Keyword Research

Even though I got like 3 hours of sleep, I didn’t forget you beautiful fabulous Readers I love. (No homo).

Below is a Super Secret Traffic TRICK to reward your loyalty because…

Search marketing rocks my socks!

It gives me so many boners, trafficking people through client websites trapping them with the searches they run. Hell, my wife gets so jealous I started accessing Google only when she’s asleep and clearing my browser’s cache when done.

Never a dull moment at Yaghi Castle.

Trouble is for most people getting boners to the idea of marketing to Facebook Fiends and Twitter Twots is the one time they ever tried search marketing they did it all wrong.


In fact, I don’t care if you do SEO or PPC or whatever the hell keyword research nutbust method.

It’s wrong.

It’s backwards.

The people who taught you nonsense about “buyer intention” and “targeting keywords” are inbreds with the mental capacity of a circus MULE.

No match for my computering brilliance!

See, you can reach ANYONE on this planet with MY search marketing trick.

And you can sell ANYTHING from an ebook to a wire. From a toaster to a car. From a banana to a freakin house…if you advertise on SEARCH.

Yes, every example I mentioned I actually sold to SEARCHERS. Not to Facebook Fiends and Twitter Twats.

Here’s the difference between what I do and what most inbreds do. And if this doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry. Only geniuses will get the “Aha” feeling of realization coming up:

I target a TYPE OF PEOPLE…

Not the ambiguous searches they type.

If you target a search phrase and its variants, you might get a handful of people.

But to swallow a market whole, you target EVERY search ever possibly conducted by the TYPE OF PEOPLE you want to reach.


Stop trying to guess people’s “buyer intention”. Because that’s all it is–a guess.

We have perfected keyword research to the point that it’s disgusting. When you get Done-For-You Traffic, we HOARDE PEOPLE for you, not useless keywords.


We don’t “guess”. Search Engines TELL US buyer intention or whatever you call it.




50 VISITORS Pay a Professor’s Income?


First off…

A subscriber was kind enough to point out my calculation error in an email yesterday. Oopsie. Forgot to carry the one or something like that. You probably missed it, but if you didn’t, Point still stands.


Thanks both for the hate and love mail. It brings a lonely tear to my eye when I see fan mail from various butthole towns in Europe and Africa and to know that the YaghiLabs truth has penetrated even the nooks and crannies of the world. Hip hip huzzah!

Anyway, onwards…

Yesterday I chatted with a smart feller who sells a service for converting VHS video tapes to DVD.

Weird thing is, he runs his business as a one-man operation…

Advertises it primarily online…

Pays minimal expenses ($3 every two weeks or something like that).

And he brings in a better income than I would make with a PhD, teaching your kids Computer Science at university.

So he asks me, he says,

“Jim, show me how to QUADRUPLE my monthly income!”

Cheese whiz. I used my error-prone mental arithmetic skills with the assistance of a calculator, and repeated the calculation 3 times to find his AVERAGE per lead value.

Just under $115/lead REVENUE…

Meaning, when he gets a hit at his site and the hit decides to fill out his lead form, regardless of whether or not the lead ever buys, he on average earns $115 for every person who fills out the form.

If you were there, your jaw would have dropped to see how he was doing this…

He did it with no mailing list.

No sales letter.

No super social media butt-crack traffic.

And the most hits he had in a single day was only 50.

I had plenty of suggestions for him to get more traffic from my super-secret SEO strategy, to a critique of his Facebook ads, to landing page copy and design which we reworked together…

But the real lesson I want you to take is not how awesome I am at helping very successful people become more successful.

It’s this…

If you take your new-found marketing skills and apply them in an area where the competition has no marketing skills…you will prosper, faster, easier, and bigger than your wildest dreams.

You’ll make more than a professor’s income while farting in your pajamas.

On the other hand, if you market marketing to marketers…(wtf?! Did I get that right?)

Which so many dumbasses do…you’re swimming with SHARKS like me…much more experienced at marketing than you…and they will squash you, stomp you, eat you alive, and burp your arms up covered in green acid-reflux stomach fluids.

Get the picture?

Here’s the funny link to get my help with your product, marketing, traffic, and sales…



Who To Trust With The Most Important Party of Your Life?

See, it’s amateur business practices like this that really bug me.

When planning my marriage to a beautiful young lady in Jordan, I was stuck juggling a hectic work schedule while making wedding plans with amateur businesses.

Info product businesses are like Jordan’s cheapskate 3rd world companies…

Full of amateurs trying to make a buck with half-a-solution products, incompletely delivered, and poorly presented.

Here’s what I mean…

After paying a hefty sum to my wedding venue for their “full” package, they sent us to their vendors all over the city to make arrangements…only to discover that I have to pay THEM more money.

It’s no big deal, but I paid for a premium venue while their vendors are an utter embarrassment.

One vendor who arranges flowers for table centerpieces was ridiculous.

His shop was disgusting — its floor was wet and dirty. The shop-front had TWO varieties of flowers on display in an otherwise empty store.

While the business owner appeared clean-cut and bragged of 30-years experience and a $1M/year account with our venue, he told a lie every 15 seconds.

The sample photos of his arrangements were shot with a cheap digital camera. And the demonstration he made us was thrown together in his dark ugly office with no other supporting “niceties” for presentation.

He assured us the final product would look much better on the day — something we won’t see until his full fee is paid.

What he should have done…

A smarter business would have SIMULATED as close as possible the final product by accompanying the flower arrangement with a well-presented table, its cover, and chairs.

It would have cost him little and taken only a few extra moments of time…but it would have made all the difference in our confidence in his abilities for the most important party of our lives!

In the same way, online business is filled with amateurs, even the “expert” ones.

Their info-products, masterminds, and seminars that claim to teach you top-secret ninja marketing skills fall short of a “complete solution”. There’s always some upsell the product is useless without.

They intentionally leave out information so they can sell you more products.

Is this “good marketing”?

I laugh!

As a customer, you can only expect to lose confidence in their solution long before you ever pay a cent.

That’s why at YaghiLabs our focus is on marketing SERVICES, not information.

With our Done-For-You Traffic services, we offer complete solutions: 

– You do not need to go to anyone else to make proper use of our services.

– You don’t need to spend more money with us, because we give you EVERYTHING you need to get traffic AND convert it to sales. Complete with email follow-up series, a business plan for ongoing marketing, traffic keywords, ad copy, landing pages, and step-by-step management instructions.

– You don’t need to “learn more” because we GIVE you our BEST SELLING traffic and marketing products free as part of the package, in case you need them.

– You don’t have to worry that our deliverables have mistakes because every step has a dedicated QUALITY CONTROLLER who checks every deliverable, and tests everything before we hand off to you.

– And on top of this all, we have a one-stop-shop of Done-For-You services you can “add on” directly through us to manage and implement any of the ongoing management steps should you want to outsource more of your marketing.

