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Hey there,

Almost didn’t write this post today.

But kept thinking about you in the shower. You eager beaver looking for tips from me on a Sunday and me sleeping in till 5pm. You DO deserve an advantage. And here it is:

Few days ago, a Facebook discussion started when a friend of mine posted an excited update announcing he was about to begin an AdWords Certification in Chinese at one of the local Google Training Centers.

“Good on ya mate”, I thought to myself. But then I got pissed off!

Not at him. He’s cool. But at the response he got from one of his friends.

*reading in a numbskull douchebag accent*:

“They won’t teach you the RIGHT way there, they’ll just teach you what Google wants you to believe.”

W-T-F? OMG stfu! Blithering idiot. !@^$%!!!



Let’s dissect:

So what he’s saying is Google wants to teach their customers how to use their advertising platform WRONGLY so they can sell their ideology? I don’t get it.

It’s exactly what is wrong in this industry you’re studying. Stupid remarks like this being propagated without so much as a thought, from one school drop-out to the other– like gossip, but with the holiness of gospel.

How come all the gooroos who thought they were smarter than Google and were teaching and propagating this exact statement are today permanently banned!?

I mean, if they understood so well how to use Adwords, better than Google (who invented it by the way), wouldn’t they still be generating gangs and bangs of leads today?

This whole thing would have been forgivable if the guy making the remark was some silly half-witted newbie, reading an old copy of the traffic bible. Except he was a PPC GOOROO, self-proclaimed expert who said this dribble.

You know what my claim to fame is? 

Why the Gooroos keep begging me to manage their traffic even though I tell them the only use for their products is in the toilet, as a substitute for No-Frills toilet-paper?

I set a record in this industry of generating to ONE offer with a SINGLE Google campaign 1,000 leads every day for 30 days straight. I did this during one of the biggest Google Slaps of the time

…and then I repeated this record again during one of the BIGGEST Google Bans known to mankind, two years later.

The first time I set the record, I did it without being Google Certified.

But the second time it was ONLY after I took the Google Certification exam…and I studied the training for weeks on end.

Because I refused to use my account until I knew exactly how to keep it safe. And it paid off big time. I’m still standing, still generating leads on Google, still kicking ass and taking names.

By the way, the Google Certification training is COMPLETELY FREE and it was more useful than any Gooroo course I ever bought.

It’s publicly available and accessible. The test costs something like $50 but the training costs NOTHING.

And…there’s no hype, testimonials, or sales pitch to buy a second “upsell” training.

It is full of case studies. Examples. And it is EXTREMELY accurate and thorough.

Yet people choose to spend thousands on products created by Gooroos who have NEVER been through the free Google training.

If you were impressed with my record, then think about this…

Google generates MILLIONS of leads. And billions of dollars with their advertising.

So you want to learn traffic right, learn it unadulterated, from Google.

Prefer the guy who holds the industry’s record in lead-generation help you with your traffic, then click below:


But NEVER, ever trust a Gooroo claiming to teach Google for $$.



Have a BREAK. (have a DigDog)


Guess what?

I’m doing a TIME TRAVEL experiment today.

A blog post I wrote on Thursday should appear to arrive FRIDAY.

So check your calendar. If today is in fact Friday, then this message time-travelled from the past. There’s a good reason for this, I’ll tell you in a minute.

A saying I heard throughout childhood was:

“Man was not created with two hearts.”

My father used to say it to me when I tried to multi-task my homework around programming and building robots.

He also told me, that when I got married one day, I should not keep a computer in the house.


Because, if you’re like me, you probably find yourself spending ALL your time in front of a computer. Whether or not you’re being productive, you’re always preoccupied with your work or your business.

This is not healthy!

There should be a time for work and a time for rest.

If you spend all your time at the computer, even if you’re not being productive, you still FEEL like you’re always working and it makes you sad. You don’t deserve a break. And yet it’s not fair on your family that you’re always in your own little internet world.

Not everyone can afford to take a break though…

Maybe you’re one of those people who turned your business into a really bad paying job.

You can’t leave automating and scaling your business till LATER. You start today.

Every single action you repeat daily should be turned into a mechanical, well-documented process.

“Delegate and outsource all you can.”

You might not be ready to hand over ALL your business tasks to someone else yet, but when one day you need to, it will be easy.

That’s why I want to encourage you to look again at the Done-For-You Traffic service we offer at YaghiLabs.


