Why Your Landing Page Bribe Gets Fake Leads and Destroys Sales Daily

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The dumb notion of a BRIBE on your landing page when building a mailing list.

A bribe is meant to be some “freebie” you offer a visitor to your site in exchange for their email address.

The idea being, if what you offer is valuable (yet free), the visitor will happily drop their email address for it.


Sorry I just flushed down the toilet your last few months spent authoring “Super Cool Traffic Nitwits 2.0 Money Control List Buggery Free eBook Bribe”.

Look, let’s admit this outright:

– You want someone’s email so you can sell to them.

– You could care less if they read your eBook.

– You only need their email address to follow-up and sell stuff. Because I know and you know, if you send peeps straight to the order page sales don’t happen.

But look at it from the prospect’s point of view…

If you’re such a kind Samaritan, why can’t you just give a direct download link to your fabulous book?

(and btw, if in fact your eBook IS your sales pitch, then please go ahead and make a landing page with nothing but a straight download link to your crappy ebook. Please. Many more people will download and read your sales pitch this way.)

Here’s what makes more sense. Pay close attention:

Your newsletter IS your bribe!

Call to action:

“Drop your email in the box below to receive weekly traffic tips by email…”


Bribe? waste of time. You don’t want that. It’s nothing more than an invitation for fake addresses entered by curious prospects just so they can advance to the next step of receiving the promised freebie.

Worse. Later, when they receive email from you, they’re irritated!!

Why are you emailing me asshole? they think…

The text I shared above, it places value on your EMAILS.

It’s where you want attention.

If they want free sh–I mean stuff, they MUST understand it’s gonna be dripped over time in a newsletter that sells shyt.

Now THAT’s the way to make sales!

Is there a place for a bribe then?

Yes. It can SIGNIFICANTLY improve your optin rate further…when used correctly. But the approach is delicate and only to be used by professionals.

Like us. We’ve mastered the art of creating landing pages that SUCK leads from ice cold search traffic.

Landing pages we build for you keep attention on the inbox. Your high converting landing page starts here



How To Advertise A Replicated Site

I’m not sure about you, but I associate replicated pages with spammers, newbies and those who lack creativity.

This guy pops up on Facebook chat the other day…full of enthusiasm he says, “Ewan, how’s business going?” and in the next split second I replied.

BOOM! And back he came with,

“…you should take a look at this,” and a link…


I mean, by asking one lousy question, do you really think this will make me buy from you or join your team?

Most of the time I ignore things like this, but every now and again I’m in the mood to try and save these people. I replied, “dude, you’re not making many sales are you?”

I felt his enthusiasm turn into heartache and after a few back and forths he asked me…

“So How Do I Advertise My Replicated Website?”

Uhm, you don’t 😉 well, not upfront anyway!

The Problem With Replicated Sites

Okay, where do I start…

Problem 1

They all look the same. How do you stamp your authority, or set yourself apart, when you are shoving the same link in people’s faces that thousands of others are too? You look the same as EVERYBODY else. You need to be unique in the market place. To top it all off, this strategy is usually extremely ineffective as well.

Problem 2

Replicated sites tend to focus on the company and how awesome they are. Your potential customers are looking to have a problem they are suffering from solved! Who cares if a company has its headquarters in a gazillion square feet next to Dave’s Ice Cream Parlour on the sunny coast of M.I.S.S.I.S.S.I.P.P.I. (now close your eyes and spell it backwards). 😉

Problem 3

I have seen first hand how using these sites can damage your reputation and your business. If you generate leads within a company’s generic system, some so-called leaders have access to them and have been known to ‘steal leads’ from unsuspecting victims. I have also seen the unique link not work correctly. After you’ve done all the hard work, and made a sale, the commission goes to another *ahem* entrepreneur.

Problem 4

What happens if the company goes out of business? You’re left with nothing. No income, no websites, no ‘system’ which you relied on so heavily, and no business.

But It’s Not All Doom And Gloom

Listen, Network Marketing and Affiliate marketing can provide incomes like politicians can provide bull-poo…

…IF, you do it right. 🙂

If you’re to survive on the Internet, your business needs 2 things:

  • A Website
  • Somewhere to store data you collect, i.e. email address, etc.

Oh, and something to sell. 🙂

Any advertising you do should lead to YOUR website. Any emails you collect go to YOUR list. Then you market what you have to sell to YOUR list.


