What Do Leads and Green Acid Reflux Have In Common?

Here’s a pattern that always makes me laugh

Whenever I hear from people whose language is OVERLY focused on getting leads, I usually can guess correctly they’ve been banned from Google Advertising.

Let me tell you a quick story…

Few years ago, I had an uncomfortable acid reflux problem along with recurring headaches. And as I mentioned yesterday, I used to eat gobs of inexperienced marketers…so I kept burping up arms covered in green stomach fluids. 😉

It got to the point where part of my weekly shopping was a pack of Zantac max strength, 2 bottles of Gaviscon, and head pain meds (Codeine, Ibuprofen).

One of my friends had the same problem, about that time too.

Two years later, I’m pain free AND drug-free…

I ran into him recently and thought to inquire about his acid reflux problem.

“A few days ago,” he said, “I finally found a solution:

“A mouthful of Gaviscon a few minutes before eating greasy food and I sleep like a baby.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell him. I tried that already – after a few weeks, my stomach built up a tolerance. And I knew he’d soon need a stronger, more frequent remedy.

My friend treated and temporarily cured his SYMPTOM: Heartburn. A medicine treats it.

Marketers treat and temporarily cure THEIR symptom too: No Leads. A new “lead supplier” treats it – temporarily.

Google kicked them off, now they’re @ Facebook. Now they’re @ Bing. Now they’re at @ social media.

As each platform rejects them, they move to the next and the next.

That’s why ALL your favourite Marketing Systems and their Gurus are completely banned from lead supplying engines.

But YaghiLabs is STILL standing…on GOOGLE. Why?

Back to my story…

Here’s how I treated acid-reflux and headaches.

I changed lifestyle.

Today, a majority of my meals consist of at least 7 DIFFERENT vegetables. Sometimes raw, sometimes cooked. I don’t LOVE all the vegetables I eat, but my family are always experimenting with new ways to make them taste more interesting.

I eat much less bread, rice, and pasta, but I still get to eat them.

And even if I have a greasy or acidic meal from time to time, I have no bad reaction whatsoever.

Most of my health problems disappeared because I treated them from their source: A Bad diet caused my health problems.

I replaced it with a good diet and my health problems disappeared by themselves.

If your business is NOT getting leads, then this is a SYMPTOM of a deeper underlying problem.

You sell a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”.

SHhhhhhhhh!! Don’t even try to deny it. See for yourself…

– You CALL yourself a “Marketer”.

– You don’t REALLY sell a physical product or service of your own.

– You sell a “vehicle” toward a dream.

– You sell a dream of having lots of BUCKS.

– You sell a dream of making big moolah in underwear like a lazy person.

– You claim to know how to get $$ easier, faster, better than with anything else.

– Your whole business is about quick making of money.

Know what the worst part is?

You don’t have the same cares of a real business owner:

e.g., High product value, increased sales, and increased response to advertising.

Nope. You just want Google to give you phone numbers so you can bait them into your annoying “opportunity”.

You don’t want a website.

You don’t want to create content.

You don’t want to create products.

You’re like my friend with the Gaviscon solution. Wanting to keep eating the same way but not wanting the problems associated with it.

You’re looking for the next medicine that gives you leads with LEAST change to what you’re already doing.

The only REAL solution is to quit selling dreams of quick riches.

And I can help you solve your “lead” problems for GOOD.

Just schedule a consultation with me.

Best part is, I can show you how to do it with the LEAST change to what you’re already doing… http://jimyaghi.com/traffic

And that’s a fact. Come on and get started.



How To Advertise A Replicated Site

I’m not sure about you, but I associate replicated pages with spammers, newbies and those who lack creativity.

This guy pops up on Facebook chat the other day…full of enthusiasm he says, “Ewan, how’s business going?” and in the next split second I replied.

BOOM! And back he came with,

“…you should take a look at this,” and a link…


I mean, by asking one lousy question, do you really think this will make me buy from you or join your team?

