Strategy Will Make or Break Your Online Business


A clear strategy is essential when you are building your business online; without it you will quickly find yourself floating in a sea of un-focused misfits waiting for someone to throw you a rope and pull you back onto solid ground. A strategy provides you with a roadmap to follow and gives you a direction to head for while taking consistent steps to reach your goals.

Simple isn’t it?

It should be. But it’s not!

For all but the successful 5% of online business owners, strategy is a mystery; a word to throw out there in the hope that it will fool some other fool into believing you have a clue where you’re going.

Here’s the thing…

The problem most marketers face is that they have been given the wrong strategy to begin with. And this is either costing them more money than they are making, or focusing their time and attention on all the wrong activities. The wrong strategy is as bad as no strategy at all.

Think about it…how many marketers do you see pushing systems where the first thing you do is start buying one affiliate product after another, just so that you can then sell that same string of products as an affiliate to your own list of subscribers (if and when you manage to generate a lead). A strategy like this will work for a very small number of people, i.e. the “system” owners who are usually the master affiliate, and the guy with the big list of subscribers who can quickly create cash flow by signing up a group of affiliates into multiple programs. Sound familiar? 😉

So what should a good strategy look like?

Well…in today’s online world, where advertising is becoming more expensive by the minute, a good strategy should take into account where your business is today, where you want it to be tomorrow (and in 24 months time), and what you can do to continue to increase conversions while reducing overall cost selling your primary product or service. What do I mean? Let me explain…

A new advertising campaign will cost you the same amount of money to run whether you make 1 sale, 20 sales or 200 sales. The only variable will be the number of sales you make. This can be as a result of your initial advertising or (if your strategy applies leverage) as a result of customer referrals. A good strategy will take this into account and help you to focus on building a marketing campaign that will minimize leaks and maximize returns. Your strategy should allow you to plan lead generation, lead conversion, and find ways of creating customer loyalty to take your marketing message and deliver it (by word of mouth referral) to a wider group of people looking for what you have to offer. A great strategy will build into it this type of customer buying cycle and continue to balance income and expenditure in your favour.

Do this the right way and it will allow you to quickly establish key metrics within your campaign, to identify cost per lead, cost per sale, and lifetime customer value. By knowing your numbers, you are in control of your business and in a position to plan its’ growth faster than your competitors can.

The bottom line…

The faster you know these numbers the easier it becomes. You can now control cash flow, rather than a lack of cash controlling you.

If a bad strategy (or no strategy at all) is starting to kill your business, maybe it’s time to stop struggling and ask for help…after all, nobody ever said you HAD to do this all by yourself did they?

…and REALLY there are NO prizes in this world for being a lonely failure.

We’ve been helping lost and bewildered marketers find and focus on the best strategy for their business for quite a while now. We help entrepreneurs know exactly where they need to focus their time and spend their money. We can even manage their finances if they ask us to. We can identify what’s really happening inside their business.

When you book a Done-For-You Traffic consultation we’ll do this for you too. So hit the link below to see how easy we’ve made it. And let us help you to take your business in the right direction…



What’s it worth to ya?

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Something really got me laughing the other day.

See my friend joined us for an investor meeting, but he’s not much of business guy. In fact, he was a bit out of place an as aircraft engineer amongst the more experienced investors; one of them being my dad.

So as the meeting progressed one thing was clear: nobody liked the asking price of this particular business takeover.

Most of the business’ price was under that all-elusive term ‘good-will’…

and in the heated price negotiation, I observed a conversation between my friend and my dad:

“I don’t understand, what is the actual price of this business?” my friend asked.

He wasn’t happy with my dad’s answer: “That depends on what we value it to be.”

But the poor guy still didn’t get it. He wanted something more concrete so he thought of an example to put his point across.

“I don’t see the big deal. For example, how much would you pay for a single Rolls Royce Turbo Fan Aircraft Engine?”

“hmm, I’d pay 6,000” my dad replied.

“Try 160,000!” my friend smirked. “You see? You have to know the industry, then you can put a better figure on it.”

I could see what he was tying to say. Value needs a frame of reference and depends on comparison right?  Otherwise we’d have no clue what the value of something was, like ‘real estate’ for example.

A valid point. But I think my dad’s response was even more acute:

“Perhaps…but I don’t really want a fan engine.”

And that’s all business is isn’t it?

At the end of the day what do you value and how much would you pay for it?

Well if you value the influx of traffic YaghiLabs can get you, then you can’t put a price on the DFYT package we offer.

How much do you value the time you’d spend figuring out, training yourself, and then keeping up with the latest search engine trends?

If you are really honest about how much you value these things, you’ll be surprised at the price of our services!

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Practice makes perfect…right?

What’s the difference between sports and business?

I’ve found that when it comes to success, there’s isn’t much difference between the two.

On that note, I’ve got an ass-kicking experience to share with you today…

You see, back in my athletic prime, (hey come on, it wasn’t THAT long ago) I was a very active practitioner of Taekwondo.

For those who don’t know about this Korean martial art, it’s an accepted Olympic sport that emphasizes fast, high kicks and flashy footwork.

Anyway, when I first started 10 years ago I had a real knack for the sport. I pounced on it and practiced my kicks every day religiously, for MONTHS.

After a while, there were very few people who could even hold the pad against me during training. Thousands of kicks later I believed I had perfected them.

Or so I thought…

The problem was when it came down to actually testing my well-versed kicks in sparring with my seniors, it was clear that I was not good enough.

I had to get faster somehow. So I fine-tuned my techniques, over and over again, researched outside the scope of my class, studied different marital arts, even bought extra books trying to find secret ways to get faster and stronger.

But when I began to spar again, all that extra work still didn’t help!

Now I was really stumped. I had no idea why my practice wasn’t paying off in the ring. I was even faster and stronger than some of my seniors, but my kicks still weren’t landing.

Do you ever feel like that when trying to get your business off the ground?

You’ve got a great product, so why isn’t it selling?

You do things over and over again and get great results one day, then mediocre results the next?

Well wait for the kicker (pun intended)…

It was only with a LOT more experience that I realized:

It’s the ability to adapt to your opponent that makes all the difference.

Not just slamming away with technique after technique mindlessly.  But using them at the right time and place. Either offensively or defensively. As a feint or a follow-up.  In combination or reaction.

There was no way I could figure all this out just by practicing day after day. But as experience came, so did my competition winnings.

Yep, sorry to all the gooroo fan boys who follow whatever system their respective internet marketing liege-lords consider the end-all solution; but it’s true. There’s never a single solution that applies to everything in REAL business.

 When I gained more experience and was able to adapt to my opponent’s weaknesses, ONLY THEN did all my practice pay off. 

In fact we understand this idea so well that it’s what our Done-For-Your-Traffic consultations are famous for.

I’ll be amazed if you’re NOT surprised at how deep we tailor your campaigns to your audience.

Click here to book your session with Jim and see what I mean!

So moral of the story, keep on your toes and adapt…then you’ll have a skill that will keep your business alive and thriving!


