FUGK THAT! the Psychology of Cuss

Before i explain this dirty, horrid, vulgar subject line…

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With that
out the way, let’s get to the SWEAR WORDS.

Have you
ever heard that standup bit by George Carlin, called the Usage of Fugk?

If you
haven’t, I recommend you run a quick search for it on YouTube. Spell the swear
correctly of course…I only add the k for censoring purposes…so your eyes don’t
bleed if god forbid you see a real swear. Not like we’re all grown ups here…


You’ve seen
me swear freely in my emails. And I do it just as much in person, as anyone who’s
met me will tell you.

I don’t
seem to have the hangups about it that others do. Especially americans…because,
this might surprise you, but in Australia and New Zealand where I spent many
years of my childhood, swearing is just part of everyday life.

people, people with PhDs swear like sailors and no one ever takes issue with it.

in my opinion, are prudes about this stuff. So much political correctness, so
much fake politeness.

Australia, you can call a perfect stranger a “Sik Kunt” and he’ll smile as if
you praised him. I shyt you not.

Of course, we
don’t all feel the same way about swearing, and I’m fine with that.

But a bunch
of people have been wondering if this is one of the things I’ll be advising
people to do in Communicology 701.

Is it one
of my many secrets to selling online?

The idea that
using swear words…or any special kind of words really…would actually help you
sell more is funny.

But what’s
most hilarious is when people start doing it on purpose, just because they see
me doing it.

I don’t
think any of them get why I’m so comfortable with using such dirty language in
my sales communication.

So let me educate you my homie.

As my bud George Carlin explains in his “Usage of Fugk” routine, the word “FUGK” is
so diverse. It can have many different meanings and be used in any
different scenarios to get across a variety of emotions and ideas.

Think about

How can one
simple 4 letter word be so RICH in meaning?

I don’t

But we
humans have a wonderful ability to create linguistic short-cuts to help us
communicate FASTER.

And this
word is just ONE example of linguistic shortcuts.

Here’s another, less vulgar example:

the days when you wondered what “LOL” meant?

I do.

Sure it
stands for Laughing Out Loud. But is that really what it means?

watched people write the abbreviation “LOL”…and even exaggerate it as LOLOLOLOL without so much as cracking a
SMILE, let alone an “out loud” laugh.

LOL doesn’t
mean Laughing out loud any more than does “Bitsch” mean a female dog.

These are efficient
communication shortcuts that get across far more than their dictionary definition.
They carry with them SUBTEXT that says something entirely different…


Curse words
and colloquial expressions are loaded with emotion.

I mean, in the
Communicology sales page, I have a big headline that says “FUGK THAT” (eg, “they
expect me to rip my eyeballs out so I can get their approval….FUGK THAT!”). Let’s
try to get across the same meaning without being crude, just to see what comes

“Screw that”…no
wait, that’s vulgar too.

How about, “Stuff
That”…haha that’s just code to reference “screw” without explicitly using the

Maybe we can say, “No, I’m
not doing that”…

That’s the
closest thing I’m going to get to the same meaning, wouldn’t you agree?

So what’s
wrong with this?

Couldn’t I have
said “No, I’m not doing that!” and kept the sales page clean and cuss-free?

Sure. Yah.

But I wouldn’t
have been able to express the emotion I wanted. “It’s an impossibility, it’s
something I would NEVER in a million years do….that it’s something ridiculous
to even think I would contemplate doing…”

Woah that’s a lot of words.

what I mean?

Swear words
have a legitimate function in communication.

They give
us shortcuts to denote emotion.

And when
you’re selling, it’s ALL ABOUT identifying your prospect’s emotion and voicing
it back to them in a clever and interesting way.

Which is the
main reason I’m ok with swearing in sales communication.

plenty of other great reasons I won’t get into now.


I’ve stated
my case for using swear words when selling.

Let’s put all
that dirty language aside and talk seriously.

If you want
to sell products, you have to master the art of subtext. The unspoken
words, the implications that you intentionally create but don’t say. The genius
stuff that others perceive and respond to, without seeing or realizing they are responding to it.

When a customer buys, the purchase happens in their MIND long before it is
executed in your storefront or website.

You have to
secretly and quietly plant your ideas into their thoughts, so they think those
ideas are their own and the decision to buy theirs…even though it really is YOUR ideas.

This is why
I called my Workshop “Advanced Communicology 701”.

Because copywriting
is about sales words…but communication is everything you say and everything you DON’T say…

Everything that gets ideas out of your head and into someone else’s.

SO if you
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I want you
to think hard.

Think about
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Or is it
because you’re not selling to what little traffic you already get?

I’ll leave
you with those thoughts.

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Creativity. Starts TOMORROW!

What i said,
about selling being a creative process…

The thing
is, creation takes time.

And it
requires a certain mental temperament and a productive environment too.

temperament, the environment, and the process are different for everyone. But with
practice, you learn what feeds your creativity and what kills it…and you start
living your life around these things.

For example,
in my case, if I have to go out or I have someone over, then my day is surely shot.

when I know I have one of those days, I don’t even bother to work.

I’m not
talking about a 30 min run down to the shops to grab milk or something. But say,
I have to wake up early to go to the Free Zone Office to deal with Adam’s residency
visa…or to take Aya to the doctor…These kind of disruptions usually kill my
creativity and I’ve learned there’s no point trying to get it back that day.

disruption in routine has a bad effect on me.

think with a Home Business you can take your business anywhere with you…

It’s true.

But I can only
handle admin tasks, answer emails, put out fires…whatever. I’m not writing any
remarkable ads or coming up with new product ideas that are worth a shyt.

If I travel
anywhere, it will take me at least 3 weeks to settle in any new place.

So, a
family vacation?

Forget it.

As far as
temperament goes, if i get into an argument with my wife, then creativity is

But on the
upside, if I get into an argument with a customer, client, or I pick a fight
with a nobody asshole named Jesse Jameson who stole my thoughts and sold them
without permission…then I turn into an ANIMAL of a salesman.

My best marketing
is done when I’m raging mad.

emotions of any kind work well for me–As long as the emotions have to do with
people outside my home.

stress, and looming deadlines are where I thrive.

them, I’m complacent and useless.

process for creativity is probably different from mine. And that’s ok.

The point
is, we have to understand that as marketers you and I have an extremely creative-intense
role. Whether it’s an ad or a sales letter…an

email or a landing page we’re

It has to
be fresh….(though it won’t always be).

It has to
be brilliant…(though it won’t always be).

And we have
to keep trying, even if we’re at the top of our game, producing the most
incredible stuff. You can’t stop. You have to keep creating. And YOU LOVE IT.

Here’s the

requires more than just repetition and a “productive” environment.

You need

inspiration is not always readily available. Especially if you do client work.

Client work
requires creating on demand.

That’s not
easy. Creativity is a draining, exhausting thing. It’s a miracle anyone can do it
on demand anyway.

So where
would YOU get inspiration from?

importantly, how do you get it 10 times a day?

And how do
you get inspired regularly, every single day, rain or shine, snow or sleet?

Communicology 701 opens (with any luck) for your enrollments. This class will
help you with inspiration and creativity… in two ways.

#1 – is a creativity formula of mine. When I came
up with this, it became a big turning point in my selling online career. I no
longer get crippling “creative block”. And I can ALWAYS come up with something new
to say in an email or a blog post or sales letter. Even if it isn’t always

This, I’ll
teach you. It’s powerful. You’ll love it.

#2 – is huge
too. It’s being surrounded once a week by creative people and their fresh
ideas. To spend one day a week, going back and forth, listening to other
creative people like you, to hear what they come up with …it gives you huge
inspiration – then you go off and produce amazing sales communication.

You’ll have
a break-thru at least once a week.

We open for
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Join us,
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Why headline tricks & email subjects DON’T work

The fundamental
beliefs in this industry are stupid.

should know better.

instance, there’s a headline theory I once taught called Time Continuum
headlines–An extremely high converting headline style.

I showed my
own headline as an example of how to accomplish Time Continuum.

But ever since,
I’ve see all over the internet landing pages created by people who didn’t understand the theory of how to build such a headline. Instead, they take the example and simply
swap out a few words to suit their product.

To think
there’s something actually magical about THAT headline

…that somehow you could
use it on a page that had never converted before

…and it would somehow work…it’s
just silly.

Just ONE
thing is going to make all that difference?

I think not.

fundamental, yet flawed belief so common in our industry is that doing ONE “right” thing would
make a huge difference in a sales message that had never worked before.

Have you
ever wondered why, even if I do share a really powerful trick with you, I don’t
use it again?

explain in a minute.

It’s not just MY stuff that gets copied blindly and then
doesn’t work for the people who try.

Some years
back, a popular internet marketer shared (in a free video, of all places), one
of his best converting email subject lines.

“Bad News”

That week,
I got emails from tens of email lists, all using the EXACT subject line, the
same day, selling different offers. My inbox had “Bad News” all day.

It had ZERO

I doubt if
anyone got the results they were hoping for.

So let me share a quick story…

Today, my
wife convinced me to spend the day looking with her for a new home.

In Dubai,
almost every home is built as part of a development project. And if you see one
home in some development, then you’ve seen EVERY HOME in the entire

EXACTLY the same, in every single way.

layout, to size, to number of rooms, to the building, to the facilities…EVEN TO

funnier…the same home may be advertised by a number of different agents.

that, my wife made MANY appointments with different agents.

So many, in
fact, she lost track of which agent was going to show us what.

“Sorry, which place is this?” was a
question I heard her ask several times.

It was

One guy
responded strangely.

It was as if he’d busted us cheating on him.

He said, “Look,
I know you’re confused because you’re talking to many people. Why don’t you
give me a call when you’re done and I’ll take care of you.”

We laughed
at the guy and thought he was a fool.

A little
later, we walk into yet another place…and what do we find out? The same agent
from a few houses ago is waiting for us. As we walk into the home, another agent
runs up and says, “Excuse me. I think WE were supposed to meet. But tell you
what…go take a look with him, and when you’re done, I’ll be waiting here.”


What we saw
inside was no more impressive than what we’d seen before. Another clone home
that didn’t suit us.

As we
dismissed one agent and moved to the other, still waiting for us outside, we realized
he was the same guy we’d laughed at earlier.

But what he
did next, won my HUGEST admiration and respect.

He took me
aside, and said rather plainly…

“Look. I’m
not going to waste your time. If you’ve seen this place, you’ve seen them all. So
here’s what I’m going to do. If you have about half an hour, I’d like to show
you a couple of very special, unique homes. Come with me.”

about his behavior had I seen in about 12 agents we’d been with that day.

instance, instead of asking us to meet him somewhere (as the others did)…or to
take him in our car (as others did)…or to follow his car (as others did)…he
said, “COME WITH ME”

I knew I liked
him from that moment on.

What we saw
was actually, fundamentally, not different from what we’d seen before.

After all,
this was the product he HAD to work with.

But HE was

I wanted to
buy from him and let him win my commission.

And this is
the point I make.

One headline
formula or sales letter trick or landing page layout…or whatever you’ve just
learned…it’s not going to make the big ground-breaking difference you’re
looking for.

The reason
those things ever “worked”, is they were once unique. Once taught, they are no longer unique.

Which is
why I often teach something that worked for me, only to never use it again.

It’s also
why I never have two landing pages that look alike.

Nor two
sales pages that follow the same style.

anything done twice loses impact.

So all my
effort goes into doing EVERYTHING different.

Different from others.

from myself.

And different from my imitators.

In fact, if
someone shares a trick with me, I put it in the “bank” and do nothing with it
for a while. The trick eventually comes out in combination with something else,
unrecognizable to anyone but me.

And this is
key to the success of any sales communication.

You want to
treat every marketing trick as a single tool in an ever-growing toolbelt of

you want to sell something, pick the right SET of tools for the right job.

Advanced Communicology
701 will open for enrollment in just TWO days. And I really hope you’ve taken
the time to read up about it before we go live.

Because it’s
a unique approach to training, that I’ve put a lot of thought and experience

In Communicology
you’ll learn not just a SINGLE trick that worked for someone else.

learn hundreds of tricks customized to YOU and YOUR sales messages.

