Home Business Owners Take A Heavy Defeat

Holy shiyyyaaatttttt dude,

I think I was one of millions who just got the shock of their lives after reading…

Manchester Utd 1-6 Manchester City

As everyone discussed the result, I couldn’t help but notice the message for home business owners here, screaming at me like an unfed baby.

it’s possible you don’t see it yet, but stay with me…

Manchester Utd’s has had 7 heavy defeats in seasons gone by, yet they have still gone on to win the league. I will put my neck on the line and say that they will probably do the same this season and come May, 2012, they will be lifting the trophy.

This 6-1 defeat will be merely a bump in the road.

They are a team of amazing professionals and the next time they pull on their socks to again grace the turf, that result will be forgotten.

Amateurs let bad results affect their future performance.

Not professionals, 6-1 defeats are a part of playing the game and it’s no different for a home business owner.

Our 6-1 defeats can come in many different forms…

  • a PPC campaign you spend a $1000 on, doesn’t convert
  • Google shuts down your account
  • you spend ages building out a website and it flops

The key is to limit the 6-1 defeats.

The odd one is ok, take it on the chin and learn from it, but if it’s happening every week you have a problem.

When you look around the home business scene, it’s not to hard to see that most people are taking a 6-1 defeat every other week.

Manchester Utd are a first class outfit, and they are extremely well prepared. Hence the success they have had, but if they weren’t then 6-1 defeats would be a more regular occurance for them.

As home business owners, we need to be far better prepared to do what it is we do. You need to have all your bases covered. From your business philosophy to the graphics on your website.

DO NOT leave anything to chance, that way 6-1 defeats turn into way more 6-1 wins for your business.

That is EXACTLY what is happening here in the YaghiLabs.

Internet Business Academy

I strongly suggest you go through the course, I promise ya, it won’t disappoint 🙂

Lots of love


forget about the price-tag

Coconut man….. moon head….. and Pea, you ready?

Seems like everybodys got a price, i wonder how they sleep at night, when the sale comes first and truth comes second, just stop for a minute and smile 😀

Why is everybody so serious, acting so dam mysterious….

Great song huh? I also think it has an extremely important message for home business owners, one that is mis-interpreted.

When Jesse J released this song, price tag, i lost count of how many times i heard

well if its not about the money, just give us the album for free

On the surface its easy to see why people say that but the underlying message is one that could turn your shy little online business into a printing press not to dissimilar to those of the federal reserve

Jesse J performs because she is an extremely talented individual and loves what she does, i recently heard her doing a tv interview and her passion for music is clear for all to see. She just wants to make the world dance.

Lots of little girls grow up wanting to sing right? Hours spent dancing around with a hair brush for a micro-phone, pretending to be their idols

Do you think for a second that a 9 nine year old girl wants to be a singer because of the money? I dont think so, singing is fun and they enjoy it.

Its like when i was a nipper, my mates and me all played football, in the wind, rain, snow and sun. 7 days a week. We grew up wanting to be footballers, we never spoke about how much money we could make from it. It was fun and brought us so much enjoyment and…

It was our PASSION

When you operate from there, you will always go that little bit further, do that little bit extra because you want to be a…

master of your craft

and thats why some footballers and singers get a nice little pot of gold for their troubles, they bring a s**t-load of value to their market place.

Most home business owners are using someone else’s system and products so the only thing to excite them is sales and money. Instead of servicing your customers needs you’re trying to sell your product to everyone whether they need it or not. Then its easy to become greedy and it becomes all about the money and as she said…

i wonder how they sleep at night

Chances are a fall is on its way, as when the passion is lost the talent disappears along with the marketplace value. Take a good look at the product you are promoting, are you passionate about it? Would you sell it to your mother?

When you go through the Yaghi labs Internet Business Academy we will help you build a real online business around YOU and YOUR strengths.

lots of love

ewan 🙂

My Phone Room.Com—Never Call A MLM Or BIZ Lead Again!

Cold calling mlm leads or any business lead is a waste of most business owners time.
And besides that, most network marketers hate picking up that gorilla—the phone.

Please don’t misunderstand me,there are some network
marketers that enjoy picking up the phone and prospecting. But there are several draw backs to calling leads yourself.