Why Landing Pages Will NEVER get Traffic!


Here’s a big one…even the gooroos don’t get.

They want traffic so desperately badly, but they’re living in 1996 when the web was SIMPLE.

Let’s throw together a landing page and dump some PPC traffic on it. YAY!

It actually bugs the shit out of me and I hate doing work for Gooroos because they can’t get this SIMPLE LITTLE FACT.

The web has EVOLVED. Today, search engines are BUSINESSES.

And they are in the business of sorting through the BILLIONS of useless websites on the Internet to give the best, most useful, most relevant results to their searchers.

And NO, they’re not going to send it to your PIECE OF SHIT squeeze page so you can just collect private contact information from their searchers with the rest of your business a big fat question mark.

We live in an age where information is ABUNDANT and readily available. And if one website won’t willingly disclose the top secret locked away information it has, then the user will go elsewhere.

Like forums, social networks, and communities where people willingly share and give up information without expecting a thing in return.

In fact, if you think you’re going to just throw up a landing page and suddenly have traffic, you’re asking to be batched together with all the scams out there.

A squeeze page is a WEB FRONT, not a WEB BUSINESS.

It’s a SHELL. You would NEVER do business with a company that has just an office shell, a virtual office they rent for $200/month…because for all you know, they’re here today, gone tomorrow.

Customers spend money with businesses that are here to stay.

Businesses that invest in their websites as assets that they could NEVER abandon just because Google decided to ban them or they got bored of maintaining their website.

It’s called CUSTOMER SUPPORT people.

You’re there BEFORE the sale and FOREVER after the sale.

Something your Gooroo “false gods” don’t know the first thing about.

At YaghiLabs we BELIEVE in customer support!

That’s why, when we found that customers of our Done-For-You Traffic Consultations needed MORE help after the sale, we went and actually put together an entire support staff JUST to ensure they can make full use of the campaigns we build them.

And one more thing, my young padawan…

When you get a Done-For-You Traffic Consultation, I’m going to FIGHT YOU on this point…

You’re going to resist maintaining a website that is a RESOURCE. That people will keep coming back to over and over again, regardless of whether or not they optin to your mailing list…

Not only that, we’ll give you a strategy to KEEP building your website’s content so it grows and grows and keeps getting free SEO traffic from TENS OF THOUSANDS of keywords.

And there’s ONLY one way to get that kind of help:

Get the DFYT Consultation. Option #1 we’ll give you the advice AND do it for you.

Get the DFYT Consultation Option #2 we’ll show you how to do it yourself and offer you more help later.



Traffic Secret: I know what you did last Private!

Hehe, Funny story…

Couple years ago, I was instructor at a closed mastermind in Pasadena, California.

I addressed the room:

“Suppose you were on Google searching for, I dunno…say, ‘gay porn’…and you saw this ad…”

(Members in attendance: a pastor, a Mormon, 2 seniors, a few ladies…)

Me? Unworried. I couldn’t care less. The example wasn’t to make them laugh. I’m not a clown.

There was an important point to be made.

The reaction was mixed giggles. Except one side of the room, where the youngest, most “hip” group sat–they had bewildered, mostly confused looks and I could not understand the reaction.

Session ended well after midnight. All of us starving, beaten, and tired…we socialized with the group and THAT was the first time I became embarrassed.

I was told that TWO of the members of the “hip” younger group were gay!

Before I tell you what happened next, let me get to the point of this message…

The lesson I shared in that “embarrassing” example was an important traffic tip.

People are MULTI-DIMENSIONAL. They are, after all, people…not keywords, as most marketers like to believe.

Take you, for instance:

You’re a marketer and you care about leads, traffic, conversion, business ops, and affiliate programs.

But are ALL your searches about these topics?

I mean, what YOU type at the search box could be ALL KINDS of stuff. Yes, even triple-x sites and odd fetishes, 2 girls and a cup, jap eel-eating, and all that. C’mon, these are amongst the top uses for the Internet!

Picture this…

While you’re browsing your strange websites in private you see an ad about a way to fill your business (not your cup) with traffic, and it catches your attention…wouldn’t you click it?

Point made?

You have LOTS of interests, besides your “this minute” interest.

And you’re more likely to buy from my traffic ad while looking at naughty stuff than you would from all those free weirdo video sites you look at, ya freak.

That’s one of the secrets I use to set lead-getting records.

It’s all in how we write our ads. And you can get us to write traffic-impaling ads for you here.

Oh yah, about the two students in my story…

There was no need for ME to be embarrassed. Apparently, the reason for the strange looks they gave me was…

In the back of the room, one of them was showing the others porn (of the gay variety) at the EXACT moment I made my example! They thought they were busted! haha

Talk about a case in point. 🙂


P.S. Click the link and stop wasting your time online.

pps. i can tell what you’re doing when you think no one’s looking

ppps. stop looking at porn

pppps. hand off snakey


pppppps: sorry ladies

ppppppps: don’t target xxx keywords, that’s just stupid

Branding: Marketer or Entrepreneur?

A friend of mine who’s been doing online marketing for 2 years recently told me:

“I have no brand! Can you help?”


2 years with no brand? That’s a giant error.

Many supposed “online entrepreneurs” give themselves credit for something they are not. Marketers? Maybe. But entrepreneurs? No.

Every few weeks, they up and leave the last website they built and start a brand new one.

Their justifications are endless:

– Now, they’re promoting a new product.

– Now, they’ve signed up to a new affiliate program.

– Now they want to get better search engine placement with a new domain.

No matter the reason, having numerous websites and domains is NEVER a good BUSINESS strategy.

Branding & Reputation

Business requires a brand–which simply means, REPUTATION.

How can you gain a reputation when a customer who finds you today can’t find you again tomorrow?

If you want ongoing traffic, word-of-mouth referrals, and an ever-growing customer base, you must first establish a brand. Then you determine who its audience is and create a long-term strategy to systematically solve the problems of that audience in a unique way.

And finally, you must…


Now, when you have a new product to sell, find a way to frame it to fit your brand–instead of changing your business to fit the new product.

Know what’s hardest about getting ongoing traffic?

Choosing a name for your brand is easy. Figuring out a target audience is simple. But coming up with a strategy to solve that audience’s problem in a UNIQUE way is the ONE thing you can’t do on your own.

That’s why, in our Done-For-You Traffic  Service, we spend a good part of a TWO HOUR consultation with you finding your brand strategy before we contract it down into one precise, concise statement.

Need to learn more?

Then click the banner below and read about our consulting service…

After we talk about your branding strategy, we’ll go ahead and build a custom turn-key advertising campaign just for you.

All you have to do is press “go” and the rest is taken care of.

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How To Choose And Start A Business

The staggering reality is that 95% of people who start a business will fail within the first 5 years of doing so. If you want to avoid joining this group, you need to commit for the long haul and give yourself the opportunity to succeed.

Here are a few more key things to consider when choosing the right business venture for you:


What do you like to do? There’s no sense in wasting your time and effort on something you won’t enjoy. Life’s too short!

