money asked for it.

yet, i offer refunds.


truthfully, because it helps sales.

People don’t like to commit to any decision blindly.

it’s not like there’s a way for them to see my product, touch it,  hold it, feel it…make love to it…errm no sorry bad joke.

but there’s no way for them to know what they get before committing to a purchase.

and it’s no skin off my back if an electronic product that cost NOTHING to deliver was ever returned.

i mean, sure, i might have to regurgitate the pizza i bought with the money from the sale, but i think i can afford it.

so what’s the issue then?

Why is it a bad idea for a marketer who offers refunds to then make a deliberate effort to tell customers they don’t like people who return products and will ban them from future purchases?

It makes little difference to the customer who refunds, after all.

If THEY are unhappy, THEY will, on their own, choose not to buy again.

So the Internet Business Academy is an electronic, AUDIO-based course that teaches online business building skills for life.

And if you haven’t bought it because you’re afraid you won’t like it…

then that’s cool.

But for $19.95, you can check it out for 3 days… hear it, touch it, feel it, hold it (making love to it is optional)…

And if you decide it’s not for you, i’m not going to get upset, ban you, or call you names.

Just send a polite email to my staff at and we’ll issue a refund immediately.

My support staff have been instructed to give your money back with a BIG SMILE.

They’ll even thank you, apologise for disappointing you, and encourage you to try us again soon!

Because we believe you have the right to take advantage of a refund that we offer in the first place, if you don’t think the content is valuable to you.

So there’s nothing to fear.

Our customers are our friends. They help us by spreading good word about their satisfaction. And we would hate to disappoint you!

Try the IBA now for 3-days and you won’t be disappointed. That’s a promise. the easy order link appears below…

Join us and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


How to pick a “best selling” product to promote…LONG TERM!


it’s about time i give it to you straight.

There’s too many folks trying to promote a gazillion different products on shit that doesn’t matter.

SEO and PPC techniques. Traffic rubbishness. Skimpy thin products for “newbies”.

not only are they nerds themselves, clueless on any topic of marketing, but they have no real appreciation for the longevity of their product choices.

If you can crank out a new product every month, then by all means keep selling technical manuals. but that’s the problem.

technical manuals, stuff about techniques of social media, traffic, SEO, and PPC…you’re playing in a dangerous arena of ever-changing technology.

no sooner is a product released, the techniques become obsolete in days.

There’s a better way…

Sell something ever-green.

And sell to a mass market.

Case in point…

Eben Pagan, a well-known and respected internet marketer built a 10 million dollar a year empire selling dating advice to men.

Under the fictional name of David De Angelo, he sold a simple little ebook for $20 for men on how to “score”. Then upsold a range of seminars, events, coaching, and other stuff. All starting from ONE little tiny $20 ebook.

He promoted NOTHING but dating advice for years.

His market was not some little tiny niche. No…it was ALL men who wanted to score…and what man doesn’t? come on seriously.

The product was ever-green too.

No matter how old it got, no stupid software update would screw with his business.

When one day he decided to pursue different interests and wanted to sell a business training seminar, he was able to leverage his existing customers.

Wanna know how?

He went to his Dating Advice list and created a series on How To Be A Man.

Basically, it told these childish men that in order to get more dates, they needed to grow up.

And part of growing up is to get serious about their career, make more money, and be successful in general.


An internet-based business worth millions, he’d show them how to build.

All the girls would be lining up to date them.

Cringe away ladies, but it’s the truth. Women love a fella with deeep pockets.

Sure enough, that seminar was one of the most historic internet marketing events ever. it sold for $10,000 a pop and nerdy men all over the internet paid and attended.

Now i’m not saying that you should target nerdy suckers with your products.

But isn’t this a SMART strategy you could learn from?

Evergreen products is where the money is at.

Products that are independent of technology.

Timeless products.

Products that have a MASS audience of billions of people.

They can be super simple. But as long as they target a MASS market, you can sell anything else you want with just a touch of creativity.

So grow up, and start promoting products that matter.

The Internet Business Academy will show you how to find and create such products.

We’re all about mass market.

You can advertise products like that ANYWHERE and people will buy them, regardless of their background.

You won’t be limited to stupid Google traffic and its nasty rules.

Grab the IBA now for $19.95 and learn how to reach mass markets with products that don’t expire….

The link to join is below. It’s straightforward and you get immediate access to everything moments from now…


Boo-hoo! A Shameful Correspondence with YaghiLabs

Subscribers sometimes write in with emails that go something like this:

“Jim, thank you for your emails.

I really want to purchase your IBA Program and I know this is exactly what I need to start earning money online…

but i just need to get the money together

I’m really broke right now and if you let me in for free, i promise to pay you a share of my profit when i start earning.”

Errrmm….how about NO?

We’ve already dropped the price from $72 to $58 and most recently to $19.95, thinking some of our customers might have TRUST issues.

We use Paypal for payment processing, which is more expensive, so that our customers will feel confident that their credit card details won’t be exposed to us.

We even updated our refund policy from “all sales are final” to 3-day refund-period in case people are worried they won’t like the content.

And as a result we made a LOT of people very happy and those who made the leap are now RAVING about how much of a mind-shift they got.

More on the IBA here…

But i STILL receive messages like this DAILY even after all these changes.

It’s embarrassing, isn’t it?

Hey, i definitely sympathise and empathise with you – it’s not cool to be living in such desperation – but come on! The Internet Business Academy costs less than $20…

When i get such emails, i start wondering if my advertising is brining us just the losers who don’t want businesses – who want FREE money.

Such people are LOOKING for scams! Seriously.

But then i have to remind myself – Most of our subscribers come from affiliate marketing and blogging keywords.

Business people!

People who SHOULD have a business mentality. A drive for big things in their future.

Business people are INVESTORS. They put time and money in…and expect no less than BIG, BIG, BIG BUSINESS.

they don’t EXPECT to lose. And certainly not forever.

Even in my most desperate times, building a web-based business, while living in Sydney, with Eviction Notices hitting my mailbox daily – digging in my car seat for spare change to eat…

…i have NEVER in my life written such a message to any of my teachers!

If I needed information someone was selling, they were already doing me a huuuuuge favour offering it in the first place.

What business gives away its hard-earned secrets, for ANY price?

Coca Cola keeps their formula locked in a VAULT – not even their employees know what goes into their secret recipe.

If they were selling that knowledge for any number of dollars, buyers would be lining up.

The secrets in the IBA have made me and my partners MILLIONS of dollars. And i’m practically giving them away for less then $20. WTF!?

I must be out of my mind.

Actually, I might need to check into an insane asylum – except that the IBA serves a much bigger purpose for me.

I chose my INTERNS (and staff) from the shining stars and major contributors in the IBA Community Forum. I offer them PARTNERSHIP and mentoring for free so we can change the world together.

I choose my CLIENTS from the IBA students, who we provide services to and share in million-dollar profits we help them earn.

From the IBA students, i make strategic friendships.

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Ezine articles submission EXPERIMENT

Page May Have Missing Text

Me and my brother have submitted 41 articles as of today.

We are targeting long tail keywords that have about 20-50 searches a day.

Articles are about 300 words long on average, and it takes me about 15-20 minutes to write one.

Our goal is to make one sale each PER day. So to reach this goal we started treating IM as a real job for the next few days.

Despite getting 11-20% conversion from their landing pages, and their attempt to build links to their blogs for SEO purposes…

… the experiment flopped!

The brothers i speak of, started out with the right idea in mind, but made a critical error.

Here’s what I mean …

They used ezinearticles to save themselves spending money on Pay-Per-Click marketing. Which is fair enough.

The resource box in ezinearticles is where you get to pitch your readers on clicking a link back to your website landing page. Conversions are typically higher. These brothers received 11-20% conversion. Nice.