It’s literally your ENTIRE business built for you by a well-oiled machine of service providers. We’ve been refining our process for years. And we’re really, really good at pumping out high selling automatable, scalable, web-businesses for our clients.

Let us take the setup off your hands. We’ll GIVE you the daily processes to maintain your online income source too. Read more here

Oh yeah, so why this post time-travelled is that I decided two weeks ago, Friday would be my day of rest. Family day.

In fact, each day, I turn the computer and iPhone off for two hours and do something fun with my family.

It’s way more productive.

You are happier.

And your family is happier.

You’re welcome! 🙂



Dear Unlucky Marketer (hehe!),

Ok. We shouldn’t laugh.

Nothing funny about feeling unlucky. But maybe today’s little “message in a bottle” will bring some hope for the unfortunate.

Not long ago, a feller wrote to me asking for some really specific help about getting traffic.

“You know how sometimes you think you’re doing everything RIGHT but then there’s this one thing you want someone to show you?”

Well, that’s the impression I got when I saw the start of his letter.

He went on to explain that he had spent a lot of money, written piles and piles of articles, done lots of SEOs and link-backs, but still…

Visitors arrive in trickles.

Mailing list leads limp along slower than the line at KFC.

And sales almost never ever come.

Clearly something was wrong. But what?

I saw it right away… 

In professional sports (football, rugby, etc), the coaches like to record matches and watch them back with their teams after a game.

Reason is, during the live match, the players are too close to the game to notice their blunders.

(which btw, seem REAAAAaaaaalllll obvious to everyone else).

A lot of times, players don’t even know what they did wrong and sometimes they deny their mistakes if someone accuses them of making them.

The needle in the haystack…

Anyway, point is, even if you think you’re doing everything right with your business…but you’re not getting the result you’re expecting, you’re probably making a small but critical error I can help you see.

The Done-For-You Traffic consultation is a way to run your BUSINESS plays in front of a professional “coach”.

Read about it at the link below:


Now you’ll know exactly which mistake stops you from winning online. And now, more importantly, you know how to fix it.



Learning TRAFFIC for life

Young Paduwan,

if you’re like me and like to learn by dissection, you’ll love this idea for understanding high volume traffic campaigns…

forgive my Star-Wars reference, i know it’s a little tacky, but i’m in a good mood today, so please allow it.

Learning by Dissection is when you take apart something, look inside it, and see what makes it “tick”.

…drove my parents nuts when i was a kid…used to open brand new toys hoping to find the mystery that made them function haha.

Complex scientific concepts became simple enough that even a child could understand them…such is the power of dissection.

No theory, class, book, or course could have provided the same level of understanding.

Similarly, i know traffic seems like the most challenging idea for you.

All the books, courses, and masterminds you’ve spent thousands on always fall short in their teaching.

Is traffic really that hard?

No. But you probably have never seen a real-life, living, breathing high volume traffic campaign that works…have you?

Imagine you could see one…wouldn’t it be easier to reproduce your own, or even simply modify it the way you want?

Here’s what i mean…

i used to try to “find the magnet”… if my toy had a motor, i recognised it quickly.

By pulling apart parallel port plugs, i was able to connect my own computer-controlled robot to a PC and program it.

i also enjoyed creating light-bulbs.

Thomas Eddisson’s invention of the bulb was my invention at 7…my bulbs consisted of a small thin-wire coil i made by wrapping wire around a pin, and then connected both wire-ends to a power-supply of some kind. The electric energy was converted into heat and light which made me happy.

i created battery cells from coins and acid, by reading a book and pulling apart some batteries to compare notes.

programming was the same — i took working programs, copied them for MONTHS before i finally starting creating my own programs. even today, i often take source code that works and just modify it to do exactly what i want.

you could do the same and learn TRAFFIC SOOOO EASY…

but who’s going to give you their full traffic campaign, landing pages, emails, and so on…and let you play with them?


The Done-For-You Traffic service is made especially for people who learn by DISSECTION.

You’ll get a full-fledged working campaign from A-Z…and then you have the freedom to take it apart, inspect it, and learn what makes it work.

here’s where to sign up…

Get Option #1, and you’ll be able to see my fully functional PPC campaign that i create especially for you – so you can take it apart, modify it, and do with it what you want.

Hurry, Christmastime is almost here, and the traffic this time of year is awesome!


My Way of Making $1,000 / Day With Advertising

let’s begin with traffic…

seems that’s what’s on every web marketer’s mind and their ONLY concern. and it drives me crazy because it really isn’t as big a deal as people make it out to be.

here’s what i mean…

if i handed you $10,000 dollars today, how much traffic could you get with it?


ok, ok…i get it.

You don’t have $10,000 laying around. And i’m certainly not going to hand you that kind of money, sorry. but if you had it, hypothetically, would you be able to make a killing by the end of the month?

probably not!

and that’s why you’re not willing to take out a loan, get a second mortgage, or sell your stuff to dump that kind of money on traffic.

So traffic is still a problem for you. Not the case, for us, however. I’ll tell you why in a second…


You are understandably worried that even after putting in that kind of cash, you’ll not be able to make it back.

so how can we change your mind and solve your traffic woes forever?

Very simply…

You want a guarantee that once that traffic hits your website, you will make back your investment in sales.

Let’s explore…

If you sell a $20 product, (which althought is an easy-to-sell price-point), you will need 500 customers just to break even. The chances of you getting that many customers are slim.

So the first problem you have right now, is your product-range is not high-enough value to get 500 customers so you can make back such a large investment any time soon.

But what if we could help you sell a $1,000 product instead? How many customers do you need to break even?

10. That’s it!

Your odds are SIGNIFICANTLY improved!

What if you sold a $10,000 product?

You only need 1 customer to break even.

See the pattern?

This is exactly why you need one or more products worth over $1,000 in your arsenal.

Then you can pay for ALL the advertising you want, make your investment back, and get paid big dividends. Next month, you’d be ready to spend $10,000 all over again with ZERO fear.

But, still. You’re understandably nervous.


Because you do NOT have a process that is guaranteed to SELL.

What if, in addition to $10,000, i also gave you an expert salesman who was experienced in making high-end sales. Do you think you could make $1,000 daily?

Surely the answer is a big fat YES!

While we can’t give you a $10,000 grant, YaghiLabs WILL help you come up with a product AND give you the expert salesman.

When you ally with us as our client, we will put together an expertly-built CUSTOM selling process for you.

An Alliance with YaghiLabs means WE invest the skills and resources of SEVERAL sales and marketing professional who have made $10,000 and $20,000 sales per customer … with their words alone.

Writers who understand emotional evocation.

Sales experts who have a deep understanding of human psychology.

Researchers who are trained to dig up every piece of information about what your target audience want so you can offer it to them knowing they will WANT what you sell.

Programmers and Designers who have managed large Television campaigns for Fortune 500 companies.

Traffic experts who have made MILLIONS for their clients and themselves.

Every one of these people become YOUR staff when we choose to work with you.

If i told you all of those people will be on your side, working for you, marketing and selling for you -handling every aspect of your sales and advertising…without you ever having to learn these things…or gamble on your own limited skill-set while experimenting all alone…

Would you be able to, HYPOTHETICALLY, cough up $10,000 to dump into advertising?

I guarantee you, with this simple business formula, ALL your traffic troubles will be over forever.

You will never need to think about Google and what they want again.

You will never need to waste another cent on training products or experimenting with paid traffic.

You will never need to build another back-link.

And all of this, we’re willing to do for you, if you make us your business allies. That’s all we ask.

 Read about this very special deal and apply today here…

My team will be the BEST allies you ever made.


Does Article Marketing Really Work?

The INTERNET  as we know it today serves countless activities; entertainment, connecting with family, shopping, business, data storage, computing the meaning of life, news, mapping stars, and many many other things.

Most off all…the INTERNET connects people to the largest collection of articles ever to exist. “YES, Article Marketing DOES REALLY WORK!”

Isn’t  Article Marketing Dead

Article Marketing for the sole purpose of promoting a product page or gaining rankings in search engines is a delicate process.  Forget everything you thought you knew about article marketing and if your new to the idea then great…you might still have a chance.

Start Content Marketing the Right Way

What you are about to learn is by far a very profitable way to promote your business through the INTERNET.  A plan of action is your ultimate tool and a time frame of 3 to 6 months to start seeing lasting results.

You will waste your time if you’re not fully committed to the process or at least hire someone who is.

Part One: What  you Write makes a difference

Develop a series of topic specific content directly related to the product or service you wish to promote.  Target that content to the customer.  Content written with the user in mind seldom goes unnoticed.  That is  true for how the search engine index pages.

With Millions of pages on-line the major search engines have more then enough data to know when someone is trying to scam the system or promote quality information.

Part Two: Where are your Customers

Location specific content holds a lot of weight.  In your business you should have defined who your customers are and where they are from.  Developing local content helps search engines show more relevant results for people looking for products and services near them.  Remember, just because your business might be conducted On-line doesn’t mean it isn’t local.

Part Three: Expectations

Realistic Expectations about the people searching for the content your creating is a must. Are they really looking to BUY something?  If you want to rank number one for “African Fire Breathing Earthworm” how many people are looking to buy a product related to that search?

That is why part two works very well, because people tend to do more business with local retailers or services.

Part Four: Rankings and Promoting

All this content and no where to put it?  Traditionally people who wanted to promote their site with article marketing were encouraged to do submit their content to Article Directories.  Those are places where thousands of articles are hosted.  Many of these article directories are built for one reason “AD Farming”.  The business of placeing ads on sites based on your content in hopes to being in Ad revenue, and for a while that strategy worked well for the site owners.  Until a group or people confronted the big search engines about playing favorites.

There are places on-line where you can submit your content and not worry about building someone else an income off of ad revenue (you may have heard of the Panda Update).  You want secure, privet, ad free directories.


You can build your own privet network for article marketing and make it search engine friendly which builds links to your site.  Really Simple Syndication, or RSS, with some creativity isn’t a bad thing.  As far as duplication goes, forget about it, it won’t harm you unless the content is harmful in the first place.   It’s that simple.

That is only a tiny portion of how you can promote your content which in turn promotes the main site in which you want to rank.

Part Five: Summary

Have an original spot for your high-quality content-rich article.  You can select 2 to 3 key-phrases that you don’t care to rank for but are related to your ranking domain or page and develop the content around those terms.  Point One link back to the main content, this is the validation point for the robots.

Pull out the dictionary and get creative with your writing.  If your selling “Fire Breathing Earthworms from Africa” some key phrases to create promotional content might be “Easy Pets for Kids”, “Cool House Pet”, and “Awesome Anniversary Gift”. Those key-phrases would host content with all kinds of benefits relating to owning an awesome pet like the Fire Breathing Earthworm. With a link pointing back to your main site, and inter links pointing to the other articles you write about it.

Article Marketing isn’t about ranking articles, its about having quality content point to a quality sales page or domain.  The same reason you would want to point to a quality page on your site as well.  Your customer knows when they find junk so don’t let them.

Yaghi Labs is revolutionizing the way people use content marketing on-line, you can hire the skilled team to develop content for you or you can get connect and learn with the team when you Enroll in Yaghi Labs Internet Business Academy.

Enroll here: http://www.jimyaghi.com/ylacademy

P.S If you’re worried about duplicate content. You can time stamp, attribute, your article like this.

[This Article Originally Posted on http://www.JimYaghi.com 7 November 2011]

Questions about article marketing? Leave them in the comments below.

Merchants Using Spyware to Steal Affiliates Commissions?

came across a disturbing Clickbank discussion today…

turns out, some bad CB publishers are installing spyware on the computers of potential customers of their affiliates and then using them to redirect sales away from the affiliate so they don’t have to pay out.

this isn’t the first i’ve seen this happen either.

CPA publishers also, who pay on a “per lead” basis…particularly with big affiliates always try to avoid paying fairly earned commissions.

they use excuses like “scrubbing” and filtering leads they don’t like for whatever reason to save money.

this is why i’m so against affiliate marketing.

you’re under the mercy of the publisher, as if you’re their employee. they decide when and if they pay you.

if their product flops and they go under, you get nothing.

they impose unfair rules, like where you can market, how you can market, and where only they are allowed to exclusively advertise.

some publishers will actually spy on their top affiliate’s campaigns, capture all the keywords that produce sales and then directly compete with them or kick them off the program.

the worst part is, as an affiliate, you don’t own the core product you sell, so you can lose your income overnight without warning. and the leads YOU worked to get won’t know who you are if you want to sell them something different.

what’s the solution?

don’t depend on affiliate sales for your primary income. affiliate programs should always be SECONDARY products.

don’t send traffic directly to affiliate links…build your own list and then market products to them. you’ll convert less customers, but you’ll have the chance to follow-up indefinitely with as many products as you like.

and…guess what?

members of the YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy are right now learning all about how to build their own customer-base and promote their own ideas to them really easily.

what’s more, they’re having an easier time getting traffic and staying on ad networks like Google because their offers are unique.

and it’s FAST. you’ll be in profit 7 days from now, with just ONE method we show you.

enrol today into the Internet Business Academy…



Is the Internet What’s Really Ruining Our Economy?


The writing is on the wall. Soon, there will be few employees left.

Self-employed entrepreneurs are no better off.

If you start a business online today, your odds of surviving in this harsh economy are slim. Consumers have become more demanding, more careful, and less willing to pay. Only businesses that cater to the insatiable desires of consumers, for less money survive. In time, this too will become impractical.

While most Economists claim that our current Crisis is because of loans and hyper-inflation – I disagree. I believe that they are mere symptoms of an entirely different problem:

The Internet.

Technology and the Internet have destroyed more businesses than ANY bank. Technology has wiped out the Old Economy to make way for a New. Online Entrepreneurs are unknowingly conducting business following the Old Rules and most will face certain business-death.

If you would give me a few moments of your time, I will prove this to you and show you how to defend your new business from such a horrific fate.

Harmful Effect #1: Information

The Internet has shaken up Traditional Business. Today, any 6 year old child with an Internet connection can jump online and find information about anything they want.

Indeed, Google’s mission statement is worthy of note here.

To organise the World’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Consider the deep impact of this simple statement on your business.

Google Search is the engine of choice for 60% of the Internet population and allows anyone to find information on any topic they want, without ever leaving their home. In the Old Economy, a business enjoyed a certain privacy advantage from its competitors and anonymity from its unhappy customers.

Today’s consumer within a few keystrokes can uncover the dirtiest secrets about any business before they spend a single cent with them.

Similarly, your marketing campaigns, advertisements, and new offerings can be easily spied upon by competitors without much work at all.

Your business is constantly under surveillance, always scrutinised by watchful eyes of business spies, customers, and reporters. Nothing is truly private online.

During my work with YaghiLabs, I have seen products launched that were immediately hijacked by competitors: Some targeted our advertising and stole our traffic for their own businesses, others took marketing ideas and angles from us, and yet others released similar products that directly competed with ours. We’ve even had paying customers yanked by competition  – we saw a rise in refund rate as our clients replaced us with our competitors.

There is no such thing as privacy online.

As soon as you get an ingenious business idea, the market becomes saturated with competitors offering a better product, faster, and cheaper than yours.

As soon as your website is ready, the market does a full 180 and your product becomes irrelevant.

As soon as you learn a brilliant marketing technique, customers become immune and refuse to respond.

The only way to beat the trend is to produce products and creative advertising so fast that competition cannot keep up. Small startups online are unable to do this because most try to do everything themselves.

Cost is a critical factor for them.

However, a single owner-operator cannot build a website, create a marketing campaign, develop a product, and deliver it fast enough to stay ahead of the competition for long. Not to mention that one person cannot possibly have all the necessary expertise to produce quality work on any level. Instead, a large work-force is required to startup and remain in business. This is a cost, most startups cannot afford.

Harmful Effect #2: Choice

Consumers have become more careful about spending their money.

We are like spoilt children, always seeking convenience – we want things now, we have unrealistic expectations of what products should do for us, and despite all of this, we don’t want to spend our money.

One could argue that consumers have become careful due to loss of their jobs, lay-offs, lack of work security, and a rising unemployment rate.

In the Old Economy, anyone who could not afford something would have reduced their demands.

A certain sector of the Lower- and Middle Class who bought anyway, despite not being able to afford their purchases, were said to be “Keeping up with the Joneses”. But even the “Joneses” is a Middle Class family paying for most of their luxury with instalments and payment plans.

In the New Economy, the consumer has choice. They will look online and quite easily find alternative products for less. Established direct-sales vendors with less debt, overhead, and larger advertising budgets provide healthy competition.

Online entrepreneurs starting up their business are under-funded. They cannot afford to offer low-enough prices and to run at a loss long enough to gain reputation and ground.

Many self-employed entrepreneurs think that their costs are low, because they spend carefully – but this is slow.

Also, any cost advantages or conveniences you have, you share in common with your competitors. Really, the playing field is not in your favour. Competitors with bigger budgets will beat you.

You may be tempted to think your case is special and that you will only spend a little on advertising or use free traffic, and offer an information product that is inexpensive to produce. But your small capital gives you a time disadvantage. Your methods will take too long, and like I said earlier, better-funded competitors will steal anything good for themselves and profit from it before you’ve started.

Harmful Effect #3: Technology

Services worth money yesterday are rapidly becoming irrelevant and worth nothing today.

These questions will likely stump you – What is money? What does it symbolise? Where does it come from? And where has it gone?

Let’s answer this in a moment.

Business is in an ongoing struggle to find cost-cutting avenues while still serving consumers cheaper; with faster comforts and conveniences.

However, creating a product or rendering a service has many costs: material, labour, property rental, storage, research, development, advertising, shipping, and more.

Think about how much a computer used to cost to produce in its earliest years. Computer manufacturers had to pay the high costs up front, develop the computer and its software, then sell onto the consumer while making a profit so they could remain in business. Only large organisations could afford to buy.

When regular consumers began demanding personal computers, they were still unwilling to pay the high cost. In order to reach them, personal computer manufacturers arose with innovations that cut manufacturing costs making way for the affordable personal computer.

All businesses, in a similar way, are on a mission to make more money – either by lowering costs so their products are affordable to more people, or by lowering their own costs to increase profit margins.

Earlier, I asked What is Money?

To really understand where money comes from and where it has gone, we must go back to a prehistoric time when people bartered their resources, skills, and experience with one another. One person provided a short-cut to another, and this had value.

We eventually evolved a tangible symbol for people to store “favour-trading” as a credit or a coin. At a later date, and when we need a “favour” done for us, we exchange our coin (a symbol of the favour we offered someone else earlier) with someone else who is willing to swap “favours”.

Technology has made many service-providers useless to business. In other words, many employees became an unnecessary business cost.

So where has the money gone in this economy?

It did not disappear – Consumers want cheaper and better conveniences from businesses, and businesses must cut their costs to comply. Many employees now have irrelevant skills for business. Any company that continues to employ such employees is unable to keep up with the impossibly low cost demands of the customer.

Until recently one could remain useful to a company with a basic University education obtained 20 year earlier. In the New Economy, that employee is toast.

Technology either replaces them – or makes their skills inadequate to drive the new technology.

A growing trend is for large supermarkets and chain stores to replace human cashiers with machines that do the same job for less.

Graphics design firms which used to work with paper and ink, today require employees who know the latest version of Photoshop and Illustrator. New versions of software are released frequently, and if an employee does not master the latest version yesterday, they will have no role in the New Economy.

Similarly, marketing and PR experts were needed in the past to make contact with journalists who might cover their company in the news. Now, instead, marketers must master mobile advertising (which came out very recently), Social Media, and blogging.

Similarly, entrepreneurs must keep their business relevant to consumers by embracing new technological advancements as they emerge. And be ready at a heartbeat to change direction and embrace a new technology.

Google and Facebook are commonly used by Online Entrepreneurs to advertise their businesses. These engines are a type of technology, software, that is constantly being updated. Startup entrepreneurs themselves usually lack the skills necessary to market with these advertising platforms.

Those who master advertising with one engine will quickly find that it is a full-time job to keep up with the constant updates and rule changes on these platforms.

To prosper, they need to contract the work out to expert businesses whose job it is to keep their advertising skills relevant and up to date. This is another difficult cost few startups can afford.

Harmful Effect #4: Developing Countries

India and China, together have a population of over 2 BILLION people; a huge labour force easily accessible with the Internet to any business.

I’ve said this several times already, businesses are constantly looking for ways to cut costs. Companies like Nike, Adidas, and Microsoft have enjoyed giant profit margins by outsourcing work to developing countries.

India has been for years a technology hub where you can employ very skilled software developers for only a few dollars an hour. Contrast this to the usual cost of a programmer from the United States, for example, who costs at least $20/hour and as much as $100/hour.

While it may seem at first glance that having easy access to Developing Country contractors is an advantage, it is not.

The Internet has enabled freelancer businesses in Developing Countries to become informed about how much they could earn. Online Businesses typically pay very similar rates for Indian contractors as they would for a freelancer from the United States for higher quality work.

Online Businesses do not benefit from cost-cutting by hiring skills from Developing Countries.

However, they do have the ability to avoid paying salaries and benefits to contractors, and need not pay income tax on their behalf.

On the other hand, finding quality workers who are truly skilled at their craft is difficult. Outsourcing can also be filled with problems in reliability and efficiency. Faced with established competitors, a new startup business will be crushed if their reputation is tainted by their choice of contractors.

It is truly a challenge to outsource. But there’s an even bigger problem the Internet creates.

Your competition has access to freelancers too, probably better than what you can obtain. Particularly that they have already spent time and money finding rare contractors with talent. Your competitors ongoing relationships with competent contractors who provide reliable, high quality work.

You have yet to find yours as a startup.

The Solution

We’ve described four major problems the Internet has created for the new Online Business owner. You’ve seen how easy it is for your best ideas to be stolen and your customers yanked from you because of the availability of Information online. You’ve seen how the numerous competing options the Internet provides makes it impossible to compete with a small startup budget. You’ve seen how fast-evolving technology is a drain on your time and skill-set. And you’ve seen how the Internet makes outsourcing expensive

So where do you go from here?

How do you defend your business and join the New Economy as a valuable service provider worthy of “favour”?

YaghiLabs has built a wonderful course called the Internet Business Academy. We help Online Startup Businesses with small budgets to build their businesses QUICKLY in a way that can compete on price, speed, convenience, and quality.

We have even developed relationships with Freelancers and Contractors who will willingly work for you on production alone – meaning, you can get their help in building your online organisation and only pay on results.

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By Answering Questions – You Can Have Compelling Landing Pages!

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Type casting is very dangerous for an actor.

But for business, a typecast can be extremely profitable.

Take for instance Rupert Grint of Harry Potter fame who turned 23 today.

I must have been about his age now when Rupert first became recognised as Ronald Weasley in the Harry Potter franchise.  To me, he’s always going to be the scared little red headed boy he played.

But can you picture him in a WAR ACTION FILM?

Someone clearly saw his potential, he’ll be acting in one soon. Hopefully he’ll break out of the type-cast he’s been so comfortably in for most of his career.

A Landing Page is Not a Landing Page?

It made for a very confusing landing page experience.

Let me back up for a second here…

I know when I talk about landing pages you probably think of the Eben Pagan style headline with optin box that subscribes people to some sort of promotional email newsletter.

But a landing page doesn’t necessarily look like that.

A landing page is simply the first page a visitor sees when they “land on” your website from a search or 3rd party website.

It could be your homepage, your facebook page, or even your YouTube video. It’s the first contact someone has with your business.

Ronald Weasley is Rupert’s Landing Page

In a way, Ronald Weasley was Rupert’s landing page for all his future roles.

That first impression should always tell whatever is most important about you.

Rupert showed he could play Ronald Weasley brilliantly – when a director needs someone to play a a similar timid character, they come to Rupert.

But my friend with the multiple identities was like an actor playing 5 different characters in the same movie.

How could anyone bond with such a business?


His landing pages had long headlines promising information about a number of different things…without being specifically about one thing.

Landing Pages Answer Questions

Today’s web savvy customer asks specific questions in search engines…then they click the closest promise of an answer.

So here’s what you should do to write compelling headlines for any content you put out to be found:

Questions usually begin with the words who, why, when, what, where,
how, or is.

Here are some common first words you can use to answer these

  • Who: a person’s name
  • Why: “because…”
  • When: “at…” ( specific time )
  • What: an imperative verb  eg, “download”, “watch”, “start”. A noun eg, “traffic”, “a webpage”, “facebook”.
  • Where: a location description
  • How: “by…” followed by a state of being -ing verb eg, “doing”, “having”, “taking”
  • Is: “yes” or “no”

Want an example?

Suppose someone searches for:

“Where can i get more traffic”

Suppose they click your website and the first words they see are:

“From Facebook, you can get all the traffic you need using this strange method.”

Pretty simple right?

Try it!

Remember only give ONE answer per page. Every page is a landing page for the rest of your website.

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Dollar Dreams

Email Players
Emails that sell. Copy, adapt, and use freely every month.

i dreamed this PPC ad in my sleep.

Actually, I dreamed up several PPC ads last night – for three different clients. Before wiping the sleep from my eyes, these ads were typed, submitted, live, and being tested.

My guess is they’re going to make my clients very happy.

It’s really strange, but any puzzle i’m working on, usually its answer comes to me in my sleep.

In university, i learned to trust my dreams.

I would be stuck on a problem for an ENTIRE week – some annoying proof in Complex Number theory (imaginary numbers and other jargonny garb). Everything I tried would be a dead end.

Suddenly, the entire solution would come to me in my sleep. SNAP! Wake up. Race downstairs. 2.30 in the morning. Try the solution.

It ALWAYS worked. Got an A on that course, even though it was the most difficult course i took. (even wrote a really bad amazon review for the textbook that’s still around today).

You know what’s funny?

Anyone can do this. It can be replicated at will.

I’m recording the last module of the IBA training today and the details of this technique will be revealed there.

Very simple strategy.

You can use it for any pressing problem you have.

Your brain will work it out for you while you’re sleeping and give you the answer in the morning.

No airy fairy stuff, just pure science.

It works EVERY time.

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Google Adwords and the Trademark Thing

It’s been a while since i’ve had time to myself.

Past few months have been a stumbling, fumbling, sprint …between client work, shared projects, and fighting my demons to get my own ideas going. So as usual, most important thing gets the least attention.

My personal Google Adwords account.

Now usually I can steal a few minutes here and there to do basic “checkup and band aid”. But today was “wicked good” because i got a chance to overhaul my campaigns.

Anyway, while under-the-hood, doing my thing, i got thinking about the whole “trademark” drama with Google.

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but the industry as a whole has been famous for two really bad practices on Google:

  1. Trademark infringement
  2. and The absolute non-existence of a business!

Both have been framed in a positive spin, of course:

“STEAL this guy’s (or that’s) traffic” and


Yawn. I’m tired of that tactic. Aren’t you? I wish it would be retired and put to rest for a few hundred years.

But anyway, these two problems are really at the heart of why the Home Business industry has been experiencing quite the major traffic shortage lately. Particularly that no one has found a way to recover since Google executed their devastating crackdown nearly two years ago.

Many businesses who depend on CPA and affiliate traffic continue to struggle to keep afloat today. And they will die unless they either change their business model or their “offer”. Like I said, that tactic has grown old and needs to be put away.

The “Carbonated Beverage” Story

I came up with this little scenario to demonstrate why the two problems i pointed out earlier are soooooo BAD that BILLIONS OF DOLLARS could be lost in law suits!

It also explains why Google had an easy time disposing of advertisers who thought their 10 million dollars a year in ad spend gave them leverage.

Let’s suppose for a moment that Pepsi were a Network Marketing System or affiliate program like yours. And they sold Pepsi through reps. Then to find reps, they said:

  • You don’t need a website! Just send them to ours and we’ll pay you when someone buys.”
  • and “btw, you should steal customers from Coke (their customers like carbonated beverages and they buy them already).

Does either of those things sound like, i dunno…

  1. Trademark infringement
  2. The absolute non-existence of a business!

Just because the justification SOUNDS logical, doesn’t mean it is right. Both those things are definitely bad and wrong.

Take a look at what happens on the searcher’s side:

A customer jumps on Google and decides to look up Coke one day. He’s a loyal fan who wants to buy Coke’s merchandise and see what new flavour they have coming for summer.

So he types “Coke” and off he goes.

The trouble is that on the right side of the page where all the ads go, he sees

“Coke is Meh, Pepsi is better!”


“Looking for Coke? Try Pepsi too.”

Coke Gets Furious!

Well, along comes President Coke. He sees this stuff on Google’s website that drives him absolutely batshit.I mean, he is PIIIIISSSSSSED!!

Google is making money by selling the ability to  HIJACK their customers!

There’s a difference between…

the searcher seeing one ad for Pepsi between other ads
…. and…..
the customer finding Pepsi INSTEAD OF Coke!

Clearly, this is not Google’s intention. And that’s why they have to keep enforcing rules to stop advertisers from creating the scenario above.

Off they head to the court and Mr. Lawyers make lots of money.

And That Is Why

As you can see, this would be devastating for Google.

They can not allow it. None of the other platforms will allow it. (they can afford a law suit even less than Google could!)

So there’s nowhere to run. Sooner or later, companies who use affiliates for traffic, they’re going to need to get their shit together and come up with a new angle.

And affiliates are going to need to learn to create a “retail” business out of being an affiliate.