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This is a courtesy reminder, so no one gets mad at me later.

Super Traffic DIY Kit 2 incredible bonuses will expire in less than 60 minutes.

– Tackling the Big G!

– How to Use the STMPC Tool to Make $108,000 with 3 sales/week
(this orientation webinar happens tomorrow, live. YES…it will be recorded but you will only have access if you order your Super Traffic Kit within 60 mins)

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Webinar Tomorrow

Quickly, a reminder.

In about 4 hours, the Fast Action incentives for Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit customers will expire and will no longer be offered.

The live webinar incentive: “How to Use the STMPC Tool to Make $108,000 with 3 sales/week” is actually taking place tomorrow. So if you wanted to discover some of the hidden features of the STMPC tool included in the first module of your kit…now would be the time to grab a kit.

You’ll also be able to instantly access my 40-min introduction to super traffic, entitled “Tackling the Big G!”.

Now let me take care of a few frequently asked questions i’ve been asked, in case you delayed your decision for one of these reasons:


Q: “I’m not an affiliate marketer. Will this work for me if i sell my own products?”

A: Yes, but the manuals were designed explicitly for Affiliate Marketers, Network Marketers, and Marketing System members. In other words, BizOps.

Illustrative examples in the manuals are almost always about a BizOp.

However, there’s no reason you can’t still use the same process with ANY product. In fact, we used the exact process described in the manuals (with the exception of Manual #4) to create the Super Traffic Machine’s marketing.

Manual #4 is on product customisation. This is more useful for affiliate marketers–but still has many important steps for your own products if you are not an affiliate marketer. In fact, when you get your kit, you’ll see we used the same packaging process described. To the letter.

If you’re willing to translate some of the affiliate marketing jargon yourself, you will be able to (and should) make use of everything in the manuals.

Q: “I’m not an info marketer. Will this work for me?”

A: Yes. The process can be used for tangible goods, services, the works. Marketing is marketing, dude. It’s the same thing no matter what you sell.

The only thing is if your products or services are not affiliate products, you might need to use your head a little to figure out how to apply the same process to your products.

Q: “This is outside my budget right now. Can i get it later?”

A: Yes. Super Traffic Machine’s cart will not close and will be available to order year-round. Only the bonuses will no longer be offered after tonight’s deadline. No reason you can’t get it later if you don’t have the money for it.

But if you don’t have $99 to invest in your business today, and you’ve been doing doing this affiliate/internet marketing thing for more than 12 months, i suggest you think of a different way to use your time.

$99 isn’t a lot of money to invest in something your business desperately needs. And if you’re not making that kind of money from an existing job or from your business today…i don’t think you should ever buy this kit or any internet business resources for that matter.

Q: “Are there discounts for existing customers?”

A: Sorry, no. We’re already selling this pretty close to the cost of production+shipping (which is included btw). Thanks to all the people who reserved kits and didn’t claim them, we may actually need to raise the price soon. Currently it’s costing us to send out kits.

Q: “There seems to be some overlap with your other training. How is this different?”

A. You’re right, there is overlap.

The funny thing about a philosophy is that it doesn’t change. Otherwise it wouldn’t be called a philosophy.

But we’re constantly innovating new ideas and improving our training methods to try to help more of you.

This kit is different, because it is…well…a KIT.

It’s not a webinar.

It’s not an ebook.

It’s not a coaching program.

It’s a step-by-step, well-thought out, well-planned description of our internal processes. It has had several experts and consultants work on it, and we’ve been revising it and modifying it for two years.

Also, let me ask you something…

Your computer and your tablet and your mobile phone…is there an overlap in their functionality?


But if you have a computer can you live without your smartphone? Or without your tablet?

Maybe yes, maybe no. But each serves a different function and has its place in your life.

Same with the Super Traffic Machine. It’s GOTTA have similarity with other products of ours…but this is the first of its kind comprehensive from A-Z product explicitly for BizOp traffic, designed to create Super Affiliates.

It has templates, tools, full examples, and genius learning aides that are designed to make it fun for you to put together your marketing machine.

It’s not a teaching of traffic or conversion skills product. It’s a process, do this, then do that and make Super Affiliate money instructional.

Oh, and plus, it’s a physical, written & illustrated product. No videos that you’ll never be able to review.

There’s much more that MUST remain secret and inaccessible to everyone else.

That’s all for now.

So get your Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit + the cool bonuses we planned for you for only $99/month here…

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EXPIRATION extension

I’ve been flat out all day and didn’t have a chance to remind you.

The “fast action” incentives for the Super Traffic DIY Kits were
meant to expire in about 40 minutes. In case you have a short

BONUS #1: Tackling the Big G!
That’s my 40 minute video presentation giving a quick and simple
introduction to generating SUPER AFFILIATE volume traffic.

BONUS #2: How to use the STMPC Tool to Make $108,000 with 3
This is a live webinar with me we’re holding in just a few days
just for Super Traffic Machine customers. It shows you some of the
cool features of the very powerful STMPC tool provided inside this
month’s kit.

Like i said, i was only planning to offer these bonuses for another
40 minutes. But i didn’t get a chance to remind you of the deadline.

So, i’ve decided to extend the deadline 24 hours.

After that, the bonuses will be removed from the offer. And if you
get a Super Traffic Machine kit later, these will not be included.

The value of each of these bonuses? i don’t know.

But people flew out from all over the world to watch my Tackling
the Big G! presentation. And i am sworn by contract to never share
it outside a paid product.

So this is your chance to get both free, when you get the amazing Super
Traffic Machine DIY Kit…complete with everything you need to put
together a powerful traffic gobbling, sales vomiting machine.

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A traffic lesson from the BIGGEST Super Affiliate i’ve ever known

There are TWO bonuses for you if you order your Super
Traffic DIY Kit before Sunday evening.

We didn’t want to overwhelm you with unnecessary extras that
have no purpose other than to add “padding” for the sake of perceived value.
The Super Traffic Machine’s value speaks for itself.

But still…

You don’t know what it’s like inside and i needed to incentivize
you to make the smartest business move you’ve ever made.

So I insisted to my staff (who protested strongly), that we
ONLY offer bonuses if they are relevant and will definitely help YOU get more
out of your Super Traffic Machine.

Here’s what we came up with in the end:

BONUS #1 – Tackling the Big G!


This is a 40-minute video presentation introducing traffic
generation for affiliate marketers. Its purpose is to give the entire Super
Traffic Machine process some context–about what we’re doing and why.

Although the manuals do this already, my experience with affiliate
marketers is that they can be so DEAD SET focused on minimalist efforts that
they refuse to believe or acknowledge anything that looks like it could involve

Even if it is spelled out, line by line, step by step for
them (as the Super Traffic Machine does).

More on this shortly.

BONUS #2–How to Use the STMPC

Tool to Earn $108,000 with
Only 3 Sales/week


We decided to hold a LIVE webinar on Tuesday so I can walk
you through the powerful STMPC tool included in the first Module of your Super
Traffic Machine DIY Kit.

While the tool is explained well in the first manual you’ll
be receiving in the mail shortly, there are some extra benefits we didn’t find
a natural place to document.

You will find both of these “extras” in your online Members
Area once you sign up. You can get to them while you wait for the kit to arrive
in the mail.

Both are easily worth the entire cost of the 8 components of
the kit.

If you haven’t claimed your Super Traffic DIY Kit, you
should go here and do so now so you don’t miss out…


Tackling the Big G! is a talk I gave a few months ago in Las
Vegas to mostly brand new affiliate marketers. And to be honest, I think I did
them a HUGE favour before the rest of the industry started telling them its

The talk was very well received…Actually, a few of the
speakers confided they learned a lot from it and a couple went on to partner
with YaghiLabs to drive traffic for their systems.

But let me switch gears for a minute…

Many affiliate marketers attend all the seminars in their
market, and they take pride in this fact.

Certainly, it is commendable. In live events, the value is more
in the connections you make …the deals you strike…and the social stuff you do with
the big shots, outside the seminar room.

But attending live events is expensive.

There’s the registration fee…which falls in the range of $2
– $10k. (anything cheaper is usually a pitchfest)

There’s the flight to get there…if it’s international, that
could be in the range of $2,000 or more.

And there’s the hotel…which you can often get for a discount
if you register early for $1k or so.

If you’ve been to any industry events, you’ll know what I’m
talking about.

What few people realize though, is that Super Affiliates
(who earn way more than you btw) NEVER pay any of these expenses. In fact,
their entire trip is usually comp’d…and sometimes they’re even paid to come.


Because System Owners benefit from their attendance.

They get to parade the Super Affiliate on stage, make a
shout-out to them, and hail them as HEROS. They become celebrity endorsements
of the system.

Even though, the reality is, their success is NOT a product of
the system’s training.

And Super Affiliates are not interested in sharing with
anyone their secrets. Wouldn’t it be nice to be a Super Affiliate?

I too have never paid to attend a single industry event. I either
go as the event’s guest or not at all.

In fact, many years ago I was driving so much traffic for
one client that he offered to fly me out to a “high rollers only” secret event
for $10,000 per person.

Who was there?

The BIGGEST players in the affiliate marketing space.

And he wanted me to meet the biggest Super Affiliate I have
EVER known in my life. This guy was spending $150,000 PER DAY on traffic.
Imagine that?

He got traffic from EVERYWHERE. Not just Google or just Bing…he
used EVERY source of traffic ever known to mankind. He drove so much volume that
he had his own affiliate network.

The funniest thing is, he got held at the Canadian border (because
he was of middle eastern descent) and he was not allowed to fly to the seminar–where
he was the featured speaker.

He had to give his talk as a hologram on stage.

But from him I learned one of the most important traffic
lessons ever. It was not a traffic technique or how to use a specific network.

What I learned was his PROCESS.

It was very different from mine at the time. His focus was
CONSTANTLY on scale and volume. This is opposite to what most affiliates do
with traffic.

Shortly after I attended that seminar, I went from
generating a max of 300 leads a day to generating over 1,000 every day. Much
more after that even.

In Tackling The Big G! I talk about similar big revelations
that will help you generate huge traffic too. And i explain it all in an
entertaining and simple way that’s easy to understand. There’s even a couple of
advanced traffic tricks at the very end, for those of you with a bit of

Like I said earlier, this bonus you can access immediately
in your online Members Area for the Super Traffic DIY Kit. Just a little
something to whet your appetite while you wait for your kit to arrive in the

Grab your Super Traffic DIY kit before Sunday here…

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


Your Super Traffic DIY Kit awaits…

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I’m all bleary-eyed and exhausted, so forgive any typos.

We’ve opened the shopping cart for Super Traffic Machine DIY Kits. If you reserved one in advance, you’ll be able to order yours here now:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

However, i suggest you read this message carefully before you proceed.

It has some important information about your Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit and how the whole thing works.

For the past couple of weeks, i’ve gone deep into the underworld of BizOps and Affiliate Systems. And i’ve exposed some scary truths that i have no idea if they make you run scared out of the industry…or they make you more determined to conquer it like me (i actually did both).

I’ve been a traffic expert for more than 7 years and worked with most of the BizOp systems in some capacity or other. So i have probably burned many bridges with my earlier essays.

But here’s why i wrote them…

For a while, i’ve been bored of training people on the low-level newbie crap one must do to find a receptive audience in this industry. I want to teach the REAL stuff…the stuff i don’t have to dumb down and sensationalize to sell.

Stuff for the serious entrepreneur who doesn’t need me to tell them how EASY it is to become a millionaire and reach the top of this game.

The very ideas that enable me to spend upward of $10,000 per DAY on traffic without skipping a beat.

Things that let me generate traffic at will, any time i want.

And that have allowed me to become a master of the ENTIRE marketing machine from A-Z…expert on every one of the diverse skills required to run a business.

But unfortunately, that stuff isn’t bound in process, step by step. It’s big idea stuff.

To the average affiliate who’s never generated a sale…anything i say on the topic is conceptual and hard to understand or even believe. So i’ve had to contend with this small-time basic training stuff until now.

