Tracking SALES Lost 50% of My Income


I’ve come up with a new method for doing PPC that systematically increases lead numbers DAILY without ANY guess-work…and lowers lead cost…without split-testing!

It’s a little heavy, so I’m saving that discussion for some other time.


Someone asked me recently about TRACKING technologies.

“Jim,” she said. “How can I track my leads ALL THE WAY to the sale?”

I said, “It’s impossible and you shouldn’t really bother with it.”


Don’t track sales?

Yes…look, a few years back, I was SO anal about tracking every single thing I could.

And I bugged the affiliate program owners for MONTHS to fix their sales tracking. It was so simple, I even sent them the code to do it.

But they just never got around to it. Even though I was the only affiliate bringing in over 1000 leads per day.

Anyway, so I made do with the tracking they did have.

And like the systematic tester I am, I began DELETING every keyword that did not show a tracked sale.

After two months, the result:

  • Leads were pretty much stable.
  • Overall ad spend remained relatively unchanged.
  • Sales were NORMAL. No more, no less.

So what DID change?

My commission was down…it dropped to less than HALF!

The REFUND rate was at an all time high–and I could not be paid on sales that were refunded.

And here’s why that happened:

The sales tracking I based deleting adgroups on was showing ONLY keywords that resulted in immediate sales.

The trouble with ALL multi-step sales tracking is that it is UNRELIABLE.

It can only be implemented with cookies or emails.

And yet, many people don’t buy with the same email they sign up as leads with.

If that’s not enough of a reason to ignore sales tracking, then how about the fact that COOKIES can only track a customer purchase on the SAME device and browser they used to sign up to the sales autoresponder!

Meaning, if someone sees your ad on their iPhone, clicks it, signs up to your autoresponder, then a few days later while reading one of your sales emails on their laptop decides to buy… you will not know which keyword got the sale for you.

So there will always be productive keywords in your traffic efforts that GET sales but fail to register in ANY tracking software.

And if you delete those keywords unknowingly you’ll also delete the sale.

Exactly that happened with me:

Before my delete-spree, most sales were coming from leads who bought 4 or more days into the email follow-up.

Their decision to buy was not on IMPULSE. It was a decision thought-through.

Amongst the keywords deleted, I had mistakenly got rid of keywords that gave those “after follow-up sales”.

Leaving behind and paying for JUST the keywords searched by people who historically bought on impulse.

This SOUNDS cool … as it meant I got a ROI on my traffic sooner.

But those were the same people whom later regretted their hasty decision to buy and requested a refund.

No–that’s just dumb.

So ever since, I ignore sales tracking, even if it’s available.

A better solution…

Instead, I focus on STUFFING my mailing list with LEADS…lots and lots and lots of leads.

Those are better tracked to keywords…very few people if any click an ad then use another computer to look at and sign up at the landing page.

Besides, you can guarantee if a keyword-ad combo produced a lead, sales would have come from one of those keyword-ad combos so you’d never delete them.

I assume that as long as those people are on my list, reading my emails, I will one day eventually convert leads to buyers.

A rule of thumb is that a good customer–one who doesn’t buy on impulse or refund–makes a buying decision within 90 days.

Our Done-For-You Traffic package helps you stuff your newsletter with LOTS of leads who want to read your emails whenever you send them.

And then the emails we write for you are designed to warm your readers up to you so they eventually buy and put commissions into your pocket…

Use the link above to sign up for your own Done For You Traffic campaign today!



100’s of Sales WITHOUT Sales Letters

I know that you may think there’s no way to sell without a “sales letter”. I used to think the same thing until I discovered a way to make sales with JUST an order form.

See if you listen to the Gooroo’s, you probably have a snotty azz attitude toward “customer support”.

Gooroos are too uppity to talk to subscribers. It’s not even funny.

At first, much as I resisted the urge to become snotty, I used to get my time SUCKED with all the “help me” mail that came in. I mean, it came in all forms–people seemed to be stalking me on Facebook and Twitter and anywhere they could try and get my “free help”.

Eventually, I hired an assistant to filter emails for me.


But it was a good thing I did. It finally led me understand how useful it is to actually have a semblance of customer support.

