Eye-Ball Magnets

Initial results are in for the poll we took yesterday.

POLL: Photo or Drawings of a person, which gets more attention?

we put the question to vote using two otherwise identical Facebook-style ads. around 174 people voted–and some of you even elaborated and explained your choice.

The Outcome:

  • Photo: 60%
  • Drawing: 40%


Should you use PHOTOS of people in all your ads now?

probably not…here’s why:

my poll is flawed.

Psychologists found that when people are surveyed about their buying behaviour, they lie. Not because they necessarily mean to mislead – but because they want their answer to be perceived to make sense.

our poll, is essentially a survey (so it’s results are not scientifically connected to how it would perform in an ad). what it fails to do is capture a “first reaction”–that’s what an ad in the sidebar of Facebook does.

instead, the poll captured the well-thought-out opinions of our subscribers as to why one ad should beat the other. theories, basically. the kind of info you’ll find in online courses.

and That’s the Trouble:

and that’s the trouble with copying other online marketers. everyone has an opinion which they can justify in a way that SOUNDS good. it may be right… or it may be totally wrong for your application.

the truth is, most have no idea about how to visually command attention. we, on the other hand, recognise and study it.

Which Ad Wins in a Real Test?

i’ve actually run and tested both pictures in real ads.

the drawing of the girl gets clicked more than the photo – i could give you a bunch of theories about the psychology of the fantasy-woman and other nonsense. but it comes down to one thing…


the person in the DRAWING is cut out from a contrasting background. Which catches the glancing eye and forces it to focus.

the PHOTO on the other hand is dark. from the corner of your eye it looks like just a black box-shape. which, arguably gets attention too…except we don’t benefit from PERSON-RECOGNITION.

which is why we put a person in the ad in the first place!

i dive deep into the topic of attention in the IBA. and if you havent enrolled yet, this is one more reason you should.


there’s the link. click it and find out more about the 9 modules of the course.


Photo or Drawing – Which Ad Would You Click?

Advertising experts say that if an advertisement depicts a person, it’s twice as likely to be clicked than if it depicts some other object, regardless of whether it’s a photo or an illustration.

But which is better; Photo or Drawing? 

You choose…

[POLL][POLLPROMPT=Click the ad below that you feel most attracted to…]
[POLLANSWER shortlabel=Photo longlabel=PHOTO of a Person]
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eat. Book now…[/POLLANSWER][POLLANSWER shortlabel=Drawing longlabel=DRAWING of a person]
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