Sound good? Read more about our Done-For-You Traffic services here.

We get it!

We understand you want the simplicity of dealing with ONE vendor who takes care of ALL your advertising and selling needs, for one fee, fully and completely to 120% of your satisfaction.



How Effective Is PPC?

Pay per click (PPC) has become one of the primary ways for online entrepreneurs to advertise their chosen product or service on the Internet. It uses customized ads, in various page positions, which allow customers to make decisions about purchasing. Pay per click advertising is a strategy where you only pay when your ad is clicked on. Managing PPC requires knowledge and analysis of cost per click (CPC) and return on investment (ROI).

Positioning: What, where and how to place your ads is very important.

Where do you want your product to appear? If you want to attract US customers, is it best to promote your product in Japan? Of course not! What geographical location will have the most interest in your offering? I have seen folks who have spent 5 figure ad budgets marketing to the wrong countries. With PPC, you can break it down to the specific cities or regions that will generate the best results for your needs.

Demographics: Who should you market to?

You must consider who is going to use your product. If you have a product that will appeal to a 13-year-old girl, it would be a waste of resources to try to attract males over the age of 35. So who is your ideal customer? Gender and age is key to this process. One of the most overlooked groups is women between the ages 30-68. They make 87% of all purchases in the home. They are also the most loyal and if they trust you, they will become repeat customers.

Conversion Rates

Analytics software is another necessity for successful PPC advertising. In order to determine how effective a PPC campaign is, it is important to install tracking code on your website and use tracking software to analyse it. This will provide you with information such as your cost per click, ad relevance, click through rate and daily budget calculations. Another tool to add to your toolbox is a Web Analytics software program. Having these two will allow you to figure out the results of your Pay Per Click campaign. Without these being used and understood, you will be operating in cyber darkness.

Done For You PPC Services

Here at YaghiLabs, we enjoy educating new online entrepreneurs. We also offer a “done for you” service for all your PPC marketing needs. So many additional factors go into creating a successful advertising campaign and increasing your profit margin. Learn more about this all-inclusive service at

How To Create Opt-In Lead Generator

I would be lying to you if I said there was only one way to create an Opt-In Lead Generator. Okay, technically speaking there is just one way, that is, by doing so with some type of web development code. Let’s break down the process a bit more and skip the technical speak…

Building an Opt-In Lead Generator Starting Point

Building a lead generator doesn’t start on a webpage, capture page, squeeze page, or any other page you find online. Putting together an effective lead generator starts with an effective marketing plan. This could be a plan in which your product or service is already getting results, well before you start advertising using the Internet.

I get it, you are just starting out and you want to sell to people only online. I am sure you have some kind of competition somewhere and they may have a method setup to generate leads with some form of Opt-In system. You are aware of your competition right….right?

You Must Already Know

Market research seems to be the last thing entrepreneurs add to their portfolio of business skills. When it comes time to sell, they can get frustrated as to why no one is purchasing what they have to offer. Let’s assume your product is something people want to buy. Now your job is to make sure they buy from you. Not only do you want them to buy from you, you want them to be ready to buy and open to buy even more by being an Opt-In customer. Tongue twister much?

Opt-In generators give your customers a way to say, “Yes…I want to stay connected with your business.”

Method of Opt-Ins

Your product is good and you have a website up and running. Now you’re targeting potential customers (and current ones) who would like to stay connected with you and are interested in your product or service. It’s time to pick a method to make this happen…

  • Email marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Social Media
  • Micro Blogs
  • Text messages

and more…

Tools of the Trade

Depending on the method or style you are going with for capturing or collecting your customers permission to send them stuff, there are many tools to assist you.

Email Marketing programs like Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact and iContact allow you to create forms for webpages so your visitors can give you their permission to be contacted directly. They also provide you with a method of storing and managing all related content.

Social Media sites use Apps or Plugins which interact with email marketing tools or have custom code to collect your customers permissions as well.

Being Realistic

Breaking down the specifics for your particular business would be impossible in one article. What I want you to take from this information is that developing a good Opt-in lead generation method for your business will take careful planning, setting specific goals based on your products and services, and testing.

As an entrepreneur you have to measure the value of learning the skills necessary to put such tools to use (and at a profit) versus having an experienced team of professionals leverage the time and effort for you.

Yes, we do this everyday at Yaghi Labs. Traffic, Conversions, Testing, Marketing, Generating Qualified Leads and so much more…

We can tell you if using the Internet to grow your business is worth your time and money. And if so, we will work with you directly and provide the expertise needed to succeed and thrive online.

Learn about our special

Best regards,

Yaghi Labs Team Member
Richard Kaulfers

How Important Is AdWords In Your Marketing?

Almost all businesses could benefit from the proper use of Google Adwords. I’m pretty confident most business owners froth at the mouth a little when presented with fresh new humans to sell to but…

Not Every Business NEEDS Adwords

In fact, some businesses are better off without it.

But you? Are you better off with it?

Well that, my friend, depends on the type of business you have.

The important thing here is that your business is heading in the right direction and is profitable.

Yes, Adwords is practically the only place on the planet where you can show or offer your product/service to another human at the exact moment they look for it. Emotions are high at the time of searching, which greatly enhances the chances of people buying.

So Who Doesn’t Need Adwords?

Did you ever hear of “that girl”…a YouTube phenomenon if ya like. Started making a few silly videos of herself doing her make-up so her friends could see how she did it. Next thing, her videos get millions of hits and she ends up on tv and radio shows all over the UK.

Oh, and she made a ton of money. 🙂

Thing is, I bet she never even heard of Adwords.

If her plan from the outset was to start such a business, then some would argue an Adwords campaign may or may not have been a good strategy to kick start interest.

So How Do You Know If It’s Right For You?

We had a client a few weeks back who wanted to start a ppc campaign. After a consultation with one of our in-house experts, he soon realised that ppc would be a waste of money for his type of business. Saved him hours of lost time and, well, a lot of wasted $$$.

Inside our Internet Business Academy there is a whole module devoted to this topic. It will teach you exactly how your business should be structured in order to stand out like a Ferrari in a scrap yard.

You will learn the best way to market your type of business and, if Adwords is right for you, we’ll give you access to our ppc experts who can teach you or even help make your business profitable…ASAP! 😉

Some Things To Ponder…

While Adwords can generate massive amounts of leads and sales almost instantly, it’s by far the hardest to master. I know first hand how awesome Adwords can be and I also know how it can damage you.

Oh, and Do NOT rely solely on Adwords.

Here is the link again…

Internet Business Academy

lots of love

ewan 😉

How To Come Up With Lateral PPC Keywords

A reader wrote in last week with the following question…


I’m starting ppc marketing and have hit a brick wall. How do you build on top of your main keywords? I have got about 20 and can’t think of any more. That’s never going to take my business to the next level.”

It’s a great question and one I hear over and over again from marketers entering the ppc battlefield.