You market a home business, collect leads through your website, THEN you use the company’s sign up page for new people to join your team. Because the lead went through your own funnel you have more than likely earned trust and respect from this person; the selling part becomes easy. 🙂

D’ya follow? Now you’re bullet-proof.

This way, once you have made the sale, you can market over and over to the same people as long as they remain on your list.

Did you know, inside the Yaghi Labs Internet Business Academy, we show you exactly how to build a killer website which gets so much traffic it’s not even funny? 🙂 You will learn things which affect sales that next to no one knows about!

Please understand that the Academy is only for people who are serious about building a ‘real income’ online. If you’re looking for shiny balls, it’s probably not for you 😉

lots of love

ewan 🙂

Do Guaranteed Traffic Sites Really Work?

Hey, sure, guaranteed traffic sites work. They get you traffic and may even result in the odd sale or sign-up, but it’s a strategy for the lazy who are desperate for leads. They really can’t be bothered building a real business, so they look for the ‘quick fix’ type of marketing. 🙂

Here’s The Problem With Guaranteed Traffic

These offers are downright scams and these companies deliver bogus traffic in many different ways. Some companies will simply use “bots” that constantly visit your website until it reaches the hits they promise. Many customers report when they analyzed their traffic logs they received all the traffic from one IP address.

Paying for raw traffic like this is a waste of money. Most “guaranteed traffic” services use pop-unders which may cause your domain to become flagged by some anti-adware/security software programs. Additionally, don’t be misled by claims from some “guaranteed traffic” companies that they can deliver targeted traffic. They are still presenting your web site to people who DID NOT ask for it.

They Play On Your Emotion

You need traffic so bad you will do anything to get it. I remember it well, selling your own grandmother for some traffic action seemed like a viable option. 🙂

So you agree to pay a company $0.01, or sometimes $0.02, per person they can get to your website.


The people these traffic scams are getting to click on your link are not people who really care about your business. They are people who are getting paid to click on your site.

Yes, these sites offer to split YOUR money with the person who clicks on your link.

If you still think it sounds like a good deal then by all means go and test it, but start really small.

Become A Real Entrepreneur

I’d say this is your best option. Put everything in place you need to run a real business. Learn how to generate traffic that converts to sales.

Inside the Yaghi Labs Internet Business Academy, traffic experts are waiting to teach you how to get traffic in volumes you can only dream about. Real traffic, sustainable traffic, people who are screaming to buy what you have to offer. 😉

See you inside,

lots of love

ewan 🙂

PPC Landing Pages Clickbank My $1,000/day Journey

a reader wrote in with this incredible goal of earning $1,000/day with Clickbank using his own landing page he even offered to share screenshots of his account as he did it.

now, i don’t know about you, but $1,000/day would be SWwwwwweeeeet!

What i liked about this particular subscriber’s approach wasn’t so much the technique. I mean, hey it’s all well and good to experiment with different ads, products, and landing pages.

Even to use double-serving hacks to steal multiple ad positions from Google…i mean it can be done for sure.

I wasn’t even that impressed with how he tweaked his campaigns to lower ad cost, to be honest. Although, again i give him credit for making the effort.


What i was most impressed with was his SYSTEM.

What do i mean by that?

Every business needs to have a process. A single process planned out on paper that NEVER changes.

They follow it religiously every single day, until results come. It’s how giant hotel buildings are erected…think of the thousands of rooms that have the EXACT same wiring, flooring, roofing, plumbing, furniture, etc. How do they do it in months while others build tiny homes that take years…?

Doesn’t matter if you want to do free advertising with article marketing…or even PPC.

You just need to write down a process of daily rituals you and your staff will repeat daily.

It makes outsourcing work EASY.

And repetition is the key to all big financial goals.

Our YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy course shows you how to systematically map out your own business processes and make them out-source-able and scalable.

The results you get from making this move ALONE shall astound you.

It’s the ONE method i can 100% guess you haven’t tried.

You’ll earn faaaast!

When the work-load gets too big, you’ll find it easy to recruit partners or employees to help you out.

We even show you how to find cheap or even free helpers who will do those dull tasks.

But you MUST have a process…

And you MUST repeat it religiously until you get your breakthroughs and NEVER slow down.