See, this is all about to change.

I’m shifting focus to an exciting local “dot com” startup that i scored venture capital funding for.

But let me get back to the Super Traffic Machine.

So I’m trying to reduce my commitment with YaghiLabs, to a degree. Just focus on the serious stuff that excites me and pull out of the “happy go lucky” BizOp conversations. that i feel are wasting my time..i don’t want to cater to Average Affiliates any more, teaching the same old, same old. It’s exhaustingly unsatisfying, to be honest.

Money isn’t everything to me.

I want to leave behind a legacy…a Microsoft, a Google…a YaghiLabs. And this small-time “online money making” stuff isn’t it.

A few months ago, i met with the editor of the most popular industry publication, WWN who suggested i start a print traffic newsletter in which i could keep people posted on what’s going on with traffic TODAY.

So i went off and wrote drafts for the first 6 issues and sent them over. One look at them, and he said…

“Jim…I’m afraid this stuff will go WAY over their heads. i’ve dealt with this industry enough to know although this is insanely valuable stuff…These guys want split-test results, step-by-step guides, swipe copy. That’s what’s sexy, that’s what sells.”

But i don’t do split-tests.

I do this whole other thing…i have a whole philosophy on why split-tests are SO STUPID. dang. Actually, let’s not get into it.

Point is, after a few back and forths, we realised that if you’re not generating traffic and making money from your traffic, you and most of my subscribers would find this kind of material too advanced and probably irrelevant.

And I didn’t want to write yet another cheap traffic newsletter…

So we met to brainstorm.

The genius is in the process design, and how you break it up into these tiny micro-tasks.

It’s a whole thing.

For years i’ve been trying to perfect this business model behind the scenes.

And when I’ve provided services through YaghiLabs, it was never really for the sake of money…but for the sake of developing this business model, which needed live interns to test my processes and business model with.

Thing is, over the years, I’ve documented and perfected every aspect of my traffic management process.

We got to a stage where we could take a TOTAL newbie intern…and we tried people who weren’t even from inside the BizOp space…gave them these manuals and said “read this” and they’d be able to do most of the job just following the instructions.

Almost with no supervision.

People who didn’t even know what “keyword research” meant were producing almost usable traffic campaigns, websites, email copy. Sure i supervised CLOSELY to make sure we were outputting quality stuff…and that was exhausting. But we did perfect our process.

So when we were raking our brains for how best to teach the advanced traffic and marketing engine stuff…the big ideas…

i remembered the process manuals i’d developed and thought jeez, why don’t we GIVE you guys our YaghiLabs internal processes. Then you could do the same thing as our interns were able to do. And then i can actually finally get to teach you the advanced, serious stuff i’ve always wanted to.

The Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit is based on our internal processes for creating entire marketing funnels and traffic campaigns lightening fast.

But of course, i wouldn’t want to just give away my “life’s work” like that, for some measly dollar value. I have a different motive.

You see, the intern program i had burned through people…lots of people. And it was hard to find the kind of disciplined, hard-working practitioners that would stick long enough to fully develop them into serious, dependable, trusted contractors.

The “intern” thing wasn’t working.

Most of these guys came from my subscribers. They were the typical thrill-seeker types who got bored easily and wanted to get paid much while doing little.

I originally developed the Super Traffic Machine Kit so i could replace the interns with licensed businesses–who wanted referrals. And if i was going to refer my clients to other businesses, i needed them to deliver using MY processes.

Originally, the intent was to sell this licensing program for a LOT of money plus a royalty.

But we decided to go a different direction.

We’re pricing the DIY Kit at only $99/month for the moment, shipping & handling included. (this will probably change later.)

And we decided to send each component of the Super Traffic Machine process separately, a month apart. Here’s why…

Splitting up the parts of the machine was an important decision we made for your sake.

I realise that if i send you all the parts of the machine in one shot, they’re likely to sit on your shelf and you’ll do nothing with them.

I want you to actually build a mega marketing machine. Because from among you, the DIY Super Traffic Machine students, i intend to recruit our “trusted licensees”. Contractors to whom we will outsource work and recommend our clients and students to outsource work to.

This is the big idea behind this kit.

Of course, you don’t have to take me up on the offer to become a YaghiLabs certified practitioner, particularly if you have no intent to sell services. But if you did, that would make me happy.

Now, before i send you off to go claim your Super Traffic DIY Kit…

I want you to understand that there are 8 components to a Super Traffic Machine. You will be walked through each one, step by step. And when you’re done, you will begin to receive the “serious traffic information” i spoke of earlier.

It’s called Jim’s Traffic Amplitude Diary.

This will help you take your Super Traffic Machine to the next level. But it IS optional–and you are by no means obligated to continue.

In fact, although you may cancel at ANY POINT you want, half-way through even…we’re also including a cancellation card in the 8th Module, because it is a natural stopping point.

If you stop there, you will have a complete marketing funnel and affiliate brand, from A-Z. It will sell affiliate products and convert them and get you to whatever goal you have.

But if you have HUGE goals, beyond millions (which is inevitable when you dream of things other than money and paying the bills)…if you want to be one of the TOP marketers and thinkers alive…

Then stick around for Traffic Amplitude.

Finally, there are two surprises i’m offering as a fast-action incentive. They’re pretty cool and valuable. (And i was careful not to include any unnecessary supplementary material so as not to overwhelm you).

These additional bits are delivered digitally. They’re only available until Sunday 5pm Pacific Time/ 12am GMT. After that they’ll go.

You can grab your kit here (and the bonuses):

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


Traffic, affiliates, & TRAFFIC

I’ve pulled back the curtain.

And I’ve painfully, and most deliberately taken you behind
the scenes of the BizOp industry. You’ve seen why the Average Rep never had a
shot of making the leaderboards…or getting paraded on stage…or making any

Today, let’s talk traffic and prospecting.

It’s the only thing you think of–You and about 99% of the

Getting traffic is a problem that has always plagued this market.
Even in the “good ole days” of Google. As far back as traditional network
marketing. The age old problem of finding qualified people to sell a
BizOp is on everyone’s mind.

But here’s a secret …

System Owners have the same problem as you. They’re just as
starving and just as desperate for good traffic as you are.

The difference?

They happen to own the system…and you don’t.

In fact, they are no better at generating quality traffic
than you, nor are they any good at selling their products.

Here’s what I mean…

There’s two kinds of traffic you can send into an offer; Warm
traffic and Cold traffic.

Warm traffic is made up of people with whom the business already
has a buying relationship. For example, a first-time customer is a warm prospect
for a second offer.

Since they’ve already bought from the merchant, the mistrust
barrier has been overcome and they’re open to almost anything they feel relevant.
Regardless of the finesse of the marketing.

For example, if you’ve bought an Apple computer, you have no
trouble buying an iPhone. Or if you have the iPhone 5, it’s reasonably easy to
sell you the iPhone 6.

In other words, there’s some history of trust in place between you and Apple. They need no special tricks to sell you something else.

COLD traffic, on the other hand, has no history with you. They’ve never bought anything from you and have no positive
experience to rely on. So they’re likely to experience a mistrust and disbelief
in anything you offer.

This kind of prospect attempts to minimize their risk (in response to the mistrust they experience), by refusing expensive
products, taking their sweet time about making a buying decision, and asking plenty
of very aggressive questions, etc.

Until that mistrust barrier is broken down, this prospect will
remain difficult for you to sell to.

For example, a PC-user is a tougher sell for Apple
regardless of the product.

It’s actually what was so revolutionary about the iPod–this product wasn’t ground-breaking as a piece of technology. What was special about it is that it was a means for Apple to ease the PC user into their world.

In other words, the iPod was an in-expensive “cool” product that let Apple warm up to the PC user and make it easier to
sell them the rest of Apple’s product-line.

Before I explain how this relates to your BizOp or System…

There is a way to transfer the WARMTH of a prospect from one
merchant to another and benefit from the ease of selling, even to what would normally have been a “cold” lead.

Transferring trust is called edification or recommendation.

Essentially, it’s trust through association.

Using this mechanism, one merchant who has no relationship in place with a prospect can bypass the waiting period and the hard work involved in converting cold traffic.

“Any friend of yours is a friend of mine”…If I trust you,
then I trust your friend.


Suppose your cousin is a pediatrician and you’re in need of a
spine surgery (god forbid). Surgery is serious, so you are shopping carefully for a good

Although your cousin is not a neurosurgeon, you are likely to
ask him to recommend someone. Chances are, if your cousin recommends a
colleague of his–you wouldn’t trust anyone else.

This is an important idea in BizOp selling.

See, System Owners rely HEAVILY on warm traffic to sell
their stuff.

Their systems have typically never been put up and tested against
cold traffic. If they COULD sell against cold traffic and it made financial sense…they probably would have no need for

(btw, this is why YaghiLabs doesn’t have any affiliate program, cold traffic is cheaper for us to buy than paying affiliates a commission.)

In fact, all their experience and skill in converting–their system’s
conversion stats–they’re based on how their system performs with WARM traffic.

This is why Network Marketing companies focus with new
distributors on making a list of their “warm market”… their friends and
relatives…and asking them to start there. Reps are trained to “edify” their upline and then get a prospect on a 3-way call or meeting to make the sale.

Edification enables your upline to inherit any positive
credibility, trust, and history you have with your prospect.

Of course, this relies on your prospect ACTUALLY seeing you
as credibile and having history with you.

Actually, this is why so many Doctors do well in BizOps–the medical profession is universally trusted and respected.

Similarly, with Affiliate Systems, when the System Owner
launches a product, they ask Super Affiliates and Joint Venture partners to
promote the launch.

Not because of their traffic volume contribution…

But because the JV partner
or Super Affiliate has a warm, sizeable list of prospects…

…and because their list trusts them and sees them as

…and because they have positive history with their prospects
which they can transfer to the System Owner.

This is the only way BizOps systems are able to convert traffic to sales. And it’s why Super Affiliates and JVs make out like bandits in these promotions.

WARM vs COLD prospect.

Credibility vs anonymity.

This is the distinction between what Super Affiliates do to
make money and what Average Affiliates do to LOSE money.

Compare with the Average Affiliate.

The Average Affiliate’s traffic is almost always COLD. (the system is designed & tested only in converting WARM traffic.)

The Average Affiliate drives traffic STRAIGHT into the
system. In other words, he is anonymous to the prospect.

And the Average Affiliate is often not in any way credible, in any market or profession. So all he passes onto the System Owner is his negative attributes and history with the prospect.

This is why the Average Affiliate rarely ever makes money.

And it’s also why the Average Affiliate has little value to
the system besides being an ongoing customer of the system.

Super Affiliates get cold traffic–but they have processes to warm up their prospects.

The skills necessary to convert cold traffic and the kind of marketing required…it’s very different from what you need to convert warm.

I tell you all this, because in only a few days we’re going
to open up our ground-breaking Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit.

These kits are designed to help you put together a marketing
machine just like Super Affiliates do…

A marketing machine that gets HUGE volumes of cold traffic, warms it up, and makes money from it.

In many ways, your machine is going to
be better than most Super Affiliates. Because you’d be cloning the same processes I have used for 7 years
to dominate the industry’s traffic for every offer I’ve promoted.

I single-handedly drove more traffic and sales volume than thousands
of affiliates combined–including major Super Affiliates and JVs. And I’m giving you the schematic of my machine, along
with step-by-step instructions to put yours together.

There’s no long-winded introductions and theoretical
dialogue. We launch right in to the instructions.

What i’m talking about is an ACTUAL kit with all the tools you need. You’re gonna love it.

We are asking is that IF you want a kit, please reserve ahead of
time, so we can put one aside for you.

But I need you to commit to this decision, otherwise you’ll throw off our production numbers.

I’m still unsure if we’re going to have a long sales letter
for these kits. Because I think the product speaks for itself. We’ll see.