Luckily my assistant was a REALLY smart girl…and she actually converted most of those people asking questions into customers. Then I took that idea and expanded it to convert HUNDREDS.

Here’s what she made me realise…

When you’re selling, you’re constantly trying to GUESS what your customer is thinking and trying to convince them of your point of view.

But there is no need to guess…

The answer is staring you in the face!

Whenever someone asks a question, it’s NOT just one person asking it.

There’s at least 100 people on your list asking THE SAME question…AND resisting buying because the question goes UNANSWERED.

Worst thing is they’re quietly not buying WITHOUT telling you.

So when someone writes a question, they’re doing you a BIG favour.

Don’t ignore them like the Gooroos tell you to do…

Turn the answer into a blog post, Facebook Note, or email…for EVERYONE.

And watch the sales flow…

I know what you’re thinking–you don’t get a whole lot of useful questions from your subscribers because you don’t have a big list.

Noooo problem-o…

My staff and I have a secret strategy to find your customers resisting buying from your competitors…

And in a Done-For-You Traffic Consultation, we actually not only find the questions…we answer them FOR YOU in 10 emails.

Well, we call them emails…but you can use them as blog posts, or Facebook notes, or even Ezine articles. Totally original, and you have every right to use them.

Here’s where to get us writing your sales sucking emails:

lots of love,


Why Your Landing Page Bribe Gets Fake Leads and Destroys Sales Daily

Page May Have Missing Text

The dumb notion of a BRIBE on your landing page when building a mailing list.

A bribe is meant to be some “freebie” you offer a visitor to your site in exchange for their email address.

The idea being, if what you offer is valuable (yet free), the visitor will happily drop their email address for it.


Sorry I just flushed down the toilet your last few months spent authoring “Super Cool Traffic Nitwits 2.0 Money Control List Buggery Free eBook Bribe”.

Look, let’s admit this outright:

– You want someone’s email so you can sell to them.

– You could care less if they read your eBook.

– You only need their email address to follow-up and sell stuff. Because I know and you know, if you send peeps straight to the order page sales don’t happen.

But look at it from the prospect’s point of view…

If you’re such a kind Samaritan, why can’t you just give a direct download link to your fabulous book?

(and btw, if in fact your eBook IS your sales pitch, then please go ahead and make a landing page with nothing but a straight download link to your crappy ebook. Please. Many more people will download and read your sales pitch this way.)

Here’s what makes more sense. Pay close attention:

Your newsletter IS your bribe!

Call to action:

“Drop your email in the box below to receive weekly traffic tips by email…”


Bribe? waste of time. You don’t want that. It’s nothing more than an invitation for fake addresses entered by curious prospects just so they can advance to the next step of receiving the promised freebie.

Worse. Later, when they receive email from you, they’re irritated!!

Why are you emailing me asshole? they think…

The text I shared above, it places value on your EMAILS.

It’s where you want attention.

If they want free sh–I mean stuff, they MUST understand it’s gonna be dripped over time in a newsletter that sells shyt.

Now THAT’s the way to make sales!

Is there a place for a bribe then?

Yes. It can SIGNIFICANTLY improve your optin rate further…when used correctly. But the approach is delicate and only to be used by professionals.

Like us. We’ve mastered the art of creating landing pages that SUCK leads from ice cold search traffic.

Landing pages we build for you keep attention on the inbox. Your high converting landing page starts here



Traffic. Traffic. Traffic!


You probably won’t believe me.

A friend of mine gets near 50,000 unique hits a month to her website and only converts about 9 of those into mailing list subscribers each day.

Hard to believe?

Nah. It’s normal. You need TONS of free search traffic to get leads.

Besides, half your unique hits end up coming from the gazillions of spaam and search bots that crawl websites for content to harvest.

On the other hand, I’ve got another friend who only gets 100-200 hits a day of free traffic, but earns around 10,000 in profit a month.



Friend #1:

See, Friend #1 with the high traffic, low-conversion website…her step #1 from day 1 was TRAFFIC.

When she had unique hits, GREAT!

When she had Facebook likes, GREAT!

When she had mailing list leads, GREAT!

Actually, it’s all meaningless. Lots of ecommerce businesses used to run like this back in the 90’s. When a website got lots of hits, it was considered super successful. Even if its ads cost millions and its revenue was nil.