Going from ZERO to $1,000/day in any business is easy if you follow our process.

Here’s the link to enroll in this revolutionary system training…

Join us now. It’s only $19.95.

Oh and if you’ve been on the list for a while, you probably will notice that’s a giant reduction in price. It was offered for several months for $72…but a number of people told us it was too much of a strain on their budget.

That’s good news for you!

Last week we ran a one-time Eid Promotion for the new price and it went extremely well. So we decided to PERMANENTLY set the price of the Internet Business Academy (IBA) to $19.95 – clearly that’s the price people liked most.

I hope you’re happy with the news too 🙂

here’s the link where you can enrol and learn these business techniques for ONLY $19.95:


What Is A Landing Or Capture Page?

This week the world mourns the death of 56-year-old Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, who died on October 5, 2011 after 7 years of battling pancreatic cancer.

Days after his untimely death, internet users continue to post comments and well-deserved respects paid to Steve and the legacy he has left behind.

Steven Paul Jobs made tremendous advancements in technology and vision during his time spent with companies like Apple, LucasFilm, Pixar, and The Walt Disney Company.  Steve profoundly shaped the face of modern technology, revolutionized 6 different industries and set a high-level standard for business leaders around the world.

When we take a look at Steve Jobs’ accomplishments and innovations it is easy to see that what he DID created a legacy to be respectfully remembered for years to come.

Below we look to Steve Jobs’ example to help us define and dissect the purpose of 2 common elements of internet business building – Landing Pages and Capture Pages.

Is There A Difference?

The terms “Landing Page” and “Capture Page” are used almost interchangeably anymore.  While there are numerous similarities and a capture page could technically be considered a landing page it is important to understand the distinction between the two.

What Is A Landing Page?

A Landing page is pretty simple to understand.  It is exactly what it sounds like it would be – it is the page at which your visitors arrive or ‘land’ after being navigated to your site.  It could be your home page, blog, or any other page on your site.

In fact, it is very common for websites to incorporate multiple landing pages all serving different purposes.  Your landing page should also be designed to accomplish a single focused objective.

Like Steve Jobs’ influence and legacy, the real benefit of landing pages comes from what they DO or ACCOMPLISH and not necessarily from their existence alone.

Landing pages should provide a very customized and personal experience for your visitor.  When designing your landing page, consider where the visitor has just come from.  Did they click through a link from a Facebook post or was it a targeted ad on Google?

Keeping in mind where your visitors are arriving from will give you invaluable insight into who they are and how you can provide them with what they are looking for.  Allow your landing page to be a logical extension of the advertisement or link that your visitor was originally interested in.

By matching who your visitor is with what they are looking for your chances of engaging the visitor automatically go up.  This is the basic concept of conversions and conversion rates.  The goal is to convert someone who stumbled onto your site from being a random stranger and turn them into an interested viewer which will then lead to them becoming a willing buyer.

Steve Jobs and Apple products are extremely well known for their ability to provide their customers with a high-level of attention to aesthetics and visual appeal in their products.

Likewise, well designed landing pages support higher conversion rates than simply directing visitors to the home page of your website.

Don’t force your visitors to fend for themselves amidst countless links, images, and any number of other distractions.  Create a captive audience by providing your visitors with EXACTLY what they are looking for.

When to Use Landing Pages

Targeted landing pages should be utilized anytime you can control or have specific knowledge of where your visitors will be coming from and you have a specific outcome or goal you are hoping to accomplish.

Simple sales, opt-ins, or even engaging a visitor into reading a specific article are examples goals or outcomes you could be directing your visitors toward.

Landing pages are especially critical when implementing paid traffic techniques. Banner ads, sponsor links, or Pay-per-click advertising can be very expensive.  It is important to make the most of every single visitor by employing well crafted landing pages.

Well Then… What Is A Capture Page?

A capture page is a type of landing page created with only one specific purpose – to get a visitor to enter their information into a form and subscribe to your list or feed.

The most common way to do this online is to offer some type of bribe, something free and enticing, in exchange for your visitor’s name, email address, and occasionally phone number.  In the internet marketing world written reports, blueprints, audio recordings, and training courses are commonly used to bribe visitors into exchanging their personal information for the promised content.