If you’re interested, here’s the link to see a little more
about the Super Traffic DIY Kit. Reserve yours today:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


Duplicateable graveyards

Continuing our Super Traffic DIY Series…

There’s a flaw in the BizOp business model.

It is what leads to the ultimate death of every system. No
matter how clever. No matter how popular.

For example…

This year, the big fad is MyOnlineBusinessEmpire.

Last year, it was Empowernetwork. Everyone was getting on
that bandwagon for a while.

Sometime before that, it was Numis, before that, MyLeadSystemPRO,
and before that, Wealth Masters / CarbonCopyPro.

It seems, every year, leaders all collectively hop from one “flavour
of the month” BizOp to the next. And their entire team follows them. Whatever
was once in, is now out.

Fact is, Super Affiliates recognise the flaw and leverage it
to their advantage–why else would they leave a system in which they’re making
money? And why do the SAME leaders continue to be top distributors in the next

Is it their skill?

Think again.

I’ll explain…

BizOps, no matter the flavor, rely on a central idea they

And this is the flaw of every BizOp that leads to its
eventual demise.

Duplication is the ease with which a new distributor can
replicate a standard, desired set of results. Of course, the average affiliate sees
duplication as a BENEFIT of any system. The more “duplicatable” a system, the
easier it seems to make money with.

But how many affiliates actually know what they’re duplicating?

Is it a “Gold Standard”?

Is it a success formula?

Is it the same formula the top reps are using?


If it were a success formula being replicated, then how come
8 out of 10 reps never make a cent and lose their entire investment? We already
saw in Lesson #1 that it’s not because they’re doing nothing.

They ARE duplicating.

The trouble is, they’re duplicating a FAILURE formula.

Don’t take my word for it. I’m going to prove it to you.

First, let’s take a look at the Top Rep in your organization
or the Super Affiliate of your program. Are they using the standard sales presentation?
Standard follow-up formula? The provided “Swipe” copy or invitation script? Or
even the standard “Getting Started” formula?

Think critically here.

Look at what they’re doing, not what they’re saying.

They have their own website, training, and sales tools–many have
their own team system inside the system. They all want YOU to replicate , but THEY
are NOT replicating.

Of course they’re no. Out there in the REAL business world,
there’s no place for duplication.

Did Google follow Facebook’s formula when they made Google


And look, Google has been struggling to create a social
network for years. They experimented with all kinds, even though they have the
resources and engineers to create an EXACT duplicate of Facebook if they

Why don’t they? Is it their ego?


The reason is, even if Google duplicated EXACTLY Facebook’s
platform it will do little good. Facebook was positioned first to capitalize
on this opportunity and that ship has sailed a LONG TIME ago.

Similarly, Microsoft has tried for YEARS to find a place for
Bing search…

And again, the problem isn’t with engineering. They have
vast resources to replicate and duplicate from Google. But that ship has

Google is in our hearts and minds as the place to go to
search. No matter how “good” Bing gets, it’s not offering something new. We
already have a search that does all we want. Similarly, Facebook is in our
hearts as the place to connect with our friends and family–no matter how
closely Google Plus replicates, we’re not switching.

A business has to offer something new, otherwise there’s no
opportunity to be had.

And so it is in the BizOp world.

Distributors and affiliates are getting CRUSHED because they
duplicate. They have no unique advantage, no special place in the market to
lead. They call themselves leaders and pretend at being experts, but they’re
leading from everywhere except the front.

If you’re not in a category of your own, there’s only other
people’s scraps to be had.

Bing is a scavenger picking up Google’s remains–the computer
illiterate who don’t know the difference. 30% of the search-market.

Average Affiliates don’t get that.

They think the leaders share with them freely and want their
success. They don’t.

If a System Owner hires me to drive traffic for them, I specifically
ask for a product or offer not available to their affiliates. I don’t want to
share the market position and the traffic with 1000’s of other affiliates
offering the same thing. It’s a pointless waste of my time.

No matter how much traffic there is to be had…

If you have to divide and share it with an ever-increasing
number of people, all offering the same thing, there’s no way to get enough
traffic volume.

This is how Super Affiliates get so much traffic.

While they promote the same brand and products you do, through
their marketing, they create their own category and market position to dominate.

You’ll be able to confidently do this with the help of my
Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit shipping out soon.

I’ve met and worked with many Super Affiliates–few of them
are particularly creative, clever, or skilled. Most are awful copywriters, pushy
sellers, and clueless about traffic.

How they beat you is not with their skill. They know there’s
a race to be won…and they’re trying to win.

So they strategically create their OWN uniqueness while
concealing it from YOU (their competitor).

We’ve built 100’s of high-traffic campaigns for clients in
the BizOp market, often for the “flavor of the month” BizOp. So we know a thing
or two about finding a unique advantage for affiliates–it’s the first task we
took care of before turning on the traffic.

I’m walking you through that same process step by step.
Giving you all the components necessary to do it yourself in the Super Traffic
Machine DIY Kit.

The kits are almost ready…if you haven’t reserved yours yet,
here’s where you can learn more:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


IBM done fk’d up

In this week’s episode of the Don’t Be Stupid Show…

We explore agile business models…and baby troubles (wtf!?).

Agility is a business’ ability to be “light on its feet” so
it can change on demand and take advantage of opportunities for growth. In
other words, creating new products, going into new markets, targeting new
people, and doing it all while saving money and time.

We look at a few big brands for inspiration–Amazon, IBM,
Nutricia, and Nestle.

We talk about how IBM royally fk’d up the marketing of their
latest Software As a Service venture–i was asked to help out.

Then we close out with some killer tips on how YOU can
easily design your business to be agile when you’re starting as a SOLO ENTREPRENEUR
without employees–so you’re prepared.

Nothing slower and more costly than changing your business
model down the line!

Before you head off to listen, would you do us a TINY favour

While you’re listening in iTunes, please hit the iTunes “Subscribe”
button. All that does is let you know in your account when new episodes of the
Don’t Be Stupid show are released.

I think it also automatically downloads new episodes for
you, so you can listen to us on the go–in your car, at work, or while waiting
at the doctor’s office.

It also helps US get a higher Show Rating in iTunes!

As a thank you, I promise to share more details on how YOU
can get a Top 10 podcast in Episode #8 coming out soon. Stay tuned.

For now, listen to episode #6 in full & for free on
iTunes here:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


How to produce 20 Full-Length training videos every week

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You’re working on a project, with tight deadlines…

The kind where there’s thousands of dollars on the line, and 250 customers to potentially piss off. And you’ve got to

and plates…

produce 20 full-length tutorial videos EVERY WEEK.

A few years ago, I found myself in this exact position.

Like clock-work, I delivered.


Clever outsourcing!

This week’s episode of the Don’t Be Stupid Show is jam-packed with tips and experiences on how to outsource CHEAPLY and QUICKLY.

Listen to it free here:


The general belief in our industry is that if you have the money for it, you should outsource EVERYTHING.

Especially the things you DON’T know how to do.

In my experience, this is the stupidest way to outsource, like, EVER.

I’ve run YaghiLabs as a service business for years and I’ve learned a thing or two along the way about hiring and firing.

And one thing I can tell you is that you should NEVER outsource anything you don’t have at least a basic knowledge of how to do yourself. Otherwise you’re going to spend a lot of money on all the wrong people to get a job you’re unhappy with….that takes WAYYY TOO LONG!

Over the years, I’ve developed systems and philosophies on the right way to hire and get work done for you fast, good, and cheap.

Some of the most important lesson you can learn about in this week’s podcast of the Don’t Be Stupid Show.

Things like…

* How to make “back-ups” of people you hire in case one of your contractors fails (this happens too frequently with contractors…because walking away is dead easy)

* How to have a competitive culture in your business, even if you’re outsourcing to contractors. (this trick I used to get ridiculous productivity out of only two guys)

* How to get ANY contractor to produce work consistent with how you would have done it yourself (This is really important if you’ve got a reputation in your market and people hire you for YOU. Eg, copywriting, traffic management)

Plus, we talk about how to EASILY create a scalable, efficient, and profitable transcription service.

Obscure much?

Bet you’re going to want to start a transcription service after this!

And 3 extra bonuses, you’ll learn about …

* A really fast and simple way to get “SEO Traffic”. This trick will make your site an authority site, visited by your entire market and convert that traffic.

* A headline formula so powerful, when used correctly, it has never been beaten. One copywriter who used it was able to boost his blog traffic conversion by 400%. He tried to beat it with all kinds of tests and couldn’t.

* A viral traffic technique that was used to launch Facebook, way back when, and a systematic way to reproduce a similar effect in your website.

That’s all happening in this week’s fresh episode #5 of the Don’t Be Stupid Show.

Listen to it here…

Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

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Super Traffic DIY Kits

This was a tough decision…

But I’ve decided to retire almost ALL my training products.

I’m eternally grateful for your loyalty and encouragement. But
now it’s time for us to do something groundbreaking together.

Here’s what’s going on…

For the past two years, I’ve been working on a MAMMOTH

It amalgamates the knowledge and experience of 8 years of generating
traffic online in the Business Opportunity space–for myself and for hundreds of

I’ve recruited and enlisted the help of the best of the best
to help me finish the project. And we’re in the final stages of getting it out
to you.

It will replace all my training programs…

And it’s poised to crush everyone else’s.

We code-named it “THE SUPER TRAFFIC MACHINE – DIY Kit”.

Just like the name says, it’s a Do-It-Yourself Kit delivered
to you by mail.

The Kit includes EVERYTHING an Affiliate or Network Marketer
would need to build a Super Traffic Machine that pumps out commissions and
makes you the #1 most valuable distributor in your program.

And I am not kidding.

You may or may not know this, but when I started out in
bizop…I started exactly where you are. Probably worse off. Broke. No marketing
or sales skills. Nothing.

I made a name for myself when one month, I generated 9,000
bizop leads online.

Pretty soon, I became the Top recruiter in my city.

A few months after that, I became Magnetic Sponsoring’s #1 Super
Affiliate, generating over 90% of their traffic, against hundreds of thousands
of competing affiliates.

Quickly I took over the leaderboards in a few more affiliate
programs, before I leveraged my reputation to start teaching some of the stuff i
was doing and selling my traffic management services.

Today, hiring me to run your traffic for you, would set you
back ~$100,000.

As a traffic guy, I’ve had to become an expert on EVERY
piece of the marketing equation. Indeed, at one point I served and built 100 different
affiliate / bizop clients in a single year–and ran and trained a staff of 20 on
my processes.

Two years ago, I decided to compile all the processes we
developed internally…the same we were using to push out full-fledged affiliate websites
in a matter of days…

…And turn those processes into a “Kit” that anyone (ie, you)
can use to build your own super traffic, affiliate campaigns.

These kits map out in detailed step-by-step instructions,
worked examples, diagrams, exercises, and “fill in the blank” templates exactly
how to do what we were doing.

We’ve consulted TOP education experts to help us communicate
the instructions to you in a simple, straightforward way.

We’ve spent
a lot of money and time developing world class, interactive learning aides, for you.

And we’ve connected all the dots so you can SEE how
everything in a marketing machine fits together from a top-level view.

The DIY Kit is delivered physically in 8 installments, with
precise and very specific action steps for you to create your traffic machine.

There’s no guess-work.

If you follow the instructions, you end up with a MONSTER traffic machine.

Here’s what I want to know…

Do you want one of our Super Traffic DIY Kits?

Hold on.

We’re still negotiating the details of production. But it
looks like it’s going to be a high-risk deal for us.

Because the kits are so comprehensive and so big, production
and shipping cost is high. Especially that we have to pre-order a minimum
number of units–which if we overestimate demand means we’re going to be stuck with
a lot of unsold kits and a big hole in our expenses. And we’ll have to kill the
whole deal.

Which would be a shame. Because this is one of my proudest works.

I want to know if…

you’re definitely “IN” or “OUT”?

Don’t worry about the price. We haven’t finalized it yet,
but this round, we’re pricing the kits as a “Cost-Leader”.

Meaning, we’re not pricing for profit.

