Swipe File Or “Wipe” File?

What’s with the swipe file obsession?

Seems people only want to know where they can “swipe” good ads and emails, where they can find all the best ads to copy and steal from (yes, people actually use that verbiage) and how can they get their hot little hands on more swipes, etc.


Look, I’m not against swipe files.

Got one myself.

And it’s endlessly useful.

But probably the biggest mistake people make (besides breaking copyright laws) is swiping anything and everything without really knowing if the ad worked (hint: if you’re swiping from big goo-roo launches, I feel sorry for you).

Sad, but true.

Most swipe files are really “wipe files.”

(i.e. the ads are about as useful as toilet paper…)

Plus, things change so fast nowadays, it’s amusing when someone swipes an ad I wrote 2-3 years ago, when the appeals that worked then no longer apply today.

Anyway, I know most will ignore this warning.

Much easier to swipe than think, after all.

But so be it.

At least I tried…

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