Until now Friend #1 is still looking for “more” traffic.

Friend #2:

With the low-volume, high converting website…know what Friend #2 did?

He started in a different order:

His step #1 was to develop a valuable product on which he earns 100% of sales on a monthly basis. Then he focused on mastering how to sell it to a really tiny audience.

And as of last week, he’s ready for step #3, blowing up his traffic.

You know what else? He doesn’t mind spending good money on advertising because he’s confident that he knows how to convert new traffic.

But do you?

If I sent your website a flood of 30,000 visitors tomorrow…

– Will you be able to capture them as leads in your mailing list?
– Will you have a valuable product to sell them?
– Will you know how to convert them into buyers?
– Or will you get mad and say that it was “low quality” traffic?

If you can’t answer my questions with a confident YES. If you can’t trust to spend 10,000/month on advertising every month, right now, today…

…then may I make a suggestion?

Get me on a telephone consultation tomorrow. I have a 12.00 GMT slot free. Take it…

Believe me, you need more help than any training course can give you. Together we can turn it around, but right now your business is craving my personal attention.



I HATE Client Work

You know what’s stupid?

When people call themselves entrepreneurs and yet they have a list of things they DON’T want to do in business.

You know, things that remind them of their job.

Here’s the thing…

You ever hear the saying,

“Successful people don’t focus on the process, they focus on the reward (or goal)”

Well, this is a perfect example of focusing on the process.

Job vs Business…

See, even if you do a very similar set of tasks and duties at your JOB, the goal at your job is different from the goal of your business.

In a job, you are working for a secure monthly income. You’re working to help someone else get rich.

In your business, you are working to conquer the world, scale and do whatever you do 1,000 times better and faster and bigger. And everything you do is 100% for yourself.

Even client work. I know several well-established guru-type entrepreneurs who HATE doing client work. Because it “feels” like a job.

“Well, if you get paid 100% of what you’re doing, you have potential to scale out – unless your plan is to keep doing all the work.”

In fact, freelance client work, as gross as it sounds, is a BEAUTIFUL way to get started in business. It allows you to get intimate with a process that you will ultimately have to delegate to others. In order to do that, you must understand it better than ANYONE; which parts of it can be automated, and who the most skilled employees to do the job are going to be.

You want to be THE BEST and then amplify that with employees who follow your process.

So even though you’re doing what you do at your JOB, your goal is NOT the same as at your job.

It’s to understand what it takes to SCALE, remove yourself from the equation, and make a crap load more money. You’re learning what it takes to convert your most productive 2-hours/day into multiple 2-hour days using the most available resource in the world – the human resource!

If you hate working in your business, then GET OVER IT…

Focus on the right goal. It’s not to exchange your time for dollars. It’s to find out how to get others to exchange THEIR time for dollars while putting money in YOUR bank account.

Anyway, that’s my little rant for the day.

You want to build a REAL business, get in touch with me.

A consultation with me lasts for over 2 hours and only costs $497. I’ll give you a roadmap for turning the boring tasks you do for your job into something you can scale out big. Because if you can’t scale and grow, it ain’t a business.

Here’s where to read more…

All the best,



How To Come Up With Lateral PPC Keywords

A reader wrote in last week with the following question…


I’m starting ppc marketing and have hit a brick wall. How do you build on top of your main keywords? I have got about 20 and can’t think of any more. That’s never going to take my business to the next level.”

It’s a great question and one I hear over and over again from marketers entering the ppc battlefield.

The cool part is that 20 keywords could easily make you $20,000/mo. In fact, I have a friend who is consistantly doing $25,000/mo from 4 keywords. 🙂

But it’s near impossible to do this from a standing start. You will have to build a bigger list and find what’s working for you.

I Feel Your Pain

I too, when starting ppc, hit the very same wall. My first training taught me to open an excel spreadsheet and list as many keywords related to my product as I could. I think I got around 12 and seriously thought there were actually NO MORE. 😉

More Pain

Being an inexperienced ppc marketer, the next frustration was the ‘newbie tax’ 🙁 – the first keywords you come up with that are usually very generic and not ‘buyer keywords.’ Every single marketer in your niche is doing the same. This means you have to pay through the nose for these generic keywords and they often don’t convert. 1000’s of dollars and leads later = no sales!!!