Most of the time I ignore things like this, but every now and again I’m in the mood to try and save these people. I replied, “dude, you’re not making many sales are you?”

I felt his enthusiasm turn into heartache and after a few back and forths he asked me…

“So How Do I Advertise My Replicated Website?”

Uhm, you don’t 😉 well, not upfront anyway!

The Problem With Replicated Sites

Okay, where do I start…

Problem 1

They all look the same. How do you stamp your authority, or set yourself apart, when you are shoving the same link in people’s faces that thousands of others are too? You look the same as EVERYBODY else. You need to be unique in the market place. To top it all off, this strategy is usually extremely ineffective as well.

Problem 2

Replicated sites tend to focus on the company and how awesome they are. Your potential customers are looking to have a problem they are suffering from solved! Who cares if a company has its headquarters in a gazillion square feet next to Dave’s Ice Cream Parlour on the sunny coast of M.I.S.S.I.S.S.I.P.P.I. (now close your eyes and spell it backwards). 😉

Problem 3

I have seen first hand how using these sites can damage your reputation and your business. If you generate leads within a company’s generic system, some so-called leaders have access to them and have been known to ‘steal leads’ from unsuspecting victims. I have also seen the unique link not work correctly. After you’ve done all the hard work, and made a sale, the commission goes to another *ahem* entrepreneur.

Problem 4

What happens if the company goes out of business? You’re left with nothing. No income, no websites, no ‘system’ which you relied on so heavily, and no business.

But It’s Not All Doom And Gloom

Listen, Network Marketing and Affiliate marketing can provide incomes like politicians can provide bull-poo…

…IF, you do it right. 🙂

If you’re to survive on the Internet, your business needs 2 things:

  • A Website
  • Somewhere to store data you collect, i.e. email address, etc.

Oh, and something to sell. 🙂

Any advertising you do should lead to YOUR website. Any emails you collect go to YOUR list. Then you market what you have to sell to YOUR list.


You market a home business, collect leads through your website, THEN you use the company’s sign up page for new people to join your team. Because the lead went through your own funnel you have more than likely earned trust and respect from this person; the selling part becomes easy. 🙂

D’ya follow? Now you’re bullet-proof.

This way, once you have made the sale, you can market over and over to the same people as long as they remain on your list.

Did you know, inside the Yaghi Labs Internet Business Academy, we show you exactly how to build a killer website which gets so much traffic it’s not even funny? 🙂 You will learn things which affect sales that next to no one knows about!

Please understand that the Academy is only for people who are serious about building a ‘real income’ online. If you’re looking for shiny balls, it’s probably not for you 😉

lots of love

ewan 🙂

How to Create Lead Generator and Landing Page

I’m such a geek!

One of my favourite hobbies is to create landing pages.

It’s fun because this is where the ‘money getting process’ starts.

Don’t Be Scared!

There are a lot of different tools and website builders. They provide pretty good tutorial videos but it can be scary with coding, HTML, and stuff that makes no sense to normal human beings. It put me off for a long time. Then I finally decided to just dive in. I spent day’s upon days learning, fiddling around with little bits of HTML code.

But what I should have been focused upon is marketing to generate leads. Because alas, after all that time, I grew frustrated and gave up.

You Don’t Need To Learn HTML

A friend of mine built a pretty sleek website and said she used a website builder called Bluevoda. It requires no knowledge of HTML. It’s like using Microsoft Word.

Very easy, and the finished product looks awesome! It’s been my website builder of choice ever since.

Now That You’re Ready To Build

Anybody can create a landing page, but creating one that does what you want it to do is a skill. A valuable skill 🙂

Knowing what you want it to do is key.

You may think that sounds silly. We know what you want it to do – convert visitors to leads, right? And that is ALL you want it to do! Lots of marketers get this bit wrong. They cram so much information into their landing page that the visitor gets confused, runs away, and keeps their coins with them.

