49 y/o ‘Rich’ Actor Wants to Marry Barely Legal Hot Babe?


In a 2 minute video, Jim Carrey declares his undying love for beautiful actress Emma Stone.

Just 24-hours later, the video attracted 2,316 unsolicited comments at his website and crashed his blog at jimcarreyTRULIFE.com

Can YOU Create Viral Traffic Like Jim Carrey did with his Emma Stone love letter?

This is an example of a brilliant landing page experience. It has simple Surprising Contrast– a 49 year old professing his love for a 23 year old. Two opposite extremes, and the video goes into humourous detail showing the incompatibility between these two age groups.

And it was released using a containment strategy on Vimeo. You may notice that when you try to visit the Vimeo page for the video, it is listed as PRIVATE.

You’ll also notice, the video was initially only released on Vimeo and shared with Mr. Carrey’s blog following.

Most marketers would have placed their video on MULTIPLE websites.

But this would have spread the message thin.

Instead, Jim Carrey kept it contained at his website so that all future searches would lead to his blog and nowhere else.

This created Take-Off Momentum, similar to the effect of a covered boiling kettle of water.

Jim Carrey’s containment group, his large blog following are used to sharing and discussing his contributions. They then spread the word to the outside world and it became news.

Viral Marketing at its best.

The video, just four days later has been syndicated to multiple video sharing websites. And today it has nearly 2 million hits on YouTube alone. That’s aside from the other video sharing websites, blog posts, and news coverage it received.

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Was Jim Carrey Joking or Was He Serious?