Visalus Sciences – Asking the Hard Questions

Hype is hype. Facts are fact. In the month of July Visalus Sciences grew another 18%. That’s double Bodydigit growth for all seven months of 2012, following 678% growth in 2010.

48,515 people Join Body By Vi in July. That’s on top of similar
numbers in prior months who have continued on the 90 Day Challenge,
completing 3 months and then re-upping for another Challenge and then

July 2011 saw 3428 people become new Directors, making an average
monthly income between $500 and $1000 per month. Imagine what just that
amount of money can for so many who are struggling in America today?

363 people qualified for their free Visalus BMW as new Regional Directors! There were 72 new National Directors, 31
Presidential Directors, 15 New Ambassadors (now they are hitting 5
figures per month), 12 – 1 Star Ambassadors, 3 – 2 Star Ambassadors and 1
– New FIVE Star Ambassador.

This is in what is classically known as one of the slowest months in the network marketing industry. Not at Visalus.

So what is this relatively new company doing differently? Why is it having these kind of results in a slow, almost depressed economy?

Visalus Sciences is in a unique position in that it’s three Co-Founders are all in their early thirties, yet the company is partially owned and funded by Blyth, Inc, which is a well established, wealthy company. Thus Visalus has cutting edge ideas in terms of marketing and the use of technology, while being funded by stable money and a company with top level highly experienced marketing and branding people.

Visalus Sciences has also solved one of the most common and frustrating problems of the network marketing industry. They truly offer a disappearing autoship, allowing every single customer and distributor to access their 3 for Free program. This is resulted in a very high retention rate for customers and distributors. No body quits or stops using a product if they product yields great results and is also F*ree!

The Body By Vi Challenge is Visalus’s brand and people are just loving it. The draw is $10 Million  in prizes for people entering the 90 day challenge with their before and after pictures and stories. In addition to that, the Vi Shape Nutritional Shake mix is a replacement product, not an addition product. Thus people use the Vi-Shake instead of a meal in most cases. This means money spent on Ham and Eggs is now spent on a Vi-Shake. Less money, fewer calories, lower cholesterol. Score a big bonus point!

Visalus is hitting the beginning of it’s momentum phase for many good reasons. This is company to watch closely in the home based business arena.

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