Your page only needs 3 working parts

  1. Bad-ass headline (grabs the attention of the visitor)
  2. Teaser copy (a little taste of how you are about to solve their problem)
  3. Optin form

In fact, the simpler your page is the higher it tends to convert.

There Is A Science To Piecing It All Together

Few marketers can create landing pages that work well. They don’t know what makes a good page work.

Inside the YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy we show you exactly how to create a killer landing page

  • why colours and font are important
  • how to layout your page for maximum conversions
  • why the other pages affect your conversion rate
  • and many other little secrets 😉

Take a look inside the Internet Business Academy now.

Lots of love

Ewan 🙂

How To Build A Funded Proposal System

In order to cover their advertising expenses, savvy marketers present a useful yet inexpensive product as a lead-in to their main opportunity, product or service. This funded proposal offer provides the solution to a problem faced by their ideal customer base. Helpful tips, eBooks or “how to” videos are just a few examples of items you may choose sell.

Let’s have a look at the main areas to consider when building your system 

Quick Cash Flow 

The whole point of the funded proposal is to start generating income immediately. This should be your primary objective. Identify a useful tool, helpful knowledge or a skill highly relevant to your industry. Keep the price point low and entice your prospects with the incredible benefits of your offer. 

Build A Relationship

By catering to your clients’ needs, and providing great value up front, you have taken the first steps in creating a trusted and long-term business relationship. Whether you have positioned yourself as an expert in your field, or simply supplied a solution to their problem, you have opened the door to further interaction. 

Main Opportunity or Product

The ultimate goal of this type of marketing system is to generate high quality targeted prospects. You can then promote your primary offer to this receptive and eager audience.

Our Internet Business Academy further explains how to merge your front-end offer to your primary business without confusing or alienating customers. Transitioning properly between an initial low-cost product and your main sales page is crucial…

My Way of Making $1,000 / Day With Advertising

let’s begin with traffic…

seems that’s what’s on every web marketer’s mind and their ONLY concern. and it drives me crazy because it really isn’t as big a deal as people make it out to be.

here’s what i mean…

if i handed you $10,000 dollars today, how much traffic could you get with it?


ok, ok…i get it.

You don’t have $10,000 laying around. And i’m certainly not going to hand you that kind of money, sorry. but if you had it, hypothetically, would you be able to make a killing by the end of the month?

probably not!

and that’s why you’re not willing to take out a loan, get a second mortgage, or sell your stuff to dump that kind of money on traffic.

So traffic is still a problem for you. Not the case, for us, however. I’ll tell you why in a second…


You are understandably worried that even after putting in that kind of cash, you’ll not be able to make it back.

so how can we change your mind and solve your traffic woes forever?

Very simply…

You want a guarantee that once that traffic hits your website, you will make back your investment in sales.

Let’s explore…

If you sell a $20 product, (which althought is an easy-to-sell price-point), you will need 500 customers just to break even. The chances of you getting that many customers are slim.

So the first problem you have right now, is your product-range is not high-enough value to get 500 customers so you can make back such a large investment any time soon.

But what if we could help you sell a $1,000 product instead? How many customers do you need to break even?

10. That’s it!

Your odds are SIGNIFICANTLY improved!

What if you sold a $10,000 product?

You only need 1 customer to break even.

See the pattern?

This is exactly why you need one or more products worth over $1,000 in your arsenal.

Then you can pay for ALL the advertising you want, make your investment back, and get paid big dividends. Next month, you’d be ready to spend $10,000 all over again with ZERO fear.

But, still. You’re understandably nervous.


Because you do NOT have a process that is guaranteed to SELL.

What if, in addition to $10,000, i also gave you an expert salesman who was experienced in making high-end sales. Do you think you could make $1,000 daily?

Surely the answer is a big fat YES!

While we can’t give you a $10,000 grant, YaghiLabs WILL help you come up with a product AND give you the expert salesman.

