Do Any Universities Teach Classes About Google?



I’m Richard Kaulfers from YaghiLabs.

Today, we’re gonna be answering the question:

“Do Universities Teach Google?”

The answer is “Yes!” Universities teach Google.

Which ones? Well there’s a lot of them. Specifically, ones that I know off the top of my head, that have at least University in the name and the one that I’ve attended personally.

List of University Training and Educational Resources for Google:

1. University of San Francisco

I got my start with Internet Marketing here, particularly at the corporate level. Includes Master Certification, Google PPC. They are partnered with Google.

2. Fullsail University

Private college gives Bachelor of Internet Marketing Degree

3. Google University

Coding, API, Search Engine Marketing, Adwords, Analytics, Conversion


4. YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy

Check Chapter 7 on Traffic generation. Describes various methods, including Google.

My Recommendations

Beginners should start with YaghiLabs Internet Business Academy followed by Google University. They are both low in price and will get you started with Internet Marketing.

Courses like the one at University of San Francisco or Fullsail are much higher priced and useful for people who want to become advertising professionals.

Finally, I recommend you look into some Info-Marketing courses for specific, real-world-experience training. These programs are designed by people who are willing to share their knowledge and business experience.

Inquire at YaghiLabs Support ( about PPC Domination or PPC Supremacy for info-courses on Google and PPC. They are only available by request.

~Richard Kaulfers
YaghiLabs Writer

Microsoft Releases Mouse Without Borders Free


Oh this is a happy day for me.

For years I’ve found one screen, no matter how big, to be restrictive. I like a lot of space when working, so I run dual monitors with Extended Desktop. This allows you to use two screens with one computer and drag files between them. Often I work with as many as 30 applications so it’s helpful to, for example, shoot a Camtasia Video recording on one screen while reading notes on another unrecorded screen.

But if you’re like me and use multiple PCs for different projects, you will love Mouse Without Borders. It allows you to treat your two PCs like one computer, controlling each with the same keyboard and mouse.

You can read more about the project at TechNet’s blog.

As I write this, I’m out and about at my favourite cafe, so I haven’t been able to test the software yet. But I’ve downloaded it and plan to keep you posted on how it goes!

Download your own copy of MouseWithoutBorders for free here and test it with your own computers.


Quick n’ Dirty Tour

Alrighty people, don’t get too excited. It’s not that kind of video.

It’s a short 3 minute raw clip of my screen (no nudity).


Please don’t mind the “blimp” about 30 sec from the end…was really rough. sorry.