MLMers say the DARND-EST things!

They say the darndest things…”oh I am helping people better their lives” they say.

And I ask, “How about yours? Are you having a good life?”

Because regardless of what the new disguise they’re wearing is, call them Attraction Marketers, call them Magnetic Marketers, call them Online Marketers, call them Info Marketers, call them whatever they are calling themselves today…

When I ask them,  “What are you selling?”

Their answer is always, “I just want to help people…(insert useless thing here)…”


How can somebody weak help anyone?

Fatso lard-asses claim they want to help people get healthy.

Traffic-starved online marketers claim they want to help people get traffic.

Money-grubbing, poverty stricken network marketers claim they want to help people make money.

Are they stupid? They are the ones in most desperate need of help.

So if I hear one more fool claim what they’re selling is “I just want to help people X” I’m going to run them over twice with a rental truck. Once in drive and again in reverse.

In fact, I once heard a famous dipshit Gooroo teach this illogical idea:

“Look at what YOU need most and then go create a free bribe teaching people like yourself to get what you want. Then you can get leads.”

I can’t believe people were going around spreading this dogshit around like he actually gave them a serious traffic revelation. LOL.

Look I’m no expert at being a Gooroo. I wouldn’t have a clue on how to begin.

Because I have this annoying thing called a BRAIN and it makes me critically analyze what I say so I don’t say anything stupid. Selling what you don’t have in the first place makes no sense.

So let me save you some embarrassment when you get on a consultation call with me.

If I ask you “What are you selling?” and you don’t have what you wanna sell, just say, “Could you help me find something to sell?”

And I promise I’ll have a lot of respect for you. Because you’re doing the right thing…talking to someone who has:

a) built a very successful business online…and

b) has helped many people like yourself sell to the masses. And you’re asking the right question instead of answering a very retarded answer.

Get the Option #2 consultation below and ask and you shall be helped…



On Becoming a Living Legend

Dearest Internet Enthusiast (hehehe!),

Here’s a funny notion…

Doing what you’re “passionate” about, AS A BUSINESS. Lol.

Ok, I don’t know about you, but most FUNCTIONAL members of society don’t have a whole lot of time to spare that they get bored very often or very long.

Between family, hobbies, and work, that’s a full day.

So let’s get real. Most of us don’t get into business to do what we have a “strong and barely controllable emotion” about (definition of passion…Yes, I looked it up.)

And even if we did, I have a hard time believing you or your fellow subscribers dreamed of being an Affiliate Marketing rep when you grew up. Not even the type who sells crap online.


If we were passionate about our labours, we wouldn’t need to get paid to make it worthwhile.

Don’t worry. I’m not very different from you. I did not dream of being a Google Adwords rockstar (so cool), nor of servicing startup businesses in their traffic needs.

Yet, that’s what I do. And I do NOT love it!

It’s boring and I’d rather slit my wrists than have to get on another client call. — You know, I spend most of the call trying to convince the client why they should do what they paid me to tell them to do?!

But here’s what I AM passionate about…

Changing the world with one idea.

Becoming a living legend (like Tupac).

Getting a listing in Forbes top 20 rich list.

Exotic foods from around the world.

Hanging out with my beautiful lady…

Notice, none of these is a WORK PROCESS?

They are all goals. They are all things you have to do A LOT OF BORING CRAP to get to.

Goals BEG passion…but processes rarely do.

“When you see me excited and passionate about what I’m doing, it’s not the work that makes me this way. It’s knowing that this work, hard as it is, boring as it might be, is bringing me day by day closer to my goal.”

You are obviously not the same as me.

I don’t know what makes you passionate. I don’t know what goals you make. But I can tell you this…

If your goals need a lot of traffic to accomplish, then traffic is what we LIVE AND DIE BY at YaghiLabs.

The shortest path to your passions, is on the other end of a phone-call. Apply for a traffic consultation below:



What Is A Good PPC Lead Conversion Rate?

“Conversion rate is the first success metric your business should strive to improve.”

Are you achieving online sales or lead conversion rates of more than 5% from your PPC traffic? If no, then you should read on. If yes, let’s see if you agree…

Traffic that brings about a conversion rate of less than 5% should make you question whether or not you are optimizing your campaign correctly for your target audience. In turn, a decent conversion rate will indicate your audience IS responding appropriately to your call to action. 

How to Calculate Conversion Rates

Once you have set up a tracking system, and assembled the resulting analytics data, you will need to calculate your rate of conversion. You can use this simple formula to get you started:

Total Conversions/Total Views X 100 = Conversion Rate

Here are some examples…

Number of lead forms filled out/Traffic on Landing Page X 100 = Conversion Rate

Number of lead forms filled out/Total Traffic on Home Page X 100 = Conversion Rate

Number of Sales/Number of Visitors X 100 = Conversion Rate

A rate of 1-2% is not uncommon but can be improved by strategies like simplifying website usability, enhancing ad copy and providing a clear call to action.

“For most MLM and Network Marketing businesses, an average PPC leads to sales metric is about 3%”

To decide whether this is a good lead conversion rate for you, have a look at your return on investment (ROI). Consider the revenue generated by your sales compared to the cost of acquiring the leads (or potential paying customers) in the first place.

