Will Smith’s Split…..TEST?

Here’s a common sales strategy we can borrow from the disgusting media.

Today Intouch Weekly issued a story that Will Smith and wife Jada split up.

Intouch weekly’s statement was:

“After 13 years of marriage, Will Smith and Jada Pinkton Smith have decided to separate, an insider tells Intouch Weekly exclusively. They have two children, Jaden and Willow, together. And Jada is stepmother to Will’s son Trey, from a previous marriage.”

The article concludes with…

“For more on this breaking story, pick up this week’s issue of Intouch Weekly.”

Following examples from the media, like this we can learn much about how to write high converting landing pages.

How does will smith’s “alleged” split up with his wife have anything remotely to do with landing pages?

Take a look…

1. Be a C*-Tease

A bribe on a landing page should tease and whet the appetite of your target CUSTOMER. (C*-Tease)

The short paragraph-long story on Will Smith’s break up, though UNCONFIRMED does exactly that–TEASE.

It makes you want to know more.

2. Leave details out

A good landing page does not give many details. Less is more.

In all our landing page tests we found long landing pages with bullets, testimonials, and proof STINK.

Yep – they leave nothing to be curious about.

Similarly, the Intouch Weekly story does not quench your curiosity!

We want the gory details. Why did they split up? Was Will cheating? Did they fight? Is Mr. Smith a wife beater?

You’ll have to buy the mag to find out.

3. Limit navigation options

Notice the story creates a problem for you…your curiosity. It’s a real problem now. At first you didn’t care, now you do.

The story then poses only ONE solution.

Buy our mag!

Don’t go to our website, follow our Twitter feed, or like
us on Facebook. Buy our magazine. That’s it

In landing pages, you should limit options of your customer so they only see ONE path for solving the problem you agitate. Make the solution EXCLUSIVE to you. Make the solution the single action you want them to take.

4. Be EMBARRASSINGLY Controversial

The story released by Intouch Weekly had ONE exclusive source. It was never confirmed–

In fact, it’s somewhat hard to believe for Will Smith fans – since he’s always been so outspoken about divorce not being an option.

Now the rumour that he could have made a MISTAKE spread like wild-fire.

A good landing page will say something so controversial that people will feel TORN about whether or not to believe.

They’ll need to do what you want to get the proof they need.

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