Let Me Explain

I was looking for MLM-type keywords. My list went like this…

MLM, Network Marketing, Home Business, Work From Home. Very generic, agree? People searching for this are generally ‘just looking’ and cost you lots of wasted ad-spend.

Getting creative, thinking outside the box, and building a keyword list unique to you, is important if you are going to create a killer ppc campaign. Find keywords with low competition, which are extremely qualified, then line them up like soldiers ready for battle in neat little ad groups. This can bring you crazy results. So…

How To Come Up With Lateral PPC Keywords?

You need to get inside the mind of your ideal customer. What are they searching for? What are their problems (i.e. the ones you’re about to solve)? When you have listed some relevant keywords, run them through the Google Keyword Tool for more ideas.

Inside the Yaghi Labs Internet Business Academy, you will learn how to come up with a keyword list which is unique to you and will deliver insane amounts of qualified, eager-to-buy customers.

What are you waiting for?

lots of love

ewan 🙂

How To Advertise A Replicated Site

I’m not sure about you, but I associate replicated pages with spammers, newbies and those who lack creativity.

This guy pops up on Facebook chat the other day…full of enthusiasm he says, “Ewan, how’s business going?” and in the next split second I replied.

BOOM! And back he came with,

“…you should take a look at this,” and a link…


I mean, by asking one lousy question, do you really think this will make me buy from you or join your team?

Most of the time I ignore things like this, but every now and again I’m in the mood to try and save these people. I replied, “dude, you’re not making many sales are you?”

I felt his enthusiasm turn into heartache and after a few back and forths he asked me…

“So How Do I Advertise My Replicated Website?”

Uhm, you don’t 😉 well, not upfront anyway!

The Problem With Replicated Sites

Okay, where do I start…

Problem 1

They all look the same. How do you stamp your authority, or set yourself apart, when you are shoving the same link in people’s faces that thousands of others are too? You look the same as EVERYBODY else. You need to be unique in the market place. To top it all off, this strategy is usually extremely ineffective as well.

Problem 2

Replicated sites tend to focus on the company and how awesome they are. Your potential customers are looking to have a problem they are suffering from solved! Who cares if a company has its headquarters in a gazillion square feet next to Dave’s Ice Cream Parlour on the sunny coast of M.I.S.S.I.S.S.I.P.P.I. (now close your eyes and spell it backwards). 😉

Problem 3

I have seen first hand how using these sites can damage your reputation and your business. If you generate leads within a company’s generic system, some so-called leaders have access to them and have been known to ‘steal leads’ from unsuspecting victims. I have also seen the unique link not work correctly. After you’ve done all the hard work, and made a sale, the commission goes to another *ahem* entrepreneur.

Problem 4

What happens if the company goes out of business? You’re left with nothing. No income, no websites, no ‘system’ which you relied on so heavily, and no business.

But It’s Not All Doom And Gloom

Listen, Network Marketing and Affiliate marketing can provide incomes like politicians can provide bull-poo…

…IF, you do it right. 🙂

If you’re to survive on the Internet, your business needs 2 things:

  • A Website
  • Somewhere to store data you collect, i.e. email address, etc.

Oh, and something to sell. 🙂

Any advertising you do should lead to YOUR website. Any emails you collect go to YOUR list. Then you market what you have to sell to YOUR list.


You market a home business, collect leads through your website, THEN you use the company’s sign up page for new people to join your team. Because the lead went through your own funnel you have more than likely earned trust and respect from this person; the selling part becomes easy. 🙂

D’ya follow? Now you’re bullet-proof.

This way, once you have made the sale, you can market over and over to the same people as long as they remain on your list.

Did you know, inside the Yaghi Labs Internet Business Academy, we show you exactly how to build a killer website which gets so much traffic it’s not even funny? 🙂 You will learn things which affect sales that next to no one knows about!

Please understand that the Academy is only for people who are serious about building a ‘real income’ online. If you’re looking for shiny balls, it’s probably not for you 😉

lots of love

ewan 🙂

Which Keywords Make Ads Effective

Effective keywords are the ones that make ads appear for your ideal customer. This article will cover essential steps you must take to accomplish that.