After one day, one of the two brothers got 150 clicks while the other received 66 clicks. They found that their resource boxes were the main difference in their approach, so they started using the winning resource box. Again, smart!

But here’s the issue…

Within mere days, the brothers got tired of the effort required to do article marketing and decided it wasn’t worth the work.

Some of their whiney complaints included:

– Their original content was blatantly stolen and often ranked higher for the thieves in search engines.

– They also decided after only a few days that since they received no sales, the problem in their approach was keyword research. A silly conclusion, I’m sorry.

We may have come to that conclusion if they received few views on articles. But as long as the articles were generally related to the topic, their problem had NOTHING to do with SEO and more to do with…

… their consistency.

You see, at the very beginning, these brothers made an intelligent statement they seem to have forgotten shortly after beginning.

Do you know what it was?

To treat IM as a “job”.

They didn’t follow through and quit their “IM job” after days of starting – because it didn’t pay them after days of very tiny effort.

If they were my employees, they would have been SHOT!

In our comprehensive IM training course, the Internet Business Academy (or IBA for short), we show you a number of very important business principles.

One of which, is that the Owner/Operator of a business is an EMPLOYEE of the business before they become its “owner”.

We even suggest that you pay yourself a SALARY instead of dipping into the profit.

Revenue is something you shouldn’t pull out of your business until the end of the YEAR. For tax purposes!

If these brothers saw themselves as employees of their own business, they should have fired themselves rather than QUIT.

Demanding pay after days of very little work is unorthodox!

It’s not how businesses that make big bucks work.

The IBA has many important lessons on mind-shifts and business processes that you MUST adopt if you hope to make a profitable business.

We show you how to manage your time, your staff’s time, and your MONEY.

How much should you re-invest?

How do you plan your business budget?

What ratio can you collect?

And much more.

The IBA is a revolutionary course in the IM niche because it turns your little home-based “money-making” hacks into a real BUSINESS.

We are not like your cookie-cutter gooroo’s. We’re service providers and we KNOW this intimately well.

Join us today for only $19.95 and you’ll find yourself in a WHOLE NEW WORLD. Your business will dramatically change and start drawing real profit in only 30 days.

Use the link above to enrol. This course is jam-packed full of revelations for both the newbie and the advanced marketer.


PPC Landing Pages Clickbank My $1,000/day Journey

a reader wrote in with this incredible goal of earning $1,000/day with Clickbank using his own landing page he even offered to share screenshots of his account as he did it.

now, i don’t know about you, but $1,000/day would be SWwwwwweeeeet!

What i liked about this particular subscriber’s approach wasn’t so much the technique. I mean, hey it’s all well and good to experiment with different ads, products, and landing pages.

Even to use double-serving hacks to steal multiple ad positions from Google…i mean it can be done for sure.

I wasn’t even that impressed with how he tweaked his campaigns to lower ad cost, to be honest. Although, again i give him credit for making the effort.


What i was most impressed with was his SYSTEM.

What do i mean by that?

Every business needs to have a process. A single process planned out on paper that NEVER changes.

They follow it religiously every single day, until results come. It’s how giant hotel buildings are erected…think of the thousands of rooms that have the EXACT same wiring, flooring, roofing, plumbing, furniture, etc. How do they do it in months while others build tiny homes that take years…?

Doesn’t matter if you want to do free advertising with article marketing…or even PPC.

You just need to write down a process of daily rituals you and your staff will repeat daily.

It makes outsourcing work EASY.

And repetition is the key to all big financial goals.

Our YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy course shows you how to systematically map out your own business processes and make them out-source-able and scalable.

The results you get from making this move ALONE shall astound you.

It’s the ONE method i can 100% guess you haven’t tried.

You’ll earn faaaast!

When the work-load gets too big, you’ll find it easy to recruit partners or employees to help you out.

We even show you how to find cheap or even free helpers who will do those dull tasks.

But you MUST have a process…

And you MUST repeat it religiously until you get your breakthroughs and NEVER slow down.

Going from ZERO to $1,000/day in any business is easy if you follow our process.

Here’s the link to enroll in this revolutionary system training…

Join us now. It’s only $19.95.

Oh and if you’ve been on the list for a while, you probably will notice that’s a giant reduction in price. It was offered for several months for $72…but a number of people told us it was too much of a strain on their budget.

That’s good news for you!

Last week we ran a one-time Eid Promotion for the new price and it went extremely well. So we decided to PERMANENTLY set the price of the Internet Business Academy (IBA) to $19.95 – clearly that’s the price people liked most.

I hope you’re happy with the news too 🙂

here’s the link where you can enrol and learn these business techniques for ONLY $19.95:


Time To Sac Up And Sell, Son

Been doing lots of podcasts lately.

By that I mean, people have been inviting me on their podcasts to talk about emails and copywriting and other marketing topics.

And one question keeps popping up…

“How do I sell in emails without readers thinking I’m just trying to squeeze money out of their wallets?”

Interesting question.

But, methinks a bit… skewed.

You see the real problem here ain’t selling.

It’s people seeing themselves as money-grubbing marketers out to squeeze money from peoples’ pockets. That’s not a problem readers have, that’s a problem marketers have.

Alas, most people see selling as dirty.

Like a “necessary evil.”

But you know what I think?

I think if you sell something that SOLVES someone’s problem, then you not only should be perfectly comfortable selling (every day) to that person, but you have a moral and, yes, ethical obligation to do so. You ain’t doing them any favors keeping your product a secret.

In some ways, you’re causing them pain.

So hey, don’t FEAR selling.

Embrace it.

Enjoy it.

And start mastering it.

For dozens of ways to get people eagerly buying from your emails almost every time you push that “send” button go to

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An “Un-Sexy” Business Tip With Big Razor Sharp Teeth

A while back I was on a friend’s private coaching call teaching how to break free of freelancing (or working for someone else), and going full time online with your own business.

A merry time was had by all.

But one thing discussed was especially valuable.

Something everyone can do.

And, I daresay, something everyone SHOULD do.

What do I speaketh of?

Paying yourself first.

But wait!

I’m not talking about this from a financial point of view (although I believe that’s also mucho important).

Here’s what I mean:

When I was doing client work I ALWAYS did my stuff first.

In other words, no matter how much work clients threw at me (and when I was on retainer this was crucial) the first hour of every day was MINE to work on my own projects.

No, clients did not always like this.

But tough titty for them.

Hour #1 belonged to me.

Did it make a difference?

Hellz yeah!

And yet, it’s the OPPOSITE of what most freelancers do. Usually people pour all their energy and time into their client’s stuff first, and then hope they have the energy to do their own stuff later (when they’re tired, burned out, etc).

Big mistake.

Big, big, BIG mistake.

I always gave my stuff #1 priority.

Client stuff came second.

I’m not saying to shirk doing a good job.

I’m just saying to pay yourself first.

Hey, this tip may not be “sexy.”

But it’s got TEETH.

Big SHARP teeth.

And the payoff is enormous.

Of course, in my case, the first hour was writing an email to my list (actually, two lists).

Shocking, huh?

In my humble (but accurate) opinion email is TOPS.

The #1 MOST profitable activity.

Learn it.

Master it.

And profit handsomely from it.

For more ways to get people eagerly buying from your emails almost every time you push that “send” button go to

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Why GenX’ers Are The Best Entrepreneurs

It’s my observation that GenX’ers are the best Internet marketers.

In fact, methinks we’re the best entrepreneurs, period.

How can I say such a thing?

Well, first off, I’m biased.

But besides that, I don’t think baby boomers and Gen Y’ers or today’s narcissistic whiney little “Gen Texters” have the advantages my brood have.

Here’s what I mean:

1. We were the “latchkey kid” generation

i.e. we fended for ourselves.

When I was in middle school and high school, I came home to an empty home. Made my own meals. And was alone with my brother (usually fighting haha) until my mom (who worked her fingers to the bone as a waitress) got home around midnight or 1 am.

