Maintaining an Alexa Traffic Spike – Part 2

The screenshot above shows the Alexa graph from today for That’s a little over TWO WEEKS after i shared the post: how to maintain an Alexa traffic spike.

Which means we jumped 36,930 positions worldwide in one fortnight.

While i am incredibly proud, this isn’t something i share with you JUST to brag. It proves the point that if you focus on engagement, traffic will follow.

This website has, for years, been sitting around as a relatively neglected piece of online real-estate. Once in a while, when i got some time, i would spend some money in paid ads.

But what I regret most is not having built a relationship with the audience of this website years ago.

Because each time a traffic campaign ended, the website slipped back to oblivion and no more visitors arrived on their own without an email asking them to visit.

Busy fighting to win traffic for clients –

I’m pleased that i helped my clients grow to 7 and 8 figure revenue businesses. But still, it’s shameful to be one of the top traffic consultants in the Online Business industry while having such a poor example at my own website.

For this reason, Alexa became a major point of focus for measuring our goals here.

Rather than set goals like most do: spend $250 in paid ads/month, get 30 leads per day, get leads at $0.30 each….we realised those were not goals that matter. Traffic costs what it costs and there’s little that can be done to change the cost.

Only revenue and customer loyalty are within our direct control.

Our goals are tied to Alexa’s competitive measure of all the websites of the world. We focused on the following metrics:

  • Number of pages viewed per visitor
  • Average time spent at website
  • Percent of Returning Visitors
  • and Bounce rate

These metrics indicate how engaging a website is, which directly correlates to money.

Getting hits to the website is the easy part – we could get a spike in reach on Alexa overnight – but the challenge is in making people want to return and spend time at the website exploring it. Engaged visitors are gathering information to make informed buying decisions.

How Do We Compare Against the Big Players?

In Alexa, it’s possible to compare your website to any other site you want.

We plugged in the websites of some of our main market competitors who get a LOT of hits to their websites – and found that while they beat us on overall site visits,  we beat them on every other measure of engagement.

Most websites are props. Websites that builds a proper relationship with their audience make sales automatically…

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