50 VISITORS Pay a Professor’s Income?


First off…

A subscriber was kind enough to point out my calculation error in an email yesterday. Oopsie. Forgot to carry the one or something like that. You probably missed it, but if you didn’t, Point still stands.


Thanks both for the hate and love mail. It brings a lonely tear to my eye when I see fan mail from various butthole towns in Europe and Africa and to know that the YaghiLabs truth has penetrated even the nooks and crannies of the world. Hip hip huzzah!

Anyway, onwards…

Yesterday I chatted with a smart feller who sells a service for converting VHS video tapes to DVD.

Weird thing is, he runs his business as a one-man operation…

Advertises it primarily online…

Pays minimal expenses ($3 every two weeks or something like that).

And he brings in a better income than I would make with a PhD, teaching your kids Computer Science at university.

So he asks me, he says,

“Jim, show me how to QUADRUPLE my monthly income!”

Cheese whiz. I used my error-prone mental arithmetic skills with the assistance of a calculator, and repeated the calculation 3 times to find his AVERAGE per lead value.

Just under $115/lead REVENUE…

Meaning, when he gets a hit at his site and the hit decides to fill out his lead form, regardless of whether or not the lead ever buys, he on average earns $115 for every person who fills out the form.

If you were there, your jaw would have dropped to see how he was doing this…

He did it with no mailing list.

No sales letter.

No super social media butt-crack traffic.

And the most hits he had in a single day was only 50.

I had plenty of suggestions for him to get more traffic from my super-secret SEO strategy, to a critique of his Facebook ads, to landing page copy and design which we reworked together…

But the real lesson I want you to take is not how awesome I am at helping very successful people become more successful.

It’s this…

If you take your new-found marketing skills and apply them in an area where the competition has no marketing skills…you will prosper, faster, easier, and bigger than your wildest dreams.

You’ll make more than a professor’s income while farting in your pajamas.

On the other hand, if you market marketing to marketers…(wtf?! Did I get that right?)

Which so many dumbasses do…you’re swimming with SHARKS like me…much more experienced at marketing than you…and they will squash you, stomp you, eat you alive, and burp your arms up covered in green acid-reflux stomach fluids.

Get the picture?

Here’s the funny link to get my help with your product, marketing, traffic, and sales… http://jimyaghi.com/traffic



How To Create Opt-In Lead Generator

I would be lying to you if I said there was only one way to create an Opt-In Lead Generator. Okay, technically speaking there is just one way, that is, by doing so with some type of web development code. Let’s break down the process a bit more and skip the technical speak…

Building an Opt-In Lead Generator Starting Point

Building a lead generator doesn’t start on a webpage, capture page, squeeze page, or any other page you find online. Putting together an effective lead generator starts with an effective marketing plan. This could be a plan in which your product or service is already getting results, well before you start advertising using the Internet.

I get it, you are just starting out and you want to sell to people only online. I am sure you have some kind of competition somewhere and they may have a method setup to generate leads with some form of Opt-In system. You are aware of your competition right….right?

You Must Already Know

Market research seems to be the last thing entrepreneurs add to their portfolio of business skills. When it comes time to sell, they can get frustrated as to why no one is purchasing what they have to offer. Let’s assume your product is something people want to buy. Now your job is to make sure they buy from you. Not only do you want them to buy from you, you want them to be ready to buy and open to buy even more by being an Opt-In customer. Tongue twister much?

Opt-In generators give your customers a way to say, “Yes…I want to stay connected with your business.”

Method of Opt-Ins

Your product is good and you have a website up and running. Now you’re targeting potential customers (and current ones) who would like to stay connected with you and are interested in your product or service. It’s time to pick a method to make this happen…

  • Email marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Social Media
  • Micro Blogs
  • Text messages

and more…

Tools of the Trade

Depending on the method or style you are going with for capturing or collecting your customers permission to send them stuff, there are many tools to assist you.

Email Marketing programs like Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact and iContact allow you to create forms for webpages so your visitors can give you their permission to be contacted directly. They also provide you with a method of storing and managing all related content.

Social Media sites use Apps or Plugins which interact with email marketing tools or have custom code to collect your customers permissions as well.

Being Realistic

Breaking down the specifics for your particular business would be impossible in one article. What I want you to take from this information is that developing a good Opt-in lead generation method for your business will take careful planning, setting specific goals based on your products and services, and testing.