Have you ever noticed how Apple seems to have this MASSIVE cult-like following of loyal fanboys and customers?  It is because of the incredible amount of value they provide.  Thanks to Steve Jobs and other visionaries… Apple has provided some excellent technological solutions and completely over-delivered on ALL of their promises.

Arguably… headlines, graphics, and limited navigation will play a role in the rate of conversion a capture page generates.  The most important thing to consider though is that your bribe must ABSOLUTELY be something of real value that the visitor will find useful and informative.  That is the ONLY way that ANY visitor will be willing to give you their information and remain on your list.

For the sake of longevity and the ability to continue to market services and products to this list, the information or bribe you provide must over-deliver and be extremely valuable to your customer visitors.

The most successful captures all follow this exact same formula…

  1. Describe a problem your visitor is experiencing
  2. Offer a solution in exchange for the visitor’s information
  3. Deliver the solution

A 4th step would then be to continue to provide value and usefulness to this list and then repeating the process.

Using Steve Jobs and Apple as an example…  Apple provides their customers with more usefulness and value by offering additional related products.  There are many exclusive software programs, accessories, as well as other devices that already customers are most likely interested in.

By staying in contact and developing a relationship with the people who chose to opt-in to your email list you can create a very valuable asset to earn from over and over again.  Capture pages are frequently implemented in this manner as effective components in marketing systems that benefit from a lead ‘captured’ once and then leveraged to profit from for weeks and months down the road.

Is It An iPod, iPad, iTouch, Or iPhone?

While providing the world with innumerable amounts of information… the internet has also proved quite effective in providing WAY too many terms that are eventually get used incorrectly and, even more confusing, interchangeably.

This situation is no different.

A Capture Page is technically a form of Landing Page BUT a Landing Page does not necessarily need to be a Capture Page or contain an opt-in form.

  • A Landing Page provides valuable content and information relevant to the visitor’s interest by directly relating to what the visitor was originally searching for.
  • A Capture Page provides valuable content in exchange for the visitor’s email address or other contact information.

Steve Jobs’ ingenuity and legend have provided the world with technological advances and greater understanding of what’s possible.

Take a lesson from Steve’s example and begin using Landing Pages and Capture Pages in the most efficient way to supplement the rest of your business building efforts.

The Internet Business Academy has taught our students the EXACT methods we use here at YaghiLabs to design and build websites and landing pages to effortlessly convert visitors into customers.

Check it out by following the link below…



How to Get Immense Volumes of Traffic to Your Blog Using Trackbacks

One of the most pirated YaghiLabs posts was one i wrote months ago titled, “Making a Video Go Viral“.

Three weeks were invested in its research: My experience in viral traffic, expert story-telling, and the effort of 5 of our staff went into developing the post, as well as 5-figures of well-engineered ad spending.

A small example of the Effort we place in each of our posts.


Because we are PASSIONATE and love to share our experience and knowledge with others. We believe in excellent, entertaining, and relevant content.

However, with no regard to intellectual property, high-ranking members of the online marketing community pirated verbatim, word-for-word, and posted the article to their websites.

To gain from our hard work without returning the favour.

Most were so obnoxious that they did not link back to the origin or even credit the post’s author.

In fact, it upset my staff so much that some of them campaigned via comments with infringing leaders to at least include a link back — which did not happen for days.

One blogger/leader shared the same first name with me – and was only too happy to gain false authority from the name confusion.

Worse yet, we were specifically targeting organic search to rank this website for terms to do with viral marketing. We truly believe ours is a valuable educational resource for anyone experimenting with viral traffic.

Viral Traffic is an area few have experience in and it is one of the great mysteries of marketing.

Today, i’m disappointed to say that some of websites that pirated our posts atually outrank ours for search terms we target!

How disgusting!

Is this fair?

Piracy and intellectual property THEFT has become NORM in our corrupt industry.

Web “entrepreneurs” have little ethic or regard for the intellectual property of others. Theirs is, of course, of holy importance and if they were to ever produce anything worth stealing, they would be infuriated.

Some regard copying popular blog posts as flattering. We do not.

Some believe copying popular blog posts allows the marketing of superior writers to rub off on them. This is theft on many levels.

Some think copying popular blog posts helps them gain instant traffic and search rankings–which it does temporarily.

But in the long run, they only harm themselves and destroy opportunities for partnership and working together with the content owners they rip off. In fact, the search engines are smart enough to determine the origin post eventually and remove duplicators rapidly.