When you ally with us as our client, we will put together an expertly-built CUSTOM selling process for you.

An Alliance with YaghiLabs means WE invest the skills and resources of SEVERAL sales and marketing professional who have made $10,000 and $20,000 sales per customer … with their words alone.

Writers who understand emotional evocation.

Sales experts who have a deep understanding of human psychology.

Researchers who are trained to dig up every piece of information about what your target audience want so you can offer it to them knowing they will WANT what you sell.

Programmers and Designers who have managed large Television campaigns for Fortune 500 companies.

Traffic experts who have made MILLIONS for their clients and themselves.

Every one of these people become YOUR staff when we choose to work with you.

If i told you all of those people will be on your side, working for you, marketing and selling for you -handling every aspect of your sales and advertising…without you ever having to learn these things…or gamble on your own limited skill-set while experimenting all alone…

Would you be able to, HYPOTHETICALLY, cough up $10,000 to dump into advertising?

I guarantee you, with this simple business formula, ALL your traffic troubles will be over forever.

You will never need to think about Google and what they want again.

You will never need to waste another cent on training products or experimenting with paid traffic.

You will never need to build another back-link.

And all of this, we’re willing to do for you, if you make us your business allies. That’s all we ask.

 Read about this very special deal and apply today here…

My team will be the BEST allies you ever made.


Time To Sac Up And Sell, Son

Been doing lots of podcasts lately.

By that I mean, people have been inviting me on their podcasts to talk about emails and copywriting and other marketing topics.

And one question keeps popping up…

“How do I sell in emails without readers thinking I’m just trying to squeeze money out of their wallets?”

Interesting question.

But, methinks a bit… skewed.

You see the real problem here ain’t selling.

It’s people seeing themselves as money-grubbing marketers out to squeeze money from peoples’ pockets. That’s not a problem readers have, that’s a problem marketers have.

Alas, most people see selling as dirty.

Like a “necessary evil.”

But you know what I think?

I think if you sell something that SOLVES someone’s problem, then you not only should be perfectly comfortable selling (every day) to that person, but you have a moral and, yes, ethical obligation to do so. You ain’t doing them any favors keeping your product a secret.

In some ways, you’re causing them pain.

So hey, don’t FEAR selling.

Embrace it.

Enjoy it.

And start mastering it.

For dozens of ways to get people eagerly buying from your emails almost every time you push that “send” button go to www.BenSettle.com

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Dazed & Confused List Building Experts

Talk about ironic…

Many people weeping and gnashing their teeth over building their email lists are already extremely good list builders. Much better at it than they give themselves credit for. I’d even call some of ’em EXPERTS at it.

There’s just ONE little problem.

One TINY little “snag”:

They’re building the WRONG list.

Here’s what I mean:

Instead of sending emails out plugging their products, they send their lists (on a disturbingly frequent basis) to someone else’s website. For example… they’ll send ’em to FaceBook. Or YouTube videos. Or Amazon. Or Warrior Forum Special Offers. Or affiliate offers, etc etc etc…

Not saying this is ALWAYS bad.

There are times when that makes sense.

But to do it regularly?

Or even more than once in a while?

Seems a tad… skewed… to me.

After all, there’s a lot MORE power (and profit) in having your own product and website and mailing your list about it every day, instead of someone else’s.

I know I know!

It’s not very shiny-new-objecty, is it?

But I’m fairly certain you’ll put more of the green stuff in your hot little pocket doing that than you will by sending the people already inside your store (near the cash register!) to everyone else’s store and cash register.

Anyway, just my opinion.

You can, of course, do whatever you want.

For more ways to get people eagerly buying from your emails almost every time you push that “send” button go to www.BenSettle.com

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5-Minute Ad Change Makes $30k

A few years ago I had a huge “ah ha!” moment that forever changed the way I write ads, emails and other marketing documents.

It was a rather brutal time in my career.