Most of
those will come from the creative depths of my mind at first…But my hope is
that YOU will eventually internalize the process of creativity and start making
wonderful sales communications all on your own.

So if you have
NOT read up about Communicology 701, please do soon.

The free
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many more, far more valuable, gifts.

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After that,
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a HUGE bag of tricks that could ultimately make ALL your sales communication work
better and easier than anything else you’ve tried.

When you’re
ready, go here to get the full details on Communicology 701:

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2 Selling Tips from an Infant

Adam is one
helluva salesman!

He’s efficient
at getting everything he wants–although his methods are not conventional.

Get this…

The other
day, I’m carrying Adam (my 3-month old boy), and we’re playing together…when
all of a sudden, he turns to whining…and then crying, combined with an odd sucking
on my arm.

“Aya,” I call. “Adam’s hungry. Can you
make him a bottle?”

As the
words fell out of my lips, it occurred to me the little monster made TWO
grownups drop everything they were doing to give him what he wants…and there was no
confusion about what he needed either.

You couldn’t ignore him. He’d just cry longer and louder and get his bottle one way or
the other.

Now THAT is
some efficient communication.

I’m not suggesting that you cry for sales.

But maybe
there’s a lesson in persistence (though that’s not the point either).

The point
is this…

Humans are
a social species and selling is in our blood. Pure instinct. A baby does it
before he can even talk.

That’s why,
since the beginning of time, we’ve found and developed more efficient ways to
tell each other what we want.

We started
with signs, gestures, sounds, and pictures…in prehistoric times.

And today,
we have standardized language and words that we speak and write.

But no
matter how advanced we’ve become…computers, social networks, emails,
smartphones…they’re just more efficient tools to influence each other and
get what we want.

So if selling is just communication, and if the internet is just one of many
communication tools that offers efficiency…

Why does
selling seem so hard?

Why do you
struggle to sell your products?


is NOT exact.

It breaks down because it only
offers an approximation of some very complex ideas, wrapped up in experience,
memories, and other shyt in our heads.

Let’s explore how anyone can fix their communication problem and be better at selling.

starts with three things…

1. a message

2. a sender (or speaker)

3. and a recipient (or listener).

The sender
gets some notion in his brain (the message) and then expresses that idea using
language. The recipient in turn receives the message, interprets it, and
internalizes it.

But plain old communication isn’t enough.

Any message you want to express gets translated twice. The first
time is when the sender converts his mental idea into words or language…that’s when the message gets a pretty serious arsefugkin…

…and the
second time is when the recipient converts what he hears into his own thoughts.
That’s when it goes through the friggin blender.

What you end up with is a message that’s been distorted into something very different from what you meant.

Most people
don’t realise this.

It’s not
what you say so much as what you DON’T say that breaks your communication.

So if the
choice is more words or less…I’ll always favour MORE.

Be exact
with more words, instead of vague with few.

I see
people who do a brilliant pitch for their product, but when it comes to the
call to action…they completely fugk it up. There’s no direct instruction. There’s
no “next step”. It’s just left open-ended for the recipient to figure out.

That is NOT
efficient or smart.

I mean,
imagine I have a hankering for a sandwich, and I say to you, “I’m hungry”.

Maybe you
hand me a banana. But I don’t LIKE bananas and I don’t want one right now.

How would
you know?

I never
told you.

And even
though you WANT to help me out, I think you’re a DIGK cause you didn’t give me
what I want.

The whole
problem could have been avoided if I’d just been more explicit.

I should
have said something like, “I’m hungry, grab me a sandwich will ya?” Whether or not you want
to help me, that’s up to you. But at least now I’m clear and I’ll get what I

Being inexact is one reason why you struggle to sell.

But what
happens if you ARE exact…and the prospect is not listening…Or they don’t
think it’s their problem to hook you up with a sandwich?

This is
where baby Adam got most marketers beat.

Crying is
NOT his message.

He cries with
EVERYTHING he wants. A diaper change. Sleep. Relief from a sore tummy. Diaper
rash. Everything.


Crying is the
most efficient way for a baby (who has VERY limited communication resources) to GET ATTENTION.

Once he has
attention, he adds the message of “hungry” by eating at your arm.

He’s a
clever kid, I tell you.

This is a baby
who HATES his pacifier because there’s no milk in it. He’s not dumb. He doesn’t
think he’ll get milk from your arm if he sucks it.

He’s signaling
for a feeding.

when selling, you might NOT always have the most amazing communication resources…or you may not be fluent or even literate…but the FIRST step is always to get attention…and
then be as exact as you can about what you want.

And if you
need more words, signals, or images to help you be more exact, then don’t be afraid to use them.

This is why i often spend MORE time formatting and editing a sales message than i spend on choosing the right words.

These are
two very important topics in Communicology 701. Exactness and attention.

In about 3
days, we’ll be ready to accept your enrollment in this Workshop. So if you want
to learn to make listeners listen…

…and make readers


You want to
keep prospects engaged and interested…

…and you want
to learn to make them understand what you’re offering them…

…and you
want them to learn to be clear about what you want them to do (eg, give you
their email address in a capture page, click a link in your email, or hit that
buy button 1,000 times)…

Then go here
now to learn about Communicology:

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Kick Your Wife to the Curb (guaranteed to piss off a few)

posted an amusing status on Facebook:

“I have to say… Jim Yaghi is one of the
select few who can directly tell you to ‘fugk off’ in a sales letter and have
you want to buy faster. Well played.”–Daren Hanser.

Got a giggle
out of that one.

But Darren
brings up another important Communicology lesson.


Before I dissect
this, a quick story will help illustrate.

At a recent
live marketing workshop, one of my colleagues was giving a training on landing
page headlines.

A student was there to learn how to sell his book on the fascinating topic of “how to break
up with your wife without losing your stuff”. Weird niche, huh?

The trainer
suggested a (kinda brilliant) headline that goes kinda like this:

“How to Kick Your Wife To The Curb & Leave
Her With Nothing”

No sooner
did the words come out of his mouth…

…when some woman in the audience made a scene of packing her books, angrily preparing to leave. “Hmph. How dare he!”

She was angry at the trainer.

Organisers came
over in a panicked rush to calm her down and convince her to stay.

When I heard
the story, I said…

“I would have let the bitsh go. Fugk her!”

If she doesn’t
have a thick skin, she needs to find herself a new line of business. NOT Marketing.

What do you think?

I mean,
have you ever sent out a promotion that unintentionally pissed off some prospect or customer?

I’ve had my
fair share of dipshit prospects and dipshittier customers. And if this was me a
few years back, I would have held the firm belief that every prospect and every
customer has value to your business…you should do EVERYTHING in your power to
win them back.

Problem is,
and you can tell me if I’m wrong…but have you ever tried to win back a prospect
and actually succeeded?

It’s rare.
It happens, ok? I’m not saying it doesn’t.

But those
people who get offended by your marketing are RARELY your real buyers.

offence at some niggle…some word you used…or some subject matter…something that’s
not fundamental to the value you offer..it’s usually a pretty big sign they
were NEVER your customer.

What I mean
by that, is if a customer is angry because you didn’t deliver on a promise you
made in your product…then that’s on YOU.

But if they’re
bitshing about how you’ve chosen to sell or promote that product, then it’s on

Ignore them.

Look, I’m not
opposed to being sensitive to your prospects or being politically correct if
that’s how you want to be.

The trouble
begins when you start walking on eggshells so as not to offend someone who is
NOT a buyer…at the expense of selling to a real buyer.

Here’s what
I mean.

In Social Science,
Polarisation is a phenomenon of communication and psychology.

to Wikipedia:

“Polarisation is defined as the behavior of
a social group to split, based on opposing views. Over time, more and more members
of the original group join or split into groups and fewer members remain
neutral. This brings the two sides or “poles” further apart.”


Neutral people are bored and indifferent. They don’t buy.

But when you
bring polarization to your selling strategy, you create two distinct camps. Those
who HATE the shyt out of …you, your brand, and your product… (let them go fugk themselves with a big hairy broom).

And those
who LOVE you to pieces. To the point it doesn’t matter what you sell anyway. They
just want it because they think you are freakin’ awesome.

Back to the
wife-kicking headline…

Why do you
think that nutcase woman got pissed off and wanted to leave, anyway?

The product
was designed for an audience of men who are stuck in a loveless, painful
marriage that they can’t leave for fear of losing everything they’ve
worked so hard to get.

Stuff they
don’t believe their wife deserves a share of.

I mean, she
might have been the thorn in their side, slowing them down for years while they
were trying to build a good life for their family. And now they had ENOUGH and
want out.

The book is a solution to a REAL problem affecting a handful of people…not the entire population of the planet.

And these guys must have a kind of VINDICTIVE hatred toward their wife to want such a product.

The woman
who got so offended was very likely to have an ex-husband who left her with
nothing…or she’s insecure in her current marriage.

The problem
for her was the product…not the marketing.

Since she
was NOT the target audience of the product, then her opinion and judgment of the marketing is
totally irrelevant.

if the guy who sells this book does NOT take that kind of vindictive attitude in
his marketing, and he tries to accommodate people outside his audience…by being
politically correct…thinking it would make EVERYONE love him…

…then no
one EVER will.

All he’ll accomplish is to dilute his offer, water it down, dull it to the point it has no reason to
pull anyone.

And hey,
guaranteed no woman is going to love anything he says about his book anyway. No
matter how “politically correct”.

It doesn’t matter.

This is
why polarization is SO important in selling.

isn’t about pissing people off. It’s about not caring if you have to.

You need to
communicate the truth of your message to the people who matter.

It’s not
about being intentionally offensive. Nor about swearing and cursing like I do.
(I’ll explain my reasons in a later email in the Communicology series)

It’s about
creating a larger divide between non-buyers and buyers.

So your customers aren’t just wish-wash. They are STAR STRUCK FANS.

That’s one
topic we explore in Communicology 701. We tap into the phenomena of human
nature so you sell effortlessly, while focusing on your message, and without depending
on copywriting or even worrying about specific words you use to get across your sales message.

Want to learn
Communicology? More here…

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


p.s. btw, i guarantee this email has pissed off a few people that i don’t care about. they’ll be angry that i reported the story…about a product i don’t sell… about a headline i didn’t come up with. they’ll be angry anyway. I’m guilty by association. So for those peeps, here’s my big fat PFFFTTtttthhhhhhhhhttttt.

A small (and usable) Communicology Selling Tip

Let me give
you a small, very valuable tip…

It demonstrates
the Communicology selling method and helps you understand it better.

If you call
me colour blind, it would be an understatement. Which is why I always
like to get a second opinion on colour. But there’s certain aspects of design
and aesthetics that I NEVER trust a designer to advise on.

Here’s what
I mean…

Recently, I
got into a heated argument with some fellow shareholders in a local project I’m
working on.

It’s a
consumer research tool for the hospitality industry. And our clients, the people
who will pay for the service (eg, the restaurant owners, hoteliers) they need very
DEEP insights into their customer’s mind.

I won’t get
into the details. But what this means is we had to carefully craft a VERY long survey.

Most of my partners
felt consumers would not complete it.

It was too

They wanted
us to cut out 45 of the 50 questions. Which would defy the purpose. Our
clients would learn NOTHING useful about their consumer from a 5 question survey.

A partner
suggested a middle-ground.

“Can you
reduce the font size?” he asked.

“No,” I said.

“Why not?
If there’s less scrolling they won’t feel it’s so long and then they’re more
likely to finish.”


Alright. I’ll
let YOU think on that stupid remark for a minute, while I change direction

I once got
into a similar debate with my designer.

Great guy,
MASTER of his craft, honestly. So I showed him a sales page I’d just finished
writing and asked his opinion on the colours and aesthetics. And he gave me
excellent, useful feedback.

I did
everything he suggested EXCEPT one thing.

The font-size.

See, my
page used 21pt–that’s pretty fgkin big.

It’s great for
the half-blind and elderly.