There is a better way that few engage in.

The forgotten art of the Trackback.

This is not an SEO trick. It is not a technical traffic scheme.

It is a PEOPLE thing.

A trackback is a simple blog mechanism that can be likened to an extended comment.

Blogs that implement the trackback standard allow a link to another blog to show up in the comments area of the blog it refers to.

It is completely automatic.

There are many benefits to it.

How to Create  Trackback and Ethically “Steal” Traffic

To create a trackback, all you need to do is write an extended commentary, rebuttal, or contribution to the discussion as a new post on your own blog.

In the post itself, link back to the originating post (you may quote segments of the post to show context, but not the entire post).

What does this do?

It instantly fires a trackback event to the popular blog you reference. If and when the trackback is approved, it will begin to show up in the original blog’s comment thread as part of the discussion.

A link back to your value-added post sends PEOPLE TRAFFIC.

Active readers who are discussing the original popular post see a link to your blog as part of the conversation. While reading comments, they may click the link to YOUR comment to read further.

What does this do?

You contribute a level of depth and interaction to both your post and theirs.

When you do this with a popular blog that has high traffic, you GET traffic without infringing on copyrights.

It does not upset the original post’s author– in fact they welcome this activity. We always approve legitimate trackbacks without delay!

For the SEOist among you, it also gives valuable “link juice” to your blog which helps your search engine ranking for the terms you want. But it also links back to the original post maintaining the other author’s right.

So you SHARE your audience with the post author and the post author SHARES their audience with you.

A trackback is a simple act of reciprocation which may spark a second, third, and fourth blog post at the originating site linking back to yours.

In the body of their follow-up post, your link is even MORE valuable.

It is a fair transaction.

In fact, it may very well lead to friendships, partnerships, and deals with the original post author, authorities, and celebrities. People with very popular blogs start sending you immense amounts of free traffic WILLINGLY.

We employ this strategy here with the blogs of celebrities and authorities in our niche and have benefited traffic from their websites – much like you would if you were to use trackback to reference our posts.

Trackbacks are a lost art, sadly.

We believe Trackbacks have an ethical place in this unethical world of online marketing.

Please, if you like one of our posts, disagree with it, or simply want to share it with your readers, do so by writing a constructive paragraph or two of unique commentary and link back.

Don’t pirate.

We share because we are passionate and knowledgeable. We want to enlighten and entertain our readers.

Learn About Gaining Traffic From Popular Websites

At the YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy we show our students many other methods to “steal” traffic, ethically, from popular websites. Enrol today at:



When Selling in the GRAVEYARD is ‘Appropriate’

Times like this…it’s hard to think business.

My grandfather passed away this week 🙁

We were close–and it was very sudden. He was TOUGH AS NAILS though– a man’s man. Climbed 5 storey twice that day to feed his pigeons. Went down, later that night, without so much as a whince of pain!

As I grieved my grandfather, and dealt with his funeral, the
IBA launch had begun and nothing I could do would stop it.


Meanwhile, the phone in my pocket vibrated with sales notifications.

i didn’t even have the heart or energy to sit at the computer for days. but today, as i looked over the sales figures and website stats– IT SANK IN–

How blessed I am!

Most people would not have been able to run a launch, let alone make a sale.

But I did it. Though I didn’t sit at the computer.

Everything was on autopilot:

Promo emails were all pre-written weeks in advance–Sales mechanisms had been tested and implemented–Leads generated themselves, even. My staff had already been instructed to push BUTTONS and publish blog posts, share them, and send out promo emails.



We welcomed guests at the family home for three days straight–from morning till 1am. It was an exhausting but beautiful ceremony–a celebration of his life.

This was a man who struggled to his dying breath just to make a good life for his children and theirs.

Life Gets In The Way

I want to share this blessing with YOU.

There are going to be days ahead, when life…sickness…or death…get in the way. Days when you can’t get out of bed–or when your computer won’t work.

But business goes on–customers don’t wait. They don’t want to hear excuses. They want you to deliver on your promises.

How About You?

If your business NEEDS you to run it, what will you do?

The Internet Business Academy (IBA) is all about how you can create the kind of automation I have — in YOUR business.