As an entrepreneur you have to measure the value of learning the skills necessary to put such tools to use (and at a profit) versus having an experienced team of professionals leverage the time and effort for you.

Yes, we do this everyday at Yaghi Labs. Traffic, Conversions, Testing, Marketing, Generating Qualified Leads and so much more…

We can tell you if using the Internet to grow your business is worth your time and money. And if so, we will work with you directly and provide the expertise needed to succeed and thrive online.

Learn about our special

Best regards,

Yaghi Labs Team Member
Richard Kaulfers

How To Generate A Lead Using PPC

Fred, an aspiring PPC advertiser asks,

What makes more sense?…

“Send visitors searching under my brand name to my home page – from a keyword they entered with the assumption they know something about my company (or brand, or product or service) without specifically knowing what they’re searching for (apart from my company)?”


“Create an optimized landing page around some free content that’s going to be engaging to my target audience – directing the company name PPC searches to this page – and include a sign-up form on the landing page?”

Dear Fred, definitely the latter!

Let’s dive into this…

How To Generate A Lead Using PPC

As a PPC advertiser, select which keywords you want to target with ads.

Then write targeted and relevant ad copy which people looking for those keywords would be interested in.

Don’t use the ads to make a sales pitch.

Instead, use the ad to attract visitors to a lead page or opt-in form.

Here’s the rational:

The “go for the jugular” approach (where you try to make the sale immediately) is far less effective online. Instead, it’s preferable to focus on generating leads. Collecting a stranger’s name and email address is much easier than persuading him to buy right away. It also allows more time to build the trust and credibility needed for short term sales and  long-term buying relationships.

Hands down, THE best way to get more leads is to use PPC

However, there is a ton of misinformation across the web on this topic.

You generate leads with PPC by connecting the searcher, who has an idea in his head of what he is looking for, with the ad you put on the PPC engine. This directs to your landing page when the searcher clicks your ad.

The key is to keep in mind what a person is looking for when inputting their request on a search engine – no matter if it’s Google, Yahoo, Bing or YouTube.

Same concept for Facebook as well but with Facebook it’s based on demographics.

When running a PPC campaign your task is to optimize your campaigns by managing the relationship between clicks, conversion and cost.

Keep conversions increasing while watching the cost to drive each conversion down.

In theory, this is a simple concept but many a PPC advertiser have lost their shirt pursuing this process.

Let’s conclude with the main ingredients for PPC lead generation success…

  • Implement Conversion Tracking.
  • Comprehensive Keywords: generate a list of keywords that you refine to find the keywords which convert best for you.
  • Proper Landing Pages: Don’t send the traffic to your home page. Ads should have landing pages.
  • Lead Generation Form: Keep it simple.  Research has shown that less is more. Usually just ask for name and email, or only email.
  • Offer an Incentive: a free trial, 30 day discount, etc. Incentives increase conversions.
  • Make it Easy to Contact: Just because they found you online via a paid search doesn’t mean they might not want to pick up the phone to call you. Make it easy for your leads to contact you.

This Is What Yaghi Labs Does…

We’re advertising, traffic and promotion experts.

We create a persistent flow of new visitors to your website and make it grow automatically.

Important – without traffic, your online business starves.

Most advertising and SEO on the web is riddled with rules and changes that can kill your business in an instant. Our team of advertising experts share with you the “traffic maps” they’ve engineered to make advertising independent of search engines.

This is an exciting section inside our Internet Business Academy course which shows you how to totally automate your traffic and remove dependence on any traffic suppliers.

More Details Here:

How To Get Conversions

So you’ve got a bazillion visitors to your website but only limited sales…what gives? While having many people stop by your site or landing page is certainly desirable, converting the traffic (regardless of volume) should be your number one priority. Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to accomplish this:

Simplicity and Clarity

If your goal is to have someone sign up for your free newsletter then make sure this is the primary focus of your website. While addressing your buyers’ needs and wants, define your key visitor tasks (i.e. what you want them to do) and guide them through each one.

For example, when a potential customer arrives at your site, the first thing you want them to do is watch a brief video, read a related article then sign up for your newsletter. Simply place the video in a prominent position near the top of the page, have it start playing automatically and (from within the video) direct them to the article below. Your newsletter opt in form can then be placed beside the video and below the article giving your potential client two clear options to take action and sign up for your offer.

The easier your site is to navigate and use, the more likely people will be to stick around and convert. Make sure to give concise directions and maintain complete transparency.