My designer said if I used a 12pt font, I would reduce the amount of
scrolling a prospect would need to do. And HEY, 12pt is not a bad size. You’re
probably reading this email in 12.

But here’s
my thoughts on fonts, length, and size…

If I’m
REALLY concerned about length hurting the sale, I should throw out 90% of my words and give you the cliff notes instead.

That’s perfectly acceptable.

But if I believe
all those words are necessary (which I do), I may as well make your next 20
minutes of reading comfortable.

You might
need to scroll more, but there’s a better chance you’ll stick around to read my
whole sales pitch, and i might be able to influence you to give me your money.

best sales words are USELESS if people can’t read them.

That’s the
same logic I used to win the survey font-size argument too. No one brought up
length eversince.

So there ya

A little
Communicology lesson for you.

think a “strong headline” should pull you in…But i’ve found it’s easier to make your prospect
comfortable, so they keep listening.

To learn
more Communicology, head on over here (and see some of it being practiced):

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


The legitimate case FOR non-Relevance

Page May Have Missing Text

someone calls me a “good copywriter”. Especially since I’ve never written a
conventional sales letter or taken a copywriting course in my life.

Truth is, selling
doesn’t need copywriting, or hype, or NLP, or psycho-sales tactics.

I’m living, breathing proof.

To sell
stuff, you need straight-forward, efficient communication. It doesn’t have
to be good if you can get across this one little thing.

But first, hear this story…

My first
Android Tablet was a Samsung Galaxy Note.

It was a
gift from my little brother. And I was filled with a sense of excitement I haven’t
felt since I was a kid pulling apart my first Gateway PC before I even turned it on.

The tablet
was a thrilling new toy I wanted to use for everything.

In true NERD-style…

Within the
first 24 hours of owning the thing, I wanted to program it.


I had no
idea how to make a Mobile App.

But that didn’t
stop me.

It wasn’t
long before I learned how to build an App and posted it to the Google Play and iTunes stores.

though it never become ESPECIALLY popular, it had a good few thousand
downloads, and it led me to a pretty important discovery in my main business.

See, i wanted
to make use of my App building experience to make money.

So I came
up with this RIDICULOUS idea. It was
absolutely nuts and would probably FLOP…but i’ve always been adventurous in my
marketing, so I decided to give it a whirl.

I wanted to create a Mobile programming class and offer it to my Internet Marketing
subscriber base.

Crazy right?

The sales
page was ugly and rushed.

headline simply said, “Build Your Own Mobile App”. No subhead. No hype. No build up. No mystery.

It was as
plane jane as a headline can get.

The entire
sales pitch was 7 paragraphs. I’ve even taken a
screenshot which you’ll find at the link further down.

I sent that page to a small house-list of about
3,000 INTERNET MARKETING subscribers.

Think about
this…Who were these people?

People like

marketers who responded to one of my Google Ads promising traffic advice.

click here 3 again, to to.

was not their primary pain…not even their secondary pain. They wanted TRAFFIC!

So for all
intents and purposes, the offer was sent to an “untargeted” list of people who
were NOT looking for and NOT buying programming information.

They had
previously never shown any interest in a similar offer and if you asked them back
then, they would have told you so. Actually, many are so
computer-illiterate that they would run in the other direction if god forbid, I
happened to get a little technical in an email.

So what

That ugly as
fugk page… ended up selling 50 seats.

than I ever imagined it would.

upsells, I was able to make a decent chunk of change from that VERY small list of
untargeted prospects, selling them a very irrelevant product.

But what’s the
point of this experiment?

Break every
holy rule of copywriting and sales?


It was
proof that people don’t buy what they NEED.

They buy
what they WANT. And if you’re clever, you can make anyone want anything.

claim right there!

Apple believed
in this principle enough to invest into producing the first iPhone. Listen,
this was THE MOST EXPENSIVE phone ever sold at the time.

Nobody knew
they needed a computer in their pocket until Apple showed you how useful and
fun it would be to have one.


Apple has never sold the iPhone with a long-form sales letter. They simply show you the product and tell you what you might want to use it for. People get

Today, the
iPhone is sold worldwide to people from all walks of life.
Whether or not they can afford it.

In fact, if you’re on a contract, you’re
basically borrowing money to afford it.

Imagine having
a message….

…so dang POWERFUL… that people will borrow to afford your products…even
when they don’t need them!

And imagine
not needing to use a single copywriting trick to have that kind of influence.

Crazy, I tell

Apple got

And they’re
not the only ones.

Want more “relevant” examples?

Domination, was my first internet marketing training course. It was sold by Mike Dillard
withOUT a sales letter. Just an order form.

It sold 500
units in its “beta test” wave. Another 3,000 units in its official launch
(which coincidentally did have a proper sales letter written).

another “irrelevant” course I released shortly after the Mobile App class… was
called 90 Minute HTML… remember that?

It taught the programming language of webpages to Internet Marketers.

We did even better with that class than the Mobile App one.

Bottom line

You do NOT
need to master copywriting to sell your products.

People buy
products they think would be useful, exciting, or fun. Even if they don’t need
them. Even if they can’t afford them.

Your job is to communicate that with them.

You don’t do it with magical words…words
may even hurt the sale.

No. It’s
something else.

learn more about other things that have much more influence on the sale, beyond the words themselves, in our latest training…

Advanced Communicology 701. Go here to learn


On a
side-note, you’ll notice we’re not ready to take your enrollment yet. When we’re ready, I’ll
let you know. But for now, read up on Communicology and familiarize
yourself with the concepts.

You could save
yourself many years of hardship marketing online.

Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …



Communicology 701

Heya… this is important and quick.

Until today, there’s only been two ways to make MORE money when marketing your existing products online:

Get more traffic, or write better copy.

Today, there’s a third way.

A new concept i’ve been working on for the past few years. The equivalent of the unspoken word which carries so much weight in normal face-to-face selling…

..like body language, eye-contact, hand gestures, etc…but for ONLINE SELLING.

It’s called Communicology.

Far more effective and easier than the usual “wordsmithing” of copywriting, it lets you get away with doing some pretty crazy things. Like…

* using weak headlines,
* emailing with boring subject lines
* using 5 paragraph sales presentations,
* sending out really rough & raw sales messages,
* not using any copywriting psycho-sales tactics & tricks
* selling un-targeted (irrelevant) products to untargeted traffic (this one is nuts!!!)

…and still making MORE sales with TINY mailing lists and enabling you to fund unlimited growth in your business.

Exciting stuff.

If you use Communicology concepts, you don’t need copywriting.

I’m not going to get into the details in this message. Over the next few days, i’ll bring you up to speed and explain the concept.

But for now, i just wanted to let you know i’m starting an interactive Workshop to teach a few of you the Communicology method. i taught it to a class of 6 a few months back and they LOVED THIS SHIT.

For now, go to this link to get a general introduction to the topic of Communicology (and see a little of it in action here):

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

I apologise that the page has not been tested on some mobile browsers, and it might take more than a minute to fully load if you’ve got a slow connection. Just didn’t want to waste time making more tweaks.

So if you have trouble with the link, try it in Chrome on your desktop/laptop. Should work fine there.

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


A Toothy Traffic Question


Killer question from one of your fellow subscriber…

“I saw your presentation at the NES5 conference in Vegas. Great stuff. It seems you know what you’re talking about, and I appreciate your candor.

“I’d like to take your offer on the Traffic Kickstart, but before I purchase it, I’d like to pose one question.

“Is the Traffic Kickstart an up-to-date training that leverages the most recent Google GUI and functionality?

“It’s just that I noticed the content on your website is rather dated and my concern is that the Traffic Kickstart might be a couple of years old. (which in Internet-years means ‘vintage’) J

“No insult intended, just looking to spend money wisely.” — Greg Pearce

thanks to Greg for contributing this question. It’s a great question that you might be wondering too.

So here goes…

Unlike most PPC tactics you’ll find online, Traffic KickStart is NOT a hack.

It’s a philosophy.

It has been the underlying philosophy for most of my traffic success over YEARS of traffic generation for myself and for my clients.

It’s been tweaked from time to time, but at its core it has remained the same.

We’ve used a variation of this method on Bing (not just Google) to service around 100 different clients with Done For You Traffic campaigns. And it’s the same method i taught my interns who i trust to do client work on my behalf.

This method is time-proof.

As long as Google Adwords remains a PPC model of advertising, KickStart will work on it as well as any other PPC system, including Facebook, YouTube, and Bing.

What changes with age and platform is small variations for the specific network you’re on.

Like Bing, for example, doesn’t get as much reach with a single keyword as does Google…so we adapt by creating a bigger keyword list.

But how we determine WHICH keywords to include in our campaign, it’s still based on what the searcher behind the keyword is looking for. Not the words in the keyword.

Google has recently updated their keyword tool–the address has changed–but for KickStart the particular keyword tool is irrelevant. It’s how you decide to include keywords or not…which quite honestly is rather foolproof. Even if you chose a few wrong keywords, it’s not the end of the world. KickStart still works.

Whether on Google, Bing, or Facebook…our goal is always to show our ads to the ENTIRE market and then qualify who clicks our ad. That philosophy has not changed.

But to answer the question about the age of the Traffic KickStart training…

The base training is about 1 year old.

And if the base training was all you get, that might make the course seem outdated.

Except i have continued to add to the training over the months and there’s quite a resource-filled back-office with supplemental materials, updates, and tweaks.

Plus KickStart includes free lifetime access to an active support forum where you can join other students in discussing your experiences, get help and helping others…

My staff and I also frequent the support forum from time to time to answer your questions and troubleshoot your campaigns.

If that’s not enough to convince you that KickStart is timeless…

You can hear more about the results people have had with it.

For example, i invite you to contact Matt Hamell and Sherri Beauchamp (find them on Facebook). Both have taken the class and had incredible results with KickStart.

I met Matt in Las Vegas recently and he told me that after successfully using KickStart to promote his dad’s IKEA cabinet installation business…his dad asked him to TURN OFF THE TRAFFIC…

He couldn’t handle the increased demand!

A good problem to have for sure.

Sherri, on the other hand, uses this method till today to market a luxury real estate deal…

Her results?

After spending 500 dollars on ads, she generated ~40,000 in deposits her first couple of weeks.

What i’m most proud of, however, is that she had a Google Adwords consultant at the same time create and manage a campaign for her…and i asked her to leave it running alongside the KickStart campaign so she can compare results.

A few weeks later, the Adwords guy told her to turn off HIS campaign and stick with the KickStart campaign.


We were generating double the traffic for a fraction of the cost he was able to get. He admitted he didn’t know HOW we did it…only knew that it worked better than his campaign.

We’ve been managing her campaigns for over 6 months. And all we use is Traffic KickStart to drive down her cost and increase her traffic volume.


If all that sounds impressive to you, i encourage you to check out Traffic KickStart.

It’s a super powerful, super simple, and extremely logical method of traffic generation. It goes against almost EVERYTHING you think you know about Google…

Even my Adwords Rep doesn’t get why it works…she’s impressed with the results all the same.

KickStart makes Adwords much simpler than any traditional PPC training…

And it’s extremely low maintenance.

Works with teeny, tiny budgets (eg, Matt was spending $10/day…Sanjay, another guy we used KickStart with on Bing was spending $5/day and generated 5000 leads!)

How about you? How tiny is your budget?

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or a mathematician to use this method. It’s intuitive and easy.

Even if you’ve been suspended from Google or Bing in the past, we can help you get back on like we’ve already done many times.

Get more info & sign up to KickStart here:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


I Double Dare You!

While in Vegas…

One topic came up more than anything else.

Pattern interrupts.

Basically this is like a jarring effect that takes someone out of the BORING normal routine they’re in … wakes them up … and gets them to pay attention.

I’d like to think i’m kinda good at this.

Every time i do anything, i ask myself how can i stand out and be different?

For example, a few years ago, i was invited to speak at an event in Las Vegas. There were over 1000 people in attendance and my old business partner and i knew this well in advance.

We were up against a gang of big names in the industry, and we may well have been the smallest french fries there.