You can’t help but be more independent growing up like that.

And so we’re a generation of individualists.

We dig freedom over security. Have zero tolerance for meddlesome bosses/clients. And basically give authority the “finger.”

Traits that serve entrepreneurs well…

2. Work ethic

Many of us GenX’ers came from divorced homes and watched our parents work their cans off, only to have the corporate world chew them up and spit them out when they were done with them. As a result of watching them work so hard, we ended up with work ethics I just don’t see in other generations (as a whole) since my grandparent’s time.

We also learned (early on) there is no true “job security.”

That you cannot trust politicians.

And if you want something, go out and seize it.

Nobody’s gonna do it for you.

And even if they do, it won’t turn out as good as if you do it yourself…

3. No Internet

We didn’t grow up with an iPhone in our hand.

In fact, I remember as a kid we took a field trip to the library where we would get to see (gasp!) the Apple 2! It was a huge deal to even have an Atari that played Pacman (and you were considered to be well-to-do if you could even afford that).

Cell phones?


I had a sticker in my wallet that had a special 4 digit code I could dial from a pay phone that allowed me to call collect without going through the operator.

I think this gives us a huge advantage.


We like and understand technology.

But we don’t rely on it.

(I doubt many baby boomers do, either.)

I dare say many of us don’t even trust technology (probably thanks to growing up with movies like “The Terminator” and “War Games”…) Which is why many of us online GenX’ers (I’ve noticed) tend to be more likely to study old school marketing studs — like Halbert, Kennedy, Schwartz, Bencivenga, Carlton, etc — and not some flash-in-the-pan goo-roo who makes their living doing JV’s with other online marketers with big lists.

4. Not afraid to get our hands dirty

We didn’t have the Internet when I was in school. I mean, it existed, but it wasn’t anything anyone got excited about. And most of us hand wrote out our research papers (putting ideas down on 3X5 note cards) and then went to the library to type them up.

(Yes, on typewriters.)

Since then, we’ve had the “cut & paste” generation.

No attention to detail.

No time invested to do the job right.

And thus, (I’d bet) no real joy in earning what they take.

Anyway, that’s my opinion.

Obviously, not all GenX’ers are cool, and it doesn’t mean the other generations all suck.

This is just a brain fart about generational advantages.

(So let’s keep this in context, okay?)

Even so, I suppose I should brace myself for the onslaught of “yeah but!” comments that will zing into my inbox from members of the other generations.

But that’s okay.

That kind of whining will simply prove my point.

And daddy enjoys being proven right…

To learn how to get people eagerly buying from your emails almost every time you push that “send” button (even if you’re only a baby boomer) go to

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Whining About “Information Overload”

Lots of people complain about “info overload.”

And really, I don’t have much patience for it.

For one thing, they’re buying into a myth.

What do I mean?

Well, people who actively build their business don’t get info overload. If you’re implementing info that’s making you money then chances are you’re not overloaded with info… you’re UNDERloaded with it. It’s like pay-per-click… when you get an ad that makes a profit you don’t complain about spending too much, if anything you complain because you can’t spend more!

And so it is with good information.

If you use it, it can make you money.

If it sits on a shelf, it won’t make jack.

That’s why it’s easy to tell who’s serious and who’s not.

Serious people WELCOME good info.

Non-serious people complain about it.

It’s hard for me to understand people like that.

But there it is…

For ways to get people eagerly buying from your emails almost every time you push that “send” button go to

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Home Business Owners Take A Heavy Defeat

Holy shiyyyaaatttttt dude,

I think I was one of millions who just got the shock of their lives after reading…

Manchester Utd 1-6 Manchester City

As everyone discussed the result, I couldn’t help but notice the message for home business owners here, screaming at me like an unfed baby.

it’s possible you don’t see it yet, but stay with me…

Manchester Utd’s has had 7 heavy defeats in seasons gone by, yet they have still gone on to win the league. I will put my neck on the line and say that they will probably do the same this season and come May, 2012, they will be lifting the trophy.

This 6-1 defeat will be merely a bump in the road.

They are a team of amazing professionals and the next time they pull on their socks to again grace the turf, that result will be forgotten.

Amateurs let bad results affect their future performance.

Not professionals, 6-1 defeats are a part of playing the game and it’s no different for a home business owner.

Our 6-1 defeats can come in many different forms…

  • a PPC campaign you spend a $1000 on, doesn’t convert
  • Google shuts down your account
  • you spend ages building out a website and it flops

The key is to limit the 6-1 defeats.

The odd one is ok, take it on the chin and learn from it, but if it’s happening every week you have a problem.

When you look around the home business scene, it’s not to hard to see that most people are taking a 6-1 defeat every other week.

Manchester Utd are a first class outfit, and they are extremely well prepared. Hence the success they have had, but if they weren’t then 6-1 defeats would be a more regular occurance for them.

As home business owners, we need to be far better prepared to do what it is we do. You need to have all your bases covered. From your business philosophy to the graphics on your website.

DO NOT leave anything to chance, that way 6-1 defeats turn into way more 6-1 wins for your business.

That is EXACTLY what is happening here in the YaghiLabs.

Internet Business Academy

I strongly suggest you go through the course, I promise ya, it won’t disappoint 🙂

Lots of love


you expected whaaatttt???

I hate this group, they are all s**t, i just wanna coach the good ones who can play

that was a quote from one of my colleagues, sometime around 2004 when i was a football coach. its a few years back now so it may not be exact, but it was words to that effect. it was quite common for coaches to think like that and i have to admit it was waaay easier to coach the kids who were pretty good

Now, when i say easier, i mean they picked up new things faster

i dont wanna blow my own trumpet, infact, wait….. yes i do 🙂 i was pretty good at coaching the players who were not so good, parents would often come up and say, you are so good with the kids, i just put it down to patience and the fact i was am, a big kid myself

a conversation i had with one of the other coaches whom i had a lot of respect for, made it clear in my mind why i didnt get frustrated like so many of the other coaches and it has stuck with me since

we were talking about a young coach getting frustrated and what Marshall said to me was one of those ah-ha moments

ewan, its all about your level of expectation, when you are coaching a group of good players and then you coach a group that arent so good, you have to adapt and understand that the group that arent so good wont be able to do as much, if you expect a kid to be able to do 10 keepie ups and he can only do 2 you will get frustrated but if you expect him to fall on his face, you will be ecstatic when he does 2 🙂

i remember passing on the advice to an up and coming coach who was working on some passing drills. he had the good kids passing the ball to each other through 2 cones but he was getting frustrated when the younger kids couldnt do it. I told him to shift his expectation of the kids being able to pass the ball between 2 cones to just being able to kick it properly…

…and as if by magic, as he taught them to kick it properly, he started to see success 🙂

so this dude signs up into a business opportunity, there is 4 entry levels, $400, $2000, $10,000 and $20,000…

he starts at the $400 level, all fired up and he says to me…

ima give it 3 months, and if im not makin $10,000/month then  im gone

he actually did better than most people do when they first start a biz but sure enough he quit

its a story i have seen time and time again, expectation levels leading to frustration and disappointment and thanks to Marshall’s little piece of advice, i understand why and can avoid making the same mistakes both in my own projects and when im working with others

walk before you can run homie, saves a whole loada frustration 🙂

over and out


more good stuff like this can be found in the YaghiLabs Academy

Inside The Mind of a Contractor

Which Came First The Contractor or Wrong Expectations

At the breakfast table this morning I started wondering about the people who post Jobs to hire contractors. The other day I started looking at a few popular outsourcing websites where you can bid on jobs, particularly jobs in the online marketing niche.

What stood out the most and  got me shaking my head is the blown out expectations and lack of detail in the job description. Have you heard the saying, “If you can dream it we can do it”? The part that is missing from there is “if your Pockets are DEEP enough”.

