You know what’s become clear to me?

It’s that most marketers don’t know what “profitable” traffic means.

Their heads are plugged so far up their Gooroo’s rectum, all they know is they:


For the gayest offers on this planet that convert like poop.

I don’t care about CPA, CPC, and EFF-U-ME.

When I do PPC, I assume the offer MUST convert 100% of everyone who ever costs me ONE cent.

And I write ads and sales copy to get that.

Regardless of whether you’re selling a product for $20 or a product for $2,000, when you don’t know your numbers, the only thing you can assume is that your advertising cost has to end up BELOW your expected revenue.

And that’s all that counts.

Until you have a sale, ANY traffic cost optimization is ABSOLUTELY MEANINGLESS.

Problem for most of our Done-For-You Traffic clients is they want to sell a product that makes $20 a sale, they want to use a POOPY sales funnel made by self-proclaimed gooroos who can’t sell or get their own traffic so they get affiliates to take all the risk for them, and to top it off the client doesn’t have two cents left over to make a decent ad budget.

So with these REMARKABLY LOSING ODDS, I am given these stupid constraints and asked to help them get traffic anyway.

Finally I came up with my “lost cost high volume campaign” strategy. It works like a charm, even with these lame odds.

Here’s how…

I assume you want 500 clicks a day…for 10 cents each.

(Personally, with 500 clicks a day, I would make an average $500/day…but that’s because I know how to convert.)

What my team does that NOBODY in this industry can do is to find BUYER KEYWORDS that we can get for you for <10 cents a click.

The only way to pull this off is to come up with something between 50,000-100,000 keywords which are basically DERIVATIVES of high competition buyer keywords.

My traffic team does this in MERE HOURS.

And the only thing that’s left f0r you to do is let it run for a few days.

What happens is, the keywords that have HIGH COMPETITION, they get NO IMPRESSIONS. You kill them.

And the keywords that are LOW VOLUME, they get FEW IMPRESSIONS. You kill them.

What’s left is a handful of buyer keywords that get MILLIONS of hits, thousands of clicks, and hundreds of leads.

And the only way to get your own list of low-cost 100,000 keywords is by getting a Done-For-You Traffic Consultation by YaghiLabs…

Stop diddling around and get in line. We’re barely keeping up with the work.

We’ve built funnels for Numis, for Magnetic Sponsoring, for Visalus, for Elevation Group, for MLSP, for USANA, for Scentsy, for Empowernetwork, for GRN…and for more. Your competition is KILLING IT with our campaigns. And you’re swimming upstream without a life jacket.



Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi is an advertising consultant and traffic expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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