And I couldn’t afford to fail.

(I was in a terrible financial bind…)

Anyway, what happened was, I had spent two months writing a very ambitious ad for a high-end product (I was getting pure commission on, no upfront fee) I knew would make a ton of $$ if I got it right… but goose eggs if I got it wrong.

I busted my hump on this ad, too.

And put everything I had in to it.

But when I finished… something was “off.”

I couldn’t put my finger on what, exactly.

But something was rotten in Denmark.

Luckily, a copywriter friend of mine at the time (a “world class” copywriter ) offered to look at it for me. And it turned out that even though I had everything “right” in the ad…the headline, the bullets, the offer, etc…there was a huge, glaring problem that would have KILLED response. Long story short… I made one small change to the copy (that took less than 5 minutes) and that ad ended up earning me close to $30,000 in commissions over the next few years before it ran its course.

Not too shabby, eh?

But… what was the problem in the ad?

And how did I fix it?

Actually, it doesn’t matter.

You see, the “magic” wasn’t in the change I made.

It was in having a savvy copywriter who was totally unattached emotionally and financially to what I was doing look at the ad and help me “see the forest through the trees.”

And you know what?

That ONE thing made all the difference.

And, it’s made a difference in every OTHER ad and email I’ve written since then. In fact, if he hadn’t shown me my error, I would have kept repeating it over and over again… choking my response each time.

Anyway, what is the point of this story?

To show you the value of feedback.

Feedback from people who know what they’re talking about. It can be the difference between zero sales and tens of thousands of smackola in sales.

But, you know what’s even better than having a pro look at your work?

Having someone in your market look at it.

So instead of advertising critic… an actual prospect.

See what they think.

What they say.

And what it will take to get them to buy.

It’s easy and free.

And it works like gangbusters for writing high selling ads.

For more ways to get people eagerly buying from your emails almost every time you push that “send” button go to www.BenSettle.com

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Why he’s not making Clickbank sales on his blog?

A subscriber asked,

 “Jim, why aren’t I making Clickbank product sales on my blog?”

Reminds me of an ancient problem pondered long-ly and hard-ly by philosophers:

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

A chicken comes from inside an egg, but there can’t be an egg unless it comes from inside a chicken, and without a chicken, there can be no egg, and so on…

It’s circular. One requires the other. There’s no point trying to philosophize which happened first.

Similarly, Mr. Subscriber, affiliate selling requires the MUCHEST of traffic, but you won’t spend money on traffic because you’re not making sales, and you’re not making sales because you don’t have enough traffic…

“WHY?” is a pointless question!
Traffic and sales both need each other.

Affiliate blogs needs lots and lots and LOTS of traffic. And if you think you got enough, think again, you need MORE traffic.

100 hits a day won’t cut it. Even 1,000 blog hits a day won’t make much sales.

In the IBA, we show you how to get 10’s of thousands of unique visitors daily to your blog WITHOUT paying.

And we show you how to squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze sales from every last one of them WITHOUT losing.

…so you can go get more traffic, to make more sales, to pay for more traffic, to make more sales, to pay for more traffic, to make more …

Enroll in the Internet Business Academy (IBA) at:


 … sales, to pay for more traffic, to make more sales…lol ok i’ll stop.


Turn Your Addictions into Profit

Like you, I have problems with consistency in my work. But I found a simple trick you can play on your mind which makes your work more productive and enjoyable than ever.

Addiction and Habit are very close concepts; in fact, they’re one and the same. The only difference is that the word “addiction” is reserved for when we speak in negative context about habit.

Naughty Hypnosis Trick To Try on a Friend

Hypnosis or behaviour modification exploits mental habits. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), for example, uses trigger words to create brain patterns.

NLP does this with anchoring; a subject can be programmed to place a bookmark in their head for a useful pattern of thinking.

An anchor can be anything – a snap of the fingers, a touch on the shoulder, anything really. It serves as a signal to start a pattern of thought in the brain.

