Friggin’ Refunders!!…NOT

you know what’s a bit messed up in online marketing… it’s how there’s a conspiracy to BRAIN-WASH customers into holding a very un-natural set of beliefs and values. check it out… so a lot of marketers spend a great deal of energy telling you how horrible customers are who ask Read more…

Time To Sac Up And Sell, Son

Been doing lots of podcasts lately. By that I mean, people have been inviting me on their podcasts to talk about emails and copywriting and other marketing topics. And one question keeps popping up… “How do I sell in emails without readers thinking I’m just trying to squeeze money out Read more…

Why GenX’ers Are The Best Entrepreneurs

It’s my observation that GenX’ers are the best Internet marketers. In fact, methinks we’re the best entrepreneurs, period. How can I say such a thing? Well, first off, I’m biased. But besides that, I don’t think baby boomers and Gen Y’ers or today’s narcissistic whiney little “Gen Texters” have the advantages Read more…

Home Business Owners Take A Heavy Defeat

Home business owners face heavy defeats in business. Due to this, some businesses fail. The difference between those which fail and those which succeed is the level of professionalism the business owners has. Manchester United Football team are a great example of how professionals who suffer heavy defeats still go on to become winners.

forget about the price-tag

Doing work you love doing and have a passion for isn’t really working. It is simply enjoying life while getting paid. When working in this way people will instantly see your passion for the work you do and they will want to buy or invest in you and your business.

Poor Students Make Poorer Freelancers

Do you provide a service and want to get more clients? The best gigs come from Word of Mouth of happy clients, but few contractors receive clients by referral because they do not build a relationship with their clients. Let’s explore how you can improve your chances of getting referrals.

Dollar Dreams

Dreaming the answers to difficult problems has been described by writers and even inventors. Thomas Edison was said to sleep with a pad by his side so that when he had revelations in his sleep he could write them before he forgot. “Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.” – Thomas Edison

The Fountainhead Entrepreneur

The classical novel The Fountainhead has many deep dialogues – one in particular takes stabs at the idea of following established “standards” in art. Entrepreneurs should be critical thinkers who challenge the standards and skirt the bounds of creativity. Here is a great lesson from the Fountainhead….