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I was recently speaking with a client who said to me:

“Jim, i’m burned out and frustrated. I’ve been spinning my wheels for the past two years, trying to get a steady income from various Network Marketing and Affiliate opportunities. But i find myself spending so much money on these programs for very little pay-off. I’ve setup loads of websites, SEO’d them to no end, and even though i get 20 customers a month, i barely get paid anything on them. I need more traffic! HELP!”

That’s the trouble with being tied to one program for all of eternity…

You’re constantly having to create new websites…

You’re always having to start over and have to obsess about creating new traffic, every time you buy a new program…

You’re always buying into programs too…

And even though the companies profit from you joining them, their only advertising expense is the peanuts they pay you in commission.

That’s why i always advise my clients to take a few steps back from their current program, and embrace their wider NICHE.

Not a small one…but a massive one.

This way you can still sell the same program you want to promote…

Talk to the same people you’re used to selling to…

But your traffic opportunities are ENDLESS

and you never need to redo your work when you join a new program…or get chained to your desk in the process…

Want to make YOUR online business this simple and flexible?

Then our Done-For-You Traffic consultation and services are for you!

We’ll create for you ONE all-inclusive traffic campaign with all the marketing pieces that make it work…

And you can forget about learning traffic.

When we help you build your website for a wide audience that belongs to a NICHE, your focus becomes simply about stocking your “virtual shelves” with products from that niche. All your marketing is still relevant.

You no longer have to create traffic from thin air!

ANY product that would appeal to the existing audience becomes another income stream in your arsenal.

You can make fresh recommendations to people who turned down the previous offer and make money you wouldn’t have made otherwise.

You’re not limited to Clickbank products…

You’re not even limited to virtual and info-products.

You can sell PHYSICAL products too and earn bigger profits on their RETAIL value.

The opportunities are endless and the profits arebig.

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How to pick a “best selling” product to promote…LONG TERM!


it’s about time i give it to you straight.

There’s too many folks trying to promote a gazillion different products on shit that doesn’t matter.

SEO and PPC techniques. Traffic rubbishness. Skimpy thin products for “newbies”.

not only are they nerds themselves, clueless on any topic of marketing, but they have no real appreciation for the longevity of their product choices.

If you can crank out a new product every month, then by all means keep selling technical manuals. but that’s the problem.

technical manuals, stuff about techniques of social media, traffic, SEO, and PPC…you’re playing in a dangerous arena of ever-changing technology.

no sooner is a product released, the techniques become obsolete in days.

There’s a better way…

Sell something ever-green.

And sell to a mass market.

Case in point…

Eben Pagan, a well-known and respected internet marketer built a 10 million dollar a year empire selling dating advice to men.

Under the fictional name of David De Angelo, he sold a simple little ebook for $20 for men on how to “score”. Then upsold a range of seminars, events, coaching, and other stuff. All starting from ONE little tiny $20 ebook.

He promoted NOTHING but dating advice for years.

His market was not some little tiny niche. No…it was ALL men who wanted to score…and what man doesn’t? come on seriously.

The product was ever-green too.

No matter how old it got, no stupid software update would screw with his business.

When one day he decided to pursue different interests and wanted to sell a business training seminar, he was able to leverage his existing customers.

Wanna know how?

He went to his Dating Advice list and created a series on How To Be A Man.

Basically, it told these childish men that in order to get more dates, they needed to grow up.

And part of growing up is to get serious about their career, make more money, and be successful in general.


An internet-based business worth millions, he’d show them how to build.

All the girls would be lining up to date them.

Cringe away ladies, but it’s the truth. Women love a fella with deeep pockets.

Sure enough, that seminar was one of the most historic internet marketing events ever. it sold for $10,000 a pop and nerdy men all over the internet paid and attended.

Now i’m not saying that you should target nerdy suckers with your products.

But isn’t this a SMART strategy you could learn from?

Evergreen products is where the money is at.

Products that are independent of technology.

Timeless products.

Products that have a MASS audience of billions of people.

They can be super simple. But as long as they target a MASS market, you can sell anything else you want with just a touch of creativity.

So grow up, and start promoting products that matter.

The Internet Business Academy will show you how to find and create such products.

We’re all about mass market.

You can advertise products like that ANYWHERE and people will buy them, regardless of their background.

You won’t be limited to stupid Google traffic and its nasty rules.

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Keeping up with Affiliate trends : Waste of time?

– “Google is Dead!”

– “The Web is dead!”

– “Facebook is dead!”

What a load of CRAP!