SEO Job Examples That Stood Out

Currently we are having one of our website on number 2 position on Google, we want my website to be number 1 for a certain keyword. Please, only apply if you have relative experience.We want to achieve number 1 position asap.Only serious bidders can apply!

Estimated Payment 150 bucks.

They want their website to move to first position for a keyword and their budget is 150 dollars.  That budget might cover the research, evaluation, and written plan of action. The execution could cost a lot more.

If I were to take on the Job I would have to pick apart their site, the content, and there current plan. Review their market research or even conduct a fresh report.

Find out how valuable that first position really is then dissect their competition to see what the fastest route would be for Search Engine Rankings. Of course  I would purpose a Pay Per Click campaign because that would be the fast way to get ranked number one in Goolge.

The expectations are set  high and what this attracts are people who will feed them Lies just to get the bare minimum and move on to the next victim.

How I View Job Contracts at First Glance

When I look for contracts to bid on I am looking at the expectations of the Employer and if my skills match what they want. I ask the following questions.

What is the final outcome of the contract?

What is the time frame for achieving this outcome?

What is their budget? Is the budget realistic for the work they want to get accomplished?

Do they have any understanding of what is involved in completing the project at hand or will I have to train them and explain the operation?

Are they setting them self up to be taken advantage of?

Does their plan reflect market reaction, response or proactive movement?

Here is Another SEO Post

Job Description

I am looking to have 100 off PR5(or above) links to my website with the specific anchor texts. The links must be on the actual page that has a PR5 and must be indexed by google.

I do NOT want a backlink on a low PR page of a website that has other pages of PR5. The backlinks must be on the actual page that has the PR5 (or above)and I must be able to confirm this via ALEXA Backlinks check. The links must be permanent and not paid-for links. The contract will be complete when I can check all 100 URLs and see my link on PR5 (or above) pages with the PR confirmed by me checking against Alexa.

Please apply stating:
1. Time scale to complete
2. Your best fixed price.
3. Your experience of building genuine high PR5+ backlinks
4.Approximately how many PR5 (or above) backlinks could you build if at a later date I was to expand the contract.

Only applicants that answer all 4 questions above will be considered – Thankyou Budget 20 Dollars!

My Thoughts About This

What is the site, why would anyone with a higher quality site want to link to the Employers site for FREE?  What is the reciprocating value?  Why did the Employer put 20 dollars as the starting budget?  Who put the idea in their head that someone can check ALL site backlinks on Alexa?  What date are you talking about expanding?

My Reply

1.  Time scale is in hours and the time frame would be between 0-17520 hours, two year. Now that isn’t how many hours working on the project but simply a good TWO years to complete. From the way the Employer wants this done in the job description.

Why Two Years? Research, Rapport, Pitch, Negotiation, Link, Report.

2. Fixed price 20 thousand dollars. Someone would be going on a lot of dates with some webmasters to get these links.

3.  I have never built a genuine High PR5 Backlink, I prefer mine to be sober at the time of construction. Are you asking  have I ever developed a site that hosts content worthy enough that some webmaster who has a site with PR5 would link too?

Have you seen

*I didn’t develop the site but I do a bit of content creation and under the hood marketing.

4. When a later date is arranged I would still say the same amount and then some, lets talk Money not time. In this game Cash is king, unless you have lots and lots of time and a huge army of crazy internet marketers who work night and day for nothing to get your site ranked.


Very high expectations with an unclear understanding of a process works can lead to disappointment, resent, hate, anger, and theft.

When you  put out a contract or want some work done please learn at least some of the lingo and jargon of the industry. Research what it is that you really want, the time you want it done in and how much you have to spend to get the job done right.

Avoid getting ripped off by getting the facts and taking the necessary time to develop the details. Talk to someone in the industry you are seeking to get work done from.

Assist Us Assisting You


The Yaghi Labs team put together just the right content for you to get clear and honest about what it is you really want and even didn’t know you could get.

You can get that by Enrolling in Yaghi Labs Internet Business Academy:

forget about the price-tag

Coconut man….. moon head….. and Pea, you ready?

Seems like everybodys got a price, i wonder how they sleep at night, when the sale comes first and truth comes second, just stop for a minute and smile 😀

Why is everybody so serious, acting so dam mysterious….

Great song huh? I also think it has an extremely important message for home business owners, one that is mis-interpreted.

When Jesse J released this song, price tag, i lost count of how many times i heard

well if its not about the money, just give us the album for free

On the surface its easy to see why people say that but the underlying message is one that could turn your shy little online business into a printing press not to dissimilar to those of the federal reserve

Jesse J performs because she is an extremely talented individual and loves what she does, i recently heard her doing a tv interview and her passion for music is clear for all to see. She just wants to make the world dance.

Lots of little girls grow up wanting to sing right? Hours spent dancing around with a hair brush for a micro-phone, pretending to be their idols

Do you think for a second that a 9 nine year old girl wants to be a singer because of the money? I dont think so, singing is fun and they enjoy it.

Its like when i was a nipper, my mates and me all played football, in the wind, rain, snow and sun. 7 days a week. We grew up wanting to be footballers, we never spoke about how much money we could make from it. It was fun and brought us so much enjoyment and…

It was our PASSION

When you operate from there, you will always go that little bit further, do that little bit extra because you want to be a…

master of your craft

and thats why some footballers and singers get a nice little pot of gold for their troubles, they bring a s**t-load of value to their market place.

Most home business owners are using someone else’s system and products so the only thing to excite them is sales and money. Instead of servicing your customers needs you’re trying to sell your product to everyone whether they need it or not. Then its easy to become greedy and it becomes all about the money and as she said…

i wonder how they sleep at night

Chances are a fall is on its way, as when the passion is lost the talent disappears along with the marketplace value. Take a good look at the product you are promoting, are you passionate about it? Would you sell it to your mother?

When you go through the Yaghi labs Internet Business Academy we will help you build a real online business around YOU and YOUR strengths.

lots of love

ewan 🙂

Would They Miss You If You Didn’t Show Up?

“The things you do not have to say make you rich. Saying the things you do not have to say weakens your talk. Hearing the things you do not have to hear dulls your hearing; and the things you know before you hear them – these are who you are and this is the reason you are in the world.”
-William Stafford

For All That…

For all that “commenting” at blogs on the fringes of Google’s oblivion… 

…”Liking” on Facebook, “twitting” on Twitter, “plussing” on Google, “thumbs upping” on YouTube… 

For all that time you’ve spent munching on this training webinar, or that training program, or that “get leads, get rich” course, and for all the emails you’ve kept up with inbetween…
For all of your marketing efforts and involuntary repetitions that stop and start like the disrupted flow of speech from a person with a stammering problem…
What has it gotten you? 
What has it amounted to? 
If you were to give it all up tomorrow — just toss in the towel and say “I’m done” — would you be missed?

Would You Be Missed?

Would they look for you on Facebook?
Would they ask where you’ve been on Twitter?
Would someone Google you to see what you’re up to?
Would your videos be missed; your writing longed for?
Would you receive email inquiries?

The Things You Know Before You Hear Them

As it relates to your Internet business aspirations…
If you’re not busy being born, you’re just busy dying. 
And if you don’t intentionally choose to be missed by a larger circle of people (outside of friends and family) then you will have a difficult time growing your business and attracting more customers (commissions, partners … whatever).

Here Is An Experiment For You

Walk away from the web for a week. Maybe two weeks. 
Notice what happens. You’re likely NOT missed. Or are you?
During this time, quiet your brain. Reset your paradigm. Ask yourself one question…
What can I do and who can I do it for that if or when I stopped doing it tomorrow would cause them to miss me? 

It could be your brand, your leadership, your writing, your videos, your results, your value, your free stuff, your community. 