Here’s a naughty hypnosis trick you can try on a friend: While talking to your friend, snap your fingers before mentioning food. Then every time you say a food-word in the course of the conversation, snap your fingers.

Eventually, after a few consistent repetitions, your friend’s brain will be subconsciously trained to think of food every time they hear a snap. You can invoke that pattern of thought again any time you want, without saying any food words.

You have created a trigger in your friend’s mind to a pattern of thought that says something like, “Finger-snap, food, cravings, I need to find something to eat.”

Thought Addictions

On a more serious note, given how quickly our brains create patterns and associations, you can see how easy it is for anyone to become addicted to thoughts that lead to bad habits.

For example, if you normally have a beer while watching the game, it can soon become a habit. If you smoke a cigarette every time you are stressed, that too, in time, becomes habit.

When a pattern of thought has been associated with a trigger that increases in frequency, it automatically increases all the thoughts associated with it. Addiction is created.

Suppose you’ve learned to associate watching a game with beer – what happens if you become interested in many different sports and start to watch more games on TV than before?

You would feel the urge to drink beer with every game. And in time, you may become alcoholic.

Similarly, if you begin to face an unusual amount of stress in your life, and you begin a habit of lighting a smoke when you’re stressed, you may become a chain smoker.

Actions are associated with triggers. Addiction hangs itself on triggers that occur automatically and often.

Using Addictions for Good

It’s not all bad news though. In a similar way, we can train our brains to associate positive actions with a trigger. Specifically, addictions make excellent triggers because they occur frequently and automatically.

For example, what would happen if, you were a “movie buff” (addict), and instead of learning to eat a bowl of crisps, you learned to do 10 crunches at every scene change instead?

Or, if you were already addicted to crisps with your movie, what if you learned to leave the bowl in the kitchen and force yourself to walk over there to grab one chip between scenes?

Actually, I once used this very trick with all my snacking and lost over 15kg in weight in just 2 months!

Here’s another great example:

A famous body builder who was very poor in early years explained how he worked out while watching television. Every time a commercial break started, he threw himself at the floor and did 100 push-ups. Over time, he increased his work-out intensity and soon did several THOUSAND push-ups daily.

See how he associated a positive action (push-ups) with what may otherwise be an addiction (TV)? Commercial breaks were a perfect trigger for a new habit. They are frequent on TV, but if you’re addicted to TV, you see commercials more often than any person!

Any addiction can be used as a trigger for creating a new positive habit.

How I Tricked Myself With Hot Chocolate and an Outing

Entrepreneurs are born creative. However, we often struggle with consistency. Creative people get bored of repetition easily.

If you find yourself unable to get motivated to work, you may need to leverage an existing addiction as a trigger. Usually the best habits to use are ones that you enjoy – and this is why I am more inclined to call them addictions, because we do the activity in excess.

Here’s an example of how I used a coffee-shop addiction to do work I disliked:

Every day, it seemed, I would have an urge to get dressed, leave the house, and drive to a coffee shop, where I would proceed to order a cup of hot chocolate and “chill”, think, and contemplate.

Some days, I did this several times. And when I didn’t find a friend who was free to go with me, I would go alone.

This wasted a great deal of time. But I loved it. So one day, I decided to save for the outing some work related task I didn’t enjoy. It was a critical job that normally, I would put off and make excuses to avoid all week, but it had to get done.

At first, it seemed almost like I spoilt my outing with work – but within about 3 outings, I began to notice an increase in my productivity and enjoyment. Best of all, there was no nagging “cloud looming over my head”.

These days, I look forward to working on tasks I used to hate because in my mind they’re always associated with a Hot Chocolate and a Ride!

Try to Trick Your Mind Too!