There’s always an idiot marketer in some new state of the web address telling you whatever you’ve invested your effort into over the last few months is OVER. Booohoo!

It’s a fool’s game. They end up trying to sell you some overly-technical complicated spin on the old. And that’s their only intent.

Fact of the matter, they have a layman’s understanding of the technological innovations AT BEST. Most of them are school drop-out, self-appointed “experts”. Their words are too big for them and they are dicks in person who spend YOUR money on strip-clubs, drugs, and alcohol.

One of my interns wrote to me a couple of days ago in a bit of a panic.

“Jim,”, she said. “Are you taking into account the Semantic Web with your latest traffic campaigns?”

“What’s that?” I inquired with mild curiosity.

Semantic web indeed. Web 3.0, they say.¬†As it turns out, soon there will be a new way of sorting information on the web. People will be able to see intelligently targeted contextual ads that take into account not just the KEYWORDS…but their meaning.

“OMG! Jim, this is not just a fad, it’s coming soon and we have to be prepared,” said my intern.

I remained unconcerned.

Because my¬†business is not dependent on technology. It’s all about people. People buy, not their computers! lol!!!

Technology should be used to ENHANCE and SIMPLIFY your business. It should not dictate the business.

And let’s get real here. We don’t sell software, and our business is not a search engine. Neither do you.

So why waste your time worrying about the ups and downs technology?

Technology moves way too quickly for one person to keep up with it.

I don’t understand marketers who build their websites with great concern for SEO.

SEO is just software, and you’re no programmer (most likely). I AM, though and i don’t even care about technology half as much as you do.

Search Engines get upgraded extremely frequently.

A much better approach, which we’ve been using with great success is…

…to provide useful and relevant information to people who arrive at our website.

Let the Web do what it does.

Let the software get better and to hell with the tools.

The Semantic Web is nothing to worry about. Our content’s relevance and value is REAL. The updating of technology will only make it easier for us to connect with the RIGHT target audience who will buy our stuff. We WELCOME the changes.

Bring it!

Take this advice, and hang it like a ring from your ear…

Do NOT build your blog with SEO tricks.

One update to Google’s engine, and everything you spent months preparing will be rendered useless over night.

Instead, think about what kind of people would be interested in your products.

Think of all the questions and uses they might have for your product and write content that answers them. Fuck SEO.

And when the Web technology improves (and it will), you will only get more traffic and better prospects prepared to spend money at your website.

Want to learn more about EXACTLY how these methods are executed?

The Internet Business Academy shows you the exact steps we’ve used to increase our traffic and sales by over 4,000% with less than 14 articles submitted over 2 weeks.

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Spin or Not Spin? (20 Articles a Day’ll Make the Bills go Away)

i know that Affiliate marketers don’t like spending money on advertising. So the only quick way to get traffic to their offers is to submit articles to a popular Ezine directory (eg, Ezinearticles.com).

It’s free, of course.

But it’s tedious. And sales are slow.

After enough articles are put up…these affiliates hope that between SEO and the directory’s readers they’ll get some hits back to their site and sales.

Naturally, this brings up a number of questions…and i think you might be doing a lot more work than they need to.

Let’s answer your questions and help you get sales in no more than 2-weeks…

1. “If I submit 20 articles a day, will that get enough traffic and sales to be worth the effort?”


– Articles must be have salesmanship and entertainment to be viewed. Keep in mind you need about 1,000 views to get 5 sales.

– You have to add articles consistently and highlight one benefit of your Clickbank product each time.

– You won’t get SEO traffic just by posting articles.

2. “Creating so many articles takes a lot of time – can I spin them to produce more quicker?”

Article Spinning is the act of using software to automatically generate variations of the same article by changing certain words around.

My advice is NOT to spin. Spinning is an ugly tactic that will get you short-term results AT BEST. In reality, search engines can usually tell that it’s duplicate content and they will penalise you for it.

A better approach is to:

– Write out a long list of every single use and benefit of the product you promote

– Think of what people already think the solution is and take an opposite perspective

–¬†Create one article per benefit and highlight it with a strong call to action at the end to visit your affiliate URL to buy.

3.¬†“Do I need to create backlinks to my articles so i can increase SEO traffic?”

Don’t. It’s a waste of time.

I don’t believe in creating artificial backlinks to your content. Search engines prefer natural back-links by others who like your articles.

We recently used a unique Content Strategy detailed in the YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy that works much better than all the SEO tips you’ve known.

Using only 14 articles, we increased hits to our website over 4,000%!!!