The Best Way to START Getting Good PPC Lead Conversion Rates…

Here at Yaghi Labs, we have not found one person (no matter how good they are) who can single-handedly optimize conversion rates and NEVER have to worry about them again. There’s always maintenance.

If it’s working today, it may not be working tomorrow.

Which is why the Yaghi Labs team can DO IT FOR YOU!

At least initially…

If you’d like to manage your own advertising, but want to get off to a flying start, we’ll build you a customized campaign from scratch. You’ll also get a marketing plan, a landing page and some emails to increase your sales activity. Our Done-For-You service gives you everything you need…all you have to do is hit the “GO” button to switch it on.

Learn more:

How to Create Lead Generator and Landing Page

I’m such a geek!

One of my favourite hobbies is to create landing pages.

It’s fun because this is where the ‘money getting process’ starts.

Don’t Be Scared!

There are a lot of different tools and website builders. They provide pretty good tutorial videos but it can be scary with coding, HTML, and stuff that makes no sense to normal human beings. It put me off for a long time. Then I finally decided to just dive in. I spent day’s upon days learning, fiddling around with little bits of HTML code.

But what I should have been focused upon is marketing to generate leads. Because alas, after all that time, I grew frustrated and gave up.

You Don’t Need To Learn HTML

A friend of mine built a pretty sleek website and said she used a website builder called Bluevoda. It requires no knowledge of HTML. It’s like using Microsoft Word.

Very easy, and the finished product looks awesome! It’s been my website builder of choice ever since.

Now That You’re Ready To Build

Anybody can create a landing page, but creating one that does what you want it to do is a skill. A valuable skill 🙂

Knowing what you want it to do is key.

You may think that sounds silly. We know what you want it to do – convert visitors to leads, right? And that is ALL you want it to do! Lots of marketers get this bit wrong. They cram so much information into their landing page that the visitor gets confused, runs away, and keeps their coins with them.

Your page only needs 3 working parts

  1. Bad-ass headline (grabs the attention of the visitor)
  2. Teaser copy (a little taste of how you are about to solve their problem)
  3. Optin form

In fact, the simpler your page is the higher it tends to convert.

There Is A Science To Piecing It All Together

Few marketers can create landing pages that work well. They don’t know what makes a good page work.

Inside the YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy we show you exactly how to create a killer landing page

  • why colours and font are important
  • how to layout your page for maximum conversions
  • why the other pages affect your conversion rate
  • and many other little secrets 😉

Take a look inside the Internet Business Academy now.

Lots of love

Ewan 🙂

My Phone Room.Com—Never Call A MLM Or BIZ Lead Again!

Cold calling mlm leads or any business lead is a waste of most business owners time.
And besides that, most network marketers hate picking up that gorilla—the phone.

Please don’t misunderstand me,there are some network
marketers that enjoy picking up the phone and prospecting. But there are several draw backs to calling leads yourself.

Here are 3 chief reasons why calling your own leads are counter productive:
1. You can better leverage your time by using call center outsourcing. Call center outsourcing will allow you to free up your time to do other productive things in your business. It will allow you to use your time doing things you like to do,like having more family time,or doing hobbies you love to engage in so much.
The leveraging via a call center outsourcing service will allow you to work your home business at a faster more efficient rate than all other network marketers or home business owners. By having a virtual call center,you will make more money. Think about it,there is a person calling your leads even thou they might not FEEL like doing it. They have to keep calling,because as a waged employee— it’s their job.

So… they are essential like robots for you. They have to do such grunt work in order to eat. That’s a good thing cause for your business,you are accelerating upwardly,even thou on a given day,you don’t feel like prospecting.

With a virtual call center… THE BEAT GOES ON!

2.Easy duplication for your mlm business.
Think about it. How duplicable is it for your downline to cold call leads? They might start out calling like a mad man,but a few “nos”, a few “stop calling me” prospects,a few hang ups in yo face will cause the toughest network marketer to surrender.

Enter the safe haven of the call center.It’s duplicable for your downline. It’s duplicable for their downline. So with all this duplication; doesn’t it stand to reason that you and your downline will stay in business? Think you’ll make more money? Think they will make quicker money—more money?

You betcha!

3. Finally, think of how much more professional you will look if you have a virtual assistant that edifies you as a leader?
Think you’ll garner respect that has thus far eluded you?
Respect like the big boys garner!

Make more money. Have more time freedom. Get the virtual office that will take your business to the sky.

Go here

I’m out,

Wendell Wilkins

P.S. look me up here

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URGENT: Very Bad PPC News!

I’m really sorry I didn’t get this to you sooner.

It is very bad news. Google made a major announcement December 8th
stating that they’ll be filing personal lawsuits against work at home
businesses. This couldn’t come at a worse time. What with all the bans and
slaps a lot of our subscribers have been facing.

My friend Cherie and I have a special call TONIGHT for everyone who is
worried about these changes or has had their business shut down because of
them. If that’s you, then I can’t stress how badly you need to be listening
tonight–you will never look at PPC the same again. That’s a promise.

I know, I know. It’s short notice. But we’ve been working so hard putting
it all together that we ran way over scheduele.

If you’re reading this message before 6pm CST, then click the link below
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Remember, the call is tonight–like in a few hours, so make sure you’re on it. I understand the seats are limited and some of our partners already filled up many of the available spaces.

See you there!