50 VISITORS Pay a Professor’s Income?


First off…

A subscriber was kind enough to point out my calculation error in an email yesterday. Oopsie. Forgot to carry the one or something like that. You probably missed it, but if you didn’t, Point still stands.


Thanks both for the hate and love mail. It brings a lonely tear to my eye when I see fan mail from various butthole towns in Europe and Africa and to know that the YaghiLabs truth has penetrated even the nooks and crannies of the world. Hip hip huzzah!

Anyway, onwards…

Yesterday I chatted with a smart feller who sells a service for converting VHS video tapes to DVD.

Weird thing is, he runs his business as a one-man operation…

Advertises it primarily online…

Pays minimal expenses ($3 every two weeks or something like that).

And he brings in a better income than I would make with a PhD, teaching your kids Computer Science at university.

So he asks me, he says,

“Jim, show me how to QUADRUPLE my monthly income!”

Cheese whiz. I used my error-prone mental arithmetic skills with the assistance of a calculator, and repeated the calculation 3 times to find his AVERAGE per lead value.

Just under $115/lead REVENUE…

Meaning, when he gets a hit at his site and the hit decides to fill out his lead form, regardless of whether or not the lead ever buys, he on average earns $115 for every person who fills out the form.

If you were there, your jaw would have dropped to see how he was doing this…

He did it with no mailing list.

No sales letter.

No super social media butt-crack traffic.

And the most hits he had in a single day was only 50.

I had plenty of suggestions for him to get more traffic from my super-secret SEO strategy, to a critique of his Facebook ads, to landing page copy and design which we reworked together…

But the real lesson I want you to take is not how awesome I am at helping very successful people become more successful.

It’s this…

If you take your new-found marketing skills and apply them in an area where the competition has no marketing skills…you will prosper, faster, easier, and bigger than your wildest dreams.

You’ll make more than a professor’s income while farting in your pajamas.

On the other hand, if you market marketing to marketers…(wtf?! Did I get that right?)

Which so many dumbasses do…you’re swimming with SHARKS like me…much more experienced at marketing than you…and they will squash you, stomp you, eat you alive, and burp your arms up covered in green acid-reflux stomach fluids.

Get the picture?

Here’s the funny link to get my help with your product, marketing, traffic, and sales… http://jimyaghi.com/traffic



How Effective Is PPC?

Pay per click (PPC) has become one of the primary ways for online entrepreneurs to advertise their chosen product or service on the Internet. It uses customized ads, in various page positions, which allow customers to make decisions about purchasing. Pay per click advertising is a strategy where you only pay when your ad is clicked on. Managing PPC requires knowledge and analysis of cost per click (CPC) and return on investment (ROI).

Positioning: What, where and how to place your ads is very important.

Where do you want your product to appear? If you want to attract US customers, is it best to promote your product in Japan? Of course not! What geographical location will have the most interest in your offering? I have seen folks who have spent 5 figure ad budgets marketing to the wrong countries. With PPC, you can break it down to the specific cities or regions that will generate the best results for your needs.

Demographics: Who should you market to?

You must consider who is going to use your product. If you have a product that will appeal to a 13-year-old girl, it would be a waste of resources to try to attract males over the age of 35. So who is your ideal customer? Gender and age is key to this process. One of the most overlooked groups is women between the ages 30-68. They make 87% of all purchases in the home. They are also the most loyal and if they trust you, they will become repeat customers.

Conversion Rates

Analytics software is another necessity for successful PPC advertising. In order to determine how effective a PPC campaign is, it is important to install tracking code on your website and use tracking software to analyse it. This will provide you with information such as your cost per click, ad relevance, click through rate and daily budget calculations. Another tool to add to your toolbox is a Web Analytics software program. Having these two will allow you to figure out the results of your Pay Per Click campaign. Without these being used and understood, you will be operating in cyber darkness.