If you’d like to try this trick, then do the following:

  1. Observe your day and look for an action you enjoy and do very frequently. It doesn’t have to be a positive thing, it can be negative too. Don’t be embarrassed, you don’t have to tell anyone what it is.
  2. Find ONE task that you wish you had the willingness to do more often. For example, it could be to add one Adgroup, or to create another ad split-test, or to write an email. It could be anything, but try to keep it a very small and simple task. The smaller and easier the task, the faster this technique works.
  3. Repeat. In order to create a pattern, you must train your brain to associate the tasks together. Always do the two actions together – the thing you enjoy and the task you’d like to do more of.
  4. Slowly increase the difficulty of your annoying task. You will have a hard time creating the habit if the pain is too great, so only increase its intensity in small doses. Notice in the earlier example I gave about watching movies, I suggested 10 crunches. This won’t give you washboard abs by any means, but over time if you increase your crunches by 10 every week, you will eventually be able to do 100 or 1,000 crunches per session!

One last thing, if you find yourself doing MORE of your addiction, it’s not all bad. As long as you associate the annoying task with your addiction, you’ll at least be using it for good.

DISCLAIMER: always exercise your own good judgement; I am not responsible if you use this advice to become more addicted to something that harms your health. Always try to counter negative habits with positive ones.


P.S. to learn about how to be productive and organise your day, check out Chapter 8 in the YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy at…


Will Smith’s Split…..TEST?

Here’s a common sales strategy we can borrow from the disgusting media.

Today Intouch Weekly issued a story that Will Smith and wife Jada split up.

Intouch weekly’s statement was:

“After 13 years of marriage, Will Smith and Jada Pinkton Smith have decided to separate, an insider tells Intouch Weekly exclusively. They have two children, Jaden and Willow, together. And Jada is stepmother to Will’s son Trey, from a previous marriage.”

The article concludes with…

“For more on this breaking story, pick up this week’s issue of Intouch Weekly.”

Following examples from the media, like this we can learn much about how to write high converting landing pages.

How does will smith’s “alleged” split up with his wife have anything remotely to do with landing pages?

Take a look…

1. Be a C*-Tease

A bribe on a landing page should tease and whet the appetite of your target CUSTOMER. (C*-Tease)

The short paragraph-long story on Will Smith’s break up, though UNCONFIRMED does exactly that–TEASE.

It makes you want to know more.

2. Leave details out

A good landing page does not give many details. Less is more.

In all our landing page tests we found long landing pages with bullets, testimonials, and proof STINK.

Yep – they leave nothing to be curious about.

Similarly, the Intouch Weekly story does not quench your curiosity!

We want the gory details. Why did they split up? Was Will cheating? Did they fight? Is Mr. Smith a wife beater?

You’ll have to buy the mag to find out.

3. Limit navigation options

Notice the story creates a problem for you…your curiosity. It’s a real problem now. At first you didn’t care, now you do.

The story then poses only ONE solution.

Buy our mag!

Don’t go to our website, follow our Twitter feed, or like
us on Facebook. Buy our magazine. That’s it

In landing pages, you should limit options of your customer so they only see ONE path for solving the problem you agitate. Make the solution EXCLUSIVE to you. Make the solution the single action you want them to take.

4. Be EMBARRASSINGLY Controversial

The story released by Intouch Weekly had ONE exclusive source. It was never confirmed–

In fact, it’s somewhat hard to believe for Will Smith fans – since he’s always been so outspoken about divorce not being an option.

Now the rumour that he could have made a MISTAKE spread like wild-fire.

A good landing page will say something so controversial that people will feel TORN about whether or not to believe.

They’ll need to do what you want to get the proof they need.

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Information Overload Cured With MORE Information? Wtf.

So just like you, I’ve been bombarded with a bunch of bribe emails about Mike Dillard’s WWN (What’s Working Now) launch.

But rather than get all giddy “like a school girl” and accept these wonderful bribes…I got worried about you.