Whatever you think of to fill in the blank is where you should begin. It’s the reason you’re in the world. 

Eric Walker is currently a recluse resetting his paradigm, and sharpening his saw in a small town in Michigan. 

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Poor Students Make Poorer Freelancers

The River Jordan

“Remember your projects are due next class. If you need an extension, please bring a note from your parents,” Mrs. Pierce announced.

Although I was a smart student, I always wrote essays during lunch for her 10th Grade English class. Mrs. Pierce never seemed to notice. She gave perfect scores to all my last-minute writing.

Procrastination is a Bad Business Habit

Many entrepreneurs I’ve worked with are amongst the worst procrastinators I have ever met. Not long ago, we had a short experiment with Entrepreneurial Interns at YaghiLabs. My management staff had a nightmare keeping them on task.

When given assignments to do, it took two people to follow-up with them before assignments were submitted.

Similarly, hired freelancers were no better.

Service contractors forget they are businesses. A business has an obligation to deliver on time PERFECT work. Nothing is worse than gaining a reputation for being slow.

It cause clients substantial loss.

Mrs. Pierce didn’t like me very much.

My English teacher thought I was disruptive. She gave me the lowest grades on conduct and effort.

However, unlike most bad students, I was a gifted child. Teachers had no choice but to acknowledge that, even if they disliked me.

My high school streamed students into four:

A-Stream, B-Stream, C-Stream, and Special Needs.

I was not a special needs student, in fact I was in the highest stream competing with the most gifted children….in most of my classes.

However, English, Art, and Physical Education, were mixed – our classmates were from the B, C, and Special Needs streams.

Teachers had no choice but to teach the curriculum slowly to accommodate the less capable. This was boring and meant I was often idle.

So with the competition this easy, I could afford to slack off in Mrs. Pierce’s class and still outshine the rest.

I’m sure it infuriated her because even even when I seemed distracted, she never could catch me with those questions teachers ask students who aren’t paying attention.

When Mrs. Pierce announced that our projects on, “River Jordan” was due, I realised I had not even finished reading the novel, let alone started the project!

“Mrs. Pierce,” I called while raising my hand. “What would you like the note from our parents to say…if we need an extension, I mean.”

She frowned in my general direction. “Well, you need to have a good excuse and the note should say why you’ll be late.”

“What kind of excuse is a good one?” I persisted.

She gave me one of her piercing looks and ignored me. I hated her a little more.

Hired Help Online Requires Smart Management

At least in school, we had to get a note to be excused from handing in assignments on time.

Contractors, it seems, always become absent from email, phone, and chat when they are behind. It’s a nightmare of stress when this happens. Often, they quit without warning, rather than admit they made a mistake.

I wish contractors would just inform me when they expect delay. At least I would have a chance to do damage control with my clients and customers.

Should we tell our client, “Sorry the video you paid for is going to be late because one of our staff is MIA.”

That is embarrassing and unprofessional! It is not fair on our client  to lose money because of our incompetent staff.

My Mother Gives Me an Excuse

That evening, when I got home, I approached my mother innocently, “Mum. I need a note for an extension. I haven’t finished my Enligh assignment yet and it’s due tomorrow. Can you say I was sick last week?”

Don’t laugh.

My parents did anything to help me get ahead in school. They gave excuse notes to get out of detention, to avoid swimming, and anything else I needed. Of course they didn’t encourage this behaviour, but I knew they didn’t want me to get poor grades. And I took advantage of them.

Mother always signed notes with just “B.Y.”, her initials.

She told me that if I really needed a note (eg, I forgot my gym shorts which would have earned me detention), I could write an excuse note and sign on her behalf. I never did it, but it gave me confidence to ask.

Excuses are For Losers

Many Contractors are only in business because they were poor employees, and useless school students before that. They became MASTERS of excuse-making.

From humble, “Dog ate my homework” beginnings, to “my parents got divorced,” to “I’m going through a divorce” as adults. Their excuses are endless – but they’re also difficult to challenge.

I’m usually a nice guy. I don’t have the heart to openly challenge someone who claims their work is late because their finance was in a wreck. But it seems such excuse-makers attract disaster.

The professional contractor works through their pains and problems and doesn’t make them someone else’s problem.

Management is something I had to learn in the School of Hard Knocks. The rule, regardless of how good the excuse, is always the same:

If a hired hand makes an excuse in their first assignment, I equate it with incompetence.

I Strike, Rudely

Sure enough, the next day, when my classmates were handing in their assignments, I walked over to Mrs. Pierce’s desk and produced the note from my mother.

My lips were twisted into a smirk, intended to betray me. Mrs. Pierce caught my eye, and I stared back at her just long enough so she would notice my expression.

I headed back to my chair without a word and sat.

“Jim!” She called from the front of the room.

“Yes, maam?” I responded feigning innocence.

“A word please,” she said dryly.

I walked back to her desk and held her gaze.

“This,” she indicated to the open note in front of her, “is not the handwriting of an adult.”

I gasped, insincerely. She indicated at the blue-inked initials at the bottom of the note. She continued, “And this is not your mother’s signature.”

Leaning into her face while resting my arms on the other side of her desk, I looked into her brown eyes and countered, “What are you saying? That I forged this note?”

Her trembling lips betrayed her impatience.

But naughty child I was, I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to push her – just a little over the edge.

Without so much as a pause, I continued cooly, “No offence, Ma’am. But what level of education do you need to be a school teacher? My mother is a highly educated woman. She has a PhD and teaches at the University. Whether you believe it or not, this IS her handwriting – and I think it’s a great effort for someone who speaks English as a second language. How many languages do you know?”

I tapped at the note indicating the signature. “This is how my mother signs her notes. Anyway. If you don’t believe me, I’ll give you our home phone number and you can call her yourself.”

Look, I was a child. I’m not proud of this, I only tell the story because it was a little funny. However, it took many years of personal development to rid myself of this bad habit. It was affecting my business.

Nobody wants to work with an unreliable partner. No client wants to hire a slow contractor. Opportunities come and go very quickly, and if a business is inefficient and gives poor quality last-minute work, they hurt the clients they serve.

Excuses have no place in business. They’re made by employees to employers.

A good manager asks their employees to sign an agreement that says if they expect delays, they must inform them in writing immediately.

Why do I do this?

Because it keeps my employees accountable; particularly online where reliability is scarce. If there ever is a reason for delay, I need to at least know in advance so I can make backup arrangements.

In fact, I expect delays, no matter how highly paid the contractor. I always assign tasks to TWO contractors at a time.

Does this cost more money?

Yes, in the short-term. But I lost clients who spent tens of thousands of dollars with our business because of one contractor’s screw up. Having two contractors working on one task reduces the odds of both failing.

However, we should not have to do this! We need to deal with professionals.

Mrs. Pierce was FURIOUS.

She had to take a breath to keep her temper.

“Fine. Give it to me,” she said tightly.

In a tone of obvious disdain, I slowly dictated the numbers.

Mrs. Pierce wrote the number on the back of the note and sent me back to my desk.

Thinking back, I have to give it to her; Mrs. Pierce was an extraordinarily patient teacher! Had one of my online business students spoken to me the way I did to Mrs. Pierce, I would have returned their money and shut them out of my classes.

The Phone Rings

All weekend, I worked on the River Jordan assignment and completed it. On Monday, the assignment was submitted. But to my disappointment, Mrs. Pierce did not call for several days.


It was 6 O’Clock. We had just finished dinner.

The phone rang.

I picked up. “Hello?” I said.

“Yes. Hi this is Mrs. Pierce from Mt. Roskill Grammar. Is Mrs. Yaghi there?”

I smiled. I’m sure she could hear it.

“Oh! You mean, Dr. Yaghi? Yeah, she’s here, I’ll get her.”

“Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!” I called. “It’s for you. My English teacher.”