In a nutshell, using keywords that have a direct relation to your product or service, and also provide immediate meaning and understanding to your ad’s message is what makes an ad effective.

The best way to accomplish this is to create separate ad groups that are targeted to each of these highly relevant keywords, which are based on one of your products or services. Then you can write the ad according to each ad group theme.

Selecting the right keyword list for your ad campaigns are meant to help your ads show to your ideal customers when you want. The keywords you come up with have to match those which will come from your potential customers.

Here are some basic tips to help you create an effective keyword list to make more effective ads.

  • When you’re making the initial list, think like your ideal customer. Use terms and phrases that your ideal customers would use to describe your product or service.
  • Also, write down the top categories of your business followed by terms and phrases that would fall under each category. For similar keywords, you want to group them together into themes.
  • Additionally, you’ll want to choose the right number of keywords to use in each of your ad groups. Advertisers generally find that using 5-20 keywords per ad group works best. You don’t need to include variations of your keywords if you’re using broad match type, so you don’t need to add all the possible misspellings or plural versions.
  • Based on your overall goal, select keywords that are either more general or more specific. General keywords will help you reach a larger number of search terms in a given audience. Specific keywords will help you reach users more effectively, as your ad will appear to only those search queries that are directly related to your ad’s theme.
  • Be careful of being too specific too, as you might not reach as big of an audience as you’d like. But regardless of using specific or general keywords, only use the keywords that are most relevant to your ads and website.

Last tip, keywords don’t often fail us. Rather, we fail our keywords.

So if you have a keyword that’s getting a healthy amount of impression volume, but poor ROI you can have the greatest increase in performance through implementing a few strategies.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Aggressively expand your negative keywords,
  • Radically test your ad text,
  • Optimize conversion.

This could prove to make those keywords extremely effective for your ad campaign.

A few other tips is determining between research-type keywords versus purchase-type keywords.

So how can you tell the purchase intent of a keyword?

Research-type keywords typically include search terms like reviews, info/information, cheap, coupons, and deals. Short term queries generally indicate a user is farther away from having intent to purchase, as a more detailed and possibly longer search query would indicate a user much closer to their final search query destination.

For example, a user with a search query for “PPC keyword tools” has a different intent than a user with a search query for “WordStream Keyword Research Suite.”

In addition, make sure your ad groups are small, with tightly themed keywords. Be sure your ads highlight your core keywords.

Implement these tips, and your ads should be more effective.

Or you can let Yaghi Labs take care of your PPC campaigns. Because life is too damn short and getting your PPC campaigns right can take a long time.

Unless you’re Jim Yaghi, and Yaghi labs.

No matter your advertising budget, we fully manage your traffic for you and drive hits to your website, leads to your mailing list, and profits to your bank account. This is a primarily a performance-driven service – check our fee table for pricing options.

Read more here:

The Strangest List Building Secret

Here’s a timely question:

“Ben, what’s your best list building tactic?”

Good question.

In my humble (and always accurate) opinion, it’s:

Building a list of PROSPECTS not SUSPECTS.

Creating a big list of SUSPECTS is easy.

Just do some free ad swaps and sweepstakes and other gimmicks and you get thousands of email addresses in your database very quickly for little or no money.

You won’t make jack from it.

But by thunder — you’ll have a big list!

Building a list of PROSPECTS is different.

These are people in need of what you sell, and are in the mindset where they’re “pre sold” on you, and seeking your website out.Then, when they get there, actively search for your opt-in form so they can join your list as fast a humanely possible.

Now you’re in bid’nis!

I mean, let’s face it:

You can’t hardly lose like that, can you?

So bottom line?

Seek out prospects, not suspects.

What you lack in quantity, you will more than make up for in quality.

For more ways to get people eagerly buying from your emails almost every time you push that “send” button go to

This was a user submitted article. Submit your own, share, or leave a comment below!

Dazed & Confused List Building Experts

Talk about ironic…

Many people weeping and gnashing their teeth over building their email lists are already extremely good list builders. Much better at it than they give themselves credit for. I’d even call some of ’em EXPERTS at it.

There’s just ONE little problem.

