8 Second Ads

Been thinking about AdWords lately.

I’ve written lots of AdWords ads (for other businesses), but haven’t actually got off my lazy gluteus assimus to run any of my own campaigns yet.

But, when I do, I’ll have a big advantage over most.

What advantage?

Drum roll…


And Spiderman.

And The X-Men.

And all my other comic books.

You see, one of the best pay-per-click ad “cheat sheets” you can find is no farther than the back issue bins of your local comic book store. In fact, whenever I write pay-per-click ads, I raid my box of comics and study the short, pithy direct response ads they used to run in pre-1990 comic books.

They’re masterpieces of persuasion, too.

Those guys were probably the best copywriters in the world.

They knew how to get into your psychology and push all the right buttons to make you buy the stoopidest things — including booklets about packing on muscle, X-ray glasses, sea monkeys, ninja training booklets, and everything in between.

Just excellent stuff.

And they make awesome pay-per-click ad “templates” that let you hammer out new ads in mere seconds.

But hey, don’t take my word for it.

Get ye to the comic book store.

And also, check out the podcast at my site titled “Street Smart Email” where I talk about this subject in more detail with one of the Internet’s top leaders in using Google AdWords: www.BenSettle.com.

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