The conversation lasted for a brief moment. I sat beside my mother. She confirmed she’d written the note while I giggled in the background.

Competition in Business

I received an A on that assignment. Was it because it was an A-effort from me?

No way.

But grades are assigned competitively. If one’s classmates are weak, their teacher has no choice but to award the top student with an A.

An A, however, does not say that it was A quality work. In another class, this last-minute work would have received no more than a C.

I got away with it because the class only had a handful of A-Streamers. The rest, our competition, were B and C stream students and Special Needs children. It’s easy to stand out in that crowd.

But in Business?

That won’t fly for you or me. If the market is saturated (and online, it often is), you’ll make little to no money.

On the other hand, if you raise the bar and stand PROUD with work that amazes even you, then yours will be the most demanded business of all.

Look at any successful organisation like Google or Apple – do you think they look at the little start-up technology companies and say well at least we’re better than them…or do they shine because they compete with their own best efforts?

The choice is yours, Contractor.

You can leave your work to the last minute and stay tiny, insignificant.

Or you could outdo yourself, over-deliver and look for ways to give you customers the best experience ever.

Just know this: Excuses are for naughty children.


By the way, I’ve spent 3 years and several 100,000 dollars experimenting with contractors. In Module 8 of the YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy, I outline a system we’ve been perfecting to get high quality work from even the worst employees.

Sign Up here to learn more…


Turn Your Addictions into Profit

Like you, I have problems with consistency in my work. But I found a simple trick you can play on your mind which makes your work more productive and enjoyable than ever.

Addiction and Habit are very close concepts; in fact, they’re one and the same. The only difference is that the word “addiction” is reserved for when we speak in negative context about habit.

Naughty Hypnosis Trick To Try on a Friend

Hypnosis or behaviour modification exploits mental habits. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), for example, uses trigger words to create brain patterns.

NLP does this with anchoring; a subject can be programmed to place a bookmark in their head for a useful pattern of thinking.

An anchor can be anything – a snap of the fingers, a touch on the shoulder, anything really. It serves as a signal to start a pattern of thought in the brain.

Here’s a naughty hypnosis trick you can try on a friend: While talking to your friend, snap your fingers before mentioning food. Then every time you say a food-word in the course of the conversation, snap your fingers.

Eventually, after a few consistent repetitions, your friend’s brain will be subconsciously trained to think of food every time they hear a snap. You can invoke that pattern of thought again any time you want, without saying any food words.

You have created a trigger in your friend’s mind to a pattern of thought that says something like, “Finger-snap, food, cravings, I need to find something to eat.”

Thought Addictions

On a more serious note, given how quickly our brains create patterns and associations, you can see how easy it is for anyone to become addicted to thoughts that lead to bad habits.

For example, if you normally have a beer while watching the game, it can soon become a habit. If you smoke a cigarette every time you are stressed, that too, in time, becomes habit.

When a pattern of thought has been associated with a trigger that increases in frequency, it automatically increases all the thoughts associated with it. Addiction is created.

Suppose you’ve learned to associate watching a game with beer – what happens if you become interested in many different sports and start to watch more games on TV than before?

You would feel the urge to drink beer with every game. And in time, you may become alcoholic.

Similarly, if you begin to face an unusual amount of stress in your life, and you begin a habit of lighting a smoke when you’re stressed, you may become a chain smoker.

Actions are associated with triggers. Addiction hangs itself on triggers that occur automatically and often.

Using Addictions for Good

It’s not all bad news though. In a similar way, we can train our brains to associate positive actions with a trigger. Specifically, addictions make excellent triggers because they occur frequently and automatically.

For example, what would happen if, you were a “movie buff” (addict), and instead of learning to eat a bowl of crisps, you learned to do 10 crunches at every scene change instead?

Or, if you were already addicted to crisps with your movie, what if you learned to leave the bowl in the kitchen and force yourself to walk over there to grab one chip between scenes?

Actually, I once used this very trick with all my snacking and lost over 15kg in weight in just 2 months!

Here’s another great example:

A famous body builder who was very poor in early years explained how he worked out while watching television. Every time a commercial break started, he threw himself at the floor and did 100 push-ups. Over time, he increased his work-out intensity and soon did several THOUSAND push-ups daily.

See how he associated a positive action (push-ups) with what may otherwise be an addiction (TV)? Commercial breaks were a perfect trigger for a new habit. They are frequent on TV, but if you’re addicted to TV, you see commercials more often than any person!

Any addiction can be used as a trigger for creating a new positive habit.

How I Tricked Myself With Hot Chocolate and an Outing

Entrepreneurs are born creative. However, we often struggle with consistency. Creative people get bored of repetition easily.

If you find yourself unable to get motivated to work, you may need to leverage an existing addiction as a trigger. Usually the best habits to use are ones that you enjoy – and this is why I am more inclined to call them addictions, because we do the activity in excess.

Here’s an example of how I used a coffee-shop addiction to do work I disliked:

Every day, it seemed, I would have an urge to get dressed, leave the house, and drive to a coffee shop, where I would proceed to order a cup of hot chocolate and “chill”, think, and contemplate.

Some days, I did this several times. And when I didn’t find a friend who was free to go with me, I would go alone.

This wasted a great deal of time. But I loved it. So one day, I decided to save for the outing some work related task I didn’t enjoy. It was a critical job that normally, I would put off and make excuses to avoid all week, but it had to get done.

At first, it seemed almost like I spoilt my outing with work – but within about 3 outings, I began to notice an increase in my productivity and enjoyment. Best of all, there was no nagging “cloud looming over my head”.

These days, I look forward to working on tasks I used to hate because in my mind they’re always associated with a Hot Chocolate and a Ride!

Try to Trick Your Mind Too!

If you’d like to try this trick, then do the following:

  1. Observe your day and look for an action you enjoy and do very frequently. It doesn’t have to be a positive thing, it can be negative too. Don’t be embarrassed, you don’t have to tell anyone what it is.
  2. Find ONE task that you wish you had the willingness to do more often. For example, it could be to add one Adgroup, or to create another ad split-test, or to write an email. It could be anything, but try to keep it a very small and simple task. The smaller and easier the task, the faster this technique works.
  3. Repeat. In order to create a pattern, you must train your brain to associate the tasks together. Always do the two actions together – the thing you enjoy and the task you’d like to do more of.
  4. Slowly increase the difficulty of your annoying task. You will have a hard time creating the habit if the pain is too great, so only increase its intensity in small doses. Notice in the earlier example I gave about watching movies, I suggested 10 crunches. This won’t give you washboard abs by any means, but over time if you increase your crunches by 10 every week, you will eventually be able to do 100 or 1,000 crunches per session!

One last thing, if you find yourself doing MORE of your addiction, it’s not all bad. As long as you associate the annoying task with your addiction, you’ll at least be using it for good.

DISCLAIMER: always exercise your own good judgement; I am not responsible if you use this advice to become more addicted to something that harms your health. Always try to counter negative habits with positive ones.


P.S. to learn about how to be productive and organise your day, check out Chapter 8 in the YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy at…

Is the Internet What’s Really Ruining Our Economy?


The writing is on the wall. Soon, there will be few employees left.

Self-employed entrepreneurs are no better off.

If you start a business online today, your odds of surviving in this harsh economy are slim. Consumers have become more demanding, more careful, and less willing to pay. Only businesses that cater to the insatiable desires of consumers, for less money survive. In time, this too will become impractical.

While most Economists claim that our current Crisis is because of loans and hyper-inflation – I disagree. I believe that they are mere symptoms of an entirely different problem:

The Internet.

Technology and the Internet have destroyed more businesses than ANY bank. Technology has wiped out the Old Economy to make way for a New. Online Entrepreneurs are unknowingly conducting business following the Old Rules and most will face certain business-death.

If you would give me a few moments of your time, I will prove this to you and show you how to defend your new business from such a horrific fate.