Minimize Distractions

In the Internet era of instant and easily accessible information, it’s imperative to keep your audience attentive to your message. Placing flashing banners in their line of sight, offering a million links to recommended articles, or directing your potential buyers to other opportunities can be a major distraction and WILL affect your bottom line.

Maintain focus on your conversion goal. Design your page to guide people toward a desired result. In the case of a newsletter opt in, place your sign up form in a prominent position on the page and provide little opportunity to navigate away from this spot.

Test, Learn and Apply

Rather than worry exclusively about increasing the number of visitors to your site, you should work on maximizing the buying potential of all existing traffic. In order to do this you will need to constantly test, analyze, learn from the testing then apply changes accordingly.

Never be satisfied with what you have now. Every element of your sales page including design, ad copy and overall content CAN be improved based on conversion analytics and customer feedback. You need not spend enormous amounts of money to accomplish this either. All you require is diligence, perseverance and to “keep your finger on the pulse” of your prospects.

Traffic, leads and conversion optimizing is the foundation of what we offer here at Yaghi Labs. To learn more about what you can do to “tweak” your online business for massive results, listen now at http://jimyaghi.com/ylacademy

How To Create a Good PPC Landing Page – That Also Gets Money

I’ve been experimenting with a new landing page technique (see example here).

We’ve done split-tests with COLD PPC Traffic and it has CREAMED every other split-test we’ve done.

My friend Ben Settle coined the term Time Continuum Landing Page because of how it works.

Time Continuum headlines are really hard for me to explain – let alone teach. But they’re one of the best discoveries i’ve ever made. So here’s my best attempt at it – ok?

My Best Attempt At Explaining The PPC Landing Page Method

I was given this advice years ago (and it’s mostly what inspired this method):

“Take them just BEYOND the landing page”.

You must have a vivid picture of what that “glimpse”  you give is. How else would you be able to describe it?

So, do this…

Picture Carol. She’s a 36 year old woman frustrated that she doesn’t have enough traffic and her last commission was weeks ago.

Now imagine she just finished submitting her email at your website.

Look at her face.

What are Carol’s emotions?

Why is she excited?

What can’t she wait to hear?

Is she excited – REALLY, really excited?


Turn it up a few notches. Pump her up with excitement and anticipation. She’s smiling, leaning forward, her pupils are dilated. She’s found the answer, FINALLY.

Try to visualise her face again.

NOW we’re talking. She BELIEVES that she will discover something honestly quite revolutionary.

She wants it RIGHT NOW, she can’t wait.

She doesn’t want to MISS OUT.

She is filled with EXPECTATION and is now racing to check the email you sent her.

Isn’t this what you want?

Here’s what made Carol give her email:





Now write your headline using the following guidelines.

To make it IMMEDIATE…

use words like:

On the next page is

Next, you’ll get

You’re seconds away from

This is the easy way – but there are also ways to create the feeling of immediacy without being so didactic about it.

Most people fall into the trap of using the word “instant”. The problem is that it’s just a word. A good landing page headline will create the feel of instantaneousness without saying it.

See this two examples:

  1. “If you give me your shoes, they will instantly be polished!”
  2. “Place your shoes on the moving belt – the machine returns them clean, shining, and bright.”

Which one makes you believe the immediacy more, 1 or 2?

If you chose 2, then we’re in agreement.

To make it CURRENT…

use words like:

…right now…

…at this very moment…

Also be sure to replace ALL your verbs with “-ing” and present-tense forms (eg, play-ing, listen-ing, learn-ing – or – launches, starts, plays, opens).

Here’s an important pointer. Avoid using the words “WILL“, and “CAN” and any conditionals like if.  They suggest that what you’re saying will happen in the future – which is too far.

Future is an uncertainty for most people. It’s less believable. The only thing that matters to this prospect is what they will get right now.

To make it EXPECTATION-al (!?)…

you need to make vivid what will happen immediately after submitting.

A lot of emphasis is placed on calls to action which use an imperative verb. Like “Watch”, “Play”, and “Download”. Imperatives are ok, but you really want to make them have a very vivid image of themselves getting what they want.

See these examples:

  1.  To get my free PDF, write your email below. (this is ok)
  2. Fill the form to start reading the document (better)
  3. Fill the form below, it launches the document that will make you skinny again. (much better!)

or how about…

  1. Fill out the form to watch my free video (not bad…but…)
  2. Write your email to Start watching me do cartwheels (wayyy more enticing!)