We just want to cover our cost of production and break-even.
If it works out, we’ll probably make a bigger order next time and profit then.

If you’re interested and you want a Super Traffic DIY Kit,
then click the link below to read more about the project and reserve a kit for

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

Please only reserve ONE per person. If you have a friend who
wants one, have them reserve their own.

Until tomorrow,


More on Super Traffic DIY Kits

Continuing the conversation from yesterday…

About the Super Traffic DIY Kits–a number of people asked
some important questions. Let’s answer them real quick.

John was excited about mastering traffic generation so he
could become a traffic and analytics consultant. He was wondering if the Super
Traffic Machine would help him refine those skills.

Good, someone brought this up!

To answer this question properly, let me share the background
of the Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit and how it all started.

A couple years ago, before I hatched this idea, we were in
the middle of a huge streak of good fortune. We sold traffic management &
marketing services–and we had WAY MORE clients than we could ever possibly handle.

The waiting-list was two-, three- months long.

And we often had to put up the “closed sign” just to catch

No matter how many new staff members I brought on, I couldn’t
train them fast enough to produce at the speed and quality I needed.

Not that I didn’t try.

We developed all kinds of internal step-by-step processes,
documentation, manuals, and flow-charts to get new staff up to speed and outputting
client campaigns within days.

But the bottle neck wasn’t them…it was me.

I had to error-check every single piece of work we put out.
Landing pages, ad copy, email copy, keyword targeting, design, programming code.

I mean, clients were hiring YaghiLabs to get ME. And I wasn’t
going to put my name to just anything.

Sure, it was a good problem to have. But I needed a
solution. We were missing a lot of business and by being slow, we were rapidly
hurting our reputation. So after consulting a marketing executive for a Fortune
100 company, I made a tough choice.

I pulled the plug on our VERY profitable services.

Instead, I decided to create a Certification / Licensing
program. With this, I would no longer hire individuals to perform services. But
rather, i would license and train trusted service businesses to do the work,
and YaghiLabs would work exclusively on developing processes and quality

After all, our processes were the secret to our success.

This was the original plan for the Super Traffic DIY Kit.

It was meant to be an official, teachable description of our
internal processes, which we were already using to make a lot of money and get
more business than we could handle.

Unfortunately, the project ended up being far, far bigger
than I had ever imagined.

It’s taken two years, so far, to develop the material.

So in the interim, we decided to keep most of the same
content, while re-framing and re-pricing the program to serve the average affiliate
/ network marketer who wants to rise to the top of their leader board.

There will still be a certification opportunity if you’re
interested in that. More details later.

But to answer the question…Yes, The Super Traffic Machine
will help you become a competent all-round marketer. Even though teaching you
how to run a service business is NOT the goal of the Super Traffic DIY Kit.

It’s to turn you into a Super Affiliate and Top Distributor,
in your opportunity.


Another interesting question came from Alex.

He was disappointed that the Super Traffic Machine is a
physical product, rather than electronic!

Oh man. What a shock.

I don’t know about you, but if I never saw another ebook or
online program in my life, I’d be over the moon. Electronic products have so
little value to us these days. I can’t tell you how many ebooks and ecourses I’ve
purchased over the years that I have NEVER cracked open.

All that aside though, the Super Traffic Machine is an

Calling it a “kit” is not just a clever marketing buzz-word.
We’ve gone to great lengths and expense to give you visual and interactive
learning aides that will make sure you have fun while building a marketing
machine of your own.

I won’t get into the details here. But we’ve devised a
tactile, experiential, multi-sensory, and interactive learning experience for

The kind you can ONLY get in a physical product.

We understand everyone learns in different ways. So we
wanted to make sure you can master the full marketing process, no matter how
you learn.

Finally–and this is the last one for today, I promise…

A few of our existing customers wrote in concerned with what
I said yesterday about us RETIRING our other training products.

Just to be clear, if you’re already an existing customer,
you will continue to have access to your purchases.

Retiring the products, simply means we won’t be selling or updating
them further.

This is for your benefit.

It’s confusing to have so many different training programs
to choose from. And there’s really no need to continue to sell our old
products, since the Super Traffic Machine covers everything you will ever need
to know about building a thriving business opportunity online.

That’s all for today.

So if all goes according to plan, we should have our first
order of Super Traffic Machine DIY Kits ready in about 2 weeks.

If you’ve reserved yours already, there’s a kit with your
name on it. We’ll let you know as soon as we get the first batch.

If you haven’t reserved yet, then read up about the project at
the link below and reserve a kit here:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

Please, please, please ONLY reserve a kit if you’re definitely
“IN”. The kits are big and bulky–we’re sending them out in 8 installments. Your “reservation” helps us
understand demand. I don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of unsold stock.

Remember, we’re not making a profit on the first batch. This is a trial

Just help us cover our costs, and we’ll get a kit to you.

For now, all I need from you is to tell me to reserve a kit
for you if you are 90% sure you want one. And I’ll talk about pricing as soon
as soon as we’ve finished negotiating with our fulfillment house.

More tomorrow!


Are you really doing nothing?

He asked a kind of weird question…

I was about to sign on the dotted line, but thought i’d consult a lawyer to take a look at the agreement.

“Were you involved in drafting this contract?”

“No I wasn’t,” I replied.

Before i explain, let’s take a few steps back for a minute.

I got you all jazzed up the last couple days about our
big Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit. But if you’re anything like me,
you’ve been exposed to all kinds of grand promises since you joined the world
of Home Business.

And you’re wondering, “How will this Kit be any different?”

I want you to understand, because the difference is huge.

So over the next few days I plan to challenge some of your
existing ideas about Online Business Opportunities and ask you some tough questions.

You won’t always be happy with what I say. But do me a little
favour–any time you feel upset, ask yourself if it’s because i’m saying
something illogical…or if it’s simply because I’ve said something different.

See, the fundamental ideas commonly believed in the
industry, they’re circulated, and taught so widely to the point they’ve become a
convenient truth.

Were they true, then why are you stuck in an endless cycle of
buying and failure with no end in sight?

Correct ideas should lead to positive results.

Even with all the training you’ve bought, if you still haven’t
reached the top of your opportunity’s leader boards, then it’s because of the
source of your training. Think about it…Most of what you think you know has been taught to you
by the same people who sell home business opportunities.

Btw, this is still true if you’re in a network marketing company getting
your training from an online marketing “helper” affiliate system.

Whether your BizOp is a traditional Network Marketing
company or a more modern “affiliate marketing helper system”…

…You are NOTHING but a means to someone else’s end.

The entire premise of a Network Marketing opportunity is to
leverage YOUR resources of time, money, and “circle of influence” so the
company gets more customers and makes more money.

In the same way, the affiliate marketing system premise is to
leverage your efforts, traffic, and marketing to grow their system.

Commissions and opportunity for YOU is irrelevant to them.

And here’s exactly why…

The lawyer I consulted, did not even take a glance at the
agreement. I don’t know if he ever read it.

But still, he said, matter-of-factly, “My professional advice
is DO NOT sign this.”

“Why?” I asked. “Is something wrong?”

He explained that there’s no way to win in business when the
agreement is written exclusively by the other party. Ideally, a business deal needs
to be drafted between two representatives. Their lawyers and mine. Contracts
always favour the person who wrote them.

Ask yourself then…

Where was YOUR lawyer when the agreement was written for your
distributorship or affiliate program?

Look, i’m not suggesting you renegotiate your contract with
your system owner. I only mention this to highlight the fact that there is no
body looking out for YOUR interests in your business.

The real issue here…

It isn’t that you’re getting a rotten
deal when you become a referral-based marketer.

It’s that ON TOP of it being a crappy, unfair deal, the
System Owners do not even expecting you to succeed.

I think the stats of the industry’s success rates are common
knowledge. Something like 80% of all distributors never make a cent–and many of
those will actually LOSE money.

But what reason, or justification circulates as “common
knowledge” in the industry?

That 80% of people who sign up will “do nothing” with the
opportunity, once they buy into it–And therefore they will fail?

Am I right?

But is this REALLY true?

Are YOU doing nothing?

The very fact that you’re sitting here reading this long-winded message…and
the fact that there is a thriving “attraction marketing” community of network
marketers turned affiliate marketers…is all the proof needed to see that people
are NOT sitting around doing absolutely nothing with their opportunity.

These are good people TRYING to get out of a crappy job they

… or trying to put their kids through college…

… or trying to build a
retirement nest egg…

… or trying to earn a living, after being made redundant.

Most of those people will AT LEAST try to recoup the
investment they made of their hard-earned, and very scarce money.

What is really going on?

The cold hard truth…

The System Owners you revere and
love, they already know that 80% of their affiliates/distributors will NEVER make a dime.

And it’s pretty hard to build a business around the 20% of
savvy people who actually figure out how to win in these Home Business

So the System Owner designs his system around making money
from the entire 100% of their distributors.

First, by selling to them products and memberships that
(hopefully) keep them in the system as long as possible. Including self-promoting
training that teaches you incorrect ideas and increase your belief in the fiction of their opportunity…

And second, by benefiting as much as possible from what
little traffic and exposure you get them. (also, hopefully compensating you as
little as they can for it–i’ll explain more about stolen commissions & traffic some other time).

Who makes money?

The guys at the top of the pyramid?


It’s the Super Affiliates / Diamond Distributors who
represent the upper 1% of the 20%.

They get there by being “savvy” and in on the System Owner’s ploy.

These are the guys who refuse to be a a pawn in the System. Instead, they make the System THEIR pawn.

And one thing I’ll tell you for sure is…(I speak from
personal experience)…

The Super Affiliates do NOT want to share with you what they’re really

If they did, you’ll compete with them and they’ll ruin a good thing for themselves.

This is why, no matter how long or how religiously you follow
“the system”…no matter how many training courses you buy from the system owners
and the Super Affiliates who support them…only ONE thing is guaranteed.

You will “invest” more money.

And you’re unlikely to ever see a return on investment.

So if you’re wondering how the Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit
is different–I’ll tell you.

I do not own and do not sell a marketing system or business

I am a guy who was a top distributor and a #1 Super DOOOPER Affiliate
many times over…and I’m now out of the game. Sharing with you the secrets, the
REAL STUFF that Super Affiliates do to turn these unfair business opportunities
in their favour.

To take control and make yourself the MOST IMPORTANT asset your
System Owners have…

They’ll put you up on stage.

They’ll give you special concessions and deals.

And they’ll bend over backwards to keep you their friend.

Heck, at one point, one of my affiliate programs gave me
their company credit card and said SPEND OUR MONEY and we’ll give you the FULL AFFILIATE
COMMISSION…just keep bringing us traffic. And I made a killing. Not one other
affiliate was able to reproduce.

Until this day, years later, I hold the #4 “highest sales of
all time” in that system.

So if you want to learn the real secrets, this is it.

Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit.

I’m not putting out another program like it. Reserve your advance-kit at the link below:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


The “invest in yourself” lie

A presenter asks…

“How much money have you spent on info-products?”

It was one of those “free webinars” we’ve all come to know
and love–nothing more than a glorified sales pitch itself.

Shocking was the response!

5k…10K…20K, 30k

One guy claimed he spent 80,000 dollars.

I felt my stomach turn.

The BizOp space is like a dirty religion, with System Owners
as predatory priests…and distributors & affiliates as their prey.

Which is ridiculously accurate, since there’s only TWO types
of BizOp marketers.

The predators who make money.

And the prey who don’t.

Super Affiliates…and Customer Affiliates.

Let me clarify. We’re not talking about customers being prey–in
a legitimate business, the relationship between customer and merchant is
sacred. It’s about someone who needs a solution and another who solves it.

What we’re talking about here is the stark difference
between two types of SELLERS.

A Super Affiliate who ACTUALLY sells…

And a Customer Affiliate who has the “seller” label…but is in
fact, an unknowing customer, on whom the real sellers prey.