I had never spoken on stage in front of such a huge attendance before, and it was a little terrifying.

Ahead of the event, i began making plans with my partner.

David, i said, i want everyone at that event on our list, buying our stuff. So we’re going to have to pull out all the stops to get their attention and be different.

Both he and i had a great admiration of Michael Jackson…the epitome of uniqueness. We started watching his concert videos and studying what he did…

We marveled at how he would make the crowd go crazy…the way he built suspense up before he turned up on stage. the guy was a genius.

I said, hey, let’s pick a sound track that builds up tension before we turn up.

Now let me tell you this…none of the other speakers even thought to put music on before they came up to speak. And in later events that were put on, the organisers adopted our method.

We chose Marilyn Manson’s rendition of “Sweet Dreams:”

We began planning every single aspect of our entrance, presentation, and even our break-out session…which ended up being a big party that drew almost everyone away from the other presenters.

We planned what the first slide would be, what our hair would look like, what we would wear…everything.

He and i went to the same hairdresser and asked to have some crazy and extremely memorable hairstyles done. I had some highlights added for extra dramatic effect…and then we picked out our outfits.

Until this day, if i’m going to an event, i get my hair cut the same way because it has become my signature…i’m “the guy with the hair”, even if you don’t know my name.

I chose a black top with an obnoxious giant white tiger on the front with a tail that went across my back.

(Most of the other speakers, on the other hand, chose to wear suits.)

The final piece of our outfit was for us to each wear clear sunglasses…because when you’re cool the sun shines on you 24-hours a day haha.

Fast forward to the day of our presentation.

We printed out 1000 coloured flyers with a picture of a free PDF we’d spent months developing…and the link to optin. My assistant and a few friends helped us put one flyer on every seat.

Next, we went and bought 1000 Sugar Free Red Bull energy drinks and also put one on each seat.

But the most obnoxious and most shocking thing we did…was to hire a couple of promotion models from a Las Vegas modelling agency and had them walk us on stage, as if they were our body guards.

Of all the speakers who spoke that day, ours was the ONLY presentation that had every speaker at the event sitting at the back of the room. And we had a full house.

When we got on stage, we were rockstars. The crowd went WILD.

Then we proceeded to give a killer presentation.

Now here’s the thing about all this…

At one point, during our entrance, at least one woman LEFT THE ROOM…apparently in disgust.

This is what the event organisers had us believe. And the reason they give for censoring our presentation in the recording…which i told them was a HUGE disservice to their students, because they made them miss out on a VERY profitable marketing lesson.

Here’s the thing though…

I remember that one of those women who left the room, later came to me and told me she enjoyed my speech. I’m guessing she returned to the room later, because curiosity got the best of her.

And later, she added me on Facebook and told me she had tremendous respect for me and my work.

But this is not the point of my story.

The point is this…

Even though we upset some people in the audience, what we did was made ourselves MEMORABLE and were the talk of the entire event.

Until this day, i make sales to people who remember our presentation. Some of them, i am certain, at the time were not absolutely thrilled with our entrance.

They thought us to be unprofessional or whatever…

I know this because during that event, we sold a $5,000 in-person group mastermind to over 20 people, most of whom actually didn’t like me and were extremely conservative. But they learned to respect my knowledge, because i know what the eff i’m talking about.

The lesson is this…

Dare to be different and people will be pulled toward you, in spite of themselves.

But also be competent, so you don’t disappoint.

Being unique is an effort i make in every single email i write, every product title i come up with, every product topic, every sales presentation, every landing page, and every ad.

You too should strive to be different. Completely different from everyone else.

If you do this, and you make it a goal in your business, you will never have a problem with traffic…

which is a strange thing to say, i know.

But here’s the secret to getting as much traffic as you want:

You can only get as much traffic as you can convert. And if you can’t convert visitors to buyers, you will always run out of advertising funds and traffic.

Soon i will teach this “being different” stuff to you in a sales communication training i’m preparing over the next few days. But for the moment, i recommend you check out Traffic KickStart if you haven’t already looked at it.

This course will show you a very unique way of generating traffic with Google Adwords, completely different from how most trainers have taught it in the past. Much easier and more profitable.

Plus you’ll get access to a number of very unique landing page design templates that you can customise for your offer.

And you’ll get a set of tried and tested ad formulas that you can swipe and adapt to your business.

AND…if that’s still not enough, i teach you the basis of my conversion technique that actually turned me from just a traffic guy into a traffic guy who converts his traffic to loyals customers and fans.

Check out the training and all the yummy bonuses here:



Jerking Off the Room (Free PDF Download of my Slides)


I’m back! Just landed and rested a few hours after my trip to Vegas. Was awesome meeting those of you who attended.

I think the guys will end up censoring my presentation YET AGAIN. Such squares hehe.

But can you blame them? I started my presentation by suggesting that i’d have to jerk off every guy in the room…(NO HOMO)

It was an obscure reference to a hilarious scene in the finale of Silicon Valley where a bunch of programmers tried to calculate how to efficiently jerk off 800 attendees in only 10 minutes.

If you haven’t seen the show, i HIGHLY recommend it.

Anyway, on to the important stuff.

Although i was asked to talk about how to get Home Business Opportunity leads from Google…my talk was about the big pink elephant in the room…

How to get your BizOp offer on Google in the first place…which if you’ve done any Adwords before, you’ll know is neither obvious nor intuitive.

So for those of you who want to review the presentation (whether or not you attended), i have compiled my notes into a PDF of slides.

These were my original slides, before editing down for time. meaning, this is NOT the exact slides you would have seen if you attended my presentation. But it is pretty much the same content.

The benefit you get with this version of the slides, is that the slides are self-explanatory.

Simply click the download link below and allow your browser to save to your desktop.

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …



See you in Vegas!

So i’m off to vegas in a few hours.

My wife’s packing my bags while i put the finishing touches on my presentation…

And, more importantly, ironing out some bugs in Zyberglass, my cool new website surveillance software.

I look forward to meeting those of you who are joining me at the No Excuses Summit #5. The presentation i’ll be giving is jam-packed full of content and i’m actually trying to figure out how to trim it down to fit the allocated time without losing punch.

But real quick, let me tell you a little more about Zyberglass which has taken ALL my attention lately.

I’ve been using it quite literally to watch people use my website and make changes in real-time as i discover buyer resistance. It’s a very powerful marketing tool that lets you stay on the pulse of your website and make immediate corrections to your marketing.

One of the areas i can’t wait to start using it is in watching how people consume upsell pages.

If you don’t know this already, upsells is where most online businesses make their money. And that’s where most people fail.

Anyway, i also mentioned that i’m opening up a few “beta tester” spots. And thank you to those of you who replied with interest.

I have not made my final decision yet, because well, the software is still a few weeks away from being ready for official testing.

Meanwhile, if you’ll be in Vegas @ No Excuses 5, come have a play with it with me and we’ll have some fun. And make sure you attend my presentation on Google and Pay Per Click traffic, it’s gonna be ace.


 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

I Spy, You Spy


It’s been a while, eh?

You might be one of many who wrote to me wondering if i’d removed them from my newsletter or something.

I didn’t.

What’s been happening though is…well… raising a baby is full of pleasant…and sometimes not so pleasant distractions that end up with you in the emergency room on 4 different occasions in two months.

But that’s not what’s been keeping me from you!

I’ve been working on something really special for you which i just finished today. There’s still some “clean up” to be done, but it’s more or less finished.

And i’m not opening it up right away, because it’s a software tool that needs to be “stress tested” before it’s production ready.

But there’s an opportunity for a few of you to get in on the test.

Here’s the gist of what my tool does.

It’s a website surveillance camera.

I’ve been using it at my own website for a little while to quite literally (and secretly) watch you and other users while you’re browsing important pages on my site, like sales letters, mini-series, blog posts, and lead capture pages.

The idea came to me a long time ago actually..

i mean i drive traffic to all kinds of landing pages and sometimes, even after years of doing traffic, you get your landing page converting at 20% and you’re happy…but then you wonder what happened with the other 8000 visitors who didn’t optin or didn’t buy?

And sure there are plenty of tools like Google Analytics, Crazyegg, clicktale, etc, that try to give you some insight into what’s going on…

but their data is too delayed, too summarised, often inaccurate (as i recently discovered), and very very STATIC.

Sometimes you want to know “What went wrong?”…not just “What went better than what”

So a couple of months ago, i had two different clients i was driving traffic for…

One whose landing page refused to convert a single lead, even after 10 or more landing page variations and two different offers were tested.

The other, whose landing page was sporadically converting ..and i think the conversion average rate was around the 2% mark.

Frustrated, i decided to go ahead and write a tool that does exactly what i want…

Show me a real-time screencast of what happens when visitors visit.

I think it took me a few hours to get a barebones version going.

That day, i watched each user session as it came in. And i saw some very interesting things.

Like, people reading the privacy message just before clicking the submit button on the optin box.

And you can tell they’re reading because they actually move their mouse like a child would use its finger to read.

I watched people stumble over silly things, for example, clicking frantically on the headline at the top of the page, and leaving in frustration without ever realising there was more if they’d just scroll.

Every time i saw something confusing or stumbling my visitors, i immediately fixed it.

By the end of that day, both pages were converting pretty well.

But i didn’t know how well until the next day, when i hit a CONSISTENT 46% optin-rate. A 2,300% boost in conversion with just a few simple tweaks.

Tweaks i would have never thought to make had i not seen with my own eyes what was going on.

that’s just ONE of the many things this tool does.

It also lets you monitor attentiveness and understand which parts of your page are getting skipped and which are being read.

It lets you record sessions and play them back later…or monitor them live as they come in.

And it’s insanely accurate.

I’m quite proud of it.

Does that sound like something you’d benefit from?

Wouldn’t you like to know what’s going on at your site?

Why your clicks don’t translate to leads and sales?

If so, shortly i’ll be opening up a beta test and selecting 10 of my Traffic KickStart students to try this new website surveillance tool for free.

Why only KickStart students?

Because i need people who ACTUALLY get traffic, so i can figure out the load limits of my server before we go to production.

So if you haven’t learned the Traffic KickStart method, what better excuse do you need?

Instant traffic and a pretty nifty way to convert it!

Here’s where you learn KickStart:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

Oh and if you’re already a KickStart member, i’d like to hear from you if your website gets in the vicinity of 10,000 hits a month.

Priority will be given to people who are already generating a reasonable volume of traffic.


Why copywriters make bad christians,muslims, and jews

Is email
marketing all shyt?

Do you
think that?

A friend of
mine recently admitted to me that he thinks email marketing is a bunch of crap.
Not an actual “thing”.

Perhaps I shouldn’t
be so surprised.

After all,
he is a copywriter.

have one of my least favourite professions.

Don’t get
me wrong–many of my friends are copywriters and I respect them and love them
dearly. But the whole concept of a specific combination of magical words that
if placed next to each other can make or break a sale…??

Yah, I don’t
believe it.

Do you?


can create powerful mental images and a person who can communicate better than
another will have an easier time selling things.

But i guess
what I don’t agree with is how these guys obsessively pour over some headline,
trying to insert as many adjectives as possible, and make it drip in tactic…it’s

They act like if that headline isn’t filled with italics, capital letters, bold,
and underlines, on every other word…it’s
gonna bomb.

What a
bunch of fugking idiots.

Oh snap. I really
DO hate copywriters. Who knew!

But I digress.

My friend
proceeded to tell me how he thinks email is not a valuable medium. He thinks email is like the toilet paper of reading. There’s no point trying to
sell in it. And the only thing a marketer should use email for is to drive
people off their email to a blog post or something.

He might
have a point.

But I find that
email marketing is very much like prayer.

And like
prayer, it works for some and doesn’t for others.

Some people, when they need something will pray…even if they aren’t particularly religious…but
they’ll pray REALLY hard and say,

“Please God, please give me this thing”.

they’ll actually get it.

But most times, even if they are extremely genuine in
their prayer, they won’t get it.

My copywriter friend is like that.

He believes
a sale should happen in a single transaction. The sales letter he writes has to
be SUPER slick, super refined, amazing incredible stuff…because he needs to
make the sale cold.