One TINY little “snag”:

They’re building the WRONG list.

Here’s what I mean:

Instead of sending emails out plugging their products, they send their lists (on a disturbingly frequent basis) to someone else’s website. For example… they’ll send ’em to FaceBook. Or YouTube videos. Or Amazon. Or Warrior Forum Special Offers. Or affiliate offers, etc etc etc…

Not saying this is ALWAYS bad.

There are times when that makes sense.

But to do it regularly?

Or even more than once in a while?

Seems a tad… skewed… to me.

After all, there’s a lot MORE power (and profit) in having your own product and website and mailing your list about it every day, instead of someone else’s.

I know I know!

It’s not very shiny-new-objecty, is it?

But I’m fairly certain you’ll put more of the green stuff in your hot little pocket doing that than you will by sending the people already inside your store (near the cash register!) to everyone else’s store and cash register.

Anyway, just my opinion.

You can, of course, do whatever you want.

For more ways to get people eagerly buying from your emails almost every time you push that “send” button go to

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Free Mentoring Opportunity


we’re expanding our services at YaghiLabs and we’re looking for some ambitious entrepreneurial minds to join our team and help create some new services in partnership with us.

If you’ve been on our list a while, you might have heard about this  prestigeous INTERNSHIP opportunity last year. If not, you’ve probably seen some of our graduates around the net doing some amazing things.

I won’t go into too much detail here. But here’s a quick summary of what we’re looking for and what you get if you’re chosen to join our team:

  1. We’re looking for somebody who is thorough and systematic.
  2. We need you to be willing to spend 2 hours/day learning and following our assignments.
  3. You’ll be required to sign a confidentiality agreement and keep everything you do secret.
  4. You MUST have a full-time income from something else already. If money is tight and you’re desperate right now, please don’t apply. We need you to have a clear mind while working.
  5. You must be able to do assignments within 2-hours of issue and at most 24-hours.
  6. You will be primarily involved in Research for Marketing and you’ll start at the VERY bottom as a “mechanic” of sorts.
  7. Our contract will last for 90 days, after which we may or may not choose to renew.
  8. If you are chosen, you will work hard and fast and we’ll expect from you TOP QUALITY.
  9. You will be required to log your work and hours DAILY.
  10. You must have a means to communicate by email and chat aroudn the clock 24/7. There are no weekends.
  11. You will not be PAID a salary/wage and we will not ask you to PAY for anything. All our training and mentorship is paid for with your TIME.
  12. You can expect to earn PROFIT if you prove you can (with our guidance) build a sustainable business
  13. You must be willing to work within a system, systematically, and meticulously and follow all instructions to the letter.
  14. There is an INCREDIBLE opportunity for growth and you have the ability to OWN multiple revenue-generating businesses worth MILLIONS.
  15. If we choose to renew and promote you, you will be a shareholder in muliple multi-million (and possibly multi-billion) dollar businesses.
  16. Our mentorship is free and for LIFE. It is a partnership.

That’s all.

You need to have gone through our Entire Internet Business Academy training at

It is pre-requisite to becoming an Intern with us. The training there gets you on the same page with what we’re doing at YaghiLabs.

Also, here’s more information from last year’s recruiting:

If you’re interested, please send your Work CV / Resume and a brief cover letter expressing interest to

Good luck!

What Is A PPC Campaign?

On Tuesday October 18th, cages containing 56 dangerous and exotic animals were thrown open by private Muskingum County Animal Farm owner, Terry Thompson.

After letting the animals loose, Thompson took his own life leaving the Zanesville Law Enforcemnt officials with a very dangerous and delicate situation.  A shoot-to-kill order was given Tuesday night and absolute panic and pandemonium ensued.  Schools were closed and civilians were instructed to remain indoors.

The internet itself has made it very common for new online business owners and internet marketers to quickly become overwhelmed by information overload.

Internet marketers are bombarded with loads of information from latest-and-greatest courses, to so-called “gurus”, and one product launch after another.  No one’s even teaching the same thing.  Different “mentors” and courses seem to contradict one another…

Just like in Zanesville Ohio, it’s like there are hundreds of wild and dangerous animals that have been set free on the internet causing widespread mayhem, panic, and confusion.