Get WWN Here SORRY this offer is no longer available! register to the right to get on the waiting list

Over the past few days, Mike Dillard’s done something no short of AMAZING. He went out and addressed the most common complaint I hear from Home Business owners: Information Overload.

His new course WWN is a solution to this information overload problem. And I am glad he’s doing that for the Home Business community.

But here’s what got me worried last night. It’s that a bunch of well-meaning affiliates of his were lumping every course they ever created as free bribes to get buyers through their links. And that’s a standard technique I guess in the industry…but i think it’s poorly thought out.

Correct me if I’m wrong…but for sure the last thing you need if you’re feeling overwhelmed with info, is a PILE MORE information. More courses would only agitate the problem.

That’s why when Ray & Ferny from SEONetworker approached me to help them create a cool bonus for WWN…that supported its goal…I was all for it.

So if you thought the guru bonuses was a bad idea too, how about this instead:

Me and Ray, Ferny, David, and Jimmy are going to put on an EPIC event for the industry in Vegas. Everyone who attends that event is going to come out of it with what is working right now for us and a small handful of our elite clients. It’s basically a WORKSHOP to implement and create a high converting personal, non-replicated funnel for each person. It’s a means of traffic for each person tailored to their budget and skill set. And basically all the traffic, leads, and customers everyone needs.

Best part is, you can get in the workshop completely FREE (that’s the bribe Ray & Ferny are offering, i’m just the goat-guy who goes along with things)

If you like that idea and agree that it’s a wayyyyy cooler bribe than everyone else, go read the details here. And to make sure you can get into our epic event free, buy WWN through the SEONetworker link.

Here are all the details:

Get WWN Here + 2 FREE Tickets to Our Implementation Workshop
SORRY this offer is no longer available! register to the right to get on the waiting list


WCN – What’s Confusing you Now

I remember coming home from school one day when I was 9. And I begged my dad to let me play on the computer.

Hypercard was one of the early multimedia solutions for Apple Mac

Dad wanted to stall me so he could finish his work and knew exactly what buttons to push to dismiss me. He convinced me (somehow) that if I’d just learn programming I could make all the games I wanted. He got me all excited & gave me a computer MANUAL about an old multimedia design application that only came out for Apple called “Hypercard”.

Off I went to study it in the other room.

Soon after reading like 5 pages, I started to get really antsy. All I wanted was to DO IT. And I was back in there bugging him for the computer again.

That’s probably why I’ve never understood this whole thing about “information overload”. It’s physically impossible for me to get it–because I’m sorta trigger-happy with whatever new info i get. I need to use it right away, whether i can make it work or not.

I did that in home-school with Math too…

I hated reading the lesson. I’d seriously start at the assigned problems. Obviously since I hadn’t bothered reading the lesson, I had no idea how to answer. So I’d look for something similar in the worked examples to copy, and then i’d work back-wards to the theory if it was necessary.

That’s why I can come off as dismissive of info-overload as a REAL problem in this industry.

I do understand, though, that not everyone is able to filter information effortlessly.

Today I came across a video that addresses the problem head on and provides a solution. I knew it would be the right thing to do to share that with you here. Especially that it’s something I hear oh so often from most of my coaching students. They’re always telling me, “Jim, I got too much information and I just don’t know where to start!”

This video has one of the clearest and most impactful explanations I’ve seen of the following:

  • which exact TWO tasks you should focus on when building your business
  • which products and mailing lists you should completely ignore and even unsubscribe from
  • the exact traffic source that will ALWAYS work forever no matter what new innovations come out
  • how to acquire information in a way that it could never confuse you
  • how to make sure you move forward every single day regardless of how tiny the step you take is
  • and much more cool stuff it would be unfair for me to try to summarise here

If you’re bombarded by information and you’re feeling totally confused by which traffic method you should be working on and which tasks you should be doing with your business…if you can’t get your website up, and all the technology is freaking you out…

do yourself a favour and head on over to watch the video below…

Watch The WWN Video Here

your friend,