Done For You PPC Services

Here at YaghiLabs, we enjoy educating new online entrepreneurs. We also offer a “done for you” service for all your PPC marketing needs. So many additional factors go into creating a successful advertising campaign and increasing your profit margin. Learn more about this all-inclusive service at http://jimyaghi.com/full-service

Why Put Bid On Pay Per Click

Managing an online PPC ad campaign is a time-consuming but extremely important task for any serious Internet entrepreneur. Bid management is one strategic aspect of this type of advertising. By optimizing search engine (e.g. Google) bids for ad position, and the maximum you are willing to pay for a desired keyword, you are able to consistently improve your return on investment (ROI).

Pay Per Click Bids

PPC bids will be dependent on your advertising budget, length of time you want to appear in the sponsored listings, competition from other advertisers and keyword popularity. 

Maximum Cost Per Click

Usually, the more you pay for a targeted keyword, the more exposure and traffic you will receive. Of course, this is also the best way to lose a ton of money really fast!

Because of this, online advertisers go to great lengths to find new and relevant keywords that can be bid on cheaply and still drive quality traffic to their websites.

PPC Bid Management Software

Whether or not automated bid management software would be beneficial to your campaign is debatable. Intelligent software initiates real-time adjustments to your PPC bids based on your current conversions and your competitors’ actions. Rules-based software triggers conditions (or rules), which you set, on when to lower bids, raise bids or stop bidding all together.

What bid management software cannot do is split test your ad copy or optimize your destination landing page. You may consider bid automation depending on the complexity of your campaigns, time commitments and finances.

Human Bid Management

Here at Yaghi Labs, we prefer to take a hands-on approach with our clients’ PPC accounts. So many additional factors go into creating a successful advertising campaign and increasing your profit margin. Our careful monitoring, testing, tracking and tweaking all work together to deliver you a maximum return on investment. Learn more about this all-inclusive service at http://jimyaghi.com/full-service

How To Advertise Online

So you’ve got your new whiz-bang product and are on your way to making MILLIONS…if only people knew about it and could find it!

You KNOW that people are making piles of money online but you have no idea how to even get started…

Well, despite what every “Guru” in Internet-land would have you believe, learning how to advertise online is not rocket science!!!

Online Advertising Basics

Start by creating a compelling offer. Outline the features and benefits of your product or service. What makes your product different and what makes it better? How does it make people feel? Why do they need to have it?

You’ve got to know your audience. There’s no sense in spending valuable time and money exposing your product to people who don’t want it or need it. Identify your “ideal customer” prior to mapping out your marketing plans and find out where they congregate online.

Research, dissect and learn from your competition. Why reinvent the wheel, or start over from scratch, when someone’s already done that for you? Find out what works in your marketplace then test it, tweak it and apply your own unique spin.

And remember…



Online Advertising Choices

It boggles the mind how many advertising platforms are readily available on the Internet today. These choices are usually divided into two categories, “paid” and “free”. Again, prior to launching your first campaign, make sure to research what your competition is doing. What works for them will most likely work for you too.

For larger marketing budgets, paid advertising (managed correctly) will produce more immediate results than free advertising…you can read more about this at www.jimyaghi.com/about-jim-yaghi/consult-me

Paid Advertising choices include:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Pay Per View (PPV)
  • Cost Per Action (CPA)
  • Banners & Pop Ups
  • Email (Solo Ads)
  • Ad Networks (Internet-based and Mobile)
  • Online classifieds (e.g. Craig’s List)

Free Advertising choices include:

  • Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • Social Bookmarking (Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc.)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Article and Ezine Websites
  • Press Releases
  • Directory Listings
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Link Exchanges

Attraction Advertising

Attracting qualified customers to your offer is the primary objective of online advertising. Optimizing your website or free web presence (*see Yaghi IBA tips at www.jimyaghi.com/yaghilabs-internet-business-academy) is imperative in order to maximize your profits. By providing valuable and relevant content to your target demographic you will lay the groundwork for a long-term and loyal customer base.

Does Pay Per Click Keyword Spying Really Help?

Espionage, covert operations and intrigue! Just another day in the life of a PPC keyword spy…and yes, if you want to save time and become more profitable, you’ll want to engage in keyword spying and learn from your competitors’ mistakes and successes.

Before we delve into the clandestine underbelly of the pay per click marketing world <grin>, and determine how effective this technique really is, let’s review the mission dossier.

Keyword Research

The purpose of your keyword intelligence gathering is to find the actual words and phrases used by your ideal customer to locate the specific Internet content they desire.

