Manufacturing Sales Logic

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A couple of
years back, I held a traffic training Workshop that lasted for an entire year.
It was called Done WITH You Traffic…you might remember it even. One of the
students from that workshop had these kind words to say:


“…You’re the best teacher I’ve had since Mr.
Pittard my high school biology and chemistry teacher. He was a hard A$$ and
made fun of students who weren’t prepared in class, but he was fair and stayed
LATE to help students committed to learning. A lot like you although you’re
kinder. I have a Bachelors Degree in Economics and I’ve taken TONS of
workshops, post graduate and other classes in my career. I’ve taught them,
too. …

a FUGKING awesome price for what you do!! I want to say I’ve taken all Yaghi
classes AND applied them, you’re like the Ph.D of online business, not just
traffic. Your stuff is awesome.” –Wyla


There you
have it.

In all fairness,
Wyla is biased…she’s a bit of a die hard fan. The kind I aim to create in all
my training programs.

See, our
industry tends to have a very short-term transactional focus.

Get in and
get out type of selling.

I think the
late Gary Halbert said it best when he said, “I know the exact moment I lose
interest in a client’s project….it’s when I cash their check.”

Certainly I understand the temptation to sell something BRILLIANTLY, get paid
for it, and then fall short on the delivery.

But I’ve
always held the belief that if you’re going to do something anyway, do it right.

So for the
lucky few who don’t scare easily–The people who actually WANT to learn how to
make money from their online business, those who aren’t afraid to commit to WORKING
with me…

going to have my full attention for 60 minutes every week, year round.

If you’re
up to it, I’m going to take your sales messages and LIVE I will help you turn
them into pieces of art that sell your stuff.

You’ll be
able to push out the very same promo I helped you with and come back the next week
to tell the class how it went.


One of the
cool gifts I’m prepared to give you FREE if you join before the 28th is the
original Communicology v1.0 training which recently sold for $500.

training shows you how to…

* use the Story Factory “mental puzzle” to inspire
new promo ideas from your daily life, to effortlessly come up with an
interesting sales pitch EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail.

create strong (and occasionally subtle) Calls to Action – this is the main point
of any sales communication, the part where you get to ask for the sale. I’ll
show you how to do it with confidence so that buying is the only natural next
step your prospect wants to do.

* transition smoothly from a seemingly
irrelevant story into a logical argument for your prospect to favour your
product and give you their business.

* how to mess with your prospect’s emotions
and have fun doing it. You’ll learn to “story board” an emotional journey just
like they do in the movies…which without you even pitching a product, will make
people open and responsive to anything you want them to do next.

* a fool-proof method to “edit” your sales
message so the language flows smoothly and naturally, even if your first draft
looks like pooh.

* how to format sales communications to make
them more easily consumed – remember, the best sales pitch won’t sell a darn
thing if no one wants to consume it.

* how to MANUFACTURE logic – logic isn’t
real, it merely helps people rationalize a thing you make them want. You’ll
learn to bullet-proof your sales message so that the only logical thing for
your prospect to do is buy.

* and much more.

Imagine, if
this is all inside ONE FREE gift incentive… imagine what kind of magic you and I can do while
working for weeks together.

Hurry, the
deadline to claim the free gifts is closing fast.

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