Make a list of all your interests, hobbies and causes you are passionate about. Then consider the different ways these could be turned into a moneymaking enterprise.

Skills & Abilities

What are you good at doing? If you’re great with people, you may want to consider a business in which you interact directly with your clientele. If you have a specific skill (e.g. portrait painter) that sets you apart from the masses, pursue all options for building a business around this individual skill set.


It is imperative to create a comprehensive business plan. While I won’t go into all the specifics here, your plan should include financial, legal, operations, marketing and personnel areas.

The more detailed your plan, the more clarity it will provide in aligning with, and achieving, the goals and vision for your company.

Enthusiasm and Action…

Here at Yaghi Labs we’re passionate about helping people build successful online businesses. We help you understand why treating your new venture like a “real business” is the first step in achieving your goals. There are no short cuts just because we utilize the Internet, and not a brick and mortar store, as our platform. The same principles apply to both.

Listen to our Internet Business Academy introduction here and we’ll reveal even more great information to help YOU build a profitable and long-term business online.

How To Create Opt-In Lead Generator

I would be lying to you if I said there was only one way to create an Opt-In Lead Generator. Okay, technically speaking there is just one way, that is, by doing so with some type of web development code. Let’s break down the process a bit more and skip the technical speak…

Building an Opt-In Lead Generator Starting Point

Building a lead generator doesn’t start on a webpage, capture page, squeeze page, or any other page you find online. Putting together an effective lead generator starts with an effective marketing plan. This could be a plan in which your product or service is already getting results, well before you start advertising using the Internet.

I get it, you are just starting out and you want to sell to people only online. I am sure you have some kind of competition somewhere and they may have a method setup to generate leads with some form of Opt-In system. You are aware of your competition right….right?

You Must Already Know

Market research seems to be the last thing entrepreneurs add to their portfolio of business skills. When it comes time to sell, they can get frustrated as to why no one is purchasing what they have to offer. Let’s assume your product is something people want to buy. Now your job is to make sure they buy from you. Not only do you want them to buy from you, you want them to be ready to buy and open to buy even more by being an Opt-In customer. Tongue twister much?

Opt-In generators give your customers a way to say, “Yes…I want to stay connected with your business.”

Method of Opt-Ins

Your product is good and you have a website up and running. Now you’re targeting potential customers (and current ones) who would like to stay connected with you and are interested in your product or service. It’s time to pick a method to make this happen…

  • Email marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Social Media
  • Micro Blogs
  • Text messages

and more…

Tools of the Trade

Depending on the method or style you are going with for capturing or collecting your customers permission to send them stuff, there are many tools to assist you.

Email Marketing programs like Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact and iContact allow you to create forms for webpages so your visitors can give you their permission to be contacted directly. They also provide you with a method of storing and managing all related content.

Social Media sites use Apps or Plugins which interact with email marketing tools or have custom code to collect your customers permissions as well.

Being Realistic

Breaking down the specifics for your particular business would be impossible in one article. What I want you to take from this information is that developing a good Opt-in lead generation method for your business will take careful planning, setting specific goals based on your products and services, and testing.

As an entrepreneur you have to measure the value of learning the skills necessary to put such tools to use (and at a profit) versus having an experienced team of professionals leverage the time and effort for you.

Yes, we do this everyday at Yaghi Labs. Traffic, Conversions, Testing, Marketing, Generating Qualified Leads and so much more…

We can tell you if using the Internet to grow your business is worth your time and money. And if so, we will work with you directly and provide the expertise needed to succeed and thrive online.

Learn about our special

Best regards,

Yaghi Labs Team Member
Richard Kaulfers

How Important Is AdWords In Your Marketing?

Almost all businesses could benefit from the proper use of Google Adwords. I’m pretty confident most business owners froth at the mouth a little when presented with fresh new humans to sell to but…

Not Every Business NEEDS Adwords

In fact, some businesses are better off without it.

But you? Are you better off with it?

Well that, my friend, depends on the type of business you have.

The important thing here is that your business is heading in the right direction and is profitable.

Yes, Adwords is practically the only place on the planet where you can show or offer your product/service to another human at the exact moment they look for it. Emotions are high at the time of searching, which greatly enhances the chances of people buying.

So Who Doesn’t Need Adwords?

Did you ever hear of “that girl”…a YouTube phenomenon if ya like. Started making a few silly videos of herself doing her make-up so her friends could see how she did it. Next thing, her videos get millions of hits and she ends up on tv and radio shows all over the UK.

Oh, and she made a ton of money. 🙂

Thing is, I bet she never even heard of Adwords.

If her plan from the outset was to start such a business, then some would argue an Adwords campaign may or may not have been a good strategy to kick start interest.

So How Do You Know If It’s Right For You?

We had a client a few weeks back who wanted to start a ppc campaign. After a consultation with one of our in-house experts, he soon realised that ppc would be a waste of money for his type of business. Saved him hours of lost time and, well, a lot of wasted $$$.

Inside our Internet Business Academy there is a whole module devoted to this topic. It will teach you exactly how your business should be structured in order to stand out like a Ferrari in a scrap yard.

You will learn the best way to market your type of business and, if Adwords is right for you, we’ll give you access to our ppc experts who can teach you or even help make your business profitable…ASAP! 😉

Some Things To Ponder…

While Adwords can generate massive amounts of leads and sales almost instantly, it’s by far the hardest to master. I know first hand how awesome Adwords can be and I also know how it can damage you.

Oh, and Do NOT rely solely on Adwords.

Here is the link again…

Internet Business Academy

lots of love

ewan 😉

What Is A Good PPC Lead Conversion Rate?

“Conversion rate is the first success metric your business should strive to improve.”

Are you achieving online sales or lead conversion rates of more than 5% from your PPC traffic? If no, then you should read on. If yes, let’s see if you agree…

Traffic that brings about a conversion rate of less than 5% should make you question whether or not you are optimizing your campaign correctly for your target audience. In turn, a decent conversion rate will indicate your audience IS responding appropriately to your call to action. 

How to Calculate Conversion Rates

Once you have set up a tracking system, and assembled the resulting analytics data, you will need to calculate your rate of conversion. You can use this simple formula to get you started:

Total Conversions/Total Views X 100 = Conversion Rate

Here are some examples…

Number of lead forms filled out/Traffic on Landing Page X 100 = Conversion Rate

Number of lead forms filled out/Total Traffic on Home Page X 100 = Conversion Rate

Number of Sales/Number of Visitors X 100 = Conversion Rate

A rate of 1-2% is not uncommon but can be improved by strategies like simplifying website usability, enhancing ad copy and providing a clear call to action.

“For most MLM and Network Marketing businesses, an average PPC leads to sales metric is about 3%”

To decide whether this is a good lead conversion rate for you, have a look at your return on investment (ROI). Consider the revenue generated by your sales compared to the cost of acquiring the leads (or potential paying customers) in the first place.

The Best Way to START Getting Good PPC Lead Conversion Rates…

Here at Yaghi Labs, we have not found one person (no matter how good they are) who can single-handedly optimize conversion rates and NEVER have to worry about them again. There’s always maintenance.