Not only can this information be valuable in generating more targeted traffic, and creating more profitable PPC campaigns, but the keyword data can also be used to optimize the website you are driving the traffic to.

Keyword Analysis

After you gather a list of keywords, it’s time to analyze their relevance to your campaign in order to optimize your advertising budget, increase your conversions to sales, and to locate new market opportunities.

While this may seem to be a repetitive and time-consuming task to many, the resulting benefits are more than worth the effort.

Keyword Spying…shhh!

Learn which keywords are really used by your target demographic. Find out the actual keywords used by your competitors in their successful campaigns. Don’t over-spend by using highly competitive keywords when you can be much more profitable with mid-range competition. Achieve greater results and minimize your cost per click expenses with a well-researched plan of action.

You can join the ring of “keyword spies” by using either a free or paid PPC spying program. These programs will show you exactly what keywords and phrases your competitors have been using over a given period of time and so much more.

Remember, your goal is to attract paying customers (not just visitors) to your site. Find a keyword tool that provides you with search engine ad tracking, traffic and keyword cost estimates, actual PPC ad copy, domain keywords reporting, ad position or rank, pay per click costs and competitor research results.

Interpol Alert!

Keyword spying is considered to be a legal and ethical practice for online marketing.

Tools of the Trade to Track Your Competition

Keyword tracking tools give you immediate access to a variety of statistics for both organic and PPC search traffic. Google’s free keyword tracking tool can be found at https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal 

Google AdWords Keyword Tracker


Other popular tools used to find leading competitive keywords are: SEMRush (www.SEMRush.com), Compete (www.Compete.com) and SpyFu (www.SpyFu.com).

A newcomer on the scene is Brad Callan and his revolutionary PPC Web Spy tool. This is a simple yet powerful Firefox browser plugin you can easily download and run. A free version is available. Check it out at (www.ppcwebspy.com).

Come in from the cold…

Too much to do? Too little time? Let Yaghi Labs take care of all your PPC campaigns. No matter how large or small the budget, we will fully manage your traffic for you.

Infiltrate our safe house at: http://jimyaghi.com/about-jim-yaghi/consult-me

Ronaldo’s Big Pay Day

It’s crazy, right?

With foreheads glued to the screen of their laptops, millions of Home Business owners sit around wasting away waiting for that little email that says:

“dude, you made a commission”

Don’t worry, that email is not coming.

Just recently, however, a story broke about someone who DID “get the email”. Its subject line probably went something like this:

“Dude, you’re getting 105 MILLION Pounds over the next 6 years!”

24 years old.

He was just bought from his old “program” for £80 million. The 24-year-old is receiving a whopping £9.5 million his first year with the new people. And like that’s not enough, he’s been promised a further 25% pay rise in each of the following five years of his deal. Amounting to… (gasp!) £556,000 a week in the final year.

Crazy. How can one man be worth so much money?

Now, I know this is an intensely debated subject, even more so when the economy is crumbling before our very eyes. While the masses are struggling to meet payments and put fuel in their cars so you’re probably either unimpressed or scrambling over to Clickbank to look for the affiliate program that pays out that much to 24-year-olds.

And if you were planning to look them up, the keyword to search for is “Real Madrid” because they’re the ones shelling out the dough (you won’t find them on Clickbank either).

WHY? Why would Real Madrid pay so much money for some kid who kicks a ball around all day?


Since Ronaldo burst onto the scene almost 10 years ago, he has went from strength to strength, winning award after award and when he steps out onto the grass, he does things with a football that make most shake their heads in disbelief. He entertains millions. He often single-handedly wins games for his team.

Oh, and how can we forget, there’s the small matter of millions upon millions worth of sales in merchandise sold from the notoriety he builds around himself.

Ronaldo is a walking BUSINESS asset.

But, really? Is one man really worth that much money?

Hell Yea!!! He is one of a kind.

Now I wonder, what would happen to Ronaldo’s value if there were another million just like him?

Would he still be so special?

Would anyone pay money to “buy” him?

Would he be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds a week?

People are desperate to pay £80 Million for some ball-kicking PLAYER, but they refuse to spend even 20 pounds with Home Business affiliates.