No back-links required. No spinning of articles.

I call this method Reverse SEO.

It’s far more effective.

You’ll see much more traffic to your offer.

And you’ll get sales and commissions easier than anything else you’ve heard.

4. “How long should my articles be?”

I recommend 200-500 words. Not for SEO purposes, but for the reader’s sake.

When you have a long article, you decrease your chances of it being read to the end. Which means even fewer people will click your link and visit your website.

That’s all folks.

All of these techniques are described in much detail in the YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy training course.

Not everyone will like it – the advice contradicts most of what gurus claim.

But you know what?

It works. We’ve proved it. Our students have proved it time and time again.

The IBA is only $19.95 one time. And it’s packed full of practical simple advice.

There are 10-hours of killer content that is easy to implement. Sales will roll in and you’ll thank us for the opportunity.

That’s a promise.

Here’s the link to enroll right now…

We accept Paypal, so your payment is secured. And we offer a 3 day refund period, so if you don’t absolutely love it, just send support an email and you’ll get your money back.


SEO Networker’s Intrusive Case Study Videos

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Fernando Ceballos and Raymond Fong of SEO Networker

Inside, I saw how these two rocket-scientists turned Network Marketers were able to dominate the Google organic search results for common searches that business opportunity seekers are looking for. Keywords like, “attraction marketing”, “network marketing training”, “mlm leads”, and “mlm system”.

Basically, that means they can get perfect prospects for their MLM business from Google for FREE.

They’re good friends of mine, but I’m sure as hell not about to tell them that their content gave away the kitchen sink. I want it to stay up there at least till I finish implementing some of that stuff!

Maybe they don’t realise how dangerous it is to be sharing insider material about their business with someone like me…because, um…I’m gonna implement it, master it, and then I’m gonna be their competition.

Like for example, here’s some of the cool stuff I’m sooooo gonna nick:
(btw, for my American readers who may not know this, nick=take/steal)Â

  • They gave away some of the exact keywords that they’ve been targetting with their main website

    Using Fernando and Raymond’s Search Engine Optimisation techniques alongside my Paid search efforts, I’ll get the benefit of being on BOTH sides of search results. In effect, maximizing my search presence: I get immediate results with PPC and then long-term passive results with all the content I create over time with SEO!

  • Fernando showed the titles and exact addresses to the content that got them on Google’s front page. So in theory, one could go to those articles, do some “research”, and then write similar articles on one’s own website.
  • They showed the actual categories and themes that they divided their content into. This is an integral part of doing Search Engine Optimisation. One could, copy those themes or categories (though we shouldn’t)…and then you’d be able to dominate the same keywords in Google’s organic results too.
  • They revealed their linking strategy. Which sites they’re using to connect INTO their site and how they’re linking the pages within their site in that perfect way that Google wants to just keep sending them visitors.
  • Fernando gave me an idea how to modify my wordpress blog theme so that it monetise the traffic that comes to it from free search engine traffic.
  • They told about how installing a wordpress blog on your site is almost a passive way to get search engine rankings because of RSS. Now that’s pretty smart, considering that with wordpress, the very same blogging engine i’m using right here, I don’t have to do ANY html coding. I can literally create my entire site, landing pages, capture pages, and sales letters all off the same wordpress platform. Holy smokes!
  • Â

    Ok so that’s pretty much a whole bunch of stuff I got out of their case study. This came (I think) as a result of a conversation I had with them a few weeks ago.

    See, Fernando and Raymond are launching a coaching program to show regular network marketers how to create sites that Google loves to send traffic to. When we talked about their launch, I made a suggestion that went something like:

    “Hey guys, why don’t you give away a bunch of videos with proper, simple, SEO techniques that people can go out and implement right away. And then hold a contest of some kind that makes use of the learning people get from those techniques.”

    I don’t know that i said it exactly that way, but ya know, quotes are cool in blogs. I thought I’d do one.

    A few days ago they caught me by surprise when they released these case study videos for the contest. The winners get a scholarship into the coaching program. Meaning, they get in for free. Contest ends on the 22nd of January, so not a whole lot of time if you’re thinking about joining in.

    As for me, I’m not eligible for the contest because i’m a JV and I get free unlimited access to the training anyway. But regardless, the information they shared in the videos is as useful to me as anyone else.

    In my next post I’ll tell you some of the things I’m gonna implement right here in this blog to help me dominate a slice of Google’s organic search results!

    Go watch the SEO Networker case study videos and then comment here on what you learn!