Partner Up

Great things happen when people put their minds together toward a common goal.

Following are a few ways to join my mission.

Join a Micro-Business With Me

I do not like the phone. It gives me headaches.

Here’s how we’ll do this: If you’d like my help building a leveraged income (or a downline) with a micro-business, then use this link to join me in one of the programs I promote. There’s no pitch, no phone call, none of that:

Do your research. And if you come to the conclusion i did:
-that mine is the right company for you too
and you think i’m the guy to guide you in building it

Then, Read More…

Affiliate Programs I Recommend

As I discover new affiliate programs that I think are worth sending traffic to, I’ll add them to this list here. You can choose from inside whatever you like. And as long as you’re sending traffic, sales should come. Read More…

Work at Yaghi Labs

This is where new job openings are posted. If you want to join our team of copywriters, researchers, technicians, and scientists, then Read More…

Joint Venture

Would III promote your stuff to my subscribers? Hmm… let’s see. If you want to suggest YOUR product or service, then Read More…