Put simply, there is nobody else on the planet who can do what Christiano Ronaldo can do, and because of this, he has been recognised as the best player in the world and an asset that clubs all over the world are desperate to get their hands on.

On the other hand, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc is available to everyone.

While millions of eager Home Business owners will sit bashing the keyboard telling everyone about this awesome business they’re involved in…everyone else is doing the same thing.

The exact same thing: The exact same systems, promoting the exact same websites, and running the exact same ads, selling the exact same products.

Get where i am going with this?

There is no intrinsic value in being a system user or an affiliate marketer or a network marketer.

Instead of teaching people and pretending to be an expert on something you’re not so you can sell a product that doesn’t belong to you and probably bores your customers as much as it bores you….Why not find your own passions, experience, and expertise? Then base your business on it.

Sell something you ARE an expert at.

Good news is, there is only one of you. And the years you spent mastering your hobby or your trade are your secret advantage in a market place. Few can compete with it.

So with a couple brain cells and a touch of creativity, you can take yourself out of the ‘as everyone else’ category, and contribute your own real world value. A value that you have inside you by being who you are.

Jim Fights Some PPC Demons (and 16 New Leads / day)

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Hi guys and girls!

My name is Jim Yaghi and you’re joining me on the second video of my coffee adventures.

For this adventure, and over the following weeks I’m going to scale up my Pay Per Click campaign from the 150 leads a day it’s bringing now to 3 times that — 450 leads a day. This is a stepping stone toward the eventual goal of 1000!

Last month I attended a live event in Las Vegas at the Venetian hotel called Inner Mastermind. If you’re into it, I shot some fun videos of my trip for that event. You can find them on my blog or Facebook.

Anyway, this month a product launched by the name of the Arbitrage Conspiracy which was a product of that event. In case you’ve been hibernating under a rock and you didn’t hear all the buzz, the story goes that three young fellas from Canada were consistently pulling in as much as 150,000 dollars PER day online using Pay Per Click. What was more interesting to me was that Aymen, the main speaker at the event told me that they spent between 50-100 thousand dollars a day on pay per click ads alone.

Naturally, when I was invited by my friend Mike Dillard to attend and represent Magnetic Sponsoring there, I jumped up. Within a few days I got on a plane and flew over from Jordan to Vegas!

There wasn’t a great deal of difference between what they were doing with CPA and what i was doing with home business opportunity leads using pay per click. I used Google Adwords and Yahoo they used Adwords and Yahoo. They also used MSN and some other smaller and less trafficked pay per click engines–which honestly i can’t be bothered with right now. I tried MSN before and their conversion tracking was making mistakes so I abandoned it.

Also, Aymen’s team were making customised landing pages for each keyword and placing a single keyword in each adgroup–and so was I.

None of their keyword research tools were new to me. They used the Google tool mainly, a few misspell and typo generators, word combiners, alexa, and so on–i was doing that already.

But i learned two very important lessons. One was the use of automation tools to build up massive keyword lists and upload them all in one shot. Obviously they didn’t filter these keywords too much becuase no one could do that to a list of 1 million words. Their strategy was to first sweep the market with these million keywords and find keyword types and themes that showed SOME results with low bids. And by tracking the keywords that worked, they would kill the ones that wouldn’t convert. And they would laser target their attack to improve their click rates, click costs, and conversion rates.

So as soon as I got home, I got to work.

I pulled up alexa and used its related sites feature to find domains in the network marketing and home business industry. A small list of about 50 domain names came out. I then used a typo and misspelling generator tool to turn that into a list of around 800,000 keywords.

Oh but Google’s quality score would shut me DOWN if i tried to upload those keywords to my account. Instead, i posted them to Yahoo becuase it’s less strict. Several hours and yahoo accounts later, i had the keywords all ready to go.

Ok, let’s pause for a minute. I’m in phase 1 right now. Remember the 3 challenges i have to go through? Impressions, clicks, and conversion.

Right now, I’m focused on phase 1 ONLY. Keywords that get impressions. That’s all i care about.

