Repetition. Repetition. Repetition.

Boring, dull, repetition.

When we give a client consultation, the first thing we do is get our client into a routine.

Similarly, when we recruit new staff at YaghiLabs, the first thing we do is get them into a routine too.

This means we give a SIMPLE daily task they must perform without fail, without exception, every single day.

Keep in mind; we have 20-some staff in different parts of the world, in different timezones, without a proper office environment. We can’t physically monitor everyone to ensure they’re being productive during work-hours. And this is a challenge.

But we found that when we don’t give a repetitive daily task, employees get slack, lazy, lose motivation, and they disappear.

In the same way, entrepreneurs have trouble getting an online business started when they don’t have a routine of their own.

But repetition has a far more important benefit for the Do-It-Yourselfer entrepreneur.

Here, let me give you an example…

A friend of mine who is a world-class copywriter always advises his students to just write from the heart. He says, if you write sales material from your gut and don’t spend too much time cleaning it up, your first instinct is usually right.

But I challenged him a few days ago.

I said, Copywriter Buddy, you’ve been doing this for YEARS. You mean to tell me, you never spent more than a few minutes writing a sales email?

You’ve never gone back and refined a sales copy?

You’ve never edited anything?

You’ve never followed any copywriting rules?

“Of course, in the beginning I did. But it never produced the results I get now when I write from my heart,” he said.

That’s exactly it, though. Just like learning to drive a car with a manual gear. In the beginning, you have to follow the “rules” to the letter.


– You have a hard time consciously following the rules.

– You can only concentrate on switching gears.

– You swerve off the road if you turn to talk to someone.

But after a lot of practice, switching gears becomes automatic. In fact, you get a little fuzzy about the rules. Perhaps you clutch a little longer than necessary or you gas a little longer before switching gear.

Either way, PRACTICE and REPETITION makes a process automatic.

When I put it this way, Copywriter Buddy agreed. A new copywriter SHOULD start by following a set of rules. A new entrepreneur should do the same.

Only after plenty of repetition does it becomes automatic, and the rules can be bent a little.

But for now, who’s going to tell you the rules to follow?

Who’s going to tell you which processes to repeat?


The Done-For-You Traffic service we have at YaghiLabs is a great way to be given a working, fully functioning online business. Complete with traffic, leads, sales, and routine.

We give you simple mechanical steps you can repeat daily until the process of turning traffic into money becomes automatic for you.

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*PS: if you’re one of those people waiting until you build up more of your business first before you speak with us, don’t. Chances are you’ll find out on your own that you’ve been following the wrong rules.

So get on the phone with me today and we’ll make sure you’re off to a great start.


Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi is an advertising consultant and traffic expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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