And, by the
by, you’ll notice too that most sales letters open like this:

friend. Hello, my name is so-and-so, I have something to sell, buy it from me.”

I mean, look
a typical sales letter.

You’ll see they
all begin by promising something juicy and exciting…then the very next thing
they do is start introducing themselves.

well, they assume the reader doesn’t know who they are.

And every
single sales presentation they write, they will re-introduce themselves.

On the
other hand, people who do email marketing are like a devout Christian…or Muslim…or

people pray regularly.

Even when they need nothing.

And not every
prayer is a perfect one…sometimes it’s hurried and rushed with very little

But when
they NEED something and ask for it, there’s no guilt or ugly feeling of
hypocrisy. And often they get what they ask for.

marketing is like that…

You’re in
touch with your market regularly.

And not
every single dang email is a piece of copywriting art. Sometimes it’s just an
email to relate some news about your business.

In fact
most of your emails can be pretty shyt and it won’t matter.

But when
you want to sell or launch a product, it’s easy.

You don’t
need special tricks.

You don’t
need to obsess about your headline.

You don’t
have to establish credibility or authority or pump out testimonials.

Heck you
don’t even need a sales letter.

(aside: One
of my best selling product launches sold the product ENTIRELY with a single
email called “Urgent Tuesday News”…sold ~3,000 copies in just days.)

You just say
hey we’ve got a new product, it might help you. Here’s where you can buy it.

And people

So you
might agree with my friend and think Email Marketing ain’t a thing…

But if you
can’t write slick copy and you can’t sell a thing to save your life…you’re
going to waste a LOT of money driving traffic that won’t convert.

Even experts
who obsess over this stuff, in the best case, will sell to 5 people out of every


On the
other hand…

if you do email marketing, it’s NORMAL to see 300 buyers out of every

That’s way more profitable!


I don’t
have an email marketing course for you.

And you don’t
even need one if you have Traffic KickStart.

Because what I’ve done in there is
I’ve shared a nice, super simple formula for writing short 400 – 450 word
emails that sell products to cold traffic…

Usually within
the first 3 emails.

But I want
you to remember something….

marketing is like prayer. It only works if you are regular about it and keep
that relationship open.

So if you
want to learn this simple email sales strategy…you’ll find it included as a very cool
extra in my Traffic KickStart course here:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


Shyt me not, and i’ll tell no lies

This story
is hard to believe.

Even for me.

But every
word of it is true and it really, really did happen. So let me take you back a couple of months to give you some

jump into my time machine.

Not long
ago, I signed on a new client with a very important condition.

“Do you have a programmer and a designer on
your team? Because I don’t want to make any landing pages or have to deal with any
of the sales aspect.

“I JUST want to generate traffic. It’s what I
do best and I’d rather focus on that.”

The client
assured me they had the other stuff covered and we could get started right

Now I was
very excited about starting this project. They had an awesome funnel that would
convert traffic to money right quick.

So I pushed the project along. And we met
briefly so I could explain what I needed to happen on their landing page before
I could begin driving traffic.

The client
was responsive, and he added his staff and myself to a project so we’d have
an open channel of communication.

soon, they built the first version of the landing page.

EVERYTHING was wrong.

It had NONE
of the things I talked about, and everything I warned should NOT be there.

So I wrote out
one of those emails I’m famous for…which praise your work and then say there’s
a few changes I need done…

And then
there’s 3 pages of instructions telling you how to completely change the whole
thing because it’s total absolute fugking rubbish.

week later, they had a new page up.

But it
still had all the things I said not to have. And the programmer worked freaking
slow. There were 4 people working on this thing…and I’ve singlehandedly built
such landing pages in hours without a designer, programmer, copywriter, or any gnarly

To speed
things along, I decided to jump in myself and make the necessary changes.

I wish I hadn’t
gone in there.

What I found
was a total MESS.

They were using a “shortcut tool” that was meant to make
producing such landing pages simple…

It did not.

It made
them messy and I had to spend a pile of time fighting the tool to make it do
what I wanted.

Two hours
later, we had a landing page ready to go.

It was
their turn this time.

“Jim, this button isn’t centered properly on
the page…it’s leaning to the right.”


But it was sitting on a line with other text that had to be
shifted right to keep focus on the button.

No sooner
did they say that, then their idiot programmer jumped in there to make the


Frustrated, I told the
guy to stop fugking with the page and fixed it myself. Took me another 4 hours
to undo his mess.

That same
day, I started the ad campaign.

That same day
we got traffic and sales quite profitably.


At this
point, I decided I’d redesign the entire page myself and build it from scratch.
The old one was UGLY as sin, wasn’t responsive on mobile, and totally sucked
butt. It looked like something my uncle’s pet goat wiped its butt with.

So 24 hours
later, I had a BEAUTIFUL version of the page…

It was
almost identical in its content and structure…but far prettier and much more impressive.

There was a
colour scheme, everything was coordinated nicely, there was javascript-based
animations…It looked good no matter your screen size, I even hand-drew images

The works.

And I thought to myself quite proudly, SURELY if the ugly page designed by their shyt programmer was converting…then
my professionally designed version would do even better.

After showing the
client my version, i told him to fire that fugkin arsehole poser programmer and
find a new one.


Lead flow
dropped to almost NIL.


Surely I’d
screwed something up in the campaign.

I went in
and made changes to the campaign and tried again.

conversions were wiped out. Nothing!


Alright, I decided.
Let’s alternate the two versions of the landing page. The ugly old version vs
my pretty new version, maybe by some chance there’s an issue with MY page.

24-hours later, the results were in.

I couldn’t
believe my eyes.

The ugly
old page was outperforming and outselling the new one by a CRAZY margin.

It made
absolutely NO SENSE.

I mean, if
you had a slightly smaller screen than what the page was designed on, the
entire layout would fall apart. Text would get chopped. Elements would overlap.
It would be a total disaster.

Can you imagine what it would look like on a mobile device?

Hey and I was
driving traffic from mobile like crazy!

But there
it was in black and white.

The old ugly page was outperforming my new pretty
page by a RIDICULOUS margin.

For the
next few days, I experimented further with getting my page to be a closer match
in content and structure, while retaining the responsive design I’d done.

And in
every test I tried, the old page killed my new page.

In the end,
i had to fold and shamefully admit that the ugly page designed and hacked together
by an amateur programmer, the one with no colour scheme, mismatched colours, gory
buttons that broke into two lines…the page that was literally unreadable on a mobile device…

…converts better.

Better than
the professionally designed one I’d put so much thought into colour coordinating
and into designing its responsiveness.

Better than the page that you could actually read and use if you arrived from a mobile ad.

explanation do I have?


I can’t
make sense of it.

I just have to accept it.

And when
you’re marketing online, that can often be the case.

ugly outperforms pretty.

pretty outperforms ugly.

There’s no
way to know for sure….you just have to test.

But here’s
the kick in the throat.

If you don’t
have traffic flowing consistently, there will be nothing to test. No results to
report. No way to know what works and what doesn’t.

You just
have to keep guessing and losing.

with most traffic sources online, you’re going to get very intermittent traffic
in small quantity.

It’s never consistent enough to run any real tests or get
conclusive results.

But if you
use my KickStart method, getting traffic is just something you switch on and
leave alone.

You can go focus on turning the traffic into money…instead of on generating the traffic.

That’s the
fun stuff.

The stuff
that gives you entertaining adventures like mine.

Don’t you
think that would be more fun?

you like to tell a story like this one day?

Surely it’s
more fun than sitting on your hands waiting for traffic from Facebook, SEO, blogs, and


Check out
Traffic KickStart today. It turns ON your traffic.

Read more

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


DON’T Be Like Me – if you’ve never sold anything online!

I’m going
to make this quick.

But it won’t
be any less valuable…see, I’ve been going through a similar exercise myself
lately as I kick off two new client campaigns.

So a couple
of days ago, I’m on the phone with one of my student.

We were editing
her sales presentation–which she modeled after one of mine.

When we
reached the “Risk Reversal” section, she asked,

“Jim, I wasn’t sure about this. But I don’t
want to have to deal with the administrative hassles of refunds so I decided to
NOT offer any refund. Is that a good idea?”

My answer
might come as a bit of a surprise to you.

probably noticed, I don’t tend to follow standard convention in my marketing.

And that’s
not always a great idea for YOU, especially if you’re just starting out. Innovating
without knowledge and experience rarely ever makes for any kind of success.

Now the
standard online is to offer unconditional 100% money back guarantees on
info-products…But I don’t follow that standard and almost always make my
products with an “all sales are final” clause.

reasoning is sound.

But I told
the student NOT to do the same as me.


Because I often
do things as a personal choice, knowing full well that I will REDUCE sales and get
less response.

The trade-off
is one I’m willing to live with.

I also use
higher than “acceptable” price-points intentionally.

I don’t
offer installment plans to make it easier to buy…

And I don’t
care for continuity offers.

All of
these things, I’ve been advised against doing by sales experts. And if I were a
conventional marketer, I would heed their advice and increase my sales

But I don’t
want to.

I place far
too much value on my traffic training to allow it to be lumped into the same crap
that the online marketing community peddle. And I rather have a small but loyal
student and client-base that values what I do.

I have that

Mainly because
I’m damn good at what I do and I know any value I portray by doing these things…well
it’s REAL.

On the
other hand, if you’re just getting started selling online, you want to do
EVERYTHING in your power to get your first handful of sales.

risk-reversal is HUGE. Offer trials, money-back guarantees, and even VERY low
price points…these things will help you get those first few sales.

So I told
her DON’T do what I do…

I suggested
she even go so far as to create a “get my product free, just pay for shipping”
kind of offer.

extreme, yah?

But there’s
a logical and perfectly sound explanation for this.

This girl
has never sold a thing online before.

And we want
to eliminate as many as we can of the common reasons that people don’t buy. If
the sales presentation fails, we don’t want it to be because the price is seen
as too expensive…or because prospects don’t trust that the product will work.

If we
eliminate these factors and the presentation still fails to sell, we’ll know
the problem is with the offer to audience match.

But if we
make just one sale (and I expect by making these changes we will), then we have
a baseline to work from.

sucks more than testing one failure against another.

But if you
can establish a small success first as a baseline…Then any changes you test after
that will tell you immediately if that change was helpful or harmful to your
bottom line.

I follow
this rule quite religiously in my own work, before I start innovating.

I always
start with established truths and if they work, I innovate and test.

Like I said
earlier, I’m doing this right now. I’ve recently started two new client
campaigns in which I’ve been trying new landing page styles.

In one
test, I’m trying a nearly identical copy of a landing page format suggested by
Russell Brunson–a guy who tests EXTENSIVELY.

Doing this allows
me to establish a baseline of success from which to model future tests on.

My final
landing page for this offer will probably look nothing like the original I started
with…but I always start from somewhere that works.

And that’s
why in Traffic KickStart, I included for you SEVERAL of my best performing
landing pages as templates to test your traffic on.

So you can
have a baseline of success to start from.

I’ve also
included a number of Ad Writing templates…which are basically formulas that I now
model all my ads on. These formulas have proven to be extremely effective and
will suit physical products, services, info products, and even bizops.

Using these
templates in no way guarantees you’ll get incredible conversions like we did
with them.

But it
increases your chances of converting traffic to leads and sales significantly.

Once you
have that baseline, you can test small changes and see what improves and what
hurts response.

So if you
haven’t checked out Traffic KickStart yet, then I hope you’ll consider it. I’d
love to support you in any way I can–and you can use our KickStart student
forum to ask me for help if you get stuck on anything.

You can
read more on Traffic KickStart here:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


The Boobies Won’t Give Milk & the Adwords Rep who destroyed my traffic


I’ve really
started to hate getting my hair cut.

My stylist is
an idiot. Every time I go, he has some useless advice to give…and he’s
relentless. Has ideas about where I should live, what I should do with my work,
when I should take a holiday.

The worst is…

fail, every time I visit, he tells me I’ve gained weight.

