2b. Business Theme Example : Part 2 – “Cool Business” Series

In an earlier article in the “Cool Business” Series we showed you a method to add a central theme to your business in order to create captivating, engaging, audience-holding identity for your business. Here’s an example of how to use that method. It was contributed by one of our loyal readers, Tammy Morton:

“I started with – “What I know for sure is….” Then I wrote for 10 minutes letting everything spill out of my head.

“I ended up with 21 core beliefs.

“Then I condensed them down to categories. Example below:

“This category of beliefs stemmed from my personal experience of seeing my mom being abused by her first husband. The end result was a belief to never be a victim and fight for yourself.

  • “Be Foxy Brown (handle your business and always be able to provide for yourself = Education)
  • “Love yourself more than you do anyone else (Self-Love, no tolerance for abuse = Fight)
  • “Momma said always stick together (she said that 3 can defeat a predator better than 1 = Fight)

“I had other beliefs that I was able to categorize. It was boiled down to:

  • “Empowerment (Grow)
  • “Education (Grow)
  • “Use Unconventional Methods (Grow)
  • “Challenge the Status Quo (Fight)
  • “Out of The Box Thinking/Creative Thinking (Grow)
  • “Rebellion Against Tradition (Fight)
  • “Be aware of Abuse in any form (Fight)
  • “Fight for What You Believe In (Determination versus Defeat = Fight)
  • “Life is Too Short, Go Experience it (Grow)
  • “That Which Doesn’t Kill Me Only Makes Me Stronger (Grow)

“So my values are the ones above in condense form.

“Your tutorial helped me to clarify my mission for my clients and to be sure to weave my life experiences into my story and my business because I learned a great deal from them (experiences). This will make my articles a bit more interesting and fun… just the way I like it.”

This is a perfect example of how you can translate your own personal values and beliefs into business values. You must write these down like Tammy has done. Once you’ve written them, you will refer to them often and they will form a basis for every business decision, marketing decision, growth decision that you make.

Don’t worry if the language is not perfect, nobody’s going to check on these. This is for your own reference only. By keeping this theme handy, you will be able to have a consistent identity as you build, grow, and promote your business.

Thank you to Tammy Morton for contributing this wonderful example and for taking such quick action with the information!

Check out Tammy’s journal to keep up with how she’s using her new business theme.