Harmful Effect #1: Information

The Internet has shaken up Traditional Business. Today, any 6 year old child with an Internet connection can jump online and find information about anything they want.

Indeed, Google’s mission statement is worthy of note here.

To organise the World’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Consider the deep impact of this simple statement on your business.

Google Search is the engine of choice for 60% of the Internet population and allows anyone to find information on any topic they want, without ever leaving their home. In the Old Economy, a business enjoyed a certain privacy advantage from its competitors and anonymity from its unhappy customers.

Today’s consumer within a few keystrokes can uncover the dirtiest secrets about any business before they spend a single cent with them.

Similarly, your marketing campaigns, advertisements, and new offerings can be easily spied upon by competitors without much work at all.

Your business is constantly under surveillance, always scrutinised by watchful eyes of business spies, customers, and reporters. Nothing is truly private online.

During my work with YaghiLabs, I have seen products launched that were immediately hijacked by competitors: Some targeted our advertising and stole our traffic for their own businesses, others took marketing ideas and angles from us, and yet others released similar products that directly competed with ours. We’ve even had paying customers yanked by competition  – we saw a rise in refund rate as our clients replaced us with our competitors.

There is no such thing as privacy online.

As soon as you get an ingenious business idea, the market becomes saturated with competitors offering a better product, faster, and cheaper than yours.

As soon as your website is ready, the market does a full 180 and your product becomes irrelevant.

As soon as you learn a brilliant marketing technique, customers become immune and refuse to respond.

The only way to beat the trend is to produce products and creative advertising so fast that competition cannot keep up. Small startups online are unable to do this because most try to do everything themselves.

Cost is a critical factor for them.

However, a single owner-operator cannot build a website, create a marketing campaign, develop a product, and deliver it fast enough to stay ahead of the competition for long. Not to mention that one person cannot possibly have all the necessary expertise to produce quality work on any level. Instead, a large work-force is required to startup and remain in business. This is a cost, most startups cannot afford.

Harmful Effect #2: Choice

Consumers have become more careful about spending their money.

We are like spoilt children, always seeking convenience – we want things now, we have unrealistic expectations of what products should do for us, and despite all of this, we don’t want to spend our money.

One could argue that consumers have become careful due to loss of their jobs, lay-offs, lack of work security, and a rising unemployment rate.

In the Old Economy, anyone who could not afford something would have reduced their demands.

A certain sector of the Lower- and Middle Class who bought anyway, despite not being able to afford their purchases, were said to be “Keeping up with the Joneses”. But even the “Joneses” is a Middle Class family paying for most of their luxury with instalments and payment plans.

In the New Economy, the consumer has choice. They will look online and quite easily find alternative products for less. Established direct-sales vendors with less debt, overhead, and larger advertising budgets provide healthy competition.

Online entrepreneurs starting up their business are under-funded. They cannot afford to offer low-enough prices and to run at a loss long enough to gain reputation and ground.

Many self-employed entrepreneurs think that their costs are low, because they spend carefully – but this is slow.

Also, any cost advantages or conveniences you have, you share in common with your competitors. Really, the playing field is not in your favour. Competitors with bigger budgets will beat you.

You may be tempted to think your case is special and that you will only spend a little on advertising or use free traffic, and offer an information product that is inexpensive to produce. But your small capital gives you a time disadvantage. Your methods will take too long, and like I said earlier, better-funded competitors will steal anything good for themselves and profit from it before you’ve started.

Harmful Effect #3: Technology

Services worth money yesterday are rapidly becoming irrelevant and worth nothing today.

These questions will likely stump you – What is money? What does it symbolise? Where does it come from? And where has it gone?

Let’s answer this in a moment.

Business is in an ongoing struggle to find cost-cutting avenues while still serving consumers cheaper; with faster comforts and conveniences.

However, creating a product or rendering a service has many costs: material, labour, property rental, storage, research, development, advertising, shipping, and more.

Think about how much a computer used to cost to produce in its earliest years. Computer manufacturers had to pay the high costs up front, develop the computer and its software, then sell onto the consumer while making a profit so they could remain in business. Only large organisations could afford to buy.

When regular consumers began demanding personal computers, they were still unwilling to pay the high cost. In order to reach them, personal computer manufacturers arose with innovations that cut manufacturing costs making way for the affordable personal computer.

All businesses, in a similar way, are on a mission to make more money – either by lowering costs so their products are affordable to more people, or by lowering their own costs to increase profit margins.

Earlier, I asked What is Money?

To really understand where money comes from and where it has gone, we must go back to a prehistoric time when people bartered their resources, skills, and experience with one another. One person provided a short-cut to another, and this had value.

We eventually evolved a tangible symbol for people to store “favour-trading” as a credit or a coin. At a later date, and when we need a “favour” done for us, we exchange our coin (a symbol of the favour we offered someone else earlier) with someone else who is willing to swap “favours”.

Technology has made many service-providers useless to business. In other words, many employees became an unnecessary business cost.

So where has the money gone in this economy?

It did not disappear – Consumers want cheaper and better conveniences from businesses, and businesses must cut their costs to comply. Many employees now have irrelevant skills for business. Any company that continues to employ such employees is unable to keep up with the impossibly low cost demands of the customer.

Until recently one could remain useful to a company with a basic University education obtained 20 year earlier. In the New Economy, that employee is toast.

Technology either replaces them – or makes their skills inadequate to drive the new technology.

A growing trend is for large supermarkets and chain stores to replace human cashiers with machines that do the same job for less.

Graphics design firms which used to work with paper and ink, today require employees who know the latest version of Photoshop and Illustrator. New versions of software are released frequently, and if an employee does not master the latest version yesterday, they will have no role in the New Economy.

Similarly, marketing and PR experts were needed in the past to make contact with journalists who might cover their company in the news. Now, instead, marketers must master mobile advertising (which came out very recently), Social Media, and blogging.

Similarly, entrepreneurs must keep their business relevant to consumers by embracing new technological advancements as they emerge. And be ready at a heartbeat to change direction and embrace a new technology.

Google and Facebook are commonly used by Online Entrepreneurs to advertise their businesses. These engines are a type of technology, software, that is constantly being updated. Startup entrepreneurs themselves usually lack the skills necessary to market with these advertising platforms.

Those who master advertising with one engine will quickly find that it is a full-time job to keep up with the constant updates and rule changes on these platforms.

To prosper, they need to contract the work out to expert businesses whose job it is to keep their advertising skills relevant and up to date. This is another difficult cost few startups can afford.

Harmful Effect #4: Developing Countries

India and China, together have a population of over 2 BILLION people; a huge labour force easily accessible with the Internet to any business.

I’ve said this several times already, businesses are constantly looking for ways to cut costs. Companies like Nike, Adidas, and Microsoft have enjoyed giant profit margins by outsourcing work to developing countries.

India has been for years a technology hub where you can employ very skilled software developers for only a few dollars an hour. Contrast this to the usual cost of a programmer from the United States, for example, who costs at least $20/hour and as much as $100/hour.

While it may seem at first glance that having easy access to Developing Country contractors is an advantage, it is not.

The Internet has enabled freelancer businesses in Developing Countries to become informed about how much they could earn. Online Businesses typically pay very similar rates for Indian contractors as they would for a freelancer from the United States for higher quality work.

Online Businesses do not benefit from cost-cutting by hiring skills from Developing Countries.

However, they do have the ability to avoid paying salaries and benefits to contractors, and need not pay income tax on their behalf.

On the other hand, finding quality workers who are truly skilled at their craft is difficult. Outsourcing can also be filled with problems in reliability and efficiency. Faced with established competitors, a new startup business will be crushed if their reputation is tainted by their choice of contractors.

It is truly a challenge to outsource. But there’s an even bigger problem the Internet creates.

