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How To Make Your Boring Business Cool (FREE) – This is a new free blog series that gives the aspiring marketer instructions on how to make any business exciting so it captivates audiences and gets traffic without advertising. It is a must-read if you own a business that falls into the categories of: Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, Information Marketing, and Attraction marketing.

PPC Domination – An introduction to Pay-Per-Click marketing for the practicing Attraction/ Network Marketer.

PPC Supremacy (Now Live!) – My co-author David Schwind and I take you through every type of Pay-Per-Click advertising medium–Google Adwords, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Display Network, Facebook PPC, and even Twitter “PPT”.

MLM Traffic Switch aka Google Switch

This document is so hot right now, i wish we’d released it sooner. Because it has shown tens of thousands of people how to generate business traffic from Social Media without adding friends or any other junk.

My Name Is Jim Yaghi

And i’ve singlehandedly herded millions of people into my clients’ websites.

I have been generating traffic for roughly 5 years and i caught on faaaaaaaast. but i also made some very important discoveries someone else might benefit from.

You can imagine, working on a client’s website and accidentally finding that the little arrow you put over the order button got hundreds more customers. It would be silly to forget that information the next project you worked on, right?

I’m not silly. So over the years i’ve documented thousands of little “tweaks that worked”. And i locked them away in a vault.

When i decided to put this website together, i had to find the best stuff as a juicy incentive to get you to this page and show you first-hand that my methods work. You can use them on your own website or maybe even ask me to do it for you :-)

Ultimately, you’ll be your own case-study.

Downloading The `Google Switch` Handbook

Download The Google SwitchThe Handbook i’m about to share with you is 160 pages of pure instruction on the 8 most powerful free website advertising methods i ever used. I use ALL of them. but this book is not about where to advertise…

but rather about the method. a very small tweak allows you to generate lots of traffic from those sites,  faaaaaaaaast by adding one tiny ingredient.

Right-Click & Save to `Download The Google Switch`

I encourage you after reading the document above to apply the methods inside it. They’re all very easy and the few people who have been allowed to access this information came back excited about all kinds of money they were making from their new traffic. It would be a huge waste if you decided not to try even one of these techniques.

Stories From `The Vault`

Over the next few weeks, i’m going to send you a story about advertising from the vault. I promise each will be an entertaining and informative insight to my journey as an online advertiser. And i encourage you to leave comments and feedback to talk with me about any particular story.

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Jim Yaghi