It’s showing others how to make sales and generate leads– when they’re asleep just as well as when they’re awake.

It lets you avoid learning and operating; so you can focus on the big decisions instead.

It removes you from the equation so you can profit in 7-days.

Many of your fellow-readers have already enrolled. These guys are going to be faster, smarter business owners if you allow them.

So order the IBA right now by clicking the link below:


Right now, it costs JUST $58.

Pocket Change!

The price was intentionally set low so that ANYONE could afford to get automated. And even if $58 is still too much for you, I’ve made it easy to get the ENTIRE 9 modules FOR FREE if you really want in.

But you’ll have to hurry…opportunity doesn’t wait.

order the IBA right now by clicking the link below:



No Excuses Summit: What Happened?

I’m sorry I can’t tell you.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. You know this already.

We had a total blast. No one got any sleep. Ran around with some of our friends and subscribers we met for the first time. As you can tell, many photos were taken.

David Schwind and I, being competitive as we are…pulled out some stage magic. Had to scramble quite a bit to get things done. Many of our close friends, partners, fans, and students really pulled through for us to get everything organised in time.

Got wind that some people were offended during our presentation. And they left in a huff out the back door. My guess is that those were the people who had the most traffic. Lots of traffic.

(Our presentation started with stats from the previous 3 days with 2000+ confirmed-opt-in leads two days in a row)

The video editors were given instructions to censor our speech. Needless to say, we were disappointed. And unless you were IN Vegas with us, you’re never going to really know what happened. And i wish i could tell you, i do. Hopefully the photos above will make you feel a bit better if you didn’t come hang out with us.


PPC Domination Contest : MacBook Pro for the Ultimate PPC Dominator

Page May Have Missing Text


Only 4 days left until the launch of PPC Domination.

And if you follow my instructions here, I can help you feast your eyes on a fat 4- or 5-figure commission in your Paypal by January 31st. And I’m not even talking about the $3,000.00 cash prize or the 15″ MacBook Pro laptop that some lucky, lucky, lucky girl or guy is gonna end up with by winning the affiliate contest.

With every Magnetic Sponsoring launch, people like David Schwind, Fernando Ceballos, Raymond Fong, and myself  cash in big time. And I don’t think any of us have ever been the official “winners” either. Though we’ve been strong contenders in any case.

There’s a simple formula each of us uses. Anyone, no matter how small-time can duplicate it just as easily and have a 4- or 5- figure month this month:

1. Change Your Signature

Change your forum signature in all the forums you participate in. Insert a link to your affiliate landing page.

Even in betternetworker where most of the Magnetic Sponsoring crowd hang out, you can still get sales. In fact, about 80% of the commissions I earned during launches came directly from the community website! Remember, many members in the forum have never bought any MS product yet.

And, more importantly, the forum is visible and accessible to public searches in all the search engines.

A good signature will make use of the visibility from ALL of your past forum postings. And as for future ones, this is around the time I start participating in the forums a lot more. So go ahead and look for threads you can add value to!

2. Create a YouTube Review of PPC Domination

Get out your webcam, flip cam, or even use Camtasia and record your screen. Make a short and sweet YouTube video (1 or 2 minutes) focused around the benefit people will get by opting in for the freebie offered on the product launch page. Tell people what they can hope to learn once they register on your affiliate landing page. At the end of the video, make sure to post your personal affiliate page inside the footage.

Windows Movie Maker (free with windows) and other similar programs allow you to add titles. Use the “title” feature to tell people your affiliate link. It’s register your own domain and forward to it so you don’t lose commissions.

Don’t assume that because you put the URL in the description you won’t need it in the video too. Your video may be embeded in other websites and blogs without the attached text content. If that happens, you want your URL visible in the video itself!

When YouTube asks you for a text description, either write the transcript of what you say in the video or leave it blank for now. I’ve got another step later that will help you fill it out. But make sure you paste the link to your affiliate URL right at the top of the description before everythign else. This ensures it’s visible without viewers having to click “more info”.

Your video title should at least have the name of the product and one benefit of it. For example, with PPC Domination, your title may be, “How to Generate 200 MLM Leads / Day Using PPC Domination ” or “5 Deadly Mistakes Network Marketers Make With PPC”.

3. Write an Article

Articles should be educational or informative. Their purpose is similar to that of the YouTube video you uploaded. Give your reader an evaluation of the product if you already have it or give a summary of the benefits people can expect from the information contained in the product.