The cool part is that 20 keywords could easily make you $20,000/mo. In fact, I have a friend who is consistantly doing $25,000/mo from 4 keywords. 🙂

But it’s near impossible to do this from a standing start. You will have to build a bigger list and find what’s working for you.

I Feel Your Pain

I too, when starting ppc, hit the very same wall. My first training taught me to open an excel spreadsheet and list as many keywords related to my product as I could. I think I got around 12 and seriously thought there were actually NO MORE. 😉

More Pain

Being an inexperienced ppc marketer, the next frustration was the ‘newbie tax’ 🙁 – the first keywords you come up with that are usually very generic and not ‘buyer keywords.’ Every single marketer in your niche is doing the same. This means you have to pay through the nose for these generic keywords and they often don’t convert. 1000’s of dollars and leads later = no sales!!!

Let Me Explain

I was looking for MLM-type keywords. My list went like this…

MLM, Network Marketing, Home Business, Work From Home. Very generic, agree? People searching for this are generally ‘just looking’ and cost you lots of wasted ad-spend.

Getting creative, thinking outside the box, and building a keyword list unique to you, is important if you are going to create a killer ppc campaign. Find keywords with low competition, which are extremely qualified, then line them up like soldiers ready for battle in neat little ad groups. This can bring you crazy results. So…

How To Come Up With Lateral PPC Keywords?

You need to get inside the mind of your ideal customer. What are they searching for? What are their problems (i.e. the ones you’re about to solve)? When you have listed some relevant keywords, run them through the Google Keyword Tool for more ideas.

Inside the Yaghi Labs Internet Business Academy, you will learn how to come up with a keyword list which is unique to you and will deliver insane amounts of qualified, eager-to-buy customers.

What are you waiting for?

lots of love

ewan 🙂

How To Advertise A Replicated Site

I’m not sure about you, but I associate replicated pages with spammers, newbies and those who lack creativity.

This guy pops up on Facebook chat the other day…full of enthusiasm he says, “Ewan, how’s business going?” and in the next split second I replied.

BOOM! And back he came with,

“…you should take a look at this,” and a link…


I mean, by asking one lousy question, do you really think this will make me buy from you or join your team?

Most of the time I ignore things like this, but every now and again I’m in the mood to try and save these people. I replied, “dude, you’re not making many sales are you?”

I felt his enthusiasm turn into heartache and after a few back and forths he asked me…

“So How Do I Advertise My Replicated Website?”

Uhm, you don’t 😉 well, not upfront anyway!

The Problem With Replicated Sites

Okay, where do I start…

Problem 1

They all look the same. How do you stamp your authority, or set yourself apart, when you are shoving the same link in people’s faces that thousands of others are too? You look the same as EVERYBODY else. You need to be unique in the market place. To top it all off, this strategy is usually extremely ineffective as well.

Problem 2

Replicated sites tend to focus on the company and how awesome they are. Your potential customers are looking to have a problem they are suffering from solved! Who cares if a company has its headquarters in a gazillion square feet next to Dave’s Ice Cream Parlour on the sunny coast of M.I.S.S.I.S.S.I.P.P.I. (now close your eyes and spell it backwards). 😉

Problem 3

I have seen first hand how using these sites can damage your reputation and your business. If you generate leads within a company’s generic system, some so-called leaders have access to them and have been known to ‘steal leads’ from unsuspecting victims. I have also seen the unique link not work correctly. After you’ve done all the hard work, and made a sale, the commission goes to another *ahem* entrepreneur.

Problem 4

What happens if the company goes out of business? You’re left with nothing. No income, no websites, no ‘system’ which you relied on so heavily, and no business.

But It’s Not All Doom And Gloom

Listen, Network Marketing and Affiliate marketing can provide incomes like politicians can provide bull-poo…

…IF, you do it right. 🙂

If you’re to survive on the Internet, your business needs 2 things:

  • A Website
  • Somewhere to store data you collect, i.e. email address, etc.

Oh, and something to sell. 🙂

Any advertising you do should lead to YOUR website. Any emails you collect go to YOUR list. Then you market what you have to sell to YOUR list.


You market a home business, collect leads through your website, THEN you use the company’s sign up page for new people to join your team. Because the lead went through your own funnel you have more than likely earned trust and respect from this person; the selling part becomes easy. 🙂

D’ya follow? Now you’re bullet-proof.

This way, once you have made the sale, you can market over and over to the same people as long as they remain on your list.

Did you know, inside the Yaghi Labs Internet Business Academy, we show you exactly how to build a killer website which gets so much traffic it’s not even funny? 🙂 You will learn things which affect sales that next to no one knows about!

Please understand that the Academy is only for people who are serious about building a ‘real income’ online. If you’re looking for shiny balls, it’s probably not for you 😉

lots of love

ewan 🙂

How To Build A PPC Landing Page

Following on from What Is A PPC Landing Page, today we look at How To Build A PPC Landing Page

Recently, there’s been a big push toward landing page quality.

This emphasis quickly became very real for many advertisers when Google announced that landing page quality is related in a more direct way to the quality score of a PPC ad.

At the end of the day, Google’s ultimate goal is to improve user-experience, and increase, as well as sustain their revenue. No matter what, you always want to provide the most useful experience to the user.

As long as you continue to do this, technology changes will benefit you and improve the overall effectiveness of your efforts. Technology changes and upgrades should not be the cause of losing your business, loss of profit, or have any negative side effect at all.

If this is the case, then you clearly didn’t care enough to do it right to begin with. This is a huge mistake to make in any kind of business.

This article will focus on how to build a PPC landing page which will be embraced by Google and Facebook and how you can keep your business on Google and Facebook to tap into the ridiculous amounts of traffic that is available to you on those platforms.

Let’s Get Started…

Google and Facebook want essentially the same things. However, there’s a distinction between the two.

Facebook wants a clear and concise message (so does Google).

But Google also wants content.

Facebook wants content, but they’re not necessarily as heavily invested in seeing content as Google is.

Both definitely want a clear explanation of the path that your landing page will provide for the consumer.

Brand Awareness

Be thinking about your brand at all times.

This means that you should be advertising your brand. It’s not that Google minds if you advertise a product. What they don’t want are sales people who are analogous to snake oil salesmen.

When you’re building your PPC landing page, ask yourself how you can position what you’re advertising so that you can sell products and highlight your brand.

How can you let the consumer know that what you’re advertising is more than a single, individual product?

If it is a single, individual product at least make sure there is a grand element to your campaign.


You must have content in order for (especially) Google to view you as valuable to the consumer.

It doesn’t matter if you have all the content in the world inside of your “members only” section. If Google can’t see that, it’s as good as not having any at all.

You better have some content on the front end so that the consumer can see what the hell they’re getting into and they can determine if you’re worthy of them giving away their email or credit card details.


Make sure the consumer knows what’s happening at all points in time.