I used to think that there’s a gradual progression between
the two. That somehow, a small-time inexperienced affiliate marketer or
distributor, if he learns enough skills and gets enough practice, will
eventually upgrade his earnings and his status.

But this isn’t what happens.

You either go in a winner and win bigger…or you go in a
loser and lose everything.

Just think…

Lions prey on gazelles. But you’ve never seen a gazelle who’s
outrun enough lions “eventually” become a lion herself, right?

Similarly, you’re not going to go from a Customer Affiliate
to Super Affiliate by buying enough courses.

It could happen, if you get the RIGHT course…but trying as many as you can until you find the right one isn’t much of a strategy either.

All the “rags to riches” tales told by the gooroos of the
industry…they were unfortunate and destitute, failing, homeless, living out of
their mother’s basement… after they bought enough courses and “invested in
themselves”, they became millionaires.

This is fiction.

They WANT you to think there is a “natural progression” from
buyer to seller.

There is not!

Most of the “rags” part of the story is unrelated and
separate from their journey to millionairedom.

But it’s convenient for them to tell you such stories. Because the
longer you believe the tale of progression, the longer you keep buying.

Reality is, people who do well selling BizOps start out as
predators and hone their skills as they go.

Let me give you a quick example…

When I joined Network Marketing for the first-time, the
big-shot leader who recruited me, told a fine tale of how poor he was and how
he and his friend would walk for miles, and take the bus to meetings, talk to hundreds
of people and go through countless rejections…

Two months after joining, he became a Gold-level Director.

We all loved that story.

But as I got to spend more time with him, I found out, the
Porsche he drove, which we all believed came out of USANA commissions…

It was a lease.

Not only that, he leased it THE VERY DAY he signed up as a
distributor. He knew he was going to target our University’s students (a
university he dropped out of btw). And a fancy car is a HUGE appeal to students.
Some of us worked a full-time job alongside a part-time study load, JUST to pay
off our cars.

And the 2,000 dollar commission check that he earned his
first week?

He got that by BUYING distributorship packages under false names from himself. He used the same trick to advance all the way up to

It was an investment he made–not in training, but in creating
the appearance of success, so we would pay our monthly autoships and bring him our
people to recruit.

Does this guy sound like he was EVER anyone’s prey?


This is just tip of the ice-berg. The industry is full of
these stories. Your favourite gooroos are grossly re-interpreting numbers like
their “8-figure earner” status and how many leads they’ve “personally”
generated…when we all know they have a GANG of affiliates doing that for them.

Now don’t let this dishearten you. You don’t have to be a
crook or a liar to be a Top Distributor.

You just need to make a choice.

Are you a winner or are you a loser?

Winners don’t play around. They set a rock-solid plan to
win, and they execute it.

Along the way, they MAY need to purchase a course or two to
learn a skill they need. They WILL invest in themselves and their business. But
investment, doesn’t mean “buy”.

It means, “buy strategically”.

When you spend on something, you should know exactly what
purpose, opportunity, and profit there is to be gained from it.

This is what sets apart the Super Affiliate from the
Customer Affiliate.

A Customer Affiliate has no clue what he needs to do. He’s
waiting for someone to tell him buy this and buy that. And he’ll keep buying,
fooling himself into thinking he’s making progress, until he’s in the street,
begging for change.

Even his buying patterns are unplanned. He just buys with a
big stupid smile on his face, all on some vague notion of “I’m investing in

The Super Affiliate knows, without a shadow of doubt, exactly
what he needs to do to win and he does EXACTLY that…nothing more…nothing less.

When I struck off on my own and left the Affiliate game for
good, I knew who my people were going to be. I wanted to attract people like
you, who’ve been jaded by the BizOp industry. Who’ve tried what the gooroos
told them and started to have doubts.

Because I didn’t want to be another self-appointed gooroo. I wanted to teach real skills (that i really have). To people who were finally
ready to learn.

And I intentionally did not create an affiliate program…or a
marketing system…even though it might have paid off quicker and easier.

But I wanted business longevity through quality.

This is why i am releasing the Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit in a few days. It’s a very special resource that aims to change your status, quite abruptly from being a “wing it” Customer
Affiliate … to a strategic Super Affiliate.

I do not want to change you through a “natural progression” from
“newbie” customer to seller.

I ASSUME you are a predator who wants a plan to

If you are a predator, as i assume, reserve your Super Traffic DIY Kit below,
and let’s do this!

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


The Owner, your enemy

The difference is stark.

Super Affiliates MAKE money from the system, while Average
Affiliates SPEND money on the system.

Both types of affiliates use the same Business Model, so you probably assume they play by the same rules.

They don’t.

The fundamental principle that drives all BizOps is for the System Owner to profit from YOUR time, money, and resources.

He is your enemy.

Even though they look like good ole pals, they both see each other as a useful opponent. With power mostly skewed in favour of the Super Affiliate.

The fact that top distributors have more traffic and prospects is not the reason for their success. It’s a result.

Case in point…

Many years ago, I promoted a popular affiliate system which often celebrated its bulletproof tracking mechanism that ensures every
affiliate was rightfully paid every commission from every sale they were
responsible for.

But I was not the Average Affiliate.

I read through their terms of service and saw in black and
white that the tracking period was deliberately set to EXPIRE after 3 months.

Meaning, after 3 months, all your referrals would default
back to the System Owner and you will no longer earn a commission from subsequent

Similarly, they had a “last to contact” mechanism that
awarded the commission exclusively and ALWAYS to the person who CLOSED the
sale. Regardless of who made the original referral.

This and many other tricks are common practice in the

You’re probably thinking, “So what?”

Well, knowing the rules of the game you’re playing is fundamental
to winning it.

Like for instance, when I started promoting that system, I knew it would be the stupidest thing in the world to drive my leads
to the system’s website.

I built my own and drove MY traffic there.

And if you look around the Affiliate Marketing industry you’re
going to see that NO SELF RESPECTING Top Affiliate is driving traffic to the default
system page. And no Top Network Marketing recruiter is bringing their prospects to someone
else’s hotel meeting to close.

You know why?

Because the System website is a mechanism designed to STEAL
your leads.

Leads you’ve paid for and worked hard to acquire. (or your warm market, your friends, your family.)

A Super Affiliate realizes there’s more than “3 months” of
profit to be had from a lead. And a large percentage of prospects require more
than 3 months of follow-up to buy. So if he sends his leads to the system, he’s
only going to get a FRACTION of the profit while the System Owner extracts the

In the same way…

“Last to contact” means that you could well be the guy who invested
time and money into introducing the prospect to your program’s product…but
someone else is going to earn the commission on their signup.

Guess who?

The Super Affiliate who captures the prospect himself!

more popular than you. And when your prospect begins to research your
opportunity, the Super Affiliate is everywhere. He puts the guy you introduced onto HIS list and sends
HIS link in EVERY FOLLOW UP message.

Network Marketing BizOps?

Same thing.

Remember the Big Shot leader who recruited me?

He was working the system. He knew that if he gained a high
rank by any means necessary (in this case, buying distributorships from
himself) and made a story of his success, he’d be paraded on stage and at hotel
meetings to EVERYONE’s prospects as the guy to sign up with.

This isn’t an accident.

The System Owner is NOT your friend. Neither are the Top

And if you really wanna burn…the reason Super Affiliates put
out training on driving traffic, is because the more traffic YOU drive…the more
of your prospects end up in THEIR funnel.

That’s why…

When I developed the Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit, I decided
to walk you through creating a dead-simple, but very effective Marketing Engine.

One that gives you the same unfair advantage of Super Affiliates.

Because it’s not JUST about who gets the most leads and
prospects. It’s all about having an upperhand over EVERYONE….Including your jerk-off System Owner who’s been stealing your leads and profiting off your
work without paying you.

Goodness only know how many commissions they’ve taken from

If you haven’t reserved your Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit, maybe
you should do it soon. Our first order will be ready in about 9 days…

Here’s where you can read more and get first dibs…

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


A Bunch of Clever Landing Page Tricks

There was a choice to be made…

A new product we’re developing could’ve gone in two different directions.

On one hand, there’s the route we KNOW will sell better…and on the other

… is the “mystery” route that teaches better.

The choice for me was easy. The mystery route.


Today’s NEW 30-min episode of the Don’t Be Stupid Show explains.

Plus there’s plenty more, such as…

* The unexpected, often ignored 1-liner almost everyone reads just before filling out your squeeze page (this BIG secret I found out by spying on my traffic…get it right and you can double your optins)

* Does business ruin friendship…or do friends ruin business? Here’s how you avoid both.

* What a popular heatmap software revealed is the MOST CLICKED LINK on your landing page (hint: it’s NOT your buy button!)

* Here’s what you can do if you need to “PEE” while you’re on a live conference call. (Don’t try this if you need to do a #2 tho, things could get ugly)

* The true story of how I was robbed of the joy of my first Milllion — and the REALLY simple email that can help YOU avoid my mistake (If you haven’t made a mil yet, you’ll want to hear this)

* Practical advice to turn a “Gentleman’s Handshake” into a legally binding agreement between you and customers, clients, or partners–without any embarrassment.

* A POWERFUL under-the-radar trick I borrowed from Google & Facebook that helps you pick up lost sales and triple optin conversions right from within your LEGAL pages of all places!

* The “GET OUT OF JAIL CARD” with which you should NEVER begin any work with any client or partner until you’ve put in your pocket first. (Lets you get rid of difficult clients or partners in a snap–and come out ahead!)

* Scandals and dirty dealings behind the scenes of your favourite marketing gooroo businesses.

* A clever way to get more sales by handling sales objections before they’ve been expressed, and exactly which page on your website you need to do it on for max sales.

* People are generally NOT good but here’s how you can take the high-road without risking much. (This method is more profitable and protects your money anyway)

* If you can’t afford legal fees, is there a benefit to creating your own “DIY” agreements?

* and much, much more.

All this, you can listen to FREE on Episode #3 of our Don’t Be Stupid podcast here…

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

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Free Traffic Make-Over for YOU?

Excuses, excuses, excuses…

i guess i’ll just have to bribe you.

A couple days ago, i asked NICELY that anyone who likes our Don’t Be Stupid Show leave us a review on iTunes. Bunch of people wrote in with high praise for the show…

but they each had a personal reason for why they were unable/unwilling to leave a review.

So i’ve come up with a pretty valuable bribe…A free traffic make over for your site.

You can see the short 2-min video explaining how to get it here:

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ps. if you’ve already left a review, THANK YOU. And you’re already entered into the contest.

*hush* Secret Addiction

Here’s my favourite business quote…

“There is hardly anything in this world which some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper” – John Ruskin

Wise words, yah?

This is what we’re talking about in today’s brand spanking NEW episode of the Don’t Be Stupid Show.

Price and Quality. And it’s a real good ‘un.

Listen to Episode #4 free on iTunes.

More of what we managed to cram inside 20 minutes…

* The Great Myth of “Leverage” – why it’s not what you’d like to think.

* Jonathan’s secret addiction scandal! How he fell for one of my sneaky “marketing tricks” and ended up buying literally EVERY PRODUCT I have ever sold.

* Which ONE thing does Microsoft get right? It’s allowed them to keep selling the same products to the same people, no matter how awful they are–guess what? YOUR customers WANT you to do it to them too.

* I spew BLASPHEMY against Internet Marketers! Here’s why after a short-stint, most Internet Millionaires end up broke, living in their mummy’s basement and how to NOT fall from grace when you get to the top.

* When developing a new product, should you come up with price first then create…or come up with the product first, then price? The answer may surprise you.

* An often neglected area of your business where MANY valuable sales happen and you’ve probably missed. (example: in one promotion I found we could’ve missed an extra $50,000 in sales–luckily we didn’t!)

* Common PRICING mistakes made by experienced business owners. These mistakes can KILL your reputation very quickly.

* An accidental discovery I made that gets you paid by the same customers, month after month, WITHOUT selling a subscription.

* Which is better, Pepsi or Coke? How a small restaurant owner became a HUGE success when he made the switch.