It’s gotten
to the point I won’t cut my hair for two months just to avoid the annoying

Yesterday, i
finally went in for a haircut.

“Has your wife given birth yet?” he asked.

Yes. She

“Who have you got over to help out?”


Mind you, I’ve
told him this every time for the last 3 visits. And each time, we have the same

“Oh but you need to have her mother or yours
over to help.”

She doesn’t
want anyone to help. We’re fine on our own. I’m helping her and we haven’t
killed the baby yet.

“But there’s certain things that you need a
lady for. Stuff you won’t be able to help with. Like how to bathe the baby…how
to hold it…”

No we found
out how to do that on our own. We’re good.

conversation continued.

He went on
to try to convince me that I need to fly my wife back home and let her stay
with her family for a while. And shouldn’t I have let her give birth back home?
It would have been cheaper.

The hair
dress isn’t the only one.

Plenty of
people have been insisting that we need a relative to come and help us out.

But what
does this all have to do with you?

Well, in
your business, you often find yourself in need of help. And there is never a
shortage of self appointed advisors to tell you how

you’re doing it all wrong.

Mostly these
advisors are not experts and they have no business giving any kind of financial
or business related advice.

In fact,
listening to them could do more harm than good.

Take this
example for instance…

after my wife gave birth, she had some trouble nursing on one side. That side became
rock-hard and swollen, painful to the point she couldn’t sleep.

there was a milk-duct blockage.

A bunch of
relatives suggested home remedies to get the milk flowing. The most popular
advise was to use a heatpad.

We didn’t

I told my
wife to send an SMS to her doctor and ask her what to do.

The doctor said
go right to the emergency room.

When we got
there, a nurse gave similar advice. Use a heatpad.

But when the
ER doctor arrived, she said the WORST POSSIBLE THING YOU CAN DO is to use heat.

it increases milk flow and agitates swelling and pain.

Instead, we
should be using COLD water and gently massaging the area to encourage the milk
to flow. There was a problem for which she prescribed the use of a simple piece
of nursing hardware.

She demonstrated
to my wife how to get the milk out and sent us on our way.

Now can you
imagine if we had a relative staying with us…

Someone with
supposed experience…

They would
have made our problem WORSE instead of helping.

And that’s
what my wife said to me.

I don’t
want anyone here to help. They might be able to help for a month or two or
three…but they’re not going to raise my baby for me.

And if ever
there was a REAL problem…it’s going to need a medical professional’s help. Not old
wive’s tales.

I wish more
people marketing online would think this way.

There’s a
shytload of misinformation lying around in the message boards and forums for
free. Lots of blind to lead the blind.

And there’s
no shortage of self-appointed experts offering to take care of your traffic for

But often
that stuff will do you more harm than good.

For one, do
you really want to rely on someone else to steer your business for you forever?

Or would
you rather learn to do it yourself and be self-reliant?

And do you
really know who you’re taking advice from when you get your free advice on
forums and free pdfs?

I do.

mostly people who don’t have traffic or results…trying wrongly to make a buck
online. They’re people worse off than you are.

I mean,
just because it’s published online doesn’t mean it’s been validated or verified
for correctness.

In fact,
even “experts” get it wrong many times.

Like the
Google Rep who a few weeks ago reviewed a profiting ad campaign for me…who
after making changes to my campaign…DESTROYED IT COMPLETELY.


If you
really want to “raise” your business into a profiting cashcow, learn to do it
yourself. And when you want advice, get it from a professional who actually makes
money from DOING IT…not from advising on it.

But all the
same, be prepared to question their advice…and see if it makes sense to you.

Now, I am
such an expert who does traffic for a living.

That’s my
area of expertise and it’s what I do day in and day out and it’s what I’ve done
for over 7 years. I do it professionally and I do it for clients who pay me
good money to manage their traffic.

But I won’t
take just anyone on as a client.

And if I ever
do take you on, I will ask you for half your profit and make you pay for all
the advertising expenses.

Which is
why I created the Traffic KickStart course.

Because for
the 99% of my subscribers who can’t afford my rates…it’s the only feasible way
to benefit from my experience in traffic generation.

I teach you
my method in its most basic form. So that it’s easy for you to follow and to
get started driving traffic within MINUTES.

After you’ve
got the ball rolling, and traffic is coming in, it’s your turn to start
figuring things out. Like how to sell your stuff to the traffic you generate.
And for that, I’ve hooked you up with a number of free resources in the
KickStart members area.

Tried &
Tested Landing pages to convert your traffic to leads.

An email
writing formula to convert your traffic to buyers within 1-3 email followups.

A traffic
calculator that helps you work out your sales goals and how to reach them.

And a
support forum where you can ask me questions and get ongoing help.

Plus a
whole bunch much more.

Does that
sounds good?

Ok well
then check out Traffic KickStart here…

Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

And I’ll
see you in our members forum!


Serious talk

let’s talk.

There’s many problems with the home based entrepreneur. But the worst, by far, is his
laziness and total obliviousness to reality.

Here’s what
I mean…

The other
day I was talking with a coaching client who said something I’ve heard
countless times from many students.

“I think this audience just want a Home
Business opportunity that’s real”.

So I had to

“What is REAL to you? What is legit?”

The student
was taken by surprise and could not answer.

See, what is real
is not very sellable.

Like if
anyone tells you that you can build a worthwhile income online without learning
any skills, they’re LYING.

Or that you
can do it without spending any money… they’re LYING.

Or that you
can do it without working hard… they’re LYING.

But can you
imagine anyone selling a damn thing if they told you that you can make little
to no money, for up to 5 years….and you’ll have to spend a small fortune…and
spend every waking minute working on your business…

And then
maybe, if you’re lucky, you might start having a trickle of income?

Do you think
anyone can sell that to you?


But that’s what’s

interesting though, is that one can make the time, effort, and financial
investment “smaller”.

problem we have is that if you go online and start looking for ways to make
money from the internet, you’re going to be presented with a variety of “opportunities”
that all boil down to some type of affiliate marketing.

someone else’s existing product or sales process…

And sending
traffic into it.

This is

I mean,
half the time it’s a product you couldn’t care less about. Certainly nothing
that gets you excited…

And even if
it did get you excited, it’s not exactly the most gratifying kind of work to “just
drive traffic into it”.

The only
thing that would be more fun is DYING.

And let me tell you something else…

If by now
you haven’t found a BizOp or system that’s making you gangs of money in your underpants, then it’s
very unlikely that’s ever going to happen for you.

If I were
you and had no interest in gaining any new skills, investing any money, or in
working very hard with very little financial reward…

I’d throw
in the towel.

Give up

Cut your
losses. Chalk it up as a fail and get on with your life.

There’s no
point sitting on pause while you wait for that big opportunity to finally land
in your lap and make you gazillions of dollars.


Yeah. I

So what’s
the alternative if you’re not ready to give up?

looking for online BizOps and affiliate systems and start building an idea of
your own.

Look at the
areas you already have skills and knowledge in, and build a business around that
knowledge. The internet is filled with tools and websites that can help you
monetize ANY skill you have.

Like for
example, there’s Google Helpouts.

A friend of
mine is great with guitar…he got excited when I showed him the site, because he ealised he could teach guitar live and charge a per minute rate for

ebay for anyone who can get goods from overseas for

Amazon for anyone who wants to write books and make money selling them.

eLance, and Fiverr for freelancers to monetize just about any skills.

The other
day, I got an email from Fiverr showcasing a girl who had done 10 THOUSAND “voice over” gigs
to date.

Freaking VOICE OVER is a job people pay for online. Her work on Fiverr ended up getting her radio and acting gigs.

And don’t snub your nose at Fiverr–there’s a LOT of money to be made

My point
is, the internet isn’t JUST affiliate programs and traffic. There’s much more
fun and far more lucrative ways to make money from home.

Not all of
them have to be leveraged, make money in your sleep type of deals.

Some people
got no problem trading hours for dollars–especially if they can do it from the comfort of
their home and choose their hours.

If you’re clever and do quality work, you’d build up a
reputation quickly and soon be able to hire your own employees or turn your idea into an incredibly lucrative business or franchise.

There’s so
many kinds of businesses you can run online too…

Audio Transcription,
research, writing, social media management, affiliate management, website
development, virtual assistants, voice overs, modelling…

The list
goes on.

something out there to suit EVERYONE’s tastes. If you’d look instead of
chasing these fruitless, BORING affiliate opportunities.

So i hope you’ll take this advice seriously and go seek new legitimate opportunity online.

Good luck!


 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

dis is how we ROLL on Adwords


This client
was banned a few years ago from Google Adwords traffic.

And then on
a recent call with my Ad Rep, when I showed her the new landing page I designed
for them, she said …and I quote…

“This is A

She praised
it to no end, and told me it was extremely clear in detailing the offer and the
nature of the business.

It was
gratifying to hear a representative of the most elite advertising network
online say that about my work.

A little background…

This is an
old client I’ve recently taken back on.

A few years
ago, we profitably spent thousands of dollars a month on Google traffic. And
this client’s average customer value, at the time, was over $1,000 per
customer. So no matter how much we spent on traffic, we had room to spend more.

Over the
span of a single year, I built a list for this client of over 100,000 leads…many
of whom turned into loyal repeat customers.

But back in
2010, this client was forcefully removed from Google’s ad program and told
never to advertise there again.

attempts to get back in Google’s good graces were futile.

For the
past four years, the one thing that has allowed this business to survive and
thrive was their giant list of prospects that we had gathered from Google’s
traffic all those years before.

Now let me
ask you something…

With all
the traffic methods available out there, you’d think a big company like my
client…one with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, thousands of affiliates,
and a decent team of expert employees…

They wouldn’t
care about ONE silly little ad network so much.

Or would

Actually, they

Here’s why…

If you put
all the advertising methods together, PPV, SEO, Social, or whatever… they
wouldn’t even cast a shadow on Google traffic.

none will give you anywhere near the same reach to billions of people all over
the world, using a variety of devices, and show your ad on the multiple
millions of websites as Google would.

None is as scalable
or as targeted as Google’s Adwords traffic.

And that’s why, even after years of pissing around with second-tier advertising methods, this client
and many more have sought me out…


To help
them back onto Google.

And of
course they would come to me.

I’m the only
marketer in the home business community who has continued to sharpen his skills
with Adwords for the past 7 years, building my business almost EXCLUSIVELY on
its traffic…

…even when
everyone else had moved on.

Even the foremost expert, the legacy “godfather” of Adwords years ago jumped ship and moved onto training people on Facebook like it’s the second coming.

It’s not.

My client is advertising on Facebook, but still wants Adwords.

I didn’t jump ship though.

I’ve kept up
with all the latest changes and improvements.

intimately familiar with all Adwords regulations and policies.

And I get

You might
be wondering, what has allowed me to survive all these years on Google when no
one else has?

My secret

KickStart method, which I’ve detailed in full in the online training video
Traffic KickStart.

I’ve even
included sample landing pages, ya know, the kind that Adwords Reps have called “Model
Landing Pages”.

In fact,
not only do I currently generate leads with the KickStart method…but with this
client, we’re driving traffic to a sales page where we’re producing profitable continuity
sales in some target groups for around $2!


So I know,
there’s a lot of people out there who think Google won’t work for them. Or that
it’s too hard to bother with…

But ya know

can make Google Adwords work for you…and it makes it simple.

whatever the obstacles, the traffic you get, it’s worth it. Just ask my clients
who keep coming back for more.

Read more
about KickStart here…

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


FINAL Warning!

Page May Have Missing Text

The final countdown to our Audience Building training begins.

And there’s only FOUR hours to get in free.

Everyone who’s enrolled and has been through the bonus PDFs is excited and chomping at the bits with anticipation. So am i!

If you haven’t enrolled, then you also haven’t got the bonus PDFs…

And you’re probably never going to learn about how to build an audience online for free. Too bad, you’ve had all week to make a move.

So, this is your final warning.

In four hours time, if you miss this and decide you want the training later…well, you’re gonna have to pay for it like everyone else.

if you don’t want that to happen, reserve your seat real quick here:

Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free

hair more I’ve.

here …

See you on the live call!