Here are 3 chief reasons why calling your own leads are counter productive:
1. You can better leverage your time by using call center outsourcing. Call center outsourcing will allow you to free up your time to do other productive things in your business. It will allow you to use your time doing things you like to do,like having more family time,or doing hobbies you love to engage in so much.
The leveraging via a call center outsourcing service will allow you to work your home business at a faster more efficient rate than all other network marketers or home business owners. By having a virtual call center,you will make more money. Think about it,there is a person calling your leads even thou they might not FEEL like doing it. They have to keep calling,because as a waged employee— it’s their job.

So… they are essential like robots for you. They have to do such grunt work in order to eat. That’s a good thing cause for your business,you are accelerating upwardly,even thou on a given day,you don’t feel like prospecting.

With a virtual call center… THE BEAT GOES ON!

2.Easy duplication for your mlm business.
Think about it. How duplicable is it for your downline to cold call leads? They might start out calling like a mad man,but a few “nos”, a few “stop calling me” prospects,a few hang ups in yo face will cause the toughest network marketer to surrender.

Enter the safe haven of the call center.It’s duplicable for your downline. It’s duplicable for their downline. So with all this duplication; doesn’t it stand to reason that you and your downline will stay in business? Think you’ll make more money? Think they will make quicker money—more money?

You betcha!

3. Finally, think of how much more professional you will look if you have a virtual assistant that edifies you as a leader?
Think you’ll garner respect that has thus far eluded you?
Respect like the big boys garner!

Make more money. Have more time freedom. Get the virtual office that will take your business to the sky.

Go here http://tinyurl.com/3st8ljy

I’m out,

Wendell Wilkins

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Ronaldo’s Big Pay Day

It’s crazy, right?

With foreheads glued to the screen of their laptops, millions of Home Business owners sit around wasting away waiting for that little email that says:

“dude, you made a commission”

Don’t worry, that email is not coming.

Just recently, however, a story broke about someone who DID “get the email”. Its subject line probably went something like this:

“Dude, you’re getting 105 MILLION Pounds over the next 6 years!”

24 years old.

He was just bought from his old “program” for £80 million. The 24-year-old is receiving a whopping £9.5 million his first year with the new people. And like that’s not enough, he’s been promised a further 25% pay rise in each of the following five years of his deal. Amounting to… (gasp!) £556,000 a week in the final year.

Crazy. How can one man be worth so much money?

Now, I know this is an intensely debated subject, even more so when the economy is crumbling before our very eyes. While the masses are struggling to meet payments and put fuel in their cars so you’re probably either unimpressed or scrambling over to Clickbank to look for the affiliate program that pays out that much to 24-year-olds.

And if you were planning to look them up, the keyword to search for is “Real Madrid” because they’re the ones shelling out the dough (you won’t find them on Clickbank either).

WHY? Why would Real Madrid pay so much money for some kid who kicks a ball around all day?


Since Ronaldo burst onto the scene almost 10 years ago, he has went from strength to strength, winning award after award and when he steps out onto the grass, he does things with a football that make most shake their heads in disbelief. He entertains millions. He often single-handedly wins games for his team.

Oh, and how can we forget, there’s the small matter of millions upon millions worth of sales in merchandise sold from the notoriety he builds around himself.

Ronaldo is a walking BUSINESS asset.

But, really? Is one man really worth that much money?

Hell Yea!!! He is one of a kind.

Now I wonder, what would happen to Ronaldo’s value if there were another million just like him?

Would he still be so special?

Would anyone pay money to “buy” him?

Would he be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds a week?

People are desperate to pay £80 Million for some ball-kicking PLAYER, but they refuse to spend even 20 pounds with Home Business affiliates.


Put simply, there is nobody else on the planet who can do what Christiano Ronaldo can do, and because of this, he has been recognised as the best player in the world and an asset that clubs all over the world are desperate to get their hands on.

On the other hand, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc is available to everyone.

While millions of eager Home Business owners will sit bashing the keyboard telling everyone about this awesome business they’re involved in…everyone else is doing the same thing.

The exact same thing: The exact same systems, promoting the exact same websites, and running the exact same ads, selling the exact same products.

Get where i am going with this?

There is no intrinsic value in being a system user or an affiliate marketer or a network marketer.

Instead of teaching people and pretending to be an expert on something you’re not so you can sell a product that doesn’t belong to you and probably bores your customers as much as it bores you….Why not find your own passions, experience, and expertise? Then base your business on it.

Sell something you ARE an expert at.

Good news is, there is only one of you. And the years you spent mastering your hobby or your trade are your secret advantage in a market place. Few can compete with it.