* A single task I think you should NEVER trust to your assistant (btw, this is also the most common reason people hire an assistant in the first place).

* How to get another 10,000 bucks from a customer who’s already spent 10,000 with you, without even touching your sales page.

* The simple secret to eliminating ALL competition in ANY market and becoming the ONLY choice for your product.

* Plus a lot more

Actually, there’s so many juicy tips in this episode, I couldn’t get to them all.

Go ahead and listen to Episode #4 of the Don’t Be Stupid Show on iTunes below…

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Woohoo! Good news


jessica alba’s startup is now worth 1 billlion…

…an Emmy’s speech crashes charity website..

…AND THE DONT BE STUPID SHOW HITS #8 in the iTunes charts!!!!!

Just 4 episodes in, we’re at the top of the New & Noteworthy of our category. Check out the screenshot below…

turn on images to see the screenshot

Thank you to all our listeners who drove us to the top.

If you haven’t caught up with the show yet–you might want to see what all the fuss is about, now that we’re famous.


Oh, you’re wondering how we did it?

Much of the technique is described in Traffic Epidemic, my viral marketing product. So if you have that, you already know we used the Viral Containment strategy.

But this is just the beginning. Let me tell you what i’m thinking…

Two things really…

1. How long can we get the show to STAY in the top 10? (the longer we stay there, the more new listeners we attract…and the more traffic)

2. How do we break into the top 10 for the general podcast category?

If ever you try to run your own viral traffic campaign, these are the kind of questions you need to ask too. Because once you’ve broken into a top spot, you’ll only be able to reap the traffic benefits from that spot as long as you hold onto it.

So that’s what i want to do, obviously.

We can only do this with your help. And here’s what i’m offering in return…

Last week i started a Free Traffic Makeover Contest for our show’s listeners. The 3 “most helpful rated” reviews will get 30 mins of traffic tweaks for their site.

Entering the contest is simple.

Just leave us a review of the show on iTunes. That’s it.

To have the best shot at winning, you’ll want to share your review on Facebook and ask your friends to hit the “Was this review helpful–>YES” response on YOUR review.

(Make sure to tell them which one is yours, otherwise they might help someone else!)

Right now it looks like mattyb1979 & docganda are in the lead.

More details on the contest can be found in this short 2-min video:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

So hooks us up, and we’ll hook you up.

And of course keep listening to our weekly Don’t Be Stupid podcast to learn more about traffic generation with me and Jonathan (our genius producer who made this thing real).


New rule!

This is

But it’s typical
for our industry.

Often students
of mine buy my traffic training programs and learn ONE technique in theory
(that’s all it is until they’ve put it to use)… then they immediately turn around
and sell themselves as experts on the subject matter…without even gaining any of
their own hands-on experience!


When they
fail to manage their client’s campaign effectively, they come back to ME asking
for help with their client’s campaign, like it’s MY problem they sold a thing
they can’t deliver on.


In what
world is this a thing!?

Back when I
ran my intern program, my guys were given real client campaigns to build and
manage, but I was on top of them, checking their work, sending it back for
revisions, and when they failed, doing it completely by myself.

Out of the
many applicants I accepted, it took TWO YEARS to train the ONE guy who had the
patience and aptitude to master campaign management for clients. And even then,
I still work closely with him.

I’m trying
to reform the Home-Based Internet Marketing community and introduce strong morals
and values to a pretty shady, shytty industry, where there’s no shortage of
self-proclaimed gooroos who have no interest in teaching or serving ANYONE
other than themselves.

Then I’m
asked to do this! Essentially, helping them to prolong the façade, before they’re
inevitably exposed for the frauds they are.

Times like
this, I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle.

happened to treating others how YOU want to be treated?

Think on

Would you
hire someone to do a job for you, if you knew they have little or no

Would you trust
them with your ad budget, and your business money, if you knew they’d never
done any of this before?


In fact, if
someone managed to fool you and you hired them, you’d be right pissed off when
you found out too late they didn’t know what they were doing. You’d consider
yourself CHEATED and SCAMMED.

Which would
make you far less trusting in general.

This hurts
all of us!

living in a world where nobody can trust anybody. Where the only rule we can
count on is TAKE or get TAKEN.

I don’t
want to live in that world.

Do you?

Not only does it hurt clients, it hurts YOU–you look like a right digkhead when you get exposed for a fraud.

So here’s
what I’m doing about it.

The next
time anyone asks me for help with a CLIENT campaign they’re managing, unless
they prove to me without a shadow of doubt that they are more than a
one-trick-pony who’s just barely bought one training…

I’m going
to outright ignore them.

I refuse to
participate in their cheating.

Don’t get
me wrong.

I WANT you
to take my training and learn from my experiences in traffic generation. But think
of what I teach you as a “launch pad” to get you started on the right path.

That, by no
means says you’re an EXPERT or that you can sell services and training, just by the mere act of taking the class.

All it does
is qualify you to start running your own experiments on your business. You still need
to gain your own experience. And if you choose to sell traffic services and
training later, you should be selling YOUR methods you learned from YOUR experiences.

How do you
get that experience?

Get Traffic
KickStart – it’s designed from the ground-up to help you launch a traffic
campaign FAST. Get it here…


Then you run
your own traffic campaigns with your own money. You should start seeing results

With a bit of practice, you’ll develop your own modifications or improvements to this
technique (it’s one of many variations I use, depending on the situation –
KickStart is designed for TINY budgets, but it can be modified for ENORMOUS
budgets if necessary).

Once you’ve
proven you’re “onto something” that makes money, sell that shyt to your heart’s

I’ll be
your first customer too.

More on
KickStart here…

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


Sneaky logo trick moves Traffic Podcast up the iTunes charts!


Couple days ago, i was looking at the iTunes top podcasts charts…

After a LOT of scrolling i found the Don’t Be Stupid Show, way, way down. I came up with an idea to move it up the charts and I emailed Jonathan to ask him to make a few changes to the logo and modify the name slightly.

Next day, lo and behold, we’re in Position #21 in our category…and just shy of the top 100 for all of iTunes!

But all the logo redesign tricks in the world aren’t going to make us a #1 show on their own.

We need genuine interest from YOU.

I know lots of people have listened to our show. But i’m scratching my head here…why don’t i see your review!??

A lot of work from many people goes into producing each episode to give you great value for free–But we need to know you’re listening and you’re interested in more.

So far out of 1000’s of people who’ve listened, there’s only 9 reviews. That’s crazy!

The only explanation i can think of, is you don’t know what to say.

So here’s a few ideas…

* Tell us what you liked
* Tell us what you did NOT like
* Ask a question you’d like us to answer in a future episode
* Ask for clarification about a point you didn’t understand
* And if the topics of the first 2 episodes weren’t interesting to you, please tell us what WOULD interest you and we’ll talk get into it soon.

I genuinely want to know how i can make this show better and more valuable for you.

But i can’t do it if you don’t tell me what you want.

This is your chance to get help with anything marketing, business, or traffic related, for free.

Go listen to the first 2 episodes and leave us your feedback here:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

I’ll be looking for your comments!


Give me a straight answer

When i get a new traffic client, the first question i HAVE to ask is this…

“What is your business?”

Think. How would you answer?

Such a basic question–but you’d be surprised at how incoherent
the responses i get are.

30 minutes into the conversion, I’d still
have no clue what they want me to drive traffic into.

I expect a ONE sentence reply that gets across what is unique and interesting about what you do. There’s no point talking about traffic if you can’t give me a straight answer on what your business is

…or what it does

…or who it’s for

…or what problem it’s supposed to solve

…or what’s special about it!

The whole point of advertising is for you to describe your
business to potential customers in a simple, interesting way that makes them want to take a closer look.

How can you do that if you’ve never thought about it?

I can’t in good conscience instruct a client to pay for traffic when i don’t have a clear idea of why i should care about their business.

That’s why my producer Jonathan and I decided to create Don’t
Be Stupid. It’s our weekly podcast dedicated to showing online marketers how
ridiculous and illogical their current views on traffic are…and helping them change.

In other words, if you want to get smart, listen to Don’t Be Stupid!

Our 2nd Episode is up on iTunes. If you haven’t heard it yet,
it gets deep into how you can give an intriguing , simple description of your business…which,
well, you can use in ads or landing pages…and get lots of quality traffic, eager to buy your shyt.

It’s free and only on iTunes.

But if we’re to keep the show
going, we need AS MANY REVIEWS as we can get (favourable or unfavourable, no

So if you like the content and want to keep accessing
it free every week, submit an iTunes review telling us what you loved or
hated…or what you’d like to see in future episodes.

Here’s the free link to listen:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

And if you did leave a comment already THANK YOU!

You’re awesome. I won’t forget it.


New 30min episode


One of my favourite movies I saw recently was “Jobs”.

Never been a big fan of Steve Jobs the man, but there was a particularly good quotable in the movie when Jobs (played by Kutcher) said to one of his employees,

“Don’t ask how we can do it better. Ask how we can do it DIFFERENT.”

I like that.

When I talk about “me too” type marketing, you probably think i’m not talking about you.

After all, if you sell products online, yours are SUPERIOR. Better than the competition. Faster. Easier. Make more money…whatever the deal is.

But what your products are NOT… is different.

That’s a problem I keep seeing. I’ve consulted more than 200 traffic clients over the years…and if I were to put my responses into an intelligent recorded answering system, I could probably be retired on a beach somewhere.

Their businesses are the same.

And my advice is inevitably gonna be the same.

We’ve just posted a fresh episode of the Don’t Be Stupid Show in which we explore this very issue. How do you create “intrigue” in your business?

How do you make what you sell different so it sells better?

The show format has changed. It’s now only 30 minutes…but into those 30 mins we’ve squeezed in a CRAPLOAD of valuable advice and light entertainment.

Here’s more of what you’ll learn in this new free episode:

* Which headline opening will do better? “Free traffic tips” or “Three Little Known Traffic Tips” – the answer will shock you. It caught Jonathan off guard.

* Why the best traffic you should go after is RARELY the most obvious, “targeted” buyer.

* Why Jonathan is HAPPY that he shut down his website and killed a brand he was working on for years…just because of an off-handed comment I once made and barely remember.

* My wife can bake a cake in 5 minutes…what her special oven has to do with marketing and how you can use this headline formula to boost your traffic & conversions.

* Can you make more if you turn OFF your traffic? The shocking discovery Jonathan made.

* How one of my clients framed a product to steal clients from Dan Kennedy!

* How any idiot with half a brain-cell can create the perfect product that solves the biggest problems keeping their customer up at night

* The secret Coca Cola technique that intentionally EXCLUDES and alienates customers in advertising…but creates a huge brand following.

* And much more.

All this, is packed into 30 minutes of the fast-paced Episode #2 of Don’t Be Stupid.

Go here to listen & leave us your comments, ratings, and feedback

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

It’s completely free.

But please, please, please don’t forget to leave us a review, rating, or suggestion in iTunes. Every comment counts. We’ve got 8 weeks to hit the top of the charts and keep the show going–so we need your reviews to keep the show alive.


Weird PPC traffic decisions

I do the weirdest

The hardest
part of managing traffic for clients is explaining these weird decisions I make.

if the client thinks they know a thing or two.

Take this
one guy I’ve been butting heads with the past couple weeks for instance. He’s
one of those nickel and dime types who thinks every click should result in a
sale from day 1.

He’s been
whining about cost vs sales…after about $200 of spending from a planned
$10,000/month budget.

think I’d go in there and start split-testing like crazy to drive down the cost
paid per click.

I did no
such thing.

Instead, I did
the exact opposite. I raised the “cost per click” bid to almost double in some


Arghh….that will take
too much time to explain in detail here.

But here’s
what happened.

A few short
hours later, we had more conversions than any day before.

There was
also more clicks (ie, traffic).

And finally I have some traction in the campaign to actually start doing my thing i was hired to do.

Did his cost
per lead go down?


It actually
went up a little.