Spell it out clearly, such as…

“If you give me your email address, first you will get this and then you will get this, and this and this, etc.”

Let your consumer know what they are about to experience. Prelude your message with what is going to happen. Be 100% transparent with what you’re going to deliver.


This holds true especially for those in the “make money from home” or any of the various sub-cultures within the “income generating” space.

If you are selling a product or teaching how to make money, you MUST come from an educator’s standpoint. Do NOT come from a get-rich-quick standpoint.

Avoid the following:

    • Income testimonials
    • Traditional direct response marketing “BS” that insults most peoples’ intelligence

Use marketing which really builds a bond with the consumer.

Ask yourself how can you build a bond and trust with the consumer to the point where they say to themselves, “I like this person,” or “I want to learn more,” or “I would like to engage more with this information.”

Brand Presence Home Page

This would include the following:

      • About Page
      • Mission Statement
      • Contact (include telephone #)
      • Products
      • Some Element of Content i.e. Free Training
      • Blog i.e. Timely and Regularly Updated Content

So As You’re Building Your PPC Landing Pages, Ask Yourself These Questions…

        • What’s my brand awareness? Do I have brand awareness across my entire platform?
        • Do I have content? Have I included the essential content elements that make for a good PPC landing page?
        • Am I being transparent? Have I let the consumer know exactly what is going to happen and what they can expect along the way?
        • Am I educating? – You MUST educate i.e. put your mom in front of your PPC landing page and ask yourself, “Can they easily and quickly navigate through all of your stuff and understand what the hell you are doing right away?”

Stay Ahead Of The Curve?

If consumers can’t quickly and easily figure out what you’re doing, the Google and/or Facebook reviewers are going to knock your PPC Landing page out. If you manage to sneak by with your PPC Landing page it won’t be long before you get knocked off the platform.

Change the way you’re doing your marketing early. Stay ahead of the curve, and you end up winning. This is what we’re doing inside Yaghi Labs. We keep you, and all of our clients ahead of the curve.

And this is what this article has done for you too, kept you ahead of the curve. If you’re not abiding by these things, get caught up.

For more value than you can shake a stick at, join us inside of the Internet Business Academy where you’ll learn how to build a REAL Internet business that’s not fickle to the latest changes on Google, or dependent on any one source of traffic.

Do the right thing. Stay ahead of the curve.

How To Bid Optimization

Focusing exclusively on the most effective keywords in a PPC advertising campaign will help minimize your costs. This is the primary goal of any bid optimization system. Additional components of this very important strategy are listed below…

Auction Process

PPC (pay-per-click) marketing is an auction-style form of paid online advertising. Regardless of the platform (e.g. Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.) each individual marketer sets a maximum amount they are willing to pay for a specific ad location based on their researched keywords. The person who bids the highest wins their preferred ad position.

Keyword Relevance

Relevant keywords will improve your quality score, elevate your ad position and lower the bid cost. If your website is optimized and congruent with your ad copy, this will also drive additional targeted traffic.

By utilizing relevant keywords you will impact your return on investment (ROI) by increasing overall revenue and lowering the price per bid.

Data Analysis

Testing and measuring your results is imperative. Locate your highest converting keywords then reduce your bids in small increments. After lowering the price you are paying to have a keyword displayed, has your ad position been affected? If not, you’ve just saved some money. Repeat this process until you have determined the ideal threshold or optimal bid price.

You must constantly track and tweak these keywords then adjust how you distribute your marketing budget. Anyone can pay top dollar and achieve the highest ad position. Your challenge is maximize your ROI and not simply throw away good money!

The Science Of Bid Optimization

Bid management starts with selecting relevant keywords, using congruent ad copy on your landing page, and tweaking your campaign and bids daily in order to improve your return on investment. The “scientists” here at Yaghi Labs will show you even more about streamlining your online business for maximize results. Listen how at

How Does Social Bookmarking Work In Affiliate Marketing?

Social bookmarking is tagging a website and saving it for later, rather than saving it to your internet browser… it’s online, you’ll be able to easily share it with other internet users who may be interested

Social bookmarking can be a MAJOR asset to you as an affiliate marketer, IF you get it right and bookmark the right stuff 🙂

It’s an awesome way for you to spread the word about your product, resulting in droves of traffic to your site

What do bookmarks do?

As an affiliate promoting a product, you need traffic!

Social bookmarking is a way for you to spread the word about the product and if other people like the article you socially bookmark or get interested in the product, they will want to keep a bookmark of it for later reference. And since social bookmarking tools allow people to see each OTHER’S bookmarks and search them, this brings ‘social proof’ to your corner.

It also reveals exactly how a website is perceived by web users, especially when some bookmarking sites allow voting.  This show’s the search engines and any other classification system how people feel about the quality of the website. Additionally, it’s a great way to help the search engines find your pages a lot earlier via bookmarking than through some other type of inbound link.

Why do so many affiliates struggle?

You know as well as I do, affiliate marketing is a great way to make a living but there is waaaaay to many affiliate marketers out there who are, well…. broke!

It’s simply because they are missing a couple of vital ingredients to bring it all together.

While social bookmarking is a great way to get your site visible, the problem remains that most affiliate marketers are ‘spamming.’

Yes, the agenda is to get people to your site and ultimately spend money with you, but it has to be done the right way 😉

Why would Internet users bookmark your site anyway?

Here is a clue in the name, ‘social’ bookmarking. It’s a social thing. People are only going to get enthusiastic about the ‘good stuff.’

Here’s a few tips on how NOT to use social bookmarking sites.

Nobody likes a spammer. Don’t be a spammer! Sales copy won’t make it very far in the ranking. The ones who do the best in social bookmarking are the blogs and websites providing genuine, thoughtful entertainment, and content worthy of hearing about.

Affiliate marketing, the right way!

If you want people to pay attention to the content you are bookmarking…

…get creative

Think outside the box. People are always looking to buy stuff. It’s your job to make the customer desire your product. 😉

When you dont really know how to do this, it may seem easier said than done, but that’s what we can teach you how to do inside the Yaghi Labs Internet Business Academy.

Hurry over, we’re teaching affiliates just like you, every day! Dont get left behind.

lots of love

ewan 🙂

Google AdWords Help

The online marketing battlefield is littered with the bodies of brave warriors who have accepted the Google AdWords challenge. Sadly, they were unaware of the countless landmines scattered along their path.

What appears to be a straightforward and simple concept in the beginning can quickly turn into a nightmare scenario as your hard-earned marketing budget is depleted faster than a speeding bullet.

Google AdWords Boot Camp

Let’s start at the beginning…

According to Google, here’s how it works:

  • “You create your ads”
  • “Your ads appear on Google”
  • “You attract customers”

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Let’s all get started now and make billions!