If it’s working today, it may not be working tomorrow.

Which is why the Yaghi Labs team can DO IT FOR YOU!

At least initially…

If you’d like to manage your own advertising, but want to get off to a flying start, we’ll build you a customized campaign from scratch. You’ll also get a marketing plan, a landing page and some emails to increase your sales activity. Our Done-For-You service gives you everything you need…all you have to do is hit the “GO” button to switch it on.

Learn more:

How To Generate A Lead Using PPC

Fred, an aspiring PPC advertiser asks,

What makes more sense?…

“Send visitors searching under my brand name to my home page – from a keyword they entered with the assumption they know something about my company (or brand, or product or service) without specifically knowing what they’re searching for (apart from my company)?”


“Create an optimized landing page around some free content that’s going to be engaging to my target audience – directing the company name PPC searches to this page – and include a sign-up form on the landing page?”

Dear Fred, definitely the latter!

Let’s dive into this…

How To Generate A Lead Using PPC

As a PPC advertiser, select which keywords you want to target with ads.

Then write targeted and relevant ad copy which people looking for those keywords would be interested in.

Don’t use the ads to make a sales pitch.

Instead, use the ad to attract visitors to a lead page or opt-in form.

Here’s the rational:

The “go for the jugular” approach (where you try to make the sale immediately) is far less effective online. Instead, it’s preferable to focus on generating leads. Collecting a stranger’s name and email address is much easier than persuading him to buy right away. It also allows more time to build the trust and credibility needed for short term sales and  long-term buying relationships.

Hands down, THE best way to get more leads is to use PPC

However, there is a ton of misinformation across the web on this topic.

You generate leads with PPC by connecting the searcher, who has an idea in his head of what he is looking for, with the ad you put on the PPC engine. This directs to your landing page when the searcher clicks your ad.

The key is to keep in mind what a person is looking for when inputting their request on a search engine – no matter if it’s Google, Yahoo, Bing or YouTube.

Same concept for Facebook as well but with Facebook it’s based on demographics.

When running a PPC campaign your task is to optimize your campaigns by managing the relationship between clicks, conversion and cost.

Keep conversions increasing while watching the cost to drive each conversion down.

In theory, this is a simple concept but many a PPC advertiser have lost their shirt pursuing this process.

Let’s conclude with the main ingredients for PPC lead generation success…

  • Implement Conversion Tracking.
  • Comprehensive Keywords: generate a list of keywords that you refine to find the keywords which convert best for you.
  • Proper Landing Pages: Don’t send the traffic to your home page. Ads should have landing pages.
  • Lead Generation Form: Keep it simple.  Research has shown that less is more. Usually just ask for name and email, or only email.
  • Offer an Incentive: a free trial, 30 day discount, etc. Incentives increase conversions.
  • Make it Easy to Contact: Just because they found you online via a paid search doesn’t mean they might not want to pick up the phone to call you. Make it easy for your leads to contact you.

This Is What Yaghi Labs Does…

We’re advertising, traffic and promotion experts.

We create a persistent flow of new visitors to your website and make it grow automatically.

Important – without traffic, your online business starves.

Most advertising and SEO on the web is riddled with rules and changes that can kill your business in an instant. Our team of advertising experts share with you the “traffic maps” they’ve engineered to make advertising independent of search engines.

This is an exciting section inside our Internet Business Academy course which shows you how to totally automate your traffic and remove dependence on any traffic suppliers.

More Details Here:

How To Build A PPC Landing Page

Following on from What Is A PPC Landing Page, today we look at How To Build A PPC Landing Page

Recently, there’s been a big push toward landing page quality.

This emphasis quickly became very real for many advertisers when Google announced that landing page quality is related in a more direct way to the quality score of a PPC ad.

At the end of the day, Google’s ultimate goal is to improve user-experience, and increase, as well as sustain their revenue. No matter what, you always want to provide the most useful experience to the user.

As long as you continue to do this, technology changes will benefit you and improve the overall effectiveness of your efforts. Technology changes and upgrades should not be the cause of losing your business, loss of profit, or have any negative side effect at all.

If this is the case, then you clearly didn’t care enough to do it right to begin with. This is a huge mistake to make in any kind of business.

This article will focus on how to build a PPC landing page which will be embraced by Google and Facebook and how you can keep your business on Google and Facebook to tap into the ridiculous amounts of traffic that is available to you on those platforms.

Let’s Get Started…

Google and Facebook want essentially the same things. However, there’s a distinction between the two.

Facebook wants a clear and concise message (so does Google).

But Google also wants content.

Facebook wants content, but they’re not necessarily as heavily invested in seeing content as Google is.

Both definitely want a clear explanation of the path that your landing page will provide for the consumer.

Brand Awareness

Be thinking about your brand at all times.

This means that you should be advertising your brand. It’s not that Google minds if you advertise a product. What they don’t want are sales people who are analogous to snake oil salesmen.

When you’re building your PPC landing page, ask yourself how you can position what you’re advertising so that you can sell products and highlight your brand.

How can you let the consumer know that what you’re advertising is more than a single, individual product?

If it is a single, individual product at least make sure there is a grand element to your campaign.


You must have content in order for (especially) Google to view you as valuable to the consumer.

It doesn’t matter if you have all the content in the world inside of your “members only” section. If Google can’t see that, it’s as good as not having any at all.

You better have some content on the front end so that the consumer can see what the hell they’re getting into and they can determine if you’re worthy of them giving away their email or credit card details.


Make sure the consumer knows what’s happening at all points in time.

Spell it out clearly, such as…

“If you give me your email address, first you will get this and then you will get this, and this and this, etc.”

Let your consumer know what they are about to experience. Prelude your message with what is going to happen. Be 100% transparent with what you’re going to deliver.


This holds true especially for those in the “make money from home” or any of the various sub-cultures within the “income generating” space.

If you are selling a product or teaching how to make money, you MUST come from an educator’s standpoint. Do NOT come from a get-rich-quick standpoint.

Avoid the following:

    • Income testimonials
    • Traditional direct response marketing “BS” that insults most peoples’ intelligence

Use marketing which really builds a bond with the consumer.

Ask yourself how can you build a bond and trust with the consumer to the point where they say to themselves, “I like this person,” or “I want to learn more,” or “I would like to engage more with this information.”

Brand Presence Home Page

This would include the following:

      • About Page
      • Mission Statement
      • Contact (include telephone #)
      • Products
      • Some Element of Content i.e. Free Training
      • Blog i.e. Timely and Regularly Updated Content

So As You’re Building Your PPC Landing Pages, Ask Yourself These Questions…

        • What’s my brand awareness? Do I have brand awareness across my entire platform?
        • Do I have content? Have I included the essential content elements that make for a good PPC landing page?
        • Am I being transparent? Have I let the consumer know exactly what is going to happen and what they can expect along the way?
        • Am I educating? – You MUST educate i.e. put your mom in front of your PPC landing page and ask yourself, “Can they easily and quickly navigate through all of your stuff and understand what the hell you are doing right away?”

