How To Get Conversions

So you’ve got a bazillion visitors to your website but only limited sales…what gives? While having many people stop by your site or landing page is certainly desirable, converting the traffic (regardless of volume) should be your number one priority. Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to accomplish this:

Simplicity and Clarity

If your goal is to have someone sign up for your free newsletter then make sure this is the primary focus of your website. While addressing your buyers’ needs and wants, define your key visitor tasks (i.e. what you want them to do) and guide them through each one.

For example, when a potential customer arrives at your site, the first thing you want them to do is watch a brief video, read a related article then sign up for your newsletter. Simply place the video in a prominent position near the top of the page, have it start playing automatically and (from within the video) direct them to the article below. Your newsletter opt in form can then be placed beside the video and below the article giving your potential client two clear options to take action and sign up for your offer.

The easier your site is to navigate and use, the more likely people will be to stick around and convert. Make sure to give concise directions and maintain complete transparency.

Minimize Distractions

In the Internet era of instant and easily accessible information, it’s imperative to keep your audience attentive to your message. Placing flashing banners in their line of sight, offering a million links to recommended articles, or directing your potential buyers to other opportunities can be a major distraction and WILL affect your bottom line.

Maintain focus on your conversion goal. Design your page to guide people toward a desired result. In the case of a newsletter opt in, place your sign up form in a prominent position on the page and provide little opportunity to navigate away from this spot.

Test, Learn and Apply

Rather than worry exclusively about increasing the number of visitors to your site, you should work on maximizing the buying potential of all existing traffic. In order to do this you will need to constantly test, analyze, learn from the testing then apply changes accordingly.

Never be satisfied with what you have now. Every element of your sales page including design, ad copy and overall content CAN be improved based on conversion analytics and customer feedback. You need not spend enormous amounts of money to accomplish this either. All you require is diligence, perseverance and to “keep your finger on the pulse” of your prospects.

Traffic, leads and conversion optimizing is the foundation of what we offer here at Yaghi Labs. To learn more about what you can do to “tweak” your online business for massive results, listen now at

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