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Would you like to generate hundreds of super-qualified, “ready to become your customers NOW” leads??

Every marketer needs to have a copy of this course in their personal library. Because “PPC Domination” teaches you in step-by-step detail exactly how to profitably advertise your home business on Google Adwords.

About PPC Domination

PPC Domination, a comprehensive course for any beginner wanting to learn to generate home business opportunity seeker leads on Google

PPC Domination, a comprehensive course for any beginner wanting to ledearn to generate home business opportunity seeker leads on Google

Pay-Per-Click advertising, or PPC for short, is perfect for the small business owner who wants to attract customers and make every cent spent count. When you discover PPC, you’ll see how simple it is to tap into the billions of searches that go on every day and then make your own ad appear FOR FREE on the very searches your customers run.

PPC Domination, written and produced by Jim Yaghi, was recorded in video format. 15 videos take you by the hand and walk you through the foundations of his process which he has used to generate up to 30,000 leads per month at a profit sometimes over $4 per lead.

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What is PPC?

PPC is an extremely powerful way to generate traffic to your website. Never before has it been so easy and fast to put together a simple advertising message and reach BILLIONS of people around the world.

Because unlike other forms of advertising, PPC costs nothing to display your ads. You simply choose the search keyword(s) that you want to have an ad show up for, write a 20-word ad, submit, and wait about 5 minutes for your ad to become active.

You’re only ever charged when an interested viewer clicks the ad to visit your site. Effectively, you only spend on response–and it’s usually a few cents but for very competitive keywords like, “real-estate”, a click can cost upwards of $30 each.

While that might sound discouraging if you are a real-estate marketer, people who use the techniques in PPC Domination and on this blog can actually learn to target less competitive searches that are more productive. Because many of the heavily contested keywords are what we call “informational” searches. Meaning, people who run these searches (eg, “real estate”) are more often looking for information instead of online vendors to sell them something (eg, real-estate).

On the other hand, “buyer” keywords are the kinds of searches people run when they’re ready to buy. For example, “homes on Pascal Rd” and “home auctions on Pascal Rd” are probably likely to produce buyers, though less frequently searched and much less competitive.

Identifying these buyer searches is a critical skill that you’ll learn in PPC Domination. Since we’re able to quantify the COST of a visitor to our website (how much we pay per click), we are able to reduce that cost and increase the VALUE of our visitor (how much we are paid per click). Being on the positive side of this formula is critical to your success and it’s the difference between what we do and what everyone else does with search advertising.

Because while they’re still paying per click…you’re getting PAID to profit per click.

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