Your competition has access to freelancers too, probably better than what you can obtain. Particularly that they have already spent time and money finding rare contractors with talent. Your competitors ongoing relationships with competent contractors who provide reliable, high quality work.

You have yet to find yours as a startup.

The Solution

We’ve described four major problems the Internet has created for the new Online Business owner. You’ve seen how easy it is for your best ideas to be stolen and your customers yanked from you because of the availability of Information online. You’ve seen how the numerous competing options the Internet provides makes it impossible to compete with a small startup budget. You’ve seen how fast-evolving technology is a drain on your time and skill-set. And you’ve seen how the Internet makes outsourcing expensive

So where do you go from here?

How do you defend your business and join the New Economy as a valuable service provider worthy of “favour”?

YaghiLabs has built a wonderful course called the Internet Business Academy. We help Online Startup Businesses with small budgets to build their businesses QUICKLY in a way that can compete on price, speed, convenience, and quality.

We have even developed relationships with Freelancers and Contractors who will willingly work for you on production alone – meaning, you can get their help in building your online organisation and only pay on results.

Learn about the Internet Business Academy with us by enrolling below:


Don’t Expect Negative People To See Your Vision

Sounds so simple. Will everyone you encounter share your
enthusiasm and believe in your opportunity? Will your
pessimistic prospects ever break free from the mental
chains that keep them imprisoned. Will they ever take
that first step and actually “believe it before they
see it?”

No, not likely. And that’s one of the fundamental flaws
in today’s business opportunity arena.

You’ve said previously that “people” can make a giant lifetime
residual income. Can’t anyone do this?

Yes, “people” can, but the average negative person can’t. Let
me tell you a story to amplify my point.

There was a scorpion and a frog. Both trying to get across the
stream. And the scorpion shouted over to the frog, “Hey Mr. frog,
can I hitch a ride on your back? I’ve got to get across the

As you know, scorpions can’t swim. And if the scorpion went
across himself he’d drown. The frog replied, “No way Mr.
Scorpion! Scorpions sting frogs and the second we’d get across
the stream you’d sting me and I’d die.”

“Ah, come on” said the scorpion! “I wouldn’t do that.” He
continued, “Heck, if I stung you and you died, YOU would drown
and so would I.”

Well, the frog thought for a moment. Scratched his little frog
forehead and replied, “okay Mr. Scorpion, hop on. I’ll take you

Sure enough. The scorpion scurried over to the nervous frog,
inched up the frog’s back and just as they got about half way
across the stream, don’t you know that the darn scorpion stung
the frog with his poisonous venom!

Naturally the frog was outraged. “How could you do this?” asked
the frog.

“Here I am, minding my own business and decide to help you out.
You promise not to sting me and bam — there you go and do it anyway”!

“I couldn’t help it” said the scorpion.

“Couldn’t help it” shuttered the frog? “You dumb fool, here we
are out in the middle of the stream. I’m about to die and you’re
on my back and you’ll be drowned any second now. How could you
do such a horrible and stupid thing all at the same time?”

The scorpion, who didn’t miss a beat and who didn’t bat an eye
simply replied, “How could I have done such a thing? — It’s
simple. I’m a scorpion and scorpions kill frogs.”

[Smiling] WOW!


Great story! It’s more than a story though. It’s life.

Here’s my point: people are who they are and will act and behave
accordingly. Which brings me back to my point — You can’t expect
negative, non-visionary people to make above average income. It
just can’t be done. And the proof itself is the “business opportunity
model,” which over the past 30 years has proven my hypothesis correct.

This was a user submitted article. Submit your own, share, or leave a comment below!

You Suck, You’re Fired!

managingNeglected, isn’t it?

I’m talking about the only skill you NEED as owner of a startup business ….dum dum dum….


You don’t have it.

Shoosh you. I don’t want to hear your protests.

Hang on a tic, mate – Isn’t the most valuable skill online meant to be “copywriting” … Or “traffic”?


Think! Who told you that?

Wasn’t it a salesperson in the business of selling courses on copywriting and lead gen?

Look – A business is made up of people.

People operate its machines and do the work.

YOU (person) operate your website (machine).

You write the copy, you run the traffic…you do all the work, don’t you?

But when did you last sell anything at your website?

Does it take forever to make a sale?

A good manager makes a department efficient…they make their staff and office faster at finding clients, selling, and fulfilling orders.

  • If the staff are incompetent, they find new ones.
  • If the system is slow they make important decisions to fix it.
  • If revenue is down, they figure out ways to increase income or slash expenses intelligently.

A good manager does all this because their job and their big salary are on the line.

But tell me…

Who will FIRE YOU?

Who will fire YOU if you manage your business into the ground?

You are the owner, the manager, and all the employees. It’s on you as the Manager to know when to ditch a slow, inefficient, unskilled employee … and when to hire a new one.

Learn management.

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Dollar Dreams

Email Players
Emails that sell. Copy, adapt, and use freely every month.

i dreamed this PPC ad in my sleep.

Actually, I dreamed up several PPC ads last night – for three different clients. Before wiping the sleep from my eyes, these ads were typed, submitted, live, and being tested.

My guess is they’re going to make my clients very happy.

It’s really strange, but any puzzle i’m working on, usually its answer comes to me in my sleep.

In university, i learned to trust my dreams.

I would be stuck on a problem for an ENTIRE week – some annoying proof in Complex Number theory (imaginary numbers and other jargonny garb). Everything I tried would be a dead end.

Suddenly, the entire solution would come to me in my sleep. SNAP! Wake up. Race downstairs. 2.30 in the morning. Try the solution.

It ALWAYS worked. Got an A on that course, even though it was the most difficult course i took. (even wrote a really bad amazon review for the textbook that’s still around today).

You know what’s funny?

Anyone can do this. It can be replicated at will.

I’m recording the last module of the IBA training today and the details of this technique will be revealed there.

Very simple strategy.

You can use it for any pressing problem you have.

Your brain will work it out for you while you’re sleeping and give you the answer in the morning.

No airy fairy stuff, just pure science.

It works EVERY time.

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The Fountainhead Entrepreneur

TheI started reading the Fountainhead yesterday; under a shady tree that bows in the back of a quiet cafe.

Although I work at this cafe every day I don’t normally use the tree spot. It’s saved for special relaxation occasions.

Last night, I took my Kindle and sat there. The air was still and the night was cool. I read for hours.

The story resonated with me.

An older man lectures a 22-year old Architecture student about the “status quo” and why the boy should conform. He claims that everything good has already been done by the Greeks and we aren’t supposed to change whatever has been established.

The boy’s character came across with the arrogance and blindness only an in-experienced yet self-assured person would have. He, of course did not agree.

As the two dialogued back and forth, I connected with the younger man.

Any true entrepreneur would have connected

We don’t do things blindly without asking why. We don’t follow someone else’s plan just because it is a plan.

Too many people think they are being “different” because of their title ‘entrepreneur’. But are they?

Or are they still sheeping about imitating only a different crowd?

Have you ever asked yourself …

  •  Why do I need my own website for THIS business? Can’t I make more sales in a different place instead?
  •  Do I REALLY need an optin form or did I just put one up because someone told me it would help?
  •  Am I the owner of this business, or am i a slave labourer helping someone else’s business get ahead? Is this really better than employment?

These questions are ones you should have asked and answered long ago.

The answers are not what you expect…otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. 

We are independent thinkers.

When we face a problem, we don’t look to our left and our right to see what others are doing. We don’t copy our neighbours. We don’t follow blindly and believe everything we are told.

It’s our job to be CRITICAL… sceptical, even – to think with independence, to analyse, and to pick apart. These are characteristics of ideal man.

These are the characteristics of heroes…of leaders.

We don’t follow…and we don’t ask to lead.

We charge unrelentingly ahead– while the leaches and parasites cling on–hoping to gain from our success.

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