But here’s why
it’s irrelevant and doesn’t bother me.

other sources of traffic, PPC is NOT a one-time “milk it for all it’s worth
before it stops working” type of thing.

You set…and
then you forget.

It’s kind
of like a garden hose attached to a tap. You turn the tap to get the water
flowing and you expect a little misdirected splash until you get a chance to
walk over to the roses and point the hose at them. Only then can you go into “cruise

PPC is like

First, you
have to SET… before you can forget.

Once your campaign
is set, you can literally walk away and let the traffic roll itself uninterrupted for months
or years even.

My point is…

If you want your traffic on cruise control, you have to invest into the
setup process first and you’ve got to be ok with missing the mark a little in the

The automation makes it all worthwhile.

Folks can’t
seem to get their heads around this idea.

Instead, they want
to fill a bucket with water, take it to the roses, water some of them, then return
to the tap for more…Without losing a single drop of water along the way.

Hey, it’s
cool if you want to keep doing that with your traffic forever.

But my honest advice is, DON’T think
about PPC traffic. It just isn’t right for you.

PPC is for
lazy/busy people like me.

If you don’t
like complicating your life with traffic and you fancy the idea of putting
it all on auto-pilot, then you can watch how I do it in Traffic KickStart.

demonstrate how to get your traffic “set” with only a $5 daily budget if that’s
all you can invest.

It’s quite
cool, really.

And people love it. That’s why i keep selling it.

Plus, inside I explain
some of these weird decisions I make–which even seasoned PPC experts don’t get.

You’ll find
the details all in here…

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


The carparazzi & the white gold Bugatti

“Outside London’s five-star Dorchester Hotel
sits a Bugatti Veyron. These 253mph supercars are rare enough at the best of

“But this one is unique; known as L’Or Blanc,
or White Gold, its exterior is inlaid with porcelain, giving it the appearance
of a highly polished humbug”

…says the
Daily Mail.


I laugh,
because supercars of any kind in the Arabian Gulf, are anything but rare.

So here’s
what’s going on…

summer, there’s an influx of Arabs from rich Gulf States holidaying in London. But
they don’t come alone. They ship their luxury cars with them.


To show

In London,
this stuff is news.

It’s a
spectacle that draws crowds of “Carparazzi”…people who come to look and take

For us here
in Dubai, these sightings are kind of normal.

When you
live in a place where luxury cars are more common than cats and dogs, you’re gonna
have to get pretty creative…and obnoxious to stand out. Cover your car in gold and
diamonds… buy “unique” license plates (eg, “6666”) for hundreds of thousands of
dollars… add a unique custom body kit…

…and travel with your car to countries where your car is more of a spectacle than it is at home.

I like
Google traffic for the same reason.

Just like
the spoilt Arab supercars in London, it doesn’t take much to stand out.

I mean, everyone
and their mom is in the organic search results (left of the page)…

…but far
fewer people even try to get in the paid ad space (top and right of the page).
That’s where Google ads go.

Plus, paid
ads get their own listing.

Google makes all their money from ad clicks, not from organic clicks, they show ads in their own spot to ensure your ads stand out.

Better yet,
Google ads can be seen OUTSIDE search on other related websites.

Which means
you have access to more ad real-estate and more people.

So you can
see why I have the balls to claim that my KickStart training gets “traffic to
you in minutes”…because it does.

But to me,
the biggest benefit of advertising on Google is this.

WHO you
compete against!

The Daily
Mail shows a picture of a Saudi holidayer’s Range Rover parked next to
a Londoner’s Rolls Royce Ghost…

You hardly
notice the Rolls!

In the same way, advertisers on Google are clueless about marketing.

They haven’t been exposed to years of marketing training like you, fighting tooth and nail for attention. They don’t know how to get it.

Traffic KickStart, I give you ad templates you can use to steal attention from all
the other ads …

…and show you a method you can use to get traffic rolling, armed with only $5!

to learn more?

where you go next…

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


Don’t Be STUPID on iTunes


I think it was back in March i let you guys hear the pilot episode of my new Podcast/Radio Show titled, “Don’t Be Stupid” on traffic and marketing.

We’ve had the first 7 episodes recorded and ready for a while…but we got delayed launching.

The good news is, today we officially launch the show to the public.

The first episode has been approved on iTunes and we’ll be releasing a fresh episode every Tuesday.

In the show you’ll learn lots of cool stuff about marketing, traffic, and running a successful business online. We’ll also entertain you and make you laugh from time to time…and other times we’ll probably bend your brain a little and make you think hard…

This is a kind of a “public service” i’m doing COMPLETELY FREE for you guys.

But I hope it’s ok for me to impose on you with a quick favour.

We have 8 weeks to get this show into iTunes “fresh & popular” category. If we don’t, then there’s probably not enough interest to be worth continuing.

So if you’ve heard the first episode (or want to hear it), we’re going to need as many reviews as possible.

All you’ve got to do is listen here:


And the just leave us a comment/review at the same link.

Here’s a few ideas if you don’t know what to say…

* Ask us a question you’d like answered in a future episode.

* Make a suggestion for improvement.

* Tell us something valuable you learned from this episode…

* Suggest an idea for the topic of a future episode.

* Or, if for some reason you though the episode sucked…well tell us so.

Jonathan and I want this show to be valuable and entertaining to you guys. So we’re open to any suggestions.

First we’ve gotta establish there’s an audience for this. So please, if you listen, leave a comment…every review will help!

We’ve also got a bunch of cool free bonuses, prizes, and even entire free training courses coming your way soon….just for listening in and leaving your feedback.

Stay tuned for more!

Here’s the link to the first episode again where you can leave us your review.

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

And remember, we’re releasing a new episode every Tuesday. We’ve got a new show format starting at episode 3 where it’s only 30 mins, so there’s a less room to fluff more room for value.


3 Bulls

When I was a little boy in school, I learned a story about 3
bulls who were brothers.

The gist of it was that a lion got it into his head to feed
on the brothers. But he couldn’t fight all three by himself. So one by one, he took
aside the brothers and convinced them to turn on each other, promising in
return that he’d never eat them if they help.

Out of fear for their own lives, each agreed to help the
lion against his brother.

The lion was now able to single out the bulls and defeat them
one at a time. Every time the lion repeated the scam, he fed on one of the
brothers. Until the last bull.

With no one left to defend him, the last bull met the same
fate as his brothers.

I think the moral of the story is obvious.

But here’s why the three bulls occurred to me.

In the Home Business industry, people are getting scammed
and cheated out of their money every day.

Most of us see this stuff going on and sit aside, passing judgment…or
associating publicly with known scammers, often siting the “law of the jungle”
as justification…survival of the fittest.

I wonder how many people actually do more than sit aside and
watch their brothers get gutted?

In our industry, I’ve seen cheating at every level.

Business cheats customer.

Customer cheats business.

Partners cheat one another.

Lying, stealing, cheating. It’s everywhere and it’s

Most people see it, and they resolve to become better

Not I. A few years ago, I made a bold move and struck out on
my own. I wanted to run my business with integrity…not just for myself. But for
everyone who comes in contact with me.

This meant I had to ignore everything I’d ever learned about
what converts and what doesn’t and find my own ways to sell…without the underhanded
devious practices that pass as “norm” in this industry.

I know I’ve made myself extremely unpopular by being
brutally honest about how HARD it is to have a successful Home Business…and how
much time, energy, and investment it REALLY takes to get these “overnight”
results that others claim so easily.

I know you don’t love it when I tell you what you don’t want
to hear.

I know that when I put out products without offering the
usual guarantees and refund policies the rest of the industry does, i miss a
few sales.

Yet I’m very stubborn about my “no refunds” policy. And I’m obvious
and up-front about it, no matter how many products I launch.

See, refund policies in this industry are an open invitation
for customers to cheat a business.

Most businesses who offer a refund policy are playing a numbers
game anyway.

While they offer refunds, they count on you “forgetting” to
ask for one. And should you ask, it’s not usually a big deal, because the boost
in sales they see by eliminating risk, far out-matches the number of refunds.

It doesn’t mean there is more satisfaction with these guys’

It just means they bet on most people not even consuming the
product, let alone getting around to realizing how crap they are.

In other words, they invite you to cheat them, but they
count on you forgetting to do it…thereby cheating you.

On the other hand, I choose to eliminate risk by being up
front about your risk.

Then it’s on you, with all the information in front of you
to decide if you’re willing to take a chance on yourself…and me…or not.

Either way, if I disappoint, I’m not likely to get your
business again…repeat business is where YaghiLabs makes most of its money.

See, if we don’t stand up for EVERYONE’S right to make an
honest living online, we may as well dig our grave with our own hands.

Running a business with integrity doesn’t actually HURT your
bottom line. It just means you market differently from the “norm”. For example,
you focus more on creating repeat sales than on creating first-time sales…which
is actually easier and more profitable.

It’s also a more efficient use of traffic, because you tap
into the FULL potential of a customer’s buying power instead of scraping its
surface with one-time sales…and constantly having to get fresh leads to make
more money.

Selling with integrity actually makes you stand out like a
sore thumb.

I mean, who wants to do business with a liar and cheat

You don’t. I don’t. Nobody!

The techniques I’ve discovered while selling with honesty,
they’re actually far more powerful and long-lived than most of the copywriting and
direct response tricks taught by other trainers in this industry.

They’re also easier to master and execute.

And they make a lot more money…from less traffic.

If you’re an honest person who doesn’t want to turn into the
hype-monsters that most of the “successful” people in this industry are, then
check out Communicology 701.

In these weekly workshops, I share my experiences in selling
effectively with integrity…by telling the truth…in an interesting way that
makes people oddly attracted to you. Most of this stuff was self-taught and it’s
the result of many lonely years of work.

And of course I had HUGE help from a few like-minded people…my
dedicated team of interns and students…and my amazing mastermind of top copywriters
Ben Settle, Doberman Dan, Caleb Osbourne, and Mike Dolpies.

You can get more details about Communicology here…

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


When It’s Cool to FART in public


It’s pretty lonely…

When you’re a full-time Home Business owner.

Especially if you’re a loner, workaholic like me. Living on “the
other side of the world”, away from the hub of the home business boom…in a
place where the whole concept of working from home is foreign.

Let me tell you a funny story to set the stage.

Today I had to go to the Free Zone business center to take
care of my son’s residency visa here.

He did not have to be with me.

All they needed was MY signature actually. No body needed to
be with me.

But ever since Aya and I got married, I have literally taken
her with me EVERYWHERE. We’re inseparable.

As much of a loner as I am, I was raised on the value that
one’s family is the ONLY real friends we have in the world. And I live that
rule as if it were God-made.

For years, everyone who saw us thought it was cute that I brought
my wife everything–but they figured the moment we had kids, all this would

So far it hasn’t.

Even to a business center…or meeting…I lug along my wife and
my child with me. I might send them off nearby to keep them busy, but they’re
always with me.

A lesser man would be embarrassed. But not I.

Back to the funny story…

There I am in the middle of a bunch of suits, in the waiting
room, baby carriage in front of me, and my gurgling baby in my arms. I’m playing
with him.

All of a sudden, Adam decides it’s a GREAT time to push out

The room was quiet…and his fart echoed loud and clear for
all to hear.

Many turned to look disapprovingly in our direction. My wife
was HUMILIATED…she blushed red and prepared to leave the room.


I thought it was hilarious.

As I’ve often said to you guys, the thing I value above
all things is my independence. I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I do
things my way. And that’s that.

You should try it sometime. Celebrate your independence. It’s

But i also mentioned at the start of this message, that having
a home business is lonely.

And as fulfilling as the company of family can be, there are
times when your success depends on being surrounded by your peers…people with
the same interests as you…working on similar problems as yours.

Over the 7+ years I’ve done online traffic…all of which I’ve
made a living exclusively from my home business…

I’ve found my most productive times, when I’ve had my
biggest breakthrus were while interacting with my peers.

Sometimes in partnership…other times in masterminds.

Indeed, my first attempt at anything kinda blows.