So things
have been a bit crazy here.

On Thursday
we welcomed our latest and tiniest member into the YaghiLabs family…Baby Adam.

His arrival
coincided with our promo schedule so I wasn’t able to say much about the
experience of becoming a father.

But let me
tell you this…

three times in my life when I was brought closer to God.

The first
was a few years ago, when I lost my first multi-million dollar business to a
bad partnership. When all hope was lost, it was my faith that got me through
the bad times and back on my feet again.

The second
was when I got married…Marriage is stressful. Nuff said.

And the
third was five days ago when my son breathed his first breath.

his birth and being around for the aftermath taught me many great marketing
lessons I will share with you, in time.

But for
now, this all sounds super serious. So let me lighten the mood a little.

After 10
hours of waiting in the delivery room, the doctor walks in and says,

It’s time. I’m just going to pray then we’re gonna get this boy outta there.
Let’s do this quick so I can be done in time for dinner.”

later, she returns.

“OK, Aya. I want you to do 2-3 solid pushes
and we’ll be done with this. You ready?”

fifteen minutes later, a blood spotted child lands on his mother’s chest.

I’m not
gonna lie.

I started
to cry.

And I
probably would have continued, had it not been for a brief instant when I
realized there were five women in the room with me.

Not one with a tear in her

Not even
Aya, who’d spent the last 15 mins bravely pushing a child out of her

And there it went.

The moment
was lost forever.

For the
next 30 mins, the nurses and cleaning staff buzzed around me cleaning up and I
was feeling a little puzzled.

There was no
“profound moment” like everyone said there should be.

Adam never
grabbed my finger and rocked my world like in the movies.

I felt

I sat
around waiting for the moment to hit…but it never came.

Over the
next couple of sleepless days and nights in the hospital room I shared with Aya
and our son, you could catch me staring at the sleeping child.

With one thought repeating in my head…

“Is this really mine? My flesh and blood? A
hybrid clone of me and his mother?”

That’s as
close as I got to a “moment”.


I can’t say
I wasn’t disappointed. I was. I thought surely I’d screwed something up or
something had to be wrong with me.

Who knows.

But over
the last couple of days, I’ve spent a great deal of time getting to know my
son. And I have seen more miracles happen in these days than I care to count.

And i know now that there’s
nothing I wouldn’t do for him.

If you’re a
parent too, the good news is…

I think I finally understand you.

I understand your concerns over
your family and being able to provide for them and protect them and keep them
safe from all harm.

understand your sense of responsibility.

And I
understand why you want a financial solution with PERMANENCE.

when it comes to your children, there’s nothing on this earth you wouldn’t do
to protect them and give them a wonderful life.

So what’s
the marketing lesson in all this?

Like I
said, there were many. But this is probably the most important…

Often the
big moments in your business don’t feel like big moments at all. The stars may
not collide in the sky, and the fairy dust may not ooze out of everything you

It’s still
a big moment.

it’s a turning point you can’t come back from. You can’t undo. You can’t

And that’s
exactly the way I felt about Google Adwords ~7+ years ago when I used it to
generate my first online sale ever.

Sure, it’s
not as profound as having a baby. But it was a MAJOR turning point that changed
my entire life, my career, and my outlook.

tried all sorts of traffic techniques before it. Many of
them produced a small amount of lead flow…

But the
FIRST TIME I ever had a sale as a direct result of advertising was when I used
Google Adwords.

And my life hasn’t been the same since.

Oh, that first sale wasn’t anything to write home about. Just $20 lol…

colliding stars. No fairy dust.

But in a
few short months, I was producing around 20,000 dollars a month in commissions.

All from ONE small new thing i tried.

that happened to you…can you ever come back from that?

Would you
even think of using any other traffic source?

Let me put
it another way…

If you’re a
father or mother, can you turn away from it and stop?

I don’t
think so.

That’s why I
want you to take a serious look at the Traffic KickStart training. I haven’t
been featuring it much lately, but it’s a revolutionary training about the only traffic
method that has ever produced consistent revenue for me.

I owe it my

I’m passionate about it and believe in it with all my heart.

hundreds of students who’ve learned my special way of doing it have experienced a “turning
point” in their business too.

Maybe it’s your turn?

Read more
about KickStart here:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


No traffic or copywriting skills, and STILL getting away with it

Before I get
to the juicy part, let me remind you once more…

There’s only
24-HOURS LEFT to register for the Audience Building webinar with Danny Iny.

After that
you won’t be able to get the training for free. So if you’re planning to be
there and haven’t registered yet, here’s the FREE registration link:


If you
still haven’t made up your mind to attend this free training (what’s wrong with
you!?)…well read on…

Chances are, you’ve been at this online business thing for a while.

And if there’s one thing you’ve come to realise it’s that starting
a lucrative and profitable online business is neither easy nor free.

Also, it’s
not exactly fun.

In fact, 97%
of you (by my estimate) have failed to produce ANY measurable income online.
And the unemployment lines are full of people just like you who’ve tried and
failed miserably…after having exhausted all their savings.


Most of you
sell Affiliate marketing and bizops …

These are hard
to match up with any strong sense of passion.

Passion is what makes an activity
enjoyable, even if it’s REALLY tough. And business IS tough, contrary to popular belief.

But passion turns it into a labour of love.

Now I’ve seen
how many hopeful entrepreneurs take yourselves WAY too seriously.

It seems through in all their marketing.

They spend so
much time nitpicking on little things that don’t even matter, all the while impatient,
and irate…

…and in the
meantime, they completely ignore the stuff that’s actually the real secret
sauce to success.

Stuff that,
I dunno, you probably think sounds irrelevant or unnecessary or something.

But here’s
something you may not realize…

Really successful online entrepreneurs are often neither good at traffic nor
copywriting. They’re actually AWFUL at both.

In fact, I count myself as one of
the people who’s not great at copywriting (though thankfully I’m great at

Long ago, I
gave up trying to follow all those pesky copywriting and sales rules. Instead, I
chose to focus on the things I’m good at that give me joy.

And it’s paid off.

In fact, many people write to me praising my “copywriting”, although i think it’s undeserved praise.

Don’t get
me wrong, I’m not saying YOUR problem is necessarily with your affiliate
marketing system or bizop choice.

It’s just
that you need to find passion and joy in selling them…they are, after all, VERY BORING.

When you
do, you will slowly but surely build up an “Audience”.

An audience
is more than a bunch of breathless, robotic leads and numbers on a screen.

real humans who KNOW you and want to be close to you.

Regardless if you’re good or
bad, competent or incompetent. They care about YOU.

Which is
why I want EVERYONE subscribed to my newsletter to join us on Monday’s webinar
with Danny.

I want you to learn this.

Danny has an
actual “nuts and bolts” system that he’ll be walking us through in detail, with
real examples and case studies…

A system that helps you
FIND your passion and makes you SHINE in your market, build a raving fan base
of customers and followers, regardless of your skills or lack of them.

And his system
works if you sell info products, books, coaching, consulting, affiliate products,
or bizops.

I want you to go check out the level of detail that Danny gets into.

Just to prove it to you, we’ve decided to include 3 awesome
bonuses when you sign up for Monday’s class.

#1. The Passionate, Purposeful, and
Prosperous Workbook. It captures the core insights on the training and ends
with an actionable blueprint you can follow in building your business this year
(without changing your business, target market, or products).

#2. The Online Business Technologies Map…

#3. …and A Technologies Checklist to go with

Both of
these show you exactly which technologies you’re going to need in building your online business

…when you’re
going to need them,

…and what they’re actually for (and how much they cost,


bonuses inside a free training?


The internet
is soaked full of “free” webinars which are really just a pitch-fest with very
little usable content.

But this webinar is not like that.

Between its
bonuses and the core training on Monday, you’ll see just why I worked so hard
and waited so long to have Danny hold this webinar for my list.

So, reserve
your spot and download those bonuses here before it’s too late:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


In hospital, big mistake

I’m writing
to you from the hospital.

So please
forgive any typos I may miss in my haste. Sure I run a home-business and yes there
is a live internet connection here…

But there
are times when it’s kind of inappropriate to work.

Like the
birth of your first son.

I think
that counts yah?

Luckily, the
wife’s finally asleep and I took the chance to write you a quick and URGENT reminder
that our Audience Building workshop with Danny Iny is only TWO days away –

…and if you’re
not registered yet, I won’t even try to pretend to understand.

It’s free
and yet extremely detailed and specific.

Here’s the
link for more info if you missed the emails about it:


On a slightly
different note…

I noticed
some of you don’t read my emails for a few days after they’re sent. Which is actually
kind of cool and flattering, because it means no matter how old the news or how
busy you get, you want to hear my insights.

example, Kim Willis, who is an old bud and previous client of YaghiLabs…

He wrote me
just today about the “Do you hate your market” email from a few days back. He
liked the advice, but was questioning the wisdom of how I recommend that
Affiliate Marketers try to find a way to be unique from other affiliates so they
can get traffic and make sales more easily.

When I told
him it was necessary to do this if you want Google or Bing traffic, he

“Yeah makes
sense. (Although Bing is giving me BizOp traffic with no problems”.


But that
was only ONE of the reasons why.

See, this
is a DEADLY, short-sighted mistake to make.

I’ve seen
it happen enough to know what I’m talking about…HUGELY successful businesses have
been destroyed in every niche in the blink of an eye.

Because they
weren’t built for longevity, but produced for a little while.

It was
actually the first big lesson I learned online. Going from ~$20,000/month in
affiliate commissions to ZERO…not earning a single buck for a year…it’s enough
to scare you straight.

people just like you, Kim, or 25-year-old me… set up their business on a
platform like Bing, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube…

Or they get
all their traffic from PPC or SEO…

Or all
their sales depend on selling someone else’s product…

And then…
all it takes to cut you off at the knees, is one algorithm change, one
compensation plan change, or a small legislation change…and you’re TOAST!

Dead in the
water. Wondering how on earth your entire source of new customers just dried

This is
called “Digital Sharecropping”.

It’s what
happens when you do all your work on someone else’s asset, or with an
environment or site that you can’t control.

business can be dead in a heartbeat, without warning, any minute.

I’ve seen
this happen so many times it’s not funny. And I’m not just talking about the
Google Slap. I saw it in online marketing systems like CCPro/WMI, and I saw it kill
my friend’s easy 200k weight loss business that completely relied on SEO for

Because it’s
easy to think success is forever when you find it.

I was actually
talking about this with Danny Iny recently. And he had some interesting
thoughts on it.

You can ask
him yourself on our Monday training if you want.

Since you
can’t build a business without using shared assets like YouTube, Bing, Amazon,
or Facebook, the only way to avoid the risk of using those assets is to use
them smartly.

Danny’s going
to share with us a plan to follow to immunize your business from technology
changes. A plan not only proven (from his hundreds of successful students), but
is also totally platform-proof; so if Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter all
decide to shut down your accounts…

prospects, your customers, and your sales will still keep flowing naturally and

But in my
opinion, the most important thing about this plan…is you build a business with
high intrinsic value.

Anyway, all
that on Monday’s call @ 10am PST / 1pm EST. Two days away.

It’s 90
mins of content.

It’s free
and we’ll all have fun and learn plenty.

Here’s the
registration link to hold your seat and read more about what’s going on:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


12 MONTHS – wtf?

Boys and

getting close to crunch time on the Free 90min Audience Building training with

And I, for one, cannot wait.

It’s been MONTHS in the works and it’s
finally almost here.

days to go.

(Still haven’t
caught up? This is what I’m talking about here http://jimyaghi.com/iny

Something I
LOVE about Danny is that everything he does, is about giving value up-front. From the moment you find him, he starts feeding you.

the little story I told you about how I came to find him, and the one simple
money-making tip I took, from his freakin’ “Thank You page” of all places?

Well, if
that didn’t impress you, first of all, you’re one JADED mofo. Lol seriously.