Well Yahoo gave me impressions–very few. In my experience, Yahoo has always been weaker than Google for the Home Business niche–maybe someone else has better luck with Yahoo than i do, i dont know.

Not to worry. What’s next?

Well, I’ve gotta take this stuff into Google where there’s lots of fish. Out of the 800,000 keywords, i had to choose! I sorted all the campaigns by impressions and took the top 4 keywords from each campaign.

Now I still worry about the Google Quality Score since i’m really not focusing on Click Thru Rate or conversions–i want to keep my landing page generic. So i figured i’ll place these keywords on the Google content network first. Again, that’s a much less strict place to advertise than is the Google search.

I ran this for a few days and lo-and-behold…not only did i get impressions and clicks, but i got a super high conversion rate!

Now i get about 16 new conversions from that little experiment. Not bad but i gotta get disciplined about repeating this a few more times.

Go try this out for yourselves and let me know how it works. Meanwhile, i’m gonna go fight my demons and report to you in a few days.

Take Care.

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How the Heck is Jim Gonna Get 1,000 MLM Leads/Day With Pay Per Click Ads!?

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Hey guys and girls it’s jim yaghi here!

Welcome to the first of my Coffee Adventures video series. I’ve been thinking about starting a video diary for a while and i procrastinated on it long enough. With 2009 round the corner, it’s my goal to keep regular entries throughout the year. So let’s see how this pans out!

Jim’s Coffee adventures is just something i thought of because i love spending time in coffee shops around the world. Not that i like the taste of coffee…i have to put like 4 tablespoons of sugar and chocolate and vanilla and cinnamon just to make it bearable. But this all started back in Sydney when i was a poor broke student. I was hanging out at coffee shops so i could meet new people to network with–and it was there i learned to become an alpha recruiter.

This is my first adventure and it’s a tough one.

You might already know this about me–i’m obsessed with Paid search engine marketing particularly pay per click with Google Adwords and Yahoo. And since July, I’ve managed to pull a steady 150 leads almost EVERY day for my primary business.

Now I’ve got a few projects in the works with a friend of mine and we realised that for it to work, i’m gonna need to step up my lead generation to 1,000 leads per day some how.

I’d love to tell you that it’s just a matter of throwing more money on ads or something like that but it’s not. The only reason i’m not generating 1000 leads a day already is that i’ve hit an obstacle.

Somebody suggested that i’ve pretty much tapped out all the traffic there is to be had on Pay Per Click.

I think i’ve barely scratched the surface.

How do i know?

Well, here’s what i think:

I am friends with 3 major MLM players who generate home business opportunity leads with pay per click. Each of them gets approximately 100 or so daily leads. So between me and them we’re generating at least 450 leads daily. And that’s just the people i know!

So I’m pretty sure that there’s at least that meany leads a day out there…waiting for me in pay per click. And i can have them as soon as i overcome this obstacle!

I’ll fill you in on what that is in a second, but first…here’s where you come in.

Over the next few weeks and maybe months, i’m going to keep you posted about everything i tried, what worked and what didn’t. This way, you can pull some nuggets to use in your own marketing. And hey, if you follow along with me, by the time this adventure is done, you could be generating hundreds of leads for your own business using Pay Per Click marketing.

So if you like, click in this video to view it in youtube, then post a reply video and tell me what you’ve been trying, what’s working, and what’s not. Feel free to use screen shots, props, skits, and friends to demonstrate with. It’s up to you–or just watch silently!

Whenever i face a challenge with pay per click, i divide it into 3 phases. they are 1) Impressions, 2) clicks, and 3) conversions. Because that’s pretty much all there is to creating a profitable campaign in pay per click. And they have to be in this order to make sense–i mean, no point working on writing a perfect ad that gets a high click rate if i’m not getting impressions to begin with for example.

That’s why my first challenge is to generate impressions for my ads. I dont care if they get clicked or if they sell or make money–i just need many many many people from the right audience to see my ads.

What better way to do that than by finding new and related keywords to trigger the ads?

Easier said than done. This is my obstacle. Since July, I have tried and I can’t seem to find appropriate keywords not already in my campaign. They’re always either infrequently searched or not what i would consider relevant. Now, I’m about to change that!

Stay tuned to hear the rest of the plan!