Stay Ahead Of The Curve?

If consumers can’t quickly and easily figure out what you’re doing, the Google and/or Facebook reviewers are going to knock your PPC Landing page out. If you manage to sneak by with your PPC Landing page it won’t be long before you get knocked off the platform.

Change the way you’re doing your marketing early. Stay ahead of the curve, and you end up winning. This is what we’re doing inside Yaghi Labs. We keep you, and all of our clients ahead of the curve.

And this is what this article has done for you too, kept you ahead of the curve. If you’re not abiding by these things, get caught up.

For more value than you can shake a stick at, join us inside of the Internet Business Academy where you’ll learn how to build a REAL Internet business that’s not fickle to the latest changes on Google, or dependent on any one source of traffic.

Do the right thing. Stay ahead of the curve.

How To Get More Blog Readers

The main objective of blogging is to get readers, lots of readers…and earn money, lots of money. Sharing the content from a great blog on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, will also attract many additional viewers. If you’re confident your stuff is good, you may even gain followers by doing some paid marketing. However, most blogs are about as much use as tits on a bull!

I got this email yesterday from a pissed off blogger:


I don’t want to sound like a whiner here but I have been blogging now for about 10 months, and to be frank, I’m no further ahead than when I started. I bought *********** and followed it to the word. Purchased my domain and spent ages getting my site sexy and SEO’d. Commenting on other peoples blogs, trackbacks and forum postings are part of my daily routine. In fact, I do EVERYTHING they teach and then some yet I have made only a handful of sales and have not reached over 50 leads yet.

What the hell am I doing wrong???

Whoa dude. Well, firstly, come and talk to me before you get so stressed out. 🙂 Secondly, give yourself a pat on the back. 50 leads, some sales and the determination to figure it all out put you 95% further on than, well, 95% of the others!

So, in my humble but usually pretty damn accurate opinion, let’s look at…

How To Get More Blog Readers

It bugs me why every gooroo teaches the importance of having your own domain and shiny site. I can show you as many examples of extremely succesful bloggers who blog on a ready to go platform such as Blogger or WordPress. Oh, and these platforms have a premade audience ready to read. 😉

It’s all very well having an awesome looking website but if nobody sees it then all those hours of programming have been wasted.

Your Blog Is Your Online House

The content you provide is waaaay more important than the actual blog. I mean, some of the best parties I have been to were not in the best houses. 😉

Content That Gets Cash

This is the hard bit right? I believe it’s due to a lack of creativity and passion. Especially in the biz op market. Thousands of little clones blog about ‘how to make money online’ – fact is, they don’t know how to make money online. It’s all rehashed nonsense.

I like to do one thing before I start writing content…

Get Myself Into A High Emotional State

You know the kind. Where you want to run down the street and push old ladies over! When you wanna open the door and beat the crap outta the postman as he delivers your mail!


I didn’t say I actually followed through. 🙂

When you write about a subject while emotions are running high, people will read it.

What Should I Write About?

Absolutely anything! You’re only limited by your imagination. My buddy made sales from an email he wrote about toilet roll!

When you come up with ideas, figure out how you can turn them into a story and link it to your business. I suggest you spend most of your time doing such things rather than all sorts of crap like commenting on other peoples blogs, etc.

Words To Ponder

When I write, I want my finished article to do one of the following for my reader…

  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Intrigue

Dude, seriously, if you make your readers laugh they will love you! Get passionate and write about interesting stuff. Forget the usual shitty posts about ‘how to make money online’.

Inside the Yaghi Labs Internet Business Academy we have a whole module on how to make a ton of money blogging. From how to come up with great ideas to why you possibly shouldn’t even be blogging at all (yes, it can actually be detrimental to your business). 🙁

See ya inside

lots of love

ewan 🙂

How to Create a Good Selling Page

Almost every page you create, whether it be a landing page, an article or an actual sales page is designed with one goal in mind…

…To Sell!

Not always a monetary sale but still a sale of sorts.

Remember dot to dot? I loved it as a kid. Each dot had a number (e.g. 1 – 50). Starting at 1, you joined up all the dots in sequence and when you reached 50 you were left with the desired outcome; in this case a picture. A good selling page is similar with the desired outcome being a sale.

You write an ad which sells the click and your landing page sells the optin. All through the sales process you are marketing the idea that YOU have the solution to a problem your audience is facing.

The following 3 steps almost always ensure the user will be bashing their ‘left click’ on top of your ‘add to cart’ button!

Stir Up Emotion

Most people will do waaaay more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure right? What problems do your potential customers face? Remind them over and over of their pain and their obstacles to achieving success. Are they up all night with money worries? Are they never at home to see their kids? Bring those feelings right to the hot-seat. They may even weep a little but who cares…you’re going to be their hero. 😉

Answer Their Questions

As they read through your sales page, questions will pop into their head. It’s important for you to anticipate and answer these as you go. You will then overcome any objections and gain the rock solid trust you must have in order for them to punch in their credit card details.

Tell Them What To Do

Sounds obvious right? But you would be amazed by the amount of marketers who do not have a call to action.

It all starts from the people you attract to your sales page though. When you target people who desire what you have to offer, writing a sales page is like taking candy from a baby. 🙂

Inside our Internet Business Academy we teach YOU how to create a sales page that puts money in your bank all day long. In fact, we go into sooooo much detail about creating an insanely profitable online business that if you don’t take the course…well, you will miss out on all our top secret secrets! 🙂

See ya inside

lots of love

ewan 🙂

How To Create An Effective Ad With Facebook PPC

Writing an effective PPC ad requires the following:

  • Speak to the right audience
  • Choose an image which stands out from the crowd
  • Tease them with a solution to their problem

A reader wrote in with the following question:

“Ewan, I have tried to use FB PPC for six months now. All the ads I write either get rejected or, when they are approved, get very low click through unless I’m willing to bid $5 per click. I can’t afford to spend this much, especially since so many people click my ads out of curiosity and don’t sign up to my mailing list. I’ve lost a lot of money on FB advertising and I really can’t afford to lose any more. What pointers can you give me to get my ads approved and to keep my costs down while getting a lot of leads?” Notice the question plays on emotions big time? Now you respond by telling them…

First off, the reason your ads aren’t being approved is because they are violating Facebook’s guidelines. FB doesn’t like ads which over-sell and under-deliver. Also, it’s always good to be extremely clear about what you plan to do with the users details (e.g. email address) after you capture it.

Your click through rate has more to do with the quality of your ad. Poor ad = not too many people clicking it.

Grab Attention, Get Naked 😉

What most don’t know is the image is what attracts the most attention. The way to get eyeballs on your ad is to pick a strange image which is different from those around it.

Imagine walking through your local shopping centre, lots of people everywhere, all looking a little different but pretty similar. You are naked, holding your iPhone in one hand and your shopping basket in the other.