An article is quick to write. You only need 400 words.

4. Post Your Article to Your Blog

If you have a blog, post your article there first. This will mark to the search engines that this is the “source” of the content because your RSS feed will be read earliest.

Link the name of the product to the your affiliate landing page. Also, at the bottom of the article, add a prominent link to your page with a direct call to action. Then go back and copy the embed code from YouTube for your video and paste it somewhere in this article’s blog entry somewhere appropriate.

You can even add a banner to your blog for the duration of the launch to help increase your reach.

5. Copy Your Article Into YouTube

If you didn’t use a transcript in your YouTube video, just copy directly your entire article and paste it as the description of the video you posted to YouTube earlier. Make sure that your URL still appears at the VERY top of the video submission though.

This step helps the search engines find your video better because search engines are hungry for text. And you would have just given them a whole bunch of recycled text in the video description!

6. Copy Your Article into Squidoo

Create a squidoo lens around your PPC Domination article. Include your YouTube video too. Make sure you link back to the same article in your blog. (Don’t link to the main home page of your blog or it’s pointless). Also, within the lens, have a direct call to action that asks people to go get your freebie from your affiliate URL.

7. Submit Your Article

Use Ezine Articles to submit your article again. Remove all links from within the body of your article or it will be rejected. The review process can take an entire week after submission so do this soon.

Don’t forget to remove any promotional/salesy content within the article itself. Your bio line is the only place you’re allowed to have a direct call to action. Use it wisely and send people directly to the same article in your blog post.

Repeat the same process by submitting the article to the betternetworker website.

8. Share Your Video

Bookmark your video with digg and del.icio.us. And post it to your Facebook profile too.

9. Share Your Blog Post

Bookmark your blog post with digg and del.icio.us. And make sure that Facebook is importing notes from your blog.

10. Tweet About It

Write a twitter entry to your blog. If you use the Twitter application on Facebook you can even get it to update your Facebook status to match your twitter update! That’s a smart way to put your new blog post in front of your Facebook buddies–all those annoying people who have been adding you to look at their bizops can see it.

11. Write a Press Release (really profitable!!)

This is one of my favourite methods of promotion–particularly useful when there is a product launch.

A press release is a kind of ad directed at news reporters and bloggers. You’re trying to sell them on a story or new, newsworthy event. If reporters likes your story, they will investigate further (sometimes by contacting you). The result is multiple blog entries and RSS syndicated content throughout the web, and possible exposure offline when people write news based on your release!

The best press releases are short and about two paragraphs in length. They evoke curiosity.

In the body of the release or in the “closing” details, send the reader directly to your affiliate landing page for more information.

I usually pay for press releases but you have the option to submit them free. If you submit a free press release your links won’t be blue and clickable. This means search engines won’t recognise them and give love to your site. Also, it means if a reader of your release wants to get more info they need to copy and paste the URL into their address bar.

A paid press release submission allows you to place active links in your entry. It’s up to you which you choose depending on your budget. I submit press releases at 24-7pressrelease.com where you may choose free or paid options.

I highly recommend that you at least consider spending $10. In my experience, the reviewers aren’t so strict on your release when it’s a paid submission.

12. Blast Your Email List

No matter how small your list size, just send out an E-Mail and ask them to check out the new product. Pass on your affiliate URL.

13. Go Do It Now

Don’t put it off until the launch. Otherwise you’re gonna miss it! Most of the action happens BEFORE the product is launched when everyone is buzzing about it. You have 4 days to fill your pipeline. And when the doors open, everyone you gather over the next 4 days will get a chance to buy.

You will earn commissions not only on the sale of PPC Domination, but on every subsequent sale that follows.

That’s it folks. How much does all of this cost?

Money Spent: $0.00

Time Spent:

  • 30 minutes to write article,
  • 30 minutes to record and edit video,
  • 30 minutes to write a press release,
  • 30 minutes to submit and share
  • Total = 2 hours of work.

Revenue Generated: $1,000-$10,000

I kid you not my friend. I have used this very list at each launch and earned NO less than $1,000 and as much as $10,000. I did this in the early days of hardship and I am doing it even right now.

Does this PPC course work? Read PPC Domination Reviews here.

Good luck!

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