Oh, but wait…there’s more…you also need to:

  • “Target the right user in the right context”
  • Attract your “local and regional” demographic
  • “Measure and optimize your results”

The list goes on and on, and the level of knowledge required to master the AdWords beast goes deeper and deeper. Then, after you finally understand the “theory” behind what they do, your next hurdle is to apply all this information in a real-world situation…with real money (i.e. yours).

How To Google AdWords

Now, let’s review the AdWords Terms & Conditions (aka “the fine print”):


And that’s only the beginning!

Quality User Experience

In Google’s eyes, “user experience” is their primary concern. As an AdWords advertiser you must adhere to this philosophy and be educated on exactly what is required. From ad format to website functionality, restricted products to copyright infringements, malware protection to spam techniques, the onus is on you be compliant.

No soldier heads into battle without the proper training, experience and weapons in his or her arsenal. The same can be said for high-level online marketing strategies like Google AdWords.

Here at Yaghi Labs, we’re passionate believers in the power of PPC advertising (e.g. Google AdWords, Facebook PPC, Bing/Yahoo/AOL). It’s highly effective, immediate and positions you so you don’t have to LOOK for potential customers.

Avoid the guesswork and eliminate stress by letting the experts manage your PPC campaigns for you. Simplify your marketing plans and achieve the results you are looking for. Try our friendly and affordable consulting and Done-For-You Traffic services at

You’ll be glad you did!

How To Advertise Online

So you’ve got your new whiz-bang product and are on your way to making MILLIONS…if only people knew about it and could find it!

You KNOW that people are making piles of money online but you have no idea how to even get started…

Well, despite what every “Guru” in Internet-land would have you believe, learning how to advertise online is not rocket science!!!

Online Advertising Basics

Start by creating a compelling offer. Outline the features and benefits of your product or service. What makes your product different and what makes it better? How does it make people feel? Why do they need to have it?

You’ve got to know your audience. There’s no sense in spending valuable time and money exposing your product to people who don’t want it or need it. Identify your “ideal customer” prior to mapping out your marketing plans and find out where they congregate online.

Research, dissect and learn from your competition. Why reinvent the wheel, or start over from scratch, when someone’s already done that for you? Find out what works in your marketplace then test it, tweak it and apply your own unique spin.

And remember…



Online Advertising Choices

It boggles the mind how many advertising platforms are readily available on the Internet today. These choices are usually divided into two categories, “paid” and “free”. Again, prior to launching your first campaign, make sure to research what your competition is doing. What works for them will most likely work for you too.

For larger marketing budgets, paid advertising (managed correctly) will produce more immediate results than free advertising…you can read more about this at

Paid Advertising choices include:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Pay Per View (PPV)
  • Cost Per Action (CPA)
  • Banners & Pop Ups
  • Email (Solo Ads)
  • Ad Networks (Internet-based and Mobile)
  • Online classifieds (e.g. Craig’s List)

Free Advertising choices include:

  • Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • Social Bookmarking (Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc.)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Article and Ezine Websites
  • Press Releases
  • Directory Listings
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Link Exchanges

Attraction Advertising

Attracting qualified customers to your offer is the primary objective of online advertising. Optimizing your website or free web presence (*see Yaghi IBA tips at is imperative in order to maximize your profits. By providing valuable and relevant content to your target demographic you will lay the groundwork for a long-term and loyal customer base.

How Do Keyword Spy Tools Work?

Before an auto mechanic begins to repair your car, he or she is equipped with the necessary training AND uses a set of custom tools to complete the job. These tools are specifically designed for the task at hand. PPC marketing works in much the same way. By understanding the basic mechanics, and by using proprietary Internet-based resources, your online marketing engine will run smoothly and efficiently.

Keyword spying tools are a great example of readily available custom tools and all work in much the same way. They assist you in locating specific keyword ads (which match your product) then determine how popular the related keywords are. The keywords are then extracted. This provides you with a list of the profitable keywords and other data needed to drive targeted traffic to your website and ultimately increase sales of your product or service.

Staying on the Keyword Spying Track

Keyword spy tracking programs are Internet-based campaign monitoring platforms (no need to download anything to your PC or MAC) providing real-time tracking of online ad campaigns. These campaigns are based on targeted keywords, individual search engines and regional demographics.

A PPC ad that appeals to someone in England may not resonate with someone in the United States and vice versa. Tracking programs can be “tweaked” to match your needs and to provide the specific data you require.

“…but what other data can be extracted by using these tools, and how does that happen?”…glad you asked!

Supercharged Analytics and Metrics

Exact ad copy, new keywords and new competitors, landing page urls, keyword and ad positioning over a set period of time, cost per click and bid values, side-by-side campaign strategy comparisons, alternate keyword suggestions, and notifications about changes in your niche market is more of the important data that can be mined.

Massive amounts of time and labor would be needed to gather all this data manually. Keyword spy tools automate the entire process by utilizing competitive intelligence.

HitWise and ComScore

HitWise ( and ComScore ( are primary competitive intelligence providers but they use two very different methods of data collection.

Internet service providers (ISPs) worldwide have brokered a deal with HitWise and have agreed to share the anonymous Internet data collected on their various ISP networks for the purpose of data analysis. This information is then combined with a global opt-in panel for gathering information based on lifestyle and regional demographics.

ComScore have built their own group of opt-in panel members. These people have agreed to be monitored as they navigate the worldwide web. In exchange, they receive free Internet data use, online virus protection and a variety of sweepstake prizes. This is a similar model to various TV rating systems used around the world.

Engine Performance Report

There’s a great saying that goes, “you should spend 50 percent of your time studying your competition and 50 percent of your time trying to beat them.” The same rule applies in PPC marketing.

A keyword spy tool is an advanced keyword research tool that tells you what keywords your competitors are using in their PPC advertising (e.g. Google AdWords). This data, along with all the other information you can extract using these tools, can provide a solid foundation for your own successful PPC campaigns.

Master Mechanics at your disposal…

 Want to know more? Want to make a few small tweaks in your business and never worry about traffic again? Then join us over at the Yaghi Labs IBA and we’ll show you what it takes…

Does Pay Per Click Keyword Spying Really Help?

Espionage, covert operations and intrigue! Just another day in the life of a PPC keyword spy…and yes, if you want to save time and become more profitable, you’ll want to engage in keyword spying and learn from your competitors’ mistakes and successes.

Before we delve into the clandestine underbelly of the pay per click marketing world <grin>, and determine how effective this technique really is, let’s review the mission dossier.

Keyword Research

The purpose of your keyword intelligence gathering is to find the actual words and phrases used by your ideal customer to locate the specific Internet content they desire.

Not only can this information be valuable in generating more targeted traffic, and creating more profitable PPC campaigns, but the keyword data can also be used to optimize the website you are driving the traffic to.

Keyword Analysis

After you gather a list of keywords, it’s time to analyze their relevance to your campaign in order to optimize your advertising budget, increase your conversions to sales, and to locate new market opportunities.

While this may seem to be a repetitive and time-consuming task to many, the resulting benefits are more than worth the effort.