For being one of the most popular methods for advertising on the internet, Pay-Per-Click advertising is very widely misunderstood.  It is a simple system but many tend to forget or ignore the basics of how this type of system actually works.

With very little understanding of what the system is actually designed to do or what the outcome will be, PPC newbies are prone to panic and freeze at the sight of the tigers.

To eliminate some stress and misunderstanding, here we define and describe the different attributes of Pay-Per-Click advertising, and specifically, PPC Campaigns…

Is It A Lion? A Tiger? A Bear? Oh… My Head Hurts…

Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, is an internet based advertising model that is used to by advertisers to direct specifically targeted visitors to a specific website or webpage.

While there are a few others, the current major advertising networks include Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook.

The name, PPC, actually comes from the basic function of these different advertising networks themselves.

Advertisers indicate which keywords they want to target and set a maximum bid amount that they are willing to pay in exchange for having their ad shown to users searching for that specific keyword.

Each time a user searches for a keyword or phrase that matches your company’s list of keywords , there is the opportunity for your ad to be shown to the user.

When a network user clicks on your ad and becomes a visitor to your company’s website, you are charged.  Advertisers are expected to pay the advertising network per click that their ad receives… hence, pay-per-click.

Caging the PPC Campaign Beast

A PPC Campaign is the combination of your list of target keywords, bid amounts, and written advertisements.

Let’s use an example to help illustrate the function of a PPC campaign a little further…

While Terry Thompson’s “farm” was a private facility and not open to the public… for this example let’s say that you own a local Zoo as a business.

After having compiled a sizable list of keywords and phrases relevant to your business (Zoo) the keywords should then be broken up into smaller “ad groups”.  Ad groups are most helpful and effective when organized by grouping similar terms, themes, and/or points of focus together.

One ad group might focus on the Bengal Tigers.  Another might focus on the educational resources available at the Zoo.  Maybe one might focus on the announcement of a new aquarium.

When ad groups are constructed in this manner they can be seen as mini-versions of your overall PPC campaign.

While the goal of the overall PPC Campaign would be to attract visitors to your website and ultimately to entice the visitors to come and visit the Zoo…  the “ad groups” serve as small pieces of the whole, each with their own specific focus, working and campaigning together to achieve the same final goal –getting people to the Zoo.

“PPC Campaign” is a term used to generally describe the different components of a company’s PPC activity, including the combination of keywords, ad groups, bid amounts, and written advertisements.

The events that took place in Zanesville Ohio were terribly unfortunate.  While there were some survivors, 49 of the 56 escaped animals, including 18 endangered Bengal tigers and 17 lions, were killed in order to protect the residents of the Zanesville community.

Now… a shoot-to-kill order has not yet been passed on the internet.  As far as I can tell, there will always be misleading and confusing information available and unfortunately, very prevalent.

To skip the confusion and learn the fastest way to start an internet business check out the YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy.  Inside, students are learning how to easily implement correct and effective traffic and advertising strategies for their online business.

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Get Leads & Traffic By Giving Google The Finger

… google, Google, GOOGLE!

That’s all anyone talks about anymore.

Actually, “whine” is more accurate.

“Oh, Google slapped me.”

“Why won’t Google rank my pages?”

“I sure hope Google doesn’t screw with my search engine placement or I’ll be up crap creek without a paddle!”


First of all, if you 100% relied on Google, you’re an idiot.

Not because you relied on Google per se… but because you relied on “1” of anything in the first place. As Dan Kennedy says, “1 is the most dangerous number in business!” Hey, nothing personal, we ALL make big costly mistakes (I know this shocks you… but even yours truly makes the occasional mistake…)

Anyway, smart marketers don’t care what Google thinks.


Because they don’t rely on it.

Yes, they USE Google.

But they sure as shizzit don’t RELY on it.

They always have other traffic engines fired up in the background working on all cylinders. Below is some advice I gave to a friend interested in using FaceBook fan pages to help boost his Google rankings.

I told him, yes, that’s fine, go for it.

But don’t make the mistake of RELYING on it.

Do some other (very simple) things, too.

