Hey–Have I ever
introduced you to my friend Ben Settle?

You might think he’s the only friend I have, but not really.

It’s just he’s a crazy
smart marketer, and one of the most PROFITABLE relationships I have.

Every time
we speak, I go off and try one of his many recommendations and make gangs of

The reason I’m
telling you about him today is that he needs help.


Ben started his own radio show on iTunes.

He and I
dabbled in radio, several times, but never came close to making a REAL show.

But this
time, Ben hired a professional producer…

And his new
Anti-Preneur Show is OFF THE HOOK.

I can’t get
enough of it. Super entertaining, and the perfect blend of entertainment and

Although only
4 episodes have aired to date, the show is ranked #27 on iTunes…and with YOUR
help we can put it in the #1 spot.

What’s in
it for you?

enough question.

His show is
guaranteed to ENTERTAIN…PISS OFF…and OFFEND you.

But if you’re
not a pusssy, you will also learn something.

is free. Just click the link below, have a listen…and if you like it, give him
a good review.

Look, the
first time I met Ben, he was writing a sales letter for a product I was
releasing. That product went on to set an industry record with 3,000+ customers
the first week.

He wrote
Magnetic Sponsoring’s best performing sales letter too, and for years it has been pulling
like crazy without changes.

In fact, I made something like 250,000$ in one
year just sending traffic to THAT sales letter as an affiliate.

Not only
that, but ever since I began employing Ben’s email marketing strategy, I have
pulled in millions of dollars in revenue…

Before that, I was unable to sell a damn thing online if it would save my

If getting
to know Ben on his show will give you just a fraction of what it has done for
me, I think you’ll be singing his praises…and proud to call him YOUR friend.

Here’s the
link again…

 Learn UN-ORTHODOX Marketing & Traffic from Jim, the controversial Ex-Silicon Valley TRAFFIC GOBBLER – Free here …

It’s free
to listen to the show. You just need an iTunes account and you’re off to the

And don’t
forget to leave him a nice review, so we can help him get the good word out!


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