Uncle Jim Aka 5 Pull Ups

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We’ve received
a ton of positive reviews and topic ideas for future shows.

(in case
you missed it, you can listen here http://jimyaghi.com/radioshow

example, check out Jimmie Howard’s suggestion:


going on Uncle Jim? Or should I say Jim aka Mr. 5 pull ups? 🙂 Just joking.

“Great start
to what I’m sure will be a well received show.

“I would
love to hear a segment on the role of spirituality as it relates to you
achieving your success or just your thoughts on spiritual laws in general.

“I also
think that

stays round the this I’m.

you’re very gifted in telling stories so I’m sure myself and others
on your list would enjoy you expounding on some of life lessons passed down to
you from your father and other influencers.” — Jimmie Howard


enough, Episode #4 is on that topic exactly. Spirituality in business–it probably
will ruffle a few feathers. But oh well 🙂

That’s just being edited at the moment.

My producer, Jonathan says the first episode is a bit rough. But the second and third are on point. I don’t know…I enjoyed recording this one most.

In those episodes we get deep into how entrepreneurs reduce and manage Risk…and how entrepreneurs save money.

All that’s coming up soon.

listener, writes about Episode 1:



“I loved the first show and I’m psyched that
you’re going to do more. I love to learn
stuff by listening to someone’s actual voice.
Of course I read a lot too but someone teaching us by speaking helps me
learn it 100x faster. I feel that you
can hear truth in someone’s voice – I’ve listened to many gooroo’s webinars in
the last two years…most of them sound like fake hype bullshit. Besides yourself, I like Ewan Robb, Matt
Clark And Jason Katzenback of Amazing Selling Machine, and Sandi Krakowski (pink
haired FB pro). Between all of you I finally have a little business on Amazon
that I’ll scale up as I learn more and more.

“Your 90 min Googly Website webinar is genius
and I loved you talking us through it! I
used that to build my business website. I have a lot of work to do on it and
right now it’s kinda lame but it’s MINE (with your help of course ) and that’s
really special.

“Thanks Jim,
ready for more podcasts!

“PS: Google
and Bing PPC is a mystery to me, I don’t do it…to scary! Also I’m clueless about Media buys. Any talk on those subjects would be great!” —


Thanks Babette!

A handful of you asked how frequently we’ll be putting out new episodes.

For the
moment, we’re just gauging interest and getting some technical bits and pieces
sorted out.

But the plan is to do two new episodes per week.

Hopefully I
can commit.

For now, if you’ve listened to the first episode and like the Don’t Be Stupid Show concept, I’d love to hear from you about what else you’d
like us to talk about.

I promise it will be fun and we’ll keep the conversation
deep, meaningful, and intelligent.

Here’s the
link again to listen to our first episode:

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