About the 2 cent traffic to your website

Heya – a lot of our students are really excited about the “2 cent clicks” bonus tutorial i added recently to KickStart.
it’s such a fresh and easy technique i haven’t even had a chance to give any details on the sales page.

so let me tell you real quick all about it.

it’s a special ad type that’s designed to get ATTENTION and immediate RESPONSE.

Far more effective than any other ad.

the specific technique and this ad type has been around on Google for a long time. but only a handful of savvy advertisers have known how to use it. until recently it required a lot of “tinkering” to get it to work.

but now that google added a new feature, they’ve made it dead simple for anyone to use.

and i’m sure pretty soon, everyone is going to be onto it..and it will not remain this cheap forever.

see, what happens now is Google AUTOMATICALLY creates the ads for you, and you choose the ones you like.

recently, i decided to try out the new feature with one of my own adgroups that was not getting much activity, just to see how it works. before, the adgroup was not getting many clicks or views even.

but the result, after adding this ad…

Hundreds of CONSISTENT 2 cent clicks, for the past few days.

It’s now actually one of my top performing groups.

since we use the KickStart method to generate our traffic, we actually make a PROFIT of $5.36 per lead we generate. Meaning, after paying our Google bill, i put $5.36 in my pocket every single time i generate a lead.

So you can imagine, i’m trying to spend as MUCH money on our campaign as possible.

Every dollar spent on traffic is getting multiplied many times over in revenue.

and now, with these 2 cent clicks…well, let’s say our lead cost is getting crazy low, which makes the campaign a whole lot more profitable.

This isn’t the experience most people have with Google Adwords though.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. many people waste hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars on Google…but that’s what happens if you try to setup a campaign without getting the proper education first.

and that’s where the KickStart training comes in.

It’s special, because it’s focused on getting “good” traffic that BUYS STUFF from your website.

so if you have a website that sells things, then you’re going to want to get KickStart kind of traffic into it quick.

it’s the most important traffic technique i use. and it’s the ONLY one you’ll ever need.

You’ll find the 2 cent clicks tutorial in there as a bonus, at no extra charge…it makes an already amazing traffic method … just a little cooler!

And the good news is, until Friday, we’re holding a “30% OFF” sale for the occasion of Eid. So you won’t pay anywhere near the normal $139 for Traffic KickStart. You’ll save 30%!

Here’s how:

Simply click the link below and click the Add to Cart button after you’ve read about KickStart…

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

(don’t worry if you see the normal, undiscounted price here, it will change in a minute)

Next, you will see a small box on the right of the order form where you can enter a COUPON CODE.

Type this:


in all caps, no spaces.

Click the “Apply” button, and you should see 30% get knocked off the price immediately.

Now you can complete your order as normal and access the training IMMEDIATELY.

But be warned…

On Friday, this coupon code expires. And if you want KickStart after that, you’ll have to pay full price. No exceptions. No excuses.

So if you need a big break in your web business, this is your chance to learn a very powerful skill, get lots of traffic, real cheap, make money from your traffic…and save all at the same time.

See you inside!


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