Like, for example, make himself available for podcasts in his niche/industry. This is something I used to poo-poo on. But lately, I’ve realized the joke was on me (I told you I make the occasional mistake). Fact is, podcasters often have solid relationships with their listeners — not unlike how a real radio show host has a great connection with his audience. That means, they listen to the host’s recommendations. And the mere fact they’re listening to your interview means they’re very interested (even passionate) about the subject. That equals a swarm of pre-sold prospects going to your website and subscribing to your list (and buying). Plus, they tend to make awesome customers (again, they’re usually passionate).

What’s another way to give Google the proverbial “finger”?

What about paid ezine ads?

Solo email ads are especially awesome for getting traffic.

They can be very cheap, too.

I was looking around at some ezines to do some solo ads for recently in a weight loss niche I write for, and found a list of 30k subscribers. Guess how much they wanted for a solo ad?

A “whopping” $150.


Since our product is just $19.95, that means we only need 8 sales to make a profit.

Of course, that’s just ONE list.

There are all kinds of lists you can advertise on like this without going broke.

Anyway, those are just two ways to get traffic and leads without needing the “big G.”

There are MANY more.

Like, for example, writing eBooks for kindle and including links back to your site (these aren’t free leads… they’re buyers…). Using dirt-cheap postcards with a targeted mailing list. And even bartering your products and/or services to people with lists in exchange for endorsed mailings.

The list goes on and on.

Google slaps and farts can’t affect any of these methods.

And, you’ll be able to sleep at night without worrying about getting gobbled up by the Google “boogey man.”

For more tips and strategies like this, check out:

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Video #6 – LIVE!! (PPC Supremacy’s `LinkedIn Moles`)

NOTE: This product is no longer available, but you can watch the video anyway.

The latest video from the PPC Supremacy showcase introduces how to target correctly with the very new DirectAds program for LinkedIn (the latest PPC innovation.) Exciting stuff, really.


We’ve heard from a few people who’ve tried LinkedIn’s new PPC program. And many were disappointed with it and quit.

Not us though.

LinkedIn is a fast growing social network for serious business folks. As if we were gonna stay off there. Nope.

In the video, I reveal a technique I use to target offer and to target businesses on there. It’s a method that relies on hijacking customers from the “competition”…so i expected a little back-lash when I posted it.

But ya know what? It works. So I don’t care 🙂

Enjoy the video. And the traffic.


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It took so much work to launch, i don’t plan to open again for at least a year.

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Information Overload Cured With MORE Information? Wtf.

So just like you, I’ve been bombarded with a bunch of bribe emails about Mike Dillard’s WWN (What’s Working Now) launch.

But rather than get all giddy “like a school girl” and accept these wonderful bribes…I got worried about you.

Get WWN Here SORRY this offer is no longer available! register to the right to get on the waiting list

Over the past few days, Mike Dillard’s done something no short of AMAZING. He went out and addressed the most common complaint I hear from Home Business owners: Information Overload.

His new course WWN is a solution to this information overload problem. And I am glad he’s doing that for the Home Business community.

But here’s what got me worried last night. It’s that a bunch of well-meaning affiliates of his were lumping every course they ever created as free bribes to get buyers through their links. And that’s a standard technique I guess in the industry…but i think it’s poorly thought out.

Correct me if I’m wrong…but for sure the last thing you need if you’re feeling overwhelmed with info, is a PILE MORE information. More courses would only agitate the problem.

That’s why when Ray & Ferny from SEONetworker approached me to help them create a cool bonus for WWN…that supported its goal…I was all for it.

So if you thought the guru bonuses was a bad idea too, how about this instead:

Me and Ray, Ferny, David, and Jimmy are going to put on an EPIC event for the industry in Vegas. Everyone who attends that event is going to come out of it with what is working right now for us and a small handful of our elite clients. It’s basically a WORKSHOP to implement and create a high converting personal, non-replicated funnel for each person. It’s a means of traffic for each person tailored to their budget and skill set. And basically all the traffic, leads, and customers everyone needs.

Best part is, you can get in the workshop completely FREE (that’s the bribe Ray & Ferny are offering, i’m just the goat-guy who goes along with things)

If you like that idea and agree that it’s a wayyyyy cooler bribe than everyone else, go read the details here. And to make sure you can get into our epic event free, buy WWN through the SEONetworker link.

Here are all the details:

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