Reckon you’re gonna get some attention? 😉

Check out the competition and see what they’re doing then do the exact opposite. If they use coloured images, use black and white. If they use a photo, use a cartoon. You follow? 😉

There are lots of ways to create advertisements which get attention but the most effective ads elicit an emotional response. In the Internet Business Academy, Module 5 shows you how to not only get attention with images, but also evoke powerful emotions which get people to click and follow through to buy.

Better yet, there’s a really specific way to get click cost down on FB using a weird way of bidding…

We’ll show you how to do that in Module 7.

~~> Internet Business Academy

See you inside

Lots of love

ewan 🙂

How To Make Direct Mail Sales Letter

Despite a plethora of online options, direct mail still allows you to target a niche market better than any other advertising medium. You are able to decide who gets your message, where they get it, and when it’s delivered.

Writing an effective sales letter, specifically for direct mail, is not an undertaking to be treated lightly. Here are 5 valuable tips to get you started…

Match Your Offer to Your Audience

You’ve decided to sell the latest and greatest baking sheet liner, which promises to revolutionize how cookies are made. Are you going to market this to fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico or to every independent bakery in New York City? The answer is rhetorical of course but make sure to research and identify your target demographic well.

Sell the Benefits NOT the Features

Your audience doesn’t need to know the color of your liner is red. What they do need to know is how it will benefit them and their business. Perhaps your product will bake cookies in less time, or eliminate the “crispy on the bottom and soft on the top” problem they are currently having. Whatever the advantage over a similar product, or the method they are using now, make sure to point it out.

Make It Personal

Write the sales copy in a very conversational style. Speak directly to your reader for maximum impact. If your budget allows, personalize the letter introduction (e.g. “Dear Jim” instead of “Dear Business Owner”) whenever possible.

Make Your Offer Irresistible

Make your offer impossible to refuse. Utilize product samples, a free tutorial, “insider” information and wrap it up with a money back guarantee.

Create a Deadline

By generating a sense of urgency you will convert many window shoppers to buyers. Make your offer time-sensitive or suggest there are a limited number of items available for immediate sale.

Our Internet Business Academy course expands on the fundamentals of effective sales writing. We address key topics such as the best converting call to action, the importance of postscript messages, and much more. Helping to make your online business profitable is what we do! Listen how at

How to Edit Downloaded Youtube Videos in Adobe Premiere Pro

Here you will learn the answer to this very common question about YouTube videos and Adobe Premiere Pro…

“Do I need to change settings for working with videos I downloaded from YouTube Adobe Premiere?”

Yes and No. When you download videos from YouTube, you might have to change the format of the video in some instances.

“Note: Premiere Pro CS5 can import FLV files with video encoded using the On2 VP6 video codec; Premiere Pro CS5 can’t import FLV files with video encoded with the Sorenson Spark video codec.  As with any unsupported format, transcode the file to a format that Premiere Pro can import.”  -From

I am writing this with the impression you already downloaded videos from YouTube.  You can leave a comment or use the Ask YaghiLabs if you’re unclear about downloading videos off of YouTube or other streaming formats.

How Can I Change the Format of a FLV Video or Any Other Format

I  understand there are different programs you can use to re-encode video files.  You are going to learn about a program I use all the time because it’s fast, free and easy.  “SUPER©” is the name of the program and the screencast below shows you how to get the program for your self.


SUPER© Home Page

How to Use SUPER© to Re-Encode  Flash FLV Youtube Videos

Now that you have SUPER© installed, and I assume you have videos downloaded already, the process is simple as drop in video file, select encoding format, and encode.

Depending on your final goal you can play with the settings to get the right output you wish to work with. Remember to read SUPER© websites information. They provide great detail about encoding with the program.

If you put a low quality video in, and try to boost it to “high quality” then all you will get is an “enhanced”(the flaws will stick out more) low quality video.  Keep the settings relative to the original video.

Would you like to make money with these SKILLS?!

Enroll as a student in YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy

How to Create Lead Generator and Landing Page

I’m such a geek!

One of my favourite hobbies is to create landing pages.

It’s fun because this is where the ‘money getting process’ starts.

Don’t Be Scared!

There are a lot of different tools and website builders. They provide pretty good tutorial videos but it can be scary with coding, HTML, and stuff that makes no sense to normal human beings. It put me off for a long time. Then I finally decided to just dive in. I spent day’s upon days learning, fiddling around with little bits of HTML code.

But what I should have been focused upon is marketing to generate leads. Because alas, after all that time, I grew frustrated and gave up.

You Don’t Need To Learn HTML

A friend of mine built a pretty sleek website and said she used a website builder called Bluevoda. It requires no knowledge of HTML. It’s like using Microsoft Word.

Very easy, and the finished product looks awesome! It’s been my website builder of choice ever since.

Now That You’re Ready To Build

Anybody can create a landing page, but creating one that does what you want it to do is a skill. A valuable skill 🙂

Knowing what you want it to do is key.

You may think that sounds silly. We know what you want it to do – convert visitors to leads, right? And that is ALL you want it to do! Lots of marketers get this bit wrong. They cram so much information into their landing page that the visitor gets confused, runs away, and keeps their coins with them.

Your page only needs 3 working parts

  1. Bad-ass headline (grabs the attention of the visitor)
  2. Teaser copy (a little taste of how you are about to solve their problem)
  3. Optin form

In fact, the simpler your page is the higher it tends to convert.

There Is A Science To Piecing It All Together

Few marketers can create landing pages that work well. They don’t know what makes a good page work.

Inside the YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy we show you exactly how to create a killer landing page

  • why colours and font are important
  • how to layout your page for maximum conversions
  • why the other pages affect your conversion rate
  • and many other little secrets 😉

Take a look inside the Internet Business Academy now.

Lots of love

Ewan 🙂

Why Does Google Dislike Affiliate Websites?

The Standards Required By Google Are Clear

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, because people are still asking, “Why does Google dislike affiliate websites?”

You must have unique and quality content.

You must create user-friendly material that enhances the overall experience for every “Googler.”

This is the most important determination of whether you have success as an affiliate marketer, article marketer, PPC marketer, network marketer – any kind of marketer.

Yet so many affiliate marketers have chosen short term “shady” marketing methods which end up outright failing the whole system.

Google Places A No Solicitation Sign On Their Doors

Any business owner would do the same, but let’s consider it from Google’s perspective.

Google doesn’t want affiliate websites which are not unique. Too many websites are using the same designs, tools and strategies in the exact same places.

Google doesn’t want to become overpopulated with the same duplicated affiliate websites, advertisements and affiliate offers containing the same link.

Therefore, Google has had to develop a way to not only recognize these duplicated affiliate items but also a way to block them from appearing in search results and their ads.

Google doesn’t necessarily dislike affiliate websites, however, people who use Google to search have a tendency to dislike affiliate websites.

What they dislike is how many of these affiliate websites encourage bad practices.

For this reason, Google has no problem with giving any advertiser the “Slap” when it seems they are practicing these tactics.

So it may be unfair to point the finger at Google. They want happy customers. If their customers have a tendency to dislike affiliate websites, then they’re not going to click on your ads, or worse, they’ll complain.