Keyword Spying…shhh!

Learn which keywords are really used by your target demographic. Find out the actual keywords used by your competitors in their successful campaigns. Don’t over-spend by using highly competitive keywords when you can be much more profitable with mid-range competition. Achieve greater results and minimize your cost per click expenses with a well-researched plan of action.

You can join the ring of “keyword spies” by using either a free or paid PPC spying program. These programs will show you exactly what keywords and phrases your competitors have been using over a given period of time and so much more.

Remember, your goal is to attract paying customers (not just visitors) to your site. Find a keyword tool that provides you with search engine ad tracking, traffic and keyword cost estimates, actual PPC ad copy, domain keywords reporting, ad position or rank, pay per click costs and competitor research results.

Interpol Alert!

Keyword spying is considered to be a legal and ethical practice for online marketing.

Tools of the Trade to Track Your Competition

Keyword tracking tools give you immediate access to a variety of statistics for both organic and PPC search traffic. Google’s free keyword tracking tool can be found at 

Google AdWords Keyword Tracker


Other popular tools used to find leading competitive keywords are: SEMRush (, Compete ( and SpyFu (

A newcomer on the scene is Brad Callan and his revolutionary PPC Web Spy tool. This is a simple yet powerful Firefox browser plugin you can easily download and run. A free version is available. Check it out at (

Come in from the cold…

Too much to do? Too little time? Let Yaghi Labs take care of all your PPC campaigns. No matter how large or small the budget, we will fully manage your traffic for you.

Infiltrate our safe house at:

How To Get More PPC Traffic

If you follow the simple steps I’m about to lay out here, you will be able to get yourself as much PPC traffic as you want.

So, how to get more ppc traffic…

Think of it this way, you are walking down an extremely busy street and a shop owner is standing at the door of his shop casting a net and pulling potential customers in. If he wanted to get more people into his shop, I’d tell him, “get a bigger net dude” 😉

PPC is like casting the net.

Your net has some pretty cool advantages. You can set it to only pull people in that are already interested in your stuff. So it’s important, when trying to get more ppc traffic that you start with the best possible net. Before we go into casting it, we needa make sure that it’s working.

Weaving a killer net

Getting the best out of anything starts with a solid foundation. You must go after the right people.

Keyword research and selection

If you are already doing some ppc marketing you have probably done this bit but stick with me…

It’s important to keep the keywords in each adgroup, very closely related.

I find this bit sooooo much fun. Take some time out and think about what it is that you offer. Try to think of around 10 keywords and write them down. This is your ‘seed keywords’. Then go to Google’s keyword tool external and enter them in one at a time and run the search, this will give you a ton of keywords and throw up all sorts of new ideas for you.

Writing your ad

Get real creative during the ad writing process. Just because the search engine is showing your ad it DOES NOT mean people will click it.

Offer the user EXACTLY what they are looking for.

Here are some other little tips for ad writing:

  • using the keyword somewhere in the ad or even as a headline can help (the keyword should appear in bold if it’s in the ad).
  •  ask a question in the ads headline if appropriate or make a cool statement.
  • include a strong call to action so the user is prompted to click your ad.
  • research the keywords you are bidding on. see how the ads look on the page. if the ads use up all their alotted space, write a short one -or vice versa.

Ok, so now that you have maximised potential traffic in what you have running, its time to…

…get a bigger net

With a strong net you can now go and cast it wider in your search for more customers. I must stress however that you must do this step by step. You needa test and watch your live ppc ads like a hawk. Shut down keywords and adgroups that are not working and ramp the up the ones that are. We call this optimising. This is done on a daily basis. Casting your net wider is completely up to you based on your ad budget and how fast you wanna expand.

More keywords

This is your first step in expanding. Search for more related keywords that you want to bid for. Run your ideas through the Google keyword tool. You can also use a mis-spell tool and bid on keywords that have been mis-spelled by the user. These can prove great for ROI, not many advertisers are this savvy and you can often get CPC at a fraction of the cost.

More adgroups

Once you have a new list of potential keywords, group them into new adgroups, remembering to keep them all tight and closely matching. I suggest you use ‘phrase’ and ‘exact’ match and leave out ‘broad’. Include any negative keywords you don’t want to show for, such as free.

You can target more places

I saw a massive rise in traffic when I started advertising in new countries. This may or may not be a strategy you want to use but away from the usual, UK, USA and OZ type countries, competition isn’t so fierce.

Go live on more platforms

There are several PPC platforms you can get your message out on. If you are live on…

  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook PPC
  • Yahoo/Bing network

…then chances are high that you will be getting as much PPC traffic as you can handle 😉

If you have any other PPC or marketing questions, just holler at me in the comments section.

Believe it or not, but getting the traffic is the easy bit. converting them to sales can be slightly harder. Inside the YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy, you will learn all about how to maximise sales and everything else you need to know

Heck, we can even do ALL your marketing for you 🙂

See ya inside the course

Lots of love


How To Create Effective PPC Keywords

spend time researching what potential customers are typing into search engines. that way you can be found when they search for what you offer. then you need to get yourself infront of them so they land on YOUR website and buy YOUR products or services 🙂

sounds easy right?


…lets look at how to do it

conducting research

spend time here!!!

did you hear about the dude that built his house on sand? you didn’t? well, it fell over. contrary, the dude that built his house on the rocks, lived there for years

your ppc campaign is gonna be exactly the same. put the foundation in place, build it on the rocks and you are setting yourself up for success

take your time to make a list of keywords you think are relative to what you are offering. you may only come up with one or two. you may come up with 50!

take each keyword and one at a time, run it through Google’s ‘keyword tool external’. this will spit out many more keyword ideas.

i think you’ll benefit from this article i wrote earlier, regarding keywords and account structuring. it’s important stuff to know 😉

if you are relatively new to ppc marketing and conducting keyword research, you may only come up with the obvious keywords, i know i did

and while these keywords will get you a TON of attention…

…it’s not always wise to get pulled into the cat fight

most advertisers in your niche will only be bidding on the obvious and high trafficed keywords but these tend to be high cpc. often is the case, the user is only browsing. before you know it, you’re in a bidding war with marketers who don’t have a clue and on keywords that make zero sales.

