Video #6 – LIVE!! (PPC Supremacy’s `LinkedIn Moles`)

NOTE: This product is no longer available, but you can watch the video anyway.

The latest video from the PPC Supremacy showcase introduces how to target correctly with the very new DirectAds program for LinkedIn (the latest PPC innovation.) Exciting stuff, really.


We’ve heard from a few people who’ve tried LinkedIn’s new PPC program. And many were disappointed with it and quit.

Not us though.

LinkedIn is a fast growing social network for serious business folks. As if we were gonna stay off there. Nope.

In the video, I reveal a technique I use to target offer and to target businesses on there. It’s a method that relies on hijacking customers from the “competition”…so i expected a little back-lash when I posted it.

But ya know what? It works. So I don’t care 🙂

Enjoy the video. And the traffic.


If you’re not on the list by now you’re probably not planning to get on it. But in case you missed the message all 5 other times, you need to be on the PPC Supremacy “early bird” notification list if you hope to be part of what is going to be known as the BIGGEST traffic course ever on the internet PPC Supremacy. It goes live for sale on August 31st for 24 hours only.

It took so much work to launch, i don’t plan to open again for at least a year.

Watch it now…


Video #5 – LIVE!! (PPC Supremacy’s `Swayful Words`)

NOTE: This product is no longer available.

The PPC Supremacy launch series is rapidly nearing an end. David Schwind’s latest video, the 5th in the PPC Supremacy showcase was recorded while cycling through New York!

Watch “Swayful Words” Now

Here David explains one of the writing formulas he uses when constructing multi-million dollar ads. The ‘Boomerang Formula’ was made famous while David Schwind was most promoting Carbon Copy Pro’s marketing system on Google and Yahoo.

He constructed a single ad with this formula. And it ran for approximately 2 years while simultaneously building him the second largest downline in the business.

It was also ripped off, verbatim, by numerous members of the same system. In fact, a quick search will turn up several businesses and distributors who still use the exact text of that ad till today.

Of course new “million dollar” ads can be made using the same formula. But until recently, few people have ever seen exactly what was so special about the short copy and why it worked. In ‘Swayful Words’, David dissects the ad and explains how anyone can write their own original million-dollar ads. No ripping off required…and still increasing response, leads, and income.


Don’t Forget…

You need to sign up to the notification list. (only if you like the video, tho). Because we still have 2 more videos to help you get traffic to your business–all before you even enroll in PPC Supremacy when it goes on sale August 31st.

Enjoy the videos…and the traffic! 🙂

Video #2 – LIVE!! (Facebook Bushwhack)

NOTE: This product is no longer available.

Finally, David got his video up in the nick of time lol (literally!).

PPC Supremacy’s traffic training series continues with the second video of the planned 7 from our live launch demo.

Watch “Facebook Bushwhack” Now

Facebook Bushwhack is a crazy lesson on how to make people comply with your orders by using a secret i won’t reveal here. It’s better you go watch it for yourself.

David tackles a problem we’ve been hearing time and time again. People on Facebook PPC have no trouble getting FANS on their fanpage, but very few ever turn into leads. Obviously, we’ve figured out how to get both, otherwise the video wouldn’t exist :).

Oh, btw, see if you recognise the two multi-million-dollar earners who’ve actually adopted our exact template to increase their response on Facebook PPC. (Hint: one of them recently won someone else’s R8.)

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Enjoy the videos…and the traffic! 🙂