CTR (click through rate) could be considered a determination of whether Google “likes” you or not.

It’s the people who start to recognize the same tactics being used, and choose not to click your ad, who will not visit your affiliate website.

As your CTR and bounce rate starts to drop, Google realizes that your ad and website are not at all relevant to that group of searchers.

If You’re An Affiliate (Or Hope To Be), Here Is A Way For Google To Like You?

In order for a website to appear as a good quality site using good practices, Google is looking for a lot more pages than just an About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy page.

The pages to include are as follows:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • DMCA Policy
  • Anti-Spam Policy
  • Terms of Use
  • Affiliate Agreement

Most affiliate websites do not have these pages and are therefore looked upon as a website that could potentially cause a bad end-user experience.

Also consider the following “brand presence” elements:

  • Links to your Twitter and/or Facebook profile.
  • Your personal or professional mission statement.
  • Free training, or any focused content element.
  • Blog that has fresh, updated content.

The Key Is To Consistently Maintain A Reputable Website

Don’t neglect the fact that the product you choose to promote will have an impact and reflect upon your reputation.

If you associate yourself and your website with trash then Google doesn’t want to be associated with your website.

Also, make sure you know the product you’re promoting. Respect the customer by offering a webpage with valuable content and not a page full of keywords and affiliate links.

Your website must have more of a purpose than to redirect shoppers to another site to purchase. This is called a “thin” affiliate site.

Provide a service or offer informative content to help your visitors make an informed decision on the product they are considering purchasing.

Google doesn’t dislike affiliate marketing. What they dislike are obvious manipulations used to mimic popularity.

Envision An Internet Business Where You Create Real And Useful Information For Your Ideal Customers

Envision what all that time and effort to build a real business would feel like if it were poured into something authentic.

Can you see what’s been lost by spending time trying to make trash not look like trash…in order to sell the trash?

The YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy shows you how to SIMPLIFY and AUTOMATE any business project on the web.

Sign up here if you want to overcome your obstacles quickly, and tune into the most direct and straight-forward path to online profit – things no one has told you.

Learn more about how to do this at:

How To Generate PPC Keywords

“Angst: an intense feeling of apprehension, anxiety or inner turmoil”

Generating PPC keywords, or specific terms used to search for something on the Internet, can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Finding keywords that convert to sales can prove even more challenging and create a feeling of great angst in most marketers.

Our mission at Yaghi Labs is to eliminate the pay-per-click advertising difficulties faced by online entrepreneurs and small business owners worldwide. If, however, you would like to try this on your own, here are a couple of tips to help you begin… 

Keyword Research

The Google AdWords keyword tool and traffic estimator provides a great starting point for generating campaign-appropriate keywords and phrases. It’s a straightforward and simple tool that will give you a good indication of overall search engine traffic and related data. Research your niche market and ideal customer well before proceeding.  


Beyond the AdWords tool, there are many other free and paid options you can pursue. How effective these are vary from company to company but here are a few of the major providers of PPC keyword services: Keyword Discovery, Market Samurai, Keyword Spy and SpyFu.

Examples of the various types of data you should be looking for include: keyword trends, monthly and daily search numbers, level of competition, user and location demographics.

Analyze Your Competitors

An essential part of keyword research is to learn from, or “spy” on, your competitors.Why reinvent the wheel when you can get a head start by accessing historical data from your specific market. The information you gather will assist you in building a strong foundation of keyword choices which can then be modified and augmented.

Remember, you’re not only trying to create a list of relevant keywords which people actually use but ones that are proven to convert to sales. 

Perfecting A System Over Time… 

Here at Yaghi Labs, we develop our own proprietary systems for keyword generation, PPC ad creation and online business as a whole. Our complete Internet Business Academy course offers the best and most comprehensive training of its kind available today. Check it out at

How Do You Make Free Information Viral?

imagine, if you will…

…your sexy 3 minute video infiltrating the minds of thousands of excited web users faster than the bubonic plague tore through the immune systems of London’s inhabitants back in 1665.

people dropping dead isn’t quite the outcome you’re after but it’s similar…

here’s how

‘there is NOTHING they can do to stop it.’

once it takes hold they can’t help but watch, in a trance. they sit, mouth open, scared to blink, as you weave words of magic, which, like 100’s of cute little monkies swinging from branch to branch, swing from little hair to little hair, straight into the drums of their ears.

then it takes over…

on auto-pilot, they are straight onto facebook, twitter, texting friend’s at the same time.

what would that do for your business?

the good news is if you do this once, and do it properly, you will probably never need to work another day as long as you live.

the bad news is, it’s not so simple to achieve.

but it’s possible!

i read some articles on this topic and most had a recurring theme: good info, good description and keywords, be sure to incentivize…blah blah freakin’ blah.

let’s look at the working parts…

the actual content.

this is obviously the most important part, agree?

it’s gonna need to be extremely interesting, funny, educational, inspiring, on edge, or even a lil’ offensive (example coming).

when i say offensive, i mean tastefully offensive. shock factor. like, ‘i cant believe he just did that!’ not the stuff that will land you in jail 🙂

they MUST trigger some kind of emotional response.

but this is STILL not enough.

i know, i will incentivize!

give ’em something for free!

this can work, it relies on people wanting what you have to offer in order for them to share it, but it’s not true viral marketing in my opinion.

the stuff that goes viral, and i mean really viral, is not incentivized (example coming).

the right description and tags (keywords) are most important…

BS dude!

that’s seo. in no way shape or form are you trying to please the search engines with your content.

make the end user happy. PERIOD! (example coming, i promise) 🙂

so, i think we have it nailed down. we need to make people share something because THEY WANT to share it and no other reason.

i’m sure you have been caught up in something that has done exactly this. i know i have on a few occasions. so…

…here is the example!

did you see the ‘ultimate dog tease?’

i saw it and instantly shared it to facebook, twitter and with my friends! when i was showing friends, some locals i didn’t even know got involved 🙂

heck, i even followed up with people to make sure they had watched it.

NO fancy description.

a few lame ass tags thrown in for good measure, such as dog and bacon 🙂

yet it still has 86+ million views, 300,000+ likes and all in under 9 months!!!

watch it here ~~>

see, i even shared it again.


most people can’t explain ‘why’ but my buddy believes it’s not pot luck. he says, and i believe him, there is a science to making this happen.

he shares it inside the Yaghi Labs Internet Business Academy, come see 🙂

lots of love,


How To Maintain Blog Traffic

So you’ve built your shiny new blog, written a long and detailed post about the red-eyed tree frog (your area of expertise), and have received some well-earned accolades. The visitor feedback has been nothing but positive and you have established yourself as an authority figure in your field. The traffic to your site is flowing and you’re on top of the world. In the ensuing days, however, your blog traffic has all but disappeared. Sound familiar?

New Quality Content

Unless you update your blog content regularly with new, unique and appealing material, visitors will look for this information elsewhere. A quick post, once a day, is the minimum suggested delivery schedule. By adhering to this, you will create a loyal group of followers (providing the quality of your content is maintained).

