Why they hammer “The customer is always right”

I think it was Cesar Ritz who said,

“If a diner complains about a dish or the wine, immediately
remove it and replace it, no questions asked.”

Nice idea…

But why did he have to say this in the first place?

Why does any business have to hammer spinelessness into their staff…slogans like, “The customer is always right”?

The answer is simple…

Because the customer is RARELY EVER right. We have to work hard to affirm a lie.

The customer just happens to hold the money…and he’s spoilt for choice
on where to spend it.

Anyway, what does this have to do with YOU?

Well, you run a business. And so you will be (or already) faced with
customers and clients who THINK they hold all the power over you.

The power to punish you…if they don’t get their way.

And the power to reward you…if they feel like it.

Let me give this a little context.

Today, I discovered my Certification for Google Adwords Partners
expired and I needed to re-take Google’s exams to remain qualified. I took the
exams, didn’t study for either, and passed both with flying colours.

::bows:: Thank you. No applause, thank you!

Not that the exams are easy…in fact, they’re very hard.

See, Google’s advertising platform is powerful…

But it’s also COMPLEX. There are so many features and tools,
most of them YOU probably will never need to learn or use.

An online traffic agency, however, needs to master ALL the
tools and features so they can pick the best strategy to get traffic for clients
in any industry.

Although I’ve never needed to show anyone my Google
Certification and never advertised that I have it, my reputation and results
have spoken for themselves. My results are all I’ve needed to win clients.

But clients are not always easy to work with.

As was seen in one of the questions of Google’s “Advanced Search” exam:

I was given an example scenario where “you the advertiser” landed a BIG client with lots of money and major ad dollars…and “you” are asked how “you” would handle the client’s goals when they all pretty much CONTRADICT each other.

lol. Me?

I’d educate them. Like i’m doing with you now.

Look, a lot of people in my shoes, would comply with
any request of the client…and the bigger the client, the more spineless the business gets.

But i often FIRED my biggest clients because what they wanted was wrong.

Reminds me of some of my students…

Many of them, because they don’t know any better, they have goals that contradict each other:

* much traffic

* low lead cost

* maximum profitability

Each of these has a trade-off.

More traffic means more cost.

Low lead cost means less traffic.

More profitability requires an increase in traffic (see above, more traffic = more cost).

A perfect example of the customer NOT being right…and why it’s our job to help them learn what they want.

Like, I’ve seen some guys get excited about acquiring 2 cent leads. They think they’re ready to teach traffic now.

But the goal of all traffic is profit.

And if you get 2 cent leads, then you won’t get many.

The minute you try to scale,
suddenly the price shoots up and you don’t know why.

It’s like a shopkeeper who finds a way to bring in a single paying customer from a 5 cent ad.

Problem is, the ad-space is cheap because, well, not too many people see their ads.

So Shopkeeper gets one customer who buys a $1 chewing gum. His maximum daily income from that ad is 0.95 cents. Fabulous.

On the other hand, a smarter shopkeeper finds a place to advertise where he gets UNLIMITED customers at $5 each…as many as he wants.

The AVERAGE sale he
makes per customer is $20.

What’s the difference?

The second Shopkeeper can get 1000 customers every day. And since his average profit is $15 per customer, he earns a total of $15,000/day.

Who would you rather be?

Me, I pick the second guy and so should you.

Focus on the big picture: Profitability.

Not lead cost. Not traffic volume. PROFITABILITY.

See, what i mean?

You teach your customer how to be right, like i am you.

And this is how my KickStart training is unique.

It’s not about how you can get traffic at the “cheapest cost”

Nor is it about how to get the “most traffic”, or the lowest
cost per acquisition…

Don’t get me wrong, these ARE priorities…but they are
secondary priorities.

Profitability comes ahead of everything in KickStart.

The philosophy of our KickStart training is simple:

Limit daily traffic spend until profitability is achieved…then
scale while maintaining profit.

Best part is, rather than having to master the whole adwords
documentation to learn to do this…I’ve simplified it all into a short 90
minute, step-by-step tutorial video.

So you can learn JUST what you need to know. The video is in our KickStart Members area.

Here’s where you go to learn:

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