*case study* 🙂

when i started on Google AdWords, i didnt have the experience. in fact i shouldn’t even have been allowed on Google. my list of keywords had the usual 10 or so to start with:

‘home business’,
‘internet marketing’,
‘online business’,
‘network marketing’
etcetera etcetera,

i thought i had them all covered, there couldn’t be anymore 😉

anyway, cpc was crazy high, i got looaaaadddsa leads but they didnt really convert!

then i heard someone mention…

…buyers v’s lookers

it’s the fastest way to broke!

spending all your money on people looking at your website who don’t wanna buy. i’m not saying we know how to only target people who are gonna buy, although it would be cool 🙂

but if you spend time you can maximise your chances…

…for example

someone searching ‘buy red shoes online’ is a far better bet for a sale than ‘red shoes’

i’m not saying you shouldn’t target lookers, especially if the cpc is cheap… as they may well buy later on but if ya wanna go after the users who are more likely to be in buying mode then you need to…

…learn how to read their minds

anticipate what they will be searching for to find what you offer. there is waaaay more advertisers on Google who don’t have much of a clue what they’re doing than there is who are up to speed.

if you are prepared to learn then you will soon out-smart your competitors.

seriously, it’s so much fun, maybe i just need to get out more 🙂

spend time here, this is where you find the buyers. this is where you find the cheap cpc keywords and the main reasons are…

  • advertisers don’t know how to do it
  • advertisers are too lazy to find out how to do it

do not be one of those two, learn and earn my friend 🙂

search for longer tailed terms.

these get much less traffic but they have much less competition, are cheaper and they are waaaay more likely to buy.

oh, add mis-spells too. these can be killer. just search for ‘keyword misspell generator’

come take a peek inside the YaghiLabs, i think you will be impressed 🙂 we teach everything you need to simplify your business and start making some actual money, in the Internet Business Academy, get started with the first module like…NOW 🙂

lots of love

ewan 🙂

TWO Big Traffic Courses, FREE ?

One of my Facebookies was chatting with me about the Done-For-You Traffic deal and reminded me of something i TOTALLY forgot about.

if you’ve been doing online marketing for a while, surely, you’ve heard of my two best-selling traffic courses:

  • – PPC Domination (sold for $197)
  • – and, PPC Supremacy (sold for $2,500)

Well, it’s a SIN that i forgot to even mention this in the Done-For-You Traffic Service sales page….but i have been secretly giving both courses FREE to past customers of the service. It’s all locked away in “Jim’s Secret Stash”, our private members area which includes two special versions of these courses !! With a combined value of nearly $2,700!!

Jee-Whiz. how silly of me to forget.

PPC Domination sold a couple years back when MagneticSponsoring first launched it,  over 3,000 copies! it was my first ever million-dollar launch.

People went NUTS for it. students who bought back then starting producing hundreds of leads on Google right away.

now, i have to be honest with you…

this course has been taken off the market because its content became outdated.

but it still has some VERY important principles that i still use today for all my traffic. you won’t be able to reproduce some of the screen-shots (it was created as a step-by-step guide to traffic for beginners), but the main ideas that get traffic in volume have not changed.

The second course, PPC Supremacy covered EVERY aspect of traffic generation and sales in all major advertising platform:

  • – Yahoo!,
  • – Bing,
  • – Twitter,
  • – Google,
  • – Youtube,
  • – Facebook,
  • – LinkedIN,
  • – and viral!

It is STILL current and it’s extremely educational.

HUNDREDS of training videos that took nearly 4-full-time months to produce are inside. Each module has roughly 20 chapters and there are something like 14 modules total.

We sold HALF A MILLION on the ONLY day we launched it. Yes, we opened it for sale just 24-hours and then closed it for good.

My co-author, independently released PPC Supremacy earlier this year one FINAL time. After which we agreed to never offer it for sale ever again (we didn’t want to deal with maintaining it any more).

The course literally changed lives. people still ask me about it today and my co-author and i sometimes throw it in as a bonus with high-end services we offer.

when you own both PPC Domination and PPC Supremacy you literally never need to buy another traffic course again.

Better yet, in the period leading up to the launch of PPC Supremacy we used the same techniques we teach inside to generate over 30,000 double-optin qualified leads in a SINGLE MONTH.

In one day, we generated something like 4,000 leads! also double-optin…which is MAJOR.

So like i said, this is an undisclosed bonus you get free ONLY when you get Option-1 of the Done-For-You Traffic Service…which costs less than both best-selling courses!

All of this training, you get free in addition to a 2-hour business strategy session with me, a FULL-fledged high-volume traffic campaign i personally create for your business, a high-converting landing page for cold traffic, a marketing and sales plan for ongoing sales, a step-by-step traffic management plan so you don’t need an account manager….and 10 expertly written follow-up emails that sell for you!

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Why Your Traffic Dribbles…and ours BLOWS (up) haha!

You ever hear of a Leptobyte CarPC?

Yeah…i didn’t think so.

it was one of my earlier failed business ideas. I worked hard on it for years…thought, if i could create a small enough PC that fit into the dashboard like a stereo, i would make gazillions.

wasn’t such a bad idea really.

i wanted to create a prototype of these tiny full-fledged windows-operated computers with touch screens and get them into rental cars as a premium entertainment service they could offer their customers.

Car renters would then have access to 100GB of music, video, internet, email, chat, voice communication with other cars, GPS, and could even download their camera photos to the built in hard drive.

My idea was that i’d install them at cost to the whole fleet … just so i could hook them up to gps-targeted advertising systems for things tourists might be interested in…

eg, restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions.

advertisers could then have their ads appear on the entertainment and navigation system in real-time, targeting exact geographic locations as drivers passed through the ad range.

i even had a full-time PhD student at my disposal who built the software as part of his project.

but it never took off.

apart from my 50,000 dollar prototype being stolen along with the car i wanted to demonstrate it in, i just wasn’t thinking big enough.

the mistake i made is the same one you’ve probably been making in your traffic and advertising efforts.

i know a lot of “gooroos” tell you to find a niche and advertise in it.

you’ve done that, havent you?

what were your results?

has it been easy for you to get traffic?

You’ve tried all kinds of advertising methods, spent lots of money on them, and even bought almost every training course on traffic and only got dribbles of traffic.

the trouble…?

You started out with a product or campaign that appeals to a very LIMITED AUDIENCE.

the pool of people you can advertise to in the first place is so specifically small that getting traffic in volume for any price is tough.

that was my error.

like i said, the Leptobyte CarPC was a wonderful idea, nearly 10 years ahead of its time.

But the product was too specific and it would ONLY appeal to car rental companies. Not all of them would see the value in such a huge expense.

Not to mention that most don’t necessarily tour by road…AND when they do, few decide to rent a car…favouring instead tour buses and such.

Similarly, there are only a handful of people who might have a use for your product. No wonder all your traffic efforts have been in vain.

No wonder you’ve spent god knows how many months or years no further along than when you first started.

You would have had better success if you were promoting a mass market product…or used a mass marketing advertising method.

Look at what Apple has done with the iPod, iPad, and iPhone recently.

These are generic products with MULTIPLE applications. Everyone is a target customer.

Now you can take your iPad and put it on your car’s dashboard, and play mp3’s, movies, check email, chat, download photos, or anything else a Leptobyte CarPC could have done.

Their rich Application network allows you to use their generic devices for anything.

Better yet…

You can remove your iPad from the car, and take it outside. Use it in any number of ways in your home, in a cafe, in the office, at a meeting..anything really.