But if I get
some feedback from someone else, their ideas and mine turn into something quite

For instance, I’ve been in one mastermind for over 5 years.
Before launching anything I have a bit of back and forth with the guys in the
group before settling on the final form you guys end up seeing. And it usually
pays off, so I keep doing it.

There’s huge demand in this industry for closing that “lonely”

People pay upwards of 10,000 to be in a mastermind…or to
go to a conference where they can brush shoulders with trainers…

Truth be told, few people are actually deriving the full
benefit of their investment.

The real value in these things is rarely the golden nuggets
of wisdom dropped. You can get that in a much cheaper course or book.

What you pay for is the organic companionship and
partnership you receive from your peers. Usually you don’t even get that from
the trainer who organizes and supervises the whole thing.

Indeed, the only students I’ve ever seen gain “overnight”
success are those who worked in partnership with one or more people.

And I think this is the real reason for the success of the
original Communicology v1.0 with its 6 member class. The back and forth, the
bouncing of ideas, the varied opinions and perspectives, and the cumulative
creativity from everyone in the group.

So if you don’t have the results you want from your business…

you’re not feeling very creative…

and you get what I mean about home business
being “lonely”…

…then I encourage you to take another look at Communicology 701.

It’s our very latest sales training and traffic monetization

It’s a revolutionary way to learn communication in
marketing in a group setting. We meet every week, 52 weeks a year.

Get more info about Communicology here…

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


Why I don’t like the News


I’m not a
guy who enjoys the news.

Maybe I’m a
little bit of a wuss. But something about seeing images of dead people…and what
humans are capable of doing to their fellow man…it rattles my bones.

philosophy is, if something bad is going on in the world and I need to know about
it, there’ll be enough people talking about it.

my wife doesn’t share the same view.

She often tries
to show me what’s going on in Jordan, Syria, or Gaza…and it’s always messed up stuff.
Images of torn limbs in a fatal car accident. A deadly fight that breaks out in
a wedding and the mangled faces of the aftermath. Graphic images of massacres
and wars.

Last night,
she turned the TV over to the goings on in Gaza.


But from
experience, I figured what we’re seeing in the Middle Eastern channels is
probably not the same version of the news being seen by Americans and Brits.

I was

exactly is the Western world seeing right now, compared to us?

“Aya, turn
to CNN,” I said.

She did.

In turn we
watched CNN, BBC, and Fox news.

And exactly
as I suspected, a completely different perspective. It was like seeing news
about an entirely different event.

So why am I
telling you this?

I’m not
here to make a political statement or a commentary on the news.

As a
marketer your job is NOT just to drive traffic or sell products.

Your job is
to tell YOUR version of the truth about your product.

And just
like the news gears “its version of the truth” to the leanings of the producer’s
agenda, which includes ratings and viewership…

has to do the same.

It has to
be a representation of your views.

And it has
to be a representation of your audience’s views.

But does YOUR
marketing do that?

When I look
around this incestuous industry of ours, I see ONE viewpoint that was once
creative…being replicated to exhaustion by EVERYONE.

nothing new.

No unique perspectives.

Last week I
told you about the opening of Communicology 701, our new sales training
Workshop. In a few hours, we’ll be
holding the first Workshop.

In it, we’re
going to learn about creativity through perspective.

A new perspective
can make an old thing look new.

And your
prospects LOVE to buy things that they think is new.


You can read
more about the Communicology Workshop – and join us any time – by signing up at
the link below…

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


Calling all High Caliber

No time left
for indecision.

Less than
24 hours left to take advantage of the Early Signup gifts with Communicology
701. So if you think you could use a hand with your traffic conversion, then there’s
plenty of ways this class will help.

But first…

Let’s talk
about the elephant in the room.


It’s no
secret Communicology 701 is not “cheap”. I wanted to weed out the
whiners, losers, and do-nothings with it. This is a class just for the crème of the

I realize there’s
less than 1 person in every 1000 in this incompetent industry of ours that actually
fits into my idea of the ideal student.

And it’s
cool if you are not that ONE.

I sell
other training products better suited to your temperament–that’s how I keep
this ship afloat.

are, like most people, you’ve either bought those introductory products or will buy more of them…and
you’ll keep buying them…and do absolutely jackshit with any of them. You’ll get
off on the buying process, the adrenaline of the launch, or whatever.

Make use of
the product, or don’t, I get paid. it’s no skin off my back.

But Communicology
is not designed for that kind of person.

The quality
of this training is very much driven by the caliber of the students.

the better the quality of people I put into this class, the better the quality
of training everyone receives. Make sense?

The reason
is, Communicology 701 is a Workshop, not a course or a lecture.

The students
come in with their work and direct what each “class” focuses on that week. If
they bring challenging problems, then I get to share advanced conversion
tactics. But if they bring weak, simple problems, like “how do I setup my optin
form” type of crap, then, well, I will give basic training.

advanced people, implementers, and action takers, basic is BORING and they don’t
get the value they paid for.

Which isn’t fair on them.

I think the
simpletons will see $299/month and think OH SNAP…that’s too much.

And I agree.

It is too
much if you treat this like any other course you buy and you put it on the back
burner and do nothing with it.

But if you
plan to participate every week and you bring your sales communications to
class, your sales letters, your emails, your landing pages…and we make them
actually PULL people and convert clicks to leads, leads to sales, and sales to
repeat sales…

Well, all
it takes is a single $100 sale a week to actually get a PROFIT on your
investment into this class. Something you can realistically expect to do within
your first month.

See where I’m
going with this?

So why am I
even bothering to explain this to you, when the actual “high calibre” people I speak
of would have already seen the value of this class and jumped in head-first?

Because my
point is not to guilt you into wanting to redeem yourself by buying this class.

What I want
is for you to redeem yourself by making a decision that you WANT to start
getting serious about making your business work.

And to show you
how stupid it is to be happy with doing nothing to make your business work, and convince
you to quit.

this class is only a step in the right direction.

If you
implement, you start seeing challenges that go beyond the basics that i can help you with. And there’s a
real shortage of advanced training materials for people in the trenches like

Most available
training is made for the casual observer who’ll sit on the sidelines and spend
their entire “home business career” just buying up courses and dabbling in the
whole thing. Never really getting stuck in. Just testing the waters until they
get too bored or too broke to keep buying.

Workshops are just ONE of the many ways you can start converting and monetizing
your traffic.

But there’s
more for early birds.

instance, there’s the Student Forum which I’ve offered in other training I’ve
done …but only the implementers used. In most cases, the Student Forums have
turned into a ghost town. Because 99% of the people who bought the training
didn’t even bother to follow the step by step instructions in that training…not
even ONE time…

I’d be surprised if many of them even got to consuming the material in the first place.

SO they never
run into any problems, and they have nothing to ask in such a forum.

Which also means there’s
too few people actually implementing who can offer help, aside from myself.

Communicology701, I expect the Student Forum will be a vibrant place, even with less members than other training I’ve done. Simply because of the caliber of the
community as a whole. They’re implementing and getting results, so they’ll have
experiences to share. And they’ll be able to support one another with ideas and advice, even if i don’t intervene.

Yet a third
way that Communicology students will get a helping hand from ME…

Is the
PERSONALIZED Monthly “After Class” critiques. This is where I review your work
on my own time, edit for you, and give you my feedback in a video screencast…made
just for you.

And yet
another example…is the Personal 1 Hour Phone Consult with me, worth $1000 on
its own.

Before you
ask, yes that is the actual rate people currently pay me to get on the phone
and get my advice on their marketing, their funnel, their conversion process,
their traffic, and their landing pages.

nobody would EVER see the value in paying “so much” for, if they weren’t implementing and
couldn’t get a measurable return on investment from.

As you can
see, Communicology was designed from day 1 for the high caliber business

And I’m
certain that anyone who attends the weekly workshops is going to get remarkable
results, because they’re surrounded by high caliber equals.

Just a
final example, to drive the point home.

original Communicology v1.0 only took in 6 people. Of those, just 3 actually

The people
who didn’t turn up, in my opinion, wasted $500 taking that class. And it was no
skin off my back.

But those
three who came to every class, they were the real winners.

They each got
MORE face time with me, paid for, mostly by others.

Just one
look at their email follow up, their sales pages, and their blog posts TODAY will
tell you everything you need to know about Communicology and what it can do for

So, with
that said…One day left to get all the free “helping hand” gifts. Join or don’t
join, it’s up to you.

But if you
join, make sure you’re planning to implement. We’d love to have you.

where you go to sign up (and get all the Early Bird gifts):

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


Manufacturing Sales Logic

Yo, yo.

There’s less
than 2 days to join Communicology 701 and get all the cool bonuses that come
with early signup.

If you want
to learn to monetize your traffic, no matter how little you’ve got right now,
and you want to do it effortlessly and have fun with it…

Then join
us here:


A couple of
years back, I held a traffic training Workshop that lasted for an entire year.
It was called Done WITH You Traffic…you might remember it even. One of the
students from that workshop had these kind words to say:


“…You’re the best teacher I’ve had since Mr.
Pittard my high school biology and chemistry teacher. He was a hard A$$ and
made fun of students who weren’t prepared in class, but he was fair and stayed
LATE to help students committed to learning. A lot like you although you’re
kinder. I have a Bachelors Degree in Economics and I’ve taken TONS of
workshops, post graduate and other classes in my career. I’ve taught them,
too. …

a FUGKING awesome price for what you do!! I want to say I’ve taken all Yaghi
classes AND applied them, you’re like the Ph.D of online business, not just
traffic. Your stuff is awesome.” –Wyla


There you
have it.

In all fairness,
Wyla is biased…she’s a bit of a die hard fan. The kind I aim to create in all
my training programs.

See, our
industry tends to have a very short-term transactional focus.

Get in and
get out type of selling.

I think the
late Gary Halbert said it best when he said, “I know the exact moment I lose
interest in a client’s project….it’s when I cash their check.”

Certainly I understand the temptation to sell something BRILLIANTLY, get paid
for it, and then fall short on the delivery.

But I’ve
always held the belief that if you’re going to do something anyway, do it right.

So for the
lucky few who don’t scare easily–The people who actually WANT to learn how to
make money from their online business, those who aren’t afraid to commit to WORKING
with me…

going to have my full attention for 60 minutes every week, year round.

If you’re
up to it, I’m going to take your sales messages and LIVE I will help you turn
them into pieces of art that sell your stuff.

You’ll be
able to push out the very same promo I helped you with and come back the next week
to tell the class how it went.


One of the
cool gifts I’m prepared to give you FREE if you join before the 28th is the
original Communicology v1.0 training which recently sold for $500.

training shows you how to…

* use the Story Factory “mental puzzle” to inspire
new promo ideas from your daily life, to effortlessly come up with an
interesting sales pitch EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail.

create strong (and occasionally subtle) Calls to Action – this is the main point
of any sales communication, the part where you get to ask for the sale. I’ll
show you how to do it with confidence so that buying is the only natural next
step your prospect wants to do.

* transition smoothly from a seemingly
irrelevant story into a logical argument for your prospect to favour your
product and give you their business.

* how to mess with your prospect’s emotions
and have fun doing it. You’ll learn to “story board” an emotional journey just
like they do in the movies…which without you even pitching a product, will make
people open and responsive to anything you want them to do next.

* a fool-proof method to “edit” your sales
message so the language flows smoothly and naturally, even if your first draft
looks like pooh.

* how to format sales communications to make
them more easily consumed – remember, the best sales pitch won’t sell a darn
thing if no one wants to consume it.

* how to MANUFACTURE logic – logic isn’t
real, it merely helps people rationalize a thing you make them want. You’ll
learn to bullet-proof your sales message so that the only logical thing for
your prospect to do is buy.

* and much more.

Imagine, if
this is all inside ONE FREE gift incentive… imagine what kind of magic you and I can do while
working for weeks together.

Hurry, the
deadline to claim the free gifts is closing fast.

Read more
about Communicology 701 and join us here:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …