Hundreds of Clicks By LOWERING your CTR!

Dear Friend…haha,

Don’t ya love sales letters that start this way. Like I totally believe you buddy, we’re friends. Okiedokes.

Whatever. Anyway, I just stepped away from the hard-work of bossing the YaghiLabs team around as we build traffic campaigns for 8 different client-projects still in progress. And I wanted to share with you a little ad writing tip nobody ever taught me.

Why does no one else teach this?

Because the clueless Gooroos are too busy teaching how to write ads that get a HIGH click-thru-rate.

Which is stupid on Pay-Per-Click platforms.

An ad that gets a high click-thru-rate is an ad that COSTS a lot of money.

And hey any idiot can write an ad that gets clicked a lot. Here check this out, I’m an idiot

Gooroo look at the ads I wrote:

Free Sex For You
Get Free Sex Here. All positions For $0. Click to start sexing now!

Or how about,

Free Money
Just write your Paypal address, and we’ll send you  $1Mil of free money now.

Yeah, I bet the click-thru rate on those goes through the roof. But chances are the ads will just cost a fortune and make no money, especially if what I offer is free.

Ok so it’s not that straight-forward.

Because Mr. Gooroo tells you to super-target your audience by the keywords they search for. Then split-test one ad against another until you find the copy that gets the highest number of clicks per 100 views.

But the whole concept is backwards in their silly little minds!

The idea being you should LIMIT the pool of people who see your ads and then try to get as many of those people to click as possible. That’s a recipe for LITTLE traffic.

Especially that ad VIEWS (which you’re limiting by “targeting”)  cost nothing on PPC, whereas CLICKS COST! And you still gamble the clicker decides not to follow through.

Why not do this:

Show your ads to ALL the people in your target audience–after all, impressions are free on Pay-Per-Click.

And then write an ad that REPELS clicks from everyone but the people likely to BUY.

Something like:

Hard Work Here
We’ll show you how to work hard and make MILLIONS in the process. $20k to sign up!

I’m sure a bunch of curious people will click the ad. But most people who aren’t willing to work hard or spend 20k will be turned off by the ad.

But since the pool of people seeing your ad is in the range of 1.5Mil per day, you’ll get hundreds of genuine and responsive people to click.

That’s our formula for getting HUNDREDS of targeted clicks and much traffic every day for our clients. Makes way more sense.

The secret is to target 100’s of thousands of keywords…and to write ads that repel clicks.
You don’t even have to LEARN to do this part. We do it  FOR YOU much better than you can by following Mr. Clueless Gooroo.

Here’s the link to sign up for one of our custom ppc campaigns now!

Let us take care of your traffic today.



How one-eyed men taught me basketball…

I love basketball.

I mean, I REALLY love basketball.

I can’t understand anyone who says they don’t like it. I just stand there in shock until somebody shakes me.  😉

Having said that, I used to be pretty uncoordinated, and in basketball that’s not exactly a plus. But I love the rush of playing. It didn’t take much to play every single day in high school – with friends who felt the same way.

We worked hard, loved what we were doing, ignored the ‘haters’, and pushed on till we became pretty good.

(Sorry if you were expecting a glorious ending…we didn’t go on to win any championships or anything!)

You see, I lived in Malaysia back then and basketball was greatly overshadowed by soccer. We had to find our own matches, hustle the school office just to get uniforms, and at the end of the day we didn’t get much recognition.

More importantly, we had to get pretty creative about how we trained. We didn’t get funding for a coach, so we had to coach each other.

Problem was, there were only a few players who knew how to play well. To the rest of us, they were basketball MASTERS.

Remember the old saying:

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is KING”

Well, as beginners to the game, our frame of reference was so limited that we considered their skills to be WAY up there.

They could get past the rest of us so easily that we were convinced that ‘magic’ was involved.

The ONE guy who could dunk? He was DEFINITELY on his way to becoming an NBA superstar!

The crappy neighbouring schools we faced had nothing on us; with him on our side.

But we were obviously “blind”!

We had no idea how good other people could be outside our small circle of influence.

Later on, when I moved out of Malaysia and experienced players in other countries, I realised how silly we were…

and how this same lesson can be applied to online business.

Literally SCORES of people trying to work from home are throwing themselves at master goo-roos and trusting anyone that knows a bit more than they do.

Of course, some photo-shopped clickbank figures, and a few fake testimonials, help seal the deal for any newbies on the court.

 I feel so sorry for the poor suckers who don’t know any better!

Here at YaghiLabs, we’re years ahead in this game.

While others are just starting to figure out the basics of traffic and lead generation, and trying to pass themselves off as hot shots…

we’ve actually been through it all, and delivered incredible results, to hundreds of clients. We’ve ascended to the highest levels and have some of the best in the business working for us behind the scenes.

Want to experience the difference between newbinity and expertise?

If you’re ready to get coached by the ‘big boys’, get a Done-For-You-Traffic consultation now:

And of course, not only will a good coach SHOW you how to do things correctly, they’ll also give you ALL the components you need to go all the way…

so let’s get your business into shape for the playoffs!


What’s YOUR primary purpose?

Isn’t it frustrating how things get so complicated as we get older?

Sometimes it feels like you have to do so many things just to stay ahead of the game.

But it shouldn’t be that way…think about it.

As a pretty cute kid (despite what your older sibling will tell you), you only had one goal…if it wasn’t breaking things, it was probably candy.

Then school took over, and your goals changed to playing with friends…with the acquisition of candy being a sub-goal of course.

But as school got more serious, the pressure was on, and there were so many subjects to choose from!  Unless a teacher inspired you somehow, you were most likely pretty confused.

Most teenagers I ask say they have no idea what they’re going to do with their life.

And it doesn’t get easier for them…

I remember having NO idea what to get into when I finally reached college.  At one stage it felt like I changed majors as many times as I changed TV channels.

But successful people will tell you they eventually have a spiritual experience, that ‘aHA’ moment, where it ‘all becomes clear’ and they realise what they were put on earth for.

It’s like Rumi the poet said:

“Everyone has love for a particular job placed in his heart.”

At YaghiLabs, we see that as a nice way of saying “stick with what you’re good at mate!”

As the world gets busier people tend to become ‘multi-taskers’ and end up becoming a jack of all trades, master of none. ESPECIALLY business owners who are trying to keep up with everything.

Not convinced it’s a bad thing?

Look at every single tool ever made.  It always has a primary purpose.

Even though we may use it to open letters once in a while, a pen’s purpose will always be to write.

No matter how many megapixels a smartphone’s camera has, communication is its primary function.

In fact, you will learn in our Internet Business Academy course that even every single webpage has to direct your reader to one SINGLE call to action.  The more things you want to try and cram into a page, the less results you’ll get overall.

This concept of specialization is just ONE of the reasons YaghiLabs is ahead of the game.

Each of our staff members has IN-DEPTH expertise in the ONE area they’re passionate about and the results prove it…

but come time for a Done-For-You-Traffic campaign, everyone’s powers combine and we become super-charged to meet your goals.

Click here to see us in action!

So what’s YOUR area?

As Jim will tell you in your first consultation with him:

“Stick with what you’re good at…developing YOUR product!”

Whatever your product or service, our done for you traffic service will allow you to ‘stick with it’ and let us deal with all the headaches that come with traffic management.

Specialization isn’t just the future, it’s already here!

So get with the times and grab an all-in-one package now…


The LOW COST, High Volume TRAFFIC Strategy

You know what’s become clear to me?

It’s that most marketers don’t know what “profitable” traffic means.

Their heads are plugged so far up their Gooroo’s rectum, all they know is they:


For the gayest offers on this planet that convert like poop.

I don’t care about CPA, CPC, and EFF-U-ME.

When I do PPC, I assume the offer MUST convert 100% of everyone who ever costs me ONE cent.

And I write ads and sales copy to get that.

Regardless of whether you’re selling a product for $20 or a product for $2,000, when you don’t know your numbers, the only thing you can assume is that your advertising cost has to end up BELOW your expected revenue.

And that’s all that counts.

Until you have a sale, ANY traffic cost optimization is ABSOLUTELY MEANINGLESS.

Problem for most of our Done-For-You Traffic clients is they want to sell a product that makes $20 a sale, they want to use a POOPY sales funnel made by self-proclaimed gooroos who can’t sell or get their own traffic so they get affiliates to take all the risk for them, and to top it off the client doesn’t have two cents left over to make a decent ad budget.

So with these REMARKABLY LOSING ODDS, I am given these stupid constraints and asked to help them get traffic anyway.

Finally I came up with my “lost cost high volume campaign” strategy. It works like a charm, even with these lame odds.

Here’s how…

I assume you want 500 clicks a day…for 10 cents each.

(Personally, with 500 clicks a day, I would make an average $500/day…but that’s because I know how to convert.)

What my team does that NOBODY in this industry can do is to find BUYER KEYWORDS that we can get for you for <10 cents a click.

The only way to pull this off is to come up with something between 50,000-100,000 keywords which are basically DERIVATIVES of high competition buyer keywords.

My traffic team does this in MERE HOURS.

And the only thing that’s left f0r you to do is let it run for a few days.

What happens is, the keywords that have HIGH COMPETITION, they get NO IMPRESSIONS. You kill them.

And the keywords that are LOW VOLUME, they get FEW IMPRESSIONS. You kill them.

What’s left is a handful of buyer keywords that get MILLIONS of hits, thousands of clicks, and hundreds of leads.

And the only way to get your own list of low-cost 100,000 keywords is by getting a Done-For-You Traffic Consultation by YaghiLabs…

Stop diddling around and get in line. We’re barely keeping up with the work.

We’ve built funnels for Numis, for Magnetic Sponsoring, for Visalus, for Elevation Group, for MLSP, for USANA, for Scentsy, for Empowernetwork, for GRN…and for more. Your competition is KILLING IT with our campaigns. And you’re swimming upstream without a life jacket.



100’s of Sales WITHOUT Sales Letters

I know that you may think there’s no way to sell without a “sales letter”. I used to think the same thing until I discovered a way to make sales with JUST an order form.

See if you listen to the Gooroo’s, you probably have a snotty azz attitude toward “customer support”.

Gooroos are too uppity to talk to subscribers. It’s not even funny.

At first, much as I resisted the urge to become snotty, I used to get my time SUCKED with all the “help me” mail that came in. I mean, it came in all forms–people seemed to be stalking me on Facebook and Twitter and anywhere they could try and get my “free help”.

Eventually, I hired an assistant to filter emails for me.


But it was a good thing I did. It finally led me understand how useful it is to actually have a semblance of customer support.

Luckily my assistant was a REALLY smart girl…and she actually converted most of those people asking questions into customers. Then I took that idea and expanded it to convert HUNDREDS.

Here’s what she made me realise…

When you’re selling, you’re constantly trying to GUESS what your customer is thinking and trying to convince them of your point of view.

But there is no need to guess…

The answer is staring you in the face!

Whenever someone asks a question, it’s NOT just one person asking it.

There’s at least 100 people on your list asking THE SAME question…AND resisting buying because the question goes UNANSWERED.

Worst thing is they’re quietly not buying WITHOUT telling you.

So when someone writes a question, they’re doing you a BIG favour.

Don’t ignore them like the Gooroos tell you to do…

Turn the answer into a blog post, Facebook Note, or email…for EVERYONE.

And watch the sales flow…

I know what you’re thinking–you don’t get a whole lot of useful questions from your subscribers because you don’t have a big list.

Noooo problem-o…

My staff and I have a secret strategy to find your customers resisting buying from your competitors…

And in a Done-For-You Traffic Consultation, we actually not only find the questions…we answer them FOR YOU in 10 emails.

Well, we call them emails…but you can use them as blog posts, or Facebook notes, or even Ezine articles. Totally original, and you have every right to use them.

Here’s where to get us writing your sales sucking emails:

lots of love,


Eureka! a FORMULA for Sales

Late. Bad day. Anyway, listen.

Was chatting with a client late last night when she said, *in my best Angelina Jolie voice*:

“…I have tried to improve the copywriting on my landing page…”


Copywriting? What is that?

Headline Techniques? Tricks? Marketing Cliché’s?

“Copywriting” is a label for someone’s best attempt to make an EXACT science out of an INEXACT art.

Yes boys and girls. Advertising, Marketing, Sales —

It’s all ART. NOT science.

If we wanted to, we could turn everything we’ve done to make MILLLIONS of dollars online into a “formula”. But for you, it would be a useless, pointless formula. It will not work for anyone but us.

To be called a FORMULA, a formula must give EXACTLY the expected result every time it is used.

Just like the area of a rectangle = width x height. Or Velocity = distance / time.

These formulae will ALWAYS give the exact area or velocity. But a marketing “formula” will not always give sales.

It leaves gaps only I, the creator of the “formula” can fill with my experience. Naming it, giving it a label doesn’t make it any more correct.

Which brings me to another pet-peeve:

Gooroo’s who LABEL stuff so it sounds “scientific”, like it’s a “thing”. Neat trick if you’re the author selling to customers.

Dumb of you to quote it like a parrot and not see right through it, if you call yourself entrepreneur.

e.g. Attraction Marketing, Magnetic Marketing, Gravitational Marketing or any kind of force of attraction. What is that?

Marketing that works!

I mean, who in dog is trying to sell a Revulsion Formula as a marketing technique? Of course Marketing is synonymous with ‘attraction’. The labels are Gooroo-Made, not God-sent.

NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotic Marketing? Not a thing either. It’s merely a DESIRE to convince others in a self-serving way. Not a thing. Just a fancy label to sell training in a sexy sounding way.

We @ YaghiLabs think it’s pretentious and unnecessary to give fake labels and formulas about standard shyt.

Entrepreneurs are our CLIENTS, not study-fans masturbating over someone else’s successful marketing stories.

Our experience in marketing that works is at YOUR disposal ONLY when you get a DFYT Consultation with us. Here’s how…

Marketing and selling is mastered by years of practice, experimentation, trial and error. MILLLLLIONS of dollars in sales are the only proof we need to know there is NO formula. Just what works and what doesn’t.



fu*k you, i wont do what you tell me

It’s a pet peeve. You’ve noticed, haven’t you?

A sigma leader forcefully moves forward–Unwavering. Unapologetic. — whoever follows, follows.

Alphas NEED the masses to follow. Sigmas don’t care who follows.

So I find it a bit fu*ked up when writing client emails, that I have to maintain certain safeness for the sake of the client’s happiness. At the detriment of their sales. It’s a compromise I reluctantly make. Otherwise being a service-provider would be idiotic.

I’ve learned to strike a balance between “what the client wants” and “what the client needs”.

Because I’ve come to realise that most “marketers” are wannabe’s and they don’t feel comfortable being different.

Different is equated with being the “black sheep”.

Can’t have that can we. No, no…

But YaghiLabs are not wannabe’s. We ARE marketers, unique, and true. Marketing HAS to be innovative, fresh, new!

“Sales don’t come to those who are safe, same, and proper.”

Consistently doing everything opposite and counter-intuitive has been profitable for me. More important, however, I’ve been happy because I’m comfortable in my skin. I don’t need to sell out myself or my clients to earn a healthy living.

One classic novel, The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, has a theme of VICTORY for people who follow their heart. Here’s a quotable conversation between two journalists in the novel — I think it PERFECTLY underscores this idea for Marketers:

He said:

“Speaking of architecture, Dominique, why haven’t you ever written anything about the Cosmo-Slotnick Building?”

“Is it worth writing about?”

“Oh, decidedly. There are people whom it would annoy very much.”

“And are those people worth annoying?”

“So it seems.”

“What people?”

“Oh, I don’t know. How can we know who reads our stuff? That’s what makes it so interesting. All those strangers we’ve never seen before, have never spoken to, or can’t speak to–and here’s this paper where they can read our answer, if we want to give an answer.”

Award-winning Journalism and marketing are brother and sister. They’re both fresh, opposite, and give a different point of view.

Writers write for invisible audiences. They can’t see their reaction. To get a response, you HAVE to provoke, annoy them, rub them the wrong way, be politically Incorrect. That’s how you know you have readers, even without a single reply.

Sure you can write like everyone else, be a follower, a member of the masses, constantly please everyone. If that’s your purpose.

But if your purpose is to be READ — If your purpose is to evoke reaction – if your purpose is sales, you HAVE to ruffle feathers and be new.

Turn off MOST and turn on FEW…

That’s how ONLY we can do. We setup your traffic, landing pages, and sales emails in a way you have NEVER been trained. See how at the link below…

When you hire us, we’ll TRY to write safe sales emails for you so you don’t get to feel like the “black sheep”…but if you REALLY want us to help you SELL, you need to trust us and give us permission to write words that fu*k people up.



no, we CAN’T be friends

Being social.

The whole “political correctness”, the fake niceties, small talk, pretending to care when you don’t, the favours, the visits. UGHhhh CRINGE. It’s all so tedious.

Finding a career online has been great.

All the advantages of “being social” without any of the things I don’t love.

My wife thinks I’m weird. Constantly tries to get me to do stuff with this or that and scratches her head at my replies. eg,:

 “But if we visit so-and-so this ‘one time’, then so-and-so will ‘owe us’ a visit. And we start a cycle that doesn’t exist, and I don’t want to exist.”


“I don’t like hanging with X’s husband. His conversations are tedious. I’m an intellectual, and I can’t let my mind be exposed to the ‘DUMB’ he puts out.”


“Look, he’s just not on my level. I’m not trying to be mean, but pretending to like him makes me physically tired and ruins my whole day.”

Anyway, although online relationships can be filtered somewhat, they are just as tedious.

Ever notice that the “Done-For-You Traffic” service we offer at YL has a very generous “buddy discount” (50%! @

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind giving a discount to a buddy, buddy. But the definition stated at the link above was: “someone who has met me in person” AND “has had at least one PHONE conversation with me”.

A client-customer conversation doesn’t count as a “phone conversation”, btw. But whatever, I didn’t make a distinction one way or the other.

So then along comes numbnuts asking for the ‘buddy discount’ because we met at some event in vegas or whatever. Ermm…dude, the events I attend as a guest-speaker have over 1,000 people in attendance.

There is no way on this planet everyone I shook hands with is ‘buddy’. I’m not that popular.

Besides I like to be friends with people at the same intellectual level so there is an EQUAL exchange of ideas between us, even in idle “social time”. That’s what these emails you get from me are–“SOCIAL Intellecture” — conversations I’ve had with a ‘buddy’ before you got em.

Problem with buddy discounts isn’t the discount itself. It’s the ‘buddy’!

Apparently online, a buddy (and let’s go ahead and include some of your favorite Gooroos and their staff)…can expect to be a royal pain in the buttpipe. They assume they can request:

1. Exceptions on any conditions you have for products or services you sell

2. That you create a customised service, often asking for things not included in any of the packages you sell but also expecting EVERYTHING in ALL the packages you sell

3. Faster service than anyone else. they send an email every 15 minutes asking for an update

4. That you start the work before any payment is made, expecting free preparation, often without discussing payment until after they get the work.

5. And multiple contacts before, during, AND after the sale to answer their dipshit questions at every step where they get to challenge everything and anything you say.

And that’s just some of the annoying extra work that ‘social relations’ bring.

I stop replying to them. Don’t know if they get the hint, I fired them as friends and as clients.

Honestly, I rather PAY THEM to stop thinking of me as their buddy.

– They’re exhausting.

– Their mom is exhausting.

– Talking to them is a physical drain.

But there’s others who understand they’re not friends so they try to create a “buddy” relationship from thin air. Like I need MORE useless friends. I’d PAY TO LOSE MY CURRENT FRIENDS. If you want friends, adopt mine, I’ll pay you.

Makes me laugh.

Here’s how it works:

They send in an email inquiring as if they are a prospective customer and great fan. As soon as they get a reply, they show some serious interest in one of your products and expectantly ask to talk on Skype or phone to discuss their needs.

Here’s my advice if this ever happens to you in some distant future when you become a big-shot. 🙂


That’s all for today. Good advice, money in the bank.

If you are interested in our Done-For-You Traffic packages and consultations, then please understand my time is precious and little.

It’s so little, so valuable, that I actually try to save time on sleep (4 hours a day). Don’t have time for friends. Don’t have time for anything other than traffic raping and world domination.

If you need a phone call or email to “discuss your needs”, then you’re asking me to sell you on the phone.

I sell you enough here, in your email every day. Don’t I? Friends. 🙂

You need to talk about your needs, traffic, your business, your sales page, your website, your kids, my life, want sex advice, this is the ONLY and most cost-effective way to do it:



Learn Google PPC for FREE!

Hey there,

Almost didn’t write this post today.

But kept thinking about you in the shower. You eager beaver looking for tips from me on a Sunday and me sleeping in till 5pm. You DO deserve an advantage. And here it is:

Few days ago, a Facebook discussion started when a friend of mine posted an excited update announcing he was about to begin an AdWords Certification in Chinese at one of the local Google Training Centers.

“Good on ya mate”, I thought to myself. But then I got pissed off!

Not at him. He’s cool. But at the response he got from one of his friends.

*reading in a numbskull douchebag accent*:

“They won’t teach you the RIGHT way there, they’ll just teach you what Google wants you to believe.”

W-T-F? OMG stfu! Blithering idiot. !@^$%!!!



Let’s dissect:

So what he’s saying is Google wants to teach their customers how to use their advertising platform WRONGLY so they can sell their ideology? I don’t get it.

It’s exactly what is wrong in this industry you’re studying. Stupid remarks like this being propagated without so much as a thought, from one school drop-out to the other– like gossip, but with the holiness of gospel.

How come all the gooroos who thought they were smarter than Google and were teaching and propagating this exact statement are today permanently banned!?

I mean, if they understood so well how to use Adwords, better than Google (who invented it by the way), wouldn’t they still be generating gangs and bangs of leads today?

This whole thing would have been forgivable if the guy making the remark was some silly half-witted newbie, reading an old copy of the traffic bible. Except he was a PPC GOOROO, self-proclaimed expert who said this dribble.

You know what my claim to fame is? 

Why the Gooroos keep begging me to manage their traffic even though I tell them the only use for their products is in the toilet, as a substitute for No-Frills toilet-paper?

I set a record in this industry of generating to ONE offer with a SINGLE Google campaign 1,000 leads every day for 30 days straight. I did this during one of the biggest Google Slaps of the time

…and then I repeated this record again during one of the BIGGEST Google Bans known to mankind, two years later.

The first time I set the record, I did it without being Google Certified.

But the second time it was ONLY after I took the Google Certification exam…and I studied the training for weeks on end.

Because I refused to use my account until I knew exactly how to keep it safe. And it paid off big time. I’m still standing, still generating leads on Google, still kicking ass and taking names.

By the way, the Google Certification training is COMPLETELY FREE and it was more useful than any Gooroo course I ever bought.

It’s publicly available and accessible. The test costs something like $50 but the training costs NOTHING.

And…there’s no hype, testimonials, or sales pitch to buy a second “upsell” training.

It is full of case studies. Examples. And it is EXTREMELY accurate and thorough.

Yet people choose to spend thousands on products created by Gooroos who have NEVER been through the free Google training.

If you were impressed with my record, then think about this…

Google generates MILLIONS of leads. And billions of dollars with their advertising.

So you want to learn traffic right, learn it unadulterated, from Google.

Prefer the guy who holds the industry’s record in lead-generation help you with your traffic, then click below:

But NEVER, ever trust a Gooroo claiming to teach Google for $$.



What? An extra $1,500 in “free” PPC Advertising?

Top of the Mornin to Ya,

A feller wrote in yesterday with a question I’ve answered often. Here it is:

*clearing throat* (reading in Irish accent):


 “Hey Jim,

I just got through reading the offer on this page:

I’ve got an offer that’s converted from my email list, and I’m sure it would convert with some good PPC traffic – that’s where I need your help.

I think the done for me would be the way to go.

I have no problem with the $2k,

After all, I just finished reading your article in Ben’s newsletter.

How much of a budget for PPC would I need in addition to the $2k?


Would you consider breaking it in two monthly payments of $1k each?”


Ok, he probably didn’t say it in an Irish accent, that was just added for dramatic effect. Anyway, onto the…


If you’ve never done PPC before, I suggest you set aside a budget you can afford to lose if you had to.

Think about it like this:

“If I made no sales from my traffic for 6 months, how much money would I be able to comfortably spend for 6 months straight with no return?”

You may get a return much sooner than that, but the biggest mistake is to dump your entire budget into one month (or day) of advertising and then sit around twiddling your thumbs with no money left over. Better to pace yourself.

Your number could be like $200/month if that’s what you can afford. If it’s less, that’s fine. If it’s more, better!

The advantage of having a bigger ad budget is in how quickly you can test the market and what it responds to. Smaller budget is just slower at testing, still works but.

Don’t do PPC without a budget.

I suggest going to work, picking up a second shift if you gotta, and save up to a target budget before you start playing.

Next Question…can you pay in installments?

‘ang on a Tick.

So, a couple of days ago, I went on a tirade at a guy who got all antsy after 3 days of starting a DFYT (I’m Not Your Employee!).

In that post, I might have made the DFYT Option #1 sound really mouth-watering and like your Internet livelihood depended on it (sorry!).

But the truth is we’re backlogged and not in a rush for new clients.

So if you can’t afford to do the Option #1 consultation in one shot, don’t.

A better way, which is much quicker for you and us, is the Option #2 consultation @ $497.

It’s scheduled within the week.

It takes 2 hours.

It’s delivered entirely on the phone.

And what you can do is, ask for a step-by-step walk-thru of setting up the traffic for your specific offer!

A few smarty-pants already asked me to do this with them. We completed seed-keyword research, targeting, worked out the conversion process, specific landing page copy, and even basic ad copy angles they could run with.

Pretty useful use of their time!

This way, you can save the remaining $1,500 you were planning to pay us for Option #1 and use that for your ad budget!

As the Irish say, “Free mooney”. lolz.

Read more about Option #2 here:

And if you find yourself still tempted to do Option #1 in instalments, email me back and we’ll try to work something out.



Automatic Traffic Converter “System”

Repetition. Repetition. Repetition.

Boring, dull, repetition.

When we give a client consultation, the first thing we do is get our client into a routine.

Similarly, when we recruit new staff at YaghiLabs, the first thing we do is get them into a routine too.

This means we give a SIMPLE daily task they must perform without fail, without exception, every single day.

Keep in mind; we have 20-some staff in different parts of the world, in different timezones, without a proper office environment. We can’t physically monitor everyone to ensure they’re being productive during work-hours. And this is a challenge.

But we found that when we don’t give a repetitive daily task, employees get slack, lazy, lose motivation, and they disappear.

In the same way, entrepreneurs have trouble getting an online business started when they don’t have a routine of their own.

But repetition has a far more important benefit for the Do-It-Yourselfer entrepreneur.

Here, let me give you an example…

A friend of mine who is a world-class copywriter always advises his students to just write from the heart. He says, if you write sales material from your gut and don’t spend too much time cleaning it up, your first instinct is usually right.

But I challenged him a few days ago.

I said, Copywriter Buddy, you’ve been doing this for YEARS. You mean to tell me, you never spent more than a few minutes writing a sales email?

You’ve never gone back and refined a sales copy?

You’ve never edited anything?

You’ve never followed any copywriting rules?

“Of course, in the beginning I did. But it never produced the results I get now when I write from my heart,” he said.

That’s exactly it, though. Just like learning to drive a car with a manual gear. In the beginning, you have to follow the “rules” to the letter.


– You have a hard time consciously following the rules.

– You can only concentrate on switching gears.

– You swerve off the road if you turn to talk to someone.

But after a lot of practice, switching gears becomes automatic. In fact, you get a little fuzzy about the rules. Perhaps you clutch a little longer than necessary or you gas a little longer before switching gear.

Either way, PRACTICE and REPETITION makes a process automatic.

When I put it this way, Copywriter Buddy agreed. A new copywriter SHOULD start by following a set of rules. A new entrepreneur should do the same.

Only after plenty of repetition does it becomes automatic, and the rules can be bent a little.

But for now, who’s going to tell you the rules to follow?

Who’s going to tell you which processes to repeat?


The Done-For-You Traffic service we have at YaghiLabs is a great way to be given a working, fully functioning online business. Complete with traffic, leads, sales, and routine.

We give you simple mechanical steps you can repeat daily until the process of turning traffic into money becomes automatic for you.

Here’s where to read more…


*PS: if you’re one of those people waiting until you build up more of your business first before you speak with us, don’t. Chances are you’ll find out on your own that you’ve been following the wrong rules.

So get on the phone with me today and we’ll make sure you’re off to a great start.


2% Credit Card Fee, WTF!

A customer is allowed to be cheap/stingy. In fact, we can assume it.

But a business can’t be seen as stingy.

Hey, you have the right to cover your expenses in full and profit, but you can’t look like a cheapskate when you ARE the business. Because the customer PAYS and they expect to get what they pay for AND get a deal.

But a lot of small-time businesses think it’s ok to be cheap.

How NOT to cover costs…

If you accept a credit card, maybe you think it’s ok to charge the customer the 2% fee it costs YOU in addition to your regular price.

If you send a product overseas to a customer, maybe you think it’s fine to charge extra to cover the cost YOU have to pay for international shipping.

If you give a plastic bag at the check-out, maybe you think it’s alright to charge an extra 5 cents to cover the cost YOU pay for bags.

But NO.

It’s not alright. It looks CHEAP and customers don’t like it.

For example, I went to pay a $7,500 bill by Visa and the business decided to add a 2% surcharge to cover their credit card processing fee. It was disgustingly cheap to go the extra effort and ask for a measly $150.


A better way would’ve been to ask $7,600 without breaking it down. It would have made no difference to me.

When you approach your expense this way, it still allows profit…and the customer doesn’t notice a price jump because the cost is divided across everyone who may or may not NEED the extra service…

Not only that, but when they NEED the service, they actually think you’re special because it seems like the extra attention was free.

All the extras with no hidden cost…

At YaghiLabs, we HATE asking our customers to pay for “extra service”.

That’s why, with our Done-For-You-Traffic Service, we don’t JUST give you a traffic campaign and tell you it costs extra for us to upload it, activate it, and make it convert to sales.

Instead, we include EVERYTHING you need to get traffic AND convert to sales as part of the service, whether or not you need it.

We even do additional consultations and give some customers more time when they want!

And we do all this for ONE fee.

Check out the service and what it includes at the link below…

Life is a journey of choices. You have a choice here: take this deal and get push-button turn-key traffic that gives you money…or ignore me and keep looking for cheap traffic tutorials and experimenting with traffic that doesn’t pay.

The choice is yours!


Branding: Marketer or Entrepreneur?

A friend of mine who’s been doing online marketing for 2 years recently told me:

“I have no brand! Can you help?”


2 years with no brand? That’s a giant error.

Many supposed “online entrepreneurs” give themselves credit for something they are not. Marketers? Maybe. But entrepreneurs? No.

Every few weeks, they up and leave the last website they built and start a brand new one.

Their justifications are endless:

– Now, they’re promoting a new product.

– Now, they’ve signed up to a new affiliate program.

– Now they want to get better search engine placement with a new domain.

No matter the reason, having numerous websites and domains is NEVER a good BUSINESS strategy.

Branding & Reputation

Business requires a brand–which simply means, REPUTATION.

How can you gain a reputation when a customer who finds you today can’t find you again tomorrow?

If you want ongoing traffic, word-of-mouth referrals, and an ever-growing customer base, you must first establish a brand. Then you determine who its audience is and create a long-term strategy to systematically solve the problems of that audience in a unique way.

And finally, you must…


Now, when you have a new product to sell, find a way to frame it to fit your brand–instead of changing your business to fit the new product.

Know what’s hardest about getting ongoing traffic?

Choosing a name for your brand is easy. Figuring out a target audience is simple. But coming up with a strategy to solve that audience’s problem in a UNIQUE way is the ONE thing you can’t do on your own.

That’s why, in our Done-For-You Traffic  Service, we spend a good part of a TWO HOUR consultation with you finding your brand strategy before we contract it down into one precise, concise statement.

Need to learn more?

Then click the banner below and read about our consulting service…

After we talk about your branding strategy, we’ll go ahead and build a custom turn-key advertising campaign just for you.

All you have to do is press “go” and the rest is taken care of.

Read more about it now!


How To Create Opt-In Lead Generator

I would be lying to you if I said there was only one way to create an Opt-In Lead Generator. Okay, technically speaking there is just one way, that is, by doing so with some type of web development code. Let’s break down the process a bit more and skip the technical speak…

Building an Opt-In Lead Generator Starting Point

Building a lead generator doesn’t start on a webpage, capture page, squeeze page, or any other page you find online. Putting together an effective lead generator starts with an effective marketing plan. This could be a plan in which your product or service is already getting results, well before you start advertising using the Internet.

I get it, you are just starting out and you want to sell to people only online. I am sure you have some kind of competition somewhere and they may have a method setup to generate leads with some form of Opt-In system. You are aware of your competition right….right?

You Must Already Know

Market research seems to be the last thing entrepreneurs add to their portfolio of business skills. When it comes time to sell, they can get frustrated as to why no one is purchasing what they have to offer. Let’s assume your product is something people want to buy. Now your job is to make sure they buy from you. Not only do you want them to buy from you, you want them to be ready to buy and open to buy even more by being an Opt-In customer. Tongue twister much?

Opt-In generators give your customers a way to say, “Yes…I want to stay connected with your business.”

Method of Opt-Ins

Your product is good and you have a website up and running. Now you’re targeting potential customers (and current ones) who would like to stay connected with you and are interested in your product or service. It’s time to pick a method to make this happen…

  • Email marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Social Media
  • Micro Blogs
  • Text messages

and more…

Tools of the Trade

Depending on the method or style you are going with for capturing or collecting your customers permission to send them stuff, there are many tools to assist you.

Email Marketing programs like Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact and iContact allow you to create forms for webpages so your visitors can give you their permission to be contacted directly. They also provide you with a method of storing and managing all related content.

Social Media sites use Apps or Plugins which interact with email marketing tools or have custom code to collect your customers permissions as well.

Being Realistic

Breaking down the specifics for your particular business would be impossible in one article. What I want you to take from this information is that developing a good Opt-in lead generation method for your business will take careful planning, setting specific goals based on your products and services, and testing.

As an entrepreneur you have to measure the value of learning the skills necessary to put such tools to use (and at a profit) versus having an experienced team of professionals leverage the time and effort for you.

Yes, we do this everyday at Yaghi Labs. Traffic, Conversions, Testing, Marketing, Generating Qualified Leads and so much more…

We can tell you if using the Internet to grow your business is worth your time and money. And if so, we will work with you directly and provide the expertise needed to succeed and thrive online.

Learn about our special

Best regards,

Yaghi Labs Team Member
Richard Kaulfers

What Is A Good PPC Lead Conversion Rate?

“Conversion rate is the first success metric your business should strive to improve.”

Are you achieving online sales or lead conversion rates of more than 5% from your PPC traffic? If no, then you should read on. If yes, let’s see if you agree…

Traffic that brings about a conversion rate of less than 5% should make you question whether or not you are optimizing your campaign correctly for your target audience. In turn, a decent conversion rate will indicate your audience IS responding appropriately to your call to action. 

How to Calculate Conversion Rates

Once you have set up a tracking system, and assembled the resulting analytics data, you will need to calculate your rate of conversion. You can use this simple formula to get you started:

Total Conversions/Total Views X 100 = Conversion Rate

Here are some examples…

Number of lead forms filled out/Traffic on Landing Page X 100 = Conversion Rate

Number of lead forms filled out/Total Traffic on Home Page X 100 = Conversion Rate

Number of Sales/Number of Visitors X 100 = Conversion Rate

A rate of 1-2% is not uncommon but can be improved by strategies like simplifying website usability, enhancing ad copy and providing a clear call to action.

“For most MLM and Network Marketing businesses, an average PPC leads to sales metric is about 3%”

To decide whether this is a good lead conversion rate for you, have a look at your return on investment (ROI). Consider the revenue generated by your sales compared to the cost of acquiring the leads (or potential paying customers) in the first place.

The Best Way to START Getting Good PPC Lead Conversion Rates…

Here at Yaghi Labs, we have not found one person (no matter how good they are) who can single-handedly optimize conversion rates and NEVER have to worry about them again. There’s always maintenance.

If it’s working today, it may not be working tomorrow.

Which is why the Yaghi Labs team can DO IT FOR YOU!

At least initially…

If you’d like to manage your own advertising, but want to get off to a flying start, we’ll build you a customized campaign from scratch. You’ll also get a marketing plan, a landing page and some emails to increase your sales activity. Our Done-For-You service gives you everything you need…all you have to do is hit the “GO” button to switch it on.

Learn more:

How To Build A PPC Landing Page

Following on from What Is A PPC Landing Page, today we look at How To Build A PPC Landing Page

Recently, there’s been a big push toward landing page quality.

This emphasis quickly became very real for many advertisers when Google announced that landing page quality is related in a more direct way to the quality score of a PPC ad.

At the end of the day, Google’s ultimate goal is to improve user-experience, and increase, as well as sustain their revenue. No matter what, you always want to provide the most useful experience to the user.

As long as you continue to do this, technology changes will benefit you and improve the overall effectiveness of your efforts. Technology changes and upgrades should not be the cause of losing your business, loss of profit, or have any negative side effect at all.

If this is the case, then you clearly didn’t care enough to do it right to begin with. This is a huge mistake to make in any kind of business.

This article will focus on how to build a PPC landing page which will be embraced by Google and Facebook and how you can keep your business on Google and Facebook to tap into the ridiculous amounts of traffic that is available to you on those platforms.

Let’s Get Started…

Google and Facebook want essentially the same things. However, there’s a distinction between the two.

Facebook wants a clear and concise message (so does Google).

But Google also wants content.

Facebook wants content, but they’re not necessarily as heavily invested in seeing content as Google is.

Both definitely want a clear explanation of the path that your landing page will provide for the consumer.

Brand Awareness

Be thinking about your brand at all times.

This means that you should be advertising your brand. It’s not that Google minds if you advertise a product. What they don’t want are sales people who are analogous to snake oil salesmen.

When you’re building your PPC landing page, ask yourself how you can position what you’re advertising so that you can sell products and highlight your brand.

How can you let the consumer know that what you’re advertising is more than a single, individual product?

If it is a single, individual product at least make sure there is a grand element to your campaign.


You must have content in order for (especially) Google to view you as valuable to the consumer.

It doesn’t matter if you have all the content in the world inside of your “members only” section. If Google can’t see that, it’s as good as not having any at all.

You better have some content on the front end so that the consumer can see what the hell they’re getting into and they can determine if you’re worthy of them giving away their email or credit card details.


Make sure the consumer knows what’s happening at all points in time.

Spell it out clearly, such as…

“If you give me your email address, first you will get this and then you will get this, and this and this, etc.”

Let your consumer know what they are about to experience. Prelude your message with what is going to happen. Be 100% transparent with what you’re going to deliver.


This holds true especially for those in the “make money from home” or any of the various sub-cultures within the “income generating” space.

If you are selling a product or teaching how to make money, you MUST come from an educator’s standpoint. Do NOT come from a get-rich-quick standpoint.

Avoid the following:

    • Income testimonials
    • Traditional direct response marketing “BS” that insults most peoples’ intelligence

Use marketing which really builds a bond with the consumer.

Ask yourself how can you build a bond and trust with the consumer to the point where they say to themselves, “I like this person,” or “I want to learn more,” or “I would like to engage more with this information.”

Brand Presence Home Page

This would include the following:

      • About Page
      • Mission Statement
      • Contact (include telephone #)
      • Products
      • Some Element of Content i.e. Free Training
      • Blog i.e. Timely and Regularly Updated Content

So As You’re Building Your PPC Landing Pages, Ask Yourself These Questions…

        • What’s my brand awareness? Do I have brand awareness across my entire platform?
        • Do I have content? Have I included the essential content elements that make for a good PPC landing page?
        • Am I being transparent? Have I let the consumer know exactly what is going to happen and what they can expect along the way?
        • Am I educating? – You MUST educate i.e. put your mom in front of your PPC landing page and ask yourself, “Can they easily and quickly navigate through all of your stuff and understand what the hell you are doing right away?”

Stay Ahead Of The Curve?

If consumers can’t quickly and easily figure out what you’re doing, the Google and/or Facebook reviewers are going to knock your PPC Landing page out. If you manage to sneak by with your PPC Landing page it won’t be long before you get knocked off the platform.

Change the way you’re doing your marketing early. Stay ahead of the curve, and you end up winning. This is what we’re doing inside Yaghi Labs. We keep you, and all of our clients ahead of the curve.

And this is what this article has done for you too, kept you ahead of the curve. If you’re not abiding by these things, get caught up.

For more value than you can shake a stick at, join us inside of the Internet Business Academy where you’ll learn how to build a REAL Internet business that’s not fickle to the latest changes on Google, or dependent on any one source of traffic.

Do the right thing. Stay ahead of the curve.

How To Create An Effective Ad With Facebook PPC

Writing an effective PPC ad requires the following:

  • Speak to the right audience
  • Choose an image which stands out from the crowd
  • Tease them with a solution to their problem

A reader wrote in with the following question:

“Ewan, I have tried to use FB PPC for six months now. All the ads I write either get rejected or, when they are approved, get very low click through unless I’m willing to bid $5 per click. I can’t afford to spend this much, especially since so many people click my ads out of curiosity and don’t sign up to my mailing list. I’ve lost a lot of money on FB advertising and I really can’t afford to lose any more. What pointers can you give me to get my ads approved and to keep my costs down while getting a lot of leads?” Notice the question plays on emotions big time? Now you respond by telling them…

First off, the reason your ads aren’t being approved is because they are violating Facebook’s guidelines. FB doesn’t like ads which over-sell and under-deliver. Also, it’s always good to be extremely clear about what you plan to do with the users details (e.g. email address) after you capture it.

Your click through rate has more to do with the quality of your ad. Poor ad = not too many people clicking it.

Grab Attention, Get Naked 😉

What most don’t know is the image is what attracts the most attention. The way to get eyeballs on your ad is to pick a strange image which is different from those around it.

Imagine walking through your local shopping centre, lots of people everywhere, all looking a little different but pretty similar. You are naked, holding your iPhone in one hand and your shopping basket in the other.

Reckon you’re gonna get some attention? 😉

Check out the competition and see what they’re doing then do the exact opposite. If they use coloured images, use black and white. If they use a photo, use a cartoon. You follow? 😉

There are lots of ways to create advertisements which get attention but the most effective ads elicit an emotional response. In the Internet Business Academy, Module 5 shows you how to not only get attention with images, but also evoke powerful emotions which get people to click and follow through to buy.

Better yet, there’s a really specific way to get click cost down on FB using a weird way of bidding…

We’ll show you how to do that in Module 7.

~~> Internet Business Academy

See you inside

Lots of love

ewan 🙂

How Does Social Bookmarking Work In Affiliate Marketing?

Social bookmarking is tagging a website and saving it for later, rather than saving it to your internet browser… it’s online, you’ll be able to easily share it with other internet users who may be interested

Social bookmarking can be a MAJOR asset to you as an affiliate marketer, IF you get it right and bookmark the right stuff 🙂

It’s an awesome way for you to spread the word about your product, resulting in droves of traffic to your site

What do bookmarks do?

As an affiliate promoting a product, you need traffic!

Social bookmarking is a way for you to spread the word about the product and if other people like the article you socially bookmark or get interested in the product, they will want to keep a bookmark of it for later reference. And since social bookmarking tools allow people to see each OTHER’S bookmarks and search them, this brings ‘social proof’ to your corner.

It also reveals exactly how a website is perceived by web users, especially when some bookmarking sites allow voting.  This show’s the search engines and any other classification system how people feel about the quality of the website. Additionally, it’s a great way to help the search engines find your pages a lot earlier via bookmarking than through some other type of inbound link.

Why do so many affiliates struggle?

You know as well as I do, affiliate marketing is a great way to make a living but there is waaaaay to many affiliate marketers out there who are, well…. broke!

It’s simply because they are missing a couple of vital ingredients to bring it all together.

While social bookmarking is a great way to get your site visible, the problem remains that most affiliate marketers are ‘spamming.’

Yes, the agenda is to get people to your site and ultimately spend money with you, but it has to be done the right way 😉

Why would Internet users bookmark your site anyway?

Here is a clue in the name, ‘social’ bookmarking. It’s a social thing. People are only going to get enthusiastic about the ‘good stuff.’

Here’s a few tips on how NOT to use social bookmarking sites.

Nobody likes a spammer. Don’t be a spammer! Sales copy won’t make it very far in the ranking. The ones who do the best in social bookmarking are the blogs and websites providing genuine, thoughtful entertainment, and content worthy of hearing about.

Affiliate marketing, the right way!

If you want people to pay attention to the content you are bookmarking…

…get creative

Think outside the box. People are always looking to buy stuff. It’s your job to make the customer desire your product. 😉

When you dont really know how to do this, it may seem easier said than done, but that’s what we can teach you how to do inside the Yaghi Labs Internet Business Academy.

Hurry over, we’re teaching affiliates just like you, every day! Dont get left behind.

lots of love

ewan 🙂

How Do Keyword Spy Tools Work?

Before an auto mechanic begins to repair your car, he or she is equipped with the necessary training AND uses a set of custom tools to complete the job. These tools are specifically designed for the task at hand. PPC marketing works in much the same way. By understanding the basic mechanics, and by using proprietary Internet-based resources, your online marketing engine will run smoothly and efficiently.

Keyword spying tools are a great example of readily available custom tools and all work in much the same way. They assist you in locating specific keyword ads (which match your product) then determine how popular the related keywords are. The keywords are then extracted. This provides you with a list of the profitable keywords and other data needed to drive targeted traffic to your website and ultimately increase sales of your product or service.

Staying on the Keyword Spying Track

Keyword spy tracking programs are Internet-based campaign monitoring platforms (no need to download anything to your PC or MAC) providing real-time tracking of online ad campaigns. These campaigns are based on targeted keywords, individual search engines and regional demographics.

A PPC ad that appeals to someone in England may not resonate with someone in the United States and vice versa. Tracking programs can be “tweaked” to match your needs and to provide the specific data you require.

“…but what other data can be extracted by using these tools, and how does that happen?”…glad you asked!

Supercharged Analytics and Metrics

Exact ad copy, new keywords and new competitors, landing page urls, keyword and ad positioning over a set period of time, cost per click and bid values, side-by-side campaign strategy comparisons, alternate keyword suggestions, and notifications about changes in your niche market is more of the important data that can be mined.

Massive amounts of time and labor would be needed to gather all this data manually. Keyword spy tools automate the entire process by utilizing competitive intelligence.

HitWise and ComScore

HitWise ( and ComScore ( are primary competitive intelligence providers but they use two very different methods of data collection.

Internet service providers (ISPs) worldwide have brokered a deal with HitWise and have agreed to share the anonymous Internet data collected on their various ISP networks for the purpose of data analysis. This information is then combined with a global opt-in panel for gathering information based on lifestyle and regional demographics.

ComScore have built their own group of opt-in panel members. These people have agreed to be monitored as they navigate the worldwide web. In exchange, they receive free Internet data use, online virus protection and a variety of sweepstake prizes. This is a similar model to various TV rating systems used around the world.

Engine Performance Report

There’s a great saying that goes, “you should spend 50 percent of your time studying your competition and 50 percent of your time trying to beat them.” The same rule applies in PPC marketing.

A keyword spy tool is an advanced keyword research tool that tells you what keywords your competitors are using in their PPC advertising (e.g. Google AdWords). This data, along with all the other information you can extract using these tools, can provide a solid foundation for your own successful PPC campaigns.

Master Mechanics at your disposal…

 Want to know more? Want to make a few small tweaks in your business and never worry about traffic again? Then join us over at the Yaghi Labs IBA and we’ll show you what it takes…

Does Content Marketing Really Work?

creating content is where you’re gonna spend most of your time as you build yourself an insanely profitable online business. it’s an awesome way to build credibility and authority, so when people are ready to buy…

they come to you 🙂

what is it exactly?

content marketing is where you educate, inform or entertain web users with the desired outcome of them spending money with you. you may do this via video on youtube, blogging or article writing via a site such as ezine articles

for example…

little bob is selling a weight loss product, he writes down 50 topics from

how to lose weight without feeling hungry


why it’s important to drink water

each of the 50 articles or videos, educate the web user on ONE SPECIFIC topic. each piece of content leads into little bob’s product, the web user buys and little bob makes money 🙂

so does content marketing work?

you bet!

how fast will i see results?

it’s important to understand that it takes time to build momentum with this type of marketing. it’s easy to get disheartened when you are producing content with no results but persevere. it’s a long term strategy, you may even see some instant results and some sales from your very first piece of content, i have seen this happen in my own business.

what to focus on?

i think it’s extremely important to focus on…

quality NOT quantity

i hear people telling stories of banging out 10 articles a day, it’s kind of a waste of time as if they are junk, nobody is gonna take time outta their busy schedules to read some crappy article.

other horror stories you hear are mis informed marketers thinking the most important things are the search engines

uhm…..thats false

write or shoot your video with one goal, and one goal only…

to educate, inform or entertain the web user

you never know what piece of quality content you are gonna produce that may go viral. this happens when you produce summin so awesome that everyone can’t help but share it with their friends

there is a better way…

when you generate leads with a ppc marketing campaign and market your content to them daily, this can rocket your sales, and it can produce instant results

if you come join us over at the Yaghi Labs IBA, that stands for Internet Business Academy 😉 we’ll teach you waaaaaay more indepth about how to make killer content marketing campaigns

lots of love

ewan 🙂

ps, it’s not just content you will learn in the IBA, it’s everything you need to know about running a crazy profitable online business, see ya there

How To Create Effective PPC Keywords

spend time researching what potential customers are typing into search engines. that way you can be found when they search for what you offer. then you need to get yourself infront of them so they land on YOUR website and buy YOUR products or services 🙂

sounds easy right?


…lets look at how to do it

conducting research

spend time here!!!

did you hear about the dude that built his house on sand? you didn’t? well, it fell over. contrary, the dude that built his house on the rocks, lived there for years

your ppc campaign is gonna be exactly the same. put the foundation in place, build it on the rocks and you are setting yourself up for success

take your time to make a list of keywords you think are relative to what you are offering. you may only come up with one or two. you may come up with 50!

take each keyword and one at a time, run it through Google’s ‘keyword tool external’. this will spit out many more keyword ideas.

i think you’ll benefit from this article i wrote earlier, regarding keywords and account structuring. it’s important stuff to know 😉

if you are relatively new to ppc marketing and conducting keyword research, you may only come up with the obvious keywords, i know i did

and while these keywords will get you a TON of attention…

…it’s not always wise to get pulled into the cat fight

most advertisers in your niche will only be bidding on the obvious and high trafficed keywords but these tend to be high cpc. often is the case, the user is only browsing. before you know it, you’re in a bidding war with marketers who don’t have a clue and on keywords that make zero sales.

*case study* 🙂

when i started on Google AdWords, i didnt have the experience. in fact i shouldn’t even have been allowed on Google. my list of keywords had the usual 10 or so to start with:

‘home business’,
‘internet marketing’,
‘online business’,
‘network marketing’
etcetera etcetera,

i thought i had them all covered, there couldn’t be anymore 😉

anyway, cpc was crazy high, i got looaaaadddsa leads but they didnt really convert!

then i heard someone mention…

…buyers v’s lookers

it’s the fastest way to broke!

spending all your money on people looking at your website who don’t wanna buy. i’m not saying we know how to only target people who are gonna buy, although it would be cool 🙂

but if you spend time you can maximise your chances…

…for example

someone searching ‘buy red shoes online’ is a far better bet for a sale than ‘red shoes’

i’m not saying you shouldn’t target lookers, especially if the cpc is cheap… as they may well buy later on but if ya wanna go after the users who are more likely to be in buying mode then you need to…

…learn how to read their minds

anticipate what they will be searching for to find what you offer. there is waaaay more advertisers on Google who don’t have much of a clue what they’re doing than there is who are up to speed.

if you are prepared to learn then you will soon out-smart your competitors.

seriously, it’s so much fun, maybe i just need to get out more 🙂

spend time here, this is where you find the buyers. this is where you find the cheap cpc keywords and the main reasons are…

  • advertisers don’t know how to do it
  • advertisers are too lazy to find out how to do it

do not be one of those two, learn and earn my friend 🙂

search for longer tailed terms.

these get much less traffic but they have much less competition, are cheaper and they are waaaay more likely to buy.

oh, add mis-spells too. these can be killer. just search for ‘keyword misspell generator’

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ewan 🙂

it’s not about the money, money, money…

If you consider yourself to be an online marketer, you figure you already know you need a bribe, landing page, autoresponder, etc.

so you got a few cheap thrills from having your own domain name, you got excited about writing your pretty little ebook and designed its cover with stock photography, protected it in a members area. just so you can market your affiliate product or program.

and you’ve spent months mastering all these skills – tinkering with HTML and javascript and images and website hosting…

then you went out and tried to get traffic, PPC, SEO, Facebook and social media…

but let me ask you something…

Are you a millionaire yet?

Are you?

Don’t you think that maybe these ebooks, courses, masterminds, programs, and systems you’ve spent thousands on…all of them claiming that you’ll make $30,000 your first month just by learning what they tell you in their $50 ebooks…

…by now, don’t you realise that it’s all a load of bull?

don’t you think they might be underplaying the amount of work and skill required…

don’t you think they might be overplaying the reward you can expect?

You’re smarter than that!


these gooroos are masters of BLUFFING.

There is no substance in their products.

They decide the price BEFORE they create the product.

Products are always skantily clad, long-winded sales pitches for their next money-making scheme. so they can spend on your hard-earned money on alcohol binge bills of $2,000/night and strip-clubs for $25,000 in a single night.

All they know about selling is their fluke-testimonials…and unvalidated claims.

They’re only interested in taking your hard earned money, in any way they can. With they least work they can get away with.

Creating a customer experience, teaching you something worthwhile is not their priority.

Read their sales letters. See what i mean. It’s all hype about money, dollars, money, leads, and cash.

on the other hand, there’s little detail about what the product IS and what it does.

Because it doesn’t do much, duh.

If a product is REALLY useful,, you should be able to tell by yourself from its marketing exactly what its value to you is and decide for yourself how much money the knowledge will make you.

Notice every product pitch says some variation of the product they pitched you the week before.

You’re not some personal ATM for a loser gooroo.

it’s because i respect you that i RARELY make money claims.

our headlines, the main benefit of our YaghiLabs products, is reserved for conveying the USEFULNESS of our products. Not for making some surprising, unverifiable claim about earning potential.

when i speak about money, it’s only by way of example in the body of the sales presentation.

Because our products have SUBSTANCE.

So our Done-For-You Traffic solution…

you’ve already spent much on training programs and systems that claim to train you how to make big buckeroonis…and seen little result.

so i won’t insult your intelligence any more.

this is NOT A TRAINING program.

it’s a service i DO FOR YOU.

i consult with you and put you on the right track so you’re building your business correctly. the advice will be custom tailored to you, specific to you…unlike some generic advice you’ll read in an ebook…that you may or may not know how to use.

i will give you a document outlining all the things you need to modify your business and website so that it’s finally profitable and successful long term.

and i will build for you an entire traffic campaign.

it will be custom-made for you as well. i don’t give templated campaigns. it takes me NINE HOURS per client to build each campaign.

i do all the hard work of creating your campaign, and all you need to do is maintain it.

i don’t want to charge you a lot of money for account maintenance, because my maintenance rates are expensive. and honestly, the setup is the hardest part, not the maintenance. so i’m saving you my account maintenance rates and giving you the part most important to you.

So go ahead and order the Done-For-You traffic solution at the link below.

yallah (c’mon). order it!