Quick Blog Tips

Most people today have the attention span of a gnat. Make sure to deliver your content in short digestible chunks. If you divulge everything you know about the tree frog in one doctoral level article, what will you follow up with? People crave knowledge and you’re there to feed that need. Make sure to get your point across in the least amount of time possible.

Here are a few blog post title examples for quick content:

  •  “Do red-eyed tree frogs prefer crickets or worms?”
  •  “The most common tree frog disease”
  •  “What is the lifespan of the red-eyed tree frog?”
  •  “Red-eyed tree frogs are neat freaks!”

You get the idea. Short, sweet and to the point.

Regular, quick and quality content is imperative in order to become a successful blogger. And successful bloggers make money! More about how to monetize your blog in another post…

Beyond The Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Here at the Yaghi Labs Internet Business Academy, we fuel your passion by providing the expertise needed to take your online business to the next level. Find out more at

how effective is Facebook ppc?

one friday afternoon, i received a commission payment for around $3500. i decided to put the whole lot back to work.

having had a great chat with Jim Yaghi the week before, i was keen to put my new website to work so i punched in my card details and i was all set up for Facebook ads.

i set it live, put my favourite song on YouTube and went to make my afternoon coffee. i may have also had a small cake too, i forget 😉

it couldn’t have been more than half an hour… new emails already – lead notifications…

40 within the first hour, over 200 by friday night, wtf?

don’t people have anything better to do on a friday evening? 🙂

anyway, 3 weeks, 3000 leads or so and almost $50,000 later

you ask…

…how effective is Facebook ppc?

i answer, ‘big smiley’ 🙂

with 800 million users, half of which log in daily, you’d be crazy not to want your business in front of them.

but remember…

…it’s easy to blow a ton of money with pay per click marketing…

if you follow my steps laid out below, you will soon be on your way to a profitable campaign.

identify your goals

what is it you are setting out to achieve?

  • grow a fanbase – encourage people to like your page by offering valuable benefits for engaging.
  • drive sales – offer special deals and giveaways in your ad campaign to bring people into your store.
  • build awareness – reach a large audience with a widely targeted ad campaign.

target the right people

this is sooooo important.

you wouldn’t want to sell weight loss products to skinny people right?

think about the profiles of the people you want to reach with your ads, and select criteria based on what your audience is interested in, instead of what they might be looking to buy.

know who your target audience is. you can target by…

  • location, language, education, and work
  • age, gender, birthday, and relationship status
  • likes & interests such as ‘camping’, ‘hiking’, or ‘backpacking’

design your ad

once you know your target audience, design your ad to suit

~~> this article details how to write an effective ad <~~

where are you sending them?

there are arguments both for and against sending your traffic to a facebook fanpage or straight to your own website.

obviously, if you’re trying to grow your fan base then you will want to use a fan page but to drive straight sales, your own website is as good as any.

manage your budget

by setting a low budget you make sure you don’t blow all your money in your first day of the campaign. set it low, test it and if it doesnt work, find out why and fix it. if it works, ramp it up 🙂

review and improve

keep watching your ad, how it converts and if it is achieving what you want it to achieve. by looking at this you will know where changes and improvements are required from ad to sale.

let me know how your campaign goes 🙂

i also strongly suggest you come visit our Internet Business Academy. here you will learn every aspect of building a profitable online business.

lots of love,

ewan 🙂

Does Content Marketing Really Work?

creating content is where you’re gonna spend most of your time as you build yourself an insanely profitable online business. it’s an awesome way to build credibility and authority, so when people are ready to buy…

they come to you 🙂

what is it exactly?

content marketing is where you educate, inform or entertain web users with the desired outcome of them spending money with you. you may do this via video on youtube, blogging or article writing via a site such as ezine articles

for example…

little bob is selling a weight loss product, he writes down 50 topics from

how to lose weight without feeling hungry


why it’s important to drink water

each of the 50 articles or videos, educate the web user on ONE SPECIFIC topic. each piece of content leads into little bob’s product, the web user buys and little bob makes money 🙂

so does content marketing work?

you bet!

how fast will i see results?

it’s important to understand that it takes time to build momentum with this type of marketing. it’s easy to get disheartened when you are producing content with no results but persevere. it’s a long term strategy, you may even see some instant results and some sales from your very first piece of content, i have seen this happen in my own business.

what to focus on?

i think it’s extremely important to focus on…

quality NOT quantity

i hear people telling stories of banging out 10 articles a day, it’s kind of a waste of time as if they are junk, nobody is gonna take time outta their busy schedules to read some crappy article.

other horror stories you hear are mis informed marketers thinking the most important things are the search engines

uhm…..thats false

write or shoot your video with one goal, and one goal only…

to educate, inform or entertain the web user

you never know what piece of quality content you are gonna produce that may go viral. this happens when you produce summin so awesome that everyone can’t help but share it with their friends

there is a better way…

when you generate leads with a ppc marketing campaign and market your content to them daily, this can rocket your sales, and it can produce instant results

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ewan 🙂

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how does ppc campaign management work?

campaign management for ppc marketing is a fancy term for how the account is run. it works by effectively managing the main parts of your ppc account which all work together to achieve the desired outcome. you can do this yourself or pay to have it done by experts. if you choose the latter, do your research before parting with your hard earned $$$.

the 2 secret words to reaching effective campaign management are…

organisation and structure

like DNA, the structure of your ppc account is unique to you and your business. from each campaign right down to the keywords.

how it is structured will be determined by you and the type of business you have.

say for example, you have a sports shop…


you could set a campaign for each type of what ya want to advertise. one for jackets, one for trousers, one for shoes, one for camping, and so on.


then inside each campaign, you have adgroups. so if your campaign was camping, you could have your adgroups for each thing related to camping that you want to advertise. one for North Face sleeping bag. one for thermal sleeping bag, and so on

dya follow? 😉


then your keywords are grouped tight for each adgroup, each keyword would be a spin off from the main keyword, such as

  • thermal sleeping bag
  • warm thermal sleeping bag
  • double coated thermal sleeping bag
  • pink fluffy thermal sleeping bag 🙂

killer ads

each adgroup will have an awesome ad that suits…

 Going Camping?

Come and see why campers from all over

the world get their thermal sleeping bags here

you will never run outta room in your Google AdWords account, you can have

  • 500 campaigns
  • 20,000 adgroups per campaign
  • 5000 keywords per adgroup
  • 3 million keywords per account

plenty to work with huh? 😉

ongoing management is crucial

once you get your account setup and have some ads live, you must watch them like a hawk and be ruthless with what isn’t working. don’t get emotionally attached. it gets deleted 🙂

say for example you are willing to pay $5 for each lead. if the adgroup (display network) or keyword (search network) has reached a little over that cost without generating a lead, it would get killed from the account. there is waaaaay more stuff that WILL work to be wasting your prescious coins on the shhiiyyaatt that doesn’t.

extra reading

i recommend you read ~~> this article <~~ on bid management, it should help with the bidding process and the management of killing keywords that don’t work 🙂

lots of love


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