Google has another mass market product, that neutralises and directly competes with my original idea.

They have an advertising platform that allows advertisers to promote on desktops, mobile devices seamlessly.

You can even target very specific geographic locations, like specific roads or regions…just like i had wanted to years ago.

See, that’s the secret. It’s in coming up with a mass marketing plan…

one that has a NUMBER of uses, depending on the specific customer’s need.

All of a sudden, your target customer becomes “anyone”.

You have endless advertising opportunities.

The original pool of target customers is so huge, that you can generate thousands of hits to your website in days.

Good news, though…

It’s very easy to convert the product you’re currently promoting into a Mass Market product, just by changing how you promote it.

And i’ll help you do that if you take me up on the Done-For-You Traffic service i’ve recently re-opened.

Read more about it here…

This service is best suited for:

– Entrepreneurs who’ve been marketing for a while with limited results.

– Entrepreneurs who have actually tried to do PPC traffic and have not been able to make it work.

– Entrepreneurs who still have interest in learning traffic and marketing themselves, but want to have an expert’s guidance in how to do it right.

– Entrepreneurs who would like to see a worked example of how a traffic expert would go about marketing their specific product.

– Entrepreneurs who are sick of getting few impressions to their ads and want to expand their reach into a mass market that sends them 1000’s of targeted leads daily.

this is the exact kind of person i offer this Done-For-You Traffic service for. And more than 200 happy entrepreneurs have taken me up on this offer already since i started it.

Will you be next?

Read more about how we can help here…

~ jim

How to pick a “best selling” product to promote…LONG TERM!


it’s about time i give it to you straight.

There’s too many folks trying to promote a gazillion different products on shit that doesn’t matter.

SEO and PPC techniques. Traffic rubbishness. Skimpy thin products for “newbies”.

not only are they nerds themselves, clueless on any topic of marketing, but they have no real appreciation for the longevity of their product choices.

If you can crank out a new product every month, then by all means keep selling technical manuals. but that’s the problem.

technical manuals, stuff about techniques of social media, traffic, SEO, and PPC…you’re playing in a dangerous arena of ever-changing technology.

no sooner is a product released, the techniques become obsolete in days.

There’s a better way…

Sell something ever-green.

And sell to a mass market.

Case in point…

Eben Pagan, a well-known and respected internet marketer built a 10 million dollar a year empire selling dating advice to men.

Under the fictional name of David De Angelo, he sold a simple little ebook for $20 for men on how to “score”. Then upsold a range of seminars, events, coaching, and other stuff. All starting from ONE little tiny $20 ebook.

He promoted NOTHING but dating advice for years.

His market was not some little tiny niche. No…it was ALL men who wanted to score…and what man doesn’t? come on seriously.

The product was ever-green too.

No matter how old it got, no stupid software update would screw with his business.

When one day he decided to pursue different interests and wanted to sell a business training seminar, he was able to leverage his existing customers.

Wanna know how?

He went to his Dating Advice list and created a series on How To Be A Man.

Basically, it told these childish men that in order to get more dates, they needed to grow up.

And part of growing up is to get serious about their career, make more money, and be successful in general.


An internet-based business worth millions, he’d show them how to build.

All the girls would be lining up to date them.

Cringe away ladies, but it’s the truth. Women love a fella with deeep pockets.

Sure enough, that seminar was one of the most historic internet marketing events ever. it sold for $10,000 a pop and nerdy men all over the internet paid and attended.

Now i’m not saying that you should target nerdy suckers with your products.

But isn’t this a SMART strategy you could learn from?

Evergreen products is where the money is at.

Products that are independent of technology.

Timeless products.

Products that have a MASS audience of billions of people.

They can be super simple. But as long as they target a MASS market, you can sell anything else you want with just a touch of creativity.

So grow up, and start promoting products that matter.

The Internet Business Academy will show you how to find and create such products.

We’re all about mass market.

You can advertise products like that ANYWHERE and people will buy them, regardless of their background.

You won’t be limited to stupid Google traffic and its nasty rules.

Grab the IBA now for $19.95 and learn how to reach mass markets with products that don’t expire….

The link to join is below. It’s straightforward and you get immediate access to everything moments from now…


Ezine articles submission EXPERIMENT

Page May Have Missing Text

Me and my brother have submitted 41 articles as of today.

We are targeting long tail keywords that have about 20-50 searches a day.

Articles are about 300 words long on average, and it takes me about 15-20 minutes to write one.

Our goal is to make one sale each PER day. So to reach this goal we started treating IM as a real job for the next few days.

Despite getting 11-20% conversion from their landing pages, and their attempt to build links to their blogs for SEO purposes…

… the experiment flopped!

The brothers i speak of, started out with the right idea in mind, but made a critical error.

Here’s what I mean …

They used ezinearticles to save themselves spending money on Pay-Per-Click marketing. Which is fair enough.

The resource box in ezinearticles is where you get to pitch your readers on clicking a link back to your website landing page. Conversions are typically higher. These brothers received 11-20% conversion. Nice.

After one day, one of the two brothers got 150 clicks while the other received 66 clicks. They found that their resource boxes were the main difference in their approach, so they started using the winning resource box. Again, smart!

But here’s the issue…

Within mere days, the brothers got tired of the effort required to do article marketing and decided it wasn’t worth the work.

Some of their whiney complaints included:

– Their original content was blatantly stolen and often ranked higher for the thieves in search engines.

– They also decided after only a few days that since they received no sales, the problem in their approach was keyword research. A silly conclusion, I’m sorry.

We may have come to that conclusion if they received few views on articles. But as long as the articles were generally related to the topic, their problem had NOTHING to do with SEO and more to do with…

… their consistency.

You see, at the very beginning, these brothers made an intelligent statement they seem to have forgotten shortly after beginning.

Do you know what it was?

To treat IM as a “job”.

They didn’t follow through and quit their “IM job” after days of starting – because it didn’t pay them after days of very tiny effort.

If they were my employees, they would have been SHOT!

In our comprehensive IM training course, the Internet Business Academy (or IBA for short), we show you a number of very important business principles.

One of which, is that the Owner/Operator of a business is an EMPLOYEE of the business before they become its “owner”.

We even suggest that you pay yourself a SALARY instead of dipping into the profit.

Revenue is something you shouldn’t pull out of your business until the end of the YEAR. For tax purposes!

If these brothers saw themselves as employees of their own business, they should have fired themselves rather than QUIT.

Demanding pay after days of very little work is unorthodox!

It’s not how businesses that make big bucks work.

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We show you how to manage your time, your staff’s time, and your MONEY.

How much should you re-invest?

How do you plan your business budget?

What ratio can you collect?

And much more.

The IBA is a revolutionary course in the IM niche because it turns your little home-based “money-making” hacks into a real BUSINESS.

We are not like your cookie-cutter gooroo’s. We’re service providers and we KNOW this intimately well.

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