type your question into the ASK box at the top of the pageYou might have noticed amongst the new features added to the YaghiLabs website is a new Question-Answer interface.

We get a lot of business-and marketing- related questions come in to YaghiLabs support. Some come by email and others on Facebook. Rather than continue to answer questions privately, we decided to compile a knowledgebase of all the questions people ask and share them with everyone.

This way, everyone in the community gets to give their opinions.

How To Get Your Questions Answered?

To try out the new feature, check above the navigation for a QUESTION BOX and a blue “Ask” button.

Type your question, hit ASK and either look for an existing response–or create a brand new question for the community to respond to.



How Did Mike Dillard’s Highest Paid Copywriter Get More Traffic From Us?

One of our early testers of this feature, happens to be Mike Dillard’s highest-paid copywriter – he reported this to me yesterday …

I get more traffic from my posts at JimYaghi.com than I do at the #1 MOST Trafficked home-business community website.  


There’s no competition right now 🙂

All he did was add a small back-link to his website at the end of his answers. As a result, he claimed a chunk of the traffic we’re driving to our launch right now.

Best part is, even after the launch,  your question and answers will remain at our website and we’ll keep sharing our traffic.

One last thing…

Did you get a chance to listen to the free JUMP START module from the IBA program?

The full course is excellent. Right now, the people who enrolled are automating and simplifying their business with what we’re showing them.

For the moment, there’s a 20% discount and an option to catch up with them… free… if you want. (more inside).


here’s the link to start automatin’