To make it BELIEVABLE,

Ok, everything we just talked about up to this point makes your landing page authentic.

Of course belief begins with a factual statement about something the prospect desires.

People believe anything they want to be true – as long as it’s happening right now.


it’s verifiable!

Something that happened yesterday may not have really happened. History is always messed with.

Something that MAY happen in the future, MAY also NOT happen.

That leaves the PRESENT. Something that is happening right now, you can check if it’s true or not by giving it a quick glance or a moment of your time.

Time Continuum landing pages don’t put your prospect OUTSIDE a closed door.

They put the prospect in the doorway with a foot inside and a bouncer in the way :).

Landing Page Learning Doesn’t End Here

We’re helping hundreds of entrepreneurs to seduce customers into their websites. For much more insight into building landing pages that convert cold traffic check the YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy below:



2b. Business Theme Example : Part 2 – “Cool Business” Series

In an earlier article in the “Cool Business” Series we showed you a method to add a central theme to your business in order to create captivating, engaging, audience-holding identity for your business. Here’s an example of how to use that method. It was contributed by one of our loyal readers, Tammy Morton:

“I started with – “What I know for sure is….” Then I wrote for 10 minutes letting everything spill out of my head.

“I ended up with 21 core beliefs.

“Then I condensed them down to categories. Example below:

“This category of beliefs stemmed from my personal experience of seeing my mom being abused by her first husband. The end result was a belief to never be a victim and fight for yourself.

  • “Be Foxy Brown (handle your business and always be able to provide for yourself = Education)
  • “Love yourself more than you do anyone else (Self-Love, no tolerance for abuse = Fight)
  • “Momma said always stick together (she said that 3 can defeat a predator better than 1 = Fight)

“I had other beliefs that I was able to categorize. It was boiled down to:

  • “Empowerment (Grow)
  • “Education (Grow)
  • “Use Unconventional Methods (Grow)
  • “Challenge the Status Quo (Fight)
  • “Out of The Box Thinking/Creative Thinking (Grow)
  • “Rebellion Against Tradition (Fight)
  • “Be aware of Abuse in any form (Fight)
  • “Fight for What You Believe In (Determination versus Defeat = Fight)
  • “Life is Too Short, Go Experience it (Grow)
  • “That Which Doesn’t Kill Me Only Makes Me Stronger (Grow)

“So my values are the ones above in condense form.

“Your tutorial helped me to clarify my mission for my clients and to be sure to weave my life experiences into my story and my business because I learned a great deal from them (experiences). This will make my articles a bit more interesting and fun… just the way I like it.”

This is a perfect example of how you can translate your own personal values and beliefs into business values. You must write these down like Tammy has done. Once you’ve written them, you will refer to them often and they will form a basis for every business decision, marketing decision, growth decision that you make.

Don’t worry if the language is not perfect, nobody’s going to check on these. This is for your own reference only. By keeping this theme handy, you will be able to have a consistent identity as you build, grow, and promote your business.

Thank you to Tammy Morton for contributing this wonderful example and for taking such quick action with the information!

Check out Tammy’s journal to keep up with how she’s using her new business theme.

How We Can Get YOU Leads & Customers… In 24 Hours Or Less …

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Here’s What Our 5 “Surprised” Test-Subjects Had To Say About Their 24-Hour Transformation

Here’s what really happened…
Test Subject #1: Gayle Buchanan


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Test Subject #2: Synthia Blackmore
#3: John Seiferth (Ex- “Rich Dad” Man)
#4: Tim
#5: Peter Harrington

See How To Participate In Our 24-Hour Transformation


How To Get Amazing Conversions From Name Squeeze Boxes

Right so Raymond sends out an email and i’m not the type to quote from email threads, but this is educational. Raymond’s email has a SINGLE link. nothing else. Wow. Rude, right?

I clicked the link and was taken to this site where a guy does a study to test the two versions of the form to my left. You’ll notice the form with fill-in-the-blank exercise  actually significantly outpulls the traditional one.

Ferny emails back to tell us how excited he is about the concept.

Meanwhile, I came up with this example i might use on my “bugger off” optin box :


My name is _________. Pleased to meet you Mr. Jim Yaghi. I’d love for you to email me some of your insights to marketing and your ebook on having a great time while keepin it real with the lord. You may email me at _________________.

Best Wishes,


Look at that, I even got them to tell me their name twice. Booyahh!

I haven’t tested this, but it would be worth a shot. If you get amazing conversions with it, let me know.