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someone calls me a “good copywriter”. Especially since I’ve never written a
conventional sales letter or taken a copywriting course in my life.

Truth is, selling
doesn’t need copywriting, or hype, or NLP, or psycho-sales tactics.

I’m living, breathing proof.

To sell
stuff, you need straight-forward, efficient communication. It doesn’t have
to be good if you can get across this one little thing.

But first, hear this story…

My first
Android Tablet was a Samsung Galaxy Note.

It was a
gift from my little brother. And I was filled with a sense of excitement I haven’t
felt since I was a kid pulling apart my first Gateway PC before I even turned it on.

The tablet
was a thrilling new toy I wanted to use for everything.

In true NERD-style…

Within the
first 24 hours of owning the thing, I wanted to program it.


I had no
idea how to make a Mobile App.

But that didn’t
stop me.

It wasn’t
long before I learned how to build an App and posted it to the Google Play and iTunes stores.

though it never become ESPECIALLY popular, it had a good few thousand
downloads, and it led me to a pretty important discovery in my main business.

See, i wanted
to make use of my App building experience to make money.

So I came
up with this RIDICULOUS idea. It was
absolutely nuts and would probably FLOP…but i’ve always been adventurous in my
marketing, so I decided to give it a whirl.

I wanted to create a Mobile programming class and offer it to my Internet Marketing
subscriber base.

Crazy right?

The sales
page was ugly and rushed.

headline simply said, “Build Your Own Mobile App”. No subhead. No hype. No build up. No mystery.

It was as
plane jane as a headline can get.

The entire
sales pitch was 7 paragraphs. I’ve even taken a
screenshot which you’ll find at the link further down.

I sent that page to a small house-list of about
3,000 INTERNET MARKETING subscribers.

Think about
this…Who were these people?

People like

marketers who responded to one of my Google Ads promising traffic advice.

click here 3 again, to to.

was not their primary pain…not even their secondary pain. They wanted TRAFFIC!

So for all
intents and purposes, the offer was sent to an “untargeted” list of people who
were NOT looking for and NOT buying programming information.

They had
previously never shown any interest in a similar offer and if you asked them back
then, they would have told you so. Actually, many are so
computer-illiterate that they would run in the other direction if god forbid, I
happened to get a little technical in an email.

So what

That ugly as
fugk page… ended up selling 50 seats.

than I ever imagined it would.

upsells, I was able to make a decent chunk of change from that VERY small list of
untargeted prospects, selling them a very irrelevant product.

But what’s the
point of this experiment?

Break every
holy rule of copywriting and sales?


It was
proof that people don’t buy what they NEED.

They buy
what they WANT. And if you’re clever, you can make anyone want anything.

claim right there!

Apple believed
in this principle enough to invest into producing the first iPhone. Listen,
this was THE MOST EXPENSIVE phone ever sold at the time.

Nobody knew
they needed a computer in their pocket until Apple showed you how useful and
fun it would be to have one.


Apple has never sold the iPhone with a long-form sales letter. They simply show you the product and tell you what you might want to use it for. People get

Today, the
iPhone is sold worldwide to people from all walks of life.
Whether or not they can afford it.

In fact, if you’re on a contract, you’re
basically borrowing money to afford it.

Imagine having
a message….

…so dang POWERFUL… that people will borrow to afford your products…even
when they don’t need them!

And imagine
not needing to use a single copywriting trick to have that kind of influence.

Crazy, I tell

Apple got

And they’re
not the only ones.

Want more “relevant” examples?

Domination, was my first internet marketing training course. It was sold by Mike Dillard
withOUT a sales letter. Just an order form.

It sold 500
units in its “beta test” wave. Another 3,000 units in its official launch
(which coincidentally did have a proper sales letter written).

another “irrelevant” course I released shortly after the Mobile App class… was
called 90 Minute HTML… remember that?

It taught the programming language of webpages to Internet Marketers.

We did even better with that class than the Mobile App one.

Bottom line

You do NOT
need to master copywriting to sell your products.

People buy
products they think would be useful, exciting, or fun. Even if they don’t need
them. Even if they can’t afford them.

Your job is to communicate that with them.

You don’t do it with magical words…words
may even hurt the sale.

No. It’s
something else.

learn more about other things that have much more influence on the sale, beyond the words themselves, in our latest training…

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On a
side-note, you’ll notice we’re not ready to take your enrollment yet. When we’re ready, I’ll
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yourself with the concepts.

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