Website Update

Pretty pleased with the new look of the website, right?

I was sick and tired of how messy and unfunctional the old theme was. So being the nerd I am, I drew this up completely in Photoshop.

As you can see, i stuck with a lot of the old elements. That’s because certain things on the site WORK and i didn’t want to lose those. Also, I wanted to retain a core consistency and recognizability.

Photoshop has a great slicing feature. I used that and then loaded the Photoshop file in Adobe Image Ready which produced all the funky HTML codes for me. All that was left then was to translate it into a blog theme.

I’ve messed around with WordPress themes before. You know, hacked them up to do certain things I wanted. But this is the first time i built an entire theme from scratch. It took about 3 weeks between drawing, cutting, and programming it.

I also created several new widgets (for the first time):

1. The “Spotlight” (pretty cool how it scrolls, right? i did that! me!)
2. The most popular, most recent, and “relevant posts” widgets with the cool thumbnail icons.

The theme also has i dunno about 8 different sidebars. Yeah, this thing was intense.

Hope you enjoy the site and find things more easily than before. Forgive any bugs and holes meanwhile until I’ve ironed them all out!

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