How To Create Screen Recording Videos For YouTube

Video is a great way to get your message across, establish yourself as a trusted authority in your chosen field, and build an audience through entertainment and education.

I remember the day I came across the concept of recording what I was doing on my screen, I can only liken it to how Jack and Jill felt when water became available directly to their kitchen sink, and they no longer had to go up that damn hill.

Screen captures are easy and extremely powerful for a business or entrepreneur. It removes so many problems you will encounter filming yourself, such as…

  • how you look
  • fluffing your lines
  • shooting a perfect video and realising you have left out a major point or a stroke of comic genius 🙂
  • finding the right backdrop
  • lighting
  • sound (just as you’re finishing your video, someone starts a lawn mower)
  • your eyes glancing to see your notes

I’m a visual learner and I believe if your video is teaching a lesson, it’s gonna be waaaay more effective if people can watch what you’re doing rather than listening to you explain. When I’m personally trying to figure out a new skill, YouTube is my first call, as I can pause the video as I implement the steps being shown.

Before we move on to how to create killer screen capture videos and what tools I like to use, it is extremely important to remember that when creating videos, the #1 rule is to educate or entertain. Think outside the box in terms of creativity, and how to deliver your content so as to put a smile on the face of your viewer.

Once you have your video idea, conduct some research and see what’s already out there. Do a YouTube and a Google search. See what you like and what you dislike. it may also spark even more creative genius 😉

My personal favourites for recording is Camtasia (30 day free trial) and Jing Project. There are many others and a quick google search of ‘screen recording software’ would reveal their identity.

Camtasia lets you record the whole screen or a part of the screen. You also have the ability to edit your video, add music and merge various different clips into one video. Once you are happy with your final draft, produce the video and save it to a folder in your computer then upload from YouTube.

Jing only lets you record video up to 5 minutes long. (I believe you should, where possible, keep your videos under 5 minutes, ideally 3. I use Jing for all my video recording unless it requires more than 5 minutes). Again, you have the option to save to a folder in your computer and then upload from YouTube, or you can hit the YouTube button and it uploads directly from Jing. You will probably then want to edit the information on your video, i.e. the title, description and tags within YouTube.

There are 2 types of content you would use the screen recording format for:

  • demonstration, or a how to
  • deliver a message

If you were going to record a demonstration of how to add a picture to your website… this would entail you recording the screen while doing the actual task. Because you’re actually doing it live, and you presumably know what you’re doing, chances of fluffing your lines are greatly reduced. I would however have a few run throughs off camera and maybe have some notes in bullet point form by your computer just to make sure.

If I were delivering a message, say for example, “why most people make zero bucks online,” then I would weave my message through a story. First I would create my story on a powerpoint slideshow and record myself reading through the presentation. Again, this should eliminate fluffing of lines and forgetting of major points. Have a few run throughs with this format also to get in flow.

Here are examples of each type, just click on them

A Demonstration

Deliver a Message

A quick guide to follow for creating good videos:

  • come up with your video idea
  • conduct a little research on YouTube and Google
  • creative ideas to enhance your delivery of the content, i.e. a little humour, visuals, drawing parallels to help your viewers grasp the idea
  • prepare and practice shooting
  • shoot, edit, if necessary, and upload
  • share

pleasing to the eye, music to the ear and stimulating to the mind 🙂

I would love to see you produce a video in this format. when it’s done stick the link to your video in the comment section below and include any tips you might have.

Lots of love


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SEO Networker’s Intrusive Case Study Videos

Page May Have Missing Text

Fernando Ceballos and Raymond Fong of SEO Networker

Inside, I saw how these two rocket-scientists turned Network Marketers were able to dominate the Google organic search results for common searches that business opportunity seekers are looking for. Keywords like, “attraction marketing”, “network marketing training”, “mlm leads”, and “mlm system”.

Basically, that means they can get perfect prospects for their MLM business from Google for FREE.

They’re good friends of mine, but I’m sure as hell not about to tell them that their content gave away the kitchen sink. I want it to stay up there at least till I finish implementing some of that stuff!

Maybe they don’t realise how dangerous it is to be sharing insider material about their business with someone like me…because, um…I’m gonna implement it, master it, and then I’m gonna be their competition.

Like for example, here’s some of the cool stuff I’m sooooo gonna nick:
(btw, for my American readers who may not know this, nick=take/steal)Â

  • They gave away some of the exact keywords that they’ve been targetting with their main website

    Using Fernando and Raymond’s Search Engine Optimisation techniques alongside my Paid search efforts, I’ll get the benefit of being on BOTH sides of search results. In effect, maximizing my search presence: I get immediate results with PPC and then long-term passive results with all the content I create over time with SEO!

  • Fernando showed the titles and exact addresses to the content that got them on Google’s front page. So in theory, one could go to those articles, do some “research”, and then write similar articles on one’s own website.
  • They showed the actual categories and themes that they divided their content into. This is an integral part of doing Search Engine Optimisation. One could, copy those themes or categories (though we shouldn’t)…and then you’d be able to dominate the same keywords in Google’s organic results too.
  • They revealed their linking strategy. Which sites they’re using to connect INTO their site and how they’re linking the pages within their site in that perfect way that Google wants to just keep sending them visitors.
  • Fernando gave me an idea how to modify my wordpress blog theme so that it monetise the traffic that comes to it from free search engine traffic.
  • They told about how installing a wordpress blog on your site is almost a passive way to get search engine rankings because of RSS. Now that’s pretty smart, considering that with wordpress, the very same blogging engine i’m using right here, I don’t have to do ANY html coding. I can literally create my entire site, landing pages, capture pages, and sales letters all off the same wordpress platform. Holy smokes!
  • Â

    Ok so that’s pretty much a whole bunch of stuff I got out of their case study. This came (I think) as a result of a conversation I had with them a few weeks ago.

    See, Fernando and Raymond are launching a coaching program to show regular network marketers how to create sites that Google loves to send traffic to. When we talked about their launch, I made a suggestion that went something like:

    “Hey guys, why don’t you give away a bunch of videos with proper, simple, SEO techniques that people can go out and implement right away. And then hold a contest of some kind that makes use of the learning people get from those techniques.”

    I don’t know that i said it exactly that way, but ya know, quotes are cool in blogs. I thought I’d do one.

    A few days ago they caught me by surprise when they released these case study videos for the contest. The winners get a scholarship into the coaching program. Meaning, they get in for free. Contest ends on the 22nd of January, so not a whole lot of time if you’re thinking about joining in.

    As for me, I’m not eligible for the contest because i’m a JV and I get free unlimited access to the training anyway. But regardless, the information they shared in the videos is as useful to me as anyone else.

    In my next post I’ll tell you some of the things I’m gonna implement right here in this blog to help me dominate a slice of Google’s organic search results!

    Go watch the SEO Networker case study videos and then comment here on what you learn!