So with a couple brain cells and a touch of creativity, you can take yourself out of the ‘as everyone else’ category, and contribute your own real world value. A value that you have inside you by being who you are.

Information Overload Cured With MORE Information? Wtf.

So just like you, I’ve been bombarded with a bunch of bribe emails about Mike Dillard’s WWN (What’s Working Now) launch.

But rather than get all giddy “like a school girl” and accept these wonderful bribes…I got worried about you.

Get WWN Here SORRY this offer is no longer available! register to the right to get on the waiting list

Over the past few days, Mike Dillard’s done something no short of AMAZING. He went out and addressed the most common complaint I hear from Home Business owners: Information Overload.

His new course WWN is a solution to this information overload problem. And I am glad he’s doing that for the Home Business community.

But here’s what got me worried last night. It’s that a bunch of well-meaning affiliates of his were lumping every course they ever created as free bribes to get buyers through their links. And that’s a standard technique I guess in the industry…but i think it’s poorly thought out.

Correct me if I’m wrong…but for sure the last thing you need if you’re feeling overwhelmed with info, is a PILE MORE information. More courses would only agitate the problem.

That’s why when Ray & Ferny from SEONetworker approached me to help them create a cool bonus for WWN…that supported its goal…I was all for it.

So if you thought the guru bonuses was a bad idea too, how about this instead:

Me and Ray, Ferny, David, and Jimmy are going to put on an EPIC event for the industry in Vegas. Everyone who attends that event is going to come out of it with what is working right now for us and a small handful of our elite clients. It’s basically a WORKSHOP to implement and create a high converting personal, non-replicated funnel for each person. It’s a means of traffic for each person tailored to their budget and skill set. And basically all the traffic, leads, and customers everyone needs.

Best part is, you can get in the workshop completely FREE (that’s the bribe Ray & Ferny are offering, i’m just the goat-guy who goes along with things)

If you like that idea and agree that it’s a wayyyyy cooler bribe than everyone else, go read the details here. And to make sure you can get into our epic event free, buy WWN through the SEONetworker link.

Here are all the details:

Get WWN Here + 2 FREE Tickets to Our Implementation Workshop
SORRY this offer is no longer available! register to the right to get on the waiting list


My “PPC Domination” Debt

Page May Have Missing Text

Today Magnetic Sponsoring gave the go-ahead to all their affiliates to begin promoting PPC Domination. That’s a brand spanking new course designed specifically for Network Marketers and Home Business owners to learn how to go from ZERO leads per day to over 150 leads using Google Adwords.


PPC Domination (How to Get 100s of MLM Leads Using Google Adwords)

Had I kept an organised blog back then, I may have even bored you with daily updates of the three agonizing months it took to produce the course. IN VIDEO.


But luckily, you’ve been spared.

Within the hours of video that make up the bulk of this course, I share how I have been producing my home business leads for the past two years.

When we launched the beta of this course back in November, I had no idea we would sell out so quick. And then I spent the next few weeks nervous waiting for some kind of feedback. None came for some time.

competitive. I lotion and the next kid with,.

Little by little, trickles of our beta testers began to add me on Facebook and Twitter. Small “thank you” notes and mini-testimonials of their results in their add requests.

What truly humbled me was when Mike Dillard wrote in asking for their testimonials and results…MANY MANY people were so generous with their time. They responded. I literally saw FLOODS of reviews from our testers. 

So I want to take this opportunity to thank you all. Everyone who beta tested the product and asked questions on our live calls. Everyone who sent in a testimonial or review, written or video, positive or negative. I am very happy to have helped serve you all!

Most of all, I want to thank my friends Mike Dillard and Tim Erway for their constructive criticisms, for coming up with the idea of this product, for helping me structure the material in a way that everyone can understand. And of course, for helping me reach you.

I’m also very grateful to Dr. Sane Yagi and Dr. Basma Yaghi who were actively involved with me in testing the content for understandability by newbies. They loaned me their lack of expertise and knowledge in Internet Marketing and PPC.  Sane helped me create examples and specific slides. Basma was my guinea pig;  before anyone else took the course, she took it. Then she used what she learned to begin a new career in CPA marketing.

If you missed out on the beta-launch of PPC domination and you don’t want to miss out again, then register to get the free PPC Domination videos showing how I get 150 MLM leads / days, how Sophia and Aaron Rashkin are getting 90 leads/day, and the top 5 mistakes people make when using Google Adwords.

Of course, you’ll also be reminded on the 19th when the course is officially launched!

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