Time To Sac Up And Sell, Son

Been doing lots of podcasts lately. By that I mean, people have been inviting me on their podcasts to talk about emails and copywriting and other marketing topics. And one question keeps popping up… “How do I sell in emails without readers thinking I’m just trying to squeeze money out Read more…

How To Do Bid Management

Bid management is a process of how you go about bidding on keywords on PPC marketing platforms. You can buy and use various different kinds of software. Or you can pay specialists to work with you and/or do it for you. Or you can learn about it, and do it yourself. This article will help with how to do bid management.

Questions, Answers, and Traffic

Copywriter for best-selling products PPC Domination and Magnetic Sponsoring reports he gets more traffic from using one feature at JimYaghi.com than he does at the #1 most-trafficked home-business community on the web. Learn more about this new feature and how you can use it to get traffic and sales too!