forget about the price-tag

Coconut man….. moon head….. and Pea, you ready?

Seems like everybodys got a price, i wonder how they sleep at night, when the sale comes first and truth comes second, just stop for a minute and smile 😀

Why is everybody so serious, acting so dam mysterious….

Great song huh? I also think it has an extremely important message for home business owners, one that is mis-interpreted.

When Jesse J released this song, price tag, i lost count of how many times i heard

well if its not about the money, just give us the album for free

On the surface its easy to see why people say that but the underlying message is one that could turn your shy little online business into a printing press not to dissimilar to those of the federal reserve

Jesse J performs because she is an extremely talented individual and loves what she does, i recently heard her doing a tv interview and her passion for music is clear for all to see. She just wants to make the world dance.

Lots of little girls grow up wanting to sing right? Hours spent dancing around with a hair brush for a micro-phone, pretending to be their idols

Do you think for a second that a 9 nine year old girl wants to be a singer because of the money? I dont think so, singing is fun and they enjoy it.

Its like when i was a nipper, my mates and me all played football, in the wind, rain, snow and sun. 7 days a week. We grew up wanting to be footballers, we never spoke about how much money we could make from it. It was fun and brought us so much enjoyment and…

It was our PASSION

When you operate from there, you will always go that little bit further, do that little bit extra because you want to be a…

master of your craft

and thats why some footballers and singers get a nice little pot of gold for their troubles, they bring a s**t-load of value to their market place.

Most home business owners are using someone else’s system and products so the only thing to excite them is sales and money. Instead of servicing your customers needs you’re trying to sell your product to everyone whether they need it or not. Then its easy to become greedy and it becomes all about the money and as she said…

i wonder how they sleep at night

Chances are a fall is on its way, as when the passion is lost the talent disappears along with the marketplace value. Take a good look at the product you are promoting, are you passionate about it? Would you sell it to your mother?

When you go through the Yaghi labs Internet Business Academy we will help you build a real online business around YOU and YOUR strengths.

lots of love

ewan 🙂

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