But maybe
this will–

An email I got from one of your fellow subscribers, just hours after she
reserved her spot on the free training:

“Jim; You are fantastic. Thank you so much
for arranging this. Just from signing up I’ve already gained a lot of value
from Danny – can’t wait for Monday!” – Heather Craik

How awesome
is that?

I told you
Danny is different. Everything he does goes against the norms and “standards”
you might be used to in this industry.

It’s a refreshing change.

On Monday, Danny’s
going to give us, among other things, a 4 step process you shall repeat for the
next 12 months to create a raving fan-base that buys over $250k of your stuff.

Before you
say anything…

I know 12
WHOLE MONTHS sounds like a boring arse long time….and 250k, pshhh
half the gooroos you know make that as a daily income.


realistically speaking, if you didn’t make 250k last year, you won’t this year
either… unless you do something different.

And if you’re
still not sure you’re going to learn anything that you don’t already know… the following comments may change your mind.

These come from
people only moments after attending the same training you’re gonna get…

“YES! I really appreciate this
nuts-and-bolts level information!” –Felicity F. (Portland, OR)

“It’s obvious that I’ve been doing it
the wrong way – so this is a breath of fresh air” –Dianne D. (BC, Canada)

“REALLY appreciate what you’ve shared. Many
helpful ideas I can take and use. Amazing that you share so much” –Linda
W. (St. Paul, MN)

“OMG yes… more than I have paid
hundreds in coaching for this year” –Kathy D. (Palo Alto, CA)

“I’ve learned more in the last 51
minutes than in weeks/months of research” –Linda K. (Austin, TX)

The last two
crack me up…

Cause most of you have been “researching” for YEARS and no one has
ever told you any of this stuff…

…and many of you have spent THOUSANDS on
coaching this year and still haven’t learned any of this free stuff!

So if you’re
not registered, you’re going to KICK yourself when you miss it.

there will be no recording.

Although, I
am told there may be a live replay at other times for people in uncomfortable time
zones. But you still have to register at the link below to get the chance to
choose a more suitable time).

The live, FREE
class happens on
Monday @ 10am PST/ 1pm EST.

Read more about
what’s on the training and reserve your seat free, only here:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


Details on CASTRATING your competition & charging more


Yesterday I
promised you more details. And today you’ll get them.


Yah. We’re
talking about the Free Training Webinar I started arranging for you earlier
this year. The purpose of which is to help you find your business’ “Uniqueness”.
The stuff that excites YOU and excites your customers.

I told you
about it yesterday, remember?

The webinar
is on Monday @ 10am PST/1pm EST. And it’s totally FREE.

this is a BIG but…

You have to
register now and make sure you attend live. I’ll explain why in a sec.

First, here’s the registration


It has
taken me months to schedule this training with Danny for you. He’s a busy guy
and he spends an INSANE amount of time with his students…and responds to EVERY

Which to me
is crazy.

But look,
he’s THE expert on audience building. And I, the master of traffic, am a student of

He has an amazing system that I’ve watched him demonstrate on a similar
training which helped me and will help you find YOUR “Sweet Spot”.

The special
place where your business can live and have virtually no competition.

Where you can
charge whatever prices you like, do business on your own terms, and sell to customers who RAVE about you…

Literally castrate the competition, they will be impotent against you.

bob will be your uncle, my friend!


So here’s
some of what’s in this class, which happens in JUST 5 more days (I can’t wait!):

* A step-by-step blueprint you can use right away to grow your website audience
and income to 6 figures or more

(Danny used
the same approach to go from nothing to a following of thousands upon thousands of blog subscribers
who buy rabidly…in less than 3 years)

* The most powerful traffic strategy that *real* experts use, but aren’t teaching.

actually guilty of this–only because I’ve failed to systematize it for you.
But Danny got this nut cracked and will show you how it’s done)

* The number 1 ingredient you’re MISSING in your business, but it’s the only safe
strategy worth using to win today’s tech-savvy, skeptical customer.

* The surprising and totally legit way to achieve more by doing much *less* work

will tell you just the opposite of this advice, but they’re wrong…I know 🙂

* The two most important metrics for anyone online to track

*neither* of them is traffic. Don’t
believe SEOists, you’re gonna want to think bigger picture here).

* A simple and fun strategy to *realistically* replace a full-time income in the
next 12 months…and you will NEVER ever have to stress about traffic. It’s
irrelevant in this model.

One more
thing–Danny doesn’t believe in paid traffic. Thinks it sucks to pay for it when
you can get it free his way.

I might disagree
with him on this, but can’t argue with his results.

As you can
see, this isn’t just any old “free training webinar”.

I wouldn’t have
chased this guy up for so long if it were.

He gets
into the nitty gritty.

And i wanted him to teach you this method, because…well…i’ve worked with 100’s of you closely and most of you need it.

But you’re
going to want to attend the class live.

Because Danny does NOT post recordings
of this webinar. He normally sells the material in this training.

His training
is interactive and personal. You ask questions and he answers them. You and other attendees steer the direction of the training.

No point holding a workshop
for a class who doesn’t show up…if everyone’s counting on the recording. Know what i mean?

So if you’ve
registered for the class, good job. But it’s not enough to enroll. Clear your
schedule from now and make sure you’re available.

If you
haven’t registered yet, do.

It’s great training
for every online entrepreneur. And it’s free.

Go here & RSVP:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …


How to build blog traffic for free

Page May Have Missing Text

I do a lot
of screencasts–it’s one of the “perks” of being savvy with computers. You end up
being tech support for everyone.

So one day,
I’m doing one such screencast, when the guy on the other line (I forget who) gasps

I’m like, “Huh?

“Dude 60,000 Unread Emails?”

Sadly, yes.

I get TONS of
email. And not all of it gets read.

Maybe 3,4
weeks later, yah? I come across this website belongs to a guy who seems to be a
marketer but isn’t.

You know what I mean?

Like the
way he writes blog posts, he doesn’t seem to care about any of the rules.

Not to say
he’s an anarchist or something. He just doesn’t follow the copywriting and
sales rules you are familiar with. But you can tell from the consistency that he has
his own rules.

intentionally doing everything opposite, sorta like me.

Anyway, so I
start digging up some info on him, and I sign up to his email list.

And I shyt
you not, the first page he sends me after subscribing was a link to Zero Inbox.

Zero Inbox
has nothing to do with what he sells at his site, it’s not even a thing you can
buy or download. It’s just a philosophy on how to manage your inbox.

So for the
next 3 or so hours, i’m sitting there reading up about this idea and watching
geeks in glasses speaking to Google about it….Forgetting all about Mr. Danny Iny
for a while.

That day, I
went from 60,000 unread emails to 0.

productivity went up.

stopped getting lost in my email.

And I even
made money by answering a few sales related questions I would have otherwise

Over the
next few weeks, I received regular emails from Danny and began to develop a
small “MAN-CRUSH” for him.

When I couldn’t
take it any more, I stalked him, tracked him down, and got introduced.

Stop for a
minute and think about that.

I just told you ONE
person’s journey getting to know Danny.

Would you believe me if I told you that
every single step of my journey was planned and masterminded by this guy?

Hard to
believe I know.

He developed
an Audience Building System which has allowed him to go from ZERO to over ~700k/year
in just 3 years.


Building is different from traffic generation.

See, an audience
is familiar. They feel on a “first name basis” with you, even if you don’t know
them. They learn about you, they talk about you, they want to hear about you,
and they want to hear from you.

stuff. Wouldn’t you agree?

I thought
so. And that’s exactly why i spent months trying to get introduced to Danny. I wanted
him to do a FREE training for you guys.

So here’s
what’s up…

This coming Monday @ 10am PST, Danny has gracefully accepted to do a live training webinar
for you in which he will show you his audience building system.

Mark it in
your calendar.

And register
for the class here:

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

You don’t
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How to Re-Spark the Romance With Your Market

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I know the

in a HUGE niche like the “Internet Marketing/BizOp” niche. It’s easy to feel
small and insignificant.

I remember
feeling this way a few years ago, and I’ll tell you shortly how I handled it.

Bob is a friend of mine who’s going through a bit of a rough

That’s not his real name. It’s important to protect his identity in this story…

Bob is an
EXTREMELY gifted marketer and an incredibly genuine copywriter.

But over
the past year or so, he’s been depressed. Depressed to the point it’s honestly
quite worrying. He keeps talking about his own mortality.

To make matters
worse, Bob has suffered some serious health issues and loss of loved ones.

It seems
like everything he tries with his market just doesn’t do well any more.

And that’s
deflating to the ole ego, especially when you are selling yourself as an expert
on sales and marketing–it makes you begin to really question your abilities.

But take it from me, he is VERY good. His problem is not related to his skill at all.

Recently, he seems to
have tried to sell every offer under the sun. And no matter how amazing, no matter how brilliant the copy, he’s not happy
with response.

convinced his problem is the market.

And I get

The IM
crowd isn’t always fun to sell to.

for intelligent, ethical people, who aren’t prepared to compromise their
morality for a quick buck.

They take
pride in their work…and even if they see that the hype filled over the top
claims DO make money and attract raving fans, they can’t get themselves to do
the same.

It feels like selling out.

I know this
feeling, because a few years ago I went through the exact same thing.

Bob decided the best move was to change market and go after “real
business owners”.

And he told me as much.

Now this is a HUGE mistake i made too.

See, the problem is, when you change market, you are starting afresh.

What credibility and reputation you’ve spent years building up disappears into thin air and suddenly has NO relevance whatsoever.


The problem with “real business owners” is that they are even LESS educated about the
online marketing ways than the Internet Marketing crowd. And less willing to
accept them.

They expect
to be sold to differently.

They want to see your corporate headquarters, they
want to meet with your sales team. And they want to be wined and dined and
followed up with indefinitely to win their business.

I’m not
saying they’re bad…I’m just saying you need a different skillset to sell to
them is all.

On the
other hand, the Internet Marketing crowd does tend to include a lot of lazy, uneducated
newbies looking for a quick easy buck.

But it also
includes a reasonable group of people who have been in the market long enough
to recognize legitimate from fraud. People, just like YOU, who are
educated and are looking for advanced training and tools…

Beyond the
whole “bizop” business dreams in a box nonsense.

I eventually
realized all these things and went right back to my primary niche. The niche I knew

And when I learned
who I was, I learned to love my market.

And it paid
well…and I enjoy myself far better than ever.

So I passed on my experience to my friend.

You see,
you have to know what you are and what you are not…and accept it.

marketers who have been around at least long enough to understand the
importance of copywriting.

This market
is NOT the same, it’s not as responsive, and it’s not as big as the BizOp

people think they can buy a turnkey money-making system, and sit in their
underwear and watch the millions roll in.

That’s not his

And they
are not mine either.

We are specialized.
We sell skills to people who realize they need them.

And that
means we can sell for a HIGHER price point, refuse to offer guarantees, and be
completely ourselves without sugarcoating and sucking up to our customers.

Which is
WAY more fun.

But hey,
Bob still has a problem.

Why aren’t his
customers buying from his offers?


He doesn’t
love them. He’s burned out and he hates what he does. And that seeps through in
his marketing.

Also, and
more importantly, his list is stale and old. There’s no new blood coming in.

In fact,
eversince he lost his Adwords account along with thousands of other online
marketers a few years ago, he hasn’t really introduced any new people to his business.

And while
you can sell to the same audience MULTIPLE products for a REALLY long time, eventually all your products start to sound the same.

Even when they really are different.

Remember, Bob’s audience is small to begin with…and even fewer people can see the difference between his advanced and more advanced products.

But there’s an
EASY way to make your old products SEEM new and perform as good as they did when they launched.

Care to
guess how?

Get some new
blood into your list of course!

Your old
products are only old to people who’ve seen them before. But to new people,
even your oldest product is still fresh and exciting.

That’s what
I told Bob.

And it’s the
same thing I want to advise you, if you’re in the same boat.

If you’re
feeling burned out in your market, and you find they’re not buying as actively,
don’t switch markets. You’ve already built up a lot of knowledge about this
market…And that’s not something you should sacrifice with ease.

markets means